Summer of Discontent

Losing our Whitopia.

Atlanta, Georgia

Writing in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Cynthia Tucker connects the dots between the Arizona immigration showdown, the Ground Zero Mosque debate, opposition to birthright citizenship, Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, and the growing perception in America that Barack Obama is a Muslim.

White people are afraid of their impending minority status.

Changing racial demographics have created a season of “civic craziness.” It has provoked a “backlash against the browning of America” which is now “blowing” at “gale force.”

A broad economic recovery is needed to “drain the vicious energy from the backlash.” Economic prosperity will “restore faith” in the American Dream. Right now that “faith is fading” and Muslims are the “easiest targets.”

That’s not far off the mark.

First, there is an Implicit White Nationalist movement that is deformed in various ways by the reigning taboos of our society. The people involved in this movement yearn to return the more innocent days of White America while dodging uncomfortable questions about race.

Implicit White Nationalists are like nostalgic goldfish who demand to preserve their environment while failing to acknowledge the existence of an aquarium. They are animated by the same impulses as Explicit White Nationalists, but would never publicly admit it for fear of losing their respectability.

Second, the Implicit White Nationalist movement is fueled by the symbolism of a negro alien in the White House and the economic dislocation that has followed in the wake of his election. If the economy started booming again, as it did under Bill Clinton in the 1990s, “nativist sentiment” would undoubtedly subside, and would decline further still under a reassuring White president.

Third, Muslims and illegal aliens are soft targets, and White people can get away with attacking them in the mainstream without having to suffer much in the way of consequences. As Tucker points out, the number of illegal aliens coming to America has declined, but the perception that illegal immigration is a problem has grown.

White America has undeniably grown more sensitive about questions of identity. The terrible economy, a non-White president, changing demographics, and challenges to their cultural identity have all contributed to this insolent attitude.

This is also the exact opposite of the analysis that prevails in White Nationalist circles.

From the vantagepoint of the Far Left, White America is moving away from them in a reactionary direction. From the perspective of the Far Right, White America is still so far away from the radical position that it appears nothing has changed.

The mainstream Left has been discredited. Barack Obama’s coalition has collapsed and the Democrats will likely lose the House in November. The mainstream Right has been under attack from insurgent Tea Party candidates.

A growing mass of energized, angry White people have shifted the political spectrum. From a pro-White perspective, this is a good thing.

People who are mad as hell, politically engaged, feel like outsiders, and who are searching for answers to America’s national decline are already traveling down the road to radicalism.

The real question is this: are the existing radicals willing to build bridges to their peers, or will the purists continue to burn them?

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  1. Luke,

    If you read my posts here from a year ago, you will see that I spent a lot of time talking about the Jews on Occidental Dissent. I really went after them. I had a huge debate with Guy White about the Jewish Question in Summer and Fall 2009.

    Speaking for myself, Alex Linder influenced me to see the conservatives in a more positive light, and to write less about the Jewish Question than I had before, not because I had changed my views (I still support a Jew-free White ethnostate), but simply because Linder is such a repulsive individual that he casts a toxic shadow over issues like the JQ, which disincline me to write about the matter.

  2. ATBOTL,

    1.) Alex Linder has plenty of fans here: Mr. Dithers, Trainspotter, Luke, etc.

    2.) It would be great if Sam Dickson or Jared Taylor were Tea Party leaders. I know both of them personally and consider them friends.

    I’m fairly sure that Sam and Jared would agree that what we have today (I am speaking of pro-Whites) is not a movement in any sense of the word, but a debating society in cyberspace. There is no physical movement in the real world to match the electrons that swirl around on the internet.

    3.) The federal government has far less legitimacy with Whites under Barack Obama than it did under Bill Clinton. It has infinitely less than it did in the JFK or LBJ years. That is the more important issue.

    The major reason that an 1860s style rebellion did not materialize in the 1960s is because 1.) people were raised to revere the government and 2.) the threat posed by the Soviet Union.

    Whites are far more likely to revolt now than they were twenty years ago. Only 25% of Americans say the federal government has “the consent of the governed.” Any revolt of Whites against the federal government will inevitably become racial in tone because non-Whites will support the existing regime.

    4.) As I said before, there is no pressure coming from White Nationalists to move the Right in a more pro-White direction. The pressure comes exclusively from the Left.

    That’s why we are having this debate. The central point I am making is that White Nationalists are utterly unwilling to do anything effective to pull the political mainstream in their direction.

    5.) The implication of your “No Shit” comment is that anyone who wants to change America must look elsewhere because White Nationalists are unwilling to act on their own ideas.

    6.) Well, I am not satisfied for colorblindness either. I will use it though to polarize as many Whites as possible.

