Knoxville: NSM “Stand in the South”

Explicit White Advocates "Stand in the South" and "Name the Jew."

Yesterday, the NSM and their local supporters held their “Stand in the South” protest in Knoxville, Tennessee. This protest was widely advertised on OD and other pro-White sites as an “ecumenical event” that would draw together the various strands of White Nationalism in a breakthrough rally over illegal immigration.

The video speaks for itself:

For months, “Biological Racist” and others heckled me on the OD forum and challenged me to “show up” in Knoxville or cease to be “relevant” in the White Nationalist movement. The Knoxville rally was described as the “tip of the iceberg.” You see, the “underground” was supposed to turn out at this event and “threaten” Jewish hegemony.

Needless to say, I was highly skeptical and made plans to be elsewhere this weekend. The event lived up to my high expectations: counterprotestors turning the rally into a circus, outnumbered White Nationalists screaming “Sieg Heil” on camera, innumerable individuals acting out their fantasies with discordant symbols in the streets, misfits with swastikas everywhere in plain sight, the blind following Cliff Herrington from Joy Of Satan Ministries on camera into a public carnival.

Fortunately, the immigration reform movement fell into more capable hands long ago. If the NSM and their White Nationalist allies were responsible for leading the fight against “comprehensive immigration reform,” we would have lost that war and every other one like it a long time ago.

More Likely than Cliff Herrington to Secure the Border and Build the Fence.

In some corners, there is another voice in the pro-White community which advises a far different course of action from my own.

This voice judges others on the basis of their words, not their actions. Thus, the NSM is seen in a positive light because it has adopted an extreme rhetorical position that sounds pleasing to White Nationalist ears, even though their actions are ineffective and counterproductive.

Similarly, these people have nothing but contempt for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, or the so-called “pied pipers of implicit Whiteness,” because they have adopted a moderate rhetorical position that is not explicitly racial or anti-Semitic enough for their tastes. Their actions might be effective, but they give lip service to anti-racism and multiculturalism. Their tone is annoying and offensive to highly sensitive ears.

Who is really the gullible one here?

If you are right, but can’t do anything for me, why should I support you? If you are wrong, but are useful, why should I oppose you?

It’s not enough to be right.

Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words. Personally, I would say anything to move the goal posts. Words are meaningless.

I will drink the tea this time around, even if it is bitter and disagreeable, not the kool aid, even if it is sweet and tastes good. Because if the NSM is White America’s last chance, we have already lost, and I am not ready to give up just yet.

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  1. Biological Racist, or whatever the “smokymtnss” character calls himself now, is a complete BS artist. If he’s not propped up by Feds, then he is absolutely, positively a few fries short of a happy meal.

    He claimed hundreds would be there, and this event would be one of the biggest ever seen. He invited you to come, and insisted that his little “undercover” band of merry men wasn’t really going to be a part of the NSM; they were just going to be there in support. You’d have “his protection” if you decided(were dumb enough, actually) to show up. blah, blah, blah…..

    If you pay close attention to his rhetoric, you’ll see someone that is clearly grasping at straws when trying to boast about his clout out in the real world. This has been his M.O. for the past few years. He’s the same moron that was parading around in East TN(near a supposedly Jewish neighborhood) on his “Day of the F(l)ag”, with full-blown KKK costumed clown in tow…the same guy that posed with an assault rifle, with a sign of Obama in the background, which the ADL proudly displayed on their website.

  2. It’s a circus…. and I say that as someone who has a strong affinity with National Socialism. It’s absurd to parade around in brownshirt militaristic uniforms. Today’s uniforms are hoodies and sweatpants. It’s best to keep a low, normal profile on the ‘outside’; just look and dress ‘normal’. But develop yourself, your spirit, your strength, your knowledge, your economic welfare etc and become truly useful to your race.

  3. For months I’ve been meaning to write an article on this topic, but I’ve never had enough time on my hands. I guess it’ll have to be a short comment instead.

