Proud To Be An American?

Not really.

July the 4th

In the year that has passed, I haven’t seen cause to change my mind about anything I said last year. I’m still not proud to be an American.

I am a secessionist. I want to “opt out” of the alien society surrounding me.

Here are a few reasons why:

1.) Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States.

2.) Eric Holder is Attorney General.

3.) Sonia Sotomayor, the “Wise Latina,” now disgraces the Supreme Court.

4.) Elena Kagan, a lesbian Jewess from New York, will soon be appointed to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor and Kagan will join the ridiculous Ruth Bader Ginsberg in having the authority to “interpret” the Constitution.

5.) The Obama administration refuses to secure our borders and protect the states from invasion.

6.) The Obama administration is suing Arizona for having the audacity to protect the lives and property of its citizens.

7.) The ACLU is suing Fremont, Nebraska to block the anti-illegal immigration ordinance that was recently adopted there.

8.) The Obama administration ignored the Nashville Flood.

9.) The Obama administration is allowing the Gulf Oil Spill to destroy coastal Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

10.) Barack Hussein Obama and House and Senate Democrats denounced Arizona in solidarity with Felipe Calderon, the President of Mexico.

Any of those reasons could be cited as causes that justify secession from the United States. A few trivial taxes on tea and stamps sparked the American Revolution. If you are not convinced your state should secede by now, allow me to entertain you further, dear reader …

11.) American culture is filthy, rotten, and degenerate. The virtues and vices have traded places; vicious behavior is rewarded and lauded in the media, virtuous behavior is denounced as nativism, racism, xenophobia, heterocentricity, sexism and so forth.

12.) America is ideologically bankrupt: we are promised “freedom,” but we don’t have the “freedom” to create exclusive businesses and associations; we are promised “equality,” but we face discrimination in employment and public accomodations because we are White; we are promised “tolerance,” but are the subject of ritual denigration by public officials; we are promised democracy, but when we pass laws unelected judges strike them down.

13.) In America, Whites are denied a positive racial identity. We are discriminated against for daring to defend our interests. In contrasts, Jews, Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians get massive subsidies from government and corporations to promote racial and ethnic chauvinism.

14.) Whites are demonized by our cultural elites in every conceivable way. Non-Whites are romanticized and glorified.

15.) Whites have to put up with outrageous levels of violent crime that our ancestors would never have tolerated.

16.) Whites are forced to participate in integration and multiracialism. Every business is integrated by law. There isn’t a single public place in all of America reserved exclusively to us.

17.) Whites are forced to hire incompetent non-Whites.

18.) The wealth of Whites is transferred and redistributed to non-Whites through various government programs.

19.) White children are forced to subsidize and attend government schools with the “progressive” social engineering that comes along with that.

20.) Whites are sent to their death to fight in foreign wars for a regime that despises us and yearns to displace us in our own country.

Did I mention that the only reason that we are “Americans”  in the first place is because the Confederacy was conquered by the U.S. Army? The South has been a vassal province of the United States for 145 years.

What does America have to offer us? Nothing at all. In America, we are a degraded and stigmatized for daring to defend our interests and entertain a positive identity, whereas whores, rogues, and white trash are worshiped as celebrities. In America, a negro can make a billion dollars for dribbling a ball.

America has nothing to offer us but degeneracy, discrimination, and ultimate dispossession. If your goal in life is sexual dissolution or making money in a “global marketplace,” then I can see why you would be proud to be an American.

If you want your rights to be “interpreted” by Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan, your laws enforced by Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, your culture produced by Hollywood Jews, your neighborhoods invaded by Mexicans, and your jobs provided by Wal-Mart and McDonald’s, well, by all means, continue to pledge allegiance to Washington’s imperial flag.

It lost its appeal to me a long time ago.

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  1. Here, Here! Of all the holidays of the year(aside from the explicitly non-white ones, naturally) I ignore most, Independence Day must surely top the list. Since any sensations of patriotism flew out my window some years ago, I agree with this article 100%. It’s sad, and still bugs me a little…but not that much, truth be told!!

  2. ‘No offense to the Founders or Revolutionary generation.’

    I am sure that those who fought the War for Independence would share your feelings towards the modern USA’s “long train of abuses and usurpations” against its citizens.

  3. I was totally prepared to do battle.

    However after reading your arguments I must say that I understand and I agree with your sentiments.

