Roid Rage: Jim Giles Chimps Out

Jim Giles, Anger Management Issues

After my brief appearance on Radio Free Mississippi, I swore that I would never have anything to do with Jim Giles ever again. In the months that followed, Giles abandoned his “journalistic approach” to doing interviews.

He became increasingly obsessed with black-on-white crime. In several memorable broadcasts, Giles launched into epic tirades against his various political enemies in Mississippi. He even shared aspects of his private life like the time he screwed a mulatto in Paris.

In December and January, Jim Giles was fond of riding another hobby horse: attacking the “white money movement.” He swore up and down, repeatedly, that he didn’t want your money. He literally screamed into the microphone, “I don’t want your ****ing money,” to emphasize the point.

Somewhere around February, Giles removed all the archives of his previous shows. He returned doing interviews with unfamiliar figures. I moved to Virginia and quit following his show.

Listening to RFM

In recent weeks, Giles has popped up on our radar screen again. He recently did several interviews with Pastor Martin Lindstedt which were posted on the forum.

H. Rock White has become a huge fan of these podcasts. There isn’t a day that goes by here in Charlottesville in which Harold Covington, Martin Lindstedt, and Jim Giles can’t be heard in the office. We listen to all three of them.

I believe we started listening to Giles again after the Richard Barrett murder. He has since moved beyond that subject. Giles is now commenting on the Edgar Steele case. His position, as I understand it, is that his “blue tick nose” has convinced him of Steele’s guilt.

The definitive proof: Giles thinks that Steele looks funny.

Epic Meltdown

So anyway, to cut a long story short, I was upstairs reading the James Edwards book when I heard screaming and laughing coming from the office. H. Rock White was laughing so hard that I thought he was about to die of a heart attack.

Jim Giles was on the air with Pastor Lindstedt, “Hadding,” and some woman named “Mona.” Giles was hollering and screaming at Lindstedt and making threats. He was ranting and raving about beating up Edgar Steele and living in a trailer. H. Rock White and Mike Capatano repeatedly tried to call in to the Skype conversation.

It was hilarious.

If for nothing else but the lulz, check this out. See especially the end.

Download: Roid Rage: Jim Giles Chimps Out

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  1. You are not doing yourself any favors by reminding everybody of your visit with Jim Giles and the sequel in which you stated that you were on verge of changing your entire ideological orientation just because somebody got a little rough with you. You disgraced yourself.

  2. You also failed to mention that what set Giles off was when Lindstedt told him that a lot of people would be labeling him as a federal informant because of his view of the Steele case. In effect Lindstedt was saying, you keep expressing your view and we are going to run our mouths to ruin your reputation. I think that’s a substantial provocation.

  3. Giles is either a tool or a fool. I have listned to Giles Shire off and on for the past year or so. I did respect his interviewing skills and he had alot of different guest on his show. How did some hick from Miss. get all those people to come on his show? Very intresting question. It seems Mr. Giles attacks anyone trying to say something, last year he had a fued with Curt Maynard ( R.I.P.) Then Tom Metzger ( Metzger is old news) Hates Dr. Duke ( Duke has been making some good videos as of late) and when the 1/2 Jew from Southern Poverty came on his show, he treated him with kid gloves ( very telling right there) Giles went on a rant also calling media ‘ Nigger media’ Why would he say that, when anyone with half a brain knows that the Jews own it lock stock and barrel. I guess my final straw with him was when he didn’t know who George Lincoln Rockwell was. He played it off for awhile and then said Rockwell didn’t impress him with the pipe. Well anyone that has followed anything, must have realized how right and what a great man George Lincoln Rockwell was. On that same show, he also said he never read Dr. William Pierce and thought anyone who had cats was weak. Well Dr. Pierce may not have been a leader, but he sure as heck knew what was going on and did great weekly broadcast. So yes after hearing this tool Jim Giles bash George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William Pierce I knew Giles was a shill and not to be listened to again.

