Truthout: Collapse of White Nationalist Party Offers Lessons for Anti-Fascist Strategy

Shane Burley, one of our longtime Antifa enemies and the author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How To End It, has a new article out about the collapse of the National Justice Party.


“2024 began with a declaration of failure from within the white nationalist movement: The National Justice Party (NJP) is toast. Billed as a working-class white political party from the people who ran The Right Stuff (TRS) podcast network, and the racist talk radio vehicle TDS (renamed as such after being originally called The Daily Shoah) in particular, the NJP was an intentional effort to soak up the remnants of the “alt-right” who wanted to continue their public activism after most of their organizations had collapsed.

The NJP positioned itself to offer what few far right organizations were currently doing: be both politically militant and upfront, building interest around contemporary issues and using elections as a place either to potentially run candidates or push wedge issues often manipulated by white nationalists. The NJP came together under the control of several different people who came to prominence from the alt-right, such as hosts from the Right Stuff and Greg Conte, former collaborator with Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute. They would create NJP chapters around the country, find issues that appealed to working-class white voters and show that they were willing to take positions the Republicans and Democrats were unwilling to, thus positioning themselves as a political vanguard fighting for white workers. But despite becoming one of the largest “post-alt-right” white nationalist groups in the country after its 2020 launch, their recent collapse reveals that internal fractures are continuing to keep the modern white nationalist movement in disarray.

The alt-right emerged in 2010 as a new form of branding for fascist politics, linking up different dissident strains into a de facto ideological coalition, and moved from online to “IRL” (in real life) organizing around 2015 with organizations like Identity Evropa, the Proud Boys and the Traditionalist Workers Party (which itself had been formed earlier). But after public blunders such as their public violence at August 2017’s Unite the Right rally, significant deplatforming from tech companies, and aggressive counter-organizing from anti-fascists, their earlier model of street activism never became a significant force for community organizing. …”

I’ve always read these people.

I think about what they have to say.

I enjoy reflecting on my own failures and experiences.

In my opinion, the street activism arc of the Alt-Right was an expensive and ineffective tactic. Those who have done it badly like the NSM and Blood Tribe have only courted ridicule. Those who have tried to project the best public image like Patriot Front have been hooted down as “feds” by MAGAtards.

NJP was somewhere in the middle. Their activism consisted of trying to draw attention to legitimate grievances like black-on-White crime in flash rallies. This is similar to what we were attempting to do at the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville with the Sudanese refugee who shot up the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. Then as now, these crimes do not capture the public imagination. We go home with a sense having “done something” without the message even gaining local traction.

In Charlottesville, we went for size and succeeded in capturing the klieg lights of national attention (Joe Biden is still running for reelection on it), but that rally proved to be the death knell of the Alt-Right. It exposed all the downsides of street activism. Unvetted people with mental problems like James Fields, Jr. showed up and created chaos. We had leaders who cracked under pressure. Insofar as the Alt-Right had even a simulacrum of institutions in 2017, we employed people like Evan the Punk. We made it easy for the “journalists” and Antifa researchers to dox the people who attended the rally. We allowed groups like the NSM with a toxic public image and dubious leaders to show up and define a rally that was about a popular cause like the preservation of Southern historical monuments. The “Unite the Right” rally had already failed as a rallying concept with its target audience – it was divisive and widening the divide between Alt-Right and Alt-Lite, narrowing our reach – before it even began.

NJP wanted to continue traveling down that path, but with explicitly “National Socialist” branding. It circled back to the origins of White Nationalism in the American Nazi Party trolling the media on street corners. It didn’t work for Rockwell. It didn’t work for William Pierce and the National Alliance, Glenn Miller and the White Patriot Party, Matt Hale and the World Church of the Creator, Billy Roper and White Revolution or any of the other dozen iterations of the same idea. It has a deep, but narrow appeal to the less than 5% of White Americans who are sympathetic to Neo-Nazism.

The tactic which worked for the Alt-Right and which continues to pay dividends is 1.) trying to shape the culture of the young online Right in terms of core values, beliefs, aspirations and 2.) the interplay with more mainstream figures on the Right who “move the Overton Window” and push this consensus into the political mainstream in a more palatable form. Time has proven to be a reliable ally here as the steady diminishment of the Center Right under Trump and the aging of the electorate is pushing our views into the mainstream. There is less and less resistance from people like Liz Cheney.

