Evan The Punk: Leaving The Alt-Right

I have a lot less nostalgia for the Alt-Right.

Yesterday, I listened to this interview with Evan the Punk and it reinforced my biases. For those who don’t remember him, Evan McLaren was once the Executive Director of the National Policy Institute although it would be more accurate to describe him as Richard Spencer’s butler.

NPI raised a considerable amount of money from White Nationalists over the years before its tax-exempt status was revoked in 2017 by the IRS for failing to file tax returns. In the interview, McLaren describes how Spencer couldn’t be bothered with things like that. It was a “think tank” which didn’t think. It was a policy institute which didn’t produce any policies. It didn’t lobby politicians either. Instead, it held conferences in Washington, DC which attracted useless fops, pseudo-intellectuals and dilettantes, granted interviews to liberal journalists and started the theatrical torch marches in Charlottesville.

In the interview, Evan McLaren describes how he able to ascend to the apex of the Alt-Right. He was the leader of the institution. He describes finding a void of vision and leadership at the top of the movement which started and ended with people like Spencer and McLaren. They spent their day in the sun lingering around cigar shops in DC and the bar at the Trump Hotel where Spencer liked to go to scope out young women. Spencer left his Russian wife and children back home at his parents house in Montana. Rumors have circulated for years that he screwed the girlfriends of his top lieutenants.

The interview with Evan McLaren confirms the gut instincts of ordinary conservatives about these guys. These two clowns never had any connection to the Trump administration. They were essentially looking through the glass at people like Stephen Miller and Nigel Farage. They were eager to play useful idiots for the media to get on television. Spencer was willing to play a Bond villain for CNN and The Atlantic. He was the guy who was punched in the face by Antifa. He was the guy crying about how Antifa was winning. He was the go to guy who was invited back on CNN to endorse Joe Biden in 2020.

In Lord Spencer’s view, ordinary conservatives are peasants. They are beneath him. They are dumb because they don’t see the value of babbling in vague platitudes about Nietzsche in Twitter spaces and on college campuses. He went to graduate school at Duke to acquire this skill set. These people have productive jobs and invest their time in their families. Unlike Spencer, they have spent their lives building wealth and nurturing relationships. They aren’t driven by narcissism and a sense of entitlement. They are also Christians and value humility which is the exact opposite of Spencer’s course in life.

As for Evan, he repeatedly describes himself as a weak, insecure man and a natural follower who passively absorbs the views of others in the interview. This difference in temperament, character and background explains his reaction to Charlottesville. Stronger men who fared much worse shrugged it off, bounced back and moved forward with their lives. Effeminate spoiled brats couldn’t handle the pressure, cracked and blamed everyone but themselves. He became a rat because he was always a punk.

What would you do with 15 minutes of fame? Would you abandon your family to move across the country to have as many affairs possible? Would you throw your supporters under the bus?

Note: Spencer’s next act in life should be getting a job at Starbucks to pay child support.


  1. Nobody likes rats and I didn’t invest enough time to see why he’s called a rat. But for somebody who claims he’s moved on from the alt right and left wn 1.0 behind, you sure seem to get upset when other people do the same thing.

    • HW has not rebuked the core ideas of the alt, or populist, right. Instead, he’s distanced himself from the clown car that was being driven by people like the above.

      McClaren and Spencer have openly mocked the people they claimed to represent and have called Joe Biden and his ilk “the best president in history”. They’re suck-ups to the establishment, not people with new, interesting, or revolutionary ideas. They hitch themselves to whatever will get them attention, even if it is negative attention.
      There’s a huge difference.

  2. Back in the early days of Counter-Currents, I invited Evan to write for us. His reply was that he did not wish to write for the movement until he could overcome his feeling of masculine inferiority through MMA and PUA classes. I am sure that was one of the emails he turned over to the SPLC.

  3. The Republican establishment hates Whites as much as the Dissident Right Leadership from 2016 does now – “For every Karen we lose there’s a Julio and a Jamal ready to sign up for the MAGA movement and that bodes well for our ability to be more diverse and more durable as we head into the elections.” – Matt Gaetz. Vote harder, goyim.

