Response to Harold Covington

Harold Covington sees "competitors" everywhere.


Yesterday morning, Pastor Lindstedt informed me that Harold Covington had mentioned Occidental Dissent in the latest broadcast of Radio Free Northwest. I listened to the podcast and mulled over writing a response. Last night, I received a phone call from a friend about the issue, as Covington also slandered The Occidental Quarterly in his diatribe.

(1) Nothing in my writing indicates that I am “raging” about the Northwest. I’ve spent the last few weeks analyzing the impact of the 2010 midterm elections at the state level. I have written about Utah, Mississippi, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

(2) This website is self financed out of my own pocket. Unlike Harold Covington, I have a job which pays the bills. I don’t work for The Occidental Quarterly or solicit donations here anymore.

(3) I don’t consider Harold Covington and The Northwest Front a “threat” or a “competitor” to Occidental Dissent. Jack Ryan has been advertising Radio Free Northwest here for months. We have been sending traffic his way.

(4) I think Covington is living in a fantasy world. It is hard enough to get White Nationalists to eat breakfast with you at an IHOP restaurant. The notion that these people are going to form a vanguard and launch an IRA style insurrection against the U.S. federal government and win … well, let’s just say that a flying saucer is more likely to land on the White House lawn before something like that happens.

Yesterday, Covington spent a considerable amount of time discussing whether or not a stock exchange would exist in the Northwest Republic. I think HAC might be getting a little ahead of himself here. I don’t even think there is a restaurant or a gas station affiliated with the Northwest Front.

(5) Years ago, HAC had a video on YouTube of men in camo with rocket launchers and machine guns going wild. For some reason, I thought those were his supporters at the time. I can’t seem to find the video now.

(6) In the podcast, Covington disavowed the need to do anything practical. Instead, he reiterated his plea for White Nationalists in other parts of America to uproot themselves and move to the Pacific Northwest.

There are over 10 million Americans now living in the Northwest. 6.6. million of them live in Washington state. The vast majority of them are White. Why can’t Harold Covington recruit from this vast constituency and prove to skeptics that his plan is viable and has the support of the indigenous population?

(7) A successful insurgency is inconceivable in the absence of local support. If Covington was serious about this idea, he would focus his efforts on establishing a power base among the natives already on the ground in the region.

(8) There are 3.5 million people in the Seattle metropolitan area. The vast majority of them are liberals. In 2008, King County went 69.97 percent for Barack Obama. His margin of victory there and in neighboring counties in Western Washington ensured that Obama carried the state in a landslide.

There are about 550,000 people in Wyoming. Unlike Washington, which is politically dominated by the SWPL vote, Wyoming is the most conservative state in America. The locals are highly supportive of gun rights and have strong grievances against the federal government over public land ownership.

If there was a “Northwest Migration,” it would make a lot more sense to relocate to Wyoming or Alaska where the smaller population would allow migrant White Nationalists to have a far greater impact.

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  1. The WN movement is already divided as it is. Burning bridges with each other and wasting our time degrading one another strengthens no one, and plays exactly into the hands of those who would see us make no practical progress at all. You may not agree with HAC, and he may not agree with you- but you are both trying to do something positive- so quit snipping at each other at get back to it.

  2. Covington is a moron. I know lots of people in the White Nationalist movement. This includes Kevin MacDonald, Sam Dickson, and Jared Taylor.

    Greg Johnson knows I am from Alabama.

  3. Hunter,
    Let’s rap up comments about Covington. There is nothing new that can be said about him.
    It’s not very complicated and it doesn’t involve profound differences over political philosophy.
    Mr. Covington is an excellent writer and often a very good radio commentator.
    But, he simply does not work well with others and he will eventually fall out with any nationalist and fall down in to personal insults.
    That’s just what he does.
    I can separate the “artist” Covington from the flawed person HAC who has clearly identifiable character “issues”.
    Please do not take any of Mr. Covington’s insults personally – Covington insults everyone including me and himself. That’s life.
    Let’s move on and I strongly suggest someone at O.D. should be given the responsibility of deleting any and all comments here by Mr. Covington, Will Williams etc rehashing never ending Covington personal feuds.
    Time to move on.

