Portland Mob Attack: Not a Hate Crime


The Portland MAX beating in which racial slurs were used … not a hate crime. Four White guys assault an African-American in Texas while using racial slurs … now that’s a hate crime.

Note: We have to create a special category of crimes called “hate crimes” because interracial violence is overwhelmingly black-on-white. The category of “hate crimes” allows DWLs to get morally indignant about crimes which assault the established racial pecking order while ignoring those against the White working class.

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  1. Read WHITE GENOCIDE by V.S. Herrell and Race Is The Issue 1/23/2012 on Now Articles – Truth From God.com. Read Vigilantes of Christendom by Richard Kelly Hoskins on Great White Desert.org. Tom Metzger, Alex Curtis, Louis Beam are all right about the only tactic that will work besides moving to a Refuge Safety area which the Government will destroy if they know its location.

  2. 1. Clear Dubbel standards.
    2. It that law-student in America? Looks like a bunch of “welfare people”.

  3. By the way, there is always a two way of viewing an event i law, where is the other side in this clip?

  4. If there were green people, and they trashed cities, and generally acted as paracites, they would be worthy of hate.

    Instead of hypothetical greens, we have actual blacks. And, they have proved to be destructive. Both in the African diaspora and on the mother continent.

  5. I’ve noticed that Harold Covington is strangely silent on the increasing frequency of black-on-white atacks in his “homeland”. Hmm, perhaps demographics indeed do NOT “dictate that the Pacific Northwest is the last best place for the white race in North America”, or whatever his goofy mission statement claims.

    He should change it to, “Demographics dictate that Harold Covington is all alone in an increasingly Africanized and Mestizoized white-marxist shithole where white people are singled out for violent attacks with absolute impunity like every other place in the United States, and it is of the utmost urgency that naive, dissaffected white people make a foolhardy, cross-country move to an unfamiliar, undesireable part of the United States, but delusionally pretend that it’s actually an all-white country that hasn’t been born yet, so that Harold Covington will have a healthy supply of benefactors and, if necessary, scapegoats.”

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