Donald Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court

President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court:

Kavanaugh was the favorite pick among immigration hawks.

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      • Look at this short video. Consider the info here when planning your strategy, for which we only have till either 2020 or 2024. What does the south need, ( other than to be enlarged a little ) ? How can we facilitate that, even a little ?

        • I’ll keep saying it until you get it:

          the Jews will permit no White Bantustans.

          (((they))) and their hired ethnic orcs intend to kill all of us.

          we either take all of our country back, or we lose it all.

  1. While the 100s of democrat-appointed, liberal jurists on the federal bench are always 100% reliable for a left-wing, anti-traditional, anti-white legal agenda on the court, conservative justices appointed by Republicans are always a question mark. Think Warren, Brennan, Stevens, O’Connor, Souter, Kennedy. History shows, unfortunately, that Kavanaugh might be the next Scalia or the next Kennedy. Either way though, given the options Trump was considering, he seems about the best choice on my issues (immigration and guns) based on the writings that I have seen.

    • “conservative justices appointed by Republicans are always a question mark.”

      I would like to see a time when whites will deny they were ever conservatives say, I was always a nationalist!

      It is time to dump conservatism. They are wordists, every bit as much as the left.

  2. The decades-long pattern continues. Republicans tend to nominate Catholics or Episcopalians and Democrats pick Jews (except for Sotomayor).

  3. Of the final four justices, it seems that Kavanaugh was the most ole-timey Gentile White – a conservativism with a bent towards Nationalism and Law & Order.

  4. The men who ascend to the top of America’s power are either useful idiots, compromised individuals,.or psychopaths.
    People with integrity may have semi-obscure blogs in the internet.

  5. THIS is just one ( huge, ) of many reasons why WE MUST VOTE FOR AND CAMPAIGN HARD FOR … the least worst one. Imagine if the witch won in 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least with the least worst one, we have a window of opportunity to get off our monkey tossing a ball watching butts and build us a new Confederate States Of America for white Christians only.

    GET R ( DAG NAM IT, ) DONE !

  6. I saw that a federal judge is letting the baseless lawsuits go forward over Charlottesville.

    Charlottesville lawfare, Stone Mountain, and the fact that Dems are openly allying with open borders and calling for the abolition of ICE is just too much.

    Don’t expect anything from a conservative except a knife in the back.

    • “Don’t expect anything from a conservative except a knife in the back.”

      Truer words have never been spoken. I’ve recently had this proven to me. “Conservatives” will not and have not conserved anything of true importance.

  7. Look for Brett to get “borked” big time. Just remember it’s 2018 not 1987. A lot has changed in the past 3 decades & not for the better, I might add.

  8. There must be a “WASP’s Not Allowed” sign at the entrance of the Supreme Court.

    We gave it all away.

    • Breyer is jewish and Roberts attended Roman Catholic grade and high school (a boarding one…).

      That makes every single justice on the court jewish or latin/Roman Catholic, or both in Sotomayor’s case.

      Yet so many on here doubted when Judeo-Romanism was exposed as the enemy.

      They don’t just not allow anglo-protestants; they placed the bull’s eye on our backs.

  9. If the SCOTUS were totally dominated by our people, the Jews would simply bypass and ignore it. Like they do with the Constitution and Law, when they get in the way

    • That’s a very good point, Mr. Owens.

      That is what I have long been saying to our Southern Nationalist Brethren, who dislike The Constitution : that, no matter who good any agreement would, or would not, be, with partners like The New England Yankees and Jews, it would make no difference.

      For those two, every agreement is just Ground Zero for the next war.

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