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Is Mitt the Man on the White Horse?


“It was only after I got to Detroit that I got to know Negroes and began to be able to evaluate them and I began to recognize that some Negroes are better and more capable than lots of whites.”
– Gov. George Romney

Matt Parrott has a hilarious article up at Counter-Currents about how Mitt Romney has a “religious conviction” to lead America through “this time of darkness.”

Mormonism is labeled the “American Tradition” – something that would have shocked Yankees and Southerners, and even the Mormons themselves, who moved to Utah to get away from the Gentiles.

There is nothing “traditional” about the Church of Latter Day Saints. It evolved in the Burned Over District during the Second Great Awakening in western New York State, arguably the single most untraditional place in the entire country at the time (this was before the founding of San Francisco), which was the seedbed of utopian communes, the free love movement, abolitionism, and women’s suffrage.

Transcendentalism, Unitarianism, and Mormonism were all symptoms of the collapse of Christianity in New England in the early nineteenth century. It represented a Yankee rejection of the Congregationalist Church.

George Romney, who was born in Mexico to a polygamist family, was a devout anti-racist and a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As the governor of Michigan, Romney famously led a “civil rights march” in Detroit to express his “solidarity” with the marchers in Selma. He was a Rockefeller Republican who fought tirelessly for a civil rights plank at the 1964 Republican National Convention.

Mitt Romney’s father presided over the catastrophic 12th Street Riot in Detroit. As HUD Secretary under Richard Nixon, Romney’s “missionary zeal” to “save America” could be seen in his passionate support for the causes of affirmative action and housing desegregation in Michigan.

The Tea Party hates Mitt Romney because he is correctly perceived as a Northeastern liberal from the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party. Unsurprisingly, the Republican establishment is also backing him as their candidate in the presidential race.

Just a few years ago, Mitt Romney was a supporter of abortion, comprehensive immigration reform, and the government takeover of healthcare. The conservative base has very good reasons to distrust Romney as he is a throwback to the liberal Republicanism that used to characterize the Eisenhower GOP.

Even within the Church of Latter Day Saints, the Romney clan was part of the liberal faction that challenged and toppled the traditional practice of racial discrimination against Negroid-Americans. They have been a curse to Utah, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

If Mitt Romney turns out to be anything like his father, then god help us all in the South. Even a buffoon like Herman Cain or Rick Perry isn’t nearly as threatening as a New England saint on a divine mission to “save America.”

Be afraid.

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  1. I clearly identified Romney’s deeply “anti-racist” conviction and clearly stated that its impact would be ruinous.

    Had you taken the time to finish reading the article, you could have saved yourself the trouble of repeating my thesis.

  2. You know, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Herman Cain was elected president, or if Obama was reelected. That would guarantee that America’s collapse would be identified with eight years of black rule.

    The reelection of Obama is the too good to be true scenario. There is no way he is going to win Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina. He is going to lose Ohio.

  3. Even if the article could have profited from a deeper exploration of his father’s governorship, I didn’t attempt to portray Romney as anything other than a true believer in the Civil Rights Movement and a threat to White Americans.

    I invite the readers here to carefully analyse these two posts before buying Hunter’s characterization of my post.

  4. Matt- You don’t have to come here and ‘parrot’ the party line, as most of us here are sick and tired of the Jewsmedia and their bullshit, and actually find what Hunter is writing to be true, valid, and of the moment, far more than ANY other columnist, news pundit, or pretty face masquerading as an intellect. If we desire to hear the ‘other side’ speak, we’ll link to your column and read it, don’t worry. Mr. W has made me go ‘where no [sane] man has gone before’ with his links to other writers like you, but I always come back to him for the REAL skinny.

    Frankly, I come to read OD every time a new post goes up, for some POSITIVE insights into the self-destruction of these Disunited States, and for the call to secession and the burial of BRA…. neither of which, (I seriously doubt) you are willing to ideologically lead your people (Who ARE your people, BTW?) for the Restoration.

    Hunter- This column sums up EVERYTHING I dealt with myself, back in 2008 in our local area republitard caucus, of which I wrote about here:

    I’m afraid the “pill of Paul” is too bitter for the vast hordes of illiterates to take, and so, we will (again) get the leader we deserve, instead of the one we wish for. I, for one, will vote Obama back in, rather than vote for ANYONE other than Rep. Ron Paul, for I believe he alone has the expertise, the intelligence, and the heart for America, that NONE of the other bastards, pimps, and ‘hos’ who are RINOS running for King, possess.

  5. Matt,

    Here’s what you said:

    “He’s there because of a deeply held conviction—a religious conviction—that he has a responsibility to lead America through this time of darkness. While he was being groomed for manhood and leadership, the rest of the candidates have spent their entire lives wallowing in and imbibing from the contemporary American sewer of decadence, egalitarianism, and tacky populist religiosity. . . .

    Mitt Romney is the only adult in the room because he’s the only man there who’s actually experienced an initiatic transition from childhood to manhood. He does tower over the others in competence and in having a transcendent purpose.”

    Yeah, but you left out the part about Mitt Romney being “groomed for manhood” by none other than George Romney, who was the guy who led Michigan (and Detroit in particular) straight into the egalitarian maw of the Dark Ages, who opposed Goldwater in 1964 because of his position on the Civil Rights Movement.

    In any case, I realize that you posted that video of Romney, but we have discussed the racial decline of Michigan here on several occasions, and George Romney’s role in the decline. That is why I posted a response to you.

