Birthright Citizenship: Moving the Goalposts

I’ve followed the immigration debate for several years now. Much has changed in that time. Lately, the change seems to be accelerating.

Five years ago, Arizona’s senators – John McCain and Jon Kyl – were two of the biggest supporters of the George W. Bush amnesty. In the Senate, we were offered a choice between the McCain/Kennedy amnesty and the Kyl/Cornyn amnesty. At the time, the latter was advertised as a “compromise bill,” and the GOP leadership clumsily attempted to ram it down the throats of the conservative base.

Back then, Arizona was a moderate state on illegal immigration. Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona. John McCain proudly wore the “maverick” label. Lindsey Graham could say to La Raza, “We are going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we’re going to get this right.”

Around 2005, there was a massive purge of commentators on Free Republic who were too critical of the Bush administration on illegal immigration. “Jim Rob” was banning veteran posters left and right for trashing the White House.

It was around this time that George W. Bush and Congress agreed to build the border fence. In a memorable public relations stunt, Bush deployed the National Guard to the Mexican border to salvage his credibility on immigration.

By then it was too late.

The GOP took the “thumpin” in the 2006 midterm elections. The Democrats regained control of Congress. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer savored their victory that memorable night.

How the times have changed.

The “bigots” didn’t shut up. They won.

In 2010, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyl, and Lindsey Graham are now on record supporting holding constitutional hearings to end birthright citizenship. A previously “extremist position” has entered the mainstream.

Graham on FOX News:

Are the conversions of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to ending birthright citizenship genuine? Of course not.

They are merely politicians with their fingers in the wind. If John McCain had not changed his position on immigration, he would be losing his Senate seat to J.D. Hayworth right now.

A political earthquake has shifted the ground underneath the feet of the Republican leadership. In order to survive, they have been forced to adapt and repudiate their former liberal positions on immigration. This can be seen across the conservative spectrum from Free Republic to the U.S. Senate.

Arizona’s precipitous action is having a domino effect in other states. Virginia is now following in Arizona’s footsteps. Utah, South Carolina, and Oklahoma are poised to act.

How did we get from there to here? Who got us from there to here? How do we get from here to where we need to go?

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  1. Overton’s Window is moving. I had written off the GOP, but now that you can say “I agree with John McCain that…”, maybe there’s hope to use that party as a vehicle.

    Let’s move carefully, step by step, just like the accursed Frankfurt School. Maybe even my generation (born in the 60s) will live to see the day when we can look the Tribe in the eyes and ask: “oh, btw, ain’t payback a bitch?”.

  2. The idea is not to stop handing out citizenship, effective in two years or some such. That would merely postpone our dispossession. The idea is to move toward a point where we repudiate, not repeal, all anti-White legislation. Sorry Jose and Chiang, we didn’t promise you anything. Those guys over there behind the barbed wire, breaking rocks, told you that you were Americans. They lied.

  3. A constitutional amendment is not needed. The 14th amendment has been intentionally misinterpreted by the same people who support illegal immigration and brought the slaves to the US.

    Birthright for freed slaves already here not mexicunts who run across the border and take a dump so the whole “familia” can collect welfare forever.

  4. Let me give you a feel for how bad things are now. We had a family get together recently in Lake George New York. Lake George is a beautifull place. The water by the shoreline is crystal clear. It even smell cleans. The traffic on 87 into Lake George was backed up-a giant parking lot. On the beach there were large Paki families. On the Minnie-Ha-Ha ferry. There was a Paki family on the ferry. There were three young Pakis and their young Paki mother was pregnant. The day is comming-very soon-when Native Born White American families will not be able to escape to places such as Lake George-very soon. There will be a waiting list to get in-a very long waiting list. You will take your turn behind the filthy Paki family. Just wait. The millions of Asians and Hispanics in NYC will want to vacation in Lake George also. Generalize this to other bucolic vaction areas across America.

    The resources of America are in fact very scarce. The day of reckoning is comming soon. Millions of Native Born White American families won’t know what the hell hit them. But when it does, the reaction is going to be very nasty. The complete expulsion of millions of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites-such as this dirty Paki “American” family-is the only solution. Either high fertility post 1965 nonwhites are expelled or America becomes a hellish unlivable dystopia. Secession is not the solution. The complete reclamation of Native Born White American territory is the only game in town.

  5. Thought experiment:suppose middle class Native Born White Americans didn’t have the option-for the past thirty years let’s say-of fleeing the post-1965 nonwhites. Suppose suburbia was not allowed to expand beyond its 1980 borders. Suppose the smart growth totalatarians had gotten their way. I will say with 100 certainty that post-1965 immigration would have been completely shut down by now-down to 0. The 14th amendment would have been repealed also.

    It is really tragic that it will take so much pain and suffering to wake up millions of Native Born White Americans. It didn’t have to be this way. The sooner the mass expulsions begin the better.

  6. Overton’s Window is moving. I had written off the GOP, but now that you can say “I agree with John McCain that…”, maybe there’s hope to use that party as a vehicle.

    Juan McCain’s flip-flop is sickening and exposes him as the coward he is. I liked him better when the parody of him as El Bandito from the Treasure of the Sierra Madre was apt. At least then, he was unequivocally our enemy.