    It’s time to draw a “line of separation” (LOS).

    We have a LOS against liberals and neo-cons , because they are actively trying to destroy our people.

    We have a LOS against some of the paleo-cons and others, because they are destroying our people through inactivity, based either on fear or lack of comprehension.

    It is time to finally draw a LOS against the loonies who, until now, have been in our own camp. The uniformed nazis, the robed klanboys and all those who yell, scream and exercise or advocate non-defensive violence.

    I do not doubt for a minute their commitment to a White America, nor do I doubt the suffering they may have experienced in modern America.

    However, I firmly believe that there is large proportion of federal agents and mentally unstable individuals in their camp and I am convinced that their actions do us as much harm as do those of our official enemies.

    Without this line of separation, our movement will be lost. The actions of these individuals will lead to defeat and that is not an option.

  4. These events have been the same for at least 50 years. Idiots with swastikas parading around making a ludicrous spectacle of themselves, and as always, with no positive result. Rather, it serves two purposes: first to draw dersision on the WN movement, and secondly as a honeypot so that the Feds can be there with their cameras to compile a dossier on the participants. I would not go anywhere near one of these events. The outlandish costume speaks volumes about the “activists” at these get-togethers. Why imitate the garb and rhetoric of a failed political entity? That dress and imagery were specific to a particular time, place and people. To imitate Nazi Germany today is ridiculous and childish. Let there be a new mode of speech and dress and symbolism for the present time and situation. A new White Nationalist politic for the times.

  5. “We have a LOS against some of the paleo-cons and others, because they are destroying our people through inactivity, based either on fear or lack of comprehension.”

    Erik Nordman,

    What activity have you accomplished?

    Why do you think you can judge Paleo-Conservativces as “inactive”?

  6. “It’s time to draw a “line of separation” (LOS). ”

    In order to form a LOS in the minds of the people that need to be convinced, you have to actively oppose their message or illness. It’s not as simple as just saying “they don’t represent us,” or “they’re the extreme element.” Stormfront banned swastikas, and you have people there that continuously claim to not be Nazis; but you can easily make a case that Stormfront and the NSM/Nazi is synonymous. If degrees of separation are relevant when talking about Jewish influence in media, government, and finance, then degrees of separation would certainly drown anyone in the realm of public opinion who was connected to just about any current pro-White organization.

    Fact is, the American pro-White “movement” has almost no identity outside of NSM or KKK imagery, or there is no more than two degrees of separation from those comical costumed clowns.

    Passive separation is the route that’s been taken when trying to separate from the lunatics. Passive hasn’t worked so far, and I see nothing on the horizon to indicate that it ever will work.

  7. Dees, Foxman, the FBI or an equivalent organization must be paying those guys. I find it hard to believe there are people out there who think hoisting the swastika and shouting sieg heil is productive or will solve anything.

  8. CT: I agree. That’s why I used the term “line of separation”. It takes more than just ignoring them. That balance might be tricky, but I believe that that’s what it takes.

  9. You can’t purge the “bad apples” from the movement. White Nationalism has a horizontal structure: essentially, it is a bunch of unaffiliated individualists each with their own message or pet issue. There are no institutions with the recognized legitimacy to purge anyone.

    The “purged” will set up shop elsewhere and business as usual will continue as before. The NSM went to Knoxville on their own authority and acted out in a way that emotionally satisfied each individual protester in terms of their own fantasy world.

    White Nationalists won’t agree on who should be “blacklisted” or “condemned” either. No good deed goes unpunished in the White Nationalist movement. If you work hard and try to build institutions, you will spend a good deal of your time pulling the knives out of your back.

  10. In 2010, a better question to ask is how the NSM can claim to be the biggest and most active pro-White organization in America, presuming we intend to prevail in this struggle? If the NSM are making fools out of White Nationalists on camera, where is the alternative that all its critics are rallying around?

