First 2024 Presidential Debate

It is June 27.

Donald Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies.

Trump is way up in the Sunbelt swing states and has held on to his small but consistent 1 to 2 point lead in national polls for nearly a year now. Joe Biden continues to hit new levels of unpopularity in Gallup polling. Blacks, Hispanics, Millennials and Zoomers are deserting his coalition in droves. It has gotten so bad for Joe Biden that he is losing the Quinnipiac poll. Nate Silver is giving Trump a 65% chance to win the Electoral College. Some polls have Virginia and Minnesota either tied or Trump ahead.

Republican voters are a lot more enthusiastic about voting and donating in 2024. Trump is doing a much better job of unifying his 2020 coalition. The latest New York Times poll has Trump winning 30% of the black vote. If that number is even remotely close to being true, Joe Biden is cooked in Georgia and the Rust Belt. Trump also has a history of overperforming his polls in 2016 and 2020. The polls are likely understating his support in the Rust Belt where he is officially up in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

In order to change the trajectory of the race, Joe Biden needs either a miraculous debate performance tonight that changes everything or Trump being sent to prison in the Stormy Daniels case. Neither outcome seems likely. We keep waiting for this dynamic to change. It hasn’t aside from small bounces for Biden after the State of the Union address and the verdict in the Stormy Daniels case. 

Note: Imagine how toxic it will be if Trump is sent to prison before the Republican convention while being the clear frontrunner. We could be less than three weeks away from this.

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  1. > Imagine how toxic it will be if Trump is sent to prison before the Republican convention while being the clear frontrunner. We could be less than three weeks away from this.

    But if they send Cheetohead to jail he and Jared would not be able to attend Llord Satanyahoo’s epic address to the gathered whores of Sodom-on-Potoamc! Surely they won’t send him to the slammer until he’s stood to participate in all 6 million standing fellations for Boss Bibi.

  2. “I can’t vote for a convicted felon” is about the only issue that can defeat Trump. It will be mostly Republicans saying it and acting on it. Kind of reminds of Republicans for LBJ back in 1964. The GOP is full of losers and back stabbers and has been for many years.

  3. “Jobless claims data show ‘warning sign’ for the US labor market
    The number of continuing applications for unemployment benefits just hit its highest level in more than two years.” Yahoo news

    This should give trump some fodder to sling at pervy joe.

    I’ve seen some major news stories saying bid3n is going to contend that Trump will cause inflation . WTF ?!?!?!?. Talk about being gaslit….. That old perv has caus3d massive inflation.

    • They both did. Two Monopoly money “stimulus” checks got issued under Trump. When they handed out more fake money, it helped devalue the dollar on the whole.

  4. “Nate Silver is giving Trump a 65% chance to win”

    Is 5hat slimy bastard still around ?
    He’s been so wrong in the past that he should be laughed into hell.
    If it wasn’t for his j-privilege no one would listen to him, but he uses his j-pass to get on major media.

  5. “Justices Reject Liability Shield for Sacklers, Jeopardizing Multibillion-Dollar Deal

    The Purdue Pharma deal would have channeled billions to help curb the opioid epidemic in exchange for shielding members of the Sackler family from lawsuits.”. Nytimes

    Look at how the times distorts this, making it sound as if addicts will be hurt by this ruling.

    Those evil bastards, the Sacklers, should have every penny confiscated and spend life in prison, actually executed.

    They caused the deaths of 100,000s of people with their scheming lies and false ‘scientific’ journal findings. How many families ruined?

    Evil trash !

    • Simple.

      – 8 million illegal aliens in four years
      – Ukraine, where the death toll is half a million
      – Gaza, where a genocide is going on and which is spiraling into a regional conflict
      – The recently announced amnesty
      – Ketanji Brown Jacksons appointed all over the federal courts
      – Weaponizing the DOJ
      – The worst inflation of my lifetime

      I could go on.

      Everything that I said about Trump in 2021 remains true, but so does everything that I have said about Biden since 2021. I’m not a fan of either. I think Biden is worse though

      I turned on Trump over his strike on Syria which is nothing compared to the bloodbaths that Biden has presided over in Ukraine and Gaza. Trump did a lot of dumb shit in office, but he didn’t start a devastating war with Russia

      • “– The worst inflation of my lifetime”

        BLS reports April CPI of 3.4 % inflation.

        Actually 11.20 %, calculated using the original 1980 BLS protocol.

        (We are being made poorer all the time by USzog underreporting inflation by 8 %. By the ‘rule of 72’ , in only 9 yrs we will have only 1/2 of our current buying power, even with inflation adjustments.)