  7. Expelling those granted citizenship over the last 50 years so that you can vacation at your favorite lake is fun to talk about, I guess.

    However, few feelers on the anchor-baby issue by RINOS during election years does not a tsunami of ethnic cleansing make.

    The real question is can we stop amnesty. Amnesty, in some form, is a very real possibility, still.

    After that, can we slow legal immigration, which is at a 1,000,000 a year level? You hear virtually no discussion of that. Even the ubiquitous H1B visas are still being granted in the hundreds of thousands a year.

    Jupiter, please explain the political transformation that you expect to see that will allow for the mass expulsions of non-whites that you are continually promoting.

  8. Jackson: I can’t speak for Jupiter, but the only way to achieve his, and my, similar goals will not be through the electoral process. Even with a White majority, Congress has refused to stop the invasion. Look at Arizona: In a republic, it would not be at all controversial to merely enforce the law, a law of long standing and very much like every other nations’ laws. But the Federal government goes to court to prevent the enforcement of its own law. Clearly, our republic is gone. We will soon be outnumbered by the foreigners our Rulers have imported. They are creating a Yugoslavia, and a Yugoslavian solution will come to pass. Except that there won’t be a NATO to intervene on the wrong side.
    How this will play out, I can’t say. The contraction of the economy will sharpen many White people’s perceptions, and the vibrant violence of the many cultures that are now among us will press the issue. The conflict is already here, but it’s being managed for now. But without Uncle Sugar to spread our dollars around, easing the pain for us and greasing the ways for them, the friction will increase.

  9. Jackson

    Start explaining to our fellow Native Born White Americans what they will have to give up to accomodate the very rapidly growing post-1965 nonwhite that is already here. The loss of those very nice amenities-favorite vacation spot for example-is one of those things that they will have to give up. And you can also throw in things such as access to affordable state universities. Our children are competing with the filthy high fertility muslim “Americans” for those spots.

    It is what comes before the political transformation that matters. We saw this-at least I saw this this-right after 9/11. The muslims-and the hindus and sihks-knew that they were at great risk of being expelled. They were very scared-very sared. And they were justified in their fear.

    The battle against race-replacement can not be won through the DC Republican-Democratic consensus. It can only be won through a grassroots highly inflammed Native Born White racial revolt.

    You make very light of the loss of the amenities. But it is these amenities that hav prevented the ignition of a full-blown organic Native Born White American White rage racial revolt. Forcing all these different racial groups to live on top each other is an experiment that has never been attempted before. But I can tell you this, it didn’t work when they tried to force it on the different White etnic groups. It didn’t even work within a White ethnic group. and Peter Brimelow are pushing the anemic moratorium. A moratorium means a temporary time out…after which muslim,hispanic,carribean african legal immigration continues apace…and off they go again to breed like filthy cockroaches again and in the process robbing even more living space from Native Born White Americans…and this piled on top of the enormous nonwhite population growth they have already generated.

    Compromise=race replacement of the Native Born White majority=death of the Native Born White Majority over time=moratorium.

    I’ll tell Peter Brimelow this:the post-1965 high fertility cockroaches will make their way to the Berkshires sooner than you think. But before they come to spoil your little paradise, the Native Born White Americans who will be fleeing the post-1965 high fertility cockroaches in Lake George will make their way to the bucolic Berkshires. ..making the place feel very crowded. This will happen with the moratorium. Only the mass expulsion of post-1965 high fertility nonwhites can prevent America from being an overpopulated hellish dystopia in the very near future.

  10. For those of you who are offended by my language-Matt Parrot no doubt: Native Born White Americans who have expereinced the full force of post-1965 nonwhite immigration do increasingly talk like this. And there is a growing population of Native Born White Americans who are already in the stage right before this. Man, can I give you lots of examples of this just in the past three years.

    Screw the moratorium. It is being pushed by a multimillionaire English immigrant who lives in the rural Berkshires who trades metals during the day. He has never dealt with the full-blown filth and grim of post-1965 immigration policy and how it destroys the amenities that make life bearable. This little creepy foreigner has also banned me from Alternative Right even though my comments get the most hits.

    Screw the moratorium. Expulsion is the only game in time. Time to tap into Native Born White American race rage.

    If one of those passenger jets on 9/11 had slammed into the Indian Point power plant on the Hudson, the mass expulsion of the muslim “Americans” would have commenced the next day…and the race rage would have spilt over to the hindus and sihks…. they would have started packing their bags…screw Brimelow’s moratorium. Screw Secession also. I want my country back!!!

  11. My brother says up in Chicagoland that the Hindu problem is flying under the radar of all the Mexicans, but he thinks the Hindus are much worse. He says there are almost as many of them as the Mexicans and that they are the lowest, most dishonest scammers he’s ever met. They will cheat you like no tomorrow if you trust one, all of those little shops they run cheat on their taxes. There is absolutely no reason to let these foul people into our country. I really do look forward to the day a real government comes to power and all those “citizenship” papers handed out to Jose, Ahkmed, Bijal, and Phouk Yoo Ngyuwn are as worthless as an Iraqi dollar with Saddam’s Face printed on it.

  12. “I really do look forward to the day a real government comes to power and all those “citizenship” papers handed out to Jose, Ahkmed, Bijal, and Phouk Yoo Ngyuwn are as worthless as an Iraqi dollar with Saddam’s Face printed on it.”

