Fall of Avdiivka

It has been a busy week for me.

Avdiivka has fallen to Russia. Alexei Navalny died in prison. I missed out on the outrage.

New York Times:

“Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from the eastern frontline city of Avdiivka, Ukraine’s top general, Oleksandr Syrsky, said on Saturday, allowing Moscow to score its biggest battlefield victory in months and dealing a blow to Ukraine’s stretched and outgunned forces as the two-year anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion approaches.

General Syrsky said he had ordered the retreat “in order to avoid encirclement and preserve the lives and health of servicemen.” Avdiivka — once a city of 30,000 people before being reduced to ruins — sat in a pocket surrounded by Russian troops to the north, east and south. In recent months, they had been slowly advancing through relentless assaults, in a pincer movement. …

New York Times:

“In Munich, world leaders were left hushed and hollow-eyed, their annual security conference suddenly transformed into a wake. In London, demonstrators projected a giant image of Aleksei A. Navalny on to the facade of the Russian embassy. In Washington, an angry President Biden called a news conference to declare, “Make no mistake: Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death.”

Rarely has the death of a single man summoned such a cascade of grief, anger and demands for justice. …”


“It is a pivotal moment, where both Russian advances and Western atrophy threaten to transform the biggest land war in Europe since the 1940s.

Traveling from the Munich Security Conference towards Ukraine’s frontlines, the polite frustration and manicured pleas of Western leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky feel yet more desperate. The warnings that Ukraine might suffer setbacks on the frontline if the United States Congress continued to hold up a $60 billion aid package have now curdled into a bitter, brutal reality.

The pledges and rhetoric of Munich’s suits and limousines have so far amounted to little; in the wait, or abyss, ahead, Ukraine is losing people and land. It is all very real, very immediate and stark. After months of stalemate, the possibility of sweeping changes on the frontlines is quite real. …”

To be honest, I have more important things to attend to in life than giving much thought to the fall of Avdiivka … a malfunctioning comment section on this website, a broken hot water heater, a car payment, school tuition, working on our duck pen, hitting the gym, and so on.

Russia grinded out another victory like in Bakhmut. Ukraine is inevitably going to lose a war of attrition. The real question is how many people will have to die on both sides until this over. Throwing tens of billions of dollars at Ukraine isn’t going to bring the dead back to life.


  1. let’s try and see if the comment section is up.
    First, I share your feelings. I just want the damned thing over, and I have no sympathy for Ukraine. I heard an opera broadcast from the Met, with an announcement “we support the people of Ukraine in their struggle to preserve democracy and freedom.” What democracy? what freedom? I wish Putin would just wrap it up, but it seems that this is also bleeding us, which is what Russia wants.
    Finally, “Russia grinded out another victory.” Should say “ground” as past tense.
    As always, great work being done by you. Hope the problems mend.

    • It has been working since this weekend. I have just been preoccupied with working on our duck pen and getting a new water heater.

      • My wife and I raised ducks for a while. My conclusion, they eat more than they are worth and are too messy to keep penned or enclosed. We had white pekins. Maybe the goofy little brown ones that walk upright and lay lots of eggs would be better.

        Chickens are far more productive and easier to care for.

        Both fit easily in a stew pot I guess.

  2. Bakhmut last year, Avdeevka this. At the rate Russia is capturing burned-out Ukie towns they will have the war wrapped up by the year 2875.

    • This is the point missed. Ukraine stinks but so does Russia. All this soviet weaponry utilized poorly. O front movements on thr front or organized maneuver.
      Absolutely pathetic and unbelievable for someone who studied the might and sophistication of the Soviet army.

    • If your metric is territorial acquisition, that’s true, but if you measure by fighting men lost, Ukraine is close to collapse.

      The lying media talks about Ukraine needing equipment, which is true, but they exclude mentioning money for mercenaries.

      If the Ukraine is out of warm bodies, we could see rapid territorial losses.

    • Russia lost this proxy war the moment Sweden and Finland joined Nato. Its the greatest coup since man invented the pointy stick. Russia could eventually regain their hegemony over ukraine, but we got two more first world economies and their militaries in what will be the most crucial region of economic development this century, the arctic. Russia is now entirely encircled to the north, their only naval trade routes through blue water.

      We already won. The rest is just bleeding them and testing our weapons systems to see what does and doesn’t work. In five to ten years putin is likely to pass away from old age. Russia will be destabilized by internal power struggle, and we will either coopt it or further isolate it.