        More media is using the apt term ‘cost of living crisis.

        • @John,

          Zion Don will do whatever (((Mirriam Adelson, Marc Levine, and the Kushners))) tell him to do. Not one policy will originate outside of Trump’s extensive circle of jewish advisers.

      • Hunter

        100%. Trump is flawed, but so what? The choice is the lesser of two evils. Also, Dem & RINO hatred of Trump during another term might just be the thing that breaks the ZOG spell if Trump insists on being Zionist-in-Chief again.

    • @John:

      For those White activists who think that Worse is Better – not always. Often worse is just worse and while, it’s highly unlikely that’s going to change any time soon, less worse is much better in that it gives people the ability to adapt and start thinking outside the box.

      I believe that AIPAC’s ilk realized that after they united with the American Jewish Diaspora to oust Trump, because he would not attack Iran at their command.

      Instead, Trump only smacked them with a lot of sanctions, got America drilling enough so that we were not competing with Europe for Saudi oil, and with the Abraham Accords, had the set up in place for most OPEC countries to ally with Israel, basically isolating and marginalizing Iran to the point where Israel could not be threatened.

      I don’t think Trump is going to squander any good will by drafting our kids to fight in the Middle East for Israel, either. I honestly think there would be riots like you’ve never seen in Washington if they go there.

      Trump is a great domestic disappointment to me; it appears that Trump has learned nothing from the pandering to Non-Whites that he did in 2020. Ann Coulter predicted Trump would lose 2024 by ignoring his Working Class White Base, particularly Working Class White Males, because the elephant in the room is that Whites are, at present, the swing vote.

      There is always big fanfare about Republicans capturing a larger percentage of the Non-White vote, but it never really changes, except they only alienate and depress the White vote.

      If he was running against anyone but Joseph Robinette Biden, in particular, but a White Democrat who appears centrist and sane like Governor Roy Cooper of NC, Trump would be trounced following this Blatantly Ignore Them That Brought You Strategy.

      All Trump has to do is stress the economy, the inflation, the jobs, the border, the crime – all bread and butter and quality of life issues and Trump would be a shoo in. I think Non-Whites would turn out in droves to vote for him. But when Trump panders, they assume he is lying and will double-cross them. That’s what I think, anyway.

  6. Biden, is leaning away from Israel. He is doing this because most the Democrat base is leaning away from Israel. The Democrat base is doing this because it has tipped. It is roughly half white and half non white. The left is putting its energy behind the non-Whites.

    In turn they are mostly of foreign origin and all have been heavily propogandized into anti-White hysteria and are aided by the media propoganda machine. Most of these foreigners come from countries that were battlegrounds of the Decolonialization struggle. They are now settling our countries, and with their history of decolonialism are reusing it to further their conquest of our countries.

    in sum, they are all attempting a replay of the South Africa and Deconolializaton model of the Cold War. This includes the political struggle against the last colonial settler outpost, Israel. This is why the Democrat party hates Israel just as much as they hated South Africa, Rhodesia, Algeria, Kenya, Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, etc when they were ruled by White Christian Settlers. Israel is the next White Western country those haters want to take out. After them comes the grand prize, the US, and Britannic countries and/or the old Western European homelands.

    Biden, is your typical 20th century mass democracy politician. A kind of jelly fish that using various opposing forces to maneuver itself toward a direction. He sees the opposing force of Israel, and his bases opposition to it and so will maneuver against Israel in the direction of his base over time. It should be noted he doesn’t have any family members married to Jews or Protestants. This makes it easier for him and his crime family to oppose Israel. So, if you White dudes want to spite Israel by cutting off your nose, Joe Biden is your man in 2024. If you want to defend Western Coloniam Settlerism and push back against the foreign horde, support Trump and Israel in 2024. If Trump is smart he will attempt to use this debate to prove that point.

    • Ashkenazi Globalist Cabal Troll,

      We all know that lying to jews is like swimming to fish in that in comes naturally.

      ” It should be noted he doesn’t have any family members married to Jews or Protestants.”

      Au contraire, like Bush II’s twin daughters Barbara and Jenna, Chealsea Clinton, ALL of Biden’s children have or were married to jews. Like Zion Don, Bush Jr, and Bill and Hilary, Biden’s grandchildren, except the one Hunter had with a stripper are jews.

      Jews have been marrying into powerful and corrupt families for centuries both in Europe and North America. One would think Christians wouldn’t “tie the knot” with Christ killers, and it would be as abhorrent as black-White miscegenation.

      Anyway, I hope pissrael is a smoking crater with zero survivors, and that it happens before all the jewish vermin with “dual citizen” passports can flee.