    You seemed to be unaware that George Romney was an enemy of the White working class in Michigan.

  6. Fr. John,

    Next month, we are going to plunge into the racial and cultural decline of the United States. We are going to trace the root historical causes of what happened there. In spite of what WNs believe, it is not the same story as the racial decline of the South.

    The Southern story of racial and cultural decline is being the minority section and being dragged against our will into the “New Nation” on countless issues. There is such a long history of this that I am surprised more people here are not familiar with it.

    By 1860, blacks were citizens in 5 states in New England. They had voting rights there. There were integrated schools. The anti-miscegenation laws were being repealed. The Dred Scott decision, which ruled that blacks were not American citizens, was denounced in New England.

    Clearly, there something awfully wrong with the North even way back then, and that was the wellspring of the decline of America. It was also not the same story everywhere in the North either: free blacks were banned or heavily fined in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Oregon.

    Some of the Northern states were passing “personal liberty laws” though to keep the fugitive slaves in the North. They wanted them to stay there. It was considered morally outrageous for Southern slaveowners to take the runaway slaves back to the South.

    How is this to be explained? Was it the fault of the Jews? The vast majority of them didn’t arrive until decades later.

    When the Jews arrived in the North, the anti-miscegenation laws had been repealed in every Northern state with the exception of Indiana, and the Northern states had been through a mania of banning “racial discrimination” in the 1860s and 1870s. The 14th Amendment and 15th Amendment had been enshrined in the Constitution.

    So obviously, there was something seriously wrong with America, even before the Jews took over in some areas. The fact that they were able to rise to power in some many parts of the North (places like New York City) without even a shot being fired by the natives warrants an explanation.

    MacDonald’s Culture of Critique describes Jewish involvement in radical twentieth century social movements. He ignores Yankee involvement in radical nineteenth century social movements like abolitionism, temperance, “anti-imperialism,” women’s suffrage, the “civil rights movement,” “Transcendentalism,” etc.

    Who were the “Wide Awakes” in Wisconsin? Who founded The Nation and The New Republic? What was their ideology back then? How do we explain the fact that blacks are American citizens?

    In fact, the whole language of “civil rights” appears in Reconstruction. It appears because the Radical party (as it was known in the South at the time) forced the South to ratify new constitutions which disenfranchised ex-Confederates, which enfranchised blacks, and which repealed the black codes that were passed in 1866.

    That is where the “Civil Rights Movement” comes from: it comes from opposition to the black codes, which denied blacks “civil rights” like the right to vote, the right to testify against White people, the right to own property, and other individual rights that Whites took for granted at the time.

  7. Here’s what you said:

    Time out. The post was clearly constructed to first project how promising LDS has been in the past and how promising it could have been. After having built that up, I tore it down—completely. Naturally, relying on this stylistic pattern makes one vulnerable to people copy-pasting quotes from the first part of the article then prefacing the quotes with “Here’s what you said:” to serve up a virtual inversion of what I actually ended up saying.

    You seemed to be unaware that George Romney was an enemy of the White working class in Michigan.

    I wasn’t. Had I been unaware, I would have suggested that Romney could potentially be sympathetic with the more promising “Packerite” faction. His family history squarely puts him on the wrong side and that’s where I squarely put him. I squarely asserted that Romney was an enemy of not only the White working class in Michigan but Whites of every class in every state.

    Please don’t insult my intelligence by pleading that you were merely helping flesh out the 60’s gubernatorial backstory I didn’t happen to include. Had that been your motivation, you could have accomplished that without misrepresenting my post.

  8. “Transcendentalism, Unitarianism, and Mormonism were all symptoms of the collapse of Christianity in New England in the early nineteenth century. It represented a Yankee rejection of the Congregationalist Church.”

    More than that. It was a rejection of Calvinism, that offshoot of St Augustine’s White, (*) Western mind applying the constructs of Biblical Election and Predestination to the converts of Christendom, as the Church became the ‘official relgion’ of the Roman Empire, even as late as Auggie’s day, while the ‘Jews’ were disappearing even before their eyes – remember, this was BEFORE the Khazarian ‘Kosher’ Konversion (KKK) which now makes up the racial/national majority (94-98%) of all [sic] “Jews” out there, to this very day.

    * FYI-

    The rise of filioquism in the Papal church, very shortly after 1054AD, when Rome split from the other 4/5ths of Christendom, led to the positing of Man in the place of God as the ‘active’ Third Member of the Trinity. Rome said the Pope filled that vacancy, TYVM, and almost got away with us, except for an Augustinian monk, named…. Martin Luther. The Reformation’s major work, according to ‘Brother Martin’ was his ‘Bondage of the Will’ which is ALL about predestination.

    Calvinism (being that more strict Augustinian branch of the Reformed wing of Protestantism, deriving their theology from the pre-schism Church) kept this tendency toward self-deification submerged in Protestant minds- Calvinism doesn’t make men out to be much more than ‘unworthy sinners’ – until the move to the New World, the unlimited vistas of conquest, and the implementation of the heresies of the Enligtenment, all gave the ‘halfway covenant’ heirs to the Puritans and Pilgrims, the ideological ‘open door’ they needed to assume their own divinity, apart from the Calvinism of their forebears. They were just French Revolutionaries in spirit, even if they were wearing somber Puritan black… that’s all.

    At least Mormonism was honest enough, that it proclaimed that possibility of ‘evolution unto godhood,’ back in 1840. The Abolitionists merely preached ‘evolution unto humanity’ of the Negro until 1860, and only AFTER the Civil War, elevated their ‘messiah’ to ‘godhood’ status via Reconstruction… and then finally believed their own BS by the 1960’s… and the result is? … the Obamanation.