  4. That’s an interesting position:

    I thought I handled myself quite well. I drew a clear line between the useless crazies with their genocidal rhetoric and ordinary racialists who want to work for positive political change.

    In the six months that have elapsed since then, OD has accumulated almost 30 contributors. We have a physical headquarters in Central Virginia and a staff of four. In the fall, we are doubling our staff and creating a Northern Virginia cell.

    In December, OD had about 10,000 comments and 7,000 unique visitors a month. We’re now up to 35,000 comments and 67,000 unique visitors.

    We’re going to keep chugging along. Six months from now, please return and argue your point.

  5. Any normal person starts off not knowing who Rockwell and Pierce were. That is a silly reproach.

    Lately he’s been trying to mend fences with David Duke.

  6. Note:

    The purpose of this thread was not to rekindle the Giles/Linder feud. We were just tuning into the show and thought the Giles meltdown at the end had some entertainment value.

  7. HW sez: “I thought I handled myself quite well. I drew a clear line between the useless crazies with their genocidal rhetoric and ordinary racialists who want to work for positive political change.”

    Your moral posturing was effeminate and repulsive. (Giles used a more colorful word to encapsulate the same notion.) Likewise, this expression of your continuing resentment: it’s effeminate in the worst way.

    Your paper-thin commitment to your professed beliefs also does not inspire confidence. If the wind blows from the wrong direction, if some representative of the WN perspective is not nice to you on some particular day, you just might convert to Judaism.

    Your boast of success with this website has nothing to do with my points about your conduct and your out-of-control bias.

  8. I remember Mona from my college days when I used to troll the politics lobby chatrooms on Yahoo and that was about 8 or 9 years ago. She was nuttier than squirrel shit and always good for the occassional chuckle. She had the same rap back then too: jew-hating lawyer from California.

  9. Basically I listen to those shows for comedy value, waiting for Giles to go off on a rant, this is the funniest one I’ve heard.

    This Mona person I think is a Mona Montgomery, a lawyer from California. She’s kooky too: the only other time I came across her was at a rally in upstate NY about 5 years ago. The rally was organized in support of a white kid who was jumped by blacks and severely beaten at school, and they refused to charge the blacks with a hate crime, and a number of local kids from the high school came out to the rally. Instead of sticking to the subject matter, she went on a long, weird, rambling diatribe about the holocaust.

    Hilarious show though

  10. Epic chimp out! “Edgar Steele aint no stud horse!…All I’d have to do is get him around the neck and I’d bring him down and I’d hurt ’em bad!”

  11. “Jim Giles was on the air with Pastor Lindstedt, “Hadding,” and some woman named “Mona.”…”


    Will listen to it tomorrow after we sink a few…lulz!

  12. Hadding,

    Thanks for sharing your idea of “masculinity”: making empty threats to exterminate women and children on an internet forum, dressing up in Neo-Nazi costumes, saying things so crazy that even racialists tune in to laugh at you.

    That’s what we need.

    That’s how we are going to win. By making fools of ourselves, ordinary people will begin to swell our ranks, and when the collapse (or tribulation) comes, we will inevitably seize power and punish all our enemies.

    Give me a break.

    There is no substantial point to be argued here. The people who go around saying crazy shit like “morality is repulsive” are worthless. They have no positive role to play in the White Nationalist movement. They can be written off and dismissed as useless. End of story.

    Increasingly, these types are bypassed. In the last year alone, all sorts of productive sites and institutions have sprung up and begun networking. The sideshow scene – the circus sites – are nothing but a source of entertainment.

  13. Heee aint part of our group! . .. He lives in a rich horse farm up there! I’m living in a ripping trailer! How much does your house cost, Pastor?! Steele is a rich guy!

  14. LOL!!!

    Jimmy Jim Giles: “Why am I antieeee Ni&&er n antieeee JOOOOOOO????”

