Stage Three

It is time for White Nationalism to move to Stage Three: building institutions and networks in the real world.

I submit that Stage One was completed long ago. There is a broad consensus in the movement that the ultimate goal is a White ethnostate in North America. There is a broad consensus that Jews should be excluded from the White homeland.

We are divided over the particulars: the location of the White ethnostate, secession or taking everything back, the role of religion in the ethnostate, the boundaries of whiteness, the morals of the ethnostate, women’s rights, the specific type of government and economic system, the exact historical minuate of our racial decline.

These are all matters that can be fleshed out in the future. We can divide into factions and engage in politics after a White homeland is secured. In the interim, we should be able to find unity in our desire for a radically different living arrangement.

Stage Two was creating an alternative media in which this ideal could be disseminated and propagated to the masses. It has never been easier to run around the mainstream media and directly connect with our audience.

According to Leonard Zeskind, there are about 30,000 hardcore White Nationalists in America. There are hundreds of thousands of sympathizers who have been exposed to the movement. There are millions of explicit racialists who have never heard of us. There are tens of millions of Whites who wouldn’t stand in our way. There are tens of millions of implicit Whites out there who are potential converts.

Stage Two has matured to the point where we are reaching enough people to start doing things in the real world. Building the Pro-White media is a slow process that will continue long after the White ethnostate is secured.

Stage Three begins with forming state based networks of racialists. I’m referring to innocent stuff like touring historical sites, starting book clubs, holding meetings and conferences, eating dinner at a restaurant once a month, hosting a barbeque, cultural festival, or a concert, hanging out with friends, going out for drinks with a few buddies.

What does this accomplish? It gets people out from behind their computer screens. It shows people that doing stuff in real life is a lot of fun. It shows people that White Nationalists are normal. It dispels stereotypes. It raises spirits and creates real bonds between neighbors. It replaces fragile internet relationships. The enemy has worked hard to keep us anonymous, isolated, and bottled up on the internet for a reason.

Stage Four is openly engaging in political agitation for a White ethnostate. This involves attending protests, confronting the enemy, organizing protests, creating and joining organizations, leafleting, writing letters to newspapers, creating propaganda, running insurgent candidates in targeted districts, organizing boycotts, building an electoral base, etc.

Most White Nationalists are too frightened right now to forge ahead to Stage Four. They don’t have the confidence. The Libertarians have long been at Stage Four. They are moving ahead to Stage Five which is capturing political power, governing, and breaking out into the mainstream.

I’m convinced Stage Three is doable. I don’t see any necessary opposition between “theory” and “action”; we already have the goal, we’ve had it for thirty years, the problem is that no one is following up on it with action in the real world.

We’re stuck on the internet arguing and hairsplitting about the minuate of a collective fantasy! Either that or endless navel gazing. Which is why nothing ever gets done.

If White Nationalism is ever to amount to something more than a wish or a plea, it must move through Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, Stage Four, Stage Five and beyond.

If White Nationalists can’t find the strength to move beyond anonymous drive-by posting on the internet, then we are wasting our time and should focus instead on maximizing our own personal happiness.

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  1. I don’t disagree with anything here but, how long have serious people been pursuing this notion? I know I was kept away by the costumed freaks et al and I assumed that they were all that was out there. And you’ve been doing this blog, what? A year? That is not a long time activism wise.

    I think anti-illegal activists who have tons of real world lobbying experience will be moving our way in the near future and further down the line I believe/hope tea Partiers will as well. I know from experience a lot of them are at the very least race realists.

    I think the next step will happen quite naturally as violence between the races continues to heat up, more Detroits are created, and Whites are forced to live under Obama.

  2. Stage Three begins with forming state based networks of racialists. I’m referring to innocent stuff like touring historical sites, starting book clubs, holding meetings and conferences, eating dinner at a restaurant once a month, hosting a barbeque, cultural festival, or a concert, hanging out with friends, going out for drinks with a few buddies.

    Note that there are two key legal issues:

    1) Moving money without breaking laws;

    2) Putting a firewall between activists with good legal records and activists with bad legal records.

    1) Moving money – particularly across jurisdictions – is an area where untrained amateurs can easily run into “gotcha” problems. If you start a book club that has its own bank account, you might as well assume that sooner or later some Enemies of the USA with a large legal budget will find it and try to pin some bizarre lawsuit on it.

    In some jurisdictions, something as simple as a “virtual office service” can serve as a stopgap. Post office boxes and mail drops are always a reasonable layer of security.

    2) There are many white men of good conscience who have somehow acquired official criminal records. While we deplore the corrupt legal system that has caused this, we must not allow convicts to associate with important figures such as candidates for office. (I believe the by-laws of many political parties specifically exclude felons; I don’t know if “tax resisters,” conscientious objectors, and persons convicted of misdemeanors are similarly problematic.)

