Donald Trump Never Intended To Withdraw From Afghanistan

I’m shocked.

Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw from Afghanistan was as fake as the rest of his administration. That’s why he never got around to doing it.

Defense One:

“President Donald Trump’s top national security officials never intended to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, according to new statements by Chris Miller, Trump’s last acting defense secretary. 

Miller said the president’s public promise to finish withdrawing U.S. forces by May 1, as negotiated with the Taliban, was actually a “play” that masked the Trump administration’s true intentions: to convince Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to quit or accept a bitter power-sharing agreement with the Taliban, and to keep some U.S. troops in Afghanistan for counterrorism missions.

In a conversation this week with Defense One, Miller revealed that while serving as the top counterterrorism official on the National Security Council in 2019, he commissioned a wargame that determined that the United States could continue to conduct counterterrorism in Afghanistan with just 800 American military personnel on the ground. And by the end of 2020, when he was acting defense secretary, Miller asserted, many Trump administration officials expected that the United States would be able to broker a new shared government in Afghanistan composed primarily of Taliban officials. The new government would then permit U.S. forces to remain in country to support the Afghan military and fight terrorist elements. 

That plan never happened, in part because Trump lost his reelection bid in November. And at least one other former senior Trump administration official questioned Miller’s retelling. But in revealing it, Miller challenged recent assertions that Trump is to blame for setting up this week’s chaotic scenes unfolding across Kabul. Miller alleged that despite Trump’s frequent public pledges to end the Afghanistan war and bring home all U.S. troops, many senior national security officials in his administration believed a total withdrawal was not inevitable. …”

Once again, that’s the problem with these people.

They run on cultural grievances and win by harnessing backlash politics. They desperately cling to their unpopular policy agenda. They also have no intention of ever delivering on their promises. It is a waste of time to empower conservatives because 1.) they don’t intend to do anything with power and 2.) lack a popular governing agenda which is why they will lose their congressional majority.

Note: The Taliban is doing more to block Afghan refugee resettlement than the GOP.

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  1. I also saw that a man in Afghanistan got beaten with a rifle by a Taliban soldier because he was listening to Cardi B in the street. BASED!

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  3. To be fair Biden pandered to nignog grievances. What sit got them? Anarchy on their doorstep. Whatever though, Trump was Playing a Fast game on policy. Biden actually took a tough decision.

  4. Re: “that’s why he never got around to doing it”:

    Trump was/is a great salesman. “Get out of Aghanistan” was one of his sales pitches, and he knew, by seller instinct, when to use it. No honest man can rise to the U.S. Presidency or Congress or even an office in a state government in this Usury System.

  5. Not to beat a dead horse but the Republicans are a bigger problem than the Democrats. At least you aren’t surprised when the Democrats implement their lunatic agenda yet Republican voters never fail to be disappointed by “their” candidates’ constant betrayals.

    The Republican Party needs to just go away, just like the Whigs before them. Potential Republican voters should just stay home on voting day rather than vote Republican and inevitably get screwed again.

    Events are in control anyway, not worthless, scumbag American politicians. The worthless politicians will be playing catch up to events from now on, always a few feet behind and reacting to events, not driving events.

    • I agree. The Democrats don’t hide their agenda. But this whole “conservative” thing, that the MAGA or other paleo-conservatives push with the Republicans is such a lie. Some of these people STILL believe that the Republicans are more honorable than the Democrats.
      The Republicans have not represented us in a long time.

  6. Rep. Sissy Cawthorn would be the “type of guy” that would get tossed off of a building if the Taliban ever came to power here.

  7. If the CIA/mossad’s pets in ISIS – which is literally nonexistent in Afghanistan – who claimed to have set off the bomb which killed some ZOG troopers then it sounds like there is a pissing match going on within the Deep State intel community. In actuality it was probably some CIA mercs that set it off.

  8. It hurts me to say it because i know it is not their fault just a combination of obesity, 24 to the 7 cable news brainwashing and the need to lash out at something with Muslims being an acceptable target, but most of America deserves what it gets at this point in terms of policy and authoritianist perversion.
    No one did a thing about the mass immigration replacement of Hispanics, Pakistanis, Indians and Chinese, LGBT propagandizing of our kids, and out of control black crime

    When every Boomer and average person I know today is actually weeping and saying we need to make these Muslims /without understanding the difference between the groups/ pay for bombing “our boys” and resend in the troops? They actually make me sick. Look around I go a whole day and see almost all Pakistanis and Hispanics but you want to restart a war because of a US gay op?

    • This whole thing makes me feel essentially nothing. I have disconnected myself from the actions of the ZOG Empire. My people are being destroyed. The people you are rightfully complaining about are being destroyed from within, and they are too stupid and distracted to see it.

  9. You’re last sentence says it all for me, “The Taliban is doing more to block Afghan refugee resettlement than the GOP.”

  10. Old confused ice cream man aka Presidont Biden actually did a solid I mean come on man gotta hand it to the guy. He did it as a flex to his lefty base who are mostly antiwar tho massive libtards otherwise

    Blumpf set this Taliban thing up to make Biden look bad but its him who looks inept to follow through on promises a recurring theme with Trump presidency And stupid blumpfs call on Biden is why isn’t he taking in more refugees?! forget this guy already he’s more then useless at this point

    • @Thom It is tough to disagree Biden showing the balls to pull the trigger is the best thing I have seen from a President in a long time. He knew his generals, party, and all the press would attack him without mercy. He still is an anti white traitorous old man but his performance here was great. It is a shame it is being ruined by what will be a quarter of a million migrants anf not the good ones.
      We will be getting all their social climbers, liberals, perverts and elites.

  11. OOO – “Thoon bithneth will be booming!” Such a ruff, tuff christer “warrior”. I know them ragheads’re just a-shittin’ themselves.

  12. His inauguration speech read like something out of an Alt Right flyer. He said all the right things, and then didn’t back it up with action. Maybe he couldn’t for whatever reason (Jews,deep state, etc), but the point is he said he would.
    If you can’t do something, then don’t say you can.

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