    Answer: Cuz the JTTF is paying you 2 b…?…

    Bring back HAL!!! At least Hal had lulzy SONGS!!!

    We also used to play “Hal Game” where we would take a shot or a …. hit every time a racist slur was said on the show, and SONG COUNTED!!!

    Damn…miss them days…Hal was a much better Fed tool than this Forest Gump tard… a much better showman…does anyone remember the “Hal had a heart attack show”??? LULZ!!!!

    If the Feds are reading this: YOU ARE WASTING OUR TAX MONEY WITH THIS CLOWN!

    Does anyone with an IQ over 80 even work for the Feds anymore????

  15. Giles has horrible interviewing skills. I knew this was going to happen to Martin, it never fails. Giles is more unstable than Martin ever was, and anyone that admires authority as much as Giles does should be considered a blight winger and not a person to trust.

    We don’t need people like that. At all.

  16. Hal Turner was funny. In addition to the heart attack episode, he also claimed that a Chinese army was encamped in Mexico and ready to invade at any second, and that he owned an earthquake machine which he used to cause an earthquake in South America. He’s also the person who invited Mona to the rally I mentioned earlier, along with some guys in nazi costumes who stood around thrusting their fists in the air. Mona is apparently Hal Turner’s lone remaining supporter, I’m listening to the first hour or so of the show which I missed now-it’s pretty boring, just Mona talking about Hal Turner’s court case and freemasons

    Perhaps the most hilarious of all was the time when someone confused Hal’s ‘Turner Radio Network’ with Ted Turner, and some crazy rant of Hal’s about an imminent massive bank collapse briefly got mainstream credibility before people realized what it was

  17. HW sez: “Thanks for sharing your idea of “masculinity”: making empty threats to exterminate women and children on an internet forum, dressing up in Neo-Nazi costumes, saying things so crazy that even racialists tune in to laugh at you.”

    THERE YOU GO AGAIN. I don’t do any of that stuff, nor do you have any indication that I do, any more than you have the slightest indication that Jim Giles uses steroids (“Roid Rage”).

    You are a silly person.

  18. Haha, I remember those too, H. Rock. Turner came busting on Pastor Wickstrom’s broadcast with the news about the Chinese. Wickstrom was sucking it all up! LOL

    I think when this fight starts heating up and we have to actually vett people into the resistance, one of the questions should be; Have you ever supported Hal Turner? If yes, that should be reason for rejection or at least, a billet in the Martyr’s brigades 🙂

  19. H.R.W-Mona is an interesting lady, her “there were no gas chambers” rant in Kingston was bizarre.

    If Hal wants to make some $’s he should put his “Savage Negro Beast” mugs back on the market…. many antifa/chans would purchase one for the hilarity of the whole world of Hal…

    Hal’s other classics were:

    the earthquake on Brazil story

    the bodies he had dumped in the river

    and the guy he “knocked down” in front of his house….Jamie Vasquez!!!


    They should make a “Hal Turner-The Movie” …directed by David Lynch

  20. There’s a look in the eyes that a Government Employee gets that you can spot a mile away if you know what you’re looking for. I don’t know any of these people and I’ve never listened to this radio show but I can say that Giles has that look, Mona is absolutely worthless, and that it has to take a couple of complete fools to make Lindstedt sound like the most sane guy in the room.

  21. “Hunter” (or whoever you really are):

    I smell sour grapes here – Jim Giles kicked your ass and made a fool of you during that interview many months ago. Obviously you haven’t got over it, and now you’re trying to get your own back. That’s really very “small” of you. There’s room in this world for anonymous intellectual pussies like yourself, and “big tough white men” like Jim Giles. Each of you serve your own purpose and speak to your own audience. So why not leave it at that?

    You’re a lot smarter and better educated than Jim, but then again you’re a pudgy little short-ass who hides behind a pseudonym. You chose to meet Jim on his home turf and came out second best. Put it down to experience, son, and stop being a nasty little bitch, it’s not very edifying….