    – This is the mindset of most of the white Americans that I know- they are waiting for “the government” to “do something” about the problem (Nightowl; I am assuming that you are referring here to some future newly elected pols of the same government we have now, not an entirely new post-revolution government of a new white nation?). These poor folks have been waiting for this same miracle to happen since I first remember becoming cognizant of the racial problem back in the late 1960’s; waiting for a new day to dawn after we “vote the bastards out”. They are still waiting. It will not happen, at least not that way. Power, as Mao stated long ago, comes from the barrel of a gun. A lot of white Americans have guns, but none that I know are as yet willing to use them on anything other than the state’s annual permitted alotment of deer.
    Jupiter wants his country back, so do we all, but all the talk about taking it back is just that, or at least it has been for as long as I can remember- and if you read Harold Covington who has been following this “movement” for most of his life, it has all been fantasizing on the part of WN’s for the better part of 70 years now. The “movement” is long on talk and very dismally short on action and it has always been so. Contrast this with our Jewish foes who put their cash to work for their own kind and who have so many advocacy organizations to benefit themselves that it is impossible to correctly number them all and makes one wonder if we are not all impossibly outclassed when it comes to advancing our own interests. Yes, I know I’ll get a lot of flak for seeming to attempt spreading disillusionment, but damn, wouldn’t it be more realistic to attempt to at least start an organization for the purpose of advancing white interests rather than to waste time posting entries on a blog advocating “throwing Paki’s out of the country” which amount to nothing more than pipe dreams since we have no clout, no organization, no political leaders in our corner and no money?

  13. Biased Observer

    Your post is silly and defeatist. I don’t say this to be mean to you. Yes, ultimatetly Native Born White Americans will have to take it into their own hands..after all the “US”goverment has declared war against the Native Born White American majority. Big mean powerfull goverments do fall..if you have been paying atetnion to recent histiory you would know this obvious fact. It just takes the withdrawal of consent of the governed.

    You point about Harold Covington are completely irrelevant. The current situation is unprecedented….except when one nation invades another and takes it over. The real real wage collapse since 1973 is exactly what would be predicted if one nation invaded another…this according to economist LesterThurow in a book he wrote about thirteen years ago.

    You completely miss the essential point of my post. From here on in, Natiove Born White Americans are going to find it more difficult to flee nonwhites such as the filthy high fertility Pakis. Take a look at the recent post by guessedworker over at majorityrights .com. Do you think Native Born White Americans are really willing to put up with their underage daughters being kidnapped,gangraped and forced into prostitution by Paki gangs. You see, this really gets to the heart of what I see as being really flawed with a lot of the commentary on this website. A lot of people here just assume that Millions of Native Born White Americans will put up with anything for achieving minority racial status. This is very far from obvious. The situation in America and England is an evolving situation. I agree with what Peter Brimelow wrote a month over at The post-1965 immigration issue will be resolved..and it is going to be very painfull for millions of Native Born White Americans. However, the choice is racial minority status-ever dwindling racial minority status-and China,India,Iran and Pakistan extending their racial borders deep-very deep into the American Heartland-right up to the new White homelands. I do not believe for one minute that this will be acceptable to millions of ordinary Native Born White Americans. Native Born White Americans are going through the transitional cognitive dissonance stage. That’s just they way its going to be. It is the stage before the full blown White Nationalist racial revolt.

    Now I want to make another point. There has been a lot of silly discussion on this web site about how the majority of people who post here complain and don’t do anything. Well, you whoever makes these charges has absolutetly no idea if this is true.

    It is absolutely crucial that Ocidental Dissent,Occidental Observer, ,Sailer, Mangan’s,Alternative Right-from which I am now banned from even though my posts tend to get the most thumbs up-get the right framework…because if the WE don’t get the right framework many of our fellow Native Born White Americans who will come to this websites in the future will not be equipped with the ideological and political weapons to accelerate revolt against race-replacement atthe hands of post-1965 high fertility nonwhites. What must be immediately jetisoned are two things:1)Libertarian free markeet economics. In a homgenoeus White majority society where honest and free discussion takes place, White Americans will chose the much cheaper socialist health care system. If it were up to the screw ball paleoconservatives and HBD types over at Alternative Right my late quadraplegic brother would have been begging for handouts from his hospital bed. 2) abandon the obsession with racial differences in intelligence. It is completely irrelevant to the fundamental issue of the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority at the hands of post-1965 nonwhites. What if Mexicans had an average IQ of 200? How would this change anything? Not one bit. I could flatten Steve Sailer,Richard Spencer,Richard Hoste,Peter Brimelow,Dennis Magan on both science and statistics of the Race and IQ stuff which is very likely the reason why I have been banned from Sailer and Alternative Right…and they know I can flatten them in a debate. But ultimately it is a waste of time. The real problem is strategic:it sidetracks in a massive way,away from the fundamental issue of race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority at the hands of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites. This is what Millions of Native Born White Americans are really concerned about whether or not they are publicly vocal about it.

    By the way Jackson and biased observer, why do have a probelm with my having a family get together free of the prescence of hordes of dirty Pakis? Go live in goddam pakistan.