      Ukraine and Crimea are going to prove to be the worst disasters for Russia since the wall fell. These were the pretext NATO needed to drive this wedge between Europe and Russia. Before Crimea, the normalization of relations between Russia and Europe was the strongest it had been since before the Russian revolution and the first world war.

      There are times to suffer insult and injury for greater advantage later. The coup in Ukraine was one such.

      Putins argument was that NATO said no further East, and Ukraine is too close to Moscow and represents a direct threat… well the frontier of Finland is just as close to Moscow as Kiev is and there’s nothing Russia can do about that because Finland is far better prepared militarily and culturally to repel an invasion there.

      All Russia had to do was continue the normalization with Europe, accept the humiliation in ukraine (which was a deliberate provocation) and let time do the rest.

      Hubris, and an unwillingness to suffer insult for advantage. A bull that can’t help but charge when prodded.

      Its been three years almost. Russia’s first world military over land in their own front yard can’t outright beat Ukraine’s half ass amateur military using a mix of our second hand stuff, some of our top shelf stuff, and their generation old leftovers from soviet occupation before Ukraine declared independence in 1991, 30 years ago. And this city they just took? Its in the donbas region in Eastern Ukraine. 3 years and they are still in Eastern Ukraine where they were before.

      None of this is good for Russia. And they are now economically beholden to China, a historic enemy, because they’ve given themselves no other choices. Putin didn’t lead Russia to victory. He lead it to ruin.

      Maybe Donald Trump will pull us out of Nato and cut Europe loose, effectively killing the Empire. That would probably be the most significant thing he could do. It would save Russia from itself also, and let them start again with Europe, their cultural and historic kin, instead of debasing itself to the low yellow han menace for table scraps.

      HW! This comment box is tiny dude. Can we make it bigger? Its too hard to effort post in this little box. I can’t even proof read my stuff. Feelz bad.

      • What are you prattling about, Ironic? “We already won.” Won what? Let’s say everything is as you have assessed it—or pretend to have assessed it. So—for no reason at all, we baited Russia, with which we could have had healthy relations. Not only, as you lay it out, is Russia so stupid that it took the bait—but Sweden and Finland are stupid, too. They don’t see that we were baiting Russia, and now they’ve fallen right into our trap. “[W]e got two more first world economies and their militaries ….” What? We didn’t have economic interaction with Sweden and Finland before? They wouldn’t have cooperated with us militarily if Russia had threatened them (as never it would have)? What are you talking about? I, the Unfooled.

        It’s been just two years, by the way, not three.

        “There are times to suffer insult and injury for greater advantage later.” Yeah—Russia did plenty of that. There are times, too, to say enough is enough, no matter what happens.

  3. Basically, the actual PR point here is that Biden sacrificed Avdiivka rather than sacrifice his open borders Latino invasion policy. The later aren’t White, whereas Ukrainian blonde blue eyed Christians are and therefore not worth as much.

  4. They did not withdraw. “The troops were withdrawn” is a lie being spread by lying Western “news” media. The truth is that the Azov Neo-Nazis experienced front-line combat with heavy casualties for the first time, and the bullies were frightened, turned and fled, and with the Azov bullies no longer holding them in place, the regular, non-Nazi cannon fodder also ran away, or tried to run away, from the Russians. I read that over a thousand cannon fodder died in the unplanned, disorderly flight from Avdeyevka.

    By the way, “Avdiivka” is the Khazar-krainian spelling, which is favored by Wikipedia and Western “news” media. Avdeyevka is the Russian name, and it is an overwhelmingly ethnically Russian city in the Donetsk People’s Republic, now part of the Russian Federation.

    The loss of Avdeyevka might put Khazar-krainian artillery out of range of the city of Donetsk for the first time in many years, so they can probably no longer lob shells at civilians in the city.

    Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of Victoria Nudelman’s cookies and the U.S.’s use of snipers for a false flag in the Maidan coup (which was not the first time that the U.S. used snipers in a regime change operation). We are also coming up on the ten year anniversary of Russians being burned alive in Odessa, and a string of other bloody anniversaries of the U.sury S.ystems’s proxy war against Russia.

    • “the regular, non-Nazi cannon fodder also ran away, or tried to run away”

      How long until the entire army goes into rout/mutiny ?

