• I remember this fool yelling about the “Fourth Reich” thirty years ago. He’s a flim-flam man.

  1. Alex Jones is a lot like a woman on a dating website. He uses a profile pic of himself that’s five years and more than fifty pounds out of date.

  2. Don t like the inclusion of 9/11/01 conspiracy lunacy nonsense here.

    Yeah Israeli Intelligence was probably monitoring Mohamed ATA and his murderous crew . Why?

    Israeli Intelligence has intelligent Israelis working for them – hence the name ..

    Israeli Intelligence

    Why don t we have Intelligent Americans working for American Intelligence agencies , working to keep out Arab , Islamic mass murderers like Muhammad Ata, ISIS or just not let 300,000 plus unvented illegal,alien migrants invade our country in one month.

    Israel had some much smaller problems with thousands of illegal aliens invading Israel. Israel built an air tight border wall .

    China had similar problems with barbarian invasions 2,000 years ago ( I may have the years wrong ) China built the Great Wall of China’s.

    The Roman Emperor Hadrian built a very practical border wall “ Hadrian’s Wall “ to secure the Western Northern end of the Pax Romana – the Roman Peace.

    Border walls work, keeping out murderous aliens like Muhammad ATA that’s sensible.

    Israel does sensible things.

    Why don t we?

    Do most Israeli Js waste 5 days a week glued to their TV sets worshipping genetically altered 300 lbs Negroes playing a version of rugby that we mistakenly call “ football”


    Israeli Js and their leaders don’t do stupid sh’l like us.

    Who s fault is that?

    And it ain’t some weird conspiracy just day in day out their smart and sensible , we ‘re retarded.

    • If they really were our greatest ally and had information about an impending terror attack, they would have shared that information with us.

      Israel can afford a nice anti-migrant border wall on their border with Egypt because US taxpayers pay for it, because we’ve been hijacked by the Israel lobby.

      America can’t have any effective immigration controls because the same big donors and the same organizations which insist on US support for Israel also insist on open borders for the USA.

    • 9/11 was a crime, not something to be removed and forgotten. We have shows using forensic science to solve murders old and new but the 9/11 crime scene was quickly bulldozed, removed and forgotten, whern it should have been a massive investigation. The fact that this did not take place is ridiculous. Innocent Americans died for nothing so more Americans can die for nothing. We are worse off NOW than before that bullshit false flag tooK place. Now our neocolonialism means importing the entire world here, at the American taxpayer expense.

      • If it was a false flag, why didn’t they frame Iran, or Iraq, or Russia, or Syria? That would have been much more convenient for the Israel lobby.

        The fact that Saudis committed that crime was a major embarrassment to the powers that be.

        The real “conspiracy” was the Neocons redirecting American anger away from Al-Qaeda to the “Axis of Evil” which admittedly had nothing to do with 9/11.

        Another conspiracy was Michael Moore and other liberals shifting the blame for the Iraq war away from the true culprits (Neocons, Israel lobby) to unimportant dupes (Halliburton, oil companies, Bush family).

    • “…9/11/01 conspiracy lunacy …”

      Then you need to explain how building 7, not hit by a plane and having fire on only around four floors, fell the same speed as if only “air” held it up for over 100 feet. Please explain this “first” then we’ll talk about lunacy.

  3. The fifty or so Elite families and the logic of the system are what have “the death grip” on the population of the U.S. “homeland” and most of the world. “Israel” is an “Aryan” Anglo-Talmudic global-capitalist imperial COLONIAL PROJECT. The tail (Israel, the empire’s most strategic colony/proxy/military base) only APPEARS to be wagging the dog.

  4. “Alex Jones: The Zionist Death Grip On The United States Government:”

    I wouldn’t get too excited about this, Fat boy will switch back if things change.

  5. Looks like Abraham Accords, appointing Jared and others and catering to Jewry start bringing dividends.

    Feeling of unlimited power drove Jews crazy and took down their last psychological barriers and self control. The result is that Jewry went so mad that their last and most loyal supporters cant handle them anymore and losing patience.