  3. Let’s add orientals to that list of people that should be excluded. I know this should be a given but there are some people out there who claim to be pro-White and are married to asians.

  4. To engage in politics without shoring up the meta-politics is to splash water upstream. The paleolibertarians aren’t necessarily making true progress. Sure, they’re getting more and more active. But after the millions of books sold, the hundreds of congressional co-signers, and the Rand Paul campaign on the brink of a Senate victory, they’re still no closer than they’ve ever been to ending the fed or stopping the growth of federal government.

    Don’t get me wrong, real world organizing is absolutely necessary. There must be more of it. But to dichotomize action and strategic thinking is to decapitate your movement. What we need are actions informed by strategy and strategy with action in mind. There’s too much mere acting out and parading around on one end and too much Atlantean sophistry on the other. We need to be pulling thought and action together, not choosing between them.

  5. If you have time to go out and do political stuff, you should ride the coat-tails of an existing political movement such as the libertarians, and gradually move them in our direction. I’m on a Ron Paul list and I can tell you the immigration restrictionists vastly outnumber the open borders advocates, even though the top guy of a particular party is both open borders advocate and has an irrevocable right of return to a certain country in the Middle East.

    Also, go Taqqiyah into liberal political movements if you have time, for example, when a local Unitarian church hosts some ultra-liberal anti-white speaker. After the speaker, in the parking lot, you might hear people who disagreed with blatantly anti-white views, and you have a chance to say, “yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I thought it was crazy, too.” Or an anti-war speech might lead to discussion of Israeli influence on foreign policy, which of course comes from Jewish power in American politics.

    In the liberal or progressive political movements, they are very accustomed to getting government grants. Maybe there’s a grant to do something that you can do, and no one else can or wants to do, so they offer it to you.

    Non-Jewish small w whites we can call “Quakers.” that’s pretty much the Unitarian liberal Utne Reader Mother Jones bloc. If you see the cartoon, “The Goode Family” you’ll see this species in action. The funny thing about that cartoon is that its not an exaggeration at all.

    Quakers are no match for the new man, the WN Taqqiyan. The WNT has adapted, he has evolved. He understands the way the world works.

    There’s nothing more powerful than Semitic strategies deployed by someone who is not expected to know them. It’s not that new, however. If you look at the LDS, it is definitely a “white man’s Mohamedism.” Polygamy, no drinking, Taqqiyah, strong networking for survival. I grew up not understanding Mormonism at all. That is, of course, intended by the Mormons.

    We should strive to hang out with just about every white subculture there is, from the homebrewing mountain bike hippies, to the Unitarians (Quakers), to the Libertarians, to the Tea Partiers. Just go meet people for the hell of it. You might meet a girl with whom you have an instant connection. You might find a job opportunity. Just get out there. Look in the classified ads of the local newspapers for announcements of political or social issue speakers, and you are on your way. Dress nice, look good, be confident but quiet at first, assess the situation, then talk to people. If you screw up at one event, there’s a zillion more where people either weren’t there, or they forget. Don’t be afraid to misbehave a bit in public. You’ll learn from it, and do better the next time. It’s fun to get in discussions with people.

    The more you do this sort of thing, the more socially adept you’ll get. Study NLP and the Stanislavski method. People want to be entertained. Learn a bunch of jokes by heart and learn a standup routine. Who cares if you “look stupid.” at first. THat’s the thing, is to get through the “looking stupid” part, because on the other side you will be successfully amusing people, maybe as much as their television. That’s a straight line to influence. Americans are kept amused and thus under control.

  6. From Instauration, January 1976:

    “Los Angeles: The small band of faithful had a busy month. One new supporter wanted to organize a study group. Another tracked down a man who wrote for a gift copy of The Dispossessed Majority on the grounds he was a UCLA instructor. It turned out he had no connection whatever with UCLA. Anything for a free book. Still another supporter has worked out a plethora of constructive solutions for the Majority’s resurrection, some of which may appear in later issues of this magazine. Meanwhile, he warned that Instauration should not be too negative and too concerned with our sickness rather than its cure. Our point is that the illness must be properly diagnosed before there can be an effective prognosis. An activist in the group said the time was long past for education and the deed must now replace the thought. We have heard this argument before; in fact it has been voiced up and down the land since 1930. The activist was told that until we can educate at least a small segment of our preachers, teachers and other members of the intelligentsia to see things our way, we will just be spinning our wheels. There is no deadlier enemy of activism than a false timetable.”

