Iowa and Immigration

U.S. Rep. Steve King vows to "put an end" to anchor babies in America.


Iowa was the state that launched Barack Obama on the road to the White House. In 2008, Obama won the Hawkeye State with 53 percent of the vote. Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats held the Iowa governorship and both chambers of the Iowa state legislature.

Those were the days of “Hope and Change.” The state now has a severe case of buyer’s remorse. By 55 to 42 percent, Iowans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance. Since 2009, Iowa has gained 36,000 registered Republicans while losing 24,000 registered Democrats.

Last Tuesday, Republicans took the Iowa governorship, the Iowa House, and five seats in the Iowa Senate. They threw out three judges on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted to legalize gay marriage. Three incumbent House Democrats in Central and Eastern Iowa won reelection in close races. Two House Republicans were reelected.

It was a bruising night for the Democratic Party in Iowa. The Red Revolution has changed the political complexion of this Midwestern swing state. The consequences of this shift will soon be felt in both state and national immigration policy.

Iowa and Immigration

At the state level, Iowa’s new Governor-elect Terry Branstand is opposed to the ongoing attempt to turn Iowa City into a “sanctuary city.” He has also gone on record saying that he wants Iowa to adopt Arizona-style immigration reform.

66% of Iowans want to follow in Arizona’s footsteps. With Republicans in control in the Iowa House and a restrictionist Iowa Governor who is a full throated supporter of Arizona, the only hurdle for Arizona-style immigration to overcome is the Iowa Senate where Democrats are hanging on to power with a razor thin four seat majority.

Real immigration reform is more popular in Iowa than Barack Obama or Terry Branstand. By putting enough pressure on Iowa state lawmakers, we have a better than average chance of winning here and checking a box in the victory column.

The Inquisition

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Iowa’s Steve King won reelection and is expected to become the next chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration. The current chairman, Zoe Lofgren of California, was the politician who invited Stephen Colbert to testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of the AgJOBS bill.

There won’t be anymore of this nonsense under Steve King’s tenure. If you watch the video, you will see he isn’t amused.

King has promised to declare war on birthright citizenship, crackdown on employers of illegal aliens, and outlaw sanctuary cities. The House immigration subcommittee will also be holding hearings on the Obama administration’s deliberate neglect of our immigration laws. Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder will spend the next two years under investigation.

After January, “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act will be dead for the next two years. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will make one last attempt at passing the DREAM Act in the lame duck session before surrendering power.

System Politicians

I’m dumbfounded by the “logic” of White Nationalist vanguardists with their truly infantile idea of turning our backs on “system politicians.” In states like Iowa, Whites are overwhelmingly predominant. Even in California and Texas, Whites remain a majority in the electorate.

By and large, White Americans are still in control of their own destiny. If Whites only set their minds to the task, they could throw the bums out and pass laws to preserve their majority. In states like Iowa and Texas, they are already trying to do so.

The 2010 midterm elections proved that voting matters. We killed “comprehensive immigration reform” for two years. We now have the power to go on offense on immigration across the Heartland. In Arizona, a recent study has concluded that over 100,000 illegal aliens have fled this year alone. We can and should be trying to export this model to other states.

Over the next few days, I will be taking a closer look at other states which are poised to join Arizona, Iowa, and Texas next year in the inevitable national showdown with the federal government over immigration. The political wind is blowing into our sails. Now is not the time to give up on engaging in mainstream politics.

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  1. In the current political configuration you have a choice between Jewish elites fielding either liberal progressive candidates or neoconservatives. The neoconservative brand has taken quite a beating over the years so they’ve taken the manure out of it’s old packaging and put it in a shiny gold populist wrapper. Seeing as how the Tea Party candidates were funded by the Koch brothers, my instincts tell me it’s business as usual. What happens at the state level is important but you have to remember that anything they do can be neutered at the Federal level, like with Arizona’s law.
    I won’t take issue with this Rush Limbaugh like partisan politics your playing here but does it occur to you that the Democrats could have passed “comprehensive immigration reform” if they had wanted to? They had a near super majority in the Senate and the House and of course Obama in the White House. What did they do? They blamed the Republicans for the impasse. There are many Democrats who are just opposed to amnesty as anyone else, especially blacks who know the Democrat leadership is scheming to replace their pet minority with more malleable latinos and wipe out the black caucus in future elections.