    However, I do suggest you do a little more research on our history and know that these things have happened before and have been overcome.

    Actually I believe this was the issue discussed in “the Federalist Papers”. The discussions between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, the senior.

    I still celebrate the Independence devlared by our forefathers on July 4TH 1776 represents, as we all should.

    As it is those of us that remember that and continue to celebrate the day we declared ourselves free men. We may have to do that again and race will not be the issue. Remember there were men of color and foreign decent that helped win our freedoms from tyranny, during the Revolutionary War, which is why we celebrate this holiday. Be Proud and Stand Tall.

    Religion and the denial of Sharia Law will be the battle for all the reasons you stated above plus #21

    #21 We infidels and non-believers are but chattel in eyes of those that are intolerant of our toleration. By tolerating them we appear weak and will become enslaved unless we stand together and share their intolerance and declare ourseleves and protect the freedoms and liberty of future generations.

    Celebrate while you can my friend for the day may soon come when our celebration will not be tolerated. Be prepared and unite.

  4. Ahem, July 4th is not Constitution Day. Only six signed the Declaration and the Constitution:

    George Read, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, George Clymer, and James Wilson.

    The anti-Federalists predicted the horror of centralization.

  5. Wow, Hunter, you really summed everything up beautifully. I, too, am not proud to be an American because the America I was proud of – and loved – no longer exists.

    I am not proud of my race for its complacency and blind stupidity has destroyed my America faster and more thoroughly than any other means or methods.

  6. Emanuel’s monkey Obama handed out $ 2 Billion Dollars today to a foreign (Spanish???) engineering company to build a couple of so-called solar power plants of some sort. Few details released.

    The American made material content will only be 70%—on a 100% American tax payer paid for job.

    Only 1500 permanent jobs will be created for our $ 2 Billion Dollars.

    The whole thing smells like nigger stink & jews breath.

    Happy 4th of July.

    Btw, my ancestors were American Revolutionaries, and I am eligible for the SAR all kinds of ways.

  7. You can’t turn on your television without seeing Khloe Kardashian or Elin Nordegren chasing after some negro. You can’t go a day without seeing racial mongrelization in a public place.

  8. I saw someone on the MSM saying that America should be proud of its diversity. Being an American doesn’t mean anything anymore when anyone from any open sewer in the world can come here and call themselves one. At one time, and it wasn’t that long ago, we lived in the richest most prosperous nation in the world. We were the largest creditor nation on Earth loaning money to the rest of the world. We were number 1 in the vast majority of industries and the leader in technology and innovation. We had the highest standard of living in the world, the best educational system and more freedom than any other nation. These were things that made you proud to be an American. How far have we fallen when the only thing we can be proud of is our displacement, decay and eventual demise?

  9. The farce that is Maywood, California:

    Boasting a population that is 97% Hispanic, more than half foreign born, and 40% illegal, the Los Angeles County, Calif., incorporated city of Maywood has achieved the Reconquista goal. It is now as lawless and chaotic as any place in Mexico. Maywood is a warning to every city and town in America.

    The Maywood City Council announced this week that after years of radical policies, corruption and scandal, the city was broke and all city employees would be laid off and essential city services contracted out to neighboring cities or to L.A. County government.

    How did this happen? Until recently, Maywood was the model for “brown power” politics.

    Maywood was the first California city with an elected Hispanic City Council, one of the first “sanctuary” cities for illegal aliens, the first city to pass a resolution calling for a boycott of Arizona after that state passed a law to enforce federal immigration laws, the first California city to order its police department not to enforce state laws requiring drivers to have licenses to drive, the first American city to call on Congress to grant amnesty to all illegals.

    Council meetings were conducted in Spanish. Maywood was the leader in the peaceful, democratic achievement of the La Raza goal to take power in the U.S. . . .

  10. My national day is March First which is the date in 1781 when the legitimate US government was born. It was known as the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union which became effective on March 1, 1781.

    Plus I celebrate November Eleventh as the anniversary of the first written constitution in North America, the Mayflower Compact made in 1620. A little too monarchical for our purposes, but still our first continental governance.

    We have enough legitimate holy days to craft an entire calendar for European Americans to celebrate and enjoy our histories here in North America.

  11. Mr. Wallace,

    >Increasing diversity is only a good thing if you accept the premise that >whiteness is inherently pathological.

