Birthright Citizenship: Moving the Goalposts

I’ve followed the immigration debate for several years now. Much has changed in that time. Lately, the change seems to be accelerating.

Five years ago, Arizona’s senators – John McCain and Jon Kyl – were two of the biggest supporters of the George W. Bush amnesty. In the Senate, we were offered a choice between the McCain/Kennedy amnesty and the Kyl/Cornyn amnesty. At the time, the latter was advertised as a “compromise bill,” and the GOP leadership clumsily attempted to ram it down the throats of the conservative base.

Back then, Arizona was a moderate state on illegal immigration. Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona. John McCain proudly wore the “maverick” label. Lindsey Graham could say to La Raza, “We are going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we’re going to get this right.”

Around 2005, there was a massive purge of commentators on Free Republic who were too critical of the Bush administration on illegal immigration. “Jim Rob” was banning veteran posters left and right for trashing the White House.

It was around this time that George W. Bush and Congress agreed to build the border fence. In a memorable public relations stunt, Bush deployed the National Guard to the Mexican border to salvage his credibility on immigration.

By then it was too late.

The GOP took the “thumpin” in the 2006 midterm elections. The Democrats regained control of Congress. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer savored their victory that memorable night.

How the times have changed.

The “bigots” didn’t shut up. They won.

In 2010, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyl, and Lindsey Graham are now on record supporting holding constitutional hearings to end birthright citizenship. A previously “extremist position” has entered the mainstream.

Graham on FOX News:

Are the conversions of John McCain and Lindsey Graham to ending birthright citizenship genuine? Of course not.

They are merely politicians with their fingers in the wind. If John McCain had not changed his position on immigration, he would be losing his Senate seat to J.D. Hayworth right now.

A political earthquake has shifted the ground underneath the feet of the Republican leadership. In order to survive, they have been forced to adapt and repudiate their former liberal positions on immigration. This can be seen across the conservative spectrum from Free Republic to the U.S. Senate.

Arizona’s precipitous action is having a domino effect in other states. Virginia is now following in Arizona’s footsteps. Utah, South Carolina, and Oklahoma are poised to act.

How did we get from there to here? Who got us from there to here? How do we get from here to where we need to go?

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  1. Since the post-1965 importation of high fertility Asians, the real wage has been stagnant-and is now declining-for millions of Native Born White Americans. In addition to being increasingly shut out of state universities, the cost of attending state universities has skyrocketed.

    Ok, so you and your asian friends think asians are smarter than Native Born White Americans. Well I don’t, and millions of Native Born White Americans don’t either.

    Now,let’s really get to the heart of the issue. Your post has a very nasty tone towards the Native Born White Americans. It is a point of view and tone that post-1965 predatory Asians express publicly all the time-remember the “WE will bury you” comment: made by a predatory Asian to Peter Brimelow in the pages of the Village Voice-to the Native Born White American Majority. So why are you and your asian buddies shocked that an increasong number of Native Born White Americans are growing-very rapidly-more and more hostile to the prescence of high fertility nonwhites in OUR AMERICA?

    You along with your post-1965 asian friends are making an economic case for race-replacing the Native Born White American Majority with hostile high fertility Asians. I mean it’s incredible. You are basically saying that the economic health of America requires-demands that the Native Born White American Majority commit racial suicide. Well, pay close attention Randy:F….k to you and your predatory asian friends. It is only a matter of time before the asians in OUR AMERICAN are grabbed by the back of the chink shirt collars and booted out of OUR AMERICA!!!

    You and your asain friends are liars. You are waging a vicious race war against the Native Born White American Majority.

    Right after 9/11, the asian invaders in American were very scared of being kicked out. There fear was justified. Just wait for the next one you little chink cockroach. You will be sent packing.

    How did Native Born White Americans ever manage to survive without the prescence of millions of asains in OUR AMERIA? Very well thankyou.

    My brother recently reported to me -up in Lake George-that he heard a Native Born White American Male construction worker on the train say out loud “:goddam chinks what the hell are they doing in America”. My brother said to him”hey man you gotta be carefull:..the construction repsonded back”F…the chinks”.

    This is how Peter Brimelow should deal with the asians invaders-unrelentingly. I am certain he gets lots of nasty letters from angry White guys about the predatory asians. But unfotunately he has a 60 soemthing jocksniffing bachelor -who would like to impose gay marriage on the good people of Pittsburg -with aracial politics editing the letters section of

    Bring back the Chinese Exclusion!!! It was wonderfull legislation. We can thank an Irish immigrant and a socialist American Jew for its passage.

    How many chinese spys in Silicon Valley? Quite a lot. Of course with secession, they won’t have to be secret about it any more.