  2. The Tea Party was/is a polyglot phenomenon with multiple factions. The Koch brothers funded one faction out of many; the wider Tea Party movement that drew millions of Whites into the streets blew up from the grass roots.

  3. Rodger,

    I disagree with your analysis. The Tea Party is much more organic than you make it out to be. I attended a handful of Tea Party rallies here in Portland. A lot of the genesis of it was the Ron Paul / End the Fed organizations that spun out of the 2008 election cycle. The most visible local organizer was a woman talk radio host who is focused obsessively on the stupidity of the local liberal political elite. She is hardly a neo-con.

    Many RINOS and neocons went down to defeat in the primaries. Conservatives and white voters seem to be getting a lot more sophisticated in sussing out who’s really for them and who is a tool.

    Second only to their bellicose foriegn policy, the signature issue of neocons is open-borders. The proof that the neocon influence is fading is in the last dozen articles that Hunter has published, which document just what a spanking open-borders advocates have taken recently.

    Rand Paul, a pedigreed paleo-con, is a Senator from Kentucky, and won after expressing doubt about aspects of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. All the daggers of the MSM came out for him, but were not enough to stop him. That’s a sea change.

    Ron Paul is going to chair a House subcommittee. Do you think he will be promoting the neo-con line from it? Michelle Bachman’s profile has been rasised exponentially. She raised more money than any other Congressman.

    Even Boehner seems to be a much more serious and committed fellow than the gadfly Gingrich ever was. No global warming commercials with Pelosi, no education plans with Sharpton.

    Yes, some Dems did belatedly come to understand that the immigration issue was death for them, but it’s too late. The voters came to understand that voting for Dems, even Blue Dogs, means that San Francisco liberalism is the agenda being set in the House. That has been rejected with prejudice.

    We haven’t won the war, but neither have we accomplished nothing and merely been dupes of some shadow elite. The whole Koch brothers narrative is frankly silly, it’s a pathetic attempt by the leftist media to denigrate the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party is the most threatening movement to the elites, progressives and browns in our lifetime. They know it which is why they have fabricated a series of narratives about it since day one: Astroturf. Paid by the Insurance Companies. Racists. Spitting on Civil Rights Heros. Violent. Militia Linked. Hutaree. Koch Brothers. Wiccan.

    It hasn’t worked, which has driven them mad, mad to the point that the foaming rabid pitbulls of their movement like Ted Rall and Tim WIse have come off their choke-chains are are spewing violent anti-white spittle on their dying media outlets.

    That’s the sound of desperation, not neocon control.

  4. Of course the Neo-cons and Wall Streeters and every other sort of GOP exploiter are trying to control or influence the TP. We should be astonished if they did not. Our whole political system works on the division of labor between the two major parties, with the Dems keeping the dregs happy and the GOP keeping the Americans at bay. Don’t we all know this already?
    So when the Americans are threatening to slip their leashes, the GOP refills the dog dish. Nothing new there. The issue is whether or not the Americans will settle for fresh kibble, again.

  5. The neocons still have a pretty strong hold on the government. How else can you explain going on 10 years of wars in the Middle East? I fear they may have gotten a much needed shot in the arm with these last elections.

  6. The main neocon nest is right where it always was – behind William Kristol’s door at The Weekly Standard. The neocons hold down a lot of seats on Fox News’s hard news show too, “Special Report”. Aside from William there is his protoge Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, and Fred Barnes. Barnes and Hayes are employed by Kristol.

    What is frightening is that the main Tea Party favorite for GOP President in 2012 right now is Palin, and Palin was elevated to her status by Kristol and appears to be fully under the sway of his interpretation of all things foreign.

    It is sad that if Palin is elected we will have the fourth president in a row who knew zip about the rest of world when elected and zip about economics and banking. Such people are fodder for the neocons, they get their boys in there and teach ’em real good, everything they need, yessir.

    I’m hoping she’ll fade away and someone better might rise to the top. Who? I don’t know yet.