    From The Ethnostate:

    “Educate, arouse, act! These are the well-worn stepping-stones to power. But they should be traversed in that order. Arousal before education, acting before being properly aroused are invitations to failure. Misplaced priorities do not set the stage for momentous deeds.”

  7. Matt,

    It boils down to the Bowling Alone problem.

    The Bowling Alone problem is because we have to run our asses off just to stay financially above water. They did this to us on purpose. The consumerist society is a controlled society.

    The construction of the consumerist society was the seduction of the family into convenience and luxury. The family gave up more and more of its economic sovereignty, for the dream of retiring to Florida to play golf, or Caribbean vacations on cruise ships. We were seduced into becoming an unserious people, because the financial oligarchs of the country set the cultural tone of the country, and most Americans were easily seduced into it.

  8. We cannot think because there is acting to be done!

    We cannot act because there is thinking to be done!

    MGLS has a bit of a point in his concern that activity which isn’t informed by sound theory can be demoralizing and even counter-productive. Not to mention gas prices these days. But if that activity is informed by theory, and if it is informed by a spirit of experimentation and patience, then it can indeed prove productive.

    “A sedentary life is the real sin against the Holy Spirit. Only those thoughts that come by walking have any value.” – Nietzsche

    Furthermore, Kievskyite tactics for acquiring political and economic independence are assuredly worth the investment regardless of where the chips fall in the greater struggle. At the very least, they could assure that your ass is still in the game regardless of which course history takes.

  9. Kievsky,

    I disagree on a broad philosophical level, believing that it all boils down to patriarchy. True stewards wouldn’t seduce us with Caribbean vacations and girls on trampolines as part of an overarching plan to rob and replace us. I think I’m perceiving this from the top, down while you’re perceiving it from the bottom, up. I believe they’re complementary strategies.

  10. @Hunter—I think there is a big opening for a “White” political direct mailer. Funds can be raised, ideas spread, and people brought together. Think Richard A. Viguerie.

    You and your pals are young enough, and smart enough to run with the ball that guys like Viguerie have fumbled.

    Just do it. 🙂

  11. @Hunter

    A “White” direct mail campaign could be subtle & effective. You don’t have to hit White people over the head to get their attention. LOL. Just the facts.

  12. @Tom

    Why not use email? There are relatively inexpensive ways to reach millions of people. A simple and sensible series of short and too-the-point mailings containing both analysis and calls to action can have a dramatic effect over time.

  13. The phased strategy you describe sounds very similar to Commander Rockwell’s approach with the old NSWPP. The brownshirts and swastikas were mainly intended to get people’s attention, as was Rockwell’s appropriation of the “Nazi” pejorative. Though he remained an avowed National Socialist until his dying day, he began to ease away from the overt Third Reich symbolism, and into a more mainstream, Americanized message in the mid to late 1960’s. He even showed some willingness to cooperate with Black separatists such as the Nation of Islam, in order to achieve mutual goals. Though I’m not a National Socialist, I believe that Commander Rockwell was downright prophetic when it came to assessing White America’s future, and could very well have altered our country’s downward trajectory if he had survived for just another decade.

  14. Matt,

    I don’t think we disagree. I’m just pointing out why people are so messed up, which gives us our starting point.

    It is very valuable to hang out with regular Americans of various stripes, because you get a better lay of the land. You understand the natives better, and this practical understanding undergirds the theories.

    It was through my contact with Americans that I realized we need to use Semitic strategies like Taqqiyah, because our culture (our patriarchy) has been overthrow with Semitic strategies.

    As a patriarch myself, I agree that patriarchy is the positive program that is needed. Decades of movies and television have discredited patriarchy, and made men afraid of their own manly nature. Hence “THe Goode Family” type “men.” That is a very realistic show.

    Also, I grew up a latchkey kid when my own father was overthrown by my mother. I have seen the difference — the two different planets really, of the life of a latchkey kid, versus the life of a kid who grows up in an intact family. It’s like night and day. Children growing up in intact families, actually GROW UP, whereas we have millions of Americans who are chronologically adults but mental children. This is the core of what we are dealing with.

    So in a sense, we have to help millions of chronological adult Americans actually finish their unfinished business of growing into full adults. We have the ideological and cultural framework of what it means to be an adult; we just have to convince the chronological adults that ours is a better path in life, than hanging out with the hat on backwards, popping a brew and watching endless games and races. The two camps — the Bread and Circuses camp, and the Mind Weapon camp. Economic contraction will of course be the teachable moment.

  15. @Simon

    I guess you haven’t heard of “spam”? LOL

    Plus, you will never bridge the gap between the cyber and the real with spam. LOL. Only piss people off with your spam.

    Plus, a tangible, well presented mailing works.

  16. Matt,

    I’m not following your argument. There has been thirty to forty years of “meta-political discussion.” The vast majority of White Nationalists agree that a White ethnostate is the final goal.