    Do you draw a distinction between the forced diversity of discriminatory multiculturalism vs. voluntary diversity?

  12. Generally, I agree with the post, but civic nationalism is one of the main feeders into ethnic/racial nationalism. The failure of nonwhites to assimilate into America (real America, not TV America) is often one of the first things that makes people sit up and think ‘hey, they’re different from us!’ and eventually to the realization that they are biologically incapable of assimilating into America due to innate behavior differences.

    PS Khloe Kardashian isn’t white anyways.

  13. I agree with everything in this post except that I don’t think Asians are glorified minorities in the way that niggers and spics are. The kike media also seems to denigrate Asians (especially the males) more than any other nonwhite mud.

  14. @ Hunter

    California is becoming one huge Maywood as we watch from a safe distance.

    You don’t really expect the Roman Catholics in California to move against their fellow Roman Catholic co-religionists from South of the border do you???

    Let’s face it, the Protestants today don’t have the stomach, or the moral courage to harshly rebuke the Roman Catholics, and their Jew political allies.

  15. @Tom

    Mexicans are not Catholics, by and large. They are Protestants or nonbelievers or something else. The Catholic Church was illegal in Mexico for many years. Why would you think Mexicans were Catholic? Because they use Christian medals? Pretty weak stuff there.

  16. Orientals are muds too. They’re short, sneaky, weird, introverted people with bad haircuts and rotten teeth. They’re displacing White Americans just as much as the niggers and spics. In fact, it’s worse because many of them compete for higher end jobs. A White with better or equal qualifications for a job will lose out to an oriental a l’affirmative action. They’re only saving grace is their low crime rate but that’s attributable to their diminutive size, feminine mannerisms and comical appearance. They’re passive people but don’t underestimate their penchant for violence under the right conditions. Living in the West is stressful for them and they internalize their anger at not being able to find a wife or even a date. Sometimes that anger is unleashed in a blind fury of frustration like the Virginia Tech shootings or the decapitation of a White person on a city bus.

  17. Can’t argue with HW’s facts, they are all well put and spot on. Conclusions wrong though; you soth’rn boys must have a repetition-compulsion. Prime focus must be on liquidating the ZOG; that means attacking toward it, not “seceeding”….which will never suceed so long as organized Jewry still rules the nation as a whole. ZOG gone, then we can see about a white ethnostate. Just speaking personally, I wouldn’t let you get away with one square inch of current American soil…though I can see some annexationist possibilities for the project involving that fake-nation to the north.

  18. @Sallie

    Don’t run that Roman Catholic bullshit on educated adults. LOL

    99.5 % of Mexicans, and other Latinos are Roman Catholics. Although it is true, that the Roman Catholic church took the easy way out, and adopted many of the pagan customs of the Aztecs, Mayas etc. and incorporated them into Roman Catholic ritual & practice in Mexico and Latin America.

    I guess you don’t think that Somalis are Moslems? LOL.

  19. Regarding physical appearance, I’d have to say kikes are even more repulsive than Asians. Asians just have a non-descript, flat, poker face. Kikes on the other hand have beady eyes that bulge out of their sockets, hook noses, weak chins, and a thick lower lip which combine to make them look like little demons or something out of a horror flick.

  20. anon says:
    July 4, 2010 at 3:43 am

    Then why are so many men of our race dating and marrying the gooks?

    Fred Reed has an answer:

    I see where women, or college girls anyway, are honking and blowing most fierce about how they don’t like the way sex works nowadays. Yeah. It seems that the hook-up is in flower. This means that the girl meets some guy on a bus or in a remedial-reading class in college or finds herself in the same elevator, and he says, “Let’s screw,” and she does, maybe right there in the elevator, and then she’s all mad because she did, and because he did, men, the bastards.

    I was born too soon.

    What seems to get their panties in an uproar is that they offer their favors to passersby like soap companies handing out shampoo samples, but without the intimacy, and then grouse because the guy doesn’t call them back. Why would he? Give me one reason.

    What I don’t get is, why are gals bitching? This is the world they wanted. They clawed and scratched and burned their bras and had court cases and threw fits to get exactly what they have. They hated men because, they said, men weren’t letting them copulate frantically like men had always wanted them to. Men, or more likely their mothers, didn’t let them make themselves unattractive by dressing like hod-carriers and swearing like sailors. Finally men gave in and now women hate them for that. Whatever happened to gratitude?