    Giving Jews the power is like bringing bottle to alcoholic or drugs to substance addict. Most alcoholic’s and drug addicts barely control their addiction so relatively minor event may push them into full self destruction. Most moderate addicts with decent job and house are only one traumatic event away from homeless shelter, prison or death.

    With the Jews is the same. Very little is needed to remove thin layer of civility and expose Jew as bloodthirsty Khazar horsemen. If anyone noticed, none of them, even most wisest end most educated did not called for restraint. Trump given power drove them all crazy.

    “””….Hold back. Hamas attack is a trap, do not rush into war, lets think a while, we may launch our counter attack later and on more favorable circumstances ….””

    Stable Genius with his strategic retreat pulled whole Jewry into hole and self destruction like Kutuzov did with Napoleon. This is how winning supposed to look like.

    • “Stable Genius with his strategic retreat pulled whole Jewry into hole and self destruction like Kutuzov did with Napoleon. ”

      … pulling whole Jewry into hole and self destruction …; like this sort of self destruction ??

      ‘House passes GOP antisemitism bill amid college unrest’
      The House passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act on Wednesday amid unrest on college campuses.

      The bill, which was introduced by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, passed 320-91.

      The measure was led by Rep. Mike Lawler, R-N.Y., and had 15 Democratic co-sponsors.
      It requires the Department of Education to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism when enforcing federal anti-discrimination laws. The working definition says antisemitism is in-part “a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews.” The definition includes denying Jewish people their right to self-determination by claiming that the State of Israel is a racist state and drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

      boy I hope the Js don’t keep ‘ losing’

  6. There was some good stuff in that video (AIPAC not registered as agent of foreign government, USS Liberty, dancing Israelis).

    But instead of bringing it all together in a rational critique of the Israel lobby like Meirsheimer and Walt do, he seems to be plunging headfirst down the 9/11 Truther rabbit hole, maybe even with a hint of JFK conspiracy theory.

    We can win the debate on the basis of universally acknowledged facts! We do not need conspiracy theories (even if they are true!)

    We just need edgy platforms like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson to expose their audiences to facts that they will never hear from Fox News, Breitbart or CBN.

    There is a pattern of self-discrediting. Candace Owens criticizes Jewish power, then self-discredits by claiming Bridgette Macron is a man. Tucker Carlson criticizes the Israel lobby, then self-discredits by claiming aliens are real but the moon landing was fake. Ron Unz and Alex Jones criticize the Israel lobby, then self-discredit by endorsing a plethora of contradictory conspiracy theories. Kanye West criticizes Jewish power, then self-discredits with weird Satanic parties.

    The pattern in the post-WW2 west seems to be, if you criticize the Jews you must either be severely punished financially and socially, or you must “plead insanity”, either literally like Ezra Pound, or figuratively like figures listed above who self-discredit via absurd conspiracy theories.

  7. “What happened?”

    Alex was sucking up to jwz for years, then he had legal problems and hoped to get help from jwz, but they left him out to twist in the wind. Now, seeing that they won’t help he turned on them.

    Additionally, he is having massive auDience pushback on the JP.
    So he has done a 180 and decided to play to his audience. plus people like Adam Green, Ryan Dawson and others are having a substantial impact on a segment of the politically informed.

    My suspicions.

  8. Sorry,

    This game off as “The Spotlight Newspaper/Magazine” ~ 1982 – obsessing endlessly bout the 1967 USS Liberty Navy Ship attacked by the Israel IDF and including wild, unsubastantiated conspiracy theories that…


    and then more unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about secret Jews behing the 9/11/01 attacks, mass slaughter of Americans in New York City, Washington DC.

    (Muslim like Muhammed Ata or the original Prophet Muhammed could never do anything bad to White European Western people…. like….

    Invade and occupy Spain for 700 years, sack White Greek Constantinople and carrying off the surviving Greek and other White Europeans as Sexual Slaves (Girls, women), Janissary warrior White slaves for the boys.

