Donald Trump: Leave Abortion To The States

Above: A museum quality specimen of the Beautiful Loser.

Below: A man who will do whatever it takes to win because his own freedom is on the line.

Obviously, Trump is right here.

Democrats desperately want to turn the presidential election into a referendum on abortion. The Dobbs decision returned the issue to the states. Congress is far too polarized to pass a national abortion ban. Everyone knows it is a non-issue that will never get to the president’s desk.

Activists and people like Mike Pence want to fundraise off and grandstand about abortion. Their idea of leadership is virtue signaling about their principles. They want to congratulate themselves and lose. That’s where they would still be today with a 6-3 Democratic Supreme Court appointed by President Hillary Clinton. They will cry about Trump’s “authoritarianism” and lack of “principles” while happily turning the federal courts over to the Kentanji Brown Jacksons of the world.


  1. Republicans Stink. The only reason they want to ban TikTok is their favorite ethnic group of voters which we know who they are the WEJ people and other websites in other nations that do not favor the GOP favorite people. We NEED TO LEAVE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR GOOD. TRUMP NEEDS TO START THE MAGA PARTY AND LEAVE THE GOP ONCE HE BECOMES PRESIDENT. WILL TRUMP DO THAT SADLY “NO”

    • I’d be in favor of a MAGA party or whatever party so long as it’s anti war and anti Washington bureaucracy. Trump is right about FISA, get rid of it.

  2. Black women abort their babies 3X as much as White women. There have been 20M Black babies aborted since Roe v Wade. Now extrapolate that 20M over decades and that would be XX,XXX,XXXM more Blacks in the US. An abortion ban in a homogeneous White society would be fine but not in the multicultural toilet USA.

  3. This has always been my contention, abortion being a state’s rights issue, as abortion is not explicitly codified in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

  4. Viva 10th Amendment!
    Oh wait does that still exist?
    I kid we all know that worthless brothel known as congress would never let anything get in the way of their pot of gold.
    I do like the pressure on comrade Johnson (Israel) though by MTG.
    Is she really a he? (s/)

  5. While I am pro-life for general cases, it’s hard to see what anyone hoped to accomplish with the SCOTUS decision and by placing full restrictions on abortion in such a polarized (and pro-abortion) political climate. Are they hoping that the youth and/or the general public can be swayed 10-20 percent more to the pro-life side in the next few years? Because that’s what it would take to make this hardline immediate stance viable. Otherwise, it is a strategic catastrophe that will result in hardline pro-abortion politics being cemented in society like civil rights law. Not to mention complete Democrat control.

    Is a few abortions being blocked in deep red states for a few years worth trading for a complete legalization of late term abortion forever? Because that’s what is happening by taking this stance now. There is not the political or cultural capital necessary to make it stick.

  6. The wants to be a Christian but he won’t protect and defend the weak and the innocent, some things are just more important than being a moral and deceit person to Donald Trump, the money. As the Jews like to say, he is pathetic.

  7. Everyone is “shocked” at Trump’s exact proposal, but I’m not.?Trump has always been something of a social issue liberal, albeit he has gotten more moderate with age, but yet and still, not any kind of rock ribbed conservative.

    I should also add that merely wanting “Roe” to have been repealed doesn’t automatically mean you’re pro-life.?It is very possible to be a pro-abortion fanatic and have a disdain for “Roe” from a constitutional law perspective, though admittedly that venn diagram population universe is small.

  8. I remember a scene in Star Trek 3 where they played this ominous music in the background while Uhura told some cadet “be careful of what you wish for you just may get it”. Well, the republicans finally got this 20th century wish list overthrow of Roe and to their surprise it turned out to be a ballot box fiasco turning what should have been a trounce of an incompetent regime’s financial bungling in 2022 into a defeat. I’m contending the GOP leadership was living in a Sunbelt Evangelical Bubble and had no clue as to how far the country was gone. They still seemed to think they had the Bush-Dukakis Electorate composed of little old ladies who cook up those dreadful jello mold salads that used to be so ubiquitous a couple generations back. The electorate is composed of bastards, pot smokers, foreigners, lazy welfare leaches, criminals, and I’m sure there are some good people thrown in… The kind of stuff they were used to in 1990 doesn’t work anymore. The reality is the left got their way and virtually all women have to work to support their way through life. An unplanned pregnancy is an economic disaster along with a personal embarrassment. Even responsible women who don’t and won’t get pregnant still dread this possibility and having legal abortion around that they never ever will use is like having a parachute on. It eases their angst. Whatever the moral, demographic, and social implications of abortion are moot, this electoral game is the hand the GOP is forced to play in this degenerate post America America and the Sunbelt Evangelical Hobbyhorse of Anti-Abortionism is a losing hand.

    • Republicans didn’t want Roe vs Wade overturned, they had to give it to their voters, to not do so would prove they are consciously defrauding their voters over decades and it would be the last straw. The Republicans have cooperated with Democratic mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting and every manner of cheating, because they don’t stand for anything, least of all banning abortion.

