Black Run America: Black Homicides Reach “Crisis Level” in Nashville

Black homicides reach a crisis level in Nashville


Black homicides have reached a “crisis level” in Nashville.

In 2008, Tennessee had America’s fifth highest rate of black homicides. Nashville, with 42 black murder victims, had a rate higher than the state average and in 2009 surpassed Memphis to become the most violent city in the Volunteer State.

If you are black in Nashville, you are 5x more likely to be murdered than if you are White. Black homicides have risen while White homicides have declined for several years now.

The motives of these homicides are various: abuse, domestic problems, drugs, gang activity, robberies, etc.

Black community leaders are blaming a sense of “hopelessness” in the affected areas. “Those are the ones that are dangerous,” said Jerry Maynard, a Metro City Councilman. “Because they feel they have no future.”

“In our own city, we have kids that see the rest of the world on TV, they see it across the street. How do I get from where I am to graduate high school, to graduate college, to get a job?” said Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson. “The reduction in federal funding for police prevention programs, for police outreach programs, is also going to have an effect.”

Black children in Nashville grow up in “a world that includes drugs, prostitution and violence on a daily basis.” We are told that “public housing developments like J.C. Napier, Sam Levy and James Cayce” are where “much of this violence has occurred.”

Police Chief Anderson told The Tennessean, “The public in general doesn’t realize this is another world you’re driving by each day. There is another world that you don’t recognize that needs your support, that needs your attention. They really don’t understand what’s going on in the inner city.”

Councilman Maynard believes that Nashville needs an “all out effort” along the lines of the response to the Cumberland River flood to stop the epidemic of black-on-black homicide.

He explains, “Black-on-black crime is not a black problem. It’s a Nashville problem because tourists will not come here, businesses will not come here. We will strangle economic growth if we do not come to a solution to this.”

The blacks of Nashville are fouling their own nest and it is Whitey’s responsibility to clean up the mess. There has been a 31 percent increase in the homicide rate since black community leaders declared a “cease fire” last year.

Why are these people so utterly helpless?

The Dark Side of Black Run America

Nashville’s predicament with black-on-black crime is just one of the many unintended consequences of Black Run America that respectable liberals and conservatives are afraid to talk about.

A few observations:

(1) Much of the gang warfare in Nashville goes on in the public housing projects that were built as part of the War on Poverty for the explicit purpose of abolishing underclass social pathologies through government social engineering.

These programs were based on the premise that the individual is a product of his environment. When the federal government created a new environment for blacks, they moved into their new neighborhoods and quickly destroyed them.

(2) There is nothing stopping blacks from graduating from high school or college. Their skin color actually works to their advantage when trying to find a job in the private sector or get into a public university.

Intelligent blacks can and do graduate from high school and move on to lucrative jobs in the diversity obsessed private sector.

Most blacks are unable to compete with Whites in integrated classrooms because they are objectively less intelligent than their White peers.

The problem was never the Jim Crow schools. When the federal government gave blacks access to the White schools, they brought the racial gap with them into their new environment.

(3) Most of these black murderers come from “broken families.” Fatherlessness has a causal relationship to violent crime. An incredible 59 percent of black women now have children by two different fathers.

The black male is unable to compete with the federal government as a provider for black women. Most of these households are beneficiaries of various types of federal anti-poverty programs. White liberals have fostered and encouraged this type of extreme dependency.

Whether it is housing projects, welfare, or integrated public schools, White liberal attempts to uplift blacks through government intervention programs have a long track record of failure. And those are just the most obvious examples.

(4) Integration didn’t benefit all blacks in the same way.

The dirty little secret of integration is that it allowed the so-called “talented tenth” to abandon the black underclass and move up into the White world.

Under Jim Crow, the “talented tenth” was excluded from the White world on the basis of race. They were forced to live among their co-ethnics and cater to them and respond to all their various social problems.

Who benefits from meritocracy, affirmative action, and relentlessly promoting diversity? The “talented tenth” which is given the means to escape the black world.

They leave the old neighborhood behind which has the effect of robbing it of its natural leadership and compounding its various social problems.

(5) Integration has cowed Whites into submission.

Whites are unable to defend their own property and institutions under the present system of forced integration. They adapt by fleeing areas which they are unable to control.