      • The church once upon a time would have excommunicated such families and issued what amounts to a fatwa against them. But that was long, long ago.

        • The Popish Church would never have excommunicated anybody marrying a different ethnicity as long as the spouse had converted to Popery. In fact, the Popes encouraged mass miscegenation of Blacks, Indians, and Asians with the Whites. This was even encouraged if the non-White spouse had not converted. That’s why all Papist countries have a tendency to darken over time.

          The Papists are the biggest promoters of miscegenation. Look at the Papist Gay Grand Inquisitor. Interracial dating is almost mandatory among that cult. This is how Blonde Hair Blue eyed Italians became Black Haired, Brown eyed, Sicilians. Or likewise how Blonde haired and blue eyed Spaniards became Black haired, and Brown eyed Mexicans.

          In those instances where one of the parents refused to convert, Popery doesnt recognize the marriage. However, they would demand the children. They would be taken from the mothers and placed in nunneries, monasteries, missions, and Popish controlled haciendas. They did the same thing in Ireland, where offspring of Protestants and Papists were taken and put into Popish controlled orphanages and missions. If you resisted such forced conversion to Popery or refused to give your children to the Popish Church, you could be killed. That appears to be what happened to Joe Biden’s first wife. No Jew ever attempts such infamy.

      • @November

        No. We all know that blaming Jews for Papist black arts is your tried and true method, especially for Jesuits. Most of what you guys blame on “Duh, Jews,” is actually the Jesuits, Opus Dei, or some other Papist outfit.

        Your facts are wrong. None of the Bidens are married to Jews, all except for Joe’s dead (possibly assassinated) wife were Papists. Even Hunter’s newest wife and it looks like he had a Jesuit officiating their wedding vows.

        Let’s start with Neilia Hunter, Joe’s first wife. She was all American, raised in a Presbyterian family. She continued to attend Presbyterian Church. She had Beau and Hunter attend Presbyterian Sunday School and Church with her to the hatred of Joe’s Papist gang. She was killed in a mysterious car wreck which also killed her and Joe’s baby daughter and almost killed Beau and Hunter.

        Jill Biden, Joe’s second wife, was born Jill Tracey Giacoppo. Her father was a Sicilian from a small village called Gesso, which is a little village gateway to the city of Messina. Her father’s name was Donatello Giacoppa. Her grandfather was Gaetano Giacoppa. When they arrived they deliberately Anglicanized their family name to Jacobs, and Donettello to Donald. We don’t know much about the family here and even less in Sicily, aside from the town being the location where the Americans managed to sneak around and beat the British to  Messina thereby sealing off Sicily from the retreating German-Italian forces as dramatized in the movie Patton. Perhaps Donettello proved useful to Americans in that expedition and owed his later success as a Savings and Loans Papist linked banker to the connections it brought?–22mPEQ?si=BnNZ-OV6dGinViVz (–22mPEQ?si=BnNZ-OV6dGinViVz)

        Jill Biden’s nominal Catholicism changed to full Catholicism with her marriage to Joe. Their marriage was officiated by a Jesuit, who also was a senior prelate to the United Nations. Joe and Jill Biden honeymooned in Europe shortly thereafter. They spent significant time in Hungary, behind the Iron Curtain at the height of the Cold War and are noted to have met senior ranking Communist and Papist officials.

        After Niellie’s death, Beau and Hunter were also directed to Catholic schools and teachings under Joe’s Papist overseers. No more Protestant religious upbringing, they got the full Bishop’s finger. In later years both were guided into strongly Catholic marriages.

        Beau’s wife and Hunter’s ex girlfriend was Hallie Olivere. She is only partially Jewish. Her mother being part Jewish and her father French Catholic. It doesn’t look like she was raised Jewish either but at some point became an out and out Papist. She later married Beau in a traditional Catholic religious ceremony officiated by Jesuits. She later attended Catholic Church with Beau on a consistent basis. Their children were likewise raised Catholic.

        Like his father and brother, Hunter Biden attended Papist high school Archmere in Claymont, Delaware. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Jesuit Papist run Georgetown University in 1992. During the year after he graduated from college, he served as a soldier of the Jesuit Volunteer Corp, the equivalent of a Mossad Sayanim.

        It was in working in Jesuit operations where he met his first wife Kathleen Buhle. They, married in 1993. She was also a strict Papist and Jesuit agent like Hunter. She later divorced Hunter when he degenerated into a crack addicted, whore chasing, gambling freak dirty dude with a badge and a gun like Harvey Keitel’s Bad Lieutenant.–VTugo

        Hunters second wife is Melissa Batya Cohen. She was actually an Anglo-Afrikaaner from Southern Africa. Due to war and privation she was orphaned and later adopted by her partially Jewish adopted parents when she was 3 years old. She is not genetically Jewish, wasn’t raised Jewish, but did attend a Jewish day school. She appears agonists except her wedding to Hunter.