    I suspect Jim Giles has forgotten all about that embarrassing interview with “Hunter Wallace” – maybe it’s time for you to do the same…

  22. Hi,
    It is not a good look to laugh at people’s genuine efforts such as Jim’s are. He has his own approach. I have no time for Linstadt, Mona etc but Jim is genuine and unique and it is arrogant to laugh and belittle him.
    He likes to go into his personal stuff like his dogs and what not and if you listen alot you get to know alot about his life and him and he is a real person and not a joke. Yours M

  23. Jim Giles is a ZOGbot Roid Rage Retard (but able to kill a sick 64 year-old Attorney for the Fucked)

    Originally Posted by WilliamB View Post

    These idiots like Giles think they are transparent. The guy is a fed. He allows some federal agent named “Mona” that lauds Hal Turner to chat with April Gaede.

    Now, April has her own issues but this fed Giles has finally closed his casket in the turd movement. He’s done:

    Anyone that takes this bastards show seriously needs to have their brain examined. It’s clear this was a setup federal informant interview. This has Hal Turdner stench all over it.

    ps: It’s interesting to hear April say that Elisha Strom is a known lunatic. And btw, a lunatic that was coddled by Linder for several years. Let’s not forget that.


    Actually, I didn’t listen to that one above — on Saturday I was listening to the ZOGbot Roid-Rage Retard’s simply ignoring Harold Covington and April Gaede’s defense of Edgar Steele at the following link once Harold Covington gave me the ‘heads up.’

    I listened to it, talked to Pastor John Britton, and then to ‘Buck’ who had finally gotten me the interview with Jim Giles. Buck asked me not to call up Jim Giles, but I was listening to Giles pile onto Edgar Steele for the 21st day, twice each day, and I decided to simply have it out once and for all.

    You see, Jim Giles is simply a cowardly bully even if he wasn’t an informant — and I have reason to believe that Jim Giles is indeed an informant (not that this matter is in dispute because he called the FBI in because one of Bill White’s idiot bunch arranged an interview with him and Jim Giles called ZOG’s piglice on the tard rather than simply tell him that once he found out that the tard had a kort order to stay off the Internut, that the interview was cancelled, case closed.

    Jim Giles is the worst sort of traitor — the one who informs simply because his vanity is wounded. As is this little nutzi self-serving mattoid calling itzself ‘Hadding’ and the abovementioned lawyer cunt named ‘MonaMontgomery’ who cums across as an old whigger skank equivalent to Gloria Allred. I end up calling the stupid self-serving cunt a cunt and she whines and I chew on her ass.

    Look folks. I am not all that crazy about Edgar Steele myself, who I called ‘The Whigger-Whimperer’ and ridiculed. But Edgar is on the bowel Movement’s side and I am not going to listen to a traitor shit all over him day after day while Steele is down and sick in a ZOG jewlag while the ZOG piglice and jewdges and lawyers terrorize his wife and children to try to betray their father. The penalty for such behavior is extermination — not only of the regime criminal and the regime criminals’ families, but any and all whiggers supporting ZOG, hopefully in the millions.

    I’m doing my damndest to make sure that The Great Tribulation wipes away 150 million whiggers and 140 million jews, niggers, beaners, and muds and cruds and these idiot ZOGbot fuktards are taking the side of ZOG against some feeble old lawyer who some ‘Aryan Nations’ informant says wanted to kill his wife and mother-in-law for a few hundred thousand in insurance money? Isn’t this petty self-serving racial treason sort of ridiculous when looking at the big picture?