  4. HW,

    I didn’t mean to suggest there was any truth to what HAC implied about you not living in Birmingham, if my comment came across that way. I should have been clearer about that. I have always appreciated your writing and hope you keep up the great work.

    As for HAC, I’ll keep listening to his ideas about WN but not to any personal comments he makes about others in the movement. HAC needs to find a better way to answer objections than just imply his critics have a agenda. That just causes his NW concept to lose credibility because it creates the impression he has no answer to serious objections.

  5. Jack Ryan suggests (in italics):

    “Let’s rap up comments about Covington. There is nothing new that can be said about him.”

    Hunter can use his blog to comment on whatever subject he chooses to broach, and as it is a blogging collective, so can each of the trusted authors/administrators here.

    I believe the mainstream/vanguardist argument is largely a false dichotomy and I have no interest in sanitising my world-view for popular consumption. I will continue to write here as I see fit, and Hunter does not object to that, provided that I present my views in a thoughtful and coherent manner. He does not share your desire to micromanage the affairs and belief systems of others.

    “I can separate the “artist” Covington from the flawed person HAC who has clearly identifiable character “issues”.”

    Covington “the artist” has stated repeatedly that his novels are not created for the purpose of entertainment, or even education, but rather are meant to serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If he could get 100 people to follow him, he would create the NVA; he has said that on numerous occasions. Since he is assuming for himself a leadership mantle, the content of his character is very much a legitimate issue for public discussion. Moreover, Covington “the artist” has attacked this blog during his last two podcasts, so it is also a pertinent matter for discussion here at present.

    “Let’s move on and I strongly suggest someone at O.D. should be given the responsibility of deleting any and all comments here by Mr. Covington, Will Williams etc rehashing never ending Covington personal feuds.”

    If Harold Covington or Will Williams submit posts that do not conform to our posting guidelines, the post(s) in question may end up in the trash, but their posts are not, and should not be, treated differently from those of anyone else.

    Many older people, such as yourself, seem to believe that the comment section of a blog should resemble the letters-to-the-editor section of a newspaper, but that is not the case.

    The nature of a blog allows the spontaneous development of exhaustive and wide-ranging discussions held in the comment section, which is a good thing. If we are going to keep that section vibrant, we cannot censor people unless they specifically fall afoul of the guidelines.

    No one enjoys writing a long, thoughtful comment, within the parameters of the established guidelines, only to have it arbitrarily deleted at the whim of a heavy handed moderator. You consistently retarded discussion in that manner before your attempts to extirpate my posts met with resistance and left you unable to continue your anti-Nordish, philosemitic rampage of censorship.

    You should follow your maxim and chill out, Jack. Take a vacation. Dance with some fat broads. Run a half marathon. Do whatever the hell you want, as long as it keeps you away from our comments.

  6. Having met him, I have no doubt that Hunter Wallace is from Alabama. Anyone who listens to his RFV podcasts can discern that fact.

    Covington spent a large portion of his last broadcast intimating that the we’re not necessarily ZOGbots here at OD, but potentially just assholes. He made sure to note that he was not accusing us of being cognitive dissonance operatives “because it’s so damn hard to prove.”

    HAC has been on a crusade against OD since March of this year. As I stated previously, he even created a Yahoo group (GUBU_Crew) for the purpose of organising those efforts. His mendacity seems to knows no limitation and I can only imagine the sort of bile he is spewing privately about Hunter for criticising his glorious one-man fantasy Army.

    On March 13th, HAC launched a “special project” in which he offered these words of wisdom (I have put his most pertinent comments in bold):

    I myself am banned from posting on almost all of these major VBulletin boards, usually because back in the 1990s I dared to criticize someone’s favorite guru. You have to bear in mind that the Movement lacks any concept of legitimate dissent or disagreement, that among us everything is always personal, and that among us the slightest criticism usually means a lifelong vendetta, which the internet of course lends itself to.