  7. Vanguardists are the fake opposition.

    Vanguardists are about 0.00005% of America. Except for your personal history there would be no reason to discuss them here, anymore than you would discuss the Jain followers in America. I was going to say Sikh’s but there are 650,000 Sikh’s in America. No one gives a damn about what Sikh’s think, do, or say, in general.

    How much do we care about a group that probably numbers 650? Less than zero.

  8. If we go by the CPAC straw poll, Ron Paul placed first on Presidential desirability while Sarah Palin was rejected wholeheartedly and came in a distant third. However, I just saw that her family is going to be on a new reality show on TV, a way to get to know her and her family. The MSM is really going overboard in ramming this woman’s presence down our collective throats. I don’t even know what all the excitement is about, if there really is any excitement. The times I’ve watched her, and it’s really painful listening to her ad lib conversation, she wasn’t very impressive.

  9. I agree about Palin. I think she is a woman of limited intelligence and has become a pawn of the neocons. William Kristol acted as the handler for Dan Quayle back under Papa Bush. Likewise a whole nest of neocon Jews handled the fool Baby Bush. Both were fairly unintelligent white wealthy “pretty boys” used to attract vacuous whites. The situation of Jews and dumb preppy frontmen reminds me of Manuel Noriega’s control of the Panamian government in the 1970s and 1980s. Noriega was a clever yet short, ugly, and pox marked mestizo. He felt inadequate coming before Panama’s White Spanish Upper Class. He was, to his credit, a self made man, at least in a thuggish drug dealing strongman sense. So Noriega, who ran the entire government behind the scenes, took revenge on the white elect by always having one pretty, wealthy, and extremely stupid blue blood or another elected president. The Spaniard was handsome and from a good background but was dumb as a post. Meanwhile, ugly squat Noriega was the real lord of Panama who everyone came before and did homage. This was the man’s joke. In a similar vain, I think the Jews put up fools like Baby Bush, Quayle, and now Palin. Quayle’s old handler Kristol, the “Trotsky Con” and self proclaimed member of the “Marxist Right” (best description of Neocons I think), is now handling Palin. I question how much we can get out of her. I hope as hyperinflation and mass 1930s style unemployment drag the country down that the crisis will lead to an alternative candidate, like Ron Paul or a Buchananite, upseting the primaries in 2012 and preventing Palin from being the Republican standard barer.

  10. Be sure and listen to Part II of an interview by Jamie Kelso of Cyndi Steele tonight on VOR at 8pm est.

    Part I is already posted for listening.

    According to Cyndi, funnyman Bill Maher’s brother was an accomplice of Larry Fairfax, and Fairfax is a cousin of Bill Maher.

    Why hasn’t this made national news—at least on Entertainment Tonight.

  11. Hunter, if you really are a White Nationalist you should welcome everyone who is advancing the cause including vanguardists. These people exercise such enormous control because, and you may be loath to admit this, but they are the White Nationalist movement. Your the one trying to break into their circle with this slightly modified Republican politics your pushing, not the other way around. You criticize the strategy of making things worse, yet that’s exactly what brought Obama into the White House and awoke White racial consciousness in this country.

  12. LEW:
    the wider Tea Party movement that drew millions of Whites into the streets blew up from the grass roots.

    …and was then coopted by neoconservatives and airheaded-puppets like “Palin” (Would be Rodger’s argument).

  13. Vanguardists are about 0.00005% of America. Except for your personal history there would be no reason to discuss them here, anymore than you would discuss the Jain followers in America. I was going to say Sikh’s but there are 650,000 Sikh’s in America. No one gives a damn about what Sikh’s think, do, or say, in general.

    How much do we care about a group that probably numbers 650? Less than zero

    Youch. Well said.

  14. @Nightwolf

    Yep. King is the good on immigration. But, like most Roman Catholic politicians he has Jew ass hair stuck between his teeth. 🙂

  15. For every member of the Church of Rome in Congress who even approaches a nationalist-racialist position on immigration, there are 3 or 4 who are Open-Doors hardliners, as their Church directs them to be.

  16. Rodger, of course it’s a good thing. I was pointing this out to Earl who is of the opinion that there is a vast Catholic-Jewish conspiracy.