    From 2:20-2:31 there is said nothing but hatred for Edgar Steele. In fact, this Roid-Rage-Retard says that he could in effect snap Edgar Steele’s neck — and wanted ever so much to do so and was chickenshit enough to do so. Why? Because the Whigger-Whimperer was snotty and wouldn’t take the Roid-Rage Retard’s spurious apology. Jim Giles didn’t have enough character to say, “fuck-off” and let it be. No, every fucking day twice a day for the past three weeks.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I love this hatred which will end up exterminating 140 million whiggers and all of the jews and muds and leave only ten million or less ex-whiggers left. And, I deliberately pushed this evil cowardly bully in order to hear it scream.

    And, while I am a piss-pore speaker even if ZOG piglice hadn’t broken four of my teeth, I am a far better writer that Jim Giles is a speaker. Around 2:31 I made it clear that Jim Giles keeping this up would lead to people saying that Giles was a federal informant (which technically speaking Giles already is) and I listened to more Roid-Rage Retard Ranting. The Roid-Rage-Retard then finished by pulling a LiarBill DeClueless on me and then cutting me off.

    I will of course be posting this rant, along with the rest, and tomorrow do a Movement Turd on this, and TraitorGlenn Miller’s being given a further defeat for elective Whigger Nutsionalism.

    I went and then talked to Buck and said that what was done was done. And let the chips fall where they may.

    There is something contemptible about someone of a huge size deeming itself a ‘man’ by how many smaller people that they can beat up and batter into submission. Someone who does that is simply nothing more than a dangerous animal, who for the sake of the entire herd must be gelded and get its mind off of ass and back onto grass, if not texecuted outright. Whipping up thirty times on a Hero of the Resistance who is sick, alone and facing a short life in prison until murdered by niggers and beaners after turning his family against him in a kangajew kort of whiggers and doing it simply because Attorney Steele didn’t accept his precious fucking pissy-ass apology simply goes to show that the best part of Jim Giles rolled down its mother’s whigger trash skank leg over 52 years ago. Jim Giles is a traitor — and a traitor ruled by nothing more than its vanity.

    I despise Alex Linder. I need not say for the 666,666,666th time how much. But Linder did right in expelling that soulless amoral mattoid Hadding. I’d skin that worthless whigger mattoid for my own personal amusement and the ‘edjewcation’ of all the rest of the amoral whigger zombies running around the fruited and nutted coast-to-coast NutHouse that is the ZOGplain. Being a loveless idiot self-serving mattoid not even remotely able to provide the ZOGbux that TraitorGlenn Miller brings in, Linder banned this nutzi mattoid. As for that worthless lawyer cunt ‘Moan-a’ this cunt is Gloria Allred in whigger skankazoid drag. Perhaps wearing a tit-skin skullcap would improve this cunt’s disposition — but I greatly doubt it at least until it is wearing at least a full pair, and probably not even then.

    The bowel Movement is comprised of the utter dregs of whigger and mamzer sub-huemanity. It is NOT going to suckceed, ZOG/Babylon is doomed, and so all is as it should be.

    But the end thing that every [bowel] Movement leader learns eventually is that he is not leading the SS or even the SA. Like that biker in the Clint Eastwood monkey movie “Any Which Way But Loose” who lamented that while God may have made man out of clay, why were his ‘men’ made out of shit? What you end up doing is making what you can with what you have while keeping an eye out on the fact that the best of your ‘followers’ are likely piglice and informants.

    No, in the call I made I was like a doll shoved under the horns of a bull, but my intention was to make Jim Giles declare his loyalties — and Jim Giles is simply a self-serving traitor and bully who I doubt has been in a real fight in his life because Giles takes care to only beat up on those smaller than him. I have no doubt that Jim Giles could snap the neck of a sick, starving political prisoner who is eight inches shorter, 80 lbs lighter and a dozen years older who had undergone open-heart surgery a month and a half ago. I also have no doubt that Jim Giles would be cowardly and chickenshit enough to do this.

    And that is exactly what I set out to let Jim Giles show. I think I accomplished what I set out to do. You see, I’m never scared to look stupid and ‘retarded’ and unable to speak simply because I am never afraid to take the hit as long as I get in my licks. Especially when it is my adversary who ends up destroying himself.

