Jon Stewart: Urinal Caked, Chaotic Subways Are “The Price of Freedom ”

He is right about being the captain of a “dying medium.”

No one watches these late night comedy shows anymore.

Note: Tucker should interview Daniel Penny next.


  1. “No one watches these late night comedy shows anymore.”

    I tried to watch a couple of seconds of Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, but the canned laugh track was so over used i said f this nonsense.

  2. Re: “The price of freedom”:

    And the price of the “freedom” keeps going up and up. In capitalism, freedom is for those who can afford it. The more money and property you have, the more “liberty” you have, in this system. Unfortunately for the Russian people, they live in capitalism too, with only vestiges of socialism, but they are close to being mono-ethnic (80% Great Russian Slavic and essentially 0% Sub-Saharan African) and culturally- and ethno-centric, which mostly explains the beauty. safety and cleanliness of Russia in contrast to the decay, filth and crime in much of the imperial “homeland” with its thoroughly mixed and atomized population (not a people).

    • ” (80% Great Russian Slavic and essentially 0% Sub-Saharan African)”

      I saw a video of a black defacing some of the Moscow subway.
      Some nice young Russian police cadets took him over into an alcove and proceeded to break some ribs with their nightsticks and drug him away, with his limp legs dragging.

  3. Jon stewart and his handler’s lack of self awaeness off of huffing copious amounts of their own farts is the actual comedy, which is sad because, once upon a time, this show used to roast all politics. Now like a current tired trope, jon’s out of retirement to nostalgia bait Dump roasting for consumers next season of America’s next top president. His so-called “owning” of the Kentucky AG over trans nonsense was some of the most delusional insufferable fart sniffing arrogant shitlib smug I have ever seen.

    • “Jon stewart and his handler’s lack of self awareness”

      Oh they’re fully self aware, they are chosen and we’re just gullible goy, to be used and fleeced.

      It’s the gentiles who aren’t jew-aware.

  4. I have a sudden craving for fweedom fwies.

    Oh…and a cheeseburger! Not one with sautéed onions and swiss cheese though….

    I prefer froggy surrender monkey cheese.

    • He damn well knows that this sort of social disorder will lead to despotic tyranny, which is what they want.

      “Oh goy, there’s so much violence, you must give up your guns, so we can all live in peace and harmony.”

  5. Jon Leibowitz and the other “comedians” aren’t even funny and have nothing to say but the usual idiotic screeching from the Left. They sound like fingernails on a blackboard. With the way the crowd is laughing nervously the director must be flashing the “laugh” sign continuously.

  6. FREEDOM: Having Jews everywhere in government and media setting policy without any real deference to the public and censoring those who say it’s a problem.

  7. He’s a KIKE. There’s your disgusting answer. Jews want to live among the shithole races of the world, acting better than they… and the existence of White Christendom just tanks them, because we are finally waking up to their BS.

    Jews are the problem. They have ALWAYS been the problem. Since at least Calvary.

  8. “Ari Naftali (The Kike) Melber[1] (born March 31, 1980) is an American attorney and Emmy-winning journalist who is the chief legal correspondent for MSNBC and host of The Beat with Ari Melber.
    Melber is Jewish, the son of an Israeli immigrant. His grandparents were Holocaust survivors (of course; that’s why there is so many of them around).[17]”

    • “We can’t have cities without homeless, because of freedom!”

      If we had an all WHITE, high trust society, we could have free shelter for all indigents, basic shelter and sustainable diet.

      A lot of those homeless have mental problems and should be in protective care. A significant number of drug addicts are mentally ill and using street drugs to try to control their hallucinations.

  9. “They have ALWAYS been the problem. Since at least Calvary.”

    Long before Calvary.
    Cicero was writing about their malfeasance 60 bc and it was old then.

  10. I hope most of our OD readers have gotten a bit street savvy, street wise about these “Comedians” that somehow get presented as impartial political commentators, judges and juries.

    John Stewart (What is he a Scottish nobleman of the house of Stuart/Stewart)?

    I kind of like the comedy of Al Frankin on Saturday Night Live back in his day – doesn’t mean I want him to be a US Senator from Minnesota or any other state.

    Lots of Je*ish men are good comedians, court jesters – apparently the current White Russian Hating War Monger President of Ukraine was once a vulgar J comedian in Ukraine – somehow he was/is given the keys to the USA Treasury, gets to address the US Congress and Canadian parliament to glad had everybody.

    This comedian/turned official political judge of Tucker Carlson in Russia John Stewart … he’s another obnoxious, ugly New Joysey Jew.

    His birth name was (Surprise, SURPRISE)

    Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz

    These vulgar Je* comedians turned political judges like Jonathan Leibowitz, that Borat pervert or the President of Ukraine they are a real pain.

    I still can’t believe our kinsmen in the Ukraine fell for his act, including apparently lots of real National Socialists – why don’t these NS go for him instead of our White kinsmen the Russians that have thrown off Je*ish Communism?

    • Why? The answer is not that difficult to grasp. Gaslighting via mass media works like magic – because it is a kind of black magic. Read up on Sigmund Fraud’s nephew Edward Bernays, who gaslighted millions of American women into smoking with his “torches of freedom” campaign. (That was just the beginning for that particular devil-spawn). This is why I keep on pointing out that Fraud, Bernays and all of the Kosher Nosetra are the literal spawn of Satan. They have been given a certain level of supernatural power by the evil one – also known as the ‘Prince of the Air’. That’s why they appear to be so invincible. When their time is up, they will be be measured and found wanting. Having rejected the sacrifice in thought, word and deed their entire lives, they will be forever destroyed with a single word. The great unveiling is taking place even now. Just look at Gaza.

  11. Seems like we’re not the only ones having trouble; see here:

    “Ireland is full!” Anti-immigration backlash in Ireland documentary”

  12. “Gaslighting via mass media works like magic – because it is a kind of black magic. Read up on Sigmund Fraud’s nephew Edward Bernays, who gaslighted millions of American women into smoking with his “torches of freedom” campaign.”

    That’s gospel truth.

    A perfect reason we so desperately need WHITE media, with absolute WHITE advocacy.

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