        Overall, this is a strong Jesuit Papist family. As usual, most of the “Duh, Jew” accusations are disinformation hurled by the biggest conspirators in the world outside of the commies, namely the Papists. Forebodingly, Joe and Jill pledge their lives together surrounded by both in Cold War Commie dominated Hungary. Hmmmm.

        • I will admit I forgot about Joe and Jill’s daughter, Ashley Biden Krein. One of my team reminded me of her. Its amazing I forgot. She is in fact married to a Jew, a one Howard Krein. However, he appears to be a nominal mostly secular Jew and has been seen attending mass often with Ashley. He is in fact a specialist MD, with a background in arcane medical sciences, ear, throat, and medicine, and a venture capitalist in medicine. He was also advisor on medical issues to Obama and covid crisis to Obama.

          We have two vetted sources that confirm Ashley was raised in strict Catholic upbringing. But, she was apparentely exposed to some trauma or abuse that often figures in Papist brainwashing. She was hyper-sexualized and rather notorious in Washington DC circles before her marriage to Klein. She was also a self professed Jesuit like her brother Hunter. She advocates for all those anti-White policies that so many sperged out Dissident Rightists here blame on Jews. They are in fact policies long associated with Catholic Church and specifically the Jesuits. The real long term problem.

        • > Gaetano Giacoppa. When they arrived they deliberately Anglicanized their family name to Jacobs….

          Giacoppa is merely an Italianization of Jacobus (Jacob, Jacoby and other variants), which is often a JEWISH surname. So yes Joey Shitpants’ second wife is very possibly Jewish, and likely a marrano – a false convert to Christianity (which is more common in the now zombified Roman Church than in zombified Protestantism). Nice try, Schlomo. Not buying. Nevertheless, I’ll give you some points about the Jesuits (who even Barnhardt has no use for). The Orthodox had an excellent policy upon encountering Jesuits: Jesuit + rope + tree. Some assembly required.

          • There are no marronos left in Sicily since perhaps as long as the 17th century. I’ve actually stumbled upon a Marrano family in America. They were from Spain. They had left under Franco and fled to Cuba. The left following Castro (or sent). I looked onto them I dont think they were actual marranos, they were just clandestine Jewish Commies who got to Spain just prior to the Spanish Civil War and left cuz they were commies, not marranos. Loads of such infiltrators in immigration waves.

            But, in the case of the Goaccoppas, they were absolutely Papist. No, marrano could survive undiscovered in a village like Gesso. They were also heavily involved in some sort of expensive art trade and wouldn’t have escaped identification over the many generations from the Papist, Italian, and Bourbon authorities. If you start wiping out anyone with a name that can be judaized, you’d wipe out a sizable element of pure Christian European families. Including your own.

          • The Jesuits are so powerful they can’t even stop their religion from explicitly being portrayed as the progenitors of the Anti-Christ (Damian from “The Omen”) during the 1970s in order to give themselves justification for a rebirth of Catholic power.

            If I was Eva V or Philip Rivers, I’d be wondering why that film made my side look so bad. Perhaps the Jesuits should look into taking over the movie industry? LMAO.

    • If given the choice between:

      -The White Race surviving and Jews ruling over us

      -The White Race getting killed off by the Muds, and Jews going down with us

      I’d gleefully take option 2.

      I don’t want peace anymore. I want revenge. And I want revenge specifically against *your* people with their rat faced physiognomy and their horrid values.

      The world was a better place when it was ruled by the likes of Homelander, and not by those “trying to help people.” You Jews never had any intention of doing that. We killed one of your own in 1915 against your “What About The Negro?” protestations, because we know a real Child Killer when we see one.

      Jews as a race believe they have the divine right to torment other races – above all, the White Race – make them miserable, and brutalize their children. Your hatred of everyone who isn’t you is truly implaccable. You people are everything the Nazis said you were, and then some. This ends with either you being exterminated, or you going down with us. I hope the brown savages kill every last Israeli they can get their hands on.

      • Also, I dont have a rat faced physiology. I am an Anglo-Protestant American, principally of British America stock with some Franco-Italian. But, your deep seated irrational animosity toward Jews is almost laughably useful to anti-White commies.