    When I was a young stud—well, young anyway—in high school, girls were still oppressed, which meant that a guy knew he probably wasn’t going to get laid, so he might as well find a girl he really enjoyed being with. The idea slowly leaked into his hormonally disabled psyche that girls were kind of special. You could actually like one. Sure, a guy made pawing motions because he was expected to, and she went along to a minor extent. But that was it.

    So she didn’t feel used or hooked up with because she hadn’t been, and he thought he was damned lucky to have her. It was a concept of sorts.

    But then came fem-lib. A torrent of really nasty dykes with politically-significant hairy armpits started yowling about how it wasn’t fair that men could cat around and women couldn’t. Then the Pill shifted the paradigm into high gear. Girls could now Do It in relative security, and abortion, also championed by feminists, provided sure-fire back-up. There was now no reason why a woman shouldn’t say Yes.

    Which meant—Oh bliss!—that she had little excuse for saying No. Sally Sue might have teeth like pearls and brains and perky tits and a wacky sense of humor and actually be quite a prize, but sex trumps art. If Sally didn’t say Yes, she knew that Greta would. Women had commoditized themselves. It was a marvelous thing for the testosterone wads we think of as college boys.

    It quickly came to the old country saw with fangs: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Guys learned that they could say, “Check your oil, lady?” and it worked. Praise de Lawd! Gloria Steinem and Andrea Fire-Plug-with-Leprosy Dworkin had done what men had failed to do in millennia: produce a race of obligately loose women.

    Women, never happy, discovered that they didn’t like this either. They wanted the right to rut, but not the duty. Unfortunately the two were a package. What they really wanted was to…get married. Being less adept than men at getting outside of their own heads, they didn’t understand why a lot of men were happy single. For a guy, serial monogamy was fine. So was hooking up. Soap flakes are soap flakes.

    But it was what women had deliberately brought about.

    Not being too good at abstraction, they didn’t understand that a man can be perfectly happy with casual sex, scuba gear, and a Harley Sportster. Left to himself, he would never think of having a Volvo station wagon, a boring McMansion with a backbreaking mortgage, or a wedded termagant who wouldn’t let him go out with his friends. He doesn’t see himself as exploiting his one-nights. He didn’t tell them he was looking for a soul mate, and may well have told them he wasn’t. (Fortunately they never believe it.) He probably isn’t contemptuous of them. He just wants a shot of leg, and figures she must have been taken by the idea, since she did it.

    Certain dialogs become common:

    “All you want is sex!”

    “Uh…what else have you got?” or “So what?”

    Or, “Marriage? Why? Would sex be better? Would food taste better? I don’t get it.”

    Or, “Marriage doesn’t make sense. Do you want to eat in the same restaurant all your life?”

    Marriage of course has only the function of getting the woman’s legal hooks into the guy. It’s a set-up aimed at child support and nothing else.

    Anyway, it was the world women crafted, but somehow it didn’t suit them. Nothing does. They relapsed to their default position: Furious.

    To make matters worse, women decided that they wanted to be men, or like men, or one of the guys, or some equally awful thing. Enter Anti-Viagra: the little blue blazer with shoulder pads, and the floppy pants-suit suitable for a trailer park outside of Las Vegas. These had the appeal of truss ads and alone would have dropped the birth rate below ZPG, but then came the Chip. As women entered what had been a male workplace, they found that they didn’t much like it, precisely because it was male. Angry as always, they set about neutering all things male, with wild success.

    The Chip was the view that they weren’t going to take any crap, accompanied by a constant search for crap not to take. Hating men gave them a horsepower unavailable to males, who didn’t hate women but just wanted to get away from them.

    Here again, women got what they wanted. Much favored them. Though they knew less about politics than do men, they voted in larger numbers and, since they did the shopping and liked buying things, they discovered that they had tremendous economic clout. They couldn’t compete well with men, but didn’t have to: Affirmative action worked just fine.

    Except somehow it didn’t. One triumph after another somehow didn’t make them happy. They chased boys out of college, providing the satisfactions of vengeance for a crime never committed, but it engendered the hook-up culture, and they hate men for it. They pressured the divorce courts to rape men, and now hate men—the beasts—for not marrying them.

    I dunno, Brothels and Cisterns. It seems to me that the feminists got just what they wanted. They made their bed. Now let them lie in it. But quietly. Oh please, quietly.

