Roid Rage: Jim Giles Chimps Out

Jim Giles, Anger Management Issues

After my brief appearance on Radio Free Mississippi, I swore that I would never have anything to do with Jim Giles ever again. In the months that followed, Giles abandoned his “journalistic approach” to doing interviews.

He became increasingly obsessed with black-on-white crime. In several memorable broadcasts, Giles launched into epic tirades against his various political enemies in Mississippi. He even shared aspects of his private life like the time he screwed a mulatto in Paris.

In December and January, Jim Giles was fond of riding another hobby horse: attacking the “white money movement.” He swore up and down, repeatedly, that he didn’t want your money. He literally screamed into the microphone, “I don’t want your ****ing money,” to emphasize the point.

Somewhere around February, Giles removed all the archives of his previous shows. He returned doing interviews with unfamiliar figures. I moved to Virginia and quit following his show.

Listening to RFM

In recent weeks, Giles has popped up on our radar screen again. He recently did several interviews with Pastor Martin Lindstedt which were posted on the forum.

H. Rock White has become a huge fan of these podcasts. There isn’t a day that goes by here in Charlottesville in which Harold Covington, Martin Lindstedt, and Jim Giles can’t be heard in the office. We listen to all three of them.

I believe we started listening to Giles again after the Richard Barrett murder. He has since moved beyond that subject. Giles is now commenting on the Edgar Steele case. His position, as I understand it, is that his “blue tick nose” has convinced him of Steele’s guilt.

The definitive proof: Giles thinks that Steele looks funny.

Epic Meltdown

So anyway, to cut a long story short, I was upstairs reading the James Edwards book when I heard screaming and laughing coming from the office. H. Rock White was laughing so hard that I thought he was about to die of a heart attack.

Jim Giles was on the air with Pastor Lindstedt, “Hadding,” and some woman named “Mona.” Giles was hollering and screaming at Lindstedt and making threats. He was ranting and raving about beating up Edgar Steele and living in a trailer. H. Rock White and Mike Capatano repeatedly tried to call in to the Skype conversation.

It was hilarious.

If for nothing else but the lulz, check this out. See especially the end.

Download: Roid Rage: Jim Giles Chimps Out

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  1. Mr. Dithers sez: “If the feds had to take parts of several different conversations to produce one piece of incriminating audio evidence then that reeks of a setup.”

    No shit, Sherlock! If Steele can bring forth a forensic audio expert to demonstrate that then he wins.

    Mr. Dithers sez: “You’re also forgetting that what we’ve heard to date is from a media that is implacably hostile to Edgar Steele and his beliefs. The conversation you cite was a few soundbites from a much longer conversation so statements can easily get taken out of context.”

    There is no way to misconstrue Steele telling his wife that she must say regardless of what she thinks, “That’s not my husband’s voice.” With that alone, he is (1) telling her to lie, and (2) admitting that the recording is powerfully incriminating.

    Mr. Dithers sez: “Why are you so eager to convict Edgar Steele?”

    I am not eager whatsoever to see Ed Steele convicted, but I think he will be, because he has already told his wife that this is what will happen if she doesn’t lie for him. I believe that he is guilty based on that statement!

    Why are you so eager to believe the “Mission Impossible” story? I should think that anybody with at least an average IQ would find that hard to swallow.

  2. By the way, since you have set the precedent of using the racially loaded term “chimp out” in reference to a White man, are you also prepared to agree with the late Senator Robert Byrd that there are “white niggers”?

    With this deracializing of terms, it seems to me that Occidental Dissent is on the way to becoming nonracial. That would be an easy transition to make, since the name makes no reference to race.

    It’s also not unlikely to happen, given that sooner or later some racially conscious person will step on Hunter Wallace’s toes and make him cry again.

  3. @Dithers

    “We were also told that Matt Hale could be heard on tape ordering the hit of a federal judge. Funny thing though because when the court transcripts were published the government had no such evidence. The liar and perjurer Tony Evola stated that Hale “nodded in agreement” when he offered to kill the judge which was used to convict Hale. ”

    That’s interesting news, are you sure?