In early 2018, the large street rallies came to a screeching halt. Richard Spencer whined that “Antifa is winning.” The Alt-Right fragmented into factions, collapsed and never recovered. QAnon filled the void. Antifa continued its enervating street battles with Alt-Lite groups like the Oathcucks, Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys. Wokeism triumphed in the George Floyd riots. Trump went on to lose the 2020 election. January 6 appeared to finish off Trump and these Alt-Lite remnants for good.

Paradoxically, the seeds of our renewal were sown in this catastrophe. Trump losing the 2020 election radicalized his base. The Democrat lawfare against Trump has kept the foot on the gas pedal. The triumph of Wokeism in the George Floyd riots has fueled a much larger and enduring backlash that has knocked the halo off of “antiracism.” Joe Biden’s presidency has shifted the politics of immigration and other key issues in a more favorable direction. When we stepped out of the frame and stopped engaging in street fights with Antifa in 2019 and 2020, the entire Right began to see Antifa as their enemy. Finally, the mass deplatforming on YouTube and the crippling lawsuits against Unite the Right organizers created the void of leadership and content creators that was filled by people like Tucker Carlson and Matt Walsh who have been much more successful in communicating and mainstreaming our ideas.

Today, there is no need for anyone to brand themselves with self-marginalizing labels like “Alt-Right” or “Dissident Right,” or to hold street rallies about causes which the Right is already largely panicked about. It makes much more sense to, say, embrace normalcy and pursue a career path by following the footsteps of Stephen Miller by becoming a faceless policy wonk focused on immigration restriction. Pretty much everyone on the Right now wants to restrict immigration. The same sort of consensus is emerging around other issues like anti-Whiteism in the civil rights bureaucracy. The cause is now so mainstream that even people like Rich Lowry are endorsing it. George Floyd and BLM made it possible.

If you want to do something useful for the cause, focus on your own personal life, burnish your resume and run for one of the thousands of local and state offices where our politics will now find a more sympathetic audience. Judd Blevins was ousted from the Enid City Council, but there are undoubtedly countless people out there with the same values, beliefs and politics without the baggage of the bloody shirt of Charlottesville weighing them down. Running against Antifa will probably help you get elected in your district. The GOP has been running against the Antifa boogeyman for the last six years now.

Don’t make the stupid mistake of branding yourself “Alt-Right” or a Nazi or a fascist. Just call yourself a conservative populist while sticking to our positions. Blend in with the crowd. When you are attacked by people like Shane Burley, call them “woke” to signal your affiliation with the in-group.

Note: If you just want to talk about Jews all day, call yourself a conservative and talk about Jews on X. Go make fun of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach like everyone else.


  1. Go local

    Do activism against

    Disney Hollywood
    Big City BLM murder and mayhem

    Parts of Long Island where “the Derb” lives are White & Jewish White flight from New York City racial , Leftist politics

    David Duke made Meteraie LÁ a White working class White flight suburb from New Orleans his base of operations and Duke won his LA state representative ejection there in the early 90s then challenged for US Senate and LA Governor .

    This was in the early 1990s

    This is the state and local model that works

    National parties with open White nationalist names and propaganda never go far .

    Let s start Orania sister towns

    • “Let s start Orania sister towns”

      Ever hear of the German American Settlement League ?

      They tried it in the 1930s, in a much more accepting society. The jwz jumped on it , like yuffs raping a 12 yr old. They wrecked it, thanks to slime like congressman Diickstein (a highly paid traitor, by the NKVD, ). Ppl like New York AG ((Schwartz)) wrecked the last vestiges of it at Yaphank NY. Fair Housing laws, don’t you know.

      You don’t realize how powerfully entrenched these monsters are and their energy to destroy all virtue.

      • Orania finesses the Whites only, “NAZI Town” a bit – it’s more about religion, culture – not any White person can join the community and others can visit. There aren’t Swastica flags.

        IMO separatist towns will need to finesse race a bit, add religion, language like the original LDS Mormon town of Navou Illinois.

        Having to do 8 hours of boring White LDS Mormon Church on Sunday and keep all their Words of Wisdom will keep away pretty much everyone including me.