  17. @Hail

    Sure. I don’t disagree. Mass numbers of White folks got fed up with the establishment, rejected an anti-White Black president, and were then promptly co-opted into the controlled system. Rand Paul, a true old right candidate that will be harder to control, however, is now a US senator, and that helps a lot. He is a credible voice with power against the neocon war agenda. Also, many anti-immigration candidates were swept into important positions of power in this wave election. That helps us too, even if it doesn’t solve the our fundamental problems. The Tea Party has also drawn out the anti-White hatred of the Left establishment, proving to Whites they are hated. So even though the TP candidates are now constrained within the controlled system, there has beem some upside, undeniable upside I think, for our side. This is evidence that in some situations it does matter for WNs which system candidates get elected. It’s also we WN fault these TP Whites were co-opted. We spent the last 15-20 years screwing around, instead of organizing a credible alternative. HW is right about that.

  18. “The 2010 midterm elections proved that voting matters. We killed “comprehensive immigration reform” for two years. We now have the power to go on offense on immigration across the Heartland. In Arizona, a recent study has concluded that over 100,000 illegal aliens have fled this year alone. We can and should be trying to export this model to other states.”

    Meanwhile, the “model” is being held up in the courts where it will most likely be struck down. No, I take that back; It WILL be struck down. Anyone remember prop 187?

    Noting a rapid increase in the Latino participation in California elections, some analysts cite Governor Wilson’s and the Republican Party’s embrace of Proposition 187 as a cause of the failure of the party to win statewide elections[24]. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only Republican to win a California gubernatorial, senatorial, or presidential election since 1994.

    Look at the last crop of candidates for office in that state. The Republican candidates were running commericals in Spanish and Chinese. They still lost. Texas is not going to pass any kind of immigration reform unless the invaders already there agree to keep out the newcomers. This means forging alliances with the invaders themselves!

    I don’t want to be the wet towel here, but let’s be realistic. With the mass media in the hands of the enemy, Not to mention the courts, does one really think that voting is going to change anything? I wish it were so, I really do.

  19. I think if we can ever learn from history, we might be able to affect the future.

    “The Gallegly amendment was introduced by Representative Elton Gallegly to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act in 1996. Its purpose was to allow states to deny public education or charge tuition to illegal alien children in the United States, thereby overturning the Supreme Court decision Plyler v. Doe barring these actions. It passed the US House of Representatives by a margin of 257-163 but was removed from the final bill after prolonged opposition from President Clinton and several Republican senators.[1][2]

    It was often described as the single most contentious issue of the bill and Clinton threatened a veto if it was present in the final version. While the amendment was not passed, it succeeded in dominating the agenda for several months in the summer of 1996 and may have diverted Congressional Democrats from effectively opposing other provisions. The amendment was the last serious attempt at the federal level to deny free public education to illegal alien children.”

    The same fate awaits the birth citizenship issue, among others.

  20. Meanwhile, the “model” is being held up in the courts where it will most likely be struck down. No, I take that back; It WILL be struck down. Anyone remember prop 187?

    The Arizona model is being held up in the federal courts as expected. We already knew in advance what the opinion of the District Court and the 9th Circus would be. SB 1070 will go to the Supreme Court where it will be upheld in a 5-4 decision.

  21. I don’t want to be the wet towel here, but let’s be realistic.

    Let’s do.

    1.) I predict there will be a vote in Texas next year on an Arizona-style immigration bill.

    2.) I think it will pass the new Texas Senate and House easily.

    3.) Rick Perry will sign it. He might not want to, but he isn’t going to twist the nose of such an important constituency heading into the 2012 Republican presidential primary. He isn’t going to make himself the enemy of talk radio.

  22. Rodger,

    I welcome anyone who is advancing the White Nationalist cause. It is arguable though whether the vanguardists are advancing or hindering that cause.

    In the case of Alex Linder, it is clear that his existence is an albatross for the movement to carry. In the case of the NSM, we have another albatross. Ditto with Jim Giles and his “hardcore nucleus.”

    The National Alliance was built around a cult of personality. It swiftly collapsed after William Pierce died. Last I heard, the Alliance property in West Virginia had fallen into decay.

