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The Vanguard

October 13, 2009 Hunter Wallace 53

The third installment in this series. It is time to discuss the good. In embryonic form, it exists. I’m not talking about National Vanguard, Vanguard […]

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Fog of War

October 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 30

This will be the first installment in a series of posts over the next week. If I learned nothing else from my sojourn away from home, […]

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October 12, 2009 Hunter Wallace 27

I just got home a few minutes ago. Needless to say, I have quite a lot to think about considering the nature of my out […]

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Into the Light

October 8, 2009 Hunter Wallace 64

I’m going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until Sunday. Don’t expect any new posts through the weekend. I can’t discuss the details, but I […]

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Cyber Anti-Racism

October 7, 2009 Hunter Wallace 93

In Arizona, a drive by shooting of an interracial couple already has the liberal blogosphere beating the “hate crime” drum. For the record, the police have […]

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Cyber Racism

October 6, 2009 Hunter Wallace 13

At Mississippi Learning, MSU sociologist Matthew Hughey is impressed by an interview with Jesse Daniels about her new book, Cyber Racism. As a pioneer of web […]

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Tribal Chieftains

October 5, 2009 Hunter Wallace 10

Hat tip: Karen de Coster. In the Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan laments the recent passing of a number of elderly Beltway scribes, whom she describes […]

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Cross of Gold

October 3, 2009 Hunter Wallace 77

At Takimag, Dylan Hales describes himself as an anti-egalitarian populist and along with Richard Spencer calls for a return to the gold standard. Normally, I […]

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Elite Punditry

October 2, 2009 Hunter Wallace 30

Hat tip: Tanstaafl. An excellent post by Steve Sailer has revealed that 50% of America’s most influential pundits are Jews. As Tanstaafl notes, the list understates […]

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Poor Roach

October 1, 2009 Hunter Wallace 20

Browsing VFR, I see that Lawrence Auster is claiming that Chris Roach is an “anti-Semite.” He is “bent out of shape,” “nuts,” “insane,” has descended […]

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Jewish Warmongers

October 1, 2009 Hunter Wallace 14

Here’s another reason to love our Jewish friends: A majority of American Jews support military action against Iran to prevent the Teheran regime from obtaining […]