Elon Musk Brings Nick Fuentes Back To Twitter

I’m happy for Nick.

As a matter of principle, I have never supported him being deplatformed. I also hope this is a step toward getting less controversial accounts unbanned like Jared Taylor and James Edwards. It makes little sense to have Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes back on Twitter without bringing everyone back.

Fuentes has also quickly amassed over 278,000 followers. Obviously, I was wrong to believe that the America First movement had peaked and was fizzling out after a couple of rough years. Israel’s genocide in Gaza and the growing backlash against Zionism on the young Left and young Right has been rocket fuel for Fuentes. I don’t think it is a coincidence that Elon Musk let Fuentes out of the basement just days after Congress passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act after a year of banning his sock puppets.

What do you think will Nick do with this lucky break? Will he use it to capitalize on the backlash against Zionism and to challenge the likes of Ben Shapiro? Will he get bored and use his platform for edgelording about how Hitler was great or to post violent incel fantasies about abusing women?

I can see it going either way.


  1. If you don’t come on strong with “Hitler Was Right” you come across as two-faced or worse.. moderate. You then give them a ticket to call you Hitler as an accusation when you should just preempt that.
    It really helps that Hitler was objectively fantastic.

    • Lol. WN is probably going to remain stuck this level of impenetrable idiocy to the day very last white man expires. Just unreal how detached from reality the garden variety nutzi is.

  2. Can’t watch that homo more than 10 seconds, the way he flails around constantly, like demons are tormenting him. They probably are. And sure, Nick has a lot of new friends, and not ALL of them feds.

  3. Our resident hasbara will no doubt be pleased to see the Gai Inquisitore Grande back twattering away on X. Too bad Cheetohead ain’t back there to amuse the circus audience. He spent more time twattering than actually doing anything (except perhaps jewfellations – a specialty of his). No he twatters his time away in his Troof Social sandbox. The fact that Musk let Fuentes back on before the very safe soft-spoken Jared Taylor is telling. I suspect Fuentes is carrying out the Cass Sunstein strategem wrt ‘conspiracy theories’.

    • Basically, Elon Musk just gave an escalator for Nick to rise to the top of Trump’s network of clown leaders and turn the circus into a circus fire. This will irredeemabely harm the nationalist movement. Elon Musk just did more damage to the movement than anything the left itself has done in years. In fact, he has made the potential of a Joe Biden election more likely.

      It’s beyond despicable that Elon let Fuentes return but still keeps James Edwards, Jared Taylor, Hunter, and myself off of Twitter. Hunter and I have been banned for over a year, simply for defending Southern rights against a bunch of national security connected leftists. Uncle Jared and Jimmie are heads and tails more genteel and intellectual than Nick Fuentes but remain banned. Uncle Taylor is even actually a defender of Israel, and has been accused of being a philosemite, but he remains banned. There is a deep reason to Elon returning Nick Fuentes in light of others remaining banned.

      You never give an agent proveceteur a chance to return to the powder magazine again. Not only we will now have to listen to that insufferable faggot prance around celbrating this victory, but the Papist Gay Grand Inquisitor will also get a platform to misdirect rightwing nationalists into initiating a civil conflict inside the GOP during an election year. Mark my words, Elon Musk just provided a tool to help the Left and Joe Biden carve out a path to victory in 2024.

      • Okay Jewboy. It’s so UNFAIR that the suckups to the kikes don’t get reinstated to twitter, because Fuentes is Catholic and will destroy the GOP and torpedo Trump’s re-election!

        Trump was kicked to the curb because the Democrats wrote the Zionist Jews a blank check. You’re the one who actually admits having some sort of background in an agency, right? LOL.

  4. Free Speech shouldn’t be like Animal Farm, everyone should have it.
    That was some deception those “classic” liberals who would say I disagree with you but will defend your right to say it?
    No wonder Carlos the Jackal said that only an alliance of communism and Islam could defeat the USA.
    Just because that is hard to find from muh sources, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t said.