    The NA member who I am most familiar with is Will Williams. He used to come to this website to bash Christianity with his sidekick SmokyMountainSS.

    Then you have Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents who is trying to hitch White Nationalism to anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, anti-republicanism, and European avant-garde neo-fascism. Just when we should be narrowing the distance between White Nationalists and White America, Johnson comes along to expand it.

    Indeed, that is what vanguardists do in almost every case: expand the distance between White Nationalists and our target audience. The effective result of that is thousands of alienated people passing the time by posting radical anonymous comments on the internet.

    One year bleeds into the next. Issues like immigration which should be winning issues for White Nationalists instead work to the advantage of conservatives.

  23. I wouldn’t be too sure about the SC vote on 1070. We’ll see. Overall, what we are seeing is the beginning – just the beginning – of a hardright politics with a substantial component of White group-interest. And there’s no denying that Zero, Holder, and the rest of them were a huge help in this. Given the Jews’ continuing grip on both parties, though, it will still take systemic collapse, economic and political, to put us over the top. We’ve gained a little time. That’s all.

  24. Your loathing of true White Nationalists is puzzling. There are bad apples in any group but there are also many good ones like Don Black, David Duke or Kevin McDonald. I’ve heard the same sort of anti-Americanism and anti-Christian comments being made on your website by people who regard themselves as “mainstreamers”, whatever that means. I know your trying to promote racial politics by working within the system but what is your criteria of what should constitute White Nationalism? Are you trying to promote a philosemitic sort of White advocacy as a substitute for the real thing?

  25. It is perfectly reasonable, Hunter, for people to be skeptical.
    We have all heard this hoopla many times before. It is far too early to be anywhere near as confident as you and many others are. The jury has barely left to deliberate, let along come back with a favorable verdict. Sure, we have a whole new crop of politicians who talked the talk, but are they going to perform? Maybe. Maybe not. In fact, the odds, based on no less than about a half dozen Conservative “Revolutions” over the last century, say one would be wise to bet against it.

    The new politicians and the established ones who have been signaling they are on board with some of our issues are now going to be tested against taking the “carrots.” And make no mistake, few human beings can resist the candy held out to toe the line or at least not be too much of a nuisance once you reach the big leagues.

    We will see. But keep in mind some of our most formidable enemies today were once ballyhooed as the coming tide of change. Some of them didn’t take a week to give in to the candy. Vast sums of money, sex, prestige, invites to all the black tie dinners in the “right”places, drugs, private jets, big time book deals, did I mention sex and women?, rubbing shoulders with celebrities at all the “right” parties, did I mention the money?, power, ability to do people favors, people like your family and wealthy contractors back home in your state.

    The list is endless, and please do not come back here telling me about how an honorable person or what have you will scoff at this and go right ahead and do the right thing. What if you were given ten million bucks per year for the next several years at least to start promoting diversity? Your answer now and what your answer might be if you were looking at in the hands of men who you know can grant it is two different things.

    We will see how things go. Let’s hope they go well. But don’t be surprised if this “revolution” is forgotten, like the others and 10 or 12 years hence we are hearing this all over again and how it is finally going to happen because we got some people who are going to push the issues.

    By the bye, I hear Rand Paul is already doing wavering.

  26. SB1070 is nothing like the Proposition 187 for a number of reasons. Arizona is not like California for one. Here’s the reason Proposition 187 died.

    “Prop 187 was passed by the voters on Nov. 8, 1994 to deny public benefits to illegal aliens in California.

    The next day several lawsuits were filed in California state court (Mexican-American Legal Defense/Education Fund (MALDEF), League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), ACLU, and others.

    On Nov. 11, 1994 a “temporary restraining order (TRO)” was issued by Federal Judge Matthew Byrne (it was filed in Federal Judge Marianna Pfaelzer’s court, but she was out (vacation?), so Byrne did the TRO.

    An answer was filed by Attorney General Dan Lungren in state court.

    Judge Pfaelzer came back and issued a permanent injunction pending trial. Her rationale was essentially a case in Texas in the 1980’s (Plyler v. Doe). Texas tried to deny public education to illegal aliens. The Supreme Court ruled for the illegals, based on two pillars:

    1) there were supposedly not enough illegal aliens students in Texas public schools to be a financial burden to Texas, and

    2) Congress was contemplating an amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S. (that occurred in 1986), and illegal alien students who were to be made legal would not be educated. Neither of those conditions existed in 1994.