    Why can’t White Nationalists act like their enemies? Blacks were never satisfied with colorblindness. They used the “colorblindness” card to move to the goal posts and achieve what was possible within the political mainstream. Then they started promoting “diversity” instead.

    7.) I think it is unlikely that the Tea Party will radicalize, but I find it far more likely than White Nationalists getting their act together. Hence, this recent series of posts.

    8.) Isn’t Geert Wilders a fanatical Zionist neocon? Why are you praising him?

    9.) The media can safely ignore the A3P because American White Nationalists won’t support their own third party. If American White Nationalists won’t support the A3P, no one else will.

  3. MLK himself invoked Lincoln and Jefferson – both of whom were White separatists – to lend legitimacy to his agenda. What Glenn Beck is doing is no different.

    There is an important difference. If Beck were invoking MLK to advocate racial separatism, you would have a point. To the contrary, Beck is an avid proponent of multiracialism. Glenn Beck’s agenda is, as Lawrence Auster points out, multiracialism on steroids.

    The only people who think the Tea Party is creating a stronger form of multiracialism are White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis. The NAACP has emphatically rejected that idea.

    Read William Saletan’s article at Slate.

  4. Deteriorating economic and social conditions is what spawned the tea party movement in the first place. It’s hard to sell a revolutionary platform in times of prosperity but those days are becoming a distant memory. That’s not to say people will necessarily look to WN but white people are beginning to look for solutions outside the two major parties.

    The economy is continuing its downward spiral under Obama which will likely sweep the Republicans back into power. Further, based on my experience anti-amnesty sentiment is reaching a fever pitch among whites thanks to the actions of Obama, Holder and their Dept. of Injustice. The new black panther voter intimidation case has angered and alienated even more fence sitting whites. It’s beginning to dawn on them that being ruled by non-whites, in this case a bigoted mulatto with a dubious religious history may not be such a good thing.

    So yes, the mantra that worse is better seems to have a ring of truth.

  5. 1.) I will let the November election results speak for the polarization that I have described.

    The GOP Part Deux wins, then What?

    Like I said before, your predictions of this big rebellion eventually materializing from people who are, and have always been, content with allowing the establishment to curb their pro-White views is just as idiotic as those that thought a black president would have every White man, woman, and child flocking to National Socialism.

    2.) I have not said that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are breathing new life into the White Nationalist movement. Clearly, that is not the case. Instead, they have provided an alternative, one with more appeal to ordinary people that has sent them in the right direction.

    The right direction? What do Beck and Palin offer these people that wasn’t already in place before their self-anointed Leader status? The Tea Party pre-Beck most certainly did not rally everyone around MLK and anti-racism. The Tea Party pre-Beck was defined by several relevant issues, none of which had anything to do with anti-racism.

    3.) Umm … every town in America has a street named after MLK. You are acting like that represents some kind of big change. MLK has been a demigod in America for upwards of twenty or thirty years now. Certainly since I was born.

    Again, when was the last time you remember hundreds of thousands of White people(Conservatives) physically getting together to rally around a man who proclaimed that one of the themes was that the rally was about fighting racism?

    4.) MLK himself invoked Lincoln and Jefferson – both of whom were White separatists – to lend legitimacy to his agenda. What Glenn Beck is doing is no different.

    Round and round with Hunter……….Again, when was the last time you remember the “Right” dancing to the tunes of a very explicit PRO-MULTIRACIALIST?

    5.) The only people who think the Tea Party is creating a stronger form of multiracialism are White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis. The NAACP has emphatically rejected that idea.

    The NAACP didn’t organize a rally where hundreds of thousands of White people gathered to celebrate MLK, the White Nationalists didn’t do it… the Tea Party did.

    6.) In 1963, thousands of blacks joined Martin Luther King … at the Lincoln Memorial … to hear the “I Have a Dream” speech. Abraham Lincoln, of course, attempted to colonize emancipated slaves in Latin America to create a racially homogeneous America.

    In 2010, thousands of [Conservative]White people joined Glenn Beck to hear about the wonderful and glorious American Dream that consists of celebrating pro-multiracial, Marxist visionaries.

    7.) The Center Left is pro-White? Bill Clinton? Joe Lieberman? Blanche Lincoln?

    Guess what, Hunter? Though I hate the label, I’m probably center-left, and I can guarantee you that I’m pro-White. Much more so than people like you who change like the wind when it comes to their views.

    You couldn’t convince enough people to jump on the bandwagon when you decided to play out in the real world after 10 years of whatever it is you were doing all that time. That’s your shortcoming, your failure. It’s not that being vocal about race is bad or the wrong tactic, it’s just that most of the people doing it presently are great at running their mouths or typing away at the computer, but piss poor at actually motivating people, or maybe just motivating the right people.