    It’s all of a piece, Hunter… all of a piece. Theological heresy precedes political heresy, every time. We need to restore the theological foundations of our White, European heritage (a restoration of Christendom, and orthodox Christianity) before we can go even one generation beyond secession…. or regionalization of the NFKAUSA (nation formerly known as the US of A).

  9. Matt,

    You first projected that Mitt Romney was the scion of this glorious Mormon leader named George Romney who had been raised from childhood to be a man and that he was the only man in the race unlike his buffoonish counterparts in the Tea Party. Nothing was said about how it was George Romney who presided over the destruction of Detroit in 1967.

    Then you go on about how Mormon polygamists are somehow “traditional” (i.e., by rejecting almost two thousand years of Christian theology) when it was actually a radical break with New England’s own religious tradition – the Congregationalist Church – which was under assault from Mormonism, Unitarianism, and Transcendentalism at the time, not to mention Catholic immigration to New England, and any number of other heresies like the Seventh Day Adventists and the “Perfectionism” of John Humphrey Noyles.

    In the course of the essay, you come around to the idea that the Protestant churches are subject to subversion. You quote Rene Guenon as some kind of arch-traditionalist when the man was born a French Catholic and progressed from there through Gnosticism, Freemasonry, Islam, and Hinduism.

    The idea that Mitt Romney is “the only adult in the room” is nothing more than typical Yankee arrogance. How in the world does that jive with the story of Bain Capital? Mitt Romney made a fortune destroying companies and exporting jobs overseas.

    Finally, I disagree that the Mormon Church represents “Radical Traditionalism” or the “American Tradition.” What exactly is this tradition? By what standard is Mormonism traditional?

    The Congregationalist Church was the Yankee tradition. Unitarianism and Mormonism were heresies. Transcendentalism was a heresy.

  10. I don’t care to hash out the basics of RadTrad philosophy with you.

    I commented here to offer what I believe is a correction to what I believe was a distortion.

    I’m a non-Southern White Nationalist with nothing relevant to add to a non-WN blog dedicated to “Outlaw conservatism in Black-Run America.”

  11. Well, that’s a really good KMac essay, but it is sadly not included in Culture of Critique. That’s too bad because the precipitous decline of the North happened in the nineteenth century, not the twentieth century.

    That essay on Transcendentalism could be a good jumping off point on why the North was brought to its knees by its own heresies and insane ideological fixations. We first ought to explore the question of how the Jews came to America and who let them into America.

    I’m not so sure either that “Darwinism” rose to power and vanquished the Yankee manias of the nineteenth century. Clearly, the manias had just shifted from abolitionism (now a done deal) and civil rights (also a done deal in the North) to the temperance movement and women’s suffrage. The great utopian crusades of Yankeedom in the early twentieth century were women’s suffrage and Prohibition.

    Millions of Negroid-Americans were moving to the Northern states at the time. In that entire period, there wasn’t a single anti-miscegenation law or Jim Crow law passed in the Northern states. Instead, the North contented itself with repeatedly banning “racial discrimination” and segregation.

  12. Matt,

    I don’t care to hash out the basics of RadTrad philosophy with you.

    Is there anything “traditional” about what is called “Radical Traditionalism”? What is this tradition? It is not Christianity, right?

    I commented here to offer what I believe is a correction to what I believe was a distortion.

    Well, that’s fine. I also dislike being misrepresented. It wasn’t my intention to misrepresent you. There have been elaborate discussions here lately about George Romney. That’s why I raised the issue.

    I’m a non-Southern White Nationalist with nothing relevant to add to a non-WN blog dedicated to “Outlaw conservatism in Black-Run America.”

    Admittedly, I have a different perspective.

    You are a White Nationalist. I consider myself a Southerner, a conservative, a secessionist, and an ethnonationalist. Dixie is my nation. It is the “White Man’s Country.”

    I’m fighting for the same ideal (i.e., the White Man’s Country) that generations of Southerners have fought for over the course of almost four hundred years. It has been called “the central theme of Southern history.” I see myself as a Southern traditionalist.

    Racial identity is part of Southern culture. It has been part of our culture since the founding of Charleston and Jamestown. BRA is something that we have overthrown here in the past.

    There is a historical marker not even a mile from where I grew up that explains how BRA was overthrown last time around. The system that we live under today is the same exact system that the Radical Republicans imposed upon us in 1867.

  13. Is there anything “traditional” about what is called “Radical Traditionalism”? What is this tradition? It is not Christianity, right?

    I am both a Radical Traditionalist and a Christian. Radical Traditionalism isn’t a religion, it’s a philosophical outlook, a collection of abstract principles, which informs my interpretation and implementation of my religious beliefs. As you noted, others have applied this same philosophical outlook to other religions.

    It’s neither a religion nor a substitute for a religion.

  14. To see what “BRA” is, look no further than South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana, which the Union Army put under the rule of Negroid-Americans in 1868. Those three states were unnaturally and artificially run for the benefit of black people.

    Again, BRA is the exact opposite of Southern tradition: in the Antebellum period, Negroid-Americans were slaves who labored on Southern plantations. The Negroid-Americans worked and created wealth that was redistributed to White people.

    In BRA, it is the White taxpayer who works to subsidize Negroid-Americans who live on the EBT card, Section 8 housing, and the TANF welfare check. The White taxpayer renounces his own identity and limits his family size to pay taxes to support public schools for Negroid-Americans.

