Escape from Illinois: Demographics & Deficits

An important story from Illinois is now making national headlines. The state is broke and can’t service its debt or fully fund a variety of other basic services. There’s a budget impasse between the Republican Governor and Democrat legislators that prompted Moody’s and S&P to downgrade them to essentially junk bond status. It’s important to keep in mind this infighting is not to restore fiscal sobriety. It’s to pass a budget that enables the state to continue servicing its debt so that it can borrow more money. No long term solution that achieves sustainability can arise from the current miasma.  Of course, they’ll eventually reach a deal, politicians always do. However, it will only guarantee even worse problems down the road. This downgrade is unprecedented for a US state, and a harbinger of things to come all across this once great land of ours. At least a 3rd of all states are facing similar crisis to Illinois at some point in the near future.

Sure, we can talk about Red vs Blue and fiscal prudence, etc. If we did this, this would be just another article in the National Review that avoids glaring realities. The issue underlying all of this is demographic. Over the long term, a society can only sustain a level of prosperity made possible by its population. Sooner or later, the level of economic prosperity in an area experiencing population transfers will begin shift from its current level until it reaches parity with the quality of its new population. This is the principle we’re witnessing assert itself across the US. One of the primary drivers of deficit spending is our need to provide 1st World services to 3rd World people who can’t pay. Sure, it’s possible for a large 1st World population to sustainably subsidize a small 3rd World population. That’s not the demographic situation in Weimerica. Our leaders have opted to bury their heads in the sands of debt, but that’s all coming to an end.

It’s illuminating to note that Chicago preceded its state in reaching this problem. No complicated formulas to compute here. A city with a massive population of violent, indolent POCs will be a fiscal wreck regardless of how many SWPLS decide live there.  The color of their skin doesn’t match the color of their ink on a government balance sheet. It’s not a coincidence that the city’s heyday occurred in their total absence, and its decline has mirrored their increase in the portion of the population. We’ve watched similar situations play out in smaller municipalities across the country. Besides Chicago being our third largest city, there’s nothing really unique about this particular story.

Glaring evidence indicates that the SWPLS recognize this problem. In economics there’s a concept known as “Revealed Preference Theory.” In short, it means what people are thinking is demonstrated by what they do, not say. While you’re going to find any SWPLS declaring: “I don’t want to live in a violent, dysfunctional shithole infested by nig/spic gang members”, that’s pretty much what they’re thinking. Last year alone, a net 80,000 people fled that doomed city. A preference revealed, indeed.

It would appear that they’re not just leaving for more pleasant suburbs outside the city. They’re getting the fuck gone. Last year, the state of Illinois lost 114,000 residents. Seven other states (including California, obviously) are also suffering from this problem. It’s easy to surmise who is leaving, staying, and arriving. Middle class whites are fleeing the burdensome taxation, dangerous denizens, and general dysfunction. It’s not easy to move from a place where you’ve become established.  They’re undertaking a substantial effort in order to reach a greener pasture. It’s even easier to guess who is staying. Dindus. If you’re reading this site you don’t need another explanation of their shortcomings.

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Who is coming? Although roughly 114,000 people left, the population only declined by about 37,000. Quite a few brown people arrived last year. Merely from a financial standpoint, that’s rather ominous. Sure, you can pay them less. To their employer, they make financial sense.  However to the taxpayer, they constitute an enormous and growing burden.  SNAP benefits, Section 8 vouchers, and education don’t pay for themselves.  Regrettably, the unsustainability of subsidizing millions of poor brown people is obscured by colossal debts taken on by every level of government.  If the cost started coming directly out of white wallets, then the cattle cars would start rolling immediately.

Thus, a state like Illinois finds itself caught up in a lethal population transfer. Each year, productive middle class whites flee, depriving the state of revenue. Meanwhile, brown people arrive who must then be subsidized.  It’s impossible for this not to end in disaster, but public discussion of the demographic element to state and local collapse is verboten. The MSM will only discuss this malaise in a short term fiscal context, as if the demographic drivers of the crisis are completely nonexistent.

There are two main tactics taken by politicians in a place like Illinois. The first has been to ignore demography (except to celebrate it) and rack up debt that it can’t pay back in order to keep a sinking ship limping along. This is critical to getting re-elected in the short term. The second is to engage in deceptive accounting practices, mainly in the area of pensions.  In this regard, deceit often takes the form projected investment returns much higher than reality would justify. This enables politicians to under fund the pensions, thus providing the illusion of a balanced budget. The viability of many public pension plans in this country is based on this sort of insane accounting projection: a rate of return that is generally at least 5X higher than most plans actually achieve. For example, in Illinois it was nearly 8x higher than reality in some years. This fraud makes for enormous, crippling shortfalls as Illinoisans are beginning to experience.