  11. The alternative is yet undiscovered or stuck in neutral from the right people not being properly networked. You have to keep in mind that even if there was an alternative out there, how would the general public even know about it? The KKK and NSM are the media darlings. All they have to do is fart while wearing their nifty Swazi shirts and they’ll be spotlighted as the face of the pro-White movement.

    Hypothetical: If I end up being a bigger “anti” presence against groups like the NSM, but still retain a pro-White message, then I’m guaranteed to leech a little of their “spotlight” from them and/or guaranteed that the media will have to start drawing the separation between our two camps. Otherwise, all of their “fighting racism” will start to become confusing to outside observers.

    Unfortunately, most WN are 20-30 years behind the times when it comes to public relations strategy. The only things they know are instant gratification, shock, and endless rants about black on white crime.

  12. I’ve encountered a few of these “Nazi” types over the years. They have all been Roman Catholics of German, or Eastern European ancestry from big city neighborhoods under pressure from Blacks—now other non-Whites like mestizos too.

    I think these guys are real, but, they have no real leadership or real politics either, and their Roman Catholic politicians shit on them daily.

  13. The NSM and related clowns are so foolish it is foolish to worry about them. Although, I will say, that if your goal is to have rallies outside in the street, the NSM goofballs showing up and garnering all the precious msm exposure could be a problem. But why depend on the msm anyway in the age of Youtube and online communities? All we are doing is trying to wake White people up. Outdoor rallies are not needed to achieve this.

  14. Hunter Wallace makes a number of points, with some humor, that should make us feel not so bad with all the effort we go through.

    The NSM went to Knoxville on their own authority and acted out in a way that emotionally satisfied each individual protester in terms of their own fantasy world.

    White Nationalists won’t agree on who should be “blacklisted” and “condemned” either. No good deed goes unpunished in the White Nationalist movement. If you work hard and try to build institutions, you will spend a good deal of your time pulling the knives out of your back.

  15. WU:

    “What activity have you accomplished?”

    I don’t stand up in the streets or other open activities as a White Nationalist, because of my social and professional situation. What I am able to do for the cause is to slowly move the goalposts in the minds of people. For the past decade I have been talking to people at work, in my church and in social groups that I attend and I have slowly moved these people from being unaware to seeing quite clearly. I couldn’t give you a number, but I’d guesstimate that I’ve turned anywhere from 40 to 50 people, most of them in socially influential positions. Perhaps not much for a decade, but I do what I can.

    “Why do you think you can judge Paleo-Conservativces as “inactive”?”

    First of all, I wrote “some” paleos. Neither you nor I can judge all Paleo-cons as one monolithic group.

    Secondly, in my social situation I have been spending a lot of time with people who are “traditional” conservatives or “paleo-cons” and they have mostly been unaware or unable to even mentally see the racial question. They may be aware of a lot of the problems and may be anti-war, anti-immigration and what have you, but they don’t connect the dots and so they don’t do anything at all. As I pointed out, there is lack of comprehension and there is fear.

    As my own experiences show, the unaware paleo-cons can be “reformed” with patience, but our uniformed “brethren”, I believe, cannot.

  16. At least the NSM is out there unlike alot of you armchair keyboarders who don’t contribute a dimes worth of difference to the pro-White movement. If that airhead, neocon, race mixing Jew Palin is your idea of White Nationalism then the crop of mainstream politicians we have in Congress should be right up your alley.

  17. Tom – ‘At least they are out there’ – no, the appropriate response is ‘good god, why the hell are they out there?!’

    The NSM, you, and those that think like you do precisely dick for white people. You actively hurt our cause. Our situation would be immeasurably better if there were no costumed freaks and geeks parading around claiming to represent white interests.

    A nerd bitching on the internet may accomplish absolutely nothing. A tard with a brownshirt and armband, shouting in the street undeniably sets us back. What exactly did the NSM accomplish in Knoxville? By what metric did their ‘stand’ improve our situation as a race?

