Glenn Beck Interviews Tucker Carlson

Shouldn’t Tucker be on the famous Glenn Beck chalkboard like the rest of us?

Note: A few years ago, Beck was vowing to stand with GLAAD against Russian hetero-fascism. He did multiple episodes of his show in which he argued the Alt-Right was a Russian conspiracy.


  1. It’s irrelevant whoever these guys are. U$A is being firmly under control of the Jews for at least a century, and the most well known critic of that humiliating pathetic situation is “Andre Anglin’ a mentally immature gross repugnant character, that nobody knows outside extreme-right fringes.

    Jews are the cowboys, americans are the cattle to be herded this way or that way. that’s all.

    • ” JEWS are the COWBOYS, AMERICANS are the cattle to be herded this way or that way” THANKS a lot ” SATORU ” I will never look at my ” COWBOY” boots the same again ….

  2. Grifters gonna grift. In a non Glen Beckien rabbit hole to nowhere, people should look into Tucker and biden’s connections, like buckley getting help from hunter in college. You can’t just trust people saying things you like. In our ultra-consumerist reality, they’re just selling what you want to hear. If Tucker really cared about telling the truth then he should be a lot more forthcoming with his biden connections, or his father’s deepstate role, or what he candidly thinks of Arabs or American citizens who simply question 9/11.

  3. Tucker’s “the trains are on time” tour of Russia resembles Yuri Bezmenov’s synopsis of how the KGB subverted politicians.

  4. Nice to see Glen Beck is still a clueless lunatic. He should start drinking and sniffing glue again, it might make him smarter and couldn’t hurt. He could change his opinions completely tomorrow, then back and forth again three times. The guy is crazy and unpredictable.

    Tucker and of course, Glen Beck spout that kumbaya bullshit; we’re all Americans, we’re all in it together, it’s the Constitution that binds us. There was some truth in that in 1960 when the country was 90% White. The so-called Civil Rights (sic) laws after WWII then the catastrophic 1965 immigration reform act destroyed that idea.

    There are fundamental, irreconcilable differences between different races, that is why there are different countries. Non-Whites such as blacks and hispanics chafe under White laws, they would rather run wild and destroy civilisation. An example of this is horrendous black crime such as the recent shooting in Kansas City. This is typical violent behavior for them whether in KC, NYC, Chicago, Cape Town, Brussels, London, Paris etc.

    The Mexicans in LA regularly engage in street races and other driving contests on public roads, closing them off illegally and sometimes injuring and killing people. This anarchy is natural to them and the reason their countries are the shitholes they escaped from. Asians have always self-segregated and never assimilated. Blood is thicker than water and no 18th century parchment can change that. Equality is a false premise that has led to the ruin of the country.

    Tucker and Glen are baffled by the Ukraine debacle chalking it up to incompetence. It is no such thing, it is The Usual Suspects’ hatred of Russia combined with their control of the scumbags in the U.S. Government through bribery and extortion that have led to this debacle. Look at the oligarchs bribing Congress such as Sheldon Adelson and Epstein’s blackmail for your answer. Tucker and Glen Beck won’t touch that chestnut with a ten foot pole though.

    A faulty premise leads to a faulty conclusion, it’s really that simple.

    • “Tucker and Glen Beck won’t touch that chestnut with a ten foot pole though.”

      But Ryan Dawson dives deeply into both and is heavily republished.
      He does the most thorough and detailed interconnections of the parties involved and is universally censored for it.

      His ‘Epstein Crime Map’ is the most complete Jewish network schematic I’ve seen

  5. Incidentally, Russia has now made it easier for families like Brad’s to move there:

    *You can now apply online

    *There won’t be any pressure on kids to become tranny-monsters, either. (The law passed)

    Fr. Joe’s substack is a fairly interesting and informative look at life in Russia from the perspective of an American expat, warts and all. No place on earth is paradise, and people who think some place is have been gaslighted by such as (((Jon Stewart))) – fine Scottish name there, Schlomo – who endlessly tell them that Street-shitting is freedom, which is just a variant of their traditional sales-pitch that shit is gold. Glenn Beck’s version of the lie is that real freedom = anal sex and tranny library hour.

    If strolling the shit-covered streets of San Franshitsco is your idea of freedom, Deus-Imperator Trumpenstein has some 400-dollah gold sneakers that will keep yo’ toes kleen, gnomesayin? Surprised he didn’t offer a Platinum model for his precious Platinum Murikans.

  6. Maybe the Altright was in some miniscule way used by “muh Russia.”

    So what? All of American politics is used by Israel. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    • The neocon/kike US also uses various groups and factions all over the world to sway elections and destabilize “hostile” governments in its neverending quest for global dominance.

  7. Beck is a hypocritical, apostate irreligious polytheist (he’s a Mor(m)on.

    All he cares about is keeping his dying ‘mini-empire’ afloat. He’s like MILO- his 15 minutes in the sun was done years ago, but, like all [wannabe] queens, he wants to stay in the spotlight. I’d pity him, if I didn’t loathe him as an Antichrist, first.

    • Tucker’s manner is extremely irritating and I only put up with it because of what his interviewees have to say. Did you see his Mike Benz interview? Benz is director of the Foundation For Freedom Online and he spent an hour basically describing how the CIA/State Dept. regime change machine has now been turned on the American citizenry. Of course the justification is protecting democracy from (from Trump voters). Benz really knows his stuff and the Pentagon-funded censorship & “disinformation” management apparatus he describes is pretty indistinguishable from what goes on in a military/police state. Well worth an hour of your time IMHO.

      • However, Benz is only half correct. Populist reform that he recommends is futile, and there can be no freedom of the press and the internet, under the class system.

          • We have precious little in America.
            All the major media is in collusion and coordinated.
            It’s just small outlets, like OD where we have a large degree of freedom.

            Thank you HW ?

  8. Does Zion Glenn believe that embryos are people like the Alabama Supreme Court ruled recently?

    The cost of Southern Christian Nationalism will prevent couples that want to use IVF the opportunity to have children.

    In the last year, Christian Nationalist “victories” have included preventing niggers and of non-whites from aborting their criminals growing in their wombs, built zero orphanages for the babies born but unwanted, and now declaring embryos as children citing the Bible.

    Good grief!

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