Politicians are high time preference creatures. They’ve consistently chosen expediency over difficult political decisions. They have no qualms about creating time bombs in order to make it through an election cycle. For a while they successfully masked the dual time bombs of underfunded liabilities and crippling debt from the general public. But those bombs eventually will detonate. Illinois provides a terrific illustration.

It won’t be long before many of these vibrant blue states will look to the federal government for authorization to declare bankruptcy. A Republican House of Representatives will be unlikely to bail them out. It seems that asking for the ability to declare bankruptcy will be their sole option, regardless of how angry the bond holders get. This could be beneficial in exposing fault lines because it will cause intense friction mainly between white boomers, who actually worked for their pensions, and POCs dependent on handouts.

The progressive mind cannot be swayed through the observation of violence. It’s more likely that hitting them in the wallet will correct their thinking. The market chaos created by a cascade of these failures should also be highly disruptive to the current order. Those are 2 big reasons to feel hopeful about these impending disasters.

Think of our country as a flimsy tower with fifty floors, and each state as one of these floors. We focus on the national debt, because it’s a big scary bomb on the roof that could detonate at a tiny interest rate.  It distracts people from the fact that most of the floors are rigged with their own smaller explosives. It’s all gonna blow. It won’t be pleasant but it’s the only path I can see to a restoration of sanity.

– By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie


  1. Illinois state prisons are so overcrowded and the state budget is in such dire straits that second degree murderers rarely do more than a single digit number of years in prison, even if they got sentences to more. It’s gotten so bad that the U.S. Attorneys offices in Illinois are stepping in and finding creative ways to bring ordinary street crime into Federal jurisdiction; One common one is the Hobbs Act, (interfering with interstate commerce through violence or extortion), intended to be an anti-mafia tool, it’s now used to prosecute armed robberies of businesses.

    Yes, definitely demographics, but also, Illinois overpromised on public pensions.

  2. This is happening in Michigan, too – my entire state is turning into Brazil, with pockets of South Africa. I need to escape (and northern Michigan is too cucked).

    If anyone has any suggestions as to rural or semi-rural white communities where demographics still look good for us, PLEASE SHARE.

  3. I’ll add that Chicago and Detroit have probably the worst, most feral dindus in the entire country PLUS the weakest white leadership in human existence.

    Mitt Romney’s father, LOL, was governor of Michigan and got super scared of being called racist when the niggers rioted in ’67

  4. “If the cost started coming directly out of white wallets, then the cattle cars would start rolling immediately.”

    I think it’s gonna take a little more than that, sadly.

  5. And what Tribal Ethnicity rules the FIEFDOM, known as Chi-CONGO?

    Three guesses and the ((( First Two) don’t count. And where did O’Bongo come from, after he emigrated from Kenya?

  6. the Republican shabbatz goyim will certainly bail out Illinois and any other bankrupt state. The debt will then be warehoused where trillion$ of DC debt is currently festering: the (((Third National Bank))) alias”Federal Reserve”. The Jews will do whatever is necessary to keep the Universal debtPonzi intact until they can get control of the white peoples’ guns. They may pull this off. If not, tough for them.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you leave some coon-infested state for a Whiter one, because the Interstate highway system makes it easy for the coons to follow you. And follow you they will.

  8. I’ll never understand people in, say , Britain who grizzle about the Polish immigrants, but think the curries and nignogs are just fantastic, or those in Ireland who hate the English…..whilst third world population creep is nothing to worry about. These ignorant fools need to understand the reality of race relativity.
    Every nation in the world will soon be Illinois, or South Africa, or Zimbabwe or Pakistan….

  9. Many of us, here, expect it to blow.

    That said, I remember people in the 1960s and 70s who were sure it was going to blow.

    It didn’t. It just got worse and worse, and as the debt becomes staggering, Rothschild ‘authorizes’ us to print more of our own money, issue more bonds, and folks continue to submit.

  10. Wow, go talk face to face of the 100’s of thousands of “black and brown” military
    servicemen and women who are protecting your sorry asses. Many of them paying the ultimate price. You’d be lucky to have them live in your state, cowards.

    I served for this country and let me tell you, we are NO military for a white country or any white outhouse decrepit rural outpost. You got guns, so do we. You angry, so are we. You all are what hold back this nation. I worked in military counterintelligence and can tell you interethnic conflict has been the greatest barricade to our nations peak potential more than anything else.

    You need to get on our knees and pray the looted generational wealth and social engineering propping your asses up doesn’t end sooner then your lifetime.

