Iowa and Immigration

U.S. Rep. Steve King vows to "put an end" to anchor babies in America.


Iowa was the state that launched Barack Obama on the road to the White House. In 2008, Obama won the Hawkeye State with 53 percent of the vote. Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, Democrats held the Iowa governorship and both chambers of the Iowa state legislature.

Those were the days of “Hope and Change.” The state now has a severe case of buyer’s remorse. By 55 to 42 percent, Iowans disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance. Since 2009, Iowa has gained 36,000 registered Republicans while losing 24,000 registered Democrats.

Last Tuesday, Republicans took the Iowa governorship, the Iowa House, and five seats in the Iowa Senate. They threw out three judges on the Iowa Supreme Court who voted to legalize gay marriage. Three incumbent House Democrats in Central and Eastern Iowa won reelection in close races. Two House Republicans were reelected.

It was a bruising night for the Democratic Party in Iowa. The Red Revolution has changed the political complexion of this Midwestern swing state. The consequences of this shift will soon be felt in both state and national immigration policy.

Iowa and Immigration

At the state level, Iowa’s new Governor-elect Terry Branstand is opposed to the ongoing attempt to turn Iowa City into a “sanctuary city.” He has also gone on record saying that he wants Iowa to adopt Arizona-style immigration reform.

66% of Iowans want to follow in Arizona’s footsteps. With Republicans in control in the Iowa House and a restrictionist Iowa Governor who is a full throated supporter of Arizona, the only hurdle for Arizona-style immigration to overcome is the Iowa Senate where Democrats are hanging on to power with a razor thin four seat majority.

Real immigration reform is more popular in Iowa than Barack Obama or Terry Branstand. By putting enough pressure on Iowa state lawmakers, we have a better than average chance of winning here and checking a box in the victory column.

The Inquisition

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Iowa’s Steve King won reelection and is expected to become the next chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration. The current chairman, Zoe Lofgren of California, was the politician who invited Stephen Colbert to testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of the AgJOBS bill.

There won’t be anymore of this nonsense under Steve King’s tenure. If you watch the video, you will see he isn’t amused.

King has promised to declare war on birthright citizenship, crackdown on employers of illegal aliens, and outlaw sanctuary cities. The House immigration subcommittee will also be holding hearings on the Obama administration’s deliberate neglect of our immigration laws. Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder will spend the next two years under investigation.

After January, “comprehensive immigration reform” and the DREAM Act will be dead for the next two years. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will make one last attempt at passing the DREAM Act in the lame duck session before surrendering power.

System Politicians

I’m dumbfounded by the “logic” of White Nationalist vanguardists with their truly infantile idea of turning our backs on “system politicians.” In states like Iowa, Whites are overwhelmingly predominant. Even in California and Texas, Whites remain a majority in the electorate.

By and large, White Americans are still in control of their own destiny. If Whites only set their minds to the task, they could throw the bums out and pass laws to preserve their majority. In states like Iowa and Texas, they are already trying to do so.

The 2010 midterm elections proved that voting matters. We killed “comprehensive immigration reform” for two years. We now have the power to go on offense on immigration across the Heartland. In Arizona, a recent study has concluded that over 100,000 illegal aliens have fled this year alone. We can and should be trying to export this model to other states.

Over the next few days, I will be taking a closer look at other states which are poised to join Arizona, Iowa, and Texas next year in the inevitable national showdown with the federal government over immigration. The political wind is blowing into our sails. Now is not the time to give up on engaging in mainstream politics.

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  1. “For every member of the Church of Rome in Congress who even approaches a nationalist-racialist position on immigration, there are 3 or 4 who are Open-Doors hardliners, as their Church directs them to be.”

    Oh yeah, like Protestants are much better. How many nationalist-racialist Protestant congressman are there? They are as “one world” as any Catholic. Or were you speaking of atheists, 99% of whom are liberals?

  2. I’ve probably done more this last year than you’ve done your whole life and I don’t mean campaigning for the Republican Party. You’ve admitted you’ve never been involved in any on the ground activism and yet you have to gall to bitch and whine about real White Nationalists attempting to make a difference. Hunter Wallace is an example and not a good one either, of someone who tries to neutralize White Nationalism by herding people into the controlled opposition pro-war Zionist GOP politics.

  3. Alex,

    1.) I joined the CofCC in July. If you visit our YouTube account, you will find a video of us standing at the statehouse in Columbia, SC at a Confederate Flag Rally.

    2.) We showed up at the Tax Day Tea Party on April 15. We went to the Knob Creek Gun Show and the Gravelly Point gun rally in Alexandria, VA. Six months ago, we were starting to show up at real world events.

    3.) Since returning to Alabama, I have been heavily involved in any number of political organizations. I spent two solid months working to get anti-immigration candidates elected in this state.

