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  1. I can’t for the life of me figure out why unions would not be against immigration. Less immigration would be directly proportional to higher prices paid for domestic labor, especially domestic skilled labor.
    I also can’t figure out why there isn’t a Republican one who will point this out, along with a reminder to all these whites that the Democratic Party has explicity wrote them off….

    They are internationalists, right?

    And the “republicans” —Jingoistic right, neo-con, advocates for Militarist-Corporatism, the international Big Money and its muscle-workers, i.e. genuine fascist, and so on— they are internationalists, also.

    Both support some variant of re-distribution socialism (regardless of how individuals rationalize the overall system to themselves— as “Nanny State” or “Warfare-Welfare Statism” or “Socialism” or “Marxism” or “Communism” or “Central Planning Economy” or whatever).

    Nobody cares how individuals or their “voting block groups” actually Rationalize the overall Systems— just as long as the people do what is wanted.

    The jingoistic neo-con right— are just the sort of people who poo-poo global warming (or any environmental concerns, toxicity in waters, whatever— simply because they want to make money on taxing things or because it’s cheaper to get away with dumping toxic wastes.) The people who grind their teeth over normal citizens who ought to be worried about what they are eating and drinking.

  2. The problem about unions is people forget what it was like in the 1930s without them.

    —The base of the reasonable old southern democrats (?)— Like in West Virginia, the southern portion of the state with Mingo and Logan counties, for instance, was under martial law until 1938. The coal camps were a tough place. Then are incidents like the Buffalo creek disaster where tons of backed up, dumped coal sludge up on a hill broke loose like a dam, and tunneled through a valley, in a wave so high it swept over bridges and wiped out whole towns in the 70s.

    People who lived in working communities such as this needed some form of protection, without doubt, and so unions made sense.

    The politicizing of them for international business— in a “left” / “right” Marxist model has made it different now though. (In this model in which we live— the “left” represents the “international worker” and negotiates (supposedly) with the Big Money Central planning committee which is pretty much Militarist-Corporatist-Medicalist.

    Public Unions can only exist in a central planning situation– in that they actually (in a sense) get their money from the taxpayers, (the few remaining). As those “payers” become only monopolies (off-shore, free-floating, non-land-affiliated companies) anyone not in a relation of beggary to the Corporate complex is squeezed out.

    There was a time when nation-states solved all that, right?

    —Why do marxists INSIST that the situation is inevitable. Imo, this is the big problem with Marxism. Back in reality, people can make up their own rules for living. International Monopoly Corportism is not truly inevitable. Only marx said so.

  3. @…. “AH did well with White German workers, then when he was in power he abolished democracy, didn’t let German workers the right to strike – gave them steady work at decent wages.

    White workers will always be temped by the Left/socialism in democracies. Who wouldn’t want to have a guaranteed job with great pensions, health care, instead of being thrown down to the mercies of free labor markets where employers will make you compete with minimum wage Mexicans….”

    What gets lost in that kind of thinking is Creativity, and the sort of environment SOME WHITES (such as pioneering stock) thrive on, and that is not about ‘being given” your work, being given a time-clock.

    Unfortunately, the influx of Welfare State Europeans at the turn of the last century, turned America into the very serfdom they came from.

    Those were the people brought to destroy the South (Civil War) and then to go to work in the factories (punching clocks, following orders, being paid not to think, etc.) for the “Industrial Revolution” (that is now over, since we have been told to “de-industrialize” just as we were “de-colonized.”)

    It’s not a population that lives to create, make (except on a factory line putting in the same screw over and over or something—which is kind of “Ant Colony”), innovate—and does not produce a society conducive to the ‘small innovator,’ the Henry Ford’s.

    Even without the third world influx, the U.S. would be in trouble, since the newer populations have always been in Welfare States (essentially have it very naturalized to beg governments for all they have.)

    You can see this in how the very white immigrants Run Things— like “attracting money… attracting jobs… attracting business…” This is ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO, HOW TO THINK.

    It never even occurs to them to say F that. And set about MAKING THEIR OWN. Simply producing a nice area to live in without “attracting” others.

    The SUBTEXT is that only others can make your life for you. That ONLY OTHERS can bring “money in.” That money must be “attracted,” that you —must get it from somebody else.

    No one will look at that part of it.

  4. Actually, about the turn of the century sort of white “immigrants” who embody Welfarism by always looking to have their handout living, their pensions, their little line job where they put in one screw day after day, year after year— well, after generations of that, what kind of brain would be left?