  18. @Tom: At least the NSM is out there unlike alot of you armchair keyboarders who don’t contribute a dimes worth of difference to the pro-White movement. If that airhead, neocon, race mixing Jew Palin is your idea of White Nationalism then the crop of mainstream politicians we have in Congress should be right up your alley.

    Lead the mind and the rest will follow. Our primary enemy understands this principle all too well. He understands how to weave the web of confusion, fear, doubt, etc, to hypnotize our people into a ‘sheeple’. Yes, the NSM people are actually taking physical action. But how effective it is? How many white people will rally round their standard? It takes courage to talk directly to co-workers, family and friends about race. But they will listen if they respect you. Over time you will make a difference. And that will ultimately lead to real effective action that will make more than a dime’s worth of difference. Grass roots efforts start with communicating and talking. It’s about getting a political education. Get educated first, then take action. That’s what web sites like this are about, as far as I can see.

  19. LEW:

    Dees, Foxman, the FBI or an equivalent organization must be paying those guys.

    Of course they are. The Feds have been leading the “extreme right” and the “extreme left” since 1945. This is well known history. Even Spock the Communist knows that. (btw, why didn’t you approve my comment on your blog, Spock? Oh right – you’re a communist, you hate free speech. You can’t even offer the same courtesy to us that Hunter Wallace offers to you, it figures.)

    Earlmundo Pitts III/Tom/Tom Watson:

    At least the NSM is out there unlike alot of you armchair keyboarders

    It would have been better for everyone if they had stayed at home, LOL.

    Does it scare you white activists that the ADL/$PLC and their FBI partners lead false-flag movements to discredit you? Tough shit, grow up. They used to print fake Black Panther comic books too. They hired Jewish pedophiles like Frank Colin/Cohen to lead NSM-style costume clown marches in the 1960s. They hire people to post illegal incitements to terrorism on Kevin MacDonald’s blog like heartfelt and Mark and praise the Israeli that got caught stabbing blacks in Michigan.

    They have Jews like Adam Pearlman/Gadahn “leading” “Al Qaeda.” They pay Jews like Joseph Cohen to put a towel on his head and pretend to be a Muslim terrorist called “Yousef al-Khattab” and threaten South Park to get publicity and ratings. They stage ridiculous “terrorist plots” like the Crotch Bomber so they can put body scanners in airports. It’s likely that some fake “Tea Party” activist will blow up the “Ground Zero Mosque” Tim McVeigh style.

    If you haven’t figured this out yet, you’re as gullible as the Glenn Beck fan club.

    This is serious business folks. I reiterate – White Nationalism as it currently exists doesn’t have what it takes to be a serious pro-white movement. Mainly, because the serious, non-insane White activists are simply too cowardly to face the reality of the enemy because they are afraid of the Jew-Tube – and their supposed “serious” “friends” – calling them a “conspiracy theorist.”

    Spend 5 minutes reading up on Operation Gladio and Gary Webb – and ask yourself if you are really cut out for this. Chances are – you aren’t.

  20. Let’s see – remember the “Anthrax Attacks” that led to the PATRIOT Act? Ames strain – from Fort Detrick, MD. Remember the color-coded “Terrorist Alerts?” Yeah, they were all fake. Remember New Jersey Governor “I am a Gay American” Jim McGreevey? Yeah, his Israeli boyfriend was put in charge of the New Jersey Homeland Security Department.


    The US has declared that opium eradication is “no longer a priority” in Afghanistan. Um, Colombia? You know, where the cocaine comes from?

    CNN anchors pretending to be “under fire” from Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I – safely reporting from the Sheraton in Saudi Arabia? They even had a guy put on a gas mask – live!