The Whites take the jobs and the tax base with them. The “talented tenth” follows the White wagon train to each new Whitopia. An underground economy moves into the geographic vacuum where the black underclass has been left behind.

It is “another world” out there precisely because it is a black underclass world. Violent crime spirals out of control because integration has forced Whites to abandon those areas. It has also given upwardly mobile blacks their ticket out of the hood.

(6) The Cultural Revolution has destroyed White confidence in their own traditional culture.

Whites used to take great pride in forcing Christianity and middle class values onto blacks. Now that the pressure to assimilate into White American norms is gone, blacks are losing their Christian veneer and reverting back to their base racial way of doing things.

Christianity worked for blacks. It restrained a population that is naturally less intelligent and less conscientious than Whites. It curtailed their natural polygamy and licentiousness.

(7) The overarching myth of Black Run America is that every American is an individual who is born as a blank slate with the same opportunity to succeed in our capitalist economy. Environmental obstacles like racism and poverty alone stop blacks from climbing the social ladder into the American middle class.

This dangerous myth that everyone is equal and has the same chance has resulted in the abandonment of the black underclass in Nashville. It doesn’t acknowledge the ugly social reality that human beings are not born as interchangeable parts.

The black underclass is shuttled into public schools and the private sector where they don’t have the intelligence to compete with their racial brethren for scholarships and job opportunities. They drop out and fall into a life of drug abuse and violent crime which has been exacerbated by black flight into the White suburbs.

Comparatively, Jim Crow America was a more humane place to live for the black underclass for three major reasons:

– A society based on Christian values and racial inequality will accept that some blacks are unable to succeed for biological reasons and will respond by tailoring its culture, social institutions, and economy around dealing with that unpleasant fact.

– A society based on race will blunt class divisions. As I explained above, the “talented tenth” was forced by Jim Crow segregation to live among their weaker brethren and steward their communities, which was a far more successful social reform than any progressive anti-poverty program.

– Under Jim Crow, Whites were self confident and explicitly in control of their own society. They didn’t have to flee Southern cities like Birmingham to the surrounding suburbs. The “talented tenth” had no incentive to leave either.

While there was some white-on-black violence under Jim Crow, there was far less violence overall because of these instructive lessons in racial hierarchy, blacks were safer in what is now called the “inner cities,” and there weren’t nearly as many blacks in prison as there are today.

The ugly truth that blacks are unwilling to confront is that the Klan was nowhere near as much of a menace to blacks in Jim Crow America as blacks are likely to be murdered, raped, robbed, or assaulted by feral black criminals in Black Run America.


Every negative thing that has been said about Black Run America above is equally true of the White community. It is only a difference of degree.

The same cultural trends that have been unleashed in the black inner city are destroying White America at a slower rate. The parallel of the black underclass experience with cocaine in the inner city ghettos is the White experience with meth, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse in trailer parks.

The present meritocratic system allows the “talented third” of White America to abandon the cities, small towns, and rural communities of the American South for high paying jobs and exclusive suburbs in other parts of the country.

22 percent of White women now have children by multiple fathers. Christianity is collapsing. The White nuclear family is dissolving along with it. The old middle class values are under constant assault from the counterculture and the redistributive state.

The myth of Black Run America that everyone has the same chance in life (i.e., you just need to be reeducated to be a nuclear physicist) and that White racial consciousness is synonymous with evil has hurt the White underclass more than anyone else. Nowhere in Black Run America is a there a greater sense of hopelessness.

The best and the brightest of the small towns now graduate from college and move off to the big cities. The White underclass has been completely abandoned by its natural leadership. No one even gives lip service to caring about the “white trash” anymore.

A traditional organic society like Jim Crow America which was based on Christian values and racial inequality elevated the White underclass. It blunted class divisions among Whites and worked to their economic advantage. Racial identity gave other Whites a stake in their lives.


The solutions being proposed by the political class of Nashville reflect the fact that the truth about human inequality was the first casualty of Black Run America.

Just listen to these great ideas: new housing projects, spending more money, community centers, “ways of giving our young people hope,” distractions like sports and music, “real mentors,” “volunteers to work with poor kids,” rebuilding the black family, etc.

The “young people” here don’t have any hope because they have been abandoned by their co-ethnics. These ghettos are what happen when blacks are sorted by intelligence and economic segregation is allowed to create an impermeable geographic barrier to the outside world.