        • 1. White Nationalists who downplay the Jew Question don’t do it the way you do. They just ignore Jews altogether and talk about Blacks or something else. You openly defend Jews and wish to make an alliance with them. And you do it using JDIF talking points. You’re a Jew, and probably an Israeli citizen, who works for the Mossad to spread disinformation on Pro-White websites. No one alive today cares about “Anglo-British heritage” or “Papist conspiracies.” Just you and your not-so-clever subterfuge.

          2. In response to your other comment, if the Muds take out the Jews and the Christians, this is a good thing. Christians were the ones who openly advocated from the pulpit to let them all in. “Love your enemy,” “welcome the stranger,” etc. White Christians are earnest supporters of mass nonwhite immigration, just as long as they convert to Christianity and act Christian (which, indeed, many of them do, only with the third world behavior attached).

          3. It was the Nazis who declared total war on the Soviets and almost succeeded in conquering them. No regime did more to oppose communism than Nazi Germany. No man did more to destroy communism than Adolf Hitler. If he had not launched Operation Barbarossa on June 22, 1941, it is likely Stalin would have invaded continental Europe, and conquered most of it (not that Churchill or Britain would have cared).

          4. The Name of the Game is simple: Its the White Race on one side, Jews and their golems on the other side. Jews use nonwhites to wage biological warfare on Whites. They use the brilliance of their propaganda techniques – and their overwhelming superiority at crafting morality and identity – to wage social warfare on Whites. They invent religions such as Christianity and ideologies such as Communism that they know Whites are too weak and primitive to resist. They also invent the false cures to those religions and ideologies: Souless, life-is-meaningless atheism as the cure to Christianity, and Traditionalism (Third World Barbarism) as the cure to Communism.

          The 2007 Pixar movie “Ratatouille” is the best metaphor for the relationship between Whites and Jews. Whites do the cooking and the physical work, Jews do the directing and the creativity. Whites are the “Master Race” insofar as we are physically dominate and can, in theory, throw the rats off our heads anytime we want, then squash them like bugs. But, we won’t do that, because we are too weak, stupid, and gullible to muster that kind of will-to-power. Whites, sadly, are Goyim Cattle.

          Jews lost the physical battle once and for all when Jerusalem was burned to the ground in 70 AD. They won the longterm war because your race proved itself superior at identifying our own internal primitivism, manipulating it to your ends, and creating a 2000 year long symbiotic relationship in which you can’t physically function without us, but we can’t morally function without you. You gave us our core beliefs about ourselves. We made various attempts to replace it with something better. All those attempts failed.

          White culture is a half-Jewish, half-Pagan medley in which neither side is swallowed in full, or ejected. Nature and nurture are at a stalmate. You altered our destiny forever, but, much like our own attempts to funnel trillions into education and welfare in order to make the Negro our equal, your attempts to change our nature have hit a wall as well. Nature can be altered, but it cannot be changed.

          My hope was that Nature itself would prove strong enough to overcome our conditioning and override your propaganda techniques entirely. Unfortunately, it is clear that my race is too much of a blank slate for that. We are too peasant-like. The best of our kind was identified and killed off over the course of 1789-1917, until one last desperate gasp for racial salvation by Hitler also ended in defeat. The White World since 1945 is one defined by peasants who must be told what to think, and Elites who are too narcissistic to care about anything other than their own place in this world.

          Seeing as hope for victory is gone, and seeing as the White Race does not possess the capability to govern itself in a sovereign manner without a race of rats directing it, I am now in a place where all I want is revenge. I want to tear your race down and make you as paranoid and neurotic as the day your baby boys screamed in terror when you removed their foreskins. I want the likes of Seth Rogen and Erik Kripke to feel like everyone is out to get them (we are). I want every ADL fundraising letter to Jewish grannies to feel imminent. I

          I want *you* as a Mossad Agent to double down on every suspicion and fear you’ve ever had of Nazis, Racists, and White Supremacists. As you pull our hair strings and direct us to and fro around the kitchen, I want you to feel seething hate and resentment that you are too frail, ugly, and physically weak to do the cooking yourselves. That you have to beg the likes of Mitch McConnell and Zion Don for more funding and more weapons in your petty war against the Palestinians. I want you to remember who you are, what you always were, and how you are a race of eternal wanderers and nomads, hated by the rest of the world *specifically* because you are Jewish, a word synonymous with unearned chosenness and righteousness, a word associated with pedophilia and the abominable practice of penile mutilation.

          Everything the Nazis said about you was true. And then some.

    • “Israel is the next White Western country”
      Israel is neither White or Western. Ashkenazis are only 30% of Israel’s population, and Ashkenazis are themselves only half-European genetically.
      What exactly is Western about Israel?
      You will not get a BronzeAgePervert Zionist pro-White sentiment rolling. The anti-White posture of Jewry is longstanding, inflexible, and intense. White Gentiles with any tendency toward nationalism and the rightwing are very aware of this now and can’t be smooth-talked into favoring the same rat parasites that have created this nightmare clown world.