  17. Maybe all the previously posted ideas could be effective, maybe most won’t. WN as a whole just can’t seem to attach any importance to is acting in the Traditional ways as a group individual and family. Our traditional survival strategy is the foundation of our victory strategy.

    Associate with fellow whites whenever possible on all levels. Don’t call attention to yourself by shunning non-whites and don’t discuss your politics in public without knowing (by reputation or observed behavior) the individual is already pro-white.
    Establish local business relationships with whites in a similar fashion. Deal with non-white only when absolutely necessary and never act as if it bothers you even though it may. Create hidden capcity.

    Subtly encourage a natural distrust for government (and popular culture) in our mates and family members without trying to convert them into WN. Only when this is a crucial part of our daily life can any other political organizing or movement building bring lasting fruit.

  18. @Hunter

    You can’t argue with success. Brent Bozell, and Grover Norquist have been at it forever too.

  19. Hunter said…
    I’m not following your argument. There has been thirty to forty years of “meta-political discussion.” The vast majority of White Nationalists agree that a White ethnostate is the final goal.

    You mean thirty to forty years of pseudo-intellectual static and crypt-keeping?

    You mean Esoteric Hitlerism? You mean lionizing a silly little lady who married an Indian and wrote childish books about her cats and her Fuhrer?

    I come to you from the future. I have hosted over a year of meetings. I have held public rallies. I have waded into the mob with our message. I have taken our message to the statehouse. I’m not here to brag or posture about that. Frankly, I have nothing to brag about. I’ve accomplished NOTHING. I haven’t a single quantifiable accomplishment for my efforts.

    Sure, I have a dedicated core of fellow advocates here in Indiana that I love like a family. But I don’t want to keep wasting their gas money and time they could be spending with their families to gratify some shallow and selfish desire to feel like I’m “doing something”. I owe them better than that.

    A “white ethnostate” is a goal without a plan, a roadmap, or the will to achieve it. As such, it’s a vacuous abstraction for now. What’s heartbreaking for me is that I can convince almost anybody I engage of my basic platform, of the height of the stakes, and the danger the current course poses for their own children. And you know what they do? They blink. They ramble some stupid platitudes to serve as a fig leaf over their inaction, then carry on watching football or whatever.

    The number of people who are truly active in support of our cause could fill a modest hotel conference room, presuming a masked mob doesn’t run us out of that conference room. There’s something deeply wrong with our current course of action. I think we took a wrong turn somewhere in our theory, preceding either our strategies or our tactics. And it’s no small wonder we’re off on our theories, being how far our “thinkers” have their heads up their Hyperborean asses.

  20. In your theory of stages, stage one and two have been in place, most probably way before you were even born.

    Race based movements and the struggle for tribalism goes way far back in history.

    They never really succeed. The most “successful” race based government is probably the Israel, and even it will fall apart at some point.

    The problem you are facing is that racism, although a reactionary element of the human instinct, goes against human nature as whole.

    Once you bring your theories into the masses physical world all will fall apart.

    Who will be white enough for your racial utopia?

    Who is going to be the head leader who decides this?

    Take Jared Taylor and his conference for instance.
    Jared Taylor opens his organization and conference up to Jews and even an occasional smattering of people of color who can tow the race based rhetoric for show.

    So, here you have a good number of like minded folks who share in the ideals of separatism all under one roof.

    What happens?

    David Duke pipes up and whines about Jews.

    Michael Hart has a melt down and runs out crying.

    Taylor is pulled in every direction between the Stormfronters and Zionists over who should be allowed there and who should not.

    That, my friend, is situation you are going to find yourself with.

    Okay, you are not including Jews in your fantasy Utopia, but you will face the same thing.

    Are you going to consider “Italians” white? Many of the “white nationalist” folk don’t care too much for the olive skinned Southern Italian Sicilians.

    Then, of course there is still issues the British fetishists have with the Irish.

    Slavs? Are they okay? Some say yes, some say no.

    Also, I wouldn’t pay much attention to Zeskind’s numbers.
    He is a great researcher and writer, but his facts and statements can get confusing.

    30,000 hardcore pro-white activists? Mind you, he might be including people who are no longer active, in jail, or even dead by now.

    Some of those numbers might also include the Michael Hart “Jewish” racist types.

    The others who are trying to accomplish your goals with more money, power and connections, such as Morton Blackwell and his Leadership Institute are not even making much head way.
    Blackwell’s latest venture with Kevin DeAnna and the Youth for Western Civilization college group has not only faced mass resistance, but cannot even exist as an exclusive for Anglos because out of the 3 or 4 kids that make up a YWC group in the few colleges that carry them, at least 1 or 2 are Jewish kids.