    4.) Alex is a museum quality specimen of the completely neutralized, no opposition “rhetorical radical” wing of White Nationalism, whose resistance to “ZOG” consists of griping on the internet under an anonymous pseudonym. Their actions effectively enable our enemies and make the problem worse.

    As for “GOP politics,” we knocked off two Jews in the Senate (Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Russ Feingold in Wisconsin). There were Gentile Republicans running against Jew Schumer in New York, Blumenthal in Connecticut, and Wyden in Oregon. We also elected Rand Paul in Kentucky.

    5.) Alex clearly cares more about Iranians than stopping the invasion of White America by Mexicans.

    6.) What would “ZOG” have to do to “neutralize” White Nationalists like Alex? He wants to make it easier for Jews like Feingold and Schumer to get reelected. He wants people to waste their time typing tens of thousands of anonymous comments on the internet.

    The better question is why the ADL would want to neutralize someone who is carrying water for them.

  4. Hunter Wallace … herding people into the controlled opposition pro-war Zionist GOP politics.

    Border Collies are the smartest of all breeds, it’s that managerial herding instinct. But HW is really more like a Golden Retriever, retrieving lost souls from WN obscurity and making them viable members of a thriving and growing community.
    And, the boy can write.

  5. 5.) Alex clearly cares more about Iranians than stopping the invasion of White America by Mexicans.

    More straw man rationalizing?

    Hunter wishes to blow up the rest of the world in order to have our representatives actually enforce something that they should have already been enforcing, and something that is the most basic of concepts in regards to a nation — a physical border that is protected.

    You sound more like Karl Rove every day.

  6. Mike: If it’s possible to systematically discriminate against White men for decades, if it’s possible to deliberately flood the country with aliens who take far more than they contribute, if it’s possible for the wealthiest and most powerful country on Earth to be taken over and controlled by it’s Jewish minority, then anything is possible, including mass deportations. The old rules of democracy and fair play didn’t apply to us, and there’s no reason we ought follow them now. No, we can’t go back to the old days, the government and the culture are simply broken. The government is hopelessly corrupt and too many young people have no culture except what Hollywood serves up. But we can, combining bits and pieces of our past and the lessons of the present, establish a renewed society, as the Founders did.

  7. Unfortunately, just about every system politician that is unfriendly to immigration is friendly to war mongering at the behest of Jews.

    So, until going outside of the system is a real possibility, we have only two options: 1) elect anti-immigration neocon war mongers or 2) elect amnesty/open borders Leftists who are generally less friendly to the neocon agenda.

    We are stuck with system politicians anyway, so the question is which of these two terrible outcomes is better for Whites?

    1) Electing a group that will go to war with Iran at the earliest opportunity

    2) Electing group that will grant amnesty at the earliest opportunity?

  8. Lew that just goes to show how rigged the system is. If you still believe that there is a political solution to our problems I’d say the best thing we can do is vote for anti-semitic nationalists along the lines of Pat Buchanan.

    Oh look. A Jew is running for the RNC chair to replace Michael Steele. No more shabbaz goy, they’re going to be up and front from now on running things.

  9. Gun shows, tax protests and supporting GOP candidates are the extent of your White Nationalist involvement?

    Well, you got me there. I couldn’t make the NSM’s “Stand in the South” in Knoxville. I haven’t been able to forgive myself for missing out on that important event. What exactly have you done?

  10. More straw man rationalizing?

    Alex is on record saying that “ending the Fed” and “opposing Zionism” and “opposing wars” is more important than ending immigration.

    Hunter wishes to blow up the rest of the world in order to have our representatives actually enforce something that they should have already been enforcing, and something that is the most basic of concepts in regards to a nation — a physical border that is protected.

    The welfare of Iranians is far, far, far down on my list of concerns. I think attacking Iran would be a waste of resources. It would bust the budget, increase the national debt, and lead to the death of American soldiers.

    It would be a fiscal drain on the federal government. As it happens, foreign wars might actually speed up the day of its collapse. Look at what happened to the Soviet Union when it pulled out of Afghanistan.

    Do you want to make the argument that foreign wars is more important than immigration? I say it isn’t. I also say you are beating a dead horse because there hasn’t been a war with Iran and it is almost ten years now after 9/11.

    You sound more like Karl Rove every day.

    Karl Rove kept pushing the idea that the GOP needed to pass an amnesty to win over Hispanic voters. I have spent three months of my time arguing the opposite.

  11. Alex, I agree with you there will be no political solution for obtaining an ethnostate. But, until the day comes when we rid ourselves of this rotten system once and for all, we are all stuck with it no matter what we do whether we like it or not. Accordingly, I favor supporting candidates within the system for who will produce the best results for Whites, even if it means voting for Zionist neocons. The best result in my mind is whatever disrupts to the status quo the most, whether through polarization, drawing out anti-White hate in the MSM, or whatever — maybe driving the regime into bankruptcy with a third war.

