Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn?

Tennessee Rejects Amnesty.

The NSM thread paints an extremely bleak portrait of our fortunes in Tennessee. A casual visitor of this site who watches those two videos reaches for Oswald Spengler, the liquor bottle, or a white towel.

Fortunately, the Neo-Nazi sideshow in Knoxville (like the one in Missouri) masks a more fundamental transformation going on underneath the political surface. As with so many stories in recent weeks, the bad news comes out of the White Nationalist movement, and the good news comes out of the mainstream, whether it is Virginia or Arizona.

By a 4 to 1 margin, 72% of Tennessee voters want to enact Arizona’s SB 1070 in the Volunteer State. In fact, Tennessee state legislators plan to introduce a similar bill in January in spite of Judge Bolton’s ruling. Support for real immigration reform among White Tennesseans must be even higher.

This bill has the support of 92% of Republicans, 72% of Independents, and 44% of Democrats. The Tennessee state legislature passed a resolution earlier this year congratulating Arizona for defending its borders and standing up for state sovereignty.

Last month, eight state legislators from Tennessee went to Arizona in a show of support for SB 1070. Secessionist talk has entered the mainstream. Nullification is on the table. Sovereignty resolutions are the fashion of the day. The 14th Amendment is under attack.

White Tennesseans are dusting off and reasserting old ideas which been dormant since the Civil War. 37% of Tennesseans approve of Barack Obama’s job performance; 62% disapprove of the Magic Negro. White Nationalists aren’t sweeping to victory in Tennessee, but neither are progressives who are bracing for massive losses.

The mainstream on immigration has shifted in our direction. White Tennesseans haven’t been this angry or alienated since the Civil Rights Movement. Such a historical opportunity cannot be allowed to go to waste.

The subject without confines?

A more practical and intelligent message – one based on “reasonable extremism” – could succeed in pushing moderates along a more radical course. In this case, the failure to communicate is wholly the fault of the messenger, not a flaw in the message itself.

In the diluted form, White Nationalism has been gaining ground and making progress for several years now. In the strong form, it turns off ordinary people and socially cripples its own advocates.

It seems easier to cure ordinary people of ignorance than odd people of more serious problems. If change ever does come to America, I predict it will come out of the implicit corner of White Nationalism.

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  1. Dressing up as a Nazi gets attention. That’s the reward. If the media wants to give that free press, let them. If all the Nazis went away, we’d be the most extreme people out there, so the Nazis are doing us a favor IMO.

  2. For a moment, I got my blogs confused and forgot that comments are allowed here. So I’d posted a separate post on my own blog and here is the main part of it:

    First and foremost, I object to the term “progressive” being used for leftists or their ideas. They are not “progressive”. In truth, our ideas are progressive and those of leftists are old, rusty and impractical. Leftist ideology has held sway for at least two generations. Leftists are “the establishment” and they are the “old ways” that we now struggle to break away from.

    Secondly, while it is true that mainstream “conservative” Americans (red Americans, if you will) share some of our concerns, I am not convinced that Mr. Wallace is justified in his optimism. He sees such conservatism as a useful watered-down version of us. As for me, I think that it can be a dangerous inoculation against us. As a “weaker form” of our movement, it can have the same effect as administering an inert form of small-pox to a child; it fools the body into creating anti-bodies against the real small-pox. As long as Americans can feel good about themselves for supporting “conservative” ideas, they will feel no need to embrace the real thing.

    Lastly, I do not understand why Mr. Wallace refers to the War between the States as “the Civil War”. The latter term is not only inaccurate, but it does not show support for Southerners. I think that, within a post dealing with Tennessee (a Southern state), we should have more deference to Southern sensibilities and show our support through the terms we use.

    I hope, of course, that Mr. Wallace turns out to be justified in his optimism. Aside from the above points, I say: keep up the good work Hunter!