  21. @Robert

    You don’t approve of this behavior do you? It seems like white men are the ultimate racemixers today, much more so than our women.

  22. Compassionate Fascist: I agree with you about that nation to the north. They are pretty much a cultural extension of our northern tier of states, with an extra dash of holier-than-thou, and 90% of them live within 100 miles of the border, enjoying our generous economic crumbs. A re-conquered America will not need a hostile, multi-cultural, suppurating wound of a country oozing and dripping along 4000 miles of border.

    H.Rock White: I’ve noticed how foreigners will adopt Hollywood fashions and mannerisms, thinking they being “American”. I had a conversation with a Russian woman about this. She was mystified until it occurred to me to tell her that the U.S. media was like the USSR’s propaganda ministry: The multi-cultural paradise was just like the workers’ paradise. The scales fell from her eyes.

  23. Why do so many orientals troll around White Nationalist sites trying to build up sympathy for themselves or that they’re somehow better than the rest of the nation wreckers our government imports? When the great purge comes they’re going to be shipped back along with everyone else. As far as why White men are supposedly flocking to mail order brides, we’re talking about approximately 230,000 White men with yellow fever vs 51 million White men with White wives. If you want the real information on why this is happening just do an internet search. The results are most unflattering.

  24. No! This is a type of political schizophrenia that is all too prevalent and acceptable in American WN circles. It is an impossibility to split one’s identity and loyalty in two. It is a lie. One may as well claim to be both a Christian and a Muslim and expect such a “split personality” to carry ideological and political weight.

    If you consider yourself to be a secessionist, then own the statement. Do not jam out by watering it down with a redundant nationalist identity. If you separate from somewhere to somewhere else, even if the “somewhere else” is still nascent and preliminary, then do so. Such would require the philosophical championing of the new (in this case the geographical determination of a new White homeland) and the denouncement of the old (in this case the spent institution of the industrial nation-state called “America”).

    Until such time as American WN secessionists shed the restricting skin of their American exceptionalism, it is all for naught. The effort remains mired in pretending. It is infantile political make-believe.

    Tom Sunic, i.e. the A3P, can purport to show as much false interest in secession as he wishes via the Keith Preston interview. He betrays his comprehension and intent with the framing of his inquiries. There is no need to flush him out; he flushes himself out.

  25. Just speaking personally, I wouldn’t let you get away with one square inch of current American soil…

    Now CompassionateFascist/seadragonconquerer, a fierce opponent of racial preservation, implies that he would use deadly force to prevent racial separation. Many of CompassionateFasicst’s comments consist of him posting about how he dreams of running people over with his car and shooting people. One gets the feeling that it is only a matter of time before he blows a fuse and goes on a violent rampage. He says his goal is an anti-Jewish rainbow coalition, calls a white ethnostate an “albino bantustan,” wants to ally with non-whites to kill white Americans, and lusts for the death of millions of Americans in a total bloodbath of a civil war.

    Why am I virtually the only one to object to CompassionateFascist’s anti-racial preservationist comments on a blog ostensibly devoted to racial preservation? It is because, as Mark correctly pointed out, anti-Semitism, not race, is the driving force for the majority of posters here. As long as you are anti-Jewish enough, the cultists don’t care if you oppose racial preservation.

    Those who refuse to consider anything but “total reconquest” of a multiracial America need to think long and hard about their priorities. If you would not cede even one square inch of territory in exchange for geographic racial separation, then racial preservation is clearly not important to you.

  26. As usual, Fred Reed is wrong in his assumption that women desire marriage and children more than men do.

    From a survey of 466 college students:

    “Men and women did not differ in their self-reported desires for marriage and children. However, the typical man was perceived as having a lower desire for both marriage and children and the typical woman as having a higher desire for both.”

  27. Once again we come back to the importance of honing our arguments for racial separation.

    I know that Occidental Dissent has decided to try to appeal to disgruntled Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party types. A message like the one outlined in this post may in the short term persuade some of these conservative types to support a vaguely “pro-white” position, but how effective will it ultimately be in advancing the cause of racial preservation?

    The issues outlined in this post (anti-white leftists in government, lack of enforcement of illegal immigration, anti-white discrimination in education and employment, denigration and stigmatization of whites, violent crime, lack of free association) are neither necessary nor sufficient justifications for racial separation. These issues could be remedied without separation, and you can expect our opponents will make exactly this point.