    The Negroid-Americans get the public schools that are paid for by the White taxpayer. The White taxpayer has to move to an overpriced suburb and often times pay private tuition to raise a family.

  15. Is there anything “traditional” about what is called “Radical Traditionalism”?

    In the American context, the paradox is that our “traditions” are largely “anti-Traditional”. Capital-T Tradition is a perennial abstract ideal which transcends the historical context. Small-t tradition is a collection of habits a people have acquired. This can lead to confusion, as many of our historical “traditions” are deeply anti-Traditional…some of them quite obviously so and others not so obviously.

    Therein lies my distinction between a Traditionalist and a conservative. The former is a Restorationary radical who correctly identifies much of “tradition” as being as rancid as the more recent and obvious examples of degeneracy and decline. The latter is, by definition, a defender of a specific status quo. Some defend the contemporary status quo (neo-conservatives) while others defend an obsolete historical status quo.

    Your project appears decidedly small-t traditional, one of defending the antebellum South’s status quo. That’s not my project and it couldn’t be my project even if I wanted it to be, as I do not belong to the identity group for which that status quo would even be applicable if it could be resuscitated.

    Our projects are not incompatible or in conflict. Yours is simply irrelevant to me. The Southern Cause isn’t my cause. Best of luck with it.

  16. The South wouldn’t have created “BRA” in a million years. It only makes sense when you realize that it was imposed on Dixie by Washington. It was imposed on the South, not once, but twice, by the North.

    Why did the North feel compelled to create BRA? As MacDonald explains in the Transcendentalism essay, it is all about Yankee conformism, Yankee utopian idealism, and the Yankee desire to punish wicked sinners.

    Naturally, the Jews have gone along with this project. It is a matter of self interest. They also share the same agenda of “transforming the world” or “improving the world.”

    The election of Barack Hussein Obama – the bastard mulatto son of a Kenyan communist – must have been seen as the glorious triumph of this distinctly Yankee worldview.

    America had “transcended” its racial sins. It was purging itself of the sin of “racism.” America was being “transformed” into a non-White country. Society was conforming at least to the utopian delusion of a “colorblind society.”

    As Chris Matthews explains in that stupid MSNBC commercial, Barack Obama is the living proof of “American exceptionalism.” Lawrence O’Donnell has a show called “The Last Word.”

    It makes no sense at all until you realize that this is the natural outgrowth of the North’s own Yankee Puritan culture. It would never occur to Southerners to travel to Wisconsin or Massachusetts to impose our worldview on the people who live there and to force everyone there to conform to the mores of our culture.

    As for the Jews, they became the North’s elite through making money in the capitalist system. They rose to the top of the pecking order by being good capitalists, good liberals, and good democrats. That’s why the hostile takeover was interpreted as perfectly justified.

  17. Pastor Robert E. Miles, A White Racist of Michigan campaigned for George Romney? Strange—being a White Racist… Mitt Romney has the Northeast Establishment behind him. If he wins, nothing will change. Many years ago after 1978 I asked a Mormon–What about Inter-racial marriage and he said every race should marry in their own race. Then I questioned him about The Blacks in Priesthood and he said — we have a higher Priesthood Order? Baloney…. I like what Hunter is doing and I think he does a good job. I beleive the best solution is Truth From Who Is God–click Other Articles and look at bottom with Battle Ax News Articles. Talk about Victory and the Way — Thats it!

  18. Hey Hunter, does O.D. now receive funding from the Southern Baptist Church – and insists on a certain % of articles screaming that the Church of Latter Day Saints aren’t really “Christian”? Usually the big smear against the LDS/Mormons is that they were/are extremely White racists and banned Blacks from the LDS priesthood up until the 1970s and are still extremely White.

    With the Romney family George and Mitt politics (and there are lots of different Romneys – I know a bishop Romney from Southern California) they had/have to make lots and lots of comments to the media, public that “we’re not White racists anymore” and yeah, you’re not going to see any successful LDS political leaders being up front, in the face White racists – the congregations are still overwhelmingly White and surveys show them to be the most conservative church congregation including on issues of immigration.

    It’s just an unpleasant fact of life in America year 2011 that the tops of all tax exempt US churches including the Southern Baptists and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) say lots of anti White racist comments and renounce their church histories which were supposedly…


    I think it was James Edwards of the Political Cesspool who said that in the United States of America (year 2011) all White Americans are considered RACIST, doesn’t matter what region, what class, what church affiliation White Americans have – you/we will be tarred with this smear “RACIST” – we just have to get used to it and get tough.

    Don’t like Mitt Romney’s campaign – check out some of his extremely beautiful White daughters, White grand daughters – lots and lots of good looking White LDS folks and they have large White families.
    Looks very good to me.

  19. Matt,

    (1) Yankee traditions are “anti-traditional.” Surely, there are few things that are more untraditional than “gender equality,” or the “LGBT rights” movement, or now “Men’s Rights” which sounds like a mawkish plea for equality from aggrieved, victimized men.

    (2) “Capital Tradition” isn’t a tradition in any true sense of the word. It is yet another abstract ideology that was concocted by secular intellectuals.

    For that reason, it appeals to people who are accustomed to thinking of themselves in terms of abstractions, which is to say, to people who live in a liberal society like Yankees. “Traditional societies” are not based upon ideologies.

    (3) The difference between a “conservative” and a “Radical Traditionalist” is like the difference between a “conservative” and a “liberal” or a “communist.”