    This is only going to change once enough pro-White people, or the right group of people, start organizing without it being Right or Left in design and rhetoric.

    8.) Once again, it was the hated conservatives and the anti-illegal immigration organizations like NumbersUSA who stopped the Bush amnesty, not White Nationalists.

    Once again, it is the Tea Party Beckites who respond to criticism and cries of Racism by invoking the spirit of MLK, and dancing out the token Negroes to prove just how racist they are not.

    9.) Can you point to any practical White Nationalist solution? Where are the White Nationalist groups with practical solutions that can work that succeed in the existing political spectrum?

    The “existing political spectrum” is not designed to support anything that hinders the Right/Left conundrum. The vast majority of sane people with pro-White views are dead center, with mild to moderate degrees of right to left swing. You might consider these people to be indifferent when it comes to racial policies/politics. This indifference means that, while not being motivated to support something entirely on the basis of race, they are very likely to support something in spite of it being labeled racist. Those in the establishment knew this to be the case, and that is why it was imperative for the Beck/Palin puppeteers to first, take control of the reigns of White resentment(Tea Party), and second, to establish a release valve to vent that resentment into a more docile and very controllable outlet.

    Those on the Left made it about race: Anti-Racism was established as the correct path.
    Those on the Right made it about race as well: Anti-Racism was indeed established as the correct path.

    There is no adequate or workable solution that moves singularly through the Right or the Left. Anything that dares to challenge the status quo better be both, or nothing at all.

  6. Alex Linder is a ‘repulsive’ individual? By what definition? I think a far better definition of ‘repulsive’ is a white guy like Glenn Beck or a brainless nitwit like Sarah Palin standing up before 300 thousand angry, fed up and mostly white Americans and instead of speaking out about the 50-year long effort by the Frankfurt School trained Cultural Marxist ruling elites to deliberately and maliciously reduce them to a minority inside their own native homelands and telling those 300 thousand angry white people that these anti-White Cultural Marxist’s white genocide program must be stopped by whatever means necessary – these two elitist stooges spend their time spewing sugary sounding praise and adulation upon a known anti-white racist Communist Marxist and sexual degenerate and moral reprobate named Martin Luther Kind Jr? King, a Negro leftist radical – is who the ‘new right’ is supposed to genuflect in front of, as if this reprobate was some kind of new ‘God’? No, I’d dump Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin any day of the month or year – to hear a speech by Alex Linder in front of 300 thousand angry white people. News Flash: Groveling at the feet of minorities and trying to make them into heroes for White people is a LOSERS tactic. Whites need White Heroes and White Role Models, Hunter. And, as I said – whites who bicker and engage in all this in-fighting are hampering our ability to get organized – hence, disagreements on tactics should not be aired in public forums. Work them out in private and present a united front. That is what jews do, and even if they are our enemy – you can’t begrudge them credit when it’s due.

  7. Well, let’s see. Where to start?

    1.) He is a psychopath who advocates murdering women and children.

    2.) He insists that White Nationalism is synonymous with genocide.

    3.) He projects a public image of White Nationalists as deranged, unhinged, ineffective Neo-Nazis who worship Adolf Hitler and hate their country.

    4.) He is the biggest loudmouth on the internet: the quintessential example of a “rhetorical radical,” someone who talks hard in cyberspace, but does absolutely nothing in the real world to affect our situation.

    5.) He such a repulsive, loathsome figure that his presence in the White Nationalist movement actually deters people from discussing the Jewish Question.

    6.) He repulses people who are sympathetic to White Nationalist ideas. His influence acts to push them in the opposite direction.

    7.) He takes people who are concerned about the future of their country and sends them down the rat hole of fantasism where they lose their ability to communicate with their peers and change the political spectrum in their local communities. His Neo-Nazi bullshit is nothing but an escape valve that props up the status quo.

    There are many good reasons to despise the Fuhrer of Kirksville sitting on his porcelain throne.

    300 swastika covered nuts saluting Alex Linder – while being protested by 600 other people – can you say irrelevant and ineffective?

  8. Well said, Hunter. It’s a shame you have to repeat the obvious for thickheaded Whites.

    There are two kinds of people who defend Linder, those who are naive and haven’t had enough exposure to him yet, and those who are like him, sociopathic degenerates. It’s more of a cult than anything.

    The most amusing thing is Linder has a Levantine phenotype and personality, maybe that’s what drives him, a never-ending self-hatred.

  9. Mr. Wallace you’ve left something out regarding the “esteemed” Mr. Linder. In addition to everything which you have already mentioned, you forgot the most important point: 8) he hangs out with and gets funding from a KNOWN FEDERAL INFORMANT and race-mixer, one Frazier Glenn Miller! When I discovered this last year I stopped visiting the VNN sewer immediately. Pastor Lindstedt may be right in that Linder is just another Hal Turner.