    The Jew billionaire in Florida was arrested for pimping 13 year old girls – and it’s come out it wasn’t just him, but a whole network. Conde Nast even exposed Clinton’s “Air Fuck One” flying pimp-mobile just two years ago. Israeli sex trafficking? Boys Town?

    Susurluk Scandal? BCCI? Roberto Calvi? HUD under Bush I? Kroll Associates? Ptech? Cantor Fitzgerald?

    The truth? You can’t handle the truth.

  21. Hunter – there is no such organization to rally around. The CofCC might be the closest, but we are not rallying to them. Those that advocate a more realistic, moderated approach are probably the more susceptible to social stigmatization than those who uncompromisingly vocalize their own fantastic endgame. These are more normal people, they have something to lose. They are not social lepers like those in the NSM.

    For these people, the best that can be done is to get involved, ‘infiltrate’ if you prefer, local political movements at as high a level as can be managed. We need to be directing initiatives and dialog as much as possible. Even lowly local members can ‘discourse poison’. This is something that every one of us can do, even if we don’t insert ourselves at the highest levels.

    In terms of actual practical, pro-white organizations to throw our support behind, one doesn’t exist. I think there are people out there who could fit our need for this, but they’re not organized properly and -importantly – even if they were, it would be difficult to make them the face of the movement.

  22. Honest question to everyone: how much effort is put into getting mainstream media airtime by more moderate white advocacy groups like AmRen? Is a ‘media blitz’ even possible, or would inquiries and requests be ignored? Youtube is great, but people have to purposely click on those links. A news commentary show, you’re already watching and the interview/debate segment comes on.

    I realize that many MSM outlets specifically avoid putting on the more reasonable, moderated white advocates. The more we are seen while not making asses of ourselves, the more normal we become.

  23. Like the conservatives, I discovered that the vast majority of White Nationalists won’t act in the real world without the fig leaf of mainstream legitimacy. They won’t risk social ostracism and employment discrimination. It really is that simple.

    If that is the case, the only logical course of action is for these people to quietly get involved in the Tea Party and work within the mainstream to nudge their peers in a more radical direction. That is hardly the ideal use of their time but it is better than doing nothing.

  24. I agree with those of you who think that wearing NAZI symbols at public demonstrations in America will not win mass support. This is sad since the NSDAP may have been the last chance to preserve a Europe with a European population.

    “a tale of two societies”

    If this link still works download this video.

  25. The locals could have held the rally under an unpretentious name like the “Patriot Coalition of East Tennessee.” They could have showed up with small Gadsden and Tennessee flags and smiled for the cameras.

    They could have dressed inconspicuously. They could have spoken plainly and honestly about unemployment and illegal immigration in terms familiar to their audience. Maybe they could have taken a few shots at Barack Obama with homespun metaphors about his arrogance and contempt for ordinary White Tennesseans.

    If they had done something like that, White Nationalists could have made inroads in the Knoxville area. Instead, the NSM came to town determined to make a big splash and the media buzz about the “Neo-Nazi rally” led directly to the spectacle on display above.

    Everyone who is pro-White isn’t that retarded. I will address this in my next post.

  26. Was that Matt Parrott speaking in the second video? Kidding!

    Which ones are the bigger freaks? Sadly even though the antis are morons, they actually look like regular people. Why does the NSM not understand this? One can only conclude that they wish to be fringe and turn people off. How long are we going to play this tired game.

  27. I like James Edward’s approach (of the Political Cesspool.) He has a popular radio show, has a book out, he’s had some mainstream publicity lately after his interviews with that Arizona sheriff and Hutton Gibson. He has a fearless, positive attitude and doesn’t engage in any extreme BS. He’s not a stuffed shirt intellectual and doesn’t bury his audience in esoterica. He also has a good sense of humor which to be honest is sorely needed around here. All that without a single embarrassing costume.

    Hunter you’re on the right track you’re doing a great job here. Now maybe no one at OD has the personality of James Edwards, but I think he is someone to learn from. You should have kept doing the podcasts btw.