      • Everything I wrote is accurate and verifiable, except the name “Khazar-kraine,” which I did not mean seriously. I don’t subscribe to the Khazarian origin of the Ashkenazim theory. I am simply amused by the strong resemblance, to the point of identity, of the national symbol of Ukraine to the national symbol of the Khazarian empire that you can see stamped on Khazarian coins.

    • You are referencing the current Azov Brigade. Although it claims to be a sucessor to the Azov Regiment of the early Russian invasion it is really a different formation. Additionally, the older Azov regiment itself was a prfessionalized force built around the original Azov Batallion, itself a creation of the Azov Movement. The later is a Russo-Ukrainian nationalist movement centered on keeping Mariupol and surrounding areas as part of Ukraine. Anti-Ukrainians, Anti-Nationalists, and Russian imperialists routinely conflate all of these different groups with the original Azov movement, but that is incorrect.

      Mariupole was the center of the Azov movement, and was a hot bed of rightwing nationalists, traditionalists, and medievelists. The Russian state, as a hybrid Euro-Asiatic modern state that cynically uses religion to promote Russian imperialism, saw Mariupol as a symbol of resistance to its hegemony. In turn, it became the Alamo of the Azov Battalion, the regular fighting force of the Azov movement.

      Just prior to Putin’s invasion, the Azov Batallion was transitioned into a paramilitary force into a regular National Guaed regiment. But, it was still principally made up of Azov movement Patriots.

      Consequently, when Putin invaded, Mariupolw remained the hill for the Azov Regiment to die on. The Battle of Mariipol was the biggest urban battlefield since WWII. It broke the back of the Russian offensive in the South and prevented the encirclement of Ukrainian forces to the North. Nonetheless most of the Azov regiment was killed or captured in the invasion and especially the Battle of Mariupol.

      The new Azob Brigade is less a local Russo-Urkainian nationalist militia and more an all Ukrainian brigade of regulars, reservists, and special police centered around a surviving Azov regiment cadre. The new Brigade consists of militia members of the Azov movement who had been sent to the rear for training during Mariupol, including a battalion which wasn’t at Mariople, but was sent elsewhere to stiffen Ukrainian lines. It also includes a few survivors of Mariupol who made it back to Ukrainian lines as well as new volunteers from throughout Ukraine. It still only managed to form up 900 men. This force was then combined with other Ukrainian Special Police, National Guard, Territorial Defense Force, and Regular units to form the new Azov Brigade of around 2,500 men.

      The Brigade is principally located in two places, with Adviika not being one. The Brigade’s element there is a very small company sized element. So, it is not the principle force at that battlefield.

      However, as I understand it, the Ukrainians have formed what are called “offensive units.” These are various local and national units organized around a regular unit hq and element. So, it’s likely the reports you are getting about Azov being at Adviika are referencing that. Still, its a small size of the larger force at Adviika. Also, it should be noted that “Papo,” one of the original Azov battalion and regimental officers, who was captured at Mariupol, was released to Turkey and made it back to Ukraine a few months ago. He is now once again a commander, of the new Azov Brigade.

      Now that Biden has abandoned supporting Ukrainians in favor of promoting the Latino-Trotskyte invasion of America, the Ukrainians are definitely in a world of hurt. Which is sad, because in contrast to the Euro-Asiatic horde fielded by Russia and led by the Tatar-Buddhist-Moslem-Orthodox Putin, or the “I am an Irish Nigger Papist” Biden and his Trotskyite horde, Ukraine is actually an all White Christian country, with high church attendance, high nationalism feelz groups like Azov, and therefore represents the true European traditionalist movement.

      • Your comment is pure Clownworld. Here’s some fine examples of total bullshit

        > Ukraine is actually an all White Christian country, with high church attendance, high nationalism feelz groups like Azov, and therefore represents the true European traditionalist movement.

        > Azov movement, and was a hot bed of rightwing nationalists, traditionalists, and medievelists.

        “Nationalists” who stand up for the EUSSR, NATO (its enforcement arm), the Global-Pedo Empire and its puppet-regime headed by a Jewish clown whose ‘talent’ is handless piano renditions of a Kosher tune (just like you). You are about as “Aryan” as Jon Stewart is Scottish. You’re at least as much of a Trotskyite as Biden and the Giant War-Sow is. As for the retarded ventriloquist-dummy Joey Shitpants, what few brains he ever had were stolen by Corn-Pop decades ago.

        • Good comment, Cyclops. A.G.B. looks at many details, but apparently doesn’t see the pattern. Trotskyist is a good description. There are probably as many Trotskyists on the right as on the fake left.