    I hate illegal immigration and blind globalism, but racism (there is only one race btw), as an appendage is as useless as appendics, although what fills them both is the same. I’ll leave all you mouth breathers with one sobering fact. Without human beings being capable of evolutionary adaptability to environmental challenges with different skin colors etc.. the human race would extinct you morons.

    Europeans had a much temperate season forcing increased productivity. In Africa, that level of activity would have meant heat stroke, death and everyone wondering how stupid they were for doing it.

    The greatest invention of mankind was/is consciousness, and that happened while humans were black in Africa. Chew on that. The only thing the northern climes gave us on their own were neanderthals.

  11. @ICUPIGS
    Thanks for the laughs. I served with browns for 8 years. Not one was professional, proficient or could shoot worth a shit. What they DID do was malinger, file fake harassment charges, go AWOL, cheat, lie and steal.
    I can’t wait for the collapse to happen. The police you despise are the only thing standing between your kind and a great culling that you’ve been begging for since the 1960s. When their paychecks stop it’s open season. Now FOAD.

  12. Let us not forget that the fleeing Californians, as soon as they move to new states, attempt to turn them into…..California. That has or is happening in Utah, parts of Texas, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon (an Oregon governor years ago came up with the slogan, “Don’t Californicate Oregon” …didn’t do much good did it?

  13. @spahnranch1969, you sure you ain’t got one of those split-personalities? lol! Maybe a repressed nog sharing real estate in your skull? If so, you need a priest of KEK, and quickly! XD

  14. @Spahn… are so unkind, and very deplorrrrable!!! If you ever do that again I’ll get Lana Lokteff onto you! Lol.

  15. What we’re witnessing here is not the death of any particular state, but the death of an entire *model*, the Democratic Social-Welfare State. When bondholders finally wake up and realize that democracies never pay off their debts and there aren’t any more suckers lining up to buy these worthless bonds, the entire model will collapse as quickly as the Communist Prison-State model did in 1989.

  16. The elephant in the room is the dindo element….but hush, hush…..the elites don’t want to talk about it.
    You give endless foreign aid to every African cesspool for decades on end, have affirmative action measures in place for blacks in the West and pprograms in place to give them sn undeserved head start over whites- and what’s it ever achieved? What it has done is drain the West of funds that help us get ahead and reach our potential. We are being dragged back by the need to help the inferiors who give nothing back in return.
    Everywhere blacks are, crime, unemployment, drugs, slums, rape, murder and debt follow them around.
    Its never been explained to me how non- white presence benefits a nation, nor why only White nations host them and not, say, Japan or Saudi Arabia.

  17. Here’s something to consider. Find out what % of your state’s population is on Medicaid. Now as ObamaCare collapses and the % on Medicaid grows, what’s the tipping point when your state must either raise taxes or default on Medicaid payments?

  18. As Illinois spirals towards collapse, and they can no longer hide it, their political class will grow ever more anti-Southern and anti-White. Like it or not, North vs South is still at the core of what passes for politics in America®.

  19. There is an enormous list of reasons for Chi-Congo to be nuked from orbit; Oprah, O’Bongo, first location of Communist Party USA, Jesse WTF’s his name , Rainbow Coalition, Nation of Islam, 100’s of hard core salafi death mosques, the greatest collection of actual communist swpl faggots on the planet, this is also the vile swamp that the HillaryBeast crawled out of.

  20. @Jeff Moore

    “There is an enormous list of reasons for Chi-Congo to be nuked”

    More likely, the residents of Illinois will blockade Chicago and starve it out.

  21. James Owen
    JUNE 8, 2017 AT 12:21 PM
    As Illinois spirals towards collapse, and they can no longer hide it, their political class will grow ever more anti-Southern and anti-White. Like it or not, North vs South is still at the core of what passes for politics in America®.


  22. Jeff Moore
    JUNE 8, 2017 AT 12:47 PM
    There is an enormous list of reasons for Chi-Congo to be nuked from orbit; Oprah, O’Bongo, first location of Communist Party USA, Jesse WTF’s his name , Rainbow Coalition, Nation of Islam, 100’s of hard core salafi death mosques, the greatest collection of actual communist swpl faggots on the planet, this is also the vile swamp that the HillaryBeast crawled out of.


  23. Native Chicagoan here.

    This article doesn’t really describe what happened in Illinois.

    The deteriorating demography of the state is obviously not helpful, but Illinois remains about as white as the country overall. In fact, it’s America’s most demographically representative state.

    Gibs-me-dats for minorities are are lower than what is available in several neighboring states (they’re higher in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa) and Illinois has quite a moderate tax burden for a blue state. The state is currently #26 in state taxes per capita, and the state income tax is a flat 3%. Income taxes are higher in those three states well. Illinois’ heavily Irish political class was always cynical about blacks and liberal programs.