    — And those are the sort who infiltrated many positions.

    So then, when they work in local government, they are always casting about for “who will bring us jobs???? who will bring us money???? who will come save us???”

    NOT ONE— just implicitly sets about creating their own thing.

    Maybe only the pioneer stock, the rural mind, the growers think that way. idk

  5. One more thing—

    Right there is the whole story of the “New South.” Where the Northeast (ex-factory mentalities) show up in droves and try to beg governments for their living. All the out-of-state officials going on and on about “attracting money to us.”

    wtf does that even MEAN?

    UM… how can we be really cheap and hope they come here? GROSS!

  6. “I also can’t figure out why there isn’t a Republican one who will point this out, along with a reminder to all these whites that the Democratic Party has explicity wrote them off….” – Republicans at the national level are fighting to keep this sort of thinking from percolating upwards for some strange reason. It is almost as if the establishments of both parties have merged.

    “—Why do marxists INSIST that the situation is inevitable. Imo, this is the big problem with Marxism. Back in reality, people can make up their own rules for living. International Monopoly Corportism is not truly inevitable. Only marx said so.” – More importantly, why are they fighting to make international monopoly Corporatism come to pass if they hate it so much? The patent law change is the perfect example of that.

  7. If I remember correctly, the Old Left of the early 1900’s was anti immigration. I’m fair certain that changed as leftist immigrants came to the USA. the wave of Germans, Italians Irish and the ones from Eastern Europe were generally to the left of center

  8. The southerners dragging their slaves around brought serfdom to america before anyone else did. The slave owners also brought poverty and a type of serfdom to alot of rural whites who were left out in the cold because there’s just no need to pay your own kind if you got darkies doing the work for free.And that’s the ante-bellum south I’m talking about, before the war of 1861.
    The white slave owners had a type of welfare mentality also.
    You can see the result of this system of white serfdom up in Appalachia. You already know where you can go to see the results of black slavery.
    Your America was never any kind of paradise.

  9. (1) Slavery had nothing to do with poverty in Appalachia which was poor during slavery and remained poor long after the demise of slavery.

    (2) South Carolina was the richest colony with the broadest distribution of wealth in the country.

    (3) There was welfare in the Antebellum South?

    (4) You don’t know what you are talking about. The people who lived in Appalachia lived in a mountainous area largely devoid of slavery and practiced subsistence based agriculture. There were parts of the north like Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana that were similarly full of poor people.

    (5) If slavery had really destroyed White people, the result would have been on display in the Southern lowlands, where the plantation system thrived, not in the Southern highlands, where it was almost non-existent.

  10. There would be no jewish communist unions in the first place if the christian factory owners and businessmen treated their workers fairly and paid them a fair wage.The jewish communists found a large population of digruntled and disaffected people being treated like garbage by their own kind. The jewish communists did not have to struggle very hard to get the workers on their side. It was very easy for the communists.
    And the farmers and ranchers out west love their government subsidies as much as the blacks love their welfare.
    And it was christian lawmakers who signed the federal reserve act
    and gave the federal reserve bank , and the big-shot jews , all the power in the country in the first place.
    And ALL the churches do love that 501c tax break. To get the tax break, the churches have to tow the government line, which they all lovingly and willingly do to get that tax break, even if the government line is communist to the core, which it most certainly is.
    The jewish big-shots didn’t have to use much chicanery or outright bribery to get the christians to sign the bill, just include the tax break. That’s pretty much all it took for us to be sold down the river by our fellow whites.
    Everyone loves their government hand-outs and perks and subsidies and tax breaks.
    It crosses all strata of society, even the so-called independent farmers and ranchers of America.

  11. @Hunter Wallace
    I respectfully disagree with you. I will do more reading and studying about this matter.
    As far as I know, from what I remember from reading about this ( it was quite a while age) , slavery did have a negative impact on white non-slave owning southerners.
    I will study this matter more. I will let you know what I find.
    If I’m wrong, I don’t mind at all to change my thinking about this matter.

  12. @HunterWallace
    Yes. There was a type of “welfare” in the ante bellum south.Having other people work for you without paying them is welfare for the slave owner. Alot of extra money in his pocket– work he didn’t actually do himself. It’s of the same spirit as welfare.