  28. Hunter is just upset that I posted this thread on Stormfront:

    So go ahead Hunter & friends, have a field day, knock yourselves out, make up anything that you wish. I really do not give a damn anymore about those who spend all day long pontificating about their ideal White Movement that only exists in their heads.

    For years, the White Movement have not been able to create “unity” because of all the drama and bickering, mostly caused by the types like Hunter, who relish in the latest movement drama.

    Finally, Hunter, I do not want to get another call from someone asking me to be nice to you, because I hurt your feelings. You know what I am talking about.

  29. Biological Racist : … who relish in the latest movement drama.

    Says the guy who’s perpetuating the drama on multiple websites.

  30. BR – the ‘movement’ has not been able to create unity for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the domination of the public face of the movement by dysfunctional personalities and egotists. Go away.

  31. People leave the White Nationalist movement because of spectacles like the one on display above. Who in their right mind looks to Traitor Glenn Miller in Missouri, J.T. Ready in Arizona, Jim Giles in Mississippi, or the NSM in Tennessee for leadership on issues like immigration?

  32. O&H: I believe that Jared Taylor does canvass for media exposure. He approached Michael (‘Savage’) Weiner, offering to do an interview. Weiner responded by threatening to sic the FBI on him! Seriously.

  33. Which ones are the bigger freaks? Sadly even though the antis are morons, they actually look like regular people. Why does the NSM not understand this? One can only conclude that they wish to be fringe and turn people off. How long are we going to play this tired game.

    This from someone who applauds murder and links to videos of gang-style executions at Dr. MacDonald’s blog. The fact that Mark is still allowed to comment at OD and that HW (who as of recently has had a working relationship with MacDonald) hasn’t alerted Dr. MacDonald to this destructive presence, despite all of the complaints here at OD, is a black mark against HW.

  34. @ Parler White

    There are numerous guys named Tom—there may even be more than one Earlmundo.

    Speak for yourself.

  35. Yes, these spectacles seem to play out the same in most places.

    Read the humor magazine The Onion which writes that:

    Klan Rally is 70 % undercover reporters,96/

    There are so many things wrong with these rallies, and few things right. I think the main problem is that they are designed to get people:

    ON TV

    Then everyone has to play by the ZOG TV rules and everyone from the cops, to the protestors to the White Racist is weird uniforms is moved to play their roles.

    One solution is to simply not invite the ZOG media, have decent video and audio equipment to make your own media.

    Do a good literature distribution – like the ones A3P does. Get in and get out.

  36. The single most distressing, maddening, infuriating element the Racially awke need to overcome is the hubris “civilian” Whites. White aquiescence, to White dispossession and annihilation is to to vanity, and egoism. Whites simlpy canot beleive that TRhe Other is not just dying to be Just Like Us. Ya knw – uuhhhh….ahhhh…White. The Great White Herm truly believe that all Others are Just Like Us, Underneath – only darker. the Great White Herd truly, truly beleives that if we are super-nice, and kind, and understanding, we can “teach” the Other to be Just Like Us. We need to “educate” the Other – cause it is our super-Nice White responsibility to do everything for every-one, and hold their hand, and Teach them About Personal Responsibility, and Rule of Law, and Altruism, and all those other cool, neato-keen-o SuperNice White things…if we do all this – the Other will be Just Like Us – and everything will be just GREAT! Super!

    Whitey’s vanity is just beginning to get a real azz-whupping. It’s gonan have to get a lot worse, too, alas, and White Hubris is really really really deep and wide. Ah well.

    As far that the Natzis, et al? So what? In the end, we all have to deal with each other. the NM, or the adult WN, aren’t really going to ever make a dent, on our own. Cause the Great White Herd doesn’t believe a word we say. Things have been too good, for too long, and the Collective Memory is offline.