      However, the moment the Republicans abandon the pro-life position the party will have simply announced its death-knell. It’s only a matter of time. And it will be because of the shit-heeled country club Republicans who cooperated with the destruction of Christian civilization in America by the Jews, going along with Roe for decades, voting overwhelmingly for hags like Ruth Ginsberg.

      The people who support abortion are with the Jews on the issue, and against our future as a people, and the notion that political expediency can justify pretending our Constitution enshrines abortion at any stage of pregnancy “for the health of the mother” as a right is a just a sign of thinking no differently than a degenerate kike.

  9. This is how balkanization manifests. Issues can’t be decided at a central level because the people are irreparably divided. The supreme court loses more legitimacy by the year and good riddance.

    Trump is correct. Its not our problem to regulate everyone else, but it is our right to decide it for ourselves. I reject the authority of anybody that presumes to decide for me, unless I’ve delegated that authority to them first.

    The issue of sovereignty is the critical and salient issue. Everything else falls under it or falls to the wayside. Independence is all that matters.

  10. Lil’ Mikey Pence can get back to the loving arms of wifey Karen while waiting patiently for the Rapture Express (RE) that isn’t coming.
    The culture wars are long over and the Grand Old Politburo lost.
    Still prattling on about abortion shows how feckless and worthless they really are.

  11. The same Donald Trump who says “leave abortion to the states” also says “the Democrats are 100% on the side of the Palestinians.” He says “it’s incredible that historically Jewish people vote for Democrats. I don’t understand that. I don’t understand how a Jewish person can vote for Biden or a Democrat, because they are on the side 100% of the Palestinians. Any Jewish person that votes for Biden does not love Israel, and frankly should be spoken to. I’m more pro-Israel than any other president by far, with Golan Heights. Throw that one in there, by the way. Nobody even asked for it, and I got that for them” – referring to his infamous Presidential order to recognize Israel’s illegal annexation of the Golan Heights, Syrian land with valuable resources, which was taken from Syria in violation of international law; and to his decision to break the nuclear agreement with Iran; and his decision to make Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv the new capital of Jerusalem, and to build a new U.S, embassy there, on a property that was stolen from Palestinian owners who are still alive! As President, Trump and his son in law Jared Kushner also created the “Abraham Accords” to further harm Palestine. The Donald Trump Presidency set the stage for the current acceleration of the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, and it actually began during his administration.

    Trump may very well be (s)elected again to finish the job. But either party will actually do that.

  12. Assuming for a nanosecond he actually means it (always a dangerous assumption with a lifelong grifter), this position (leaving it to the states) is genuinely sensible. That’s all the recent SC decision did by overturning the lawlessness of Roe v. Wade. This did nothing to stop the gaslight media from panicking stupid women about it. If her state outlawed Schlomo’s body-parts harvest factory, all Shaniqua has to do load her massive bulk into her gubmint-funded Humvee and drive a hundred miles or so. The Gay Old Pedoburo played into it also by taking the most radical anti-abortion position possible in several states (this was not an accident), instead of thanking the SC for coming to their senses and promising to look into further tweaks to state laws at a later date.

  13. No use discussing or thinking about the so-called “election,” because in this system everything depends on what the billionaires/oligarchs decide to do. Of course both capitalist parties and their candidates are acceptable for the purpose of serving the oligarchy (and the system) but now the oligarchs will “fine tune” their preference for one being a little bit better than the other, probably Biden over Trump because They are giving much more money to the Biden campaign.

    The U.S. has TWO Presidential (s)elections: (1) the fake democratic election that you intend to participate in as a voter, and (2) the actual SELECTION that is being done by the ruling capitalist class: “The voting by the American population which culminates on Election Day will receive the bulk of the media attention. Far more decisive, however, is the second election, which is going on right now, in which a relative handful of billionaires and corporate oligarchs decide which of the candidates of the two established capitalist parties, Biden or Trump, will better serve their class interests. As of Mar 31, the Biden campaign had more than double the cash on hand of Trump and the Republicans, $192b compared to $93.1b. The Biden campaign is touting the fact that its war chest is the highest total amount amassed by a Democratic candidate in US history (…) Trump’s efforts were given a boost at a record fundraiser Saturday night, held at the estate of hedge fund billionaire John Paulson in Palm Beach, a short distance from Trump’s own Mar-a-Lago compound. The price of admission ranged up to $800k, and the 117 guests ponied up a total of $50.3m in campaign pledges, nearly double the Biden total at Radio City Music Hall (…) The enthusiasm of the assembled billionaires was no doubt fueled by Trump’s 2017 tax cut for the wealthy and by the fact that the exemption for ‘pass-through’ corporations, worth $700b to private equity firms and other speculative ventures, will expire in 2025, the first year of the new presidency (…) however, there is even more ‘enthusiasm’ among the billionaires for Biden, whose war against Russia is seen as critical to the global interests of the American ruling elite. Dominant sections of the capitalist class see Trump as too erratic on foreign policy and recognize that Biden’s occasional anti-corporate demagogy is purely for show, a means of deluding the population and defusing popular resistance to the war policies of American imperialism….”