  13. …and there would be no Catholic ethnic types here in the first place if the protestant christian leadership didn’t want them here. But they did. They are the ones who let the Catholic ethnics in the country in the first place because the robber barons needed more workers for their factories. Factories that pumped out shit that all americans loved– even americans descendant from the founding stock.
    The pope didn’t put a gun to the head of the american lawmakers. They knew full well what they were doing.

  14. …and the protestant christian lawmakers didn’t give a damn for their own poor in Appalachia. The factory jobs went to the immigrants and that’s exactly what the protestant christian lawmakers wanted.
    …And when the Oakies tried to enter California to escape the devasting dust bowl, they were treated like garbage and shit in California by their own kind, not jews and not catholics, but by their own kind.

  15. Roman Catholics have been part of the New World and Project America from the beginning of the New World.

    Spain and Portugal won wars of conquest to the immediate south of the Rio Grande. The Aztecs extended right up into what is present day Arizona and California. Catholic Hispanic culture was established through the missions in all those landswhich are still abundantly in evidence. The Aztecs converted enmasse to the faith after the appearance of our Lady of Guadalupe and the Icon that was left to them was publicly displayed. It has been studied extensively because it has been proved not destructible by vicissitudes. A painting was made of it that was carried as a standard by Don Juan and the Christian fleet at the Battle of Lepanto where the nations of the Christendom answered the call of the papacy for arms and ships against the Turkish invasion of the West.

    Hispanic and Mexican Catholics and their societies have an important history in both the Old and the New worlds. And they occupied the Southwest of the US after the war with Mexico drew the boundary at the Rio Grande.

    Mexico, once a wealthy and prosperous nation with the contemporary technology of the 19th century became impoverished, destabilized and backward when the same Masonic revolution (financed in the USofA) that swept through Italy and Spain attempted to destroy the Church in Mexico – you can still see photographs in the Mexican museums of the ‘highways of the priests’ – the Masonic revolutionaries and Partisans crucified the Mexican clergy on the telephone lines along the highways.

    The Akkadian French were a notable presence in all the lands of the Louisiana Purchase and especially along the Mississippi. Louisiana is very French and very Catholic – as was St Louis, Mo.

    These are large, culturally and religiously distinct populations on the N American continent.

  16. Yes. But that’s not the catholics who took the factory jobs. Doesn’t have anything to do with turn of century immingration and the abandonment of the white protestant poor at the hands of their leadership while all the catholic immigrants took the factory jobs.
    The info was interesting,however. Thank you.

  17. The catholic church went totally communist when pope john the 23rd took “the throne” in 1958.
    This is not to say that the church was very wonderful before it went communist.
    The average everyday White Protestant Christians from the time of the war of 1861 through the passing of the Hart-Cellar* treaty in the 1920’s had every right to be upset about the massive immigration. Unfortunately, there were always too many sell-outs in Wahington.
    The Hart -Cellar treaty was very good news for the United States. Finally, some lawmakers stepped up to the plate to protect the country.
    We need lawmakers like that to stop immigration.
    The Catholic church is disgusting to me as it supports open borders and massive immigration.
    * may not be correct spelling, but you get the point.

  18. For more info about what I really think of the Catholic Church, go to :
    I wrote a post in response to an article entitled, ” In committing the matricide of Europe”.
    My handle: “Joe” ( same handle my parents gave me).
    The website is excellent overall. Touches upon matters discussed here. The premise of the blog is: What’s best for the white race.
    (my post there is even better than the ones I post here. LOL).
    Putting that aside, it’s a very interesting website.

  19. Joe… Have you read the 1865 census? Go look at what slaves ate. One person, eating like that, would cost about… who knows? 300 a week per capita or something. The last sea scallops I saw were 20$ a pound. Tuna the same. You can’t compare welfare and slaves.

    Another thing no one ever accounts for— it is assumed that the talking heads you see on t.v. were exactly like those enslaved. Like, how could they do that to Juan Williams or something. More like take a look at the Maori tribe or something… then project that back 400 years AND toss in that there’s been no white ever seen.

    Not defending it— just saying you seem to be in the throws of revisionism. Or whatever you call it –Temporal Impossibility— when you see old history through the current lens. It just doesn’t work that way.

  20. Hispanic and Mexican Catholics and their societies have an important history in both the Old and the New worlds. And they occupied the Southwest of the US after the war with Mexico drew the boundary at the Rio Grande….