    Btw, this “Hadding” character forgets that Edgar Steele is a college grad, an accountant, a lawyer, a 4 year US military veteran, has no criminal record, is in good standing with the bar association, admitted to practice in a number of States and federal district courts, and the US Supreme!

    Let’s not forget that Steele is recovering from heart surgery, and other serious medical conditions.

    I think “Hadding” is making too much out of a couple of partial tapes released by the federal prosecuter of what should be, or is a private conversation between close family members.

    I would like to know where the two asshole United States Senators from Idaho are in this case. One is a Mormon the other a Roman Catholic. Talk about a couple of characters with questionable belief systems. LOL. Infallible human beings, tablets of gold found in the backyard in upstate New York—I could go on an on.

  4. Tom sez: “Btw, this “Hadding” character forgets that Edgar Steele is a college grad, an accountant, a lawyer, a 4 year US military veteran, has no criminal record, is in good standing with the bar association, admitted to practice in a number of States and federal district courts, and the US Supreme!”

    And this proves what about his character?

  5. You people are so naive with your character referenes, it’s pathetic. Here’s an example of how wrong people can be with that kind of reasoning. It took me two seconds to find this.

    (CNN) — An evangelical preacher killed his wife several years ago and stuffed her body in a freezer after she caught him abusing their daughter, according to police and court documents. Anthony Hopkins appeared in court Thursday to face murder, rape and incest charges.

    Anthony Hopkins, 37, was arrested Monday night at the Inspirational Tabernacle Church of God in Christ in Jackson, Alabama, just after he had delivered a sermon to a congregation that included his seven other children, officials said.


    “It was the ideal family. I mean, the children were so respectful, just so easygoing,” Porter said. “Didn’t seem to be no stress at all. Never got that impression, never.”

    The children, he said, “loved their dad. They were very close to him.”

    Of Hopkins’ preaching ability, Porter said, “he was a bulls-eye prophet. If he told you something, you could pretty much bank on it.”

  6. @ “Hadding”

    Steele has a very public and very long track record of honesty & credibility.

    As opposed to you “Hadding”, who is know for his gay nazi “Joy Division” atvar. LOL.

    “Hadding” you are either an agent or an asshole, and I’m leaning toward asshole.

  7. Here’s a lawyer that murdered his wife. She was a Jew but he doesn’t seem to be.

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Former Nashville attorney Perry March was convicted Thursday in the murder of his wife, Janet Levine March, in August 1996.

    SPECIAL SECTION: March Murder Trial

    March was found guilty of second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. The jury deliberated approximately 13 hours over two days before reaching their verdict. The trial lasted seven days.

    Due to the conviction on all charges, March now faces a possible 64 years in prison. Judge Steve Dozier immediately revoked any chance of bond.

    March is now on suicide watch, will receive 15 minute cell checks and will be evaluated by mental health professionals.

  8. I was really inclined to presume Steele innocent until proven guilty, until I heard those tapes a couple weeks ago. I tried to set aside the fact that he sounded to me like he was lying and that the conspiracy against him seemed implausibly elaborate. What got under my skin was his having Ukrainian girlfriends. That snapped my impression of his general character and implied a believable motive.

    I ain’t saying he did it, but it doesn’t appear that we ought to place him in our pantheon of martyrs just yet.

  9. Oops. That evangelical preacher that put his wife in the freezer, Anthony Hopkins, was a Negro. Take him off the list since everything with Negroes is different.

    But we still have those two lawyers from the past couple of years in the USA known to have murdered their wives. I could name more if I went farther back.

  10. I gotta clean the grill, and put some more Heinken on ice for tonight. But, let me say this “Hadding” you are grasping at straws if you think that either murder case you mentioned has any connection, or the slightest similarity to the Edgar Steele prosecution/persecution.

    @ Matt

    You only heard “part” of the recordings between Steele, his wife & son. If Steele wasn’t in jail—we would be getting a lot more of his side of the story. That’s why he is in jail. Understand?