    The liberal or a libertarian is someone who subscribes to an abstract ideology. The conservative is someone who fundamentally rejects the notion that a human society can be based on something as flimsy as an utopian abstract ideology.

    A “conservative” is someone who looks to blood, soil, religion, history, and customs that are passed down from generation to generation to be the foundation of his society. That is why he becomes a “reactionary.” He opposes “revolutionaries” who desire to demolish the foundations of society because they are struck by some kind of fashionable radical ideology.

    (4) The Antebellum period is only one episode of Southern history. We haven’t discussed the Antebellum South here nearly as much as we have discussed the Reconstruction period.

    We have spent a lot of time on Reconstruction because we can look back at Reconstruction and see the roots of the present system which is nearly identical to what was imposed upon our ancestors in the 1860s and 1870s.

    (5) WNs can’t even answer the most elementary questions like “where” is the proposed “ethnostate” supposed to be and “what” ethnicity is to be the basis of this separatist project.

    The Germans and Serbs were fortunate enough not to have this problem: Germany and Serbia are the ethnostates, and to the extent there were other people living there (and there were quite a few at the time), they were forced to get out.

    Similarly, we can answer those questions: Dixie is the ethnostate, Southern Whites are the ethnicity, and the Hispanics, the Negroid-Americans, and the Yankees who want to practice “multiracial democracy” or BRA can find themselves somewhere else to live.

  20. Jack,

    Does anyone believe that Mormons are Christians? Aside from the Mormons themselves? Do the Orthodox believe that Mormons are Christians? What about the Catholics? Does the Pope believe that Mormons are Christians?

    I was under the impression that the Mormons have their own scriptures: the Book of Mormon. That’s like saying the Koran is scripture and Muslims are Christians or that Christians are Jews.

  21. Check this out:

    Like an Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor survey released earlier this summer, Pew found that whites comfortable with the demographic changes now underway express very different attitudes than those uneasy about it on President Obama, the role of government, and the choices in the 2012 election.

    Among the whites who find the increasing number of newcomers troubling, Obama’s approval rating in the new Pew survey stood at just 21 percent with 70 percent disapproving. The president runs much more strongly among whites comfortable with the changes: 45 percent of them approved, while 47 percent disapproved.


    The racial and ethnic diversity of Millennials and Generation X plays a role in these generational gaps. Overall, fully 95% of African-American voters, and 60% of Hispanic voters, say they would vote for Obama over Romney; both groups overwhelmingly supported Obama over McCain in 2008. The critical shift between 2008 and 2012 is among white voters, who tend to be older. Romney holds a 20-point lead over Obama among non-Hispanic white voters (58% to 38%). Whites favored McCain over Obama in 2008 by a 12-point margin (55% to 43%).

    Obama’s 24-point advantage over Romney among all Millennial voters disappears when looking just at white Millennial voters – he currently runs even with Romney among this group (49% each). In 2008, white Millennials voted for Obama over McCain by a 54% to 44% margin in 2008.

    Similarly, while Obama and Romney are virtually tied among all Generation X voters, Romney has a sizable 24-point lead over Obama among white Xers. That margin is comparable to Romney’s lead over Obama among older generations of white voters.

  23. Age and race are factors in the positive opinion of Obama among Millennials. Non-whites generally are much more approving of Obama’s job performance than are whites and Millennials are by far the most racially and ethnically diverse age cohort. In addition, white Millennials have less negative views of Obama than do older whites.

    Currently, 39% of white Millennials approve of Obama’s job performance while 47% disapprove. Among whites in older age cohorts, comparable percentages approve of Obama’s job performance but more disapprove. Roughly six-in-ten white Gen Xers (60%), Boomers (61%) and Silents (62%) disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job as president.

    White Millennials also are less likely to strongly disapprove of Obama’s job performance: 30% of white Millennials very strongly disapprove, compared with 43% of white Gen Xers, 48% of white Boomers and 52% of white Silents. Nonetheless, among Millennials and the older cohorts, more whites strongly disapprove than strongly approve of the way Obama is handling his job.

    There is little difference in views of Obama among non-white Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers. About six-in-ten or more in all three cohorts approve of his job performance. And substantially more in each age cohort strongly approve than disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job. Among the predominantly white Silents, there are too few non-whites to analyze.

  24. Among non-Hispanic white Millennials, 28% say the growing population of immigrants has been a change for the better; this is not significantly different from the 21% of non-Hispanic white Silents who say the same.

  25. something as flimsy as an utopian abstract ideology

    Such as the abstract First Amendment you are now enjoying?

    How about the “abstract” Bill of Rights?

    How about the “abstract” Magna Carta?

    Some abstractions entail a break with reality- some don’t. Don’t throw out the babe with the bathwater.

  26. Hey Hunter……

    J-E-S-U-S wants you to stop hating on perfectly healthy White folks in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints… or hating on White Indo European Catholics! We all have stupid, mixed up relatives and ancestors that fell down in to White vs White theological hair splitting nonsense, feuds/wars – all over some interpretation of the Jewish Old Testament Bible – what’s everyone’s official church position on the exact day, year that God – Jehovah parted the Red Sea to allow THE JEWS – God’s Chosen People to walk across the bottom of the Red Sea and bring down the waves on the Egyptians (who were not God’s chosen people)?


    Hunter, I know that you are a proud Southerner from the great state of Alabama (and that is something to be very proud of) – but sometimes our people do stupid, hateful things to some other branch of our people (White Indo European Americans).