    There are many good reasons to despise the Fuhrer of Kirksville sitting on his porcelain throne.

    LOL Zing!

  10. Celestial Time,

    1.) I don’t see the federal government recovering its lost legitimacy. In the years ahead, I think the situation will only get worse. I also don’t think the White majority will tolerate a government they perceive as hostile indefinitely.

    2.) Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are politicizing people who used to be apolitical. That is their accomplishment. They have set forces in motion which they cannot ultimately control.

    3.) The American Revolution wasn’t about racism either. It started out as a tax revolt.

    4.) Glenn Beck is starting where people are at today. That shows he is smarter than most White Nationalists. Martin Luther King did the same thing when he clothed himself in the words of Jefferson and Lincoln.

    5.) The Right has danced to the MLK tune since the MLK holiday was passed under Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. That was 3o years ago. The difference is that 30 years ago 300,000 White people would never have shown up on the National Mall for anything.

    6.) The Glenn Beck rally was about honor, patriotism, and military service. Beck himself said it was a coincidence that the rally was on the MLK speech anniversary.

    7.) As I said above, Beck is starting where people are at today, not where he would like them to be. MLK did the same thing when he brought two hundred thousand negroes to DC to honor Jefferson and Lincoln.

    8.) I’ve always been pro-White. I remain so to this day. The difference is that I have no confidence in the ability of the White Nationalist movement to accomplish its goals. I remain open to persuasion on that point.

    9.) It is not my shortcoming. The reason White Nationalists refuse to do anything in the real world is social ostracism and employment discrimination, not any defect in my personality. That holds true for anyone who tries to organize White Nationalists.

    10.) I now spend 70% of my time trying to motivate people in the real world; 30% writing on the internet.

    11.) You can write off the White Nationalist movement. I know for a fact they won’t do anything in the real world to change our circumstances.

    12.) We don’t have the luxury of being able to fine tune reality to our tastes.

    13.) Your argument might be plausible if the Tea Party were a centrally organized, vertical astroturf mass movement like the Left says it is, but that is not the case at all. No one controls the Tea Party. There is no central leadership.

    14.) You are picking a fight over mere labels. The Tea Party consists of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. The wider White backlash against the status quo includes at least 70% of White America.

  11. I think it’s a waste of time talking about the coming Republican majority in Congress. Nothing will change. A Republican controlled majority will betray the populace just as it did when it ruled for 6 of the 8 years during the Bush administration. Mark my words, there won’t be any serious attempt to roll back the liberal progressive agenda and many of these outsiders that were brought in will eventually be bought off if they haven’t already. Anyone who thinks that media celebrities like Beck and Palin are moving the goalposts by embracing a black marxist like MLK are delusional. The real problem is behind the curtain with alien elites pulling the strings of our government officials and placing their own people in positions of power. I think a good starting point in formulating an offensive strategy is to study the collapse of the Soviet Union and the conditions that led these people to flee the country and set up shop here.

  12. “And please note that nationalists from Russia, to Switzerland to Holland and even now in Merry Old England are winning yes WINNING elections by opposing massive NW Muslim immigration.”

    Actually, Cameron campaigned on reducing Non-EU immigration, not specifically non-White Muslim immigration.

  13. Chad,

    If I remember correctly, the Republicans were divided under Bush, and although Bush and McCain pushed “comprehensive immigration reform” relentlessly, there were enough opponents of amnesty in Congress to block the measure.

    Since that time, the political spectrum has shifted to the point where Lindsey Graham feels compelled to oppose birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. John McCain repudiated his former support for amnesty. Most of the other Republican traitors in the Senate were purged over the last five years.

    What would you have me do? Count on White Nationalists to seal the border? Count on White Nationalists to deport the illegal aliens who are already here? Can you point to anything White Nationalists are doing in the real world that is effective in changing the political spectrum?

    The real waste of time is arguing with people like “MossadDid911” here who do absolutely nothing in reality to change anything.

  14. Hunter if you want to talk politics then there are two camps in the GOP. One is the establishment neocons represented by the likes of John McCain, Sarah Palin and Lindsey Graham. The other is paleoconservative/libertarian and is represented by people like Ron Paul and his son Rand. The former is zionist controlled and the latter isn’t. Paleoconservatism/liberatarianism is closer to White Nationalism than neoconservatism. It espouses ideas of eurocentric identity, a sound non-interventionist foreign policy and ending the Federal Reserve. The attacks against the Pauls/libertarianism on this website and the favorable write ups of ziowhores like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck lead me to believe your in the neoconservative camp. Am I right?

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