        • DOJ would apply racial quota ‘tests’ and eat anyone alive in court procedures and costs. They can spend all our money fighting us.

    • A racial ‘Benedict Option’ might be effective, if a revolution fails to slay the empire.

      Tom Metzger was right that “Nothing changes without blood in the streets,” and “Whitey won’t fight, until his back is up against the wall.”

      Denise/Disease was right about Whites going back to sleep under a second Kushner-Adelman-Trump administration. Worse is better, so the ‘bread and circus’ of contemporary life becomes an unbearable existential threat.

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      Do you still believe that the jews that control all the institutions in America, including the “Christian” churches are going to fairly allow a pro-White politician or political party come to power without complete fealty to jewish power and influence?

      What color is the sky on you planet?

  2. There is a need for a label to distinguish ourselves from the Israel-First right. I like “America-First Conservative”.

    We do NOT want any part of the odium which rightly attaches to Neoconservatives, Daily Wire, Neoreactionaries (Curtis Yarvin etc.), or any other apologists for genocide.

    Also, pushing back against the “Christian Zionist” heresy in our churches is an urgently important task.

  3. How does the anti-fascist attack Christ? How does the anti-fascist attack the man who died for the sins of human kind? How does the anti-fascist attack the most perfect man every born, the only man ever born without sin? Tough nut to crack, no? Let’s attack those white nationalists instead.

    These troublemakers, the kind over at Truthout are going to have our morality forced down their throats and if they don’t like it, well that is too damned bad.

  4. Matthew Heimbach has moved from the far right to “National Bolshevism,” which is not a new idea. National Bolshevism competed with National “Socialism” in post WW1 Germany.

    There is also now something called “MAGA communism,” which is self-contradictory and seems impossible, because MAGA is the right and communism is the left. What do you think?

      • Give them credit for moving in the good direction, but be on guard for insincerity, grifting, and as you say attention seeking with it. Beware of those who say they have found “a third way.” There is only one way to enter the sheepfold. Robbers and wolves in shepherd’s clothing find different ways to get in.

      • Yes, those are correct terms. Naz-BOL-ism is being called “the third way,” but there are only two ways. It is impossible to be both left and right. Hitlerite Nazism also used the name “socialist” but it was not socialist. Fake socialism is not really national either. I submit that only the Left is national, being of and for all the PEOPLE who compose a nation. Kings, queens, princes, dukes and modern capitalist elites who run the system all claim to “represent people,” but they only represent themselves.

  5. What’s a gimmicky name, PatFro. They’re like a look a like to hamas with the masks(yeah real patriots have to wear a mask). Theres no shame admitting the fed infiltrates and make Whites look like idiots goon marching.

    • “make Whites look like idiots goon marching.”

      There have to be better methods to reach our goals.

      • It will also entrap the dupes into the dubiously broad, almost exclusively applied to an alledged White assailant, the Orwellian “hate crime”.

    • Speaker Mike Johnson indicated that he would bundle a measure that could ban TikTok in the U.S. with the aid bill……..NYT

      GD spineless worm, bowing down to serve his masters.

      • @Arrian,

        Southern and Protestant. Did you expect more? Johnson cast the deciding vote to allow the (((deep state))) to spy on Americans without a FISA warrant.

        More and more, Philadelphia John is looking to be right about Dixie.

  6. Fighting Fascism is a Jewish neurosis. All of the other SJW causes are not ours, either. Some ostensibly White people have been tricked into promoting other people’s interests, above our own.

  7. I’m not someone who sees feds everywhere but i think that Blood tribe are paid actors if not fed……or in the worst case stupid people that act in a very stupid way.

  8. @Brad Griffin, calling yourself a Conservative Populist is the dumbest thing in the world. There is nothing left to CONserve, CONservatism is a deadend retarded position in 2024. POPulism is retarded there are ZERO political solutions in MERICA. I recommend focusing on the Spiritual & Family, and leave politics completely. You won’t ever learn Mr. Griffin. You just keep changing your “labels” to try and remain relevant, pathetic.

  9. Tl.dr.,

    So here is my ‘hot take’ on HW’s political evolution or devolution.

    With his two young children facing a hellish future in a majority BIPOC nation radicalized by anti-white jewish Svengali propaganda/gaslighting (btw, fuck you, ashkenzai globalist bubby, god damned Hasbara/Unit8200 inbred troll), HW is looking for the safest path for his children, though it is not based on any historical precedent.