    Jim Giles isn’t a pimple on the pussy of one Martin Burke, 6 ft. 5 inches and three hundred pounds of pure evil psychosis that I got into a tussle with at the Fulton State NutHouse on August 16, 2006. When you’ve been assaulted by a psychotic maniac trying to gouge your eyes out — and later on August 2, 2007 Burke nearly killed an orderly — then a cowardly foghorn-leghorn of a Roid-Rage-Retard who wants to beat up elderly sick lawyers is really nothing for the likes of me to be much scared of.

    A copy of this will be sent to The Movement Turd, #24.9 and tonight’s Movement Turd will certainly have further commentary on this matter.

    Quiz for budding Resistance Intelligence Officers: What did The Roid-Rage-Retard say that should prove to anyone discerning that Jim Giles is a ZOGbot?

    Answer on The Movement Turd #25, tomorrow.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  24. B. White,

    The only reason that I even mentioned Jim Giles last night is because of his meltdown on the air which we happened to catch. It has nothing to do with any personal animus against him. H. Rock White had planned to write this post.

  25. @Hadding your comment may be correct ‘Any normal person starts off not knowing who Pierce or Rockwell were.’ Although I would use the word still brainwashed or a person who is NOT Jew wise and racially aware. What does normal mean to you? A person that is still a lemming and still brainwashed?However Giles is not a that person. The man is 52 years old ran on an Anti-zionist campaign in ’02’ and shouts nigger every chance he gets. He knows who the hell people are, and if he doesn’t do any research he has no buisness talking about stuff he is not enlightened to.When each and everyone of us slowly started to become un-brainwashed Dr. Pierce and George Lincoln Rockwell’s names became known to all. So your arguement or statement is irrelevant and pointless. Why you made it, well maybe you just like to write.

  26. I believe that David Duke keeps a lot of cats. That’s why Giles said that anyone who has cats is weak. It was an inside dig at Duke.

  27. Although I think it would have been wiser to simply ignore him, the fact that some people think that people like Giles is a good spokesman for our people and our cause shows how out of touch many people are. People like Giles are why so many whites are afraid of being associated with WN i.e. because its so full of people who are perpetually angry, violent, dumb, etc.

  28. “H. Rock White [whoever he is] has become a huge fan of these podcasts. There isn’t a day that goes by here in Charlottesville in which Harold Covington, Martin Lindstedt, and Jim Giles can’t be heard in the office. We listen to all three of them.”

    There you go. That explains somewhat the hostility of OD to those who hold a dim view of those “leaders” you listen to in your office and are such huge fans of.

    Covington, Lindstadt, Giles…tsk! tsk!

  29. Giles is 52?


    I thught he was a lot younger than that, cause he sounds so callow, and clueless.

  30. From a white woman….

    Any white man that fornicates with a non-white woman ABSOLUTELY CANNOT be a genuine white nationalist. This guy reeks of phony or undercover.

  31. I was listening as well. Funny as hell, but nothing to do with political activism. The lunatic fringe in action.

    Is Giles some kind of HT? Hal Turner 2.0? I don’t know, but he clearly -like HT- sees himself as the center on the universe. Ignoring the fact that he is just one guy alone ranting on thet net with maybe a few hundred listeners.

    Funny how he ranted against the “white money movement” and… is now asking for donations and was already bitching because almost none came in.

  32. I don’t know who any of these people are, except perhaps Pastor Lindstedt, who comes across as a nutcase in the forum here (well, if not a nutcase then at least crude). This kind of stuff doesn’t look good, and holds ZERO interest with those that are simply concerned about Whites but do not belong to the WN ingroup.

    Basically, I get that you are trying to criticism this radio show host, or something, but it comes across as name-dropping and nutty.

    I understand that OD tries to drive traffic by creating controversy, but try to create it with the multicult and not with nuts within the WN movement.