    Btw, the FBI and Federal Prosecuters will probably offer Steele some kind of a deal—it was their paid informant who tried to kill both Steele and his wife. Think about that. From what I’ve read the FBI has admitted they paid the informant who planted the pipe bombs.

  11. Here’s a story from this year of a lawyer MUCH more prominent than Edgar J. Steele trying to kill his wife, in a much less cautious way.

    Anybody who assumes that prominent lawyers would never commit crimes is an idiot.

    John Michael Farren, who served as deputy counsel to President George W. Bush, has been charged with strangulation and attempted murder after allegedly choking his wife and beating her with a flashlight.

    Police said Farren attacked his wife at their New Canaan home Wednesday night. According to police, she passed out during the attack but regained consciousness and fled with their children to the house of a neighbor, who called 911. There, police found her bleeding from her head, face and body.

    She is reportedly at Norwalk Hospital in stable condition with a broken jaw, a broken nose and other injuries.

    John Farren’s lawyer said it’s “a tragic situation.”

    His wife’s lawyer, Andrew Bowman, told the court his client is “terrified” of Farren, according to the Advocate.

  12. “I think there is a very relevant question in that discussion about the willingness to tolerate amoral people.”

    This is important. When you have a small organisation there’s a strong tendency to turn a blind eye to flaws in new members because you want to increase the numbers. This happens on the left too. However the simple fact is two solid people are much better than a group of six people with two solid and four flawed. In the latter case the solid two are dragged down below the level they would be on their own.

    (When i say flawed i mean the big stuff like crazy, stupid, dishonest, addicted and not the everyday flaws like a bit lazy, easily distracted by skirts etc.)

    People who aren’t effected by, or who are least effected by, the cultural hegemony are by definition likely to be different to the average. This will will include people who are naturally very independent minded and it will also include lots of crazy people. As conditions worsen more and more average people will wake up and it’s important they don’t get put off joining your group because your membership guy is drooling.

    Ideally every organisation would have prospects and filtered membership with tiered voting rights and suchlike so you can weed people out.

    This is much more important at the beginning. When you have a large organisation you can carry a lot of deadweight but early on you can’t.

  13. What’s with all the self-deception regarding Ed Steele? Would the fedgov go to “mission impossible” lengths to ruin a guy that writes about hording silver and the wonders of LSD?

    Did anyone hear Steele’s phone calls to his son and wife? What did your gut tell you when you heard him speaking with them?

    He is innocent until proven guilty, no doubt. But for the love of God, let’s not delude ourselves into thinking the NWO did a Jason Bourn-style operation to take down an eccentric lawyer in northern Idaho who 99.999% of the American population has never heard of.

  14. Tom sez: “If Steele wasn’t in jail—we would be getting a lot more of his side of the story. That’s why he is in jail. Understand?”

    The reason why Steele is being held is as follows: “U.S. Magistrate Candy Dale said sufficient evidence had been presented to show that Steele posed a serious risk of intimidating witnesses or obstructing justice.”

    That “sufficient evidence” is in the form of the recording of Steele’s interaction with his wife. It’s pretty convincing!

  15. @Tom,
    Yes, there was a lengthy online newspaper article 4-5 years ago addressing the Hale case. I wish I would have archived it but didn’t think it a big deal at the time. When they played the audio tape of the conversation Hale did not respond to the Tony Evola’s offer of murdering a federal judge. Rather, Evola claimed Hale nodded in agreement.

    If I recall Hale’s appointed defense attorney, former US attorney Thomas Durkin, wouldn’t put Hale on the stand to defend himself (over Hale’s objections) and spent more time attacking Hale’s beliefs then formulating an effective defense. You could say he “threw” the defense according to accounts I read.

    Nobody is martyring Steele or saying he’s innocent but there have been enough inconsistencies in the government’s press leaks to give any rational person second thoughts Hadding’s too dense to realize that the press leaks are intended to turn public opinion against their target, in this case, Steele and prejudice potential jurors . It’s just one of their dirty tricks they often resort to. Steele will need a media savvy defense attorney to have any chance at winning.