    One can easily imagine “colorblind” conservatives arguing against the Obama Administration, for enforcement of laws against illegal immigration, against affirmative action, against cultural denigration of whites, for tough anti-crime measures, and for freedom of association, but vociferously opposing racial separation. Suppose the establishment granted the following concessions: gave whites the right associate as they wished, enforced laws against illegal immigration, implemented anti-crime measures, and no longer denigrated whites and instead encouraged them to take pride in their identity as other groups are encouraged to as part of a big happy multiracial country. This would take the wind out of the sails of your argument for secession. The conservatives you had convinced to support a vaguely “pro-white” position will be placated, but we will continue to head down the path to racial destruction.

    Furthermore, the case for racial separation is not dependent upon the issues in this post. Suppose the above concessions were granted, remedying the issues you raise. Would this obviate the need for separation? No.

    Racial survival is what necessitates separation and the ethnostate. Separation is required for racial preservation, and the survival of our race is the most compelling reason for partition.

    Richard McCulloch discussed the importance of the reason for partition in his essay “Separate or Die”:

    Partition and Racial Survival

    The foundation for any partition proposal, and its most important point, is the reason, purpose, or motive for the partition. If this is not right, then it is likely that the partition proposal will be fundamentally flawed at best, and probably downright counterproductive, like a treatment based on the wrong diagnosis. A partition is a very drastic measure and as such can only be justified by some very compelling reason or purpose. The extent of support for partition will logically depend on how compelling that reason or purpose is seen to be. Those who see the reason as very compelling will tend to be more supportive than those who do not, or those who do not see the more compelling reason, but only a less compelling reason. Therefore the most compelling reason for the partition is the one that should receive the greatest emphasis, the one that must be clearly understood and accepted by the greatest possible number of the population. Less compelling, but still valid and legitimate, reasons should also be given, with emphasis in order of their importance, yet without allowing them to distract attention from, or cause any confusion about, the most compelling reason.

    The reason, purpose, or motive for partition will not only determine the degree of support for the partition but also the particular form the partition proposal is likely to take. If the only reason given to justify a partition is various black pathologies and inferiorities, from low intelligence to high rates of crime and other social delinquencies, then the partition is likely to be limited to separating blacks only, and perhaps lower class blacks only, from the rest of the population. If the only reason given is that some whites simply do not like to live among blacks or in the same country as blacks, then the partition proposal is likely to be limited to the creation of a black-free state where these particular whites can live.

    But if the reason for partition is the very survival of our race, the most supremely compelling reason of all, then a comprehensive plan to achieve complete racial separation is both called for and justified, and the degree of popular support for the partition will be maximized.

    The next most compelling reasons would be those of racial independence, freedom, and self-determination, recognizing that a race exists not only biologically in the bodies of its individual members, but as a corporate body or population with its own racially unique traits and characteristics, whose existence and preservation also requires racial separation.

    In 1988 I had the opportunity to meet William Gayley Simpson, author of Which Way Western Man.(4) At that time he was in his nineties and in declining health. He compensated for his lack of conversational endurance by distilling the essence of his thought into one very terse and pointed message: “Separate or die.” That simple phrase tells us two vitally important things. First, racial separation is necessary for the long-term preservation of our race, the founding and still the majority American racial type. It is a simple matter of either-or—either racial separation or racial death. Second, the alternative to racial destruction, the solution to our racial crisis, is racial separation. Not immigration restrictions, segregation, white supremacism, or other half-measures which have had their innings over the last two centuries, nor anything that need harm other races or violate their legitimate rights and interests, including the most extreme measure of all—genocide. So the solution to our existential crisis is a limited and finite measure, not an unlimited and infinite one, and so one that is easy to define and comprehend its dimensions and means.

  28. MGLS,

    >Suppose the establishment granted the following concessions: gave
    >whites the right associate as they wished, enforced laws against
    >illegal immigration, implemented anti-crime measures, and no longer >denigrated whites and instead encouraged them to take pride in
    >their identity as other groups are encouraged to as part of a big
    >happy multiracial country.

    Full disclosure, I’m probably one of those people you mention here. Also, I’m not trying to convince anyone to share my opinion, just intrigued by this topic and interested to learn more.

    In thinking about what a white ethnostate would look like, I’m trying to imagine a modern equivalent, but coming up blank so far. I’ve heard arguments on this site such as “Mexico is for Mexicans, China is for the Chinese, we’d like an America for Americans.”