    Right now I support Old Right candidates when possible, followed by anti-immigrant neocons as unpleasant as that may be. I’d rather take my chances with anti-immigrant neocons, if they can buy us a bit more time on immigration. Holding back the rising tide of color, even it’s by only a small amount, is better than nothing given our demographic problems and Hispanics’ looking to seize additional power in their favor as soon as possible.

    Zionist Jews and the neocons have their claws sunk so deep into the American military war machine that I believe they can get a war with Iran if they want one no matter who is in office. With Barack Obama in office, we probably would have gotten the worst of both worlds without the GOP wave election — amnesty and war with Iran. The Zionists are pushing Obama now for war. So if we are locked into a system that is likely to give us war no matter what we do if the Jews are determined to have one, I’d rather have people in office holding back immigration just a bit than people who will give us both war and amnesty.

  12. Another Democratic pollster calls Obama a one-term president. He is losing every single swing state:

    Despite the quibbles we’ll undoubtedly hear from predictable partisans, we are certain of our earlier declaration: Barack Obama, henceforth called OTB in our work, is a one-term president. We look forward to the many columns and television commentaries that will echo our conclusion.

  13. It’s a done deal then. No Democrat pollster would ever take highly negative internal polling public if Obama wasn’t already planning to step aside. No partisan pollster is going to undercut their own president that way. Hat’s off to Matt Parrot. He called this a while back.

  14. It’s Schoen and Caddell again. If you are familiar with those two, there is no way that Barack Obama will follow their advice. Caddell has a long history of playing the role of a Democratic Cassandra.

  15. True; you’re right. I overlooked Cadell’s byline. Still might happen though, and fairly soon. If Obama does plan to step aside, he won’t wait until the last minute like LBJ in 68. If Obama stays in office, he will try to do as much damage as possible before leaving.


    Hunter, why can’t you write like this?

    If your eyes are open enough to see that the system is propped up by swinging to the Left in such a way that forces it to swing to the Right – the pendulum ad infinitum – then why encourage(even passively) what amounts to a hard right position when what you really want lies somewhere in the middle, or maybe even in a separate dimension? Your peek-a-boo politics makes your pro-White methodology no less impotent and powerless as the dingbats in the NSM.

    You’re not the only one who believes they have a good feel for what Americans want to hear, or better yet, what they will eventually need to hear. I say to hell with where people are today; I am where people are today; I’m living the nightmare, too. Predict where they’ll be tomorrow, or next week, or even the next election cycle, and be there before anyone else. Just make sure it’s known that you were there before everyone else.

    “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”

  17. Hunter writes:

    I’ve been wobbling on the subject of whether it is just a waste of my time to continue writing in White Nationalist circles. . . .Something keeps drawing me back here. Maybe it is just a habit. I think it might by a psychological unwillingness on my part to accept that I made a bad investment.

    For some time now, I have been asking myself why HW has not left White Nationalism altogether. He recommends that you shut up and blend in with the mainstream. But he does not follow his own advice. He went to the trouble of creating a new persona and website–“Robert Pelham” of “From the Provinces”–but then posted the same pieces here as HW and there as Robert Pelham, immediately spoiling his new cover.

    I suspect that after due reflection, HW will not go mainstream, for a very simple reason: He is not serious. This mainstream shtick is merely a device with which to abuse and mislead White Nationalists. Like a woman, he keeps threatening to leave and take up with someone else, so we won’t have “good ol’ Hunter” to kick around anymore. But like a woman, he wants you to stop him, because if he does leave, he won’t have us to kick around anymore.

    Besides, the Tea Party is a serious movement, with serious talent. Hunter is nobody and nothing outside the little White Nationalist cyber-ghetto.

    Bottom line: I wish he would shut up and blend in. But we’re stuck with the little scold.

  18. TabuLa Raza says:

    Are TPers aware of notions such as fake opposition?

    Not likely. From their perspective, they’re part of a groundswell of opposition to the establishment. Those of us racially aware folks need to find a way to let them know the score.

    Jackson says:

    The main neocon nest is right where it always was – behind William Kristol’s door at The Weekly Standard. The neocons hold down a lot of seats on Fox News’s hard news show too, “Special Report”. Aside from William there is his protoge Stephen Hayes, Charles Krauthammer, and Fred Barnes. Barnes and Hayes are employed by Kristol.

    What is frightening is that the main Tea Party favorite for GOP President in 2012 right now is Palin, and Palin was elevated to her status by Kristol and appears to be fully under the sway of his interpretation of all things foreign.