  14. What we have ongoing in America is a convergence, a fusion of crises – economic, political, and cultural. When the elements fuse completely there will be the equivalent of a nuclear Critical Mass and an explosion of almost unimaginable violence. During the coming chaos it will be possible to break the ZOG and, that done, sort out other ethnic issues as well. So I’d counsel optimism, patience, and continued stockpiling of vital necessities. Especially weapons and ammunition. The Republicrats? Forget them…post-November they’ll be back to their usual Chamber of Commerce-ordained tricks.

  15. Compassionate Fascist

    I agree.I can’t stand the cry baby stuff on this web site. Agitate..agitate…agitate..agitate…there is no magoc wand..and yes if you can afford it give $$$$ to Occidental Dissent. WE must encourage our fellow Native Born White Americans to fight back…some people-Steve Sailer and PeterBrimelow-want to encorage their Native Born White Amerians to have mind numbing the-eyes-glaze-over wonkish psychometric debates about differences in racial intelligence.

    Some of you here believe that having these type of nutty duiscussions is the key to revolting against race-replacement. All I can say is-from extensive interaction with my fellow Naative Born White Amerians-is that you guys are totally clueless.

    The person who has been pushing this the strongest-Stevie Sailer-is a closet asianphile-who believes that Asians really are interchangeble with Native Born White Americans. Hoe many of you here are suspicious that at least of one of Stevie Sailer’s sons has an Asian girlfriend? He is a boring policy wonk.

  16. Lindsey Grahamnesty and the rest of the boys are only doing this out of political expediency. It wasn’t but two short years ago that ol’ Lindsey gave an impassioned speech before La Raza that he never met a mestizo that he didn’t absolutely adore. My how people change. Even John McCain threatened to switch to the Democratic party over the widespread Republican opposition to amnesty.

    The stigma of “racist” and “nazi” that’s been attached to anti-illegal sentiment is losing its magical powers to make national politicians scramble for the exits. As such there’s much less political risk in opposing immigration now than there was even a few years ago.

    I still tend to think that Lindsey and the boys are only throwing us a bone since this is an election year and to fool people into thinking they’re serious about fixing the problem. Their words must be supported by deeds. I fully expect shape shifters McCain and Graham to soften their stance if they regain their senate seats.

  17. No one believes McCain and Graham are sincere converts to the cause of border security. They have been forced against their will to tow a harder line. It is now a matter of political survival.

    Here’s what we should really be discussing:

    1.) Who did the forcing?

    2.) Who moved the goal posts?

    3.) How did they change the political landscape?

    4.) How do we get the next first down?

  18. That pisses me off too that Lake George is now inundated with nonwhites, I went there with my family as a teenager in the early 90s or so and the entire region was completely white, no nonwhites for dozens or even hundreds of miles around.

    Not surprising I guess, as every park I’ve seen in southern NH, Boston area, Long Island, and even the one we went to here in central VA for July 4th is overrun with them.

    Still, as Jackson says, our main focus should be on preventing an amnesty and booting out the illegals.

  19. “By the way Jackson and biased observer, why do have a probelm with my having a family get together free of the prescence of hordes of dirty Pakis? Go live in goddam pakistan.”

    – Hmmmm….. I reread my post a couple times and I surely don’t see where I “have a problem with your having a family get together free of the presence of hordes of dirty Pakis. As I said: “Jupiter wants his country back, so do we all “. You claim; “You completely miss the essential point of my post.” No, I did not, here it is in quotes from you: “The complete expulsion of millions of high fertility post-1965 nonwhites-such as this dirty Paki “American” family-is the only solution”. And my point was- good luck with that. Why? Because the will power, the leadership, the organization, and the money are not there. Where is the charismatic white figure who is going to bring together all the disparate little militias (like the laughable “Huttaree militia?) , the “kinists”, the Occidental Dissenters, and the dozens of other WN groups into a unified force? And V-dare, which you have mentioned does not even count- the only thing that is important to Brimelow is that the foreigners “enter the country legally”. You don’t think that all these groups complaining separately are simply one day going to be inspired of the Holy Spirit and suddenly going to act effectively in unison without some sort of leadership and central authority do you? Before this “movement” can even be thought of as such it will need to be organized with a central leadership and have funding as well as an advocacy arm. It will need to learn to walk before it can run. I see none of that yet. I have seen none of it for decades. As for “Go live in goddam pakistan”, well my friend, there is no need for that- Pakistan is coming here.

  20. Off-topic, but since HW is on this thread: it would be good to ditch that insipid, bucolic pic at the top of the new site-format. Happens to be the same one I had on my site, and I got rid of it for something more appropriate; let’s get back to the Alamo.

  21. What moved the goalposts? I tend to think it’s the dozens upon dozens of locally enacted statutes against illegal immigration nationwide culminating in Arizona’s SB 1070. Plus the Tea Parties are favorable to securing the border and deporting illegals. The Tea parties have their shortcomings but like it or not they are becoming a large voting bloc. Actually a large WHITE voting bloc despite the seeming lack of cohesion or specific agenda.

    The battle lines have been sharply drawn by SB 1070. AZ took a much needed step that emboldened states and municipalities across the country and sent a message to fence straddling politicians. It’s very important for Jan Brewer to hold firm regardless of the recent ruling by a lower federal court which neutralizes most of SB 1070. It AZ loses the appeal they should announce they will enforce SB 1070 in its entirety anyway while publicly savaging the federal judges. This will force the Barry Soetoro administration to get heavy handed which will, in turn, radicalize the red states against Washington, D.C. Barry will likely lose his composure and return to his race baiting tactics which will further erode his support amongst whites.