          • Not a Trotskyite but have been allied with several. Before all you dudes knew, I knew all about Trotskyites and rightwing Trotskyites, and Tribal antipathies many of them had toward either the Soviets or later the Russians and Ukrainians. They are a problem being correctly State oriented on foreign policy, but typically anti-Nationalist (including anti-American nationalist) and anti-Conservative on domestic issues. In latter years these people like Max Boot need to just be deported or imprisoned, or

        • Your comment is pure Clownworld. Here’s some fine examples of total bullshit

          “> Ukraine is actually an all White Christian country, with high church attendance, high nationalism feelz groups like Azov, and therefore represents the true European traditionalist movement.”

          So you deny the preceding? Really? See this info: https://www.thearda.com/world-religion/national-profiles?u=231c#IRFDEMOG
          Ukraine’s population is not only Christian its becoming more Christian. As of 2022, according to a survey by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), 85% of Ukrainians identified as Christians. 72% identified themselves with Eastern Orthodoxy, 9% to the Catholic Church (8% Eastern Catholic, 1% Latin Church) and 4% adherents of a Protestant Church or other Christian movement. 70% of Ukrainians regularly attend church. About 10% of Ukrainians are atheists or gnostics. The majority of these live in Donbas and are pro-Russian because they are little Soviet shits. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Ukraine.

          In contrast in Russia, its less Christian and becoming even more less Christian than Ukraine. Out of 148,000,000 Russian citizens, only 47.5% are Christian. Among them, 58,800,000 or 41.1% of the population were believers in the Russian Orthodox Church. 11-15% of Russian citizens are Moslems. Additionally, there are 950,000 Tengrists and 650,000 Buddhists. Putin is a Tengrist-Buddhist. Nearly 20% of Russians are atheists or gnostics.

          All you “Traditionalists” or “Christians” or “Neo-Pagans” who back Russia against Ukraine cuz Russia is based, have been backing a predominantly Moslem-Buddhist-Tengrist-Atheist Euro-Asiatic country run by a Buddhist-Tengrist. Whose in clown world now?

          “> Azov movement, and was a hot bed of rightwing nationalists, traditionalists, and medievelists.”

          ““Nationalists” who stand up for the EUSSR, NATO (its enforcement arm), the Global-Pedo Empire and its puppet-regime headed by a Jewish clown whose ‘talent’ is handless piano renditions of a Kosher tune (just like you).”

          Talk about clown world, anyone who thinks NATO is the enforcement arm of the accurately named EUSSR. The later has and is trying to replace NATO. Having served with with alliance I can categorically state the EU was viewed as a potential threat. We NATO supporters do not trust the EU and want it to go back to what it was like in 1979. In contrast, NATO is actually a pro-Western civ collective security force that predates the EU. Read its objective statement and various missions in comparison to the EU. But for NATO, Europe would be even more leftwing than it is now.

          As to Zelinsky, yes, it’s ironic that a nominal Jew who actually is more a Judeo-Christian than anything else, now heads Ukraine. But, you can’t doubt a guy’s sincere patriotism to his country of Ukraine when he stayed and personally battled with the Russians at the Ukrainian Presidential house. Putin almost certainly would do the same in contrast to our ruling class who’d flee at the first sound of gunfire. Its too bad they are both enemies. But, I’d rather support the country that is more Christian and European traditional, like Urkaine, than the Buddhist-Tatar-Muslim-Orthodox Chinese butt boy like Russia is now.

          “You are about as “Aryan” as Jon Stewart is Scottish. You’re at least as much of a Trotskyite as Biden and the Giant War-Sow is.”

          Giant War-Sow? Who is that? Can’t be Kali War Karen is it?

          Aryan is a catchall term for White Nordic and Slavic Europeans, but really Nordic Western Europeans. The later, especially the British, Northern Spanish, Coastal French, Dutch, Belgiums, Northern Germans, Danes, Swedes and Geats, Norwegians, might be more accurately called Atlanteans if the cutting edge anthropologists are right.

          As someone who is of British American Colonial Settler ancestry I’d be glad to be called Atlantean in contrast to those chariot racing brutalist savages the Aryans. Or maybe even Dunedain in reference to the secret history of Tolkien.