    Yet as an educated White American, I can go to just about any country (except extreme dictatorships like Myanmar and N. Korea, and islamofascist states) to live and work for an indefinite period of time, in a city of my choosing. I can marry one of the locals and have children who then enjoy complete national participation.

    Are you suggesting a more extreme state than has ever existed in the current era? Even the most pro-racial modern nations like Japan still understand and account for the need for non-natives to participate in finance, commerce, science, etc. By WN standards, is every country in the world currently in the process of committing racial genocide?

    Again, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just intrigued by the subject, and rather impressed by the high level of logical reasoning exhibited by many of the posters here.

  29. “I can go to just about any country (except extreme dictatorships like Myanmar and N. Korea, and islamofascist states) to live and work for an indefinite period of time, in a city of my choosing. I can marry one of the locals and have children who then enjoy complete national participation.”

    No you can’t. There are borders and visas you know. And some countries restrict citizenship on ethnic origin basis. Learn more.

    You can’t go in Israel and marry a Jew unless you are a Jew – it is against the law and nobody will perform the ceremony. Learn about it.

    You cant go in Japan and become a citizen Japan is for ethnically Japanese.

    There are so many things you can’t do because you are white but you should research it yourself.

    We want an ethnostate. Like jews have for themselves. And the most stringent laws wouldnt be harsher than those which were enforced in the South of USA as recently as 50 years ago and even later.

  30. RF,

    I’ve done research on this subject for career reasons, and those were my conclusions. An educated white american with useful skills has little trouble getting such visas.

    I wasn’t suggesting that I can get citizenship, rather suggesting that I can reside and work in most countries as long as I wish, and that my children can enjoy citizenship privileges. From what I’ve read, the envisioned ethnostate would probably not extend such options to non-natives.

    I could convert to Judaism to marry an Israeli woman, but an Indian can’t convert to white to reside in the ethnostate.

  31. The average Southerner is far more heavily subsidized by the federal government than the average American Jew is. We tend to live in states that are net tax payers and you tend to live in states that are net recipients of other states’ taxes.

    And regarding the wars, the best way to avoid military adventurism in the future is to keep the active duty military small (as we did between the world wars). But the South was a big supporter of having a large peacetime military, because most of the biggest military installations were/are in the South, and peacetime military jobs are basically a form of workfare (I’ve served in the military, so don’t try to pull some ad hominem nonsense to detract from this factual point).

    I am not thrilled with the Obama administrations pro illegal alien position either, or its racialism in favor of blacks (and, for that matter, I’d prefer a John Roberts clone on the bench to the “Jewess” Kagan), but if the South wants to secede, I say let it. It’s mostly a drag on the rest of the country anyway. You should be forced to keep your blacks though, as eternal punishment for the folly of bringing their ancestors over here in chains.

  32. It is fitting that a flag that once stood for freedom and demanded respect, now stands as a symbol of our enslavement. It has taken a long time for me to separate my respect for my Father and Grandfather from that flag. I will always honor them in my heart for what they gave me, but the US Flag no longer represents what they fought for. If he were here today, I have little doubt, my Grandfather would put a Bible in one hand, and a Confederate flag in the other. He may have come to realize what his Grandfathers fought for, and that the fight is not over. Blind patriotism to an oppressive government is not the model of a good citizen and is a sure road to tyranny.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  33. America is a 3000 mile wide Jim Jones cult. We are gonna win the hearts and minds of whites when we offer them a metaphorical plane ride out of this hell on Earth (of cult goons abusing our people with weapon words like “racist” and threats to their well being).

    The likes of Giles and this Mona and Hal and the other uniforms time has passed it is time to move on from their innefective behavior.

  34. Hunter – you are a brilliant writer. You really are. Clear, lucid, and profound.

    Late last night I signed on to Yahoo, to check messages. Yahoo’s page layout features “news” items. Uusually some lastest idiocy, and/or irrelevancy, from some “celebrity” freak.

    There are a “header” for video form “America’s Got Talent”. Some brown Puerto Rican male singer was providing a “Susan Boyle moment”. I clicked on the video, out of curiosity.