    Someone will have to flinch but this is a golden opportunity to marginalize our corrupt rulers exemplified by the American Robert Mugabe.

  22. Screw the moratorium. It is being pushed by a multimillionaire English immigrant who lives in the rural Berkshires who trades metals during the day. He has never dealt with the full-blown filth and grim of post-1965 immigration policy and how it destroys the amenities that make life bearable. This little creepy foreigner has also banned me from Alternative Right even though my comments get the most hits.

    You’re too paranoid. Your insinuation that Brimelow doesn’t know how bad things are because he lives out in the sticks is ludicrous. It’s not like the man’s an idiot. Besides, I’m almost positive that he lives in Greenwich, not the Berkshires.

    Second of all, I find it extremely doubtful that Brimelow banned you from Alternative Right, given that he doesn’t run that site. Richard Spencer is not Peter Brimelow.

    I wonder if you’re letting your antagonism towards IQ-realism color your judgment of Vdare, which really is a very useful site.

  23. For now. One of the biggest problems is that hard core globalists are totally in control of the national GOP. There seems to be a lack of awareness among grassroots conservatives of how the party officials are largely responsible for GOP politicians betraying conservatism. All the attention is focused on the officeholders, who are to some extent figureheads depending on funding and favorable media coverage for their jobs.

    Behind the scenes, there is an army of political hacks beholden to corporate and Jewish money who do everything they can to thwart the intentions of conservative voters on immigration and a host of other issues, like the bailout.

  24. Jupiter, I sympathize with you, but you would be better received if you changed your tone and did not repeat the same phrases over and over again. Your comments across the internet are largely interchangeable with each other, like boilerplate. It would be helpful to stay focused on the topic at hand and avoid launching into the same long speech at every opportunity.

  25. Jupiter,

    which is very likely the reason why I have been banned from Sailer and Alternative Right…and they know I can flatten them in a debate.

    Because there’s something pitiable about watching a wounded (thus incapacitated) animal writhing and thrashing around in agony I’ll tender the following: the reason you’re banned is “very likely” not because they’re afraid of being flattened in debate, but because they’re in no mood to be talked down to by a deranged, dyslexic fuck like you, whose understanding of basic human psychology is woefully insufficient (even by tragically deficient WN standards), to say nothing of your woefully inadequate appreciation of “racial” psychology (by which I mean the psychological processes that affect/determine racial attitudes and behaviors).


    Not really. Personally, I think it’s madness that you’d imagine for a moment that your opinion would be taken seriously by fledgling media struggling to establish themselves as fonts of serious analysis and policy prescription.

    And please shut up with the sob stories about your worthless paraplegic brother. Who cares about that useless piece of genetic gunk, whose only value would be as a case study in the benefits that accrue from euthanasia? (Upset? Hurts doesn’t it? Ahhh……)

  26. The Berkshires is actually a lot less expensive than Greenwich. There’s nonwhites there, Pittsfield is one of the many old industrial cities of the northeast which has been turned into a ‘section 8’ ghetto full of blacks, peurto ricans, and the very worst of the white population. Hotels are run by Indians, and there’s plenty of jews around. The handful of resorts aside, it’s far from a wealthy area, I’ve seen a number of businesses go vacant there just in the past few years, even in the ‘nicer’ areas.

    Brimelow’s a pretty good guy though, and as a member of the people who founded this county he’s hardly a ‘foreigner’ (that’s why it’s called ‘New England’). If he was unaware of the nonwhite immigration problem, he probably wouldn’t be running a website dedicated to exposing the problems of nonwhite immigration.

  27. ATBOTL

    I do it intentionally. It is not a complicated issue. So many people trying to be clever. I believe in pushing the memes over and over again. Stick it to the immigration enthusiasts -they read our websites-and emblazen the memes in the neocortex of the newbies to the different websites.

    Biased Observer

    Why does Brimelow want to continue importing legal immigrant Asians? Oh yeah. I forgot, because he and Sailer believe they are more intelligent than Native Born White Americans. How about bringing back the Chinese Exclusion-we can thank an Irish immigrant and a Jewish Socialist fot its passage-it was wonderfull race based legislation that protected millions of Native Born White Americans for several decades from the predatory Asian legal immigrants.

    If there is a will to do it, the filthy Pakis will be deported…..Paki filth should not be allowed to spoil a Native Born White American family vacation at Lake George.

  28. Silver

    Yeah,yeah, but in the meantime I can still flatten the Bell Curve enthuiasts such as you in debate-with very little effort I might add. You know it and it pisses you off. By the way, if you look at the posts over the past three years over at American Renassaince and over at Sailer you find many serious critiques of the Hernstien-Murray Bell Curve world view. Completely irrelevant to the race replacement issue.

  29. H White Rocck

    My problem with Peter Brimelow is that he gives a hughe forum to the asianphile Steve Sailer. And if you don’t know that he is one you have not been paying close attetnion to his writtings over the years. Most of what Sailer writes is boring policy wonk stuff…and insane HBD mad calibrator stuff. A complete waste of space on

  30. Gussie

    I have given several examples over the past three years on American Renassaince and over the past few months on Alternative Right of how the Bell Curve stuff us very damaging to the cause of reversing the race-replacement of the Native Born White Majority.