    I see troll “hadding” is a veritable encyclopedia of legal cases whereby the perps were pillars of the community. Somehow totally unrelated cases are proof that Steele is guilty. May I remind him that the “justice” dept. lied and falsified evidence 33 times in the Randy Weaver case and conveniently “lost” several boxes of evidence in the Timothy McVeigh trial that could have changed the outcome of that case. We are dealing with an entity with virtually no credibility, a fact lost on our dear friend hadding.

    “Hadding”was also banned from VNN forum. Does he care to elaborate?

  16. @European

    “Steele probably did it. Would not surprise me one bit considering all the weirdos who hang around the “white power” movement.”

    “Networking, a radical (but sane) approach and real activities (as opposed to being a great warrior cult on the net) might be a lot better for starters.”

    I don’t know anything about the Steele case but he’s a lawyer and he represented people in the past who needed it. That’s a real activity. WN lawyers are worth their weight in gold.


    “I have said it before: the government does us a favor when they remove such people from among us. It would be better if “the movement” had a process for excommunicating people of bad character instead of waiting for the Federal Government to catch them on some criminal charge, but unfortunately it does not.”

    My definition of good character includes a belief in innocent until proven guilty.

  17. The people leveling the charges have no credibility with me and I hope no who reads this site, so I too will stick with innocent until proven guilty until there is a reason to do otherwise.

  18. Wandrin sez: “My definition of good character includes a belief in innocent until proven guilty.”

    My definition of good character includes not being a sanctimonious twit.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is a formal assumption made in legal processes. That is the only place where it is operative.

    Do you really mean to tell me that after O.J. Simpson was acquitted you believed that he was innocent? And nobody had a right to opine to the contrary?

  19. Hadding,

    ““Innocent until proven guilty” is a formal assumption made in legal processes. That is the only place where it is operative.”

    No, it’s a good general principle and as you can’t trust the courts in cases that involve race, as you point out with OJ, then a person has to judge for themself but you seem to be hellbent on saying he’s guilty for sure when given his background it’s at least *possible* he’s being set up by the state.

  20. Wandrin sez: “but you seem to be hellbent on saying he’s guilty for sure”

    No, dumbass. I am not hellbent on anything, but if the only alternative is to believe in a “Mission Impossible, world-class-level production” for the purpose of framing Edgar J. Steele — and that is how Steele presented the situation to his wife — then I lean strongly toward believing that he is guilty. How can any reasonable, non-retarded person not see the “Mission Impossible” defense as straining credulity?

    I am not saying to cancel the trial and just string him up now, or anything like that. Give the guy with the bizarre story a chance to make it seem credible. If he can’t, he will rightly be found guilty.

  21. Hadding – We don’t dismiss the possibility that Edgar Steele might indeed be guilty. But considering how the Feds have disproportionately targeted and charge-stacked White activists such as Shaun Walker, Chester Doles, Bill White, Daniel Jones, and members of the Order, as well as viciously turn on one of their own creatures, Hal Turner, who is about to be tried the THIRD time for the same offense, perhaps you might understand why we are just a bit skeptical of the Feds’ story on Steele. The Federal government cannot be trusted anytime, anywhere, or for any purpose.

  22. Anchorage Activist sez: “perhaps you might understand why we are just a bit skeptical of the Feds’ story on Steele.”

    It’s what Steele says that damns him. Without that exchange between him and his wife I would think he probably is innocent.

  23. Tom, the Pope is infallible with regards to interpretation of Church dogma. He’s not infallible if he says something like “pancakes are good.”

    That’s how Catholics built a civilization. By not bickering over small shit.

    I don’t understand how Jim Giles could be considered any more “racially conscious” than anyone on this site. He said that, in a perfect world, he’d “chop Edgar Steele’s head off” if he was guilty. That means he puts truth above color. As do I. And as do most respectable people, ultimately.

  24. Mr. Dithers sez “‘Hadding’ was also banned from VNN forum. Does he care to elaborate?”

    I was banned for stating the obvious and restating it after I was told that I would be banned if I did so. Specifically I was banned for summarizing Steele’s communication with his wife as telling her to lie.

    I expected to be banned and it’s okay with me.