In so many words, this is what happens when you replace a race based society with a class based one.

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  1. This was an excellent analysis. I’ve always wondered why ghetto black communities stay so stagnant – when I read the studies on IQ distributions it began to make sense, now, it’s completely crystal clear.

    The Africans is this country are a lost cause.

    Eventually, a race-war will explode if liberalism and its anti-nature ‘solutions’ don’t come to an end. I would love too see a repatriation program for blacks, and, would be in favor of a generous subsidy to get them on a plane back to their ancestral homeland.

    Great point that we Whites are not immune to the degenerate black culture.

    There is a direct correlation between ‘Civil Rights’ Acts of the 60s and the White divorce rate.

  2. These large cities must also experience a large resurrection rate that beggars any mythology. According to official statistics released each year, these large cities have homicide rates such as given here for Nashville, i.e., somewhere around 30, 40 or 50 per year.

    This is peculiar. For example, I grew up and still spend a lot of time in southeast Indiana. The “main” nightly and evening local news that everyone watches on television comes from Cincinnati and as sure as night follows day, each news edition there is reports the day’s homicide. At least 5 0f every 7 days there is a killing due to crime. Anyone who tunes in to the news knows this and it has long since become a matter of course. The same must hold true for every other city, too, since I cannot recall ever traveling and watching the local news where at least one homicide is not reported per news broadcast. And pretty much everyone seems to make this observation. Now, according to my math, at least one homicide each day, or at least 5 or 6 out of 7 days, should add up to somewhere around at least around 300 or more per year.

    As I say, there must be a great deal of resurrection from the dead going on in modern America. Or else a very peculiar criteria of labeling what is or is not a homicide on crime statistics. Just being murdered must not qualify as a homicide if these 30, 40 or 50 per year are all that are being given.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  3. No idea.

    He probably got tired of arguing with Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists. I’ve taken this website down at least two times over the years because of how exhausting that can be.

  4. Black Run America (BRA) is an awesome concept. I’ve followed Stuff Black People Don’t Like since Hunter linked to it last year.

    You’re taking it to another level.

    You should look at Huntsville next. Or Charlotte. Or Birmingham.

    BRA is real. Awesome post.

    Isn’t Nashville only 25 – 30 percent Black too?

  5. Interesting analysis. So meritocracy actually strips away the natural leadership in both White and Black communities. The abandonment of the organic ordering of the communities is tragic and disgraceful. I assume this can only be considered an unintended consequence unless there is some subconscious self-interest at work in White liberals.

    It seems unlikely any of this would change. The talented Whites and Blacks like to play in nice places and feel all equal and full of rainbow luv, enjoy the lack of responsibility to their lower class brethren, and can just pay lip service to some government program or another to treat all societal problems.

  6. The list of “solutions being proposed ” is a 40 year-old list and, as usual, does not include personal responsibility and accountability for ones’ choices/actions. Austerity is my new favorite word…

  7. Your point about the abandonment of lower class whites is very well taken.

    They’re discriminated against in terms of college admissions, and should they make it through college they’re discriminated against for jobs by diversity-obsessed corporate America (they’re often just as poor as any black raised in the ghetto, for example, and often poorer than middle class blacks, latinos, asians, etc.).

    They can’t get government jobs – those go to blacks or anyone else but whites. All the traditional lines of work for lower middle class workers – construction, restaurants, janitorial, landscaping, menial labor – all that work now goes to Mexican illegal immigrants.

    I cross paths with these kids sometimes and it’s effing depressing. Tattooed like convicts, pierced like freaks, talking in black slang, emulating the dominant black/latino youth culture. Lower middle class whites are melting fast into a hybrid multiracial coffee-colored underclass.

    I suppose at least their multiracial kids will be able to get jobs.

  8. As I say, there must be a great deal of resurrection from the dead going on in modern America. Or else a very peculiar criteria of labeling what is or is not a homicide on crime statistics. Just being murdered must not qualify as a homicide if these 30, 40 or 50 per year are all that are being given.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    The homicide rate is per 100,000 population.