    Lets take the topic of this thread, the repeal of the 14th amendment. Great idea. But why make the case for repealing it based upon a score on an IQ test? Should we let the children of asian illegal immigrants become citizens because they score high on an IQ test? If the mad calibrator Steve Sailer had his way, they probably would.

    Oh I forgot, Silver is the resident Hitler worshipper over at

  31. Gussie is a usefull site. But it can do better. It’s tone is way too anemic considering what we are up against.

    My problem with Peter Brimelow is that he gives enormous space to the asianphile Steve Sailer.If you don’t know that he is an asianphile you haven’t been paying close attention to his writings.

    The topic of this thread is the 14th amendment. The Bell Curve stuff is completetly irrelevant to making the case against it. Should we grant citizenship to the children of Asian legal immigrants because Asians score high on an IQ test. I wouldn’t put it past the mad calibrator Steve Sailer to give the children born to Asian illegal immigrants a free pass.

    Oh I forgot, Silver is the resident Hitler worshipper over at Majority Rights.

    The reason why there is increasing discussion about about repealing the 14th amendment is because implicit White conciousness is comming to the surface. It is only a matter of time before there is a full-blown Native Born White American racial revolt against race-replacement at the hands of high fertility post-1965(repeat the meme incessantly).

    Disgustingly,liberal immigration reformers-usual suspects-are making the case against the 14th amendment because…IT HARMS POST 1965 NONWHITES WHO ARE HERE LEGALLY..really disgusting..God how I hate liberal immigration reformers.

    The Pakis will be expelled.

  32. “Why does Brimelow want to continue importing legal immigrant Asians? ”

    – The “V-Dare” website does not have a “mission statement” but in its (rambling) FAQ section it states: “Like the immigration reform movement in general, it is a coalition, agreed only on the need for immigration reduction. We have published writers of all races, and most political tendencies—including self-identified “progressives.”…… and goes on to say: “We are certainly politically incorrect—but the merest glance would show that we are not “white nationalist.”
    -That in itself, should answer your question. And frankly, since I realized quite a while back that Brimelow is not a WN and that as I said before he is only concerned with forcing foreigners (of any color) to emigrate LEGALLY, that he and I have nothing in common and I have no interest in his politics, OK? I don’t follow Sailer’s blog for essentially the same reason.
    You seem to be very preoccupied with (maybe I should say “obcessed”?) the IQ issue where race is concerned. I have observed this in the past with some WN’s who have self-esteem issues. Ahem…you wouldn’t be among those, of course!
    “How about bringing back the Chinese Exclusion?” How about focusing on those things which are within the realm of possibility instead? I think that you will find that most of the people who take part in this blog are focused on just that- what we all deem to be within the realm of the “possible”, and “taking back the country” is not possible. Instead, most WN’s (who are grounded in reality) hope to establish an ethnostate for white people alone. I count myself among those. I am not sure that I understand your intense hatred for “asians”BTW (and I am guessing here that you are referring to asians of the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, etc. variety and not lumping the Middle Eastern people in with them as the British do). I do not hate these people or even the other “people of color” or necessarily want to see harm come to them simply because our criminal government invited them to come in- I just want to live in a White Nation that puts its own people first as it should do. The USA as I and all white people here knew it is a thing of the past. Get over it and get on with the business of trying to establish a new country for our people.

  33. Biased Observer

    Just let me know how far you and the other secessionist will tolerate China extetnding it’s genetic-nationalist borders into America.

    About Brimelow..why does he give a hoot about how immigration harms blacks? Blacks don’t give a flying f…about how post-1965 will harm his newborn infant daughter.

    About the IQ and race stuff. Here is the problem with your comments. I have always debated the issue on its scientific merits and its strategic importance here,American Renassaince,Sailer and Alternative Right. So your comments are just plain silly.

    Larger point:Since you and I are largely on the same page on the larger overiding issue…encourage your fellow Native Born White Americans to fight back against race-replacement..that’s how it’s done comrade.

    Peter Brimelow should get rid of the jock sniffer Joe Guzzardi. GEt rid of the letters section. Get someone with a very well developed Native Born White Amerian racial indentity. Set up a victims wall-moderately edited. Make the Victims Wall the fundamental data and facts about post-1965 immigration…no more of the worthless econometric studies by thr cuban spic economist George Borjas. The data-stories-from the Victims Wall- is what everyone should be using in “debates” with the enemy.

    I don’t hate the Asians in Asia..but I most certaintly hate the Asian invaders in America..Why should I like a group of foriegners who are waging a vicious race war against the Native Born White Majority?

    Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow should state in public debates..”Bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act!!! That’ll piss the chinks off and give us lots of free publicity..becuause once the Chinese Exclsusion Act is debated it will become very clear in the course of a “debate” that it was a great benefit to millions of Native Born White Americans past and present.

    The Asians in OUR AMERICA our predatory interlopers who do not belong here. It’s “American” born geneline is already waging a vicious race war against young Native Born White American Males. I’ll gve you a few examples if you want them.