    Check out the true story of Father James Coyle, a Roman Catholic priest, who was assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in Birmingham, Alabama, on August 11, 1921. Or study all the ridiculous religious prejudice surrounding the 1960 Presidential election where Southern Protestants were obsessed with the idea that John F Kennedy and the Kennedy family were secretly working to make America a Catholic nation and have some secret tunnel from the Vatican to the White House with an anti Christ Pope as America’s dictator!

    Looking back on things, I think it is safe to say that the Kennedy family hasn’t tried to force Catholicism or any form of Christianity on the United States of America – though they have forced about 100 million non White 3rd world immigrants/invaders.

    Whenever you feel depressed about the racial crime, chaos and cultural marxism attacking all White Indo Europeans everywhere in the world (regardless of the church affiliation) take a step back, take a deep breath and go out in to your local area and be nice to some other White folks who are from a slightly different background.

    Kindness means loving our own White kind.

    14 words

  27. Wasn’t Matt Perot one of the original founders and/or frequent contributors to this site? You guys should bury the hatchet, we’re all on the same side here. Matt’s done a lot of awesome stuff, I still remember the video he posted of him giving a talk in a the university square somewhere. Impressive.

    Matt’s comments about not being Southern ring true for many of us. One doesn’t need to be Italian to learn Roman history And of course Southern history is much more important to understanding what’s going on in the whole USA/BRA today. So I find this a great site with it’s current focus. I’m a history fan, and some of the topics recently discussed are fascinating, because it has been hidden for so long.

    Matt is right that only Romney appears remotely like a leader among the current GOP front runners. This despite him being a Yankee, RINO, Mormon and flip-flopper. It’s certainly reasonable to find him without enough compelling virtues to support because of all that. But it’s pretty hard to look at Hermain Cain or Rick Perry and think: President. At least for me, and I suspect a whole lot of other Americans.

    It’s true that the Pacific Northwest doesn’t have a history of being White Man’s Coutry, nor does Indiana or Michigan. But at least some people can easily answer your questions: ““where” is the proposed “ethnostate” supposed to be and “what” ethnicity is to be the basis of this separatist project.” While I’m not a supporter of Covington, he did fully elucidate the answers to these questions in deatil in his writings and podcasts. You’ve done a good job of explaining why his plan isn’t feasible, but you still can’t fault him for not having put down his markers.

    In a later response I will write some about Mitt’s dad and the Detroit Riots of ’67. I’m not sure he deserves the rap you are trying to lay on him here.

  28. To Jack Ryan: I agree with you. There is good White Mormons. We should not go at each other. But, I also agree with most things that Hunter says. The only thing I can say is check out on google search TRUTH FROM GOD.COM WHO IS GOD and click OTHER ARTICLES and look at all the Battle Ax articles! Fantastic info ! Please dont get mad at me advertising it – I am only trying to show something that is powerful!

  29. Jackson writes:
    “In a later response I will write some about Mitt’s dad and the Detroit Riots of ’67. I’m not sure he deserves the rap you are trying to lay on him here.”

    JR replies:

    I look forward to your commentary on this. My take on Detroit ’68 is that it takes a very unique White leader – governor, mayor, police chief who can handle, put down a full fledged Black urban riot. Detroit and MI didn’t have such a tough White leader then, and we lost Detroit. Certain really tough White guys like Philly police chief/mayor Frank Rizzo did the job then – and did it with great style.

    Here’s a video of a tough Philly Italian White guy Frank Rizzo – his adverts running for mayor of Philly to clean up, take back the city (implicit White racial appeal to take back the city from a Black mayor Wilson Good):

    Also, here’s an account of Police Chief Frank Rizzo taking personal charge of a Black insurrection in Philly ’67.

    “On November 17, 1967, 3,500 students walked out of their classes and marched to the Board of Education to present their demands. The students called for the teaching of African American history, the right to wear African dress and the renaming of several predominantly Black high schools after African Americans who have contributed to our history.

    They were met by what many observers later characterized as a police riot.
    Assembling peacefully at the Board of Education headquarters at 21st and the Parkway, the students were confronted by two busloads of police, led by then Commissioner Frank Rizzo. Participants reported that Rizzo led the charge, telling his troops to “get their Black asses.”

    The result was that 22 people were seriously injured and 57 were arrested. The police acted on the initiative of Rizzo, whereas the reform-minded superintendent, Dr. Mark Shedd, reportedly favored negotiations with the students.

  30. I don’t have a problem with Matt.

    The only reason that I responded to Matt is because of the recent posts about George Romney who we have discussed several times here lately. It was really just another occasion to point out what a piece of shit that guy was.

  31. “Mitt Romney’s father presided over the catastrophic 12th Street Riot in Detroit. ”

    Romney was the Governor, not the mayor of Detroit. He didn’t oversee the Detroit Police, or appoint the police chief. He wasn’t involved in the response to the riot, other than to approve the use of the National Guard, and when that didn’t work to ask LBJ for regular Army troops. Detroit, perhaps alone American cities since the end of the Civil War era, has seen the regular Army deployed in it’s streets.

    The proximate cause of the riot was a DPD raid on a after-hours club, or in the lingo of the era, a “blind pig”. The blind pig was located in the heart of the black ghetto area. There was a party going on for two negro soldiers who had just returned from Vietnam. There were over 100 people in a club that could comfortably hold 40. The club patrons were unhappy with being told to go home, and the police were quickly out-numbered and in hostile territory.