    Now, do you think you can accomplish more than a multimillion dollar organization leader, such as Morton Blackwell, who also has major spider web of political connections and access to Richard Viguerie’s direct mailing lists?

    This we will all have to see!

  21. @Tom

    Yes you are most assuredly correct, spam detection and elimination is a problem. However, if emails are well designed and, even if you reach only 1% of those sent, the potential can be enormous and at much less cost than snail mail. And there will be the additional benefit of potential publicity about it. I have used the net since 1993 and I have never received an unsolicited email supporting WN. The key is that a site like OD is so far above the normal level of discourse about WN issues that newcomers will be drawn in and give it an opportunity.

  22. @Simon

    Knock yourself out pal. LOL.

    But, for the more serious political types, direct postal mail is the way to go. It is tried & proven! Puts a tangible piece of real world political activism in someones hand. It also bridges the gap between the cyber unreal, and the real world.

    Once you have a “real” political relationship going, then you can always communicate by personal e-mail.

    Let’s say Hunter & Company do a “White” political mailing setting out the facts of the White American situation, and the facts are bad enough, they would naturally want to list the Occidental Dissent website, as Viguerie lists his website as a link/contact.

    Hunter & Company could do their own addressing, stamping, mailing and save money. But, I would suggest a professional printer who has a “bug” to do the printing. The “bug” might cost a few cents more per piece , but, it will save you trouble in the long run.

  23. Matt,

    You’re not saying anything new here. These problems are well known. I haven’t seen a new theoretical insight that has impressed me in years.

    We have a very good grasp on how and why America has degenerated to this point. We know why people hide behind pseudonyms on the internet and refuse to get involved.

    I’m so familiar with the subject by now that I could write a book about it. There isn’t much left to do in the way of analysis outside of current events. All the problems we are facing have been identified.

    I draw a distinction between theory and strategy/tactics. The former is more or less a finished product. The focus now should be on strategy and tactics. There is plenty of work left to be done in this area.

  24. I draw a distinction between theory and strategy/tactics. The former is more or less a finished product. The focus now should be on strategy and tactics. There is plenty of work left to be done in this area.

    I completely agree here. In comparison to the amount of effort put into the former no one has even begun to work on the latter.

  25. Spock,

    1.) Re: Racism

    You’re mistaken. It is natural for humans to be self interested. It is natural for humans to privilege their own families over that of strangers. It is natural for humans to favor their own kin over non-kin. Xenophobia is found in all known human societies.

    2.) Human nature works in our favor. It takes a massive brainwashing apparatus in the media, universities, and public schools combined with ruthless policing and status and economic penalties to enforce the present system.

    It is unnatural to despise one’s own kin group, to be ashamed of one’s own culture, to privilege and favor the children of aliens and foreigners over one’s own descendants. In spite of being in complete control of the commanding heights of American culture, our liberal elites are despised and resented by millions of Whites in flyover country.

    3.) Our task is much easier than yours. All we have to do is persuade White Americans to think in terms of self interest. We have heritage, culture, history, blood, and tradition on our side.

    It is easier to reconnect a dispossessed people with their own traditions than to convince them that their own demographic oblivion is justified by the highest ideals of justice and morality.

    4.) The debates that go on between the Nordicists and anti-Nordicists and the Christians and anti-Christians are a sideshow.

    5.) The philo-Semites are a small minority in the White Nationalist movement.

    6.) America was a “race-based” nation for over 300 years. In Alabama, 1/2 Whites already have explicit racial consciousness. The other 1/2 are implicitly White.

    7.) The major obstacles in our way are apathy, indifference, and laziness, not resistance from our enemies.

    8.) I won’t comment on Morton Blackwell and the Leadership Institute. You’ve given me enough laughs for one day. 🙂

  26. Personally, I think we should work on furthering a 10th Amendment movement that, if successful, would begin a process of separation between a subset of the American people and the established order. Something like this needs to happen before an explicit form of White nationalist activism can be successful.

  27. HW,

    My suspicion is that Spock = Silver = Accidental Dissent.

    FYI, in case you didn’t already suspect (or know) the same.

  28. HW,

    My suspicion is that Spock = Silver = Accidental Dissent.

    FYI, in case you didn’t already suspect (or know) the same.

  29. Matt Parrott you make some very important points in your response above.

    I really admire your activism, honesty and willingness to try things and do things. Therefore, I think your comments are more heavily weighted in my universe than some others.

    This is pretty harsh talk (for here): A “white ethnostate” is a goal without a plan, a roadmap, or the will to achieve it. As such, it’s a vacuous abstraction for now.