    If White Nationalism is at it’s core unrelenting intolerance towards race-replacement at the hands of high fertility post-1965 asians,muslims,hispanics.carribeans and africans..then I have only one question..Why isn’t Peter Brimelow a White Nationalist?

    Anyone found of Asians shouldpack up and leave America for China,India or Pakistan..don’t impose Asia on the rest of us…..

  34. You all know what happened on the UCSD campus a few months ago right? The Asian “American” student president organized a campus jihad against the minority Native Born White American Male student population on the UCSD campus who were accused of a hate crime that turned out to be fake. The Asians are predatory interlopers who do not belong in our America. They are our mortal enemy. Now, if only Peter Brimelow would state this obvious fact on

    Blacks will fight us tooth and nail on the repeal of the 14th amedment. They will see it as direct racial assault on them. But who cares what Blacks think.

  35. Internecine battles are always pure entertainment until it’s my people involved.

    I must say, though, that I have enjoyed this comments thread more than any other comments thread in recent history. My views continue to solidify, and when I read lively back and forth like that above, my inner voice shifts from “I want to expell the noncitizen nonwhites, but I’m not a heartless prick, really !” to “I want to expell the noncitizen nonwhites, and I think the trebuchet is an awesome repatriation device!”

    So yeah, by all means continue the battle, but use those Airsoft guns with the bright orange tips: Boisterous debate and open dialog is always a good thing, but keep in mind that viewed globally, Mr “Filthy, filthy Paki” Jupiter is going to be sharing a foxhole with me, just like the rest of you will.

    Our differences are minute. That’s Mine-OOT.

  36. Jupiter, you chose your “handle” well; you must be from that planet, and just about that far out of touch with reality. Additionally, I don’t think you read a word of my post before you responded to it:

    “Just let me know how far you and the other secessionist will tolerate China extetnding it’s genetic-nationalist borders into America.”
    – What would you have us do? What is your plan, o thou mighty reincarnation of General Nathan Bedford Forrest? We of the lowly unwashed WN rank and file have been waiting for a capable leader such as you would have us believe you are for a long time; what are your orders, O Great One? (Don’t forget to tell us where your organization and funds are when you pin on your General’s stars). How shall we rid the land of these vermin, these usurpers, these vile unspeakable people of non-white genetic makeup that our goverment has invited into the country and whom we detest for accepting the invitation?
    “About Brimelow..why does he give a hoot about how immigration harms blacks?”
    – I don’t care about Brimelow or what he gives a hoot about- I already told you he is not WN and is irrelevant in my opinion. But of course, you can go on obsessing about him if you like.
    “About the IQ and race stuff….So your comments are just plain silly.”
    – Asians tend to score higher on IQ tests than whites ON AVERAGE. That does not bother me, but evidently it bothers you to the core. I already told you my only concern is a white homeland for our kin to live apart from them-not trying to drive them out of a country hopelessly lost to us. But you are free to view my comments any way you like.
    “encourage your fellow Native Born White Americans to fight back against race-replacement..that’s how it’s done comrade.” – This I do when I can get a listening ear.
    “Why should I like a group of foriegners who are waging a vicious race war against the Native Born White Majority?” -No one told you to. You can hate them all you want, they won’t feel it and it won’t do anyone any harm but you. Or you could just work on the things that are attainable instead.
    “Bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act!!! ” – brother, that is living in the 19th century, while you are at it you can request the expansion of Lincoln’s original plan to deport all American born blacks to Africa – that is no more unrealistic than what you are espousing.
    “The Asians in OUR AMERICA our predatory interlopers”- again, they are here on the US government’s invitation. They have visas (it is legal), green cards, whatever. The Mexicans, OTOH come over the border illegally; now you have a legitimate beef with them, for all the good it will do you. In either case the government does not care.

    “If White Nationalism is at it’s core unrelenting intolerance towards race….Why isn’t Peter Brimelow a White Nationalist?”
    -White nationalism might be unrelenting intolerance towards race in a country with a constitution that specifically declares it as just that: a country for whites only. But we do not have that and never have! The very fact that the founding fathers stood by and allowed the importation (and purchased them themselves) of blacks as slaves belied that notion. You cannot have it both ways- either you never let anyone who is not white into the country in the first place or you cannot claim exclusivity. And by the way, the importation of blacks to work as slaves worked against average whites who were not landed and/or rich and could not afford to buy slaves to compete with rich plantation owners. It was a very flawed system of government from the start and the constitution was not the perfect document that some think it is. I might add that the American Revolution was started, funded (in addition to the funds received abroad from Jewish International Bankers), fomented and lead by the rich landed elite here at that time. The WN movement does not have such help and is instead a “movement” (and I use the term tongue-in-cheek because it is penniless, leaderless and moves in all directions) from the ground-up rather than the top-down as was the American Revolution or the so-called “Civil War”(war of Northern Aggression is more descriptive).
    So… why isn’t Peter Brimelow a White Nationalist? You should ask him- not me. I really do not care, but obviously HIS definition of WN must be fundamentally different from yours. For me, this topic is exhausted. I won’t be adding more, and I have explained myself and my position to you several times over. Just for added emphasis: I am NOT interested in trying to “recover the USA for whites”- secessionism is the answer.