          But for now, Aryan is used to encapsulate the overall White elite ethnicity that traditionally rules all White Nations and who must collectivize their security to ensure their freedom against the Eastern and Southern Hordes. You apparentely aren’t one and must be of mixed ethnic White Ellis Island immigrant rif raf ancestry and probably a thick headed Gaelic Irish. Always causing trouble you villainous serfs. 

          “As for the retarded ventriloquist-dummy Joey Shitpants, what few brains he ever had were stolen by Corn-Pop decades ago.”

          Well, Joseph “I am an Irish Nigger Papist” Biden has always been a suspected leftwing traitor. Which is why we opposed him being involved with the Northern Ireland peace process. As a well known Irish Nigger Papist supporter we knew he’d deeply contaminate Ireland. Thanks to him, both the IRA and UDA have been reduced to drug protection racketeering and fentynal suppliers.

      • Take off your rosy glasses: The absolute majority population of Mariupol supported Russia from the start. In fact, the population of Mariupol was so pro-Russian that the Azov Battalion was inserted there by Kiev to quell the pro-Russian sentiment. Portraying Mariupol as some right wing bastion of the Azov is bullcrap. Mariupol has turned into a fortress by Kiev simply because they feared the population’s pro-Russian sentiment. They did the same thing in Kharkov with the Kraken Unit, and Odessa with Right Sector unit

        • I wasn’t there so I can’t speak authoritatively on whether it had a substantial pro-Russian Leftist population or not. But from people I have discussed with they said it was categorically a rightwing nationalists pro-Urkainian city that ironically was predominantly Russian speaking. They did say further east and into north east toward Donbass, pro-Soviet Russians predominated. Again, another reason to support Ukraine instead of Russia.

  5. “Catastrophic collapse of defenses and unplanned rout.”

    Uh……what happened to the much vaunted ‘summer offensive’ of last year, that All the ((media)) was preaching about last year ?

    • Liberal Americans, being drenched in beer swill from watching Thugball, think anything they support is going to righteously kick butt. Despite WWII American warriors being racist, mycsogonistic, tobacco chewing rednecks, modern liberals like to larp being them in some sort of 1950s-1960s Hollywood war movie and cowboy shows fantasy. They think like in the movies and shows they will always win battles against evil, “Because WE ARE AMERICANS DAMNIT, ARGGHHHHH!”

      So, they thought a few scores artillery systems, drones, and high tech gee weez devices would overwhelm Russians. The thought the brave and lucky defense of the Ukrainians against Putin’s invasion meant they could kick butt again later on. Its the same hubris that caused Bush and his moronic brain trust to try and invade Iraq with 75,000 troops not the still too small 150,000 troops they invaded and failed to secure Iraq with. Honestly, our leadership class is not fit for purpose and should be removed from power. But, don’t confuse them with Ukrainians and certainly not Americans.

  6. “Alexei Navalny died in prison.”

    Yep, all over the top front page of NY times for a couple days running. Not a single mention of Gonzalo Lira…….hmmm ?

    • Yes that was gaslight media’s attempt to disappear the fall of Adeyevka. There will now be fewer shells falling on civilians in Donetsk, thankfully. Navalny was a British spy who died in a high-security prison in Siberia north of the Arctic Circle. He might be another victim of the clot-shot or perhaps MI-6 arranged for someone in the prison to punch his ticket.

    • The West made Navalny out to be the great leader of opposition to Putin in Russia, just like it made Juan Guaido out to be the “real, legitimate” President of Venezuela although most Venezuelans say they never heard of him! Navalny was an agent funded by the West who had very few followers, all cosmopolitan West-worshippers in cities. The real opposition to Putin and his United Russia party is the second-largest political party, which is the main communist party. There is also a second communist party in Russia. Next come the right-wing nationalist groups who think Putin is too moderate or liberal. Liberal Westernizers like Navalny are a very small political group. The reality of Russian politics is the opposite of Western lies. Western media desperately tries to hide the salient fact that socialism is still very popular in Russia, and not just in the older generations who want it to come back. The system will never rest until it has dismembered and destroyed Russia and erased the historical reality of Russian socialism.