  4. Thanks for the tip, comrade.
    We are prepping and can’t wait for the big payback.
    Now get to crushing with your keyboard.
    Those replacements hate all gabachos as well and the crocodile is hungry.
    The Awfuls of affluent white liberal trust fund poseurs are even more hated than the deplorables by the new comer replacements because everyone hates traitors and quislings.

  5. I learned recently that a few months ago Spencer did a direct with Millenial Woes………at least he still hangs out with people on the dissident right. One thing I remember Spencer often saying was “surf the wave”……something silly because sooner or later the wave breaks against the rocks. The problem with these characters was that they felt they were rich and “intellectuals,” guides for the “ignorant” people of the dissident right, whom they basically despised. Theirs was (and for Spencer still is) an elitist racism. Spencer wants power and attention and would do anything to get it. Regarding the other subject ……I have expressed my opinion about him several times, surely better a Schoep than a McLaren.

  6. Look, what happened is partially the responsibility of the old leaders in the rightwing nationalist movement, such as Derb, Brimelow, Regnery, Ramzpaul, etc. I can’t say how much influence they had in getting Spencer appointed to NPI, but the played some sort of role. Its also tragicnto consider that there were some older than Spencer and younger than Brimelow types, such as myself, which couldve taken the role. Which is a shame because NPI was meant to be a true think tank not a narcissistic advertising platform waiting to be detonated amidst the movement.

    Instead, NPI was founded by Regnery to create nationalist perspectives as a counter to the Conservative Republican controlled Council for National Policy. The later was in turn the counter to the Liberal dominated Council on Foreign Relations. Regnery had the money to make this happen he just didn’t have good intellectual leaders who were willing to step up.

    Although I was approached to fill this role, it was at a time when I thought liquidating Sand Niggers was more important and due to my sensitive position couldn’t take on such a role. I look back now and still feel that was the right decision, although I do get locked into thinking what might have happened. Because in contrast to Spencer I actually had the contacts and network to enter into to the world he and Evan just liked to hang around in like groupies. On the other hand, Spencer was taller, better looking, had more money, and above all was a Papist, like Regnery.

    So, Papists being Papists Spencer got the position. While extremely confident in himself, and certainly capable of leadership in a basic way due to having been a lacrosse and Duke athlete, he still lacked some elemental traits of leadership such as self less service, responsibility, loyalty, integrity, etc. Much of this stems from being a well off frat boy and athlete who was also cynical and didn’t give a shit but now had a big megaphone. The rest is history.

    Hunter has mentioned about the Iranian dude and his attempt to form some sort of Iranian Renaissance network which was to be used to pressure government and form various educational, cultural, and business exchanges with Iran. In turn, he was to bring the intellectual gravitas and serious leadership and experience that Spencer lacked to the domestic side of the house. Also, there was a more far reaching foreign policy initiative that was planned to be birthed from this merging of the two. His Iranian and religious background made him an alien bht in a way acceptable to DC. That place is if anything a noted brothel for foreign policy practitioners using foreign mercenaries to do their strategic dirty work. So, the combination of the two was thought to work out. Others had a different plan, and DC being DC, ensured that didn’t happen. We know what was planned with Alt-Right and the Iranian and how it ended.

    In turn, Spencer continued to burn through the assets of NPI. Regnery was failing in health and eventually passed away, leaving the rightwong nationalists without a major fundraiser, networker, and publisher. While I amd others thought Regnery was important to the movement, let’s face it, he was a Papist and couldn’t be truly trusted. His parting shot to the movement in letting Spencer take over and essentially detonate NPI in the midst of the rightwing movement was true Papist in style.

    At any rate they are all gone. Richard and Evan can continue their own infiltration and subversion campaign of the leftwing Huwites, now in a state of consternation. Thats fine. In comparison, like Hunter said, we get Protestant Tucker Carlson. The later has serious connections and a network second to none. I met Tucker way back in the 90s and was told he was going places. I expect him to go all the way to the Administration. So its good we got him on our side.