    The one notable exception to this, if I dare mention it for fear of breaking the good luck charm, has been New I have to say that the webmasters there have been completely fair and shown great comradeship and White solidarity to me and to all the Northwest Front people who post there, in spite of the pressure which has been brought against them by the Goat Dancers. I really appreciate the courtesy and the assistance New has shown to me and to all of our Party people.

    However, a number of our NF comrades have attempted to use other boards and forums in order to tell people about the party, to discuss the Northwest novels, to post the URL to our website and so on, and they haven’t been treated nearly so well. In many cases the owners and the moderators are implacably hostile to the Northwest, either because they have some 1990s beef with me personally, or else because they view us, quite correctly, as competition.

    They are afraid of losing their little internet empires where the wheels constantly spin round and round and no one gets anywhere. They are afraid their people will be irresistibly attracted to the genuine and workable idea of a Northwest Republic. These Lords of the Internet are terrified that the Northwest idea will catch on, and that we will succeed in pulling the Movement off the internet and back into the real world and away from them, their egos, and their little orbit. And they’re right. Someday we will.

    Until then, the Lords of the Internet either refuse to approve posts from Northwest Front people, they refuse to publish the links to and, they edit and tamper with people’s posts, or they just plain kick our people off the board the minute they mention the novels or identify themselves Northwest separatists. Don’t worry, I won’t name the offending boards because when I name names everybody gets upset and they start weeping that Harold is “attacking people” and “fighting feuds” again.

    But it gets worse.

    There are other forums around the internet such as blogs that allow comments, and sometimes those comments can develop into full blown debates. A phenomenon has developed where NF comrades appear to be getting followed and stalked around the internet, by what appears to be three or four specific people, although they hide behind sock puppets a lot. They presumably find any pro-Northwest posts or threads using search engines or packet-sniffing software, and anywhere our guys attempt to post anything favorable about the NF or the Northwest novels, all of a sudden the Goat Dance breaks out and it’s a bunch of idiots shouting abuse at me and against the Northwest idea.

    The reason I can tell this is actual stalking is that I’m starting to recognize some of the scripts; the same standard phrases, expressions and responses over and over, sometimes verbatim from one site to another but under different names, that kind of thing.

    On March the 10th of this year, an especially disgraceful and egregious example of this took place. I have to admit I was right in the middle of it, and that was very much my mistake. I allowed myself to be suckered into an internet discussion in the comments section of a web site that is supposed to be respectable, if that word can be applied to any of our sites, but which was at least supposed to be run by serious and mature men. Yet I found myself in the White internet version of ambush TV when the Goat Dance broke out. It was kind of like being invited to go on Meet The Press and finding yourself on the Jerry Springer show instead.

    Okay, like I said, that one was my bad, and I shouldn’t have fallen for it, but something happened on that occasion that really gets me to thinking paranoid and conspiratorial thoughts.

    Without getting into specifics, since like I said, I know people get all upset when I name names and discuss details, one of the moderators on that March 10th site–a man who, to the best of my knowledge, I have never met, at least not under that name, leveled a specific accusation against me, which was a lie, pure and simple. An accusation which he knew perfectly well was a lie, which he had to know was a lie, because I just plain did not do the thing he accused me of, and there is therefore no way he could have had the so-called evidence he claimed he had. You have to understand, there is no possibility of an honest mistake here.

    Now, this puzzles me. Why would someone do something like that, to someone he does not know and has never met, and who has never (so far as I know) offended him personally? Maybe I am giving in to the very paranoia I decry in my Radio Free Northwest podcasts, but for real, guys, I sense a hidden agenda here.

    I understand where most of this anti-Covington crap comes from, who it’s coming from and why. It mostly comes from the 1990s when I made a practice of analyzing and criticizing the behavior of three specific Movement gurus, two of whom are now dead and one of whom is rotting away on some remote farm in Indiana. Those gurus still have their cult followers today and they can’t forgive me because I refused to bow down and kiss their gurus’ rings, or whatever else they wanted kissed.