    “The Spotlight”, “Liberty Lobby” Willis Carto 1970s, 80s even in to the 1990s never went anywhre. Yeah, they helped David Duke do OK for a few years, but that was it.

    This “It’s THE JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS… but not really the Je*s some we can’t name them secret societies including all intelligence agences the CIA, ADL, IRS, MOSSAD

    This sh*t just leads to paranoia and our people dropping out of mainstream society.

    The bad things certain real Js like NY Senator Schumer, pervert Hollywood sh** Like Harvey Weinsten, the owners of all Hollywood studios including now Disney/MCU/Lucas Films BOb Iger – it’s not some big secret.

    It’s there for anyone who wants to look to see.

    Please don’t post much more of this Alex Jones CT nonsense.

    • “…unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about secret Jews behing the 9/11/01 attacks…”

      Once again explain how Jews bought the whole WTC complex, fired all the security, installed their own, then on 9-11 building 7 fell the same speed as if it were only held up by air for over 100 feet. Air, no steel no concrete, no nothing but air, is how it fell. Explain how you “know” the Jew picked security would never let anything be installed into the buildings that would jeopardize security. Explain, then we will take you seriously. If you can not then no one, no one in their right, mind would ever take a damn thing you say seriously. You would be far better off listening to Alex Jones on his whackiest day because at least he has a glimmer of truth in what he says. Explain.


      And further we know all the things you said Kennedy was going to do, he was. We know this. We also know due to a House select committee that studied the assassination that there was more than one shooter. We know this for an absolute fact because mics of police were open and recorded. They were in different areas and since the speed of sound is a fixed value they measured the sound timing and proved for a fact that all the shots did not come from one place.

      The only one pushing conspiracy theories is you, who pushes the conspiracy that there was no conspiracy.

      Hunter is this guy paying you? Or is he doing a lot of web administrative jobs that you don’t want to do. Frequently that’s how they weasel their way in.

      • This comment violates OD comment guidelines strictly prohibiting wild , unsubstantiated and down right crazy conspiracy theories .

        The Great Replacement of our people and our Civilization in all remaining countries with any significant White European peoples is some weird nut case conspiracy that only a group ofononrd , but cases , soap and toilet paper avoiding , unemployed tin foil hat wearing looks that all hate each know about .

        We re being mass invaded by THE worst Muslim migrants . They ve taken London/Londonstan . Yeah Jws are heavily involved in this Great Replacenebt of our people by murderous , raping Pakistani , Turk , Afro Ayrab Moooslems .

        The Js have openly published their PLAN to ethnically cleanse all the remaining Palestinian Ay-Rabs trapped in GAZA and dump them on … THE West

        That s us here in North America .

        The Js published their plan to dump all the Arabs in GAZA on us , the published this in the Wall Street Journal once the American Conservative newspaper of record .

        It s not a big secret , not sone weird nut case conspiracy theory . It s what Js do , what they have always done .

        Hunter can you delete this CT comment ?

        • “…This comment violates OD comment guidelines strictly prohibiting wild , unsubstantiated and down right crazy conspiracy theories…”

          It is NOT unsubstantiated that building 7 fell over 100 feet as if only air held it up. It is NOT unsubstantiated that one hour before building 7 fell it only had fires on three or four floors. Many years after the event, a freedom of information act got released a video of a news crew that filmed the back and sides roughly one hour before it fell.It’s public. All the other sides were filmed openly and there was NOT over one hundred feet of fire so high and hot it melted the building into a gas, which is what it would take for it to fall as if only gas (air) held it up. This is fact. It’s simple high school physics based on the pull of gravity. It is NOT unsubstantiated that the Jews bought the WTC complex, had control of security and fired the security and put in another company, who one of the directors of was George Bush Jr.’s brother. Public knowledge.

          It is a fact and NOT unsubstantiated that “…House select committee that studied the assassination that there was more than one shooter…”. Once again public knowledge.