  33. European sez: “I was listening as well. Funny as hell, but nothing to do with political activism. The lunatic fringe in action.”

    I think there is a very relevant question in that discussion about the willingness to tolerate amoral people. I have been stabbed in the back a few times by people ostensibly on the same side. Do you think that a man who would have his own wife killed (as Steele is accused) wouldn’t accept some shekels from the ADL?

    This is not a new problem. Dr. Pierce must have encountered it a few times in his long experience, because amoral people were specifically mentioned in the Membership Handbook as a type to be avoided, and in general Dr. Pierce characterized “the movement” as teeming with undesirable types.

    Part of the idea of the National Alliance was to create an organization distinct from “the movement” in general that would not be hobbled with such people, but without a real vetting process for members, it still had a few people like that.

    There is a crowd of people who seem to feel that Steele’s being “one of us” is more important than whether he plotted to kill his wife. Lindstedt basically said that! When called on it he said that he really did believe that Steele was innocent. Whether he believes that or not (which I doubt) doesn’t change what he had already said, that the overriding consideration is that he Steele is a “fellow combatant” whom we must support.

    Is his wife not also one of us? Is it really a good idea to maintain solidarity even with amoral people, who will sooner or later stab you in the back?

    I have said it before: the government does us a favor when they remove such people from among us. It would be better if “the movement” had a process for excommunicating people of bad character instead of waiting for the Federal Government to catch them on some criminal charge, but unfortunately it does not.

  34. Hadding,

    It makes perfect sense to take a wait-and-see-approach to any accusations leveled against patriotic Whites, especially of those in leadership positions. Remember Matt Hale. Remember Randy Weaver.

  35. @Jacob C. says:
    I understand that OD tries to drive traffic by creating controversy, but try to create it with the multicult and not with nuts within the WN movement.

    Amen to that!

  36. @Hadding

    Steele probably did it. Would not surprise me one bit considering all the weirdos who hang around the “white power” movement.

    Pierce and the NA failed. This kind of elitist, extremist approach can and will not work. Pierce set up (the best among the lunatic fringe) some kind of fanclub cult.

    Metzger, Pierce, Roper, Lindstedt, Turner, White, even Duke and pretty much all the rest do exactly the same: they set up some kind of fanclub cult. One “big Führer”, some ‘largely retarded soldiers” and NO middle management because the great Führer wants to remain the big shot.

    Networking, a radical (but sane) approach and real activities (as opposed to being a great warrior cult on the net) might be a lot better for starters..

  37. “Godan’s Own Paper sez: “It makes perfect sense to take a wait-and-see-approach to any accusations leveled against patriotic Whites, especially of those in leadership positions. ”

    That was not the prevailing reaction at all! People were either declaring that he could not possibly be guilty, or in just one case (Giles), that he probably did it.

    In a way Steele has already presented a case in his defense, not to the court but to his wife, and that case was “Mission Impossible.” How can that possibly not set off your bullshit-detector?

  38. European sez: “Pierce and the NA failed. This kind of elitist, extremist approach can and will not work. Pierce set up (the best among the lunatic fringe) some kind of fanclub cult. Metzger, Pierce, Roper, Lindstedt, Turner, White, even Duke and pretty much all the rest do exactly the same: they set up some kind of fanclub cult. One “big Führer”, some ‘largely retarded soldiers” and NO middle management because the great Führer wants to remain the big shot.”

    And of course you know this because you joined the National Alliance?

  39. The claim that Steele tried to persuade his wife to lie is false. According to news reports he called the tapes a “world class production” and cautioned his wife that the tapes were spliced together and edited to make it appear he was plotting against her. He told her that she held his life in her hands. Initially he was barred from speaking with his wife following the arrest.