  25. Regarding Steele:

    I would not be surprised if he was guilty. However, it is NOT because of the communication betwen him and his wife, anyone, and I repeat ANYONE, who has been under the gun in a serious court case will know exactly why the nature of that conversation was what it sounded like. If you have not been charged with a felony above a D, then you simply do not know what you are talking about here, whether you are guilty of the crime or not. Anyone so charged will know exactly what I am talking about here.

    Now, furthermore, Hadding here is far too eager to throw Steele to the wolves. Now, as I have already stated, I would not be in the least surprised to learn Steele is guilty, but the truth is we shall never know for sure unless he admits it, and I doubt that is going to happen. BUT, I will tell you something, we do owe him support until such time as it is obvious he is guilty. We owe him that, since the man has actually helped, or at least tried to help, others in this movement with legal council and other means. He has devoted over 20 years of his life and reputation to this cause.

    In the meantime, the best thing to do regarding Steele, and for the reasons why, is exactly what Tom Metzger has stated: Stop talking about it. You are only providing a psychological profile of the pro white movement for The Iron Heel. Stop discussing people who are under Zog’s gun. Stop talking about pro white folks who are accused of crimes.

  26. “The lack of critical thinking evident among WNs in this matter is pretty disappointing.”

    You are CERTAINLY one whom I am talking about who has never been charged with a felony and awaiting a trial.

    When a man is facing years or decades behind bars, you are not seriously suggesting that he take an easy and laid back approach of saying something like, “hey babe, just called to tell ya I’m gonna being going to trial for this, say whatever ya like. How’s that new paint I put on the barn last week doing? You pick up that new hammer at the hardware store yet?”

  27. Wandrin says:
    July 5, 2010 at 2:22 am


    “I am not hellbent on anything”

    You self-evidently are.

    I have explained the dilemma as clearly as anybody can. If you don’t get it then you are fucking stupid.

  28. @Spooky

    Yeah. I know the Pope is “only infallible” on matters of faith & morals—that only covers the universe. LOL. How can these Roman Cathlic politicians say that with a straight face?

    If you really believe that a man can be infallible in matters of faith, and morals, I would suggest you need serious help.

  29. What an utterly bizarre, pointless and excruciatingly irritating conversation. It’s like listening to nails screeching across a chalkboard for 2 hours. I kept listening thinking they might have some small bit of worthy information to share but there was none.

    If you want to induce a headache and nausea, listen to that broadcast.

  30. @ Mr. Dithers

    I don’t think the federal prosecuters have anything on Steele. Too much is being made out of the allegation by them that they do. Chances are they have this Fairfax clown, a small self-employed contractor, ranting & raving trying to sell a home improvement on tape.

    Steele probably is spooked that “the” US Attorney General is taking a personal interest in his case. That’s enough to worry anyone.

    My guess is that the FBI & Federal Prosecuters, intentionally or unintentionally paid Fairfax to murder Steele and his wife. From what I’ve read Fairfax claims he was paid by the FBI, and the FBI says that they paid Fairfax. This is probably why the interest of the US AG himself. If true—it will be a big payday for Steele! FBI agents, and Federal Prosecuters will be on their way to jail.

    I’m sure Steele knows this too. That’s why I expect the US AG to offer Steele a deal.

  31. No, he’s only infallible on matters of Church dogma. I don’t know about pathetic disgusting Catholic politicians, but I do know that I want to live in a world where there is One Truth and there can only be One Truth if we agree for there to be One Truth. And the Church Fathers were in far more dire straits than whites are now and they reasonably and logically decided there was no going forward if there was factionalization. Want to know what you get when everyone decides which way they want to go? Look around you.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When all the thousands of different people with their different viewpoints have all given it their best shot and failed miserably perhaps they will realize that the cold hard REALITY OF LOGIC AND REASON, WHICH EXISTS APART FROM OUR EGO, will demand we agree on core truths and to actually move forward something exactly like the Catholic Church will have to be formed to feed body, mind, soul and most importantly the vicious meat grinder of REALITY. Yes, there will have to be a “Father” to run the organization and resolve disputes, and if you go against the will of the “Father” you will need to be asked to leave or stop your obstinacy.