  9. Great analysis; you’re really knocking them out of the park lately.

    The discrimination affects Whites at all IQ levels though. My nephew is going to the University of Chicago after having been rejected by the highest tier schools. Meanwhile, one of his Black classmate is going to Stanford and another somewhere else at that level, but I don’t remember where. Needless to say, the Black kids had far lower test scores and worse records than my nephew, though by Black standards each stood out like a Nobel prize winner. My nephew also applied to a decent tier 1 local school (Tulane unversity) was accepted and offered a 50% scholarship. Two of his Jewish classmates with mediocre records were also admitted but with 100% scholarships.

    All whites get pushed down the ladder no matter what their IQ level to make room for non-Whites and Jews.

  10. As far as blacks go, you can take the bunny/mestizo out of the jungle….but you cannot take the jungle out of the bunny/mestizo. Then superimpose drug culture, crime lobby legal system, welfare/illfare state – all kosher control mechanisms – and you’ve got an irretrievable mess. Precisely as the Jews intend. Then, when we whites become a small enough minority, they hope to use their violent, despairing ethnoid puppets to finish us off.

  11. Outstanding post and analysis.

    A traditional organic society like Jim Crow America which was based on Christian values and racial inequality elevated the White underclass. It blunted class divisions among Whites and worked to their economic advantage. Racial identity gave other Whites a stake in their lives.

    This is a great point.

    Black Run America (BRA) is an awesome concept.

    I agree. I at first was not so sure but the more I think about it the more I like it. It encapsulates and puts focus on something that is relatively broad.

  12. “The black underclass is shuttled into public schools and the private sector where they don’t have the intelligence to compete with their racial brethren for scholarships and job opportunities”

    I met a middle school teacher last night and had a very interesting conversation. She identified as a donkey-loving-democrat(her words, not mine), but was surprisingly realist in her views on race, intelligence and third-world immigration – I suppose reality can’t escape her as she has a backstage pass to black and brown dysfunction.

    She told me about an outreach program called, “I Have a Dream”. Not surprisingly, this program buses-in blacks, to her school, thirty to be exact, from the most poverty stricken zip-codes. The underclass blacks are required to sign a contract, one stipulation being: they won’t rape fellow students. I’m trying to get my hands on that contract to confirm if it’s true. If it is….WOW.

    Long story short: these blacks have no business in an ‘A’ school(again, her words, not mine). They’re behaviorally disruptive and cannot meet the minimum academic standards of the institution – worse, these feral blacks have a ripple effect on the students whom have the unfortunate displeasure of being taught with them. Grades have gone down, overall, while behavioral problems have increased because of the minority of unqualified blacks injected into the learning environment.

    Such is life in BRA.

    The school is in a compromised position, but the anti-nature program continues.

  13. I’ve seen the term “Black Run America,” America run for the benefit of black people and other minorities, used at Stuff Black People Don’t Like for months now.

    The term really started to click when I began to think of “Black Run America” as the successor to Jim Crow, as a description of the period of history we are now living in, which defines everything from its laws to its racial etiquette to ethics and aesthetic preferences.

    “Black Run America” is a system of race relations like Jim Crow. Just think about it: think of how proud Americans were that Barack Obama had been elected president. It was seen as the fulfillment of our society in a fundamental way.

    If the highest ethical principle of our society is the promotion of black people over Whites, Obamania makes sense. The celebrities who adopt black babies make sense. The obsession with diversity makes sense. The racial double standards make sense.

    The relentless attack on White people makes sense. The sainthood of MLK makes sense.

  14. You are so right about the “talented third” of Whites abandoning their own people. Christopher Lasch, the left wing social critic wrote about that 15 years ago in “The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy”. Liberals cut out every social, economic, and cultural support for the working class, and ridicule them for not adopting the progressive views of their betters. They revile poor Whites for weaknesses that are far worse among Blacks and Mexicans, and give the Darks a free pass. Personally, I can see how educated classes would ordinarily look down on lower classes, but the hatred they have towards us is not ordinary. It comes, I think, from Jewish indoctrination. Jews have taught educated Whites self-hatred, which is unbearable and therefore transferred to the lower classes. Shit rolls downhill, the bullied child hits his little sister, who kicks the dog. We are the dog.

  15. The highest ethical principle is in our society is equality. Blacks are promoted ahead in order to achieve this aim. Where equality has been qualified by any set of data points that we may strive toward is anyone’s guess however. So, perhaps with an open ended objective, the hidden goal is eternal revenge in perpetual reparations, rather than the attainment of any equality.

  16. So, perhaps with an open ended objective, the hidden goal is eternal revenge in perpetual reparations, rather than the attainment of any equality.

