1. “For the first time in my life, I’m now beginning to think Britain is finished…”
    Some Jew whining about how Jews are having it ruff (Yawn)(read for entertainment)

    Good news, though!

    Choco Tacos Are Coming Back Nationwide Thanks to Taco Bell and Salt & Straw
    The fast food chain and ice cream shop teamed up to revive Klondike’s discontinued Choco Taco
    The ice cream truck staple was discontinued in July 2022 but the fast food spot is bringing their take on Klondike’s Choco Taco this summer with help from Salt & Straw,

    Taco Bell is partnering with the Portland-based ice cream brand to create their version of the beloved treat.

  2. I disagree with anyone who says a civil war will not break out. It is becoming more apparent to me that people are now considering this option when I talk to them. It would be great if Russia did attack this nation. Once that happens everyone will say that is it and sadly or gladly depending on who you talk to Civil War I believe 100% is getting closer

  3. My message disappeared! Censorship. Censorship!

    Seriously though. When I first posted it there was a preview that said waiting for moderation. Now nothing.

  4. Good afternoon Hunter,

    I have a blog identifying the real suspects in the KC Super Bowl victory parade shootings.

    Yep, Black punks.

    Please take a look, I’ll post in a day or two unless I hear “nay”.

    Thanks bro

  5. Looks like my apocalyptic post that provides ambient music link as nukes rain down didn’t make the approved list. Must be on the naughty gentile shabbos goy list.

  6. Good morning Hunter,

    I’l post my blog about the KC Super Bowl parade shooting in an hour. Unless you say Nay

    Good luck with the chicken farming. Do you sell your chickens? Maybe grow some “Hemp” on the side.

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