      • First the Ashkenazi are over 40% of Israel’s Jewish population. A good percentage of the remainder are part Ashkenazi. Additionally, another large percentage are Euro-Sephardic. Finally, all Middle East North Africans are considered White. Don’t blame me, blame history. Also, almost 30% of Israel’s population is non-Jewish with a little over 10% of Christian origin with half of it of European origin. Lastly, Israel is a Western nation with Western laws inherited from the British, a Parliamentary system derived from the British, and multiparty elections. I have found few anti-White sentiments among Israelis, but rather a sadness for a race and civilization that has lost its mind. The Jews didn’t do that, we did it to ourselves.

        • “First the Ashkenazi are over 40% of Israel’s Jewish population. A good percentage of the remainder are part Ashkenazi. Additionally, another large percentage are Euro-Sephardic.”
          Ashkenazis are themselves not White, but only about half-White. Israel is not White.

          “Finally, all Middle East North Africans are considered White. Don’t blame me, blame history.”
          To be White is to be biologically and genetically European. North Africans and Neareasterners don’t cluster with Whites, though many have some White ancestry.

          “Also, almost 30% of Israel’s population is non-Jewish with a little over 10% of Christian origin with half of it of European origin.”
          Israel is about 4% Christian. Israel is not Christian.

          “Lastly, Israel is a Western nation with Western laws inherited from the British, a Parliamentary system derived from the British, and multiparty elections.”
          Then India, Singapore, and a bunch of other former colonies with European-inspired systems are Western? No. Israel is not Western.

          “I have found few anti-White sentiments among Israelis, but rather a sadness for a race and civilization that has lost its mind. The Jews didn’t do that, we did it to ourselves.”
          The Jews themselves admit to and brag about their being the head of and behind anti-White everything. They have been calling us Whites Amalek since their medieval ancestors were told to keep their chicken swinging infant-circumcision-sucking ways in their ghettos.

    • Israel is not White or Western. Only in the minds of stupid coloreds and deceived moronic fake Christians is it so. Defending Israel is not defending the West, because jewish activism works tirelessly to deny for Whites what it defends for itself.

      • @Tikkun Obama

        “….because jewish activism works tirelessly to deny for Whites what it defends for itself.”

        Jewish activism? How is promoting Immigration from the third world the result of Jewish Activism when it has been chiefly promoted by Papists? How is supporting Rightwing Nationalist parties in Europe by Israel an example of Jewish activism to deny White interests? You guys sperg out on anti-semitism repeating false narratives that are either picked from WWII Nazi era propoganda or charactizations people make of neo-Nazi retardedness. I dont think most of you guys really know what you are talking about and often hurt legitimate discussion of Jewish intellectual toxicity, especially from the Left.

        • Stop you’re damned lying. Every single Jewish organization advocates open borders for white countries but closed borders for Israel, as do 90% or more of Jews individually (at least in public, because Kosher Nosetra omerta). That’s not letting the Catholics – totally run by a gang of pedophiles by now (also owned by the Rothschilds since the 1830s) – off the hook for their catalogue of evil. The open-borders act is formally known as the Hart-Celler act. Philip Hart was a Catholic and Emanuel Celler was a Jew. The Catholic hierarchy (and way too many of the faithful) and Kosher Nosetra (95% or more of jews) support all this. Celler even did a victory dance when some scum jouno told him whites would soon be a minority, so don’t try and argue any good intentions here. Even Protestants like Billy Graham, not even to mention the utterly apostate “Mainline Churches” (a term with even less truthfulness than the ‘Holy Roman Empire’) were totally AWOL on the matter. Both Jews and Catholics are enemies by and large. Both largely support abortion too (and profit from the practice as well).

          • @Exalted Cyclops

            “Every single Jewish organization advocates open borders for white countries but closed borders for Israel, as do 90% or more of Jews individually (at least in public, because Kosher Nosetra omerta).”

            No they don’t. Israel, particularly its conservative parties, are in active alliance and collaboration with almost all of the Rightwing Nationalist Parties in stoppong immigration. It is true that Jewish Americans are majority opposed to restricting immigration, but I dont think its 90%. Its more like 80%. But so are the majority of Papists involved in opposing immigration restriction.