    Obama – and the Judaic-created global economic collapse is doing our work for us. Personal suffering is the *only* thing that gets The Average Guy’s attention, in the end.

    So we just have to wait, and be ready…’s already happening.

  37. Denise, apropos the first paragraph above, a poem by Rudyard Kipling (1899), directed to Americans. . .

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Send forth the best ye breed–
    Go bind your sons to exile
    To serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness,
    On fluttered folk and wild–
    Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
    Half-devil and half-child.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple,
    An hundred times made plain
    To seek another’s profit,
    And work another’s gain.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    The savage wars of peace–
    Fill full the mouth of Famine
    And bid the sickness cease;
    And when your goal is nearest
    The end for others sought,
    Watch sloth and heathen Folly
    Bring all your hopes to nought.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    No tawdry rule of kings,
    But toil of serf and sweeper–
    The tale of common things.
    The ports ye shall not enter,
    The roads ye shall not tread,
    Go mark them with your living,
    And mark them with your dead.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    And reap his old reward:
    The blame of those ye better,
    The hate of those ye guard–
    The cry of hosts ye humour
    (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
    “Why brought he us from bondage,
    Our loved Egyptian night?”

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Ye dare not stoop to less–
    Nor call too loud on Freedom
    To cloke (1) your weariness;
    By all ye cry or whisper,
    By all ye leave or do,
    The silent, sullen peoples
    Shall weigh your gods and you.

    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Have done with childish days–
    The lightly proferred laurel, (2)
    The easy, ungrudged praise.
    Comes now, to search your manhood
    Through all the thankless years
    Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
    The judgment of your peers!

  38. “Honest question to everyone: how much effort is put into getting mainstream media airtime by more moderate white advocacy groups like AmRen?”

    The BNP spent a lot of time and effort trying to be respectable enough for TV and had limited success. The simple reality is the MSM is the heart of darkness. The media is the main fortress of the enemy and they will do anything and everything they can to prevent the message getting through. If a particular spokesman gets good at media performances then the more they will get edited or ambushed.

    Alternative media is more productive imo.

    However if you try to use the MSM i’d say focus on local media as generally they have
    – less bad guys, sometimes only the boss
    – less ambushing/editing resources and expertise
    – more liable to be tempted into doing something different from lost cat stories

    Big media is public enemy number one.

  39. Maybe in the near future, there will be internet radio devices that you can have in your kitchen, and you will only have to click a button to listen to James Edwards and others like him. I don’t know if it will ever be possible, but it would make the work of white activists much easier.

  40. If anyone should be banned it’s Reginald for reckless and willful defamation, along with his other degeneracy. Is “Todd” your sock puppet?

    I’ve already stated that’s not me at TOO. You should be careful, you may find yourself in court if you go about libeling and slandering people as you do, Reginald.

  41. >Is “Todd” your sock puppet?


    >along with his other degeneracy.

    There’s nothing degenerate about Polygamy. You may as well say that the Bible is degenerate because it depicts so many Polygamists in a positive light.

    Also, contrary to your assertions it is not a uniquely “Semitic” practice. Many Indo-European peoples practiced Polygamy, including the Ancient Greeks.

    A thing about Mark is that he hasn’t just attacked me, he’s attacked all sorts of people. He’s all about driving people away.

    For example he launched a vicious attack on Kievsky’s family. Besides the possibility of that sort of thing driving Kievsky away, there’s of course the issue of how repulsive it must have been to anyone reading through the thread.

    There’s really no reason to write for this site when you know that all your hard work can be hijacked and made useless, actually worse than useless in terms of being a net negative in the effect it has on the audience, all on the whim of some guy who has mastered the arts of internet flame wars.

    And the thing is that he’s even done this to me in response to articles that had nothing to do with Nordicism, nothing to do with Polygamy, nothing to do with anything but his puerile desire to drive me off the site by making the experience of posting more irritation than it’s worth.

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