    Okay, those guys I get, and yes, sometimes it’s them who follow me all over the internet hollering and screaming and cackling. I think it’s silly and childish for them to do that, but I know who they are, and I get it.

    But this other, this that’s been happening since August when we got our own web site up…this is starting to look like something else. I have noticed in past years that any time the Northwest idea does in fact make a step or two forward, one Induhvidual specifically suddenly makes his appearance, sometimes after years of silence, almost like he’s being deployed. Sure enough, there he was on March 10th, screaming like a howler monkey.

    “Cognitive Dissonance”

    It’s definitely some kind of seminar or scripted stalking program. Now, some of you may remember an article I posted several months ago on the Thoughtcrime blog about a Jewish White House official named Cass Sunstein and a program he has developed for controlling the internet called “cognitive dissonance,” wherein any internet discussions or web sites or topics that the White House disapproves of, like the Obama birther movement for example, is disrupted by a stream of constant niggling, off-topic, digressive, gossipy and scandalous posts that divert people’s attention away from the main subject at hand and cause the thread or the site to lose cohesion and focus and dwindle off into irrelevancy. Some people have asked me if that’s what might be going on here. I don’t know. Maybe.

    But the fact remains that on these major VBulletin boards and other forums, the Northwest Front and the Northwest imperative simply is not getting a fair shake. We are not getting the access to those 30,000 hard-core racial White Nationalists that we should, and it is starting to seriously hold us back. Which is no doubt the intention.

    Now, we can’t really do much about this dog in the manger behavior per se. Those boards belong to their owners, and any hacking we might to do try and force them to give us an even break is probably illegal, although it was done once when Billy Roper grabbed VNN from Alex Linder and managed to kick Glenn Miller and all his butt buddies off the board for a couple of weeks. Then for some reason Roper eventually handed VNN back to Linder, and back swaggered Miller and his toadies. But I digress.


  7. Thanks for giving me the last word, Oldtimer.

    [WW had written, fishing for your apology:]
    “Covington is definitely guilty of the allegations against him, Oldtimer. All of them. You are quite the equivocator.”
    You responded:
    Well, you can accuse me of prevarication if you like- the point is I don’t KNOW who is right or wrong in this bloodfeud between the two of you and I really don’t care…

    I didn’t accuse you of lying, Oldtimer. I stated that you can’t make up your mind as to who is telling the truth because you don’t know who is being truthful, and you “don’t really care” — just like you admit. I stated that you don’t care that much about the truth and you go off on Kevin Strom and JOG’s destruction of Dresden.

    Your whining about the “frivolity” of ‘Williams v. Covington’ carries about as much judicial weight as Pastor Mad Dog’s entertaining, otherworldly analysis. Tell it to Judge Gessner — the proud German-American man your Mr. Covington was stupid enough to call a “Jew” and a “tyrant in a black robe” IN PRINT! — go explain frivolous lawsuits to him, Oldtimer. He won’t be much interested in the stuff you Googled about cross-state pursuits, and all that. He’d only be interested if you know the defendant’s current home street address.

    ‘Williams v. Covington’ is a civil action, not criminal — however, there is the matter of the outstanding criminal contempt of court warrant that sentenced defendant to 30 days in jail for repeatedly violating a court order. He continues to flagrantly violate that court Injunction on the Internet and through the USPS, so he’s subject to being snagged and brought before the court to show cause why he shouldn’t be either imprisoned or institutionalized. It doesn’t help the defendant that he’s been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Have you noticed how he’s always looking over his shoulder for me?

    FYI, Oldtimer, I do know the truth. I’m Plaintiff. I was The National Alliance Membership Coordinator in 1992-’93 (essentially Dr. Pierce’s Executive Officer) when your Mr. Covington was telling everyone he could reach that I am a murderer and an arsonist and a FBI Special Agent and a queer; a mailing list thief and all sorts of other creepy things calculated to demoralize and spread doubt amongst Alliance members and potential supporters/members.