    There are a few token third-party candidates being allowed to run here and there, but real socialist candidates are entirely missing in the U.sury S.ystem’s “elections.” The U.S. controls elections in foreign countries around the world with the same methods, with the persuasive power of the Almighty Dollar, that can buy (almost) anything! Money IS power. It’s all about money and it all comes down to money!

  14. Pence is no Christian.He sold us out on amnesty and he does whatever the Christ hating Jews tell him to.I have always thought Pence’s eyes had the look of pure evil.I trust my discernment.He is demonic and all his pretend humbleness is an act.Anyone else agree.What do those black eyes tell you?

    • @Rebel Roy – Re Pence – His eyes are as dead and evil as those of the current Occupant; like two piss-holes in the snow, as it used to be said.

      • Because he is such an outstanding example of a war-mongering Zio-evangelical “Christian,” Mike Pence just landed an honorary fellowship teaching position at a Christian college (Grove City College) in Pennsylvania – like the other Mike, “we lie, we cheat, we steal” (he never adds “we kill”) Mike Pompeo, when he is athome in Kansas he is in demand to teach Sunday School. A real Christian congregation would excommunicate their likes.

  15. I think most reasonable people realize that there needs to be some abortion under certain circumstances, the nuts that say no abortion at all ever, seem as weird to me as the feminazis that think an abortion right before birth is good.

    No abortion at all seems to an absolute loser for the Republicans going forward.

    • Rape babies definitely need to be put to rest. Why should rapist genes be allowed to propagate?

  16. It is a little bit ironic that the guy who wants to make American great again does not know what made America great in the first place. It was Christian morality Don. A Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent Don, why isn’t General Flynn or Steve Bannon or one of those other morally depraved Irishmen surrounding you, telling you this stuff? They have sold themselves to the enemies of Christ Don and they are going to hell as sure as you are Don.

  17. I thought the major argument of conservatives through decades was…turn abortion back to the states. State control. All I heard. So, Trump in effect gets a court that does that, and almost to the moment, Lindsey Graham comes out for a federal law to ban abortion…just in time to galvanize the pro-abortionists for the 2022 elections. Now, Pence is carrying the ball. I would say it’s very suspicious that these “conservatives” live to destroy any kind of momentum from overturning Roe vs Wade. Hunter’s analysis that this is to keep the funding machine going ring true.
    At this point the pro-life movement seems to exist to maintain the funding status quo.
    Abortion seems to be the one issue liberals are ready to die for…or, to be more exact, something progressive white women will want to talk some beta men into dying FOR them.
    The movie Unplanned was a very good low-key film on a woman working in an abortion clinic who turns pro-life.

    • > I thought the major argument of conservatives through decades was…turn abortion back to the states. State control. All I heard. So, Trump in effect gets a court that does that, and almost to the moment, Lindsey Graham comes out for a federal law to ban abortion…just in time to galvanize the pro-abortionists for the 2022 elections. Now, Pence is carrying the ball.

      Exactly. The argument to give control back to the states was the original platform for the Pro-Life folks. Then the Gay Old Pedburo grifters realized that they could make tons of money off the chumps by endlessly promising to work to nullify Roe while doing zero about it. The dolts dutifully voted for the likes of Lady G and Pence, whose chief objectives were enlarging their fiefdoms in Clown-World. Both are staunch supporters of the empire. Now they pivot to ever more extreme anti-abortion positions while they support mass slaughter worldwide. As I said above, anyone sensible would have celebrated the decision and tabled the issue altogether for a number of years. That way Shitavious can just drive with his retarded slut over the state line next time he knocks her up. Schlomo has plenty of body-parts mills waiting.

  18. Re – Evil black eyes — And when they (Pence, Joe) open their mouths to speak, an empty black cavity out of which black spiders crawl.

  19. Trump says “leave it to the states” then rails against Arizona’s law.

    The Jews might help Trump win, but Trump won’t be around forever. We had a glimmer of hope in 2016 and we did see Roe vs Wade overturned. However, we can see now they were taking a step back to allow steps forward in terms of pushing “popular abortion” laws. The GOP wants to be a party Jews can support with fewer reservations, that’s what its whole agenda with niggers and “trannies ruin girls sports” and “we’re only against the weirdest rainbow flag shit du jour” is about. THEY NEVER SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE WHITE VOTERS BEYOND THE BAREST MINIMUM TO KEEP DESPERATE PEOPLE GOING TO THE POLLS TO STOP WHATEVER IMPENDING NIGHTMARE THE KIKES HAVE COOKED UP NEXT FOR ORDINARY WHITE AMERICANS.


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