    Sarah Palin is definitely a creation of Bill Kristol.

    I was watching Fox News the weekend before McCain made his VP announcement. Bill Kristol was the only pundit to predict that Palin would be McCain’s choice out of the entire mainstream pundit-sphere, from Firedoglake/Dailykos to and all the corporate outlets. Remember, Palin was an incredibly obscure figure at the time — just a short time ago, no one outside of Alaska had ever heard of Sarah Palin — yet Kristol predicted Palin would be McCain’s choice.

    I don’t remember now which names were being discussed as possible McCain VP picks at the time, but Palin wasn’t one of them for sure. It makes you wonder if Kristol is especially prescient, or if he knew something that everyone else did not know. Although possible, it doesn’t seem likely.

    By all rights, Bill Kristol should be a registered agent of a foreign power.

    If Palin is a creation of Bill Kristol, however, bringing her forward onto the national stage was a masterstroke. By bringing Palin into national prominence, Kristol brought forward a woman that he had to have known the left establishment would hate for her Christianity, cultural conservatism, and general “implicit Whiteness.” He also must have known that the Left reaction to Palin would galvanize the GOP base, the same base that the GOP’s plutocrat faction and neocons always need to manipulate and co-opt in order to achieve their objectives. Palin also believes in a strain of Christianity one step above Christian Zionism.

    Bill Kristol had to have known there would be massive grassroots resistance to Obama, too, although I don’t think Kristol could have anticipated the Tea Party movement blowing up the way it did with Sarah Palin at the top and in position to make a run for the presidency. Now, there is yet another hardcore neocon poised to make a run for the presidency and an army of pissed off White people ready to vote her into office, in effect channeling of all that White dissatisfaction into electing a candidate 100% dedicated to Israel’s agenda.

    Most of what I just said is speculative, but who knows? Kristol learned from his father, Irving Kristol, and Irving Kristol learned from Trotsky himself.

  19. “If Obama does plan to step aside, he won’t wait until the last minute like LBJ in 68.”

    They want an attack on Iran. So far Obama hasn’t given it to them. There wil be more of this stuff as they try and push him into it. If he still won’t do it then Hilary will start to be pushed as a primary contender.

    I don’t think Palin *was* a neocon creation. I think she was genuine and was picked as a desperate gamble to try and make up for McCain’s negatives among the grass roots because she was genuine. However since then they’ve been trying to mold her and i assume they’ve been mostly successful.

    At the national level candidates won’t get any friendly TV coverage unless they’re either progressive or neocon so currently the only viable national candidates will be those who are prepared to go along with that. I think the local and state level is the level to focus on.

  20. They want an attack on Iran.

    In 10 years when there still hasn’t been a war on Iran are people going to finally admit that it is never going to happen or are they going to keep saying that Iran will be attacked any day now?

  21. @Otis
    They want it. No one is saying they’ll succeed in what they want only that things will happen that relate to them wanting it.

  22. They want it.

    I agree, but it seems a lot, maybe most, people here think that the Jews are powerful enough to get what they want, when they want. Overestimating your opponents can be just as self destructive as underestimating them and I believe that the whole Iran thing is one of those cases.

    Actually, I’m glad because this has inspired me to write an article about why there will never be an attack on Iran.

  23. Otis the Sweaty says: a lot, maybe most, people here think that the Jews are powerful enough to get what they want, when they want.

    My view is that Jews can get just about whatever they want, except immediate White genocide.

    Regarding Iran, what Jews, the Likudniks, and their American neocon lackeys want at this time is a US led war against Iran that the world will blame on the United States rather than Israel.

    They might not get this due to declining neocon influence and other factors. On the other hand, Israel itself can attack Iran any time it wants to. Iran can then exercise its options. One of their options will be to close the straight of hormuz, cutting of the world’s oil supply. At that point, it’s WW3 because while Israel can do flyover tactical strikes, they can’t reopen the straight or hormuz without US help.

    Jews will start a war themselves if they can’t manipulate the US into doing it for them within their time frame. Remember, the segment of Jewry that matters here doesn’t care about human life; from their standpoint, it’s just White Trash and Persians who will do the dying.

    The other factor that might make this scenario attractive to Jews is the effect cutting off the world’s oil supply would have on oil commodities and on world global finances generally. Not to get conspiratorial, but somebody always makes a profit off of war.

  24. Jews will start a war themselves if they can’t manipulate the US into doing it for them within their time frame

    But that’s a totally different kettle of fish. The issue is whether or not they’ll be able to get America to do it for them.

  25. “The issue is whether or not they’ll be able to get America to do it for them.”

    No it isn’t. The issue is what they’ll do to *try* and get what they want and if any of those things e.g Hilary being pushed as a primary challenger, are relevant from a WN perspective.

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