            Indeed, there are plenty of Popish organizations involved in helping illegals and legals immigrate to America and the US. In fact, when it comes to religious organizations the Popish Church is the single largest promoter and protector of illegal alien immigration into the US. And I mean by a huge manner. Entire churches, buildings, and transportations are used to transport illegals. They are provided, money, health, and employment by the Poposh Church.

            During the first wave of contemoorary illegal mass settlement and amnesty of DACA and children during Trump, I investigated the support network on behalf of a Congressmen, the GOP, and VDare. The later wasn’t interested in the findings after I said I had to redact named individuals while the others failed to follow thru because Popish Speakers Ryan and McCarthy refused to establish a Congressional Committee to pursue it.

            What I found was a consistent use by Latino Catholic persons and organizations, usually using current or former Catholic owned property to collect the children, inspect them using Popish health workers and nurses, give them identification via Popish aid organizations, and then distribute them using the vast Latino Papist underground (its possible one of the building used in Chicago was owned by Fuentes family).

            Its the bloody Papists! Its them and especially the Latino ones who are most behind this invasion. They are politically backed by Papists, usually Irish ones, for protection. This is a full scale Popish invasion and all you want to talk about is “Duh, Jews.” I am glad you at least recognize some of the Papists role in this. Bit you still refuse to see they are the ones in the drivers seat, with the car, and the most resources, not “Duh Jews.”

          • We weren’t talking about Israel. Of course Jews in Israel oppose immigration, probably something like over 95%. That’s what folks in an ethnostate do. They’re fine with sending the Gazans to the USA and other goy lands which are their good friends (step-n-fetchits) though. I don’t even oppose Jews having their own little country in principle, though I certainly oppose spending our money and blood for it while most of them sit here and parasitize us.

            They just can’t get along with their neighbors (or anyone really) so maybe they should have found some relatively deserted place like a wadi in the Sahara desert or some such. They could then happily stew in their own jewce for a very long time.

            Old Koba was even kind enough establish Jewish Autonomous Oblast in the old USSR in Siberia on the border with China. No jews there now, just Chinese, Koreans and a few Yakuts. I hear the Chinese food is great there. If Jared and Ivanka moved there for til death parted them they’d always have a fine place for Christmas dinner. Maybe they could vote Cyrus in as Kang. It would be like Napoleon on Elba, except funnier.

  7. Remember in Clinton’s last year all the talk of ‘Clinton Fatigue’. I think I have Trump fatigue!

    Recently Trump has been convicted of felonies AND stated he will give green cards to foreigners who only go to a junior college for two years. Forget about The Wall apparently.

    Currently leaning towards Kennedy. If you add up RFK, Stein, and West in most polls that is anywhere from 10% to 20% of the electorate based on the polls. That is millions of people rejecting the Duopoly.

    There are some scenarios where I might back Trump. Such as if they are massively biased against Trump on Fake News CNN tonight.

    Also if they pull Biden out and try to put Gavin Newsome in at some shady back room political convention.

  8. I might watch, it Depends.
    Do the Sacklers make stimulants?
    JO Jo Brandon could use some for the really big show.
    The earlierst debate evarz says Always Bolshevik Communism (ABC).
    Burn this MOFO down, it’s the only way.

    • CNN will moderate the debate, that should be real fair.
      CNN is using a 2 minute delay in the debate so they’ll be able to save pervy Joe from his ‘lapses’.

  9. I heard black and Hispanic Americans mentioned many times. I did not hear White Americans mentioned once. The founding people were not mentioned once. Tells you what you need to know about this country.

    • This is why Trump fails to gain anymore than 58% of the White vote. At a time when more Whites than ever are finally regaining national consciousness and awareness of the threat, he is still getting only 58%! Its absolutely PATHETIC!

      There is no reason why Trump couldn’t gain 67% + maybe up to 75% of the White vote. He would sweep all of the battlegrkund states without even a single Black or Hispanic.

      Trump doesn’t seek the White vote because he refuses to talk about their issues even though his success is driven by them. It shows Trump is likely to appoint an administration that will just barely move the needle a few percentages to the right and might not even do anything about illegals. His main goal appears to be overturning the Establishment and putting his own people inside as replacement. We shall see.

  10. Not sure about the Great Lakes. We have had an exodus of upper middle class whites to FL and TX over the last 4 years. Anyone with the financial means to pick up and leave has. It’s not just “Chicago and Detroit” all these 50,000 size cities in the region are overflowing with ghetto blacks. I’ve been to Flint and can tell you that Danville Illinois is much worse. Blacks have picked up and taken their government benefits that are quite mobile and poured into all the smaller cities in the region. Pritzker and the democrats are even gerrymandering new blue districts downstate using black voters in these ghettos in Springfield, Decatur, Urbana, Peoria, Metro East (STL) to make a state that votes 45% red to have under 20% R congressional districts. I just know the ‘hoods in Michigan and Wisconsin are going to arrange 110% turnout through in these rotten districts 99-1 for Biden and the votes will keep showing up in the mail for the next few weeks until the results change. The only thing that can really stop this is if the Deep State has had enough of Biden and the left.

