1. Yoofs, dayz bez yoofs.

    More of those ‘white supremacists’ that Biden keeps warning about.

    Strange, we never see ‘black’ and ‘terrorism’ connected together, really odd.

  2. odd … took a long time to identify … when they are White, they’re identified all most instantly by National media. Odd …

    • How about this.

      FBI agent accused of stealing Jan. 6 rioter’s cash and silver bars, governmet cellphones and using government credit cards to pay his personal bills. Stealing from ppl during search warrants.

      All the articles show pictures of WHITE agents, but when you look up Nicholas Anthony Williams he’s not so WHITE.

      • Try it for yourself.
        Look up FBI agent Nicholas Anthony Williams.

        See how long it takes to find a real picture of this fine federal employee.

  3. Well, the authorities are so relieved/pleased that none of them were waving Confederate Flags. Case closed. Nothing to see here. Nothing to make campaign ads about. Totally useless.

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