    I’ll concede that there is the possibility that he’s guilty but we should give those seemingly on our side the benefit of the doubt before passing judgment. But it will take more than a blue tick nose to convince me of his guilt. I fail to see how not being dirt poor and living on a horse farm is evidence of suspicion and guilt or at a minimum lack of commitment to the cause.

    It’s well known that the Jewish community hated Edgar’s guts for his defense of the Aryan Nations and his regular broadsides against the Jews and institutional anti-white racism. Curiously, he was arrested when his wife was in Oregon so the alleged plot could be considered a federal matter since it now involved two states.

    Giles so called show should be called the dysfunction junction. There’s decent commentary mixed with schizo rantings about Charlotte Parker, living at the end of a dirt road in a trailer, the nigger media, and being able to kick everyone’s ass. If he’s really that tough then what’s stopping him from entering amateur boxing or MMA?

  40. Mr. Dithers sez: “The claim that Steele tried to persuade his wife to lie is false.”

    He told her that she must say, “That is not my husband’s voice.” He told her that she must not even say that it might be his voice, even if she thinks that it might be.

    How is this not telling her to lie? (The fact that he doesn’t use the word lie, as Martin Lindstrom and Alex Linder have pointed out, is irrelevant.)

    Some of you people who deny that he told her to lie also say that the recording might consist of clips of Steele’s voice cobbled together, in which case it would indeed be his voice. That also would mean that he is telling her to lie.

    Some of you people who deny that Steele tells his wife to lie also argue that he is justified in telling her to lie.

    The lack of critical thinking evident among WNs in this matter is pretty disappointing.

  41. I have listened to Jim Giles’ many interviews and thought on balance – he does very good interviews. I like his Southern accent. His interview with HAC and March of the Titans’ author Arthur Kamp – these were excellent interviews.

    I did an interview with Giles and thought on balance it went well, though at one point he just went off on a screaming rant, which I just played it off and things got back to normal.

    I think Jim Giles is sincere and he does on most occasions do very good radio interviews.

    But, yes – he does have….


    Most folks who are in full time 24 hrs/7 days a week/365 days a year American White Nationalism are going to have some….


    I send my very best to Jim Giles and hope he uses his good skills to help our race and culture.

    Maybe some worthy White sister can help him with his….


    That’s if our White sisters can tear themselves away from the Oprah Winfrey TV show to take up their God appointed task to help/support White men.

    14 Words.

  42. Jim Giles is very genuine imho. His broadcasts are not edited, everything is left in. Don’t you think he would have slipped up by now if he was some kind of phony?

    He is by far the best on the internet by my reckoning. Some people say he’s dumb, I don’t think so at all, and like he says, ‘where have the intellectuals gotten us’.

  43. @ Hadding,
    It seems your missing some major points. If the feds had to take parts of several different conversations to produce one piece of incriminating audio evidence then that reeks of a setup. Then a bomb was discovered under a vehicle used by BOTH Edgar and his wife several days after he was taken into custody. The murder was supposed to look like an accident according to the federal informer but a bomb wired to an ignition of a car is obviously an attempted “hit” or assassination. This is a glaring contradiction in the government’s claims against Steele so it seems you lost your critical thinking cap.

    You’re also forgetting that what we’ve heard to date is from a media that is implacably hostile to Edgar Steele and his beliefs. The conversation you cite was a few soundbites from a much longer conversation so statements can easily get taken out of context. A damn fool would know that his conversation is being recorded but somehow Steele took leave of his senses and begged his wife to lie on his behalf? Only a simple mind would think so.

    We were also told that Matt Hale could be heard on tape ordering the hit of a federal judge. Funny thing though because when the court transcripts were published the government had no such evidence. The liar and perjurer Tony Evola stated that Hale “nodded in agreement” when he offered to kill the judge which was used to convict Hale.

    Why are you so eager to convict Edgar Steele? What beef do you have with him? The information to date about the alleged murder certainly doesn’t constitute incontrovertible evidence of guilt yet you are certain of his guilt.

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