    That is exactly what it is, and they are hoping no one notices so that the gravy train can continue running the way it has been. It has worked since the civil rights era, but America is changing. Wealth is diminished and ethnic tensions are up. That doesn’t necessarily mean anything will change, since the “eternal revenge” is now ingrained in the system itself but awareness of the problem is the first step toward changing it.

  17. This is an excellent article, Mr. Wallace.

    I was particularly glad to see you discuss the importance of Christianity and a native, locally responsible elite.

    For half a century our economic system has strip-mined Middle America of its natural leadership. Even if a talented young person prefers a life in his own community, he is unlikely to find many locally controlled industries or institutions where he can exercise real leadership.

  18. “The underclass blacks are required to sign a contract, one stipulation being: they won’t rape fellow students.”

    The amount of rape in white-minority schools is another one of those great dark secrets. The people who know about it don’t talk about it because they know no one would believe them.

  19. You have no idea what it is like in California. We are so much farther down the path to social ruin. The Mexicans swarming across the border claim everything as theirs, regardless of true history. Los Angeles — once a beautiful city — is one big ghetto. San Francisco — a traditionally blue-collar town — is now only identified with so-called gays.

    This is a beautiful State — with so many blessings – -but it is turning into dirt and the productivity of farm and trade are withering away.

    I don’t waste my time with political labels. And I don’t need to denigrate any other race. But I know this: White people need to stand up. Now. We absolutely must fill the armed forces with white kids. Take back our culture and turn away from those who wish to pollute it with what is in the media 24/7.

    True revolution is through Christian love, not outdated European racial hatred. Education is the key, not tattoos and semi-intelligent gibberish on the radio. But if Whites don’t start acting now, we are doomed as a race and the world is then doomed to destruction.

  20. Wow!! racism still exist. As an African American Woman coming from public housing and now owns property, have a Ph.D, I do know what racism really means. It has nothing to do with color but all to do with insecurities. You have just as many crimes with whites as you do black. Check out the suburban stats. They just hide it well. People fear how they would look if they were working for an African American. Color is only skin pigment people. lol. Racist is just a cop out for a person’s own insecurities. Get a life. This black woman has one, and you insecure racist are making me so much money by being ignorant. I see patients like you daily and guess what, this week I have not seen one African American in my office for therapy. Do the math.

  21. So you seek highly criminal white company? Righto.

    Did you know oh Doctor, that gang rape in Europe was virtually unheard of before mass migration from the dirty African and Middle Eastern parts of the world? This category of crime has exploded in close relation to the never ending stream of black migration?

    Your sort also drag down OECD rankings for Math Science and Reading wherever you turn up.

  22. Jay Hodge says:

    ‘I do know what racism really means. It has nothing to do with color but all to do with insecurities.’

    Don’t try selling that huge pile of mierda here.

    Jay Hodge says: ‘You have just as many crimes with whites as you do black. Check out the suburban stats. They just hide it well.’

    OMG! You are insane.

    Check out Hunter’s – ‘Color of crime.’

  23. “As an African American Woman ”

    I always tip my hat in public AA women. And I acknowledge the A older men (thrill is gone bb king) of their presence with respect. AA youth is out of control with crimes due to fornication. Bill O’Reilly highlight of collapsed of AA family breed for welfare check.

    America, and pretty much the rest of the western countries; the force integration through guns, money and lawyers is a disaster to western civilization. You should do everything you can to prevent rather than assist the destruction which is heaven on earth third worlds dream of.

    • Affirmative Action is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. IT has FAILED.

      Black have made NO positive contributions to society in the last fifty years.

      Only the destruction of whole communities are the works of blacks.

  24. “I acknowledge the A older men (thrill is gone bb king) of their presence with respect.”

    Yeah, they sho’ nuff gots dat rhythm – and not much else.

  25. You would never believe you might find information like this. When compared to many other posts I’ve read today, this one is the best.

  26. This truly demonstrates that there are still individuals that care about what they submit on the internet. I truly enjoyed browsing the comments.

  27. Black Run America is merely Jewish Domination in Blackface. You remove the Jewish Issue, Black Run America Disappears. That is why I hate the term Black Run America as it gives the Jews cover. I prefer Jew Run America myself but both terms are good if you EXPLAIN them.

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