    The riot began on a Sunday night. There were not a lot of police on duty, and it took a long time to get more to the scene. By then it was out of control. On Monday the mayor asked for, and received backup from the Michigan State Police and National Guard.

    There were weird political maneuvering going on:

    As the historian Sidney Fine details in Violence in the Model City, partisan political issues complicated decisions, as is common in crisis. George Romney was expected to run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1968, and President Johnson, a Democrat, did not want to commit troops solely on Romney’s direction.[6] Added to this was Mayor Jerome Cavanagh’s own political and personal clash with Romney. Cavanagh, an Irish Catholic Democrat, was initially reluctant to ask Romney, a Mormon Republican, for assistance

    So, from what I see Romney did the right thing. He provided State Police and National Guard in a timely manner, and he fought to bring in the US Army when it was clear that the police and Guard were not getting the job done.

    LBJ’s insistence that Romney declare an “insurrection” might have been technically and legally correct, however it had a devastating effect on Detroit. Because almost all insurance policies have a “civil insurrection” clause most of the looted and arsoned building owners were never compensated by their insurance comanies. Many blocks that were burnt down in 1967 are empty to this day. (The forest is slowly regaining parts of Detroit.)


    Shortly before midnight on Monday, July 24, President Johnson authorized use of Federal troops in compliance with the Insurrection Act of 1807, which authorizes the President to call in armed forces to fight an insurrection in any state against the government.[12] This gave Detroit the distinction of being the only domestic American city to have been occupied by Federal troops three times. The 82nd Airborne had earlier been positioned at nearby Selfridge Air Force Base in suburban Macomb County, along with National Guard troops who were federalized at that time. Starting at 1:30 on Tuesday, July 25, some 8,000 National Guardsmen were deployed to quell the disorder. Later their number would be augmented with 4,700 paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne, and 360 Michigan State Police.


    July 26–27Some analysts believed that violence escalated with the deployment of troops, although they brought rioting under control within 48 hours. Most of the Michigan National Guard were white, while many of the Army troops were black. As a result, the National Guard troops faced more hostility when deployed to the inner city. The National Guard and the Army troops engaged in firefights with locals, resulting in deaths to both locals and the troops. Of the 12 people shot and killed by troops, only one was by a Federal soldier; the Army troops were ordered not to load their weapons except under the direct order of an officer. The Cyrus Vance report made afterward criticized the actions of the National Guard troops, who shot and killed eleven people. [15]

    Tanks[16] and machine guns[17] were used in the effort to keep the peace. Film footage and photos that were viewed internationally showed a city on fire, with tanks and combat troops in firefights in the streets.

    In comparison while the LA riots had a slightly higher official death toll but didn’t feature full on small unit combat, as the Detroit riots did. In the end there were 43 dead, 7200 arrested and 2000 buildings destroyed. (Comparable figures for LA riots: 53 dead, 2000+ arrested, 1100 buildings destroyed)

    In the LA riots, the Governor certainly could be faulted. “The California National Guard, which had been advised not to expect civil disturbance, responded quickly by calling up about 2,000 soldiers, but could not get them to the city until nearly 24 hours had passed because of a lack of proper equipment, training, and available ammunition which had to be picked up from Camp Roberts, California (near Paso Robles).”

    I’m not sure what else Romney could have done. He seems to have acted quickly to put every resource in his control into the city, and to have (rightly) asked for more early on from LBJ.

    In contrast Romney’s National Guard got there quickly and were equipped to do the job. Of the 12 rioters killed by the military the overwhelmingly white Michigan National Guard killed 11, the integrated Army units only 1.

  32. Writing an article on this later. Welcome to “the collapse” of Birmingham.

    Alabama Governor Fails to Prevent County’s Record $4 Billion Bankruptcy Filing

    Last-ditch efforts by the governor of Alabama to prevent a record-breaking municipal bankruptcy in his state broke down on Wednesday, as the Jefferson County Commission voted 4 to 1 to declare bankruptcy on roughly $4 billion of debt.

    After the vote, lawyers for the county filed a Chapter 9 petition in federal bankruptcy court in Birmingham, Ala., according to one of the lawyers.

    At $4 billion, Jefferson County’s bankruptcy eclipses the $1.7 billion bankruptcy filing by Orange County, Calif., in December 1994, the previous record. Jefferson County’s debt grew out of poorly conceived efforts to finance a court-ordered rebuilding of its decrepit sewer system. The county used a complicated combination of debt instruments and derivatives that was supposed to save money, but it failed in 2008, leaving it with more debt than it could repay.

  33. Thank you Jackson for that very concise account of the Detroit Black riot – all should note that the justification for this mass rioting and looting was the police trying to just close down a loud, rowdy party at an unlicensed drinking club – wow, such a noble cause for revolution!

    Sounds like Gov. Romney did most all he could do after things got out of control and Detroit was hardly ever his city – as Romney was a Republican Governor in a overwhelmingly Democrat city.

    Mr. Jackson – could you do a little more research and see if Gov. Romney ever went along with any of the PC nonsense of the “Kerner Commission” which attempted to assign typical, idiot Black/liberal “root causes” for the Detroit riots – say that rioters were protesting racism, lack of affordable housing, health care, (supervision of unlicensed drinking clubs where Blacks can get wasted, act like low life N*$(#@ at 3 AM)?

  34. Hunter- your response to Mr. Parrot the party line, that began:

    “Matt, (1) Yankee traditions are “anti-traditional.” was perfect.