    The cases were consolidated into Judge Pfaelzer’s court in 1995.

    There were hearings, filings, hearings, filings …

    In 1996 California (Att’y Gen. Dan Lungren) said that Prop 187 was not in conflict with federal law.

    In September 1996 federal immigration law was enacted, and in 1997 Lungren asked Judge Pfaelzer for a summary dismissal. (The 1996 federal law included Sec. 133 – that local law enforcement can cooperate with the INS)

    Judge Pfaelzer said NO to summary dismissal and ruled for plaintiffs; Lungren said he’ll appeal.

    Lungren appealed in 9th District Circuit Court in late 1997. FOR SIX MONTHS LUNGREN TOOK NO ACTION – IT SAT THERE. HE SHOULD HAVE MOVED THE CASE ALONG!

    Then came the gubernatorial campaign of 1998, and Gray Davis was elected in November. The appeal process was still sitting silently in court because Lungren had not moved it along.

    Davis was elected. The plaintiffs requested “mediation” in the 9th District Court, the court agreed to “mediation”.

    We know what happened then – Davis (who vehemently opposed Prop 187) “represented” FOR Prop 187. Neither the proponent of Prop 187 nor anyone else who co-sponsored Prop 187 was allowed in the bogus “mediation”.

    Governor Davis refused to allow the appeal to proceed and dropped the appeal, essentially KILLING PROP 187 against the will of the voters. This after having promised to support the appeal during his campaign.

    Even the most vocal plaintiffs against Prop 187 said they were afraid that if it went to the U.S. Supreme Court it would be held to be constitutional, reversing Plyler v. Doe.”

  27. The Koch brothers aren’t neocons. Ironically, given the topic at hand, they’re the libertarian version of mainstreamers, shifting their positions with the controlled media wind. When noeconservatism was on top after 9/11 some of their underlings endorsed the invasion of Iraq. You don’t hear much about that from Koch influenced organizations these days.

  28. “Second only to their bellicose foriegn policy, the signature issue of neocons is open-borders. The proof that the neocon influence is fading is in the last dozen articles that Hunter has published, which document just what a spanking open-borders advocates have taken recently.”

    It looks like the “right wing” Jews are making a strategic retreat on that, similar to the way Senator Chuck Schumer dropped his favorite issue after it lost Democrats the White House in 2000. For the next few years expect open borders to join “Big Government Conservatism” in the neocon graveyard of lead trial balloons.

  29. The Tea Parties are very mixed bags. I live within range of 2.

    One group is quietly taking over real poliitical control. They do NOT like Glenn Beck. He’s regarded as a fool.

    The other group is a biggest collection of nutbags outside of a OPP meeting. They are a huge group…they accomplish NOTHING. The Founder thinks Ayn Rand is the most important philosopher ever. Even smarter than Plato.

    I just caught wind of another group….that sounds extremely promising.

    Gotta work with the army ya got. I am all for the collapse of Leviathan. But I think pockets of productive civilization are a really good idea. Local Tea Parties, and political structures of tightly knit towns….. way to go….

  30. Rodger,

    1.) I don’t consider vanguardists to be “true White Nationalists.” I look at vanguardism as a false alternative, a sort of fool’s gold, that beguiles alienated people into acting contrary to the best interests of the White Nationalist movement.

    2.) I haven’t said anything negative about David Duke, Don Black, or Kevin MacDonald. None of them are vanguardists. Duke is actually the most prominent “mainstreamer” in the movement.

    3.) This site has never been an echo chamber. I don’t delete comments that argue a contrary perspective.

    4.) I think we are in a situation that is somewhat similar to the one that American communists were facing in the wake of the McCarthy era.

    Like communism, White Nationalism is a comprehensive vision of the world as it should be. It is also radically out of sync with the political and cultural mainstream. White Nationalists are persecuted like the communists used to be.

    The communists faced all the obstacles that we are facing now and their beliefs triumphed in the end. How did they pull that off?