    Lynda seems right—- that is why the catholics are calling it “reconquista.”

    The tip of the west border of West Virginia (the only state entirely in the Appalachian mountains)—(sort of south west) was earlier part of France, just a sliver. The Ulster Scots who’d come throughout he Ulster plantation claimed that border area.

    What’s not discussed is why—- part of the impoverishment has to do with big money and impoverishment over resources (especially coal, which provides most of the energy for the country— unknown to many people).

    Another is that it really is the Bible Belt. People really don’t care about money in the same way. There really are people who believe subsistence is the only Godly way, and have no interest in the influences of the cities, (nor want their children exposed to it). They like land and no neighbors, don’t mind fights or putting their lives in the hands of God, even now, and were perfect for the frontier.

    The Re-Romanization of the previous Spanish-French areas is pretty much accomplished now (AZ/ CA/ and Florida, moving up into the Carolinas.)

    While Joe’s claim that many sold out is TRUE— that doesn’t mean that what’s here now is better, does it?

  21. Joe—

    Many in the South did not feel “abandoned” by not getting factory jobs, lol.

    To stand in a factory line screwing one screw over and over, living by a time clock, in a hierarchy always dogging for your expert superiors— was and is the kiss of death to an Appalachian. (I have plenty of family there.)

    Factory jobs were never seen as desirable (although, if you’re really going to starve, and under central planning and there being nothing else, you might have to try to do it.)

    You’d be surprised how many people would sooner live in dire poverty than have that be their life, as it seems to include an impoverishment of spirit (working muscle for the man, being in a predatory relation with other citizens, which is the yankee way, and so on).

    —Such people felt the other populations were better suited to take those jobs (working from religions more suited to control, hierarchy, deferring to experts, and so on—nothing against it, but it’s a certain kind of society that the Appalachian is not well suited to, (“mountaineers are free” is the WV motto, land based, farming ideals, growing things, self-sufficiency, far off neighbors, etc.— the opposite of the city-factory reality).

    A lot of people just didn’t LIKE the Industrial Revolutions deal.

  22. ?—

    Thought Hart-Celler was 1965—- it abolished the previous quota system and opened the border. One guy was catholic, the other a jew— one theory is that one group got reconquista and the other israel.

    But I’m no historian.

    It does point up the rapidity with which (and the huge numbers by which) the demographic change was accomplished. Something many Americans do not know, or understandably are afraid to look at.

    At that time (60 years) the country was 87% white christian, I read. It would be interesting to know the wasp number (but no matter how hard I’ve tried, it is nonexistent). Can’t find it. So little does anyone care how many of them gave up, left the country, decided not to reproduce under these circumstances, were sold out to the “new work force” to support the newly introduced Welfare state…

    60 years is a Lightening Fast transition.

  23. Joe, I do think a substantial number of the Catholic population that has been in North America from the time of the water shed events I described had factory jobs from the time the North industrialized in the 19th century. There has always been Catholic labour here.

    Those who brought in the Irish and Scot’s Irish as slaves and indentured servants (See They were White and They Were Slaves) are the ones who were underselling the domestic laborforce.

    The Catholic Church post 1958 is a Communist and Judaic institution because it has been infiltrated by its foes and instrumentalized for the Judaic Imperium – of which Communism is simply the globalist, totalitarian phase of the Revolution they inaugurated 1789. The Church condemns Communism in the strongest terms – “no Catholic who values his eternal salvation may collaborate with Communism or its works in any way whatsoever.” The anti-pope Paul VI stood before the UN and called that Communist organisation (founded on the Planks of the Internationale) “the last hope for mankind.”

    The Catholics have been betrayed not by the Church but by the enemies of the Church who have taken it over. We will get it back, but it is going to be a long haul.

    The founding fathers of America were Masonic. They espoused the principals of the Revolution inaugurated by the Masons of the Grand Orient in 1789. These are the Judaic ideals of liberalism and egalitarianism which make impossible any real fraternity. The Church opposes these ideologies in its Syllabus of Errors. Liberalism and egalitarianism are not a good foundation for a nation because these ideologies are fatal to both the State and the social life of any nation. It is not the Church which has let America down and it is not the Catholics betrayed by the Revolution in the Church which have let the Church down.

  24. any southern wasp who is even still standing (and hasn’t forgotten who they are) should pat him/herself on the back. That, alone, is probably quite an accomplishment with many good stories behind it.

