Poll Watch: 1 In 5 Americans Think Violence Might Solve U.S. Divisions

I’m looking forward to seeing Alex Garland’s Civil War this weekend.

For the record, I don’t think Civil War 2 is going to break out in 2024 because I still think Trump is going to win the 2024 election, but some people are already ready to go there.

PBS Newshour:

“One in 5 U.S. adults believe Americans may have to resort to violence to get their own country back on track, according to the latest PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist poll, an attitude that experts say puts the nation in “an incredibly dangerous place” in the months before the 2024 presidential election. …

In addition, 41 percent of Americans overall said the nation has gotten so far off track that it needs a leader willing to break rules. Looking across partisan lines, 56 percent of Republicans, 28 percent of Democrats and 37 percent of independents agree. …

Three-quarters of Americans said religion should not influence government policy. Another 24 percent said religion should play a role, including almost half of all Republican men.

51 percent of Americans overall said immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally should be deported (an opinion shared by 84 percent of Republicans, 55 percent of independents and 23 percent of Democrats).

47 percent of Americans overall say discrimination against white people is as much of a problem as it is against Black people and people in other minority groups. Looking across party lines, 77 percent of Republicans, 48 percent of independents and 22 percent of Democrats agree. …”

As I have said for a few years now, we should retire terms like Alt-Right and Dissident Right which no longer make sense in the 2020s. It makes more sense to just blend in now. White grievance politics, not any desire to repeal the New Deal, is the motor that animates the Republican coalition. Polls like this continue to illustrate how far removed we are now from William F. Buckley-style conservatism.

“Notably, among the most galvanizing statements for Republicans were beliefs that:

immigrants in the country illegally should be deported (84% agreed),

discrimination against white people has become just as big a problem as discrimination against Black Americans and other minority groups (77%) and 

America is too politically correct (77%). …”

This is encouraging.

I basically agree with all of this.

The challenge now is to 1.) clean up and normalize what used to be the Alt-Right / Dissident Right space and 2.) to close the gap between public opinion on the Right and elected leadership.


  1. The present leadership has already broken too many rules and laws to count. The constitution and law are utterly meaningless by now. There is no rule of law in Clownworld, only the law of rule (he who has the guns makes the rules), e.g. the “rules based order”. The fact that 41% think that we need more of what we already have is merely a measure of how utterly clueless they truly are.

  2. The U.S. might “need” to do a MANAGED civil war in the U.S. during a severe economic collapse (which might be beginning now). The Elite’s big profit-taking recessions, depressions, panics and collapses are historically inevitable in the capitalist boom and bust cycle over the last three hundred years.

    All the techniques that the U.sury S.ystem uses to keep its exploited satellites (victim nations) around the world helplessly unbalanced, weak or in chaos, such as “colour” (U.S.-managed) “revolutions,” coups, false flags, attacks by “terrorist” (U.S. proxy) forces, etc. could be applied to the imperial “homeland” itself during a major collapse of the U.S.- and London-based global capitalist system, to keep the population of the imperial “homeland” confused and distracted from realizing that their real enemy is the system itself and what is the only real, final solution.

  3. “1 in 5 U.S. adults think violence might solve”:

    Education, not violence! Truth, not emotions will make you free. Seek accurate knowledge, which is hard to find but can still be found. A high IQ is not needed to understand how the present system works, and how the better, alternative system works. Political and economic concepts are not nearly as difficult to grasp as “rocket science” or advanced calculus and physics. But you do need wisdom/common sense and especially, good will, to discern the truth. Those with selfish, evil motives never come to the light “lest their evil deeds be revealed.” So the evil “nation” (empire) gathers more and more weapons for its protection (the U.S. currently spends as much on its “defense” as the rest of the world combined) but finally all the weapons in the world won’t protect them. Weep and howl ye rich, the meek shall inherit the earth.

  4. What’s with the picture of the eclipse, Wallace – are you promoting the (((hysteria))) just like our Saturn(aka Satan)-worshipping Kabbalist masters? Like this “US Civil War II” hysteria the eclipse hysteria is just more overblown hype to in order to generate a few shekels.

      • “eclipse mania”

        Oh Lord, I that going on?

        Something that has been predictable since the time of the Druids.

      • I hope everyone survived the eclipse today, it was a close one. The latest scientific research shows this eclipse was caused by global warming, I mean “Climate Change.” Eclipses will become more common and more severe as the earth warms up until there is only one or two hours of light a day. Mother Earth has a fever according to that scientific sage, the King of the Laboratory, Dr. Al “Dickhead” Gore.

        We have to do something about that carbon footprint thing or we’re doomed. Hopefully driving Teslas to the vegan market will fix this shit. That and more trannies and freaks in the government like Admiral Levine and The Buttplug with their pearls of wisdom will help. Global Warming probably caused that earthquake in NJ too.