    They broke their agenda down into smaller pieces, renamed themselves, and smuggled their ideas into the mainstream by cloaking them in the legitimacy of existing ideas.

    5.) I am not a philo-Semite.

  31. Someone mentioned on here a few weeks ago that most of the new politicians elected or the ones reelected are either pro-war or Israeli firsters. I don’t think Rand Paul is but certainly a few of the others I’ve looked at are including Steve King and Michelle Bachmann.

  32. 3.) This site has never been an echo chamber. I don’t delete comments that argue a contrary perspective.

    I came on here a few months ago and had some of my comments deleted and for nothing more than criticizing Mormons and an attempt by one of your writers to co-opt the 9/11 and “War on Terror” as a White Nationalist issue. I was so disgusted I didn’t come back here for awhile. Even recently, I notice comments being posted and then vanishing mysteriously. If you are truly working for White advocacy you should allow people to express their own thoughts.

  33. Leave it to White Nationalists to deliberately search for and seek out the ways to maximize their political irrelevance. I’ve been wobbling on the subject of whether it is just a waste of my time to continue writing in White Nationalist circles. There doesn’t seem to be much of a constituency for political realism in this movement.

    In states like Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, Arizona, and Mississippi (and these are just the ones I have written about), everything that a White Nationalist could want in terms of immigration policy (ending birthright citizenship, ending legal immigration, deporting illegals, militarizing the border, building the fence, etc.) can now be openly advocated within the mainstream. The White majority is already on board with most of these proposals.

    It is now just a matter of ramming through the necessary remedial legislation. There are opportunities in almost every Heartland state (like Alabama) for pro-Whites to seize the initiative and become the leaders of the grassroots resistance to the transformation of America by non-White immigration.

    It is no longer necessary to be a “White Nationalist” to oppose these demographic trends. This begs the question: what then is the use of the White Nationalist (non)-movement?

    I’m really starting to think that more can be accomplished outside the movement than within it. In the real world, I don’t have to deal with people who fail to understand the basics of Communication 101. I don’t have to point out the political insanity of attacking Christianity or worshiping Adolf Hitler as a deity. Even the dumbest Joe Six Packs that I have met understand that empowering our enemies by abandoning the political process is tantamount to political suicide.

    Something keeps drawing me back here. Maybe it is just a habit. I think it might by a psychological unwillingness on my part to accept that I made a bad investment.

    I will give more thought to this over the weekend.

  34. “I will give more thought to this over the weekend.”

    You have a talent for political journalism from a radical right perspective.

  35. @HW: I’ve noticed a lot of WN constantly bombarding you with criticism these last few months. Many of them haven’t shown even the slightest willingness to keep an open mind about this phase of your work. In fact, I’ve never seen so many people show up just to bombard the editor with various criticisms as I have here these last few months. When a writer quits saying things I find interesting, I just move on. At any rate, your writing talents might just be better served by trying to persuade a culturally conservative audience already working in the mainstream to become more radical and more racial, than by trying to influence an obstinate and ungrateful WN audience to consider a more practical approach.

  36. Maybe you should go write for National Review Hunter. The savvy among us can smell the Jewishness of this site cloaked in pseudo White Nationalism.

  37. I am fairly new to this site so I don’t have the real feel for it yet. I like much of the commentary. I am not anti-semitic. I have no interest either way but I am disgusted by how the Israel first theme dominates our politicians and media. That doesn’t mean I am a Nazi, I am simply pro American, not pro Israel. I think Pat Buchanan is of this mentality.

    Having said that, David Duke is a mainstream media joke. Any movement associated with him will nowhere in gaining a larger following regardless of the validity of their views.

    This country currently is what it is – a racial mixture that is far less white than it once was. It’s not possible to go back to the old days. Our most urgent priority should be in stopping the bleeding by restricting Hispanic immigration. If the problem continues then the surge for an amnesty will be impossible to fight. When that happens the Democrats get 20 million new voters and it is truly the end of the USA.

    There are many great posts here.

  38. Alex is a walking stereotype of everything that is wrong with the White Nationalist movement: griping endlessly about the Jews in cyberspace while doing absolutely nothing in reality to address or ameliorate the problem.

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