  7. Having lived through liberalism’s sixty years of non-stop advance, since Lyndon Johnson became president, I can’t help wondering whether this event, Avdiivka’s fall, will prove to be of tremendous import, a true historic benchmark. Yes, liberalism has suffered the occasional loss, when, say, a presidential election hasn’t gone its way or a statute it’s wanted hasn’t become law, but those losses have been minor. This is the first time liberalism has pursued a goal that is—what would be the term?—chimerical, maybe. The failure has exposed the liberals’ dreamworld. They’ve run out, at last, of white men, as commenters at blogs like this one, Occidental Dissent, have long been saying they would. Even if the liberals cut back spending so that all America’s cities are littered with homeless camps and graffiti and become free-fire zones, the white men they have left can’t produce and drop enough bombs to enable them to get their way. They must find it pretty disappointing.

    • Hello Mr. Bonaccorsi,

      ” . . . They’ve run out, at last, of white men . . . “

      That is the problem now bedeviling the Left and their “conservative” allies. This is most evident in the military recruiting crisis in both the U.S. and the UK. Not only are both militaries not getting enough recruits, they also aren’t getting qualified recruits. There are still plenty of colored and female recruits joining the GloboHomo legions but it’s White men, who are both competent and reliable who are the ones staying away now, neither enlisting nor re-enlisting in sufficient numbers.

      This is creating a crisis of competence in the military as unqualified non-Whites, already favored for advancement, displace remaining Whites, particularly in technical fields. The same thing has been happening in aviation as evidenced by diverse Boeing’s airplanes having numerous manufacturing defects such as doors blowing at out at 16,000 foot altitudes. BHO had a program to change the air traffic control system to majority non-White too which has led to numerous close calls and will eventually get people killed. Diversity is our greatest strength.

      The Left wants Whites dead, six feet under, period. They want to replace Whites, at least White males, with wogs from all over the world while delusionally still maintaining First World capabilities.

      Instead they will get South Africa writ large across the U.S. as eventually the electric grid and other utilities fail, food deliveries follow suit and finally, the financial system implodes. The Left erroneously believes they can spend their way out of the disasters they have created through their diversity by buying competence and loyalty with money created out of thin air backed by not one grain of gold.

      I would say they will learn otherwise but I know these people, they never learn a thing, they are unteachable.

    • The chickens are going in there too.

      By duck pen, I mean that I am having to install netting over a large fenced in area to deter a hawk which recently killed one of our ducks. Their days of free ranging while I am at work are coming to an end. It hasn’t had any success in killing our chickens. I presume it is because they are faster.

      • What duck breed? Ancona ducks from Italy are the most beautiful breed to look at (even nicer than Welsh Harlequins) very good and feed-efficient egg producers, and better adapted to a hot humid climate than most other breeds. Anconas are to other ducks what Royal Palm turkeys are to other turkeys. If your area isn’t infected with Blackhead you should add a few Royal Palms to the mix. They are small turkeys, good for hot climates like Florida, and natural breeders, Good luck with your project.

        Chickens are usually faster than ducks but guinea fowl are the fastest, hardest to catch of all.

        • We currently have three Mallards, two Jumbo Pekins, one Muskovy and one Cayuga. We lost our beloved Mallard drake in December and another Pekin to a hawk. I ordered this huge roll of netting and have been installing it over the weekend

  8. Brad…no such thing as a “hot water heater” buddy. Hot water doesn’t need heating. It’s a cold water heater.

  9. Russian general from Afdeevka reports among the dead and wounded left behind are citizens of France, Germany, US, UK,Canada, plenty from Poland, and some Takfiri terrorists fom Albania.

    War of attrition. Russia has 150 million, NATO has 750 million. A war of attrition won’t work for Moscow, and they know it.

    • NATO isn’t riding to the rescue of Ukraine. Ukraine is merely a cat’s paw to bleed Russian military strength. Russia will eventually grind it out and win at enormous cost and the pawn will be sacrificed and forgotten.

      • You are quite optimistic, Hunter. You see a localized war of little significance.

        What I see is what Churchill saw in 1937. He said, “first the little wars, then the big war.” He knew that because his group (Judaism) was planning that big war.

        And the issue today is exactly the same. Germany was having its central bank print out money, and financing German interests directly, instead of letting the Jewish bankers do it. So the Jewish moneylenders got no profit from it.

        Today we have BRICS and the Russian built competitor to SWIFT. And the biggest issue of all, new CBDCs in China, Russia, and other BRICs nations. The Jewish bankers are in danger of losing control.

        So this is why the Jewish people are starting WW3. First they have to conquer Russia. This gives them a backdoor to the real target, China. The largest economy in the world, led by a Jew wise dictator.

        You don’t see it yet, but you will.

        • We are at the beginning of year three now.