    Consequently, although we lost some great assets like NPI, Regnery, through some faulty judgement on picking younger leaders, there is now a largeer number of older, seasoned, and experienced leaders to stand in place. So, although the old guard are starting to age out completely if not be smothered by Lawfare, we can continue to carry the torch forward with these new assets and individuals, and Lord Willing, get revenge for our dear departed former leaders and comrades. Hunter is right to be hopeful.

      • When I first met Spencer back at a nonspecified conference over a decade ago, we got into an argument over something small that eventually started to disrupt the meeting and caused Jared Taylor to get involved. Eventually we all had nice long chat that evolved into American identity.

        I like to claim almost a wholly true blue American born identity unlike many of the other little shits in the movement or elsewhere in American politics and made it a point in our discussion. Over the course of our discussion, he told me then he was Catholic and had worked at the American Conservative, a well known Papist controlled magazine. But, yes, he was non committed. Suspicious, I asked if he was originally Mormon and he did say some of his lineage went back to Utah, but that they were all around Mississippi and Louisiana now. This all struck me as decidedly in mold with similar cases I’ve looked into involving infiltration from America’s ruling Judeo-Catholic Yankee class.

        Consequently, afterwards, I did a deep dive on his family. Yes, his parents were Episcopalians, a historically unique American identifier but more a red flag in modern day. Also turns out he was born in Boston. He was also a member of the Union League club in New York City, a notorious Yankee imperialist club which originally required members to be members of the Grand Army of the Republic and decidedly hated Southerners. So, apparentely, he isn’t really Southern at all.

        His paternal grandfather was indeed Mormon, and a WWII era Naval Academy graduate, and his paternal ggrandfather was a polygamist from a Mormon family of note. The original Spencers were Mormon immigrants from England that came around the 1840s with Bringham Young to Utah. His maternal grandparents were mostly German immigrant background originating in Bavaria (Catholic) and Prussia (Protestant). They made their way into Missouri around Civil War era, and later into Louisiana by the 1950s.

        Only one side of Spencer’s family is actually American, let alone Southern, his paternal Grandmother. She came from a well to do family, mostly in Texas, and graduated from Southern Methodist University in the 1940s. Her father was into oil and brought her husband, Richard’s Mormon grandfather into the business. Together with his mother’s father money, they invested into real estate.

        These two minor wealth sources together bought up a bunch of old Louisiana and Mississippi dilapidated farms and plantations in the 60s-1990s. Backed apparentely with oil and Richard’s father’s eye doctor money to operate, they have done very well for themselves. Good for them. They don’t actually farm or operate their holdings but lease it out to actual farmer operators. They are definitively not Southern but what could properly be called neo-Yankee carpetbaggers.

        They are mostly absentee landlords and live in Whitefish Montana with a bunch of other 1%ers. Although well off they are definitely at the bottom of that class compared to the multimillionaire and billionaires who trapeze around the place. Our sources there which are close to their network say his parents continue to attend episcopal church and are decidedly against Richard’s political viewpoints. Nonetheless, they allow Richard to base his business address at their residence and family home office. So, how involved are his parents and their high network network in the shenanigans of the Alt Right which could likely involve government agencies is open to further investigation.

        Richard’s background is suggestive of typical upper class government shenanigans. Might be or not. Regardless, he can’t seem to make up whether he is a atheist or not like many of the Jews the rest of you like to call Jews, even though they are dirty little leftist atheist political shits. Kinda like Richard. So, I am still going to call him a Papist though until he says otherwise. Meanwhile, I will say, Richard was always affable and friendly and fun the many times I’ve met him and its definitely sad to see how all this got screwed up if by chance his intentions were sincere.

    • Spencer was raised some sort of Protestant (Presbyterian or Episcopalian.) He was never a papist, which makes me think that you are completely full of shit. But it was an entertaining read.

      • Greg,

        It looks like you didn’t really read the comment. I said his parents were Episcopalians and he was likely raised one as well. Much like yourself, he was raised some sort of liberal Mainliner Protestant.