    • “Anyone with the financial means to pick up and leave…..
      To Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Philippines, Thailand etc.

    • ” Blacks have picked up and taken their government benefits that are quite mobile and poured into all the smaller cities”

      Blacks fleeing blacks.

    • ” It’s not just “Chicago and Detroit” all these 50,000 size cities in the region are overflowing with ghetto blacks.”

      Is that also true for small rural, farming, communities ?

      • If not already, it will be. Section Ape is everywhere. I’ve been in very small towns in the upper mitten of Michigan (under 5000) and seen an appalling number of mulattos pushed around in strollers by their very white baby-mamas or grandparents.

      • “Is that also true for small rural, farming, communities ?”
        ^^YES. That is absolutely true of rural, farming communities! Absolutely true of a formerly 97% White — a mere 5 years ago!! — conservative, Trump country city. Blacks have been pouring in here, steadily, and now I even see “youths” walking in my own neighborhood. Also, we are a targeted area for ILLEGAL ALIEN border crossers.
        Criminally insane mis-rulers are killing off anything and everything WHITE.

        • What is happening is the flood gates have been opened in the coastal metro areas and some Midwestern areas allowing vast numbers of non-whites ghettoized there to move to places like Hunter’s fishing hole.

          The Republicans often used to like to present a map of the US showing how the counties voted thereby show a overwhelming Red Republican country. So, I got around to pushing a graph that showed those few Blue Democrat counties towering over the rest of mostly flat Red Republican ones.

          The dykes and gates have burst and they are now overruning the country. Throw in the millions brought in by Biden as illegals the the US is literally swamped. We tried to warn you. There is no fishing hole to escape too.

          • > The dykes and gates have burst and they are now overruning the country. Throw in the millions brought in by Biden as illegals the the US is literally swamped. We tried to warn you. There is no fishing hole to escape too.

            Standing behind Globo-Pedo and going halfway around the planet to kill and die for Jewish banksteins and their goy toadies is not “trying to warn”. Advocating votes for a fake-and-gay opposition isn’t “trying to warn” either. You warned nobody whatsoever. All you did was deflect from the truth with your spin and lies.

  11. @Exalted Cyclops

    “Standing behind Globo-Pedo and going halfway around the planet to kill and die for Jewish banksteins and their goy toadies is not “trying to warn”. Advocating votes for a fake-and-gay opposition isn’t “trying to warn” either. You warned nobody whatsoever. All you did was deflect from the truth with your spin and lies.”

    Its true I called down rains of fire to obliterated San N@ggers and sought to close in combat and destroy them. It definitely helped stop further Jihadi 911 style mass attacks and avenged those killed by them on that day. I am glad I did it, I wish I could’ve done more.

    Its not my fault, a bunch of White Southerners and Midwesterners refused to listen to the decades of warning about immigration changing their world and how 911 was caused by immigration. Now, I read, Hunter in his little Alabama fishing hole town, has become a victim of an illegal alien, like the tens of millions of White Americans before him in the Southwest over the last 50 years.

    Rather than listen and organize and pressure the GOP in Ruby Red South to deal with immigration, Latinos, and Papists, it appears most of the time you all habe spent has been spent on sperging out on Jews and demanding secession. Well, now you are all gonna feel what those people in the Southwest and Northeast have been thru too. It only gets worse from here. Trust me. A warning from 40 years ago. All driven by immigration, legal and illegal. Now coming to a fishing hole near you in Alabama.

    • 9-11 was a false flag. Jorge Busheron loves his Mexicans far more than his own people so the border remained wide open. The whole response to the attack was telling. None of the hijackers were Afghan or Iraqi. So our dear leader of course immediately attacks the secular Baathist regime of Saddam (who happened to be causing trouble for ‘Our Greatest Ally’) and the Taliban (who’d shut down the opium production over in Trashcanistan) – where the mighty Imperial legion stayed for two solid decades to try and teach the turbaned goat-men about the virtues of feminism, gay sex and trannies (along with securing the opiate supply for the Sacklers and their friends). Trillions unaccounted for. Heck of a job ….

      General Smedley Butler (white guy) was correct. Nobody listened (or read).

      You’re correct that the open borders problem should have been addressed long ago. You do get points for trying back then. Now you know how old Gen. Butler must have felt.

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