          It’s also a fact that you have constantly for years tried to pretend that 9-11 was some sort of Muslim attack when all signs of actual, reasonable, factual evidence we can find, point to it being a Jew attack, not Muslim. Of the “supposed” Muslim attackers they said did it, some were still alive and some were found to not even exist. You have personally over and over said that this is “some problem” to White people to bring this up, but the facts are the facts, and you ignore them. So who you are working for? It doesn’t appear to be in the best interest of the US citizens, as fake Muslim attacks are hardly the problem in the US. If you are trying to deflect criticism of the Jews via the 9-11 attacks, then who are you working for. Who is your master. It’s not the US population.

          I personally believe Hunter lets you stay around because you are preforming some sort of task for him or favor. Like providing money, maybe server or server administration support. I think Hunter should be transparent about this and tell us, just who this Jaye Ryan is to you Hunter, what he does he do for you? Even though, his actions are exactly like those of every other Hasbara who tries to derail the truth by pretending that some subjects are “not kosher” or they “make us look bad”. It’s SO FUCKING OBVIOUS. At one time Jews, and their tools, could get away with this, but there’s too much primary information available now. This stuff is documented. It becomes increasingly difficult for the Jews to lie their way out of their behavior or try to massage the message. We see them. We know. I say what makes us look bad is ignoring the Jew attack on 9-11. People should constantly talk about this and specifically bring up building 7 as it’s IMPOSSIBLE for the building to have fallen as it did without some sort of demo to the structure. It’s IMPOSSIBLE, it could not happen, ever, without some sort of preplanted devices.

          I say it’s you, Jaye Ryan, that should be censored every time you spout some dubious, unsubstantiated, rumor that it’s Muslims that are the biggest threat to the US.

          Everything I said is factual and backed you by realms of data. Where’s your data? You defend your position that a Muslim in a cave hijacked planes and ran them in to the WTC complex and, somehow, a miracle, made build 7’s whole entire floor plan for over 100 feet vaporize into “air”. Explain that shit. That’s YOUR POSITION. Defend it.

          BTW I have NO PROBLEM with Hunter taking the Jews money or Jaye Ryan’s, as long as he is making it clear just what function he provides, money, server, whatever. I have no problem just writing off whatever he says and you can continue to take his money and do good work. It’s said Hitler took a good deal of money from the Jews. I believe this, but in that case it didn’t work out quite like they planned. I’m all for taking as much money as we can squeeze out of the Jews, but giving them nothing for it in return.

        • I submit that Jaye Ryan in this and his original comment are in violation of

          “2. Please keep all discussions in the comments civil and respectful. No flaming or trolling…”

          He is trolling. Starting arguments. If you notice, I don’t say anything about 9-11 until, “possibly agent” Jaye Ryan, starts trying to blame Muslims with box cutters and guys in caves for 9-11 and then I start showing, with facts, not links to truthers, I don’t need any of that, though I could muster a fiery assed torrent of pictures, videos, first person responses, studies, facts, facts and more facts that he is either, stupid or a liar and or some sort of agent set to derail any mention of 9-11 without it being wholly attributed to Muslims and guys in caves. Which is stupid, Not only is it stupid but is contrary to all the facts involved. I do not want him to get away with spouting these lies. I made a comment that backed up what I said with facts. I do not see it. How is it that he can comment foolish conspiracies like he does and get away with it?

          If he doesn’t want people to point out that building 7 fell over 100 feet as if only air held it up then he should shut up about Muslims being the agents for 9-11. He has not a bit of facts to back up this assertion while I could provide, literally, shelves full of books, data, video, testimony, scientific references, and on and on to show that what he said is not true.

          This sort of tactic of trying to gas-light, confuse and derail the truth infuriates me. I’ve had to listen to this Jew distortion all my life and I’ve become really fed up with it. He should not be able to use these same Jew tactics here.

      • This comment violates OD comment guidelines strictly prohibiting wild , unsubstantiated conspiracy theories

        Hunter can you delete this CT comment ?

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