Live Thread: Hurricane Florence

Editor’s Note: We will keep you posted with weather updates.

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  1. You know, this kind of thing has been happening every fall since Creation. Mankind has known the perils of living on the east coast of N. America since, well, mankind. Only, of late, hurricanes have become political for some reason.

    -7th gen Georgian

  2. In 1996, Hurricane Fran arrived at the North Carolina coast near Cape Fear as a strong Category 3 after slowly making its way across the Atlantic through much of late August and early September. Its forward motion and intensity picked up, it took the storm about six hours to travel from Wilmington to the Triangle along a route that basically paralleled I-40. Tropical storm-force winds extended more than 100 miles from the eye. Although it rapidly weakened over land, Fran was still at about Category 1 strength when it moved through Chapel Hill, NC in the early morning hours of Sept. 6

    Driving through downtown Chapel Hill the next morning was like negotiating a maze of wires and downed trees.

    Near the university co-generation plant, Cameron Avenue was completely obscured by a mass of downed trees. Historic North Campus was covered in debris…

    Florence is supposed to move slower inland than Fran did. I wish that Florence would avenge Silent Sam’s removal by clobbering Chapel Hill again but right now that doesn’t seem like that is how it is going to work out …

  3. I’m sorry I can’t offer any advice as I’ve never experienced a hurricane down here in rural Australia. Good luck to all who live there.
    Keep your family, pets and photos safe-everything else can be replaced.

  4. I just stepped outside at 2:45 am here in eastern NC and the air is as still as it can be. Had some hard rain this afternoon but none right now.

    I’m not looking forward to a major storm. If it’s really bad it will probably be a real pita for at least a couple weeks.

  5. I don’t like the naming of hurricanes because it’s stupid and gay.

    Just watch out for the looters. Those niggers might be more dangerous than the storm itself. Best course of action is to just shoot them on sight.

    • A key issue is deciding right now to stay or go if this situation affects you. Katrina is a good lesson in logical nognitive processing. Security measures as necessary in the house and local community to be considered to deter looting googles. If you stay and water security may be vulnerable, then be sure you are well stocked with water. You need about 2L per day each for hydration. Possibly more in heat when the electricity fails. Fill the tub. Get purifier tabs if any doubt. Have a large supply of nonperishable food and if you are inclined to profit, tradable goods in the event of no power.Medicines, antiseptic and bandages. Batteries and solar charger. Torches, candles, waterproof matches. Booze shops may be closed. Have a plan B to get out and a destination. No need to be caught with the herd crowding exits.

      • fill the gas tank. If you have rechargeable batteries, make sure they are charged, including those that charge cell phones. Charge phones. Have the appropriate clothing ready and packed in case of darkness and chaos in the night. Know the best structures in your area to rendezvous to and have a plan in case communication is lost with people you know, ie points you will go to.

        I’ve been in a flood when the levees broke and it is no joke. Everyone got a message on their cell phones to evacuate. Some idiots drove into the water. DO NOT do this! The vehicle will become buoyant and there is all kinds of toxic crap and dangerous stuff in floodwater.

        On the bright side, we will see how the new FEMA camps work.

  6. I heard that after hurricane Katrina, Israel donated 1million dollars. That was nice of them. Oh no but hang on, they stipulated that the money can only be used to help Jews.
    ……Thank you very much.
    I wonder if Africa or Indonesia will help the hurricane Florence victim’s during it’s aftermath, you know, like we donate to them after a severe drought or sunarmi in their nations? Ummm….not likely. Yes us terrible huwhites are so nasty and pwivellidged.

  7. I’m likely going to catch some of this storm one way or another. Hopefully not the full brunt but who knows with these things. Hurricane paths rarely get predicted accurately.

    Fully prepared to bunker down at home for the weekend with clean water and books by candlelight.

    • Solidus – you also need batteries, flashlights, flares, if you can get ’em, nutritious hand food, that doesn’t need refrigeration or heating (tinned fish and meats, and power bar type things, cheese, etc) anti biotic cream bandages, etc.

      Good luck. I’ll pray for the well being and safety of all True Whites, and their families and pets, in the path of Florence.

  8. So much rain around here this summer I haven’t had to water the lawn–not once. Didn’t even take the garden hoses out of the garage. Lawn looks great. Guess this’ll be the capper.

      • Sorry to hear that, Junius. No problem of underwatering or overwatering here. It’s remarkable.

        Lawn flagged more than a month ago, but I resisted the inclination to water it. It more than recovered.

  9. Watching Bannon’s doc Trump At War, talk about a violent storm.. he really exposes antifa.

    Much love to all those facing Florence’s wrath.

    • Only White victims who are not poor. We should hope and pray that all the decent hard-working bourgeois whites make it out alive. But any whites who are trailer trash, single mothers, homeless people, etc. – we should hope they die.

          • The so-called “White Elite” greedy, selfish careerists are the REAL White TRASH. You are calling for the death of White People. You filthy KIKE. May Florence OVEN you.

          • Jijcf — in order for sarcasm to have effect, it has to have some direction. Otherwise it’s just random raving.

            Context matters.

            If this were a cuckservative National Review style site, your sarcasm would be topical.

            As it is, it’s like walking into a motorcycle repair shop in the middle of a discussion about motorcycles and saying sardonically, “Oh, yes, of course elephants are more efficient than horses at pulling carriages. Let’s slaughter our horses for glue and buy elephants.” That might be bitingly incisive in certain conversations involving horses, elephants, and carriages, but when you’re talking about motorcycles, it has so little relevance that it might as well be saying “blah blah blah bloople” very loudly.

            Posting sarcasm about only saving middle class and up people is just out-of-left-field babble on a site that appears to value the ties of kinship, culture, heritage, and nation above those of modern (((capitalist))) cuckservatism.

      • Jijcf: You’re right, the White struggle is not just about race, it’s also about class and economics as well. But if observing that fact makes one a “socialist” (which is apparently the equivalent of being a cannibal) then so be it.

        • Ironsides – I was not indicting this site specifically, but if you dont think that sentiments like the ones I expressed are widespread among WNs in general you are blind. Do you really think someone like Curt Doolittle or Brett Stevens would not agree with those statements if they saw them and thought they were meant seriously? What Kevin Williamson said about White working class is mild compared to what I’ve heard from some WNs.

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