  25. @Dixiegirl
    I don’t watch tv news or cable shows.
    Got a dvd teevee and watch cowboy movies, sometimes.
    Sometimes, a film noir movie from the late 40’s, early 50’s. That’s about it.
    My favorite movie scene of all time is in ” The Outlaw Josie Wales”, when he gets hold of a gatlin gun and shots down shitloads of yankees.
    High Noon ( 1953) with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly is an excellent movie. It’s my # ONE movie of all time.
    I won’t tell you what it’s about in case you haven’t seen it yet.
    I’m very happy for any person, or group of people, who can remain independent from the whole system and set-up, the corporate monopoly, the routine, and the coldness of it all.
    I am very happy for you that you have managed to remain independent.
    It’s very obvious from all my posts that I do not like anything about “our” government,or any of the social and cultural “movements”.
    I mentioned many times very clearly the shortcomings of the catholic church.
    If you care to know more about what I think about the matter, please refer to the link I provided in above post.
    The site is excellent, by the way. I recommend it to everyone.
    And yes, I can compare welfare and slavery. Both involve making money off other people’s work. They are ,in fact, very closely related in spirit. Same mentality: Make money from other people’s work.
    If you don’t like the idea of factory work because it’s confining, how can you defend slavery which is even more confining? I gues it’s okay as long as you’re free and someone else is the slave.
    If you are independent, one would think you would want that for others, yes even blacks. You want independence for yourself while others are yoked.
    I never met anyone from Appalachia who defended slavery. West Virginia broke off from Virginia beacuse of the matter.The people of Appalachia do not support slavery. I know that for sure.
    Slavery is untenable.
    Whites and blacks should be separate. We should have separate countries.
    I have nothing but good will for the people of Appalachia. I’ve been to West Virginia quite a few times. The people there were always very down-to-earth, friendly, straight-forward honest, and polite to me : Same everywhere I traveled through the South amongst all the various type of Southerners I’ve met.
    I don’t know what to say about the mexicans taking over the southwest. The communist catholic church and the communist jews are behind the atzlan movement.
    The fact that this is being allowed is a very complicated and long story. I don’t truly understand all the treason going on in our country : That there is massive treason is something I think we can both agree on.
    Personally, I wouldn’t give a damn if every catholic church in the US was dismantled and all the priests went back to rome. I wouldn’t lose a minute of sleep over it.
    In the meantime, ALL the churches in the US love their 501c tax break as per the Federal Reserve Act, and ALL the churches in America support the communist agenda, one way or another : They must support the agenda to get that 501c tax break; And they all support the agenda lovingly and willingly to get that tax break.
    All are culpable.They ALL stink to high heaven. They just stink in different ways, that’s all.
    Time for the white race to throw the bible in the trash and start anew. That book has brought our race nothing but misery, suffering, confusion, and division,war, and animosity : Maybe that’s why it exists.
    That this book is the foundation of our heritage and culture is putrid to me.
    Go to the link I provided if you are so interested.

  26. @Lynda
    The catholic church was taken over by communists. That’s the reality. You say so yourself. We both say it.
    I don’t care what the “real” church has to say about it. If there’s a “real” catholic church around, it doesn’t have any say and cannot help us in any way. In not one way can this “real” church, wherever it may be, help us in any way.
    I don’t care what some pope or papal bull said a 100 years ago, 200 years ago, or anytime, it just doesn’t affect us at all. It just doesn’t help modern day Americans in the least.
    Considering the fact that our government is communist, ALL the churches support the government, ipso facto ALL the churches are communist; And considering that there is an upcoming election : it’s going to be fraught with racial tension; Considering the black panthers declared war on us; Considering that not ONE authority in government, or in any of our “precious” christian churches–catholic or protestant- had anything to say about it; Considering that silence means a declaration of war against white Americans is okay; Considering that OKAY means GREEN LIGHT; Considering that the communists will use their pet army if they so choose : there’s nothing or no one stopping them ; We would all do well to start preparing to protect ourselves and our families.
    The black panthers were in abeyance since the 70’s. They are back on the scene again. They are back on the scene for a reason. They declared war against us for a reason.
    We all need to start preparing to defend ourselves.. This is very important.
    If the election turns into a racial nightmare,with race riots and massive viloence, no goddamned papal bull is going to help us. We have to help ourselves and our families and friends.
    I don’t care what any church or any pope has to say about anything. They are ALL useless to us.
    The only reason I ever brought up the matter of churches throughout posting at OD is to remind everyone that we have been sold out by them and that they are ALL useless.
    That’s the reason I started talking about the catholic church, and other churches, in the first place. That’s the only reason.
    I’m not here to defend the catholic church. The catholic church is communist. It doesn’t matter what some phantom “real” church has to say. Both these types of catholicism are useless and cannot protect us in any way.
    One, the communist catholic church is on the side 0f the enemy, and very actively so.
    The other one, the “real” church is only in the history books, and some individuals here and there who are few and far between, too boot.
    Papal ” bull” is not going to help us, I don’t care if the “bull” is recent or if the “bull” is from the past.
    None of this is going to help white Americans in any way.