  3. Like most conservatives you deal in absolutes. Case in point is your belief that the only alternative to kosher conservatism is the NSM and advocating the extermination of Jewish girls. It’s about staying true to one’s principles if you have any. David Duke and Pat Buchanan proved one can achieve moderate success on a pro-white platform or at least an anti-anti white one. Though in the end neither man achieved victory (Buchanan virtually sabotaged his own campaign) they energized and galvanized millions of whites.

    I don’t recall any emergency sessions of Congress being called to illegalize pro-white sentiment during those times. If anything the Republicans party cleverly borrowed Duke’s ideas, changed the packaging and rode the tidal wave of white male resentment to usher in what became the “Republican Revolution” of 1994 that helped set the stage for Buchanan’s 96′ win in the New Hampshire primary. The Republicans promised on the campaign trail to seal the border and end affirmative action but reneged on both promises.

    Hunter Said:
    “Conservatives might be gutless, ignorant, and kosher. Unfortunately, they are the only force holding back the fire, however insufficient their firewall might be. What’s the alternative? Glenn Miller for Senate?”

    Huh? Whom do you prefer Bobby Jindal for president? The anti-white fire jumped the firewall a long time ago pal and the flames are now licking at our heels. Where have you been? The conservatives utterly failed to end birthright citizenship, stop waves of illegal aliens from crossing the order, end affirmative action and shut down the so called civil rights division of the US Justice Dept. which exists only to persecute politically incorrect, but otherwise innocent white people.

    Even worse they barely put up a fight yet these are the people that you believe can help us reclaim America? I forgot that as a conservative success is measured in delaying, rather than reversing, the inevitable so if we become a minority in 2048 instead of 2042 then by golly that’s success!! And I’ve lost track of the numerous homosexual and pedophile scandals that have rocked both conservatives and the Republican party.

    Political conservatism has racked up an impressive record of failures but hey, at least the conservatives can organize three car parades and rubber chicken dinner parties and that has earned the respect of one Hunter Wallace! The “laptop luftwaffes” at least have an excuse since they never had the political power to effect change of any kind.

  4. 1.) The NSM really is the only alternative to the conservatives. It is the largest and most active pro-White organization in America.

    2.) In the White Nationalist movement, “staying true to your principles” is synonymous with posting anonymous comments on the internet and doing absolutely nothing to reverse our decline in the real world where it counts.

    3.) Pat Buchanan is viciously attacked by Neo-Nazis like Alex Linder.

    4.) It is true the Republicans reneged on their promises to secure the border. It is equally true that the push for amnesty for illegal aliens cost them control of Congress in 2006 and the Presidency in 2008.

    5.) The difference between now and then is that ordinary people no longer have faith in the Republican Party. No one believes that electing Republicans is sufficient to solve the problem anymore.

    6.) Conservatives are the only people who put up any resistance in the real world. White Nationalists talk about White Revolution in the fantasy world of the internet. It is equivalent of playing a video game.

    7.) White Nationalists have utterly failed to even so much as get the attention of the White majority. Are White Nationalists securing the border? Are White Nationalists stopping affirmative action? Are White Nationalists ending birthright citizenship?

    8.) I think it is unlikely that conservatives can reclaim White America, but I think it is more likely than White Nationalists getting their act together and doing anything in the real world.

  5. David Duke announced he may run for President in 2012….

    Hunter Wallace, do you think that is a worthwhile effort to support?

  6. The Ron-Paul “model”? What does that mean?

    For one thing, the astonishing R.P. fundraising will not be duplicated by Duke. Impossible. Campaign donations are public record, and anonymous donations are forbidden. Not many of us would want our names tagged to “Donated $500 to David Duke For President”, accessible through Google.

  7. Duke’s time has come and gone, he has way too much baggage.

    It would be better to have someone determined on the immigration issue, without all the baggage Duke has.

  8. Anyone running on a White platform had better be purer than Caesar’s wife. The MSM will miss no opportunity to remind the world that they were suspended from 4th grade for peeing on a wall.

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