    Maybe we are not really convinced the white ethnostate is the goal. MGLS and I have gone around on this topic, and his responses have been to go back to first principles, which in his case are genetic. This has strengthened my understanding of why the focus is on this desired outcome. Still between a desired outcome and a accomplished fact there must be a plan, steps, milestones and progress along the way.

    So what is the first step (after convincing people) that we should take to forward our agenda? If we are going to send mass mailings out, what is it that we want to say in them.

    I read the first 40 pages of your book last night. It’s good, by the way, but just on a tactical level isn’t it better to call out the end state andthe key components of the plan for getting there, up front. Personally I don’t really need to be convinced that I don’t have much in common with African Pygmies, or that blacks have extreme criminal tendencies. The question is: OK, so what to do about it?

    Hunter’s answer is simple: “we need an all white ethnostate in the old South” – but there is no plan attached so there is nothing for *me* really to do. OK, I can blog and send Hunter some cash, pretty much the same stuff that’s been going on for a generation and hasn’t resulted in much.

    Hunter’s rival in my Area, HAC, has the same endpoint, but has taken the step of laying out in detail his plan to get there. It’s a classic insurgency and revolution plan modeled on what Communists have done in many places. It could work but it’s not really the type of thing that most people (say those who would read the first forty pages of your book and agree with most of it) would have any interest in pursuing. There is a big divide between: “there are too many non-whites in my city, and they are ruining it. Or even – there is too much elite Jewish control of the media and political aparatus in my state” and supporting a National Socialist revolution.
    (But if you do buy into his scenario he has stuff you can do, starting with moving to the NW.)

    I hate to suggest mere politics as the bridge between theory and accomplishment but I’m not sure what else there is. Every successful communist revolution has had a large political component. For every one armed revolutionay there are 10 covert supporters, 100 party members and 1000 sympathizers.

    We need a plan that sets clear goals, achievable goals (maybe with larger ‘eventually’ or ‘desired end state’ goals visible behind them) and lists the tactics to be used to achieve those goals. These don’t have to be all within the existing political system, though particularly with voter initatives there is huge propaganda value to gettting something ballot qualified.

    Ward Connerly (a mulatto, with his own agenda) did more to raise consciousness about Affirmative Action with his several campaigns (direct ballot) than all the WN propganda created since Dr. Pierce. It was discussed and debated endlessly in my state, and average white people were, at last, forced to think about what it really meant. It was (nominally) made illegal as a result.

    That’s not an example of an end state, but it’s a tactic. Stack enough of those up. Create a platform (like A3P is trying to), drive it with tactics, both electoral and non-electoral, activist, perhaps even civil disobedience — whatever works — and people will start to adhere to the movement.

    Matt, that’s my take on your comments and I’d love to hear what others have to say.

  30. Well just wait a few years. You will not have a problem establishing a home land in the old south as people leave the area because this oil spill keeps gushing and gushing and gushing. You can go there and erect and oil tar temple to scientific rationalism and the enlightenment. Do you really think people are going to give a shit about racial attitudes when they are loosing their livelihoods? You have the opportunity right now to help your own people that you claim to be advocating? At least give us some update about what is going on in Alabama. If you can travel there and talk to regular folks even better. Really, what is going on and what is going to happen?

  31. Hunter-
    Maybe you need to read my comment more carefully.

    As America had a racial based power, it was not reflective of the racial make up of the population.

    In the principles of a government by and for the people, the government is finally reflecting its populous.

    As far as racism as a part of human nature, I confirmed that fact in my last comment.

    Where human nature rejects racism is as a collective populous.

    Sure, you can convince a number of people to be self interested, Ayn Rand is proof of that, but, you are then conflicting your goals of a unified whites only movement.

    How are you going to unify people who are focused only on themselves?
    Ask any Libertarian about their downfalls and inability to become anything more than another fringe political coffee clique.

    No, we will not be the down fall of your movement, your advocates will accomplish this all on their own.

    We are not the black bandana crowd, we are research nerds with some in our crowd who are decent in the area of media arts.

    Inner fighting is the weight tied to your ankles keeping your movement from success.

    It will start with what will be the declared definition of “who is considered white and who is not”.

    Once you firm up that definition, it is popcorn making time for my crowd as we watch the fireworks show.

    I also stated this in my last comment, but maybe not well enough.

    You can stress all you please to about heritage, but the heritage of all cultures are losing their advocates.

    Why? Because they are no longer considered a valuable part of society as a collective.

    Our goals are not to suppress your goals as much as to encourage the over all collective ideals of “we are all in this together” and a unification of all peoples to find solutions the situations our society is facing is more effective than archaic tribalism.

    Just as you try to magnify the reactionary instinct of tribalism, we focus on the inner human instinct of social interests.