  27. “Time for the white race to throw the Bible in the trash and start anew. That book has brought our race nothing but misery, suffering, confusion, and division, war, and animosity. Maybe that’s why it exists. That this book is the foundation of our heritage and culture is putrid to me.”

    Neo-paganism and atheism rail and gnash against the Foundation of our heritage and culture, but it can never be destroyed or replaced!

  28. Sorry about” hart cellar”. I got it mixed up with the law that was passed in the twenties that greatly reduced immigration. Sorry about that. I forgot the name of the law that was passed in the 20’s to restrict immigration. My apologies about that.

  29. @ Mosin Nagant
    You don’t seemed too concerned about the fact that the churches tow the government line to get their 501c tax break. You don’t seemed concerned that ALL the churches support Uncle Sam’s communist agenda in order to get that tax break.
    They, ALL the churches, have done alot more damage to Christianity than I ever had : In fact, I never did anything to harm any church in any way, or in any way stopped anyone from teaching or preaching Christianity. NEVER.
    Why are you not concerned that ALL the churches tow the government communist line in order to get a tax break ? One would think you’d be very upset by this.

  30. The churches are underming the foundation of our faith and culture and heritage.
    I think my posts of criticism are not doing any damage to anyone or anything: Just sharing information. That’s what the internet is for.

  31. “ALL the churches are communist”! Therefore what is NOT communist cannot be a church, though it does NOT follow that all communist are churches. Since communism is atheistic, all churches are atheistic, and so on. All BAPTIST churches, for example, are communist, atheistic, etc. A bit off topic, LOL.

  32. But isn’t it GOOD that the “churches are undermining the foundation of our faith and culture and heritage” — if that foundation really is wrong, harmful and putrid, and needs to be destroyed and replaced by some other foundation? A new Southern ethnostate must have a radically new foundation, then, something other than Christianity.

  33. “Time for the white race to throw the Bible in the trash and start anew”???

    I suppose the white Southern nation will need to re-build on a radically new foundation, then?

  34. Joe, I hate to spoil your enjoyment of your favourite movie scene ever, but I saw The Outlaw Josie Wales. It was a long time ago, but I’m sure that Gatling gun scene involved a Yankee shooting Confederate prisoners. It was right at the start of the movie, and was how Wales, who escaped, became an outlaw.

    I wholeheartedly support your choice of entertainment. Whenever I travel, I always look for DVDs of old movies, especially westerns. Not much available where I live.