        Regardless, he, like you as well, told me as an adult at the time, he was now a Papist. Unlike you who actually attended a Papist school and mixed with dirty Jesuits, I can’t tell what brought him into being a Catholic, unless it was you yourself. Of course, since you also claimed disposed to paganry at the time you said you were a Catholic (we are talking decades ago), not surprisingly Richard has also flirted with Paganry.

        Both of you can’t seem to make up your flipping minds on something so important as you relationship with the Divine and his only begotten Son. If you can’t make up your minds on the Spiritual life, what makes you think you can be a leader of the political life, especially of the Dissident Right, and most especially by recruiting subalterns such as your recent pick to head up the Heartland Institute.

    • What you missed and Hunter left out- is he is gen x.

      The worst generation.

      It’s partially not their fault. While I empathize with gen x they’re the bullied kid you try to take under your wing but backstabs you and you feel like an idiot ever trying to be their friend.

      Gen x are cynical optimists. Boomers, but without the work ethic.

      Gen X was the first generation to be raised on doomerism. 1970’s mad max films etc and the first generation raised on anti-American demoralization. America wasn’t great, it was racist AmeriKKKa.

      Heavy inflation, economic turmoil and social unrest… but then the go-go of 80’s and the prosperity of the 90’s.

      Gen X didn’t get to cash in as much as the shouldve as boomers didn’t promote them and kept their spots as long as they could- and no doubt gen x life wasn’t as good as the boomers but if they just didn’t lose their composure they could do well for themselves.

      As children the world seemed like it was coming undone in the 70’s-early 80’s by the mid-to late 80’s-90’s america was back on top.

      They saw an america that was suppose to crash but didn’t…. This lead to a cyclical optimism.

      “Things shouldn’t be good, but they are”

      This leads to a shittier boomerism. Where growth is expected but also you don’t need to do anything.

      It also lead gen X’ers to embrace gated community’s both mentally and physically, and increasingly physically.

      They’re perfectly happy to go into hermit mode in gated communities as the country falls to shit as they wait for the pendulum to swing back to success. They have no impact on economic upswings or downswings, it just happens man. But don’t trip, everything will work itself out

        • The liberal left and totalitarians have been rigging the generational historical analogy for decades now. Generations don’t last only 15 years. The base line of all the generational history analogy of the US since its inception places Gen X as beginning in 1965. So at a minimum Gen X lasted until 1985. Millennial lasted until 2005. Gen Z last until 2025. Sorry Hunter, your kids aren’t Gen Alpha, they are still stuck as Gen Z. And the Shitty Millenials are still all over College campuses. We still have a lot of burning to do before the last generations of the late great American Republic are finished. And oh, yes you are decidedly and solidly Gen X.

  7. “Evan the Punk” – perfect summation.

    “I was a weak person who couldn’t handle the ordinary pressures of life.” – McClaren during the podcast – another perfect summation.

    A deracinated, pussy-whipped, conformist midwit, also a coward – my summation.

  8. Spencer was never a Duke lacrosse player. Calling him an athlete is laughable. He played football in a Dallas prep school, which didn’t apparently require much athleticism. I have only seen him skinny or flabby.

    • Incorrect Greg. He most decidedly did do athletics and associated with Duke lacrosse during its tumultuous period, but mostly as some sort of political advisor. Pleade stop deflecting.

      P.S. It takes Hunter days to post my responses and I usually don’t see anyone’s subsequent responses till even later. Don’t know if Hunter is overwhelmed with moderating, trying to gather responders to my comments, or a little of both.

  9. started the theatrical torch marches in Charlottesville.

    If they had all gone home that night, and not shown up the next day, they would have won a tremendous victory. The Left would have just looked stupid counter protesting nobody.

    • @James Owens.

      That’s exactly what Tom Metzger said that they should have done.

      Staying that extra day allowed the ADL/FBI trap to be sprung with all the ensuing violence and anarchy.

      The Lee statue is melted down, and it’s iron made into a waffle house qween.

  10. Stick to Southern Nationalism and the real Alt-Right, who you’ll find at the local cafe, or at the flea market on Saturdays. There are whole towns of these people, all across Dixie, and even in the Interior West and Inland Empire of California, Oregon and Washington State.

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