Negromania: What Did Antebellum Southerners Believe About Race?

Occidental Dissent continues to explore what our Southern ancestors really believed about race:

Note: In his latest blog post, Rod Dreher hopes that the truth about race is never known. Lately, it has been creeping out into public view and frustrating our egalitarians.


John Campbell, Negro-Mania: Being an Examination of the Falsely Assumed Equality of the Various Races of Men

Free Negro Rule, DeBow’s Review

George S. Sawyer, Southern Institutes

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  1. I don’t have to read in books what our ancestors thought about blacks. I’m old enough to have gotten it straight from them since my parents grew up in the old segregated South and I was born when it was first being dismantled. Dispite all the propaganda and indoctrination I was able to see for myself that they were right and never bought into the BS about equality anyway.

  2. Hunter WHY ARE WE HAVING TO HAVE THIS RAINBOW CONFEDERATE DISCUSSION????? Honestly I am perplexed as to why anyone would believe anything these people have to say. The first time I heard this, I thought to myself these people can’t be serious. These are the same type of people who would tell you that the Bible actually SANCTIONS Homosexual Marriage and Jesus himself had no problem with it. ITS RIDICULOUS and I can’t believe we actually are having to have this discussion.

  3. spahnranch1969
    JUNE 8, 2017 AT 4:13 PM
    @BillyRay: The Rainbow Confeder-fags are an extreme example of what the other side actually believes


    I honestly cannot comprehend them, their whole debate is so stupid its like debating with a chimpanzee in the cage as to the benefits of not flinging feces everywhere. I knew about Southern rights and traditional Southern beliefs young. When I am confronted with these people its literally so stupid I just SMH and face palm

  4. What’s wrong with enslaving an inferior race of people who by their very nature are fit for nothing else?

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