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Amren: Inside and Out

February 19, 2010 Hunter Wallace 9

I spent a very productive day advancing the conspiracy in the DC metropolitan area. The details are better left unsaid. I’ve probably accomplished more here than I otherwise would […]

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Thinkpol vs. Amren

January 27, 2010 Hunter Wallace 112

R.E.A.L. (an anti-White hate group) is claiming to have persuaded the Westin Washington Dulles Hotel to cancel the 2010 Amren Conference. They also claim to be […]

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Guy White, Liar

October 26, 2009 Hunter Wallace 33

Guy White is a liar. Once again, he is making up stories on his blog: This is not atypical. My friend Prozium described himself as being […]

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August 18, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

OneSTDV, another HBD/RR blogger, on EGI: First, I have absolutely no vested interest in the success of the larger white racial collective. I care exclusively […]

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August 17, 2009 Hunter Wallace 44

In my absence, Vanishing American has written a long post about divisiveness within the pro-White movement, which was undoubtedly inspired by the previous thread here. […]

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Comrade Lindsay

August 11, 2009 Hunter Wallace 32

Robert Lindsay is hurling epithets (insane, lunatics, total losers, psychos) at White Nationalists who want to eliminate legal immigration and deport non-White U.S. citizens. He […]

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Guy Whine

July 24, 2009 Hunter Wallace 91

I had no intention of mentioning this nobody for quite a while, but I logged on this afternoon to discover that Guy White is citing […]

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The Negro

July 7, 2009 Hunter Wallace 33

What is it about them that inspires such dislike? Robert Lindsay, Guy White and Ian Jobling spend lots of time talking about the subject. I […]

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Liberal Race Realism

July 2, 2009 Hunter Wallace 82

Robert Lindsay is still trying to bake his political cake out of incompatible ingredients: a dash of race realism, positive white racial identity, the leftist view of […]