MSNBC: Hallie Jackson Eats Brood X Cicada Scampi

According to Vladimir Putin, degenerate and declining empires get terrible at the little routine tasks that are the foundation of civilization. They make small errors and mistakes which accumulate and overwhelm the system. In the United States, the political class in Washington is making a big show out of eating cicadas while it agonizes over passing a simple infrastructure bill.

Note: Brood X cicadas attacked Joe Biden this morning.

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  1. Cicadas have long dormant periods to throw off predators making them impractical as a food source. I’m not into bugs for food personally but I find them much less disgusting than what Chinese and Japanese eat on a regular basis. They also don’t have large amounts of hormones like pigs and cattle that are active in humans either.

    • I don’t have a problem with Japanese eating fish or whales but the Chinese eating pangolins however… Bugs still gross me out the most and I don’t want to eat them

  2. This is typical of declining societies. But remember, this is happening in certain blue states and cities. I really don’t suffer from these stupid people nearly as much here. I think what will happen is the country will do what all decrepit empires do, start to break up. One day some red state governor will say no to some empire demand. Knowing Washington needs them more than he needs them. And the dam will begin to break. Might take awhile, but I predict it.

  3. Why do you subject yourself to watching so much junk media, HW? You are a scholarly man of letters. I should think you’d prefer reading The Georgics or The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in their original Latin text, no?

  4. If Miss Hallie would like to stay at home, and, while cooking up a vile Cicada Scampi, remain maskt, disarmed, and politically correct, (whilst shivering and sweating to protect the environment) I salute her right to do so.

    I, however, shall not be joining her.

  5. When I was a kid, we called them locusts and caught and played with them. If you held them by their eyes, they’d flap their wings. Which drove the dogs and cats crazy until they yanked it out of your hand, and tore it to pieces. I turned one loose, one time, and it flew up above the house, right into the mouth of a Bluejay. The Jays would attack you, or any animals that got near their nesting trees. Cicada’s were a big part of summer and they’d get real active when it got hot and dusty. They were/are the annual type that show up every year. The large brown ones were said to have a sting. Which wasn’t true. But we all tried to catch them, anyway, in spite of unfounded fear whispering in our subconscious ears. They were a rare prize.

    Those were good times, before we knew what Judeo-Yankee Bolsheviks were. Before we knew that there were people who didn’t put peanuts in their cokes, or accidentally step in fire ant hills with bare feet.

    It was sanity.

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