    I’ll add that in fact the dindus are not staying…ever since the younger Mayor Daley took back Chicago from the blacks the city has been ruthlessly reducing the black underclass. Projects were destroy, inner suburbs were bullied into accepting dehoused blacks (Daley threatened to triple their water rates), and many blacks have left the state for neighboring states with more gibs-me-dats.

    The origins of Illinois’ fiscal problems lie in the 19th century, not BRA. State politics remain dominated by political machines, long after Bossism faded away in the rest of the country. Chicago, Cook County, DuPage County, and downstate Illinois are all controlled by old fashioned machines. Like all machines, their lever of control is patronage jobs. The generous pensions promised to public workers, which are protected by the Illinois state constitution, were never adequately funded.

    Illinois is not going to “collapse”. Some combination of screwing both taxpayers and public workers (in violation of the state constitution, which Rauner has been trying to undermine from day one) will ultimately be adopted.

    And if it’s not adopted, Illinois can simply declare bankruptcy. The proprietor of this blog hails from a state which actually did declare bankruptcy, the sky didn’t fall. Declaring bankruptcy would be good for the state of Illinois as it would make it easier to push through radical reforms.

  24. For Whites, only secession, segregation, and apartheid will save us. Without an ethnic nation state of our own, we will decline in numbers to the point of no return, like stocks of fish. All the academic, nik nak and micro-reporting is just chewing the fat. Blacks want their separate country, as do Browns/Amerindians. Divide it up and let’s part ways. The future is open, and filled with possibilities after that.

  25. Blacks consume. Don’t produce or create.GOP Limbaugh thinks blacks with access to education and jobs can be conservitves. Dr Ben Carson out there conservative. 2016 election Trump voter base overwhelming whites.

  26. I live in the southwest part of Illinois, and we don’t recognize Chicago as part of out state, at least I don’t. I visit Chicago once ever year or two, and it’s like visiting a foreign country, rag heads, niggers, orientals, pollocks. My home county is still reasonably white, 97% probably. The people here voted big for Trump 75% anyway, they seem like Reagan Republicans to me, not that much alt. right. In other words, the usual flag wavers and ‘we support the troops’ war mongers.

    It is true that the state is bankrupt, the legislature seems unable to do anything, the Illinois House and Illinois Senate is controlled by Chicago Democrats, and seem paralyzed. The Republican Governor won’t back down and give the liberals anything they want. The Illinois House wrote a big bailout for the Chicago public schools in their budget, and they knew the Governor said he would veto anything like that. So they don’t pass a budget, God only knows how much they owe the vendors.

    There doesn’t seem to be any way out, they owe too much.

  27. Should check out Hartford, CT. It’s majority black & Puerto Rican. It’s hurtling towards bankruptcy, no hope of remaining solvent.

    A little known fact is that Puerto Ricans actually perform worse than blacks but this is masked by their inclusion in “Hispanic” categories. The more white appearing ones who are more successful end up classifying as white over time.

  28. My Southern ancestors came to Illinois from Virginia in the 1830’s. My third great grandfather had a large land grant from the government for service in the 1812 War. I’m sick of the ridiculous financical and political conditIon this state is in, I’d like to move out, but I can’t. I have to look after the welfare of a granddaughter, and I can’t move her out of state. Also, my parent’s graves are here, along with the graves of my ancestors, and I would feel terrible if I couldn’t visit or decorate the graves on a regular basis. It would be like I deserted them. I hope the current governor, Rauner, can break the power of the Madigan gang that has a stranglehold on state poliitics, otherwise Illinois will continue to go into the sewer.

  29. Remember the issue with Illinois is this. There is Chicago and the New England settled cities in the Far North and there is everything to the South. It has always been in effect three states culturally. Unfortunately in the Midwest, the New England settlers typically became Urbanites and thus they monopolized power over everyone else while the WASPS Celts and Germans remained behind on the land.

    One thing I have explained here is it doesn’t matter whether it’s Fort Worth TX, Los Angeles CA, or Carson City NV in the 1800’s there were urban clusters of Yankees everywhere, they were by the 1860’s largely an urban people. Because of being urban, they were able to exude power beyond their size. Scarlett O Hara noticed this in Gone With The Wind and remarked on the Yankee urbanites flooding Atlanta following the war. If you look up the Grand Army of the Republic you will note countless WHITE chapters even in Southern states, largely in major cities. These would have been made up of Yankee shopkeepers and Postal service Yanks who came south to make money. An Urban Phenomenon you didn’t see outside the cities.

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