        Don’t forget to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

        • I almost forgot to say the ‘Scientists’ Shahada today, thanks for the reminder. Repeat this three times a day, zeks:

          There is no truth but warming, and Algore is its profit!

        • Not to worry.

          Hagee is saying the eclipse and four blood moons means the rapture is imminent.
          Hagee assures us that we need fear nothing, just send him money and everything will be fine.

          Don’t forget to tithe to Gaaaaaawd, aka John Hagee.

  5. I have never been in the military, much less combat. But I do know a company of Marines could slaughter a horde of good ole boy patriots with deer rifles. Just speaking a fact.

    • They didn’t do so well against Afghani goat-herders. Ended up running away leaving behind many tons of military gear. It’s not Chesty Puller’s marine corps any more. Now it’s more like Admiral Rachel Levine’s. Deer rifles are pretty obsolete now that you have FPV drones so any real good ol’ boys best be learning about the newest toys.

      • “…Deer rifles are pretty obsolete now that you have FPV drones…”

        Not so. You have to see people to fight them or kill them. If you can hide from deer, you can sure hide from humans. Even the best thermal can be defeated by two blankets with one of those cheap aluminized heat blankets in the middle. I saw a test where doing this thermal couldn’t see a human from across a room.

        Likely the only way we would be defeated, and it’s not clear we would prevail, is they would cut off all transport, food, water and starve us out. That they could do, while feeding ammo and supplies to all these aliens they’ve imported.

    • “I do know a company of Marines could slaughter a horde of good ole boy patriots”

      If they have logistical support.
      If they don’t desert.
      If they don’t mutiny.

      Maybe Afghanis could teach us some things.

    • Not really. I was in the Marine Corps infantry long and many of the yahoos I was with couldn’t fight their way out of an elementary school. Today’s Marines are much worse. Guerrilla warfare against them in rural America would be a turkey shoot.

    • The mythical casual fudd gun owner doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone and their dog has an AR-15.

    • “…But I do know a company of Marines could slaughter a horde of good ole boy patriots with deer rifles…”

      You haven’t even the remotest, the slightest idea of what you are talking about.

  6. Trump winning in 2024 is exactly what will trigger our Second Civil War. Remember what antifa did in DC during Trump’s Inauguration? It will be a war zone this time. They won’t allow him to be sworn in and there won’t be any help from Biden’s Feds or the DC Stasi.
    If Trump does win dispite election fraud and lawfare, Magapedes would be wise to avoid DC and all Dem cities (Charlottesville Lesson) on Inauguration Day. A 2nd Trump term will push these whack jobs over the edge and there will be violence.

    • I fear Trump winning will have the opposite effect: putting Whites back to sleep again. Oh yes, our guy is in, we can relax now. Frankly, I think that is what Trump is there for. At this point in time the only thing that matters is survival of our race. Trump is yet to even acknowledge Whites exist as a race and have a right to exist, just like every other race. You can count on plenty of pandering to “minorities” though.

    • @Lester Maddux,

      Hmm? Not that it matters because in my state Biden or any demoncrat will win its electoral votes, but I may have canceled my plan to write-in David Duke for POTUS, if Trumpenstein would bring about the permanent fracture of this socially engineered jewish abomination permanently by getting 270+ electoral votes. So worth it the split is peaceful or not. The tumuldic can has been kicked down the road for a century too long, as it is.

  7. “Two people were killed and seven others were injured in a mass shooting at a Florida mall”

    Why are malls in America dying ?
    Why are Amazon, AliExpress, Temu thriving ?
    Why are malls in Asia thriving ?
    I just don’t understand why.

    (I still say if things really start coming apart you’ll see a mass exodus of professionals and rich from America.)

  8. The problem with most white people during war is they must start acting like savages. Look at the left wing children as the enemies. Torcher may be what is needed and I cannot say much more. Soros security and the security family members and open society members including the anti Americans Zionist must take the fear. Sadly enough white people have been trained to be civil. We must remember these people wanted to do harm to us. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Will the white warrior spirit ride, be willing to do the unthinkable. We will perhaps see, sadly I cannot see it taking place if we continue to be civil.

  9. Whole planet Earth want to get rid from the Empire.

    So when armed conflict break loose, “good ole boy patriots” will receive enormous amount of support from abroad.

    Like those Houthi drones and Red Sea blockade demonstrate, it is possible and pretty effective discreetly support rural farmers who don’t have F 15 .