  35. It would be best for the Southerners ( and northerners and everyone) to explore other possibilities, other foundations, than the ones we have known in the past.
    How’s that old foundation working for you all? Really great, right?
    How’s that old foundation working for us over here in California, really great right?
    The foundation was “so strong” the whole house came tumblin’ down : Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia, have all been hollowed out and usurped.
    And ALL our religious leaders : you know, the ones who study the bible and sermonize from it, are all on the side of the enemy; AND They All Are Carrying The Bible With Them ; And They All Quote From The Bible To Justify Themselves ; And how confused the west is from this book.
    And in general, after 2,000 years of looking up to the sky to our Jehovah/Jesus god, 70 million of our fellow whites were dead on the battlefields and in the cities of Europe, the homeland of our race was destroyed because of all the divisions within our race.
    Our bible, which is supposed to be so wonderful, and so wise, and so loving, and so all-knowing, and so god-inspired, we can’t even come to any kind of consensus as to what it really means. How open to interpretation it is. How easy it is for any of our rulers and leaders to use the book to justify their agendas. And they all do — even the communists, Nay, especially the communists! Especially these days.
    After 2,000 years of this book as the foundation of our heritage and faith and culture, the white race is in dire straights.
    And no, it’s not in dire straights because of blacks and jews. It’s in dire straights because of all the divisions within our race, and main fault lines between us is in the intepretation of this incomprehensible and mean-spirited book that tells us to turn our own brother from our home if he doesn’t interpret the word EXACTLY the way we do!; Or our sister, or our mother, or our father, or our neighbor, or the man down the street who is simply confused : SHUN HIM ! He is not us!
    Even if the confused man down the street is of our own race, our own country, our own town, our own neighborhood! Who cares about any of that, he is not “us”, he’s not sure how the word should be interpreted, but we do! So he just couldn’t possibly be worth talking to. Mistrust him ! Watch out for him! Shun him!
    How many mixed messages it contains: pay a fair wage, yet slavery is justified.
    Jesus says to turn to the other cheek, yet he tells us to pick up the sword.
    Kick your own brother out in the street if he doesn’t interpret the word exactly the way you do, yet be full of mercy.
    Love your enemy, turn the other cheek, but put up your sword.
    Pay a fair wage, but throw ’em into slavery.
    Honor your mother and father, but shun them and kick them out of your life if they don’t interpret the word exactly the way the word should be interpeted.
    If would be an extremely long post if I were to list all the discrepancies and inconsistencies and all the mixed messages the bible contains.I leave the above examples to think about.
    How are all the mixed messages working for you?
    Is this the cracked foundation you want to rebuild on? It’s as cracked as an earthquake fault line.

  36. Clint is shooting down the yankees. That’s very obvious in the movie.
    Anyone can go rent or buy the dvd and see that for themselves.

  37. I mentioned the movie in the first place to illustrate that I do not like what happened to the southerners during reconstruction and I feel an affinity with southerners, that’s it.
    The End.

  38. “Catholic Hispanic culture” – Lynda


    “Nuestra Senora de Guadeloupe” is the UGLIEST of the Marian ‘apparitions’ of them all. Besides the most incredulous….

    Joe, your facts are not correct. Sorry to say this, but I quoted Henry Ford as an example just the other day, noting that his desire for American workers to get a decent salary, is what enabled him to fight the Unions for so long. It was the Jews and the Commies who eventually broke that down, but with Walker’s WIN in the Recall, we could be seeing the death of that stranglehold.

  39. Everyone should be prepared because big trouble is coming down the pike with this upcoming election.
    Uncle Sam= Communist
    Federal Reserve= Communist
    Federal Reserve Tax Break For Churches= The way communist uncle sam keeps the churches in line
    Churches= Love 501c
    Churches= Communist
    Black Panthers= Communist Army
    Communist Army= Declared War Against White Americans
    White Americans= Please Take Measures To Defend Yourselves
    That’s my message. That’s it. The end.

  40. Joe- Have you ever heard of Chuck Baldwin?

    His entire ‘anti 501(c)3 stance for churches is causing a groundswell of support of churches that ARE challenging the Obamanation. And he’s a Baptist!

    You’re lumping things together that aren’t (or shouldn’t) be given as the biggest brush generalizations. Yes, there are churches in league with Satania (you know who you are) but there are also those who are not. Just sayin’…..

  41. “the passing of the Hart-Cellar* treaty in the 1920?s”

    Joe, I don’t mean any disrespect or insult. Just an FYI.

    I think you’re thinking of the immigration act of 1924 known as the Johnson Reed act, or colloquially, the Immigration Restriction Act, also the National Origins Act, and the Asian Exclusion Act.

    Hart-Celler was actually the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which utterly reversed all the good done in Johnson-Reed, threw open the doors to unlimited 3rd World Immigration through chain migration and was the initial “push” that started the cascade into the 3rd World hellhole status that United States now enjoys. (Celler was a Jew who worked with utter diligence for 40 years prior to 1965 to finally achieve enactman his anti-White program.)

  42. @Dixiegirl
    For All Readers:
    The above is an excerpt from a book written in 1857 by a poor Southerner, Hinton Rowan Helper.
    The book is entitled, The Impending Crisis”
    Also: Google : effect of slavery on poor whites
    Lots of information about the negative consequences of slavery on the non-slave holding whites.
    It was written in 1857 by a white Southerner, so we know it is not “revisionist” at all.

  43. has anyone here picked cotton before? If you have you quickly realize you don’t want White men doing that work. Was slavery wonderful all the way round? It was not, but for my money the pros out weighed the cons

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