    • Free speech absolutism is a libertarian point that doesn’t hold up to common law precedent. Historically, one didnt have absolute freedom of speech to promote murder or sodomy. Nick’s schtick is using provocative rightwing statements mixed with perversion to gather impressionable millennials, who like their grandparents are impressionable to sin and anger. Nick violated Twitters terms of service regarding things that had little to do with his supposed rightwing politics and more to do with his perversions.

      • We do not punish words only unlawful actions are punished. We are not the Christ killers who murdered the innocent son of God because they did not like what he had to say, now are we kyke?

      • [quote]Free speech absolutism is a libertarian point [/quote]

        Not anymore, now that Jew are mad, you mean.

        Oh, right, he got banned for perversion, on twitter. Uh-huh.

        Fuentes is not something I put much stock in or trust, at all, given that he’s sat down for dinner with Trump, I don’t trust anyone who does that. Because Trump is proven dogshit.

        But you’re trying hard to make it seem like he’s legit, I’ll give you that.

  5. Bizarre that Fuentes is welcomed back while people as genteel as Taylor and Edwards are still banned. Maybe they want to intentionally present a resentful incel as the face of the racialist right instead of reasonable and well adjusted people.

    • Read Sunstein’s strategem about dealing with ‘conspiracy theories’. Fuentes is either directly on board with it or an unwitting moron falling for it. Musk is most likely working with Sunstein, Obama, et al.

    • Also interesting how various sorts of minor celebrity leftist and muslim internet debaters (eg Destiny) who don’t mind engaging far right figures zero in on Fuentes rather than take on more capable proponents of prowhite views (Taylor, Johnson). In the latest melee I listened to, even George Santos (yes, that George Santos) had Fuentes defensive and evasive. (Fuentes on the whole held up decently well though.)

  6. “use his platform for edgelording about how Hitler was great or to post violent incel fantasies about abusing women?”

    What’s he’s done in the past, he’ll do it the future.


  7. Not a big fan of Nick’s but the fact that the usual suspects are pulling their hair out over his reinstatement is worth it.

    By the way, what unforgivable sin did James Edwards and Jarod Taylor commit to keep them banned? They’re mild compared to Nick.

    • That’s the point. Nick is an agent provocateur whereas Jared and James are sincere political actors. Nick was banned for being a perverted asshole. Jared and James were banned for political speech. But, Nick was advertised for being banned for being rightwing whereas Jared and James were simply ignored. Now Nick is reinstated. This is called political theater for controlled opposition.

  8. I’ll never forgive Elon Musk for inflicting the Tesla Cybertruck onto the world, which I’m guessing my country will eventually get.
    It looks like a gullwing checkerplate toolbox.
    The reason he’s placing himself in lockstep with the Right is he sees them as a bigger market for his crappy EV’s than the Left is, many of whom have no interest in motoring in general.
    He’s a bit of a grandstander with his snout in too many causes.
    I’ve never liked him.

  9. Nick Fuentes wasn’t banned for fantasizing over Hitler’s potential, but for advocating reducing the age of consent to Latino levels (12 years of age), fantasizing about sex with children, promoting Hitler sex fetishes, and being a general troll. He wasn’t banned for saying Hitler’s economic miracle in pre-war Germany was successful because xyz. He was banned for being a perverted troll and obvious agent provoceteur. Elon letting him back in is deeply disturbing given Nick’s previous violations and bans. People like James Edwards and Jared Taylor were never given a second chance, let alone a third or fourth one.

    • So it’s about age-of-consent notions. Rather strange for a self-described Trad-Catholic. This almost says even more about oligarch Elon Musk than it does about Fuentes, who’ve I’ve always regarded as fake and gay.

  10. @Hunter

    “I’m happy for Nick.

    As a matter of principle, I have never supported him being deplatformed.”