    Now – the fellow does have a great voice. (Opera is a truly international art from.) The reason I am relating this incident is because of what the video revealed. The singer is a brown mongrel, of some kind. The judges are that English (?) Piers Morgan fellow (The only White man in view), Sharon Osborne (English Mamzer Jew), and Howie Mandel. The “host” is some anonymous Negro. The audience, glimsped inthe background? A complete mish-mash of every “diverse” creature imaginable. I was aghast. And sickened. I no longer have a country.

    Where did my Nation go? There is a place called “America” – but no-one was an American.

    I am living in a leaderless nightmare.

  35. Fred Reed is a Race Mixer – so I normally never read anything he says. I did scan his article, though, and in that torrent of words (some ideas are dead on target – some are not) – I pulled up one gem:

    “Marriage of course has only the function of getting the woman’s legal hooks into the guy. It’s a set-up aimed at child support and nothing else.”

    Well – yes. Yes, Fred – this is why marriage exists.

    This what marraige has always been about. Everywhere. In every human society. A system, in various configurations, created to provide a stable environment for the care and feeding of the next generation. I mean – isn’t the next generation (of White children) the raison d’etre of everything any of us are doing?

    Fred seems to think there is something wrong with this.

    The destruction of marriage hurts every-one. And FYI – I kow a lot of guys who still break their backs for their kids. Their children are their entire world. Hard-working White men. They seem to love their children far more than the mothers do.

  36. Mr Garver

    Did you know that White people are legally barred from owning property in India?

    How about we reciprocate their law throughout the Western World?


  37. “Well – yes. Yes, Fred – this is why marriage exists.”

    He’s talking about after the DIVORCE, Denise, not a happy marriage.

    Reed is mostly right in his comments about many modern women. His commentary, of course, does conflict with the romaniticized versions of life as still envisioned by a high percentage of WN’s and what I frequently point out.

  38. Really, Brutus? I must have missed the word “divorce” in all those paragraphs. I don’t see the word “divorce” anywhere near the sentences I cited.

  39. Great article…I don’t know how any self-respecting person of a healthy, sound mind can be proud of what AmeriKa has become.

    It’s hard to imagine any people in history as used, abused, degraded, and just plain embarrassing as white amerikans… impotent, cowardly, incapable of mounting any kind of defense, incapable of working together for anything….really shameful.

  40. My family has been here since the 1600s. This is what’s going on in my house right now:

    My race-mixing Brother just got off the phone with his non-white wife. Last night at the bar he told me about a Moroccan girl he knows who he’d like to set me up with. He’s now eating breakfast and listening to reggae music. My Father is sitting on the couch watching sports without a single white on the field. My Mom is reading and poisoning her mind reading jew media tabloid magazines.

    The sad fact is that I have an endless amount of time to educate them about our situation and they refuse to listen to me.

    I’m losing energy and enthusiasm.

  41. Are you saying I’m a gook troll Robert? Me thinks you’re a crypto Jew. You never once mentioned the Jews in yours posts? Hymie got your tongue? Fucking rat kike.

  42. I didn’t mention dotheads or shiptars either. Does that make me one also? What am I supposed to think when someone posts something meant to garner sympathy for these invaders?

  43. I agree that the orientals should be sent back to their native countries. I’m just saying they are higher up the evolutionary scale than other muds.
    By the way, what is your stance on the kikes?

  44. What imaginary world is this read living in where most white women are feminists who have casual sex with strangers on the back of the bus? Where are these women who out of touch grovelers imagine give it up so easily? I’d love to meet them. Most women put up quite a few hurdles in order to get them into the sack, the promiscuity that exists in “American Pie” movies is largely either the result of the sheltered lives of bigwig Jewish movie producers taking advantage of the casting coach. Or a fantasy world of how they want white women to be. I was just out at the 4th of July Parade and saw dozens of young attractive white girls who the Puritan wing of WN would probably deride for their Brittany Spears wardrobes. However, next to none of those girls would be caught dead referring to themselves as “feminists.” Every normal, attractive white woman knows than “feminist” means “lesbian” of the real, foul, bull-dyke Kagan kind, not the play acting thing, and they know no man is going to pay their bills if they go down that road. These guys who say “all American women are feminists” to justify going after “traditional” (as they claim) hispanic, filipina, or post Soviet women is probably lying to themselves and saying what they think sounds better than the truth: They are going after women who are EASY not “Traditional.” Most of these guys end up with women who are far more materialistic and promiscuous than the typical suburban white woman.

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