    From the admittedly limited time that I have read OD over the last few years, HW has bet on an civic nationalist and Christian Nationalism (at best, he can only hope for what we pro-NS folks would call “positive Christianity, and not the slavish devotion to an Abrahamic deity from the Lavant). That’s why HW has posted polls of “Americans” becoming less overtly degenerate, or at least, pumping the brakes’ on rushing full speed over the cliff of complete moral anarchy. From a Southern father’s POV, it makes sense to proverbially kick the can down the road past the lifespans of his children, but is imho, a fool’s errand, and illusionary off ramp of what needs and must be done to done to save the future of Europeans domestically, and in our homelands across the globe. In our hearts, we understand that sacrifices beyond imagination will be necessary to achieve the 14 Words, but that will be the cost of accomplishing what has to occur. I wish there was another way to go our own way, and be left alone, but we all know that is just not going to happen.

    Harden our hearts good men and women of European blood/ancestry. Our ancestors would be at our sides in this inevitable conflict, and our descendants will remember and honor those who chose to be on the right side of history.

    As JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” In 2024, JFK’s words would be a ‘fedpost,” and her would be either murdered (irony of ironies) or place in custody and jailed in Supermax Florence.

    HW, I mean no disrespect to you and yours, but I do believe that your confidence in such judas goats such as Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, and Charlie Kirk will play out like this scene of the nobles betrayal of William Wallace in “Braveheart.”

  10. Is the contemporary West really worth saving?
    There’s a laundry list of reasons longer than a map of Chile that answer that question:- most whites are leftists, we’ve deported much of our manufacturing whilst importing the hordes, give much of our money away in foreign aid, allowed unions to make demands beyond what’s conducive to a healthy business environment, allowed Jews to steer the boat, women to become more masculine, men more feminine, etc. The West is a mess. Why save what’s already long broken?
    Then you have homo/ trannie issues that can only get legs in the West.
    We’re more concerned about the Israel conflict than our own borders. We’re more concerned about our football team winning than the fact everything the players are wearing, are likely made in China.
    It’s a fight we’re not winning.

    • Boomers are mentally intransigent but they are all vaxxed up and dropping like flies. I feel like things are moving for the first time since the 80s.

  11. Print a 100-200 flyers, put on a mask and deliver at night. You control the message and optics are never a concern. (Or run for office.)

    Make 1 flyer pro-Gaza, make 1 flyer blaming Jews for the dollar decline, deliver at homes and on work trucks at night. (At the bottom of each flyer write in small print: “Printed and delivered under protection of the 1st Ammendment.”)

  12. I think it’s too late to try to ‘blend in.’ I watched a guy named Jesse Kelly talk on Tucker Highlights, and he basically said, with 22 million browns and black shit hominids now entering the US, unless the 10 southern states enact a move on their own, RIGHT NOW, apart from Biden’s JEW COUP, this nation is finished.

    I now begin to see why so many Germans after WWII went to a country like Argentina- mostly Anglo/European, great history, lovely architecture, and a valid culture (Teatro Colon, etc.)when Peron was in power. But now you’ve got a jackass like Milei doing fiscal hari-kiri, trying to be the Trump of Latin America. I hope he stabilizes the currency, but frankly, I just can’t take the shitskinification of my country, but don’t want to have to learn the mestizo’s foul tongue, just to live for another decade or two.

    I envy my parents, dying before all this garbage became so obvious. I now despise this pseudo-nation.

  13. With all due respect, the fact you didn’t allow my my earlier reply about flyering neighborhoods to be posted in the comments appears to be proof that is not actually serious about stopping white genocide. You may want office holders and figure heads but they need “happenings” to create room for maneuverability. Dropping 100-200 constitutionally protected flyers in a neighborhood is a small happening. Furthermore the Jews admit that their two Achilles Heels are Palestine/Gaza and banking. Please reconsider allowing my suggestion to be posted.

    • If some jew says your flyers are threatening you will be looking at jail time. That ship has sailed. Handsome truth might very well have been working for jews from the start.

  14. Good April 20th Hunter

    I have a “ Grand Dad “ Birthday blog in draft ready to go

    I d like to post it today April 20th



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