    So, we can expect you to be happy about Rotherham sex slave owners having access to Twitter as well so they can advocate for the right to sexually abuse 12 year old English Lutherian girls? What, like its so righteous to allow perverts, abusers, rapists, gangsters, and terrorists to spread their evil because, once in a while, they say cool political stuff?

    Remember, and remember clearly, Nick wasn’t deplatformed for his rightwing nationalist beliefs. He was deplatformed for advocating reducing sexual consent for women to 12 years of age, fantasizing about sex with them and abusing women in general, about Hitlerian sex domination on non-Catholics (Like your fellow parishoners at your church), promotong holy war against Protestants (including your Lutheran Church) and Jews, and just for being a disruptive asshole.

    Nick, gets highlighted by the left when he says cool things about Nazis, the Founding Fathers, Nationalism, etc. in a way that is provocative to leftist fears. But the majority of the time he is ignored by them while he’s recreating the rightwing into his own Catholic dominated neo-Nazi movement under his own clique of Uber Gay SA Rohm type faggot boys. The later is always left unmentioned as are the numerous times he leads thousands of people into being outed, doxxed, or arrested by Leftists.

    You can’t have it both ways Hunter. You can’t support returning to the old moral censor code then advocate for giving immoralists a megaphone because they say some cool things you agree with politically. You can’t complain about people like Richard Spencer and others ruining your time in street advocacy but then support people like Nick Fuentes creating new street advocacy which leads to hundreds being arrested. This libertarian mind virus that its a person’s right to entrap credulous youth even infects people like you.

    A true rightwing nationalist Aryan elitist supports enforcing our old obscenity, purial, perversion, and sumptuary laws and ordinances on both the right and left. It supports the freedom of religion not freedom to establish the supremacy of some foreign potentante like the Pope. It doesn’t support the freedom to defame religion, harm your body or others, spread immorality and poison. Remember, freedom means the right to say 2 + 2 = 4. Its not the right to say 2 + 2 = 5. Nick says 2 + 2 = 5 and of you disagree you are Protestant heretic that needs to be burned at the stake.

    I find it incredible you now say you never supported this advocate of Catholic Dictatorship and the Counter-Reformation and his Jesuitical mind phuckery of the right, being deplatformed. Its amazing how so many people on the right lack integrity when it comes to being associated with the limelight. You support a guy who literally promotes doing this to his religious opponents like you, simply because he gets good publicity. The Anti-Christ is running wild in this country and Nick Fuentes is one of his chief lieutenants.

  11. A ban is a punishment, so then why would you want to punish anyone for expressing their point of view? Unless of course you are a Christ killer and believe in punishing the innocent. Banning free speech, bombing innocent women and kids in Gaza, the spirit is every where, the hatred of the innocent is every where, the anti-Christ is every where.

  12. Seems that Nick’s return is somewhat of a bust.

    No Libs were Owned, they do not care about Nick & his incel freak squad AKA Groypers.

    They’re on Kristi Noem who shot her puppy in the face & the Republican plan to cut social security & cut taxes for the wealthy… Again.

    Had we not rejoiced in the label “shitlibs”, we would be on the correct side of these issues.

    The Republican Party is FOS, from root to branch. They want to lose to become lobbyists. That is the only explanation for their foolish policies, speaker & representatives.

  13. Elon Musk took his original seed money for Tesla from Obama & is still deeply loyal to him.

    He “bought” Twitter for 44 Billion which is stupid by any standard.

    Now he’s allowed the Worst of us, including pigs MTG & Boebert, right wing grifting operatives like Gunther, Benny & others to fleece MAGA for all they’re worth.

    The same ones paying for subscriptions, as if anything they post moves the electorate or pro-White causes. It’s been just the opposite.

    Only a fool does not see.

  14. I agree with Elon. The more people can see and decide for themselves that Fuentes is an obnoxious little faggot, the better.

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