          If something was going to happen, I think it would have happened already. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers are now dead or maimed for life. I don’t think our leaders really care about Ukraine. They see Ukraine as a means to weaken Russia and to subordinate the EU to American interests. They see it as a quagmire. They boast about it all the time. This war is a great deal for us because we can decimate the Russian army by throwing a little chump change at Ukraine that is a fraction of the defense budget.

          • “war is a great deal for us because we can decimate the Russian army”

            Plus our sellout politicians can line their pockets with payoffs from weapon makers, Lockheed etc.

      • If the owners of NATO were sane, one could bank on your remark. Unfortunately, sanity seems to be in extremely short supply in those ranks. Besides, it looks like Satanyahoo has bigger plans for Lebanon where fresh Murikan white meat might be ordered in to served up as burnt offerings to Baphmomet. Hopefully Hezbollah has bigger plans for him. I note the Great Rainbow Fleet’s mighty carriers are well out of missile range of Hezbollah.

      • Russia was able to employ its air power in Avdeevka. It used guided glide bombs to smash positions that were fortified over a period of 9 years. This took a matter of days. The attrition phase will be over soon.

      • Ok, USZOG has sent 120 billion, about 900 dollars per taxpayer, of our much need tax money, so 100,000s of WHITE men can slaughter each other. Who could devise such a sinister scheme ?

    • “among the dead and wounded left behind are citizens of France, Germany, US, UK,Canada, plenty from Poland”

      Can you say ‘mercenaries’, I know the media can’t.

      That’s the destiny for much of the ‘aid’ package, to pay mercenary salaries of 100s to 1000s of dollars a day.

      GD hired killers.

      • The Russian army is not being decimated. But NATO is. Russia is taking only light casualties in this war. The Russian army is stronger than ever before and is humiliating what’s left of NATO.

    • Sic semper Shabbas Goyim indeed. Yes it ought to be a lesson to the white world but few seem to learn it. There was a great meme a few years ago when the WW I centenary was still being mentioned. It was the picture of the white soldiers in the trenches during the famous Christmas 1914 truce playing football, etc. The message was “Next time we turn our guns on (((them)))”. Not only upon (((them))) but their high-level white step-n-fetchits giving orders as well.

  10. Brad, you mentioned school tuition. What percentage of the public school your son would have to attend is black? I graduated from a public high school in 1978 that was at least 85% white. Blacks clustered in the more remedial classes and I’d say most of my classes were all white or only had a few blacks. There was another high school across town that was all black. The very next year the courts rejiggered the school zoning. And so began the complete resegregation of Tuscaloosa city schools.

      • “I should have said complete negrification”
        Yeh, the first posting didn’t make sense.

        “My old high school is now close to 100% black.”
        I think that’s true for many posters in this forum,
        Or Mexicanization .

  11. OH MY GOD!




    LET’S GET TOBBY KEITH TO DO ANOTHER RURAL WHITE GUY ENLISTMENT PROPAGANDA MUSIC VIDEO LIKE “COURTESY OF THE RED WHITE AND BLUE”, “AMURIKUN SOLDIER” (Oh, you say Tobey Keith died, well who do the White goyim listen to now on US 99 Country? What about Taylor Swift and her Super Bowl KC Chief BF?”

    This act was stale, dull and really old in the first Neo Con Zog war against Saddam Hussein in Iraq under then Bush Sr in 1991.

    But never underestimate Amurikun fake wrestling and NFL Negro Felon League dumb White goyim to fall for this Neo Con, ZOG war propaganda.

    • BTW, Toby Keith died of turbo-cancer, likely the result of the “vaccine” (the term itself has been re-defined to include experimental mRNA gene-manipulation). Not only this but his family and friends are now covering up the fact that he got the shot: see here. I don’t think TPTB sales-pitch (same as in 2002) is working nearly as well these days. The Mighty Wurlitzer screeches on with it’s Onward Xtian Soldiers dead-march but fewer and fewer honkies are inspired to join the Imperial Rainbow Legion or the Pinky-Twinky Fleet. They sense that it’s not their country. It hasn’t been for a very long time (since 1914) but it’s now becoming obvious.

  12. Still, it puzzles me, why are the Russians using conventional infantry artillery and not extreme standoff weapons, like cruise missiles ?

    Human life is dear. Aluminum and high explosives are cheap.

    • They are using cruise missiles. The Russians are preserving the lives of their men. They are not taking heavy casualties but Ukraine is.

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