    As a Catholic (but not Roman) priest, the ‘big T’ Tradition was outlined in this post when you said, “A “conservative” is someone who looks to blood, soil, religion, history, and customs that are passed down from generation to generation to be the foundation of his society. That is why he becomes a “reactionary.” He opposes “revolutionaries” who desire to demolish the foundations of society because they are struck by some kind of fashionable radical ideology.”

    I would add that the Traditions of the Chuch are that extra bulwark that historically have held all the other traditions like the ‘glue’ holds the pages of a book together.

    Next, your reply to Jack, who for some bizarre reason (he is LDS?) seems to be very upset over stating the facts- Mormons are polytheistic heretics, whose ‘gospel’ is a fraudulent mess of contradictions, overt theft, and little more than Masonry applied with a trowel. From a decidedly ‘evangelical’ *but Yankee- i.e., miscegenation is ‘ok’ mindset, see for Mormon facts.

    You wrote: “I was under the impression that the Mormons have their own scriptures: the Book of Mormon. That’s like saying the Koran is scripture and Muslims are Christians or that Christians are Jews.”

    But that is EXACTLY what is going on, at least the latter, esp. vis a vis the RC’s. I wrote a 20-something post about the heresy of Judaism masquerading as a ‘helper’ to Catholic Christianity, a few years ago. Go to my site, and type in the search engine, ‘The Church above the Deicides,’ and you’ll get the first 12 posts, which I have been periodically re-posting this year. One can begin with this post-

    You wish to disassociate yourself from blaming Jews as THE scapegoat of [American] history- yes, perhaps the Yankees already spat on their patrimony way before the Jews ever entered the picture in the late 1880’s. But, as KMcD has shown, they now are almost the WHOLE Picture, so we have to lump them in along with the Transcendentalists, and the LDS’er’s and the Millerites, Eddyites, etc. and say- ‘They are ALL Satan’s ‘minions.’ And all equally worthy of exposure, denunciation, and disempowerment.

    Like Barack.

  35. No fan of Romney here, but it’s entirely possible that he’s the only man in the race. Doesn’t mean he’s a good man, but compared to adolescents like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he does seem to be an adult. Won’t get my vote anyway.

  36. Book recommendation: “The New Radicalism in America, 1889-1963: The Intellectual as a Social Type”, by Christopher Lasch. Lasch was a leftist, but as far as I could see, an honest one, with an actual concern for the working class.

  37. Jack Ryan- “Or study all the ridiculous religious prejudice surrounding the 1960 Presidential election where Southern Protestants were obsessed with the idea that John F Kennedy and the Kennedy family were secretly working to make America a Catholic nation and have some secret tunnel from the Vatican to the White House with an anti Christ Pope as America’s dictator!”

    Yeah, but the ‘OTHER Kennedy’ Teddy the Drunk and Murderer was behind the Celler (Jewish) and Humphrey (Yankee) Immigration Reform Act of 1965, that they ‘said’ would NOT change the Ethnic makeup of this nation.

    Guess what? IT DID.

    All because of some GD Irish drunk RC who thought he was as good as the Cavalier Prots who gave us this land- and I can say that, as my mother’s side of the family were Irish RC’s. Some are good and some are bad, but the baddest of them all, are the ‘Tammany Hall’ Catholics, like your dear departed Kennedys- cursed from stem to stern, for what they did to America.

    Do like I did. Take responsibility for your racial and cultural heritage for a Change, and realize that Hunter is speaking Truth to Power, for all of us. And then, maybe we could see the common enemy in the room.

  38. I don’t think we need to worry about Romney because there are fifty million Evangelicals who are unlikely to cast their vote for a Mormon. He’s also a “recylable” from the last election as is Ron Paul who has ran several times in the past and never picks up any steam. Same with Newt Gingrich. Forget Herman Cain, if there ever was an unelectable candidate, it’s him. The presidential nominee is going to come from the leftovers and I admit it’s a sorry lot to choose from. Of course, we haven’t heard much about Gary Johnson or Jon Huntsman. I don’t know their stand on the issues but maybe something good will come out of these unknowns.

  39. Romney is manna from heaven. His nomination will split the GOPsters wide open with someone rightward, probably Ron Paul, going 3P. That’ll deliver the Electoral College to Obama, even if he loses 55-60% of the popular vote. Existential political crisis + economic collapse = Civil War II. But: the New Confederate flag is going to have a lot more stars on it than the last one.

  40. Jackson,

    George Romney did everything in his power to promote the Civil Rights Movement. This includes marching around Detroit with negroes and welcoming MLK to Michigan to prove how tolerant he was. Then it backfired in the 1967 riots.

  41. Fr. John: That book you cited in your reference to the UTLM website was written by Tricia Erickson, an ex-Mormon who repeatedly and deliberately attacks and lies about the LDS Church. Further contaminating her integrity is the fact that she was outed as a professional scam artist who was forced to settle a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in 1999. Another blogger provides the necessary information about Erickson, with links:

  42. Strictly speaking Romney is not eligible for the presidency either, as both parents need to be natural born citizens, i.e born in the USA.

  43. crowley,

    That is an exceptionally strict interpretation of the clause in question, one which wouldn’t hold water in any court. Besides (as I found out after being called out), George was born in the US to natural-born citizens. He did spend his youth in Mexico, but all the involved parties retained their US citizenship and there’s not a coherent Romney Birther case.

  44. Correction to a correction: He was born overseas to US citizen parents, in a case similar to McCain’s. As such, I suppose there’s sort of something to grasp at there, but it would certainly be grasping.

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