  10. Speaking of violence being the solution to “racial division” problems, yesterday marked six months since the U.S.’s flagship neo-colony Israel launched its extremely violent “final solution” operation of course with full U.S. support. In just six months, the U.S. has killed and maimed (by the colonial proxy) over 5% of the population targeted for removal or extermination. If some foreign country did it to you “A comparable percentage of the American population would be more than 18 million people (…) an intensity of mass death without precedent in post-WW2 history. But most shocking of all is the fact that two-thirds of those killed are women and children (…) in the course of the past six months, every element of the US-Israeli justification for bombing, invading and blockading Gaza has been exposed as a lie. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Israel was in possession of Hamas’s entire operational plan for the Oct 7 attack that served as the pretext for the war. Despite this knowledge, Israeli intelligence and military forces were ordered to stand down and redeploy from the Gaza border immediately ahead of the attack. In a matter of days, the Israeli military put into effect long-held plans for a genocidal war against the population of Gaza” (and the West Bank): https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2024/04/08/wsws-618/

    • The US is Israel’s colonial proxy at this point. American media and academia serve its interests. Servile, unquestioning US taxpayers pay billions in tribute every year.

  11. Blacks always use violence to get their way. I have seen it for 50 years in the politics. It usually works for them. So violence does work. No question about it.

  12. Think Trump Might Solve U.S. Divisions ???? :

    “Trump $50 MILL Fundraiser: Promises Billionaires Low Taxes”

    • After the election Trump will revert back to Trump 1.0 – focusing with laser-like intensity on tax cuts for the rich, Israel/the jews, bitching about the Fed screwing him with “high interest rates”, the jews’ stonk market and slapping a few tariffs on Chynuh. As a consolation prize the goyim will get $2.50/gallon gas.

    • I can see Zion Don keeping Janet Yellen as Secretary of the Treasury, Lady G as Secretary of State, Tim Scott as US UN Ambassador, Sarah Huckabee as USAG, Zion Don Jr as Chief of Staff, the pajeet Vivek as Secretary of Education, Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior, Alabama’s Israel Firster Katie Britt CIA Director, Jared Kushner Director of National Intelligence, South Dakota Governor Kristi No Brain as Secretary of Energy, Stephen Miller as DHS Director, Nimrata Haley as Secretary of Defense, and Tulsi Gabbard as VP.

      Other cabinet seats will be filled with people such as Kid Rock, DJT’s favorite Celebrity Apprentice contestants, and anti-White jews and jewesses.

      This is only slightly satirical.

  13. Buck and Clay are pimping that Civil War movie really hard. That tells me there is some major jew propaganda going on. Looks like “bad” White guys on both sides and Team Diversity rolls in to save the day.

  14. Around fifty members of “Christians for a Free Palestine” were arrested in the
    U.S. Senate yesterday. The Right (which does NOT protest against imperialist war), including the “Dissident Right,” characterizes anti-genocide and other anti-war protesters as being mentally disturbed or degenerate with blue hair or purple hair, but these Christians who protested against the genocide in the U.S Senate today look very normal to me. But I don’t expect the Right to join them, because the Right really loves war, and imperialism, and any genocide of “brown” or other non-White people (“less of them means more of us”).

  15. The trouble with giving a strong leader almost all of the power, is you can’t get rid of them when things really get bad. I was thinking of Germany in the later part of World War 2.

    • Hitler somehow dodged 42 assassination attempts. The way things turned out, it would have been better for the German people if one of them had succeeded.

  16. We could control the whole country using the basic laws of the land we have right now. At the link, I gathered all the links where I explain all this. It only takes a majority in Congress to do this and Congressmen who would do so. As you can see, the number of Congressmen that are hardcore and will fight back is increasing all the time. You wouldn’t even need a majority to cause havoc. Likely 20% would be enough if they refused to move without serious change. We’re not there yet, but you can see how already a handful of Congressmen standing up and refusing to bend causes consternation in the House.

    The left and Jews have DELIBERATELY changed the laws of this country to disenfranchise rural area and pile all power in the cities. It’s a couple of court decisions that can easily be overruled by Congress. Many of these can easily be changed and don’t need to be a law or have the President’s consent. They could do it in the House right now and torpedo the Democrat party in the House…permanently.


    I assure you, a concerted effort to elect people that will follow the plan I have outlined would be a far easier task than winning a civil war.

    The way the Jews have overrun our country is to just plug away, constantly, and never stop. Finding choke points in culture and law, and then running with every bit of power they can muster to change things. We can do the same. It’s not magic, and no miracles are needed. In fact we are headed that way, but in my opinion if we use the choke points I describe, we could have total control VERY FAST. A few years and the left could be wiped out.

    I don’t know if we could get the votes to depot the Jews, but it’s not impossible. If we move the voting population to the right(read the links this is 100% possible), it might open up enough space for this to happen.

  17. The problem with the strong man rule is that you’re putting all your eggs in one basket. You better make damn sure he’s only carrying all your eggs.

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