  2. Silver

    I am advocating a cordon sanitaire policy as an intermediate step….let it rot and rot amd rot some more…then millions of Native Born White Americans can decide if this is what they want a few miles down the road.

  3. Jupiter,

    My comment was a statement of fact, and not a value judgment. I have no doubt that the vast majority of WNs would prefer to have no foreign or non-white students attending US universities.

    However, the facts still remain that foreigners pay higher tuition than locals, thus lowering the costs for the native born. Also, many universities give whites affirmative action-type admission preferences relative to asians, in that a white students need lower levels of academic achievement to qualify for admission than asian students.

  4. Randy Garver

    When the asian population in America was much smaller than it is now, it was cheaper to get into state university-relative to the real wage-and easier access to state universities. State universities were paid for and built by Native Born White Americans. All Statement of facts. How did Native Born White Americans ever manage to survive without the asians in America? Very well thank you. Another statement of fact.

    There is no economic,technological, labor market,ecological,demographic reason-need to import even one asian into America. There never was.

    So what is your larger point? You want more asians in that it? Well Asians are going to be tossed out. They are waging a very nasty race war against the Native Born White American majority.

    So what are you jewish,asian..white guy with an asian girlfriend?

    Oh one last thing..Native Born White American racial interests completely define the terms of the “debate”. Nothing else matters.

    Does anyone remeber who crushed the “higher” IQ Jap bastards during WW2..Let’s see… oh yeah,it was the technological superior and “less intelligent” Native Born White American Male who crushed and fried the Jap bastards during WW2.

  5. Does anyone remeber who crushed the “higher” IQ Jap bastards during WW2..Let’s see… oh yeah,it was the technological superior and “less intelligent” Native Born White American Male who crushed and fried the Jap bastards during WW2.

    Yeah, we kicked ass then. But it was a case of winning the battle, losing the war. Unlike us, Japan is a racially intact nation today. We were on the wrong side. We should have followed Charles Lindbergh and been isolationist, rather than get manipulated into fighting that war for foreign interests.

  6. Randy Garver, Foreign students are not “out of state” students. Out of state students refers only to US citizens from another state in the US. There are many financial aid programs for foreigners to attend college in the US–FOR FREE. Remember Obama applied to Occidental College as a foreign student (Indonesian) and was eligible for financial aid programs that are only available to foreigners–not to native born US citizens, especially white US citizens. Most of Obama’s records have been sealed but since he applied to Occidental as a foreign student, it’s safe to assume he also applied to Columbia and Harvard as a foreign student.

    When US citizens apply for financial aid they are given grants and loans. Student loans are why so many US students graduate heavily in debt. There’s no debt for foreigners because their financial aid package is grants not loans.

    There was a video on youtube a couple years ago of a seminar conducted by representatives of US universities in China. The seminar was to teach Chinese students how to apply to get a free college education in the US. Individuals were given help to fill out forms so the students would qualify for free education. These seminars are held in many (3rd world, nonwhite) countries all over the world and is why you see so many foreign students in US colleges.

    In case you’re wondering who pays for free college education for foreigners in the US, US taxpayers of course. The reason you don’t know about it because they don’t want US taxpayers to know they are being fleeced not to help US citizens pay for a college education but foreigners.

  7. Jupiter:

    You stated –

    Oh one last thing..Native Born White American racial interests completely define the terms of the “debate”. Nothing else matters.

    Agreed. Within the context of White Nationalist goals, NBWA racial interests would seem to be the only point. Why not just stick with that one?

    Yet you present a myriad of other reasons to object to the presence of other races in America, a few of which I’ve offered reasonable arguments against.

    If your goal is to persuade more whites to support your point of view, especially well-informed politically active types, you’re probably not going to maximize your efficacy by haranguing them with an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink collection of hoary old anti-immigrant chestnuts, some of which are demonstrably false.

    To be clear, I’m not arguing here against white ethnic advocacy, I’m arguing against you doing it poorly.

    So what are you jewish,asian..white guy with an asian girlfriend?

    I’m a white guy with an asian wife who came to this country via an H1-B visa.

  8. soso:

    If the US taxpayer is subsidizing the tuition of foreign students, I would certainly join you in objecting to those programs. My point to Jupiter specifically concerned the balance sheets of universities, for whom foreign students are a source of income, thus helping to lower costs for residents.

    I’m not suggesting that he or anyone else would want to embrace foreign students because of this, but rather that his specific argument is false, and probably off-putting to people who would know better.

  9. Randy Garver

    No matter how many times you state over and overgain something that is obviously false..its truth value will still not exceed 0. You gave been thoroughly refuted by myself and soso.

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