    The foundation of Western Civilization is not that there are many Truths and you decide for yourself. The foundation of Western Civilization is that there is ONE TRUTH and that we best serve our Creator by aligning ourselves with that truth and passing on a culture based in Truth so the next generation doesn’t have to figure it out all over again.

  32. @ Spooky

    I feel your pain, but, there is NO such thing as an infallible human being. Me, the Pope, or anyone else. LOL.

    Idaho has a tiny Congressional Delegation—two US Senators, and two Congressmen. One US Senator is a Roman Catholic, one US Senator is a Mormon, and one Congressman is a Mormon. The other Congressman is a Unitarian Universalist. In other words Idaho is represented in Congress by four religious kooks.

  33. If you believe any “culture” can win anything (or even be a culture, for that matter) with each person deciding Truth for themselves, or if you believe in a God that believes there are as many truths as people, than you believe in a God that does not want His people to prosper, does not want His people to build and does not want His people create cultures. If this is the case and you are here than you are an illogical person, which is sad, or that you believe in an illogical God, which is pathetic. Either way will not get anywhere.

  34. “What’s with all the self-deception regarding Ed Steele? Would the fedgov go to “mission impossible” lengths to ruin a guy that writes about hording silver and the wonders of LSD? ”

    -No, but… Steele wrote a lot of anti-Jewish commentary on his website and we all know how prone the Jews are to remember anyone who does so and do whatever it takes to discredit, ostracize, and ruin a person who publicly points out their many falsehoods, their dishonesty and their scamming ways. Steele has, after all received death threats over the years and it is just all too odd that the FBI managed to get themselves into what, as Covington said should have been a local or state jurisdictional matter. Could be that some prominent Jews were just waiting for something like this in order to call in their Federal lapdogs. The two strangest matters in this event are Steele’s supposed wish to kill his mother-in-law (isn’t it convenient how that opens the window for the FBI to intercede?) and the fact that the Fed judge in this case would not let his wife talk to him (at least initially). Maybe no “Mission Impossible” lengths were gone to, but the alphabet-soup agencies are not guiltless when it comes to such undertakings, especially the BATF(E) and FBI, and at the very least they went to a lot of trouble to contain and constrain an old man who poses no flight risk (especially since they impounded all his money).

  35. The Pope is not an infallible human being. He is infallible on matters of Church doctrine. Just like the CEO of a corporation is infallible on the steering of corporate direction. He gets his info and he makes his decision. And we follow it because we are trying to GET SOMEWHERE. Sure, we are trying to make money in the corporate sphere, but making headway in the cultural sphere requires no less complete understanding of the nature of reality and what it demands. In fact, it should be obvious that culture building is a far, far more serious and rigorous pursuit than financial success. It is a deadly serious pursuit — we’re talking about human souls. And yet, you say, it’s preposterous that someone ACTUALLY MAKE A DECISION.

  36. Steele earned his stripes. More than most of us ever will. He deserves our presumption of innocence.

  37. The Pope is also only allegedly infallible when he speaks in Bull and not his every utterance.

  38. Spooky – I fully agree with your assertion of supporting Steele, in presuming innocence, until proven otherwise.

  39. Leave it to Old Dutch, aka Tom Watson, aka “Tom” to rail against Roman Catholics, LOL – on a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with – Roman Catholics. LOL.

  40. I don’t profess to know whether Steele is guilty or innocent. I haven’t followed the case or his career in the movement.

    It was just disturbing to here Giles ranting about “breaking the neck” of a 60-year-old man recovering from open heart surgery.

  41. Giles shut down RFM for now. Not enough money coming in. Hal Turner used to do the same thing.

    The man who shouted “I don’t want your f*cking money” is now asking for more… money.

  42. @ LOL

    Thge hell it doesn’t. Of Idaho’s two most important federal officials—one is a Roman Catholic the other is a Mormon!

    Answer this for me. Did the paid federal informant Fairfax plant pipe bombs on both Steele’s car, and his wife’s car?

    Pray a few Holy Mary’s before answering. LOL.

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