    Why do you come and comment on our blog or why do you bother with Jeffrey Imm?

    Because there is an instinct within you that wants to reach out and have contact with those who are different from you.
    It is part of our advancing social nature to reach outside our selfish primal nature.
    This is why you will never be able to organize and bring a viable white nationalist to fruition, to try and unify a collective of any people, self focus will never work.

  32. “Stage Three begins with forming state based networks of racialists. I’m referring to innocent stuff like touring historical sites, starting book clubs, holding meetings and conferences, eating dinner at a restaurant once a month, hosting a barbeque, cultural festival, or a concert, hanging out with friends, going out for drinks with a few buddies.”

    I think this is an excellent idea.

    You can never have enough media obviously so that should be ongoing, never-ending and also fail-safe i.e multiple channels e.g internet and radio, so if one goes down there’s others still going.

    Nationalists in Europe tend to go straight to electoral politics including *trying* to use the MSM as a media vehicle. This is *very* difficult given their hostility and the better a nationalist gets at dealing with the hostility the more they get edited so you can’t win, only draw. Alternative media is the way.

    Electoral politics also acts as a social activity but because the bonds mainly revolve around elections, if you have a disappointing result then it tends to damage morale a lot and can break things up.

    Looking back i think euro nationalists in the past have neglected stages 2 a bit and 3 a lot so your stage 3 sounds like a very good idea for foundation-building.

  33. Whites in Alabama already have strong racial attitudes. The difference is that now they are mad enough with the status quo that they are talking more about politics. The Gulf Oil Spill has disrupted the plans of everyone to go to the beach and fishing.

  34. Wandrin at 8:14

    Your point is correct in the British context.

    Not enough is done outside of elections.

    The BNP used to have a big family weekend which normally had well over 1,000 people each year called Red, White & Blue. Unfortunately, it’s not happening this year.

    They also try to do web-based TV and radio.

    I think it’s a good idea to have the media technically separate from the party, ie call it something like Independent British Television instead of BNP TV and maybe have it so the media guys aren’t Party members.


  35. Spock,

    1.) As I am sure you know, America was explicitly founded as a “White Man’s Country.” The First Congress based naturalization on race. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there were a dozen further naturalization acts that reaffirmed that whiteness was the basis of American citizenship.

    The Dred Scott decision should have settled the matter. It clarified that the Founders intent was that only Whites could be U.S. citizens. This was obvious because blacks at various times had been banned from serving in the Army and Navy and working for the Post Office.

    Under the U.S. Constitution, Indians were classified as foreign dependent nations. It wasn’t until the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 that Indians became full fledged American citizens. The Fourteenth Amendment was required for blacks to become American citizens.

    Hispanics were not allowed to vote in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico until well into the twentieth century. Hispanics and Asians were only able to naturalize as U.S. citizens after the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 finally eliminated the whiteness criterion from American naturalization law.

    2.) The Founders established a White Republic. They created a free society for White people. Blacks and Indians were present in America at the time and were not considered American citizens.

    3.) The term “racism” didn’t exist until the 1920s. It came into circulation in the 1940s and 1950s. “Racism” wasn’t considered a social problem in America until the Truman administration.

    4.) White Nationalism is a mix of self interest, altruism, and idealism. Unlike the Libertarians, we play to every key of human nature. The people who label themselves “White Nationalists” have already made the transition from purely self interested behavior to getting involved in highly idealistic social movement.

    5.) Admittedly, you have a point about some of our advocates. Bill White, the World Commander of National Socialism, is not going to lead the White masses to White Revolution.

    Fortunately, this is a tractable problem. Bill White’s Neo-Nazi organization in Roanoke collapsed. It is has been replaced by our group in Charlottesville. I hesitate to self promote, but I consider that a drastic improvement.

    The dysfunctional types in this movement weed themselves out over time. They will be replaced by a new crop of leaders who are much smarter and more talented.

    6.) There is not as much infighting in the movement as you think. This perception is created by a few loudmouths on the internet who no one in real life has anything to do with.

    7.) White Nationalists are up against a paper thin sense of identity in multicultural America. Liberals have diluted Americanism to the point where it is no longer attractive to millions of White men in their twenties and thirties.

    There is no incentive to identify with the multicultural state: Western self hatred, White guilt, glorification of non-Whites, hedonism, materialism, degeneracy, nihilism. No thanks.

    Liberals have created a vacuum at the heart of Americanism. Nature abhors a vacuum. White men will search out and create alternative identities. It is already happening.

    8.) As per your previous question about Morton Blackwell, I will point out that OD gets far more traffic than his website, in which he has invested millions of dollars. Stormfront utterly dwarfs them.