    Overt political sabotage. He does it much more from hiding now, on the Internet, and, somewhat like those mental patients you used to deal with — as one of a shielded class. Jew-controlled MSM know he’s a fraud but they’ve never exposed him as such. They have no reason to; that’s the Jewish “hate” watchdogs’ job.

  8. Definition (from dictionary): Equivocate: “the use of equivocal or ambiguous expressions, esp. in order to mislead or hedge; prevarication.
    Since you did not seem to get the point, I mentioned the Kevin Strom interaction as a small example of the lack of scruples among NA and other “movement” personalities- to explain WHY I don’t trust them or the veracity of their accounts of events in the past.
    ” It doesn’t help the defendant that he’s been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Have you noticed how he’s always looking over his shoulder for me?” – So you’ve just admitted you think he’s unstable, and what did I tell you that you can expect from the justice system regarding such people?
    “somewhat like those mental patients you used to deal with — as one of a shielded class.” – Mr. Williams, maybe my years of dealing with these types of people during my employment made me a little more desensitized to insults than you are. I, and my fellow employees were called every name you can possibly think of, were spat upon, hit, and I was even bitten (yes, a human bite) twice. And we had to endure it, and we had no recourse to the justice system. May I respectfully suggest that you “toughen up”?
    “FYI, Oldtimer, I do know the truth” ; Okay! Good for you!
    “your Mr. Covington ” : (laughing here) When exactly, did he become MY Mr. Covington?
    “WW had written, fishing for your apology” – ain’t gonna happen. I did nothing to you nor do I have anything to apologize for. As I said in one of my earlier posts: ” IF Covington is guilty of all these allegations against him, then I owe Mr. Williams an apology”. That is a big “IF” there, Mr. Williams. I am certainly not privy to all the info regarding the events in question, nor am I interested. You got the judgement that you wanted against him which is actually surprising since you say he’s been “diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic”. Here in PA, if a judge were aware of such a diagnosis, Mr. Covington would have walked out of that court room with the judge’s admonishment to “be a good boy and take your Haldol as prescribed by your doctor and not tell any more fibs about Mr. Williams.”

  9. Okay, so here is how I would reply to these points.
    1. He wasn’t talking about you, specifically, in the link you posted. He was talking about “intellectual pseuds” as he calls it. I think he’s angry with you over you firing someone or forcing them out because he did a radio show here and you took it down. I don’t remember, or really care.

    2. I believe Harold does have a job, I do not know who pays for what in their movement.

    3. Maybe this whole thing is a misunderstanding, though I do think he has you guys pegged as intellectual pseuds who like to debate and discuss insignificant crap far too often.

    4. It is true that it’s hard to get WN’s to do anything, that has to change. This is not debatable. We aren’t going to secure the existence of our race by doing nothing or, very next to doing nothing, playing around on the internet.

    5. The video used IRA footage and I believe it was Colonel Houses video, not HAC’s. I could be wrong on that.
    Here’s the latest which is similar to the one you’re talking about:

    6. As far as I know the Northwest Front does actively recruit locals.
    For all any of us know they could make up the majority of the NWF. Neither you, or I, know the numbers or members involved in this groups movements.

    7. I agree and local support in the PNW is perfectly possible.

    8. Despite popular rumor/belief the pacific Northwest is about 50/50 with democrats barely winning in most votes.
    It’s actually pretty damned racist in a lot of places up there.

  10. Post Script:

    “ow the numbers or members involved in this groups movements. ”

    I have no idea why I typed it that way, should read “in this group”.

    Also, I think it’s fair to say that y’all are indeed raging.

  11. “Seriously. I would like to have a Washington vs. Wyoming debate on the Northwest Migration. I think this would be an excellent topic to debate.”

    lol omg, Convington was right about you guys.

    Hey after the super cool debate on which state is better you guys want to debate about which boxes are best for packing stuff in and the best way to wrap dishes and ten maybe a debate on whether to bring tire chains.

    Man, y’all need to get some Vaseline and attempt to pull your heads out of your asses.

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