  37. I Buried My Guns:

    Glad you enjoyed the show 😀 , but for my part it is over – anything further is unproductive (and by the way; no “bright orange tipped Airsoft guns” for me, Sir! I prefer venomous sharp-tongued barbs, lol)

  38. Biased Observer

    You and I are basically makng predictions about how we think our fellow Native Born White Amerians are going to react when the you know what hits the fan. I am predicting that that will ultimatetly reject the type of secession that will allow China and India for example to extetnd their racial- national borders deep into Ameerica deep into the American heartland-right up to the borders of the new White homeland. You are predicting that our fellow Native Born White Americans will accept this.

    My view of the matter is that our fellow Native Born White Americans are transitioning out of the cognitive dissonance stage into the state of understanding that they have been decieved. There is a very interesting discussion between Noam Chomsky and sociobiologist Robert Trivers that can be found by googling. Trivers tells Chomsky about some incredibly interesting ethological research done cross different species-from mamals to fish to insects-on deception. Across the board, when a group in a partucluar species figures out that it has been decieved by a memeber of the group, the other members of the group violently attack the deciever. The study has been transpecies replicated. So you know what my prediction is as to how I think my fellow Native Born White Amerians will react once they fully transition out of the cognitive dissonance stage.

    My view is also that we should be encouraging our Native Born White Americans to fight back-emboleden them. Maximize the nastiness of the reaction to being decieved. This is how you make the reclamation of lost Native Born White American territory permanent.

    Ny the way, i don’t mind people advocating secession for it will force Native Born White Amerianas to think about very seriously the consequences of Secession-and they very well might not like it. This would make the very nasty reaction to being decieved even nastier-nasty to the third power.

  39. I think there’s a real fear that the anti-zionist traditional right might take over the Republican Party and the Jews have instructed their paid whores to pay lip service to illegal immigration.

    I think Jupiter is right about expelling these legal immigrants and it’s not impossible to do when you consider that the majority of them don’t have US citizenship. Something close to 80 percent of US citizens are White. It wouldn’t even require revoking anyone’s citizenship. Deporting illegals, refusing to renew green cards and putting a stop to asylum seeker applications would restore the demographics back to 1980s levels.

  40. Hunter-

    I can’t answer your questions 1-3, but i’ll take a crack at #4:

    What can we do to affect the future course of these changes? How do get to the next first down?

    We start local and state-level petitions and ballot initiatives, and gain influence within legitimate political movements, organizations, and media. They have the power and infrastructure already in place for fund raising, mobilization, and publicization. Granted, mainstream conservative politicians barely overlap with our ideal world. Regardless, pick a borderline stance that is supported by the conservative base and lean on it. Push on it so that the dialog re-centers on a spot that is closer to our ideal.

    The conservative base that GOP politicians pander to is now actively asserting itself and bucking the establishment politics to some degree. Much of this base supports tighter immigration laws, views the Fed as over-reaching, is anti-globalization, etc. Witness the red meat thrown to the conservative base every election cycle. They already support issues that are oriented away from the status quo in our favor, even if the vector isn’t spot-on. Take advantage of the anti-establishment and populist sentiment currently simmering in the broader white conservative base, and use it to power initiatives that we pick and choose.

    We didn’t arrive at our present condition overnight. Much of the negative change was incremental. Perhaps we can inch to a more favorable position, one in which more radical action becomes feasible. In doing so, never explicitly state our ultimate goals or values, but rather advance those positions that benefit our views and push the public discourse closer to our territory.

    As mentioned in the ‘Nullification Crisis’ comment thread, ballot initiatives and the like are no where near as satisfying as epic money-shot overnight-revolution fantasy. If favorable ‘revolution’ comes, it will have been built up and primed before hand, and that buildup won’t just happen naturally. It will have been farmed and guided. Unlike our fantasies, the work will be tiring and unsatisfying, the rewards inching and dribbling out. Suck it up. As things creep closer to us, more of our rhetoric and ideas will progressively fall within the acceptable range.

  41. Jupiter,

    Yeah,yeah, but in the meantime I can still flatten the Bell Curve enthuiasts such as you in debate-with very little effort I might add. You know it and it pisses you off. By the way, if you look at the posts over the past three years over at American Renassaince and over at Sailer you find many serious critiques of the Hernstien-Murray Bell Curve world view. Completely irrelevant to the race replacement issue.

    What the hell are you babbling about now, you pathetic retard?

    Listen. You’re a Native Born White American fuckwit. Don’t take it personally. It’s just what you are. And you’re not alone; there are plenty more like you (by the look of it). But it does mean you need to piss off, shut up and, preferably, fuck off and die and make way for people whose understanding of the delicate predicament exceeds yours the way a bazooka exceeds a pop-gun. To sum it up for you, shit for brains, you’ll be lucky to have a racial future at all, let alone to “take back” all of America in one fell swoop. (Now, if you’re talking about the distant future, well, sure, anything’s possible. But fuckwittery like yours imperils the chances of even reaching Step One, Safety.)

  42. Jupiter,

    You stated:
    Start explaining to our fellow Native Born White Americans what they will have to give up to accomodate the very rapidly growing post-1965 nonwhite that is already here.
    And you can also throw in things such as access to affordable state universities.

    State universities love foreign students because they can charge them full price, thus charging your white kids less. Also, white students often need lower academic achievement to gain university admission than asian students, so those dirty pakis and chinks are already discriminated against in favor of less smart whites.

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