    Conservatives are not reproducing. They are going to lose the next generation. No one under 35 wants to read kosher con bullshit anymore.

  36. Dermot,

    Yes, i used to think going straight from (1) Nationalist idea to (4) Electoral politics made the best sense because in theory you can use electoral politics as the way of doing (2) and (3) but in hindsight i’m not so sure.

    In a way it’s things like the alternative media, RWB festival and the social stuff that are the foundation with the electoral side sitting on top.

    Some of this is happening obviously, like the TV and web radio show so you can do stuff and listen at the same time – very good. Shame about the festival though.

  37. Naturalization is the process by which people can become citizens of a country they were not born in. The United States Constitution grants Congress the power “to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (Article I, section 8, clause 4). Soon after the Constitution was ratified Congress passed the Naturalization Act of 1790 (1 Stat. 103). The act provided

    that any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any common law court of record, in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the Constitution of the United States….

    This act reveals one of the deepest ambiguities in American citizenship. In requiring a period of residence prior to naturalization, members of Congress emphasized that foreigners should spend sufficient time in the United States to appreciate American democracy; Congress viewed America as a school for equality and democracy. But by preventing foreign-born people of color from becoming citizens, the act established that American citizenship contained its own aristocracy, that of race.

  38. Hunter- the foundations of this country in a bases of the racial intent of its make up is not as cut and dry as you claim.

    There were those who wanted to preserve the free labour of slavery vs the more progressive minds of the early abolitionist movement.

    It was farmers vs the intellects.

    Lots of back and forth debate and some give and take on both sides to get things solidified, with the understanding that things are going to change as the future as the country progresses.

    We have been pretty successful so far to achieve this.

    No, the neo-con movement is not growing, but neither is the paleo-cons racial based movement.

    What are people under 35 buying? They all voted for Obama! And so these voters and demographic on a continued path of a unified populous.

    You, and your young crowd are a small number.

    The cranky old people in Alabama you have identified with, also, a very small number and dying out.

    Using the numbers for your goals:

    According the the 2009 demographic numbers Alabama is about 70% white.
    You claim 50% of that number are sympathizers to your cause.
    So you have a 35% of the population of Alabama as a potential captive audience while the other 35% is joining the nonwhite population of 30% so you have 65% of the state’s populous not in your favour.

    Do you expect to build from 35%? If you can even unify that entire 35%?

    You sound like the VA 8th Republican fight to unseat Jim Moran, which we have all dubbed as “masochistic”.

    Hunter, you are not a moron, but you are very young and idealistic as we all are or were at one time.

    This demographic you think you can inspire will either not respond they way you intend them to, if at all, and you will find yourself putting a lot of work and effort into something that will cause your demise at the hands of your own people.

    The inner fighting is not a small detail, it is the very nature of the white nationalist movement.

    White Nationalism is a movement based in reactionary anger made up of angry people who need to lash out.

    You have been at the receiving end of this already.

    If they are not lashing out at nonwhites, they are lashing out at each other, and they always will.

    Even with the jacket and tie crowd, Brimelow has had issues with people within his VDare organization resulting in a split and leaving Brimelow sans a chunk of his funding.

    Every once in a while, you honestly need to ask yourself, are you building a movement or chasing the windmills?

  39. The historical facts presented here are interesting, how do we use them?

    Other than the already converted I’m not sure I see how relevant they are. Most people, aculturated to the overwhelming ‘racism is bad’ meme would simply view all those ancient laws as anachronisms, part of America’s original sin, the cause of the lower achievement of minorities today, and perhaps proof that affirmative action is a just policy.

    Given that how does presenting that help us? We could also point out that the founders believed that keeping blacks as slaves was not a big problem. Few White people would join a movement that was advocating going back to the racial arrangemnts of the 18th Century. Even among Tea Party types who love the founders, they are also very proud of their ‘non racist’ movement.

    The pre-1965 immigration reform act argument that Matt makes in his book (which is taken from Brimlow’s Alien Nation I believe) seems more useful to us.

  40. Oh and about Morton Blackwell, his goals have not been about a website, but about his Institute which does generate about $7 million a year from tuitions and donations.

    His ability to politically network and raise funds is unmatched by anyone else I have witnessed, besides maybe Ron Paul.

    And, even Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty was the major sponsor for Leadership Institutes ‘s 4th of July picnic last year. One of the biggest political events for VA sans Shad Planking and Tom Davis’s Christmas parties of past.

    Now, I am not giving Blackwell props, I don’t like him very much, but I do know a bit about him and his organization and have been watching them closely for almost a decade.

    Blackwell can make a phone call and get a check for $1million on demand, very few can claim the same.

  41. “The historical facts presented here are interesting, how do we use them?”

    Against the idea of the “proposition nation.”

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