Victor Davis Hanson’s Vandalized Valley

Victor Davis Hanson reports from barbarian America


Victor Davis Hanson reports from the frontlines of barbarism in Mexifornia. This is the dystopian world where the American ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy have been taken to their logical conclusion:

“In a small town two miles away, the thefts now sound like something out of Edward Gibbon’s bleaker chapters — or maybe George Miller’s Road Warrior, or the Hughes brothers’ more recent The Book of Eli. Hundreds of bronze commemorative plaques were ripped off my town’s public buildings (and with them all record of our ancestors’ public-spiritedness). I guess that is our version of Trotskyization.

The Catholic church was just looted (again) of its bronze and silver icons. Manhole covers are missing (some of the town’s own maintenance staff were arrested for this theft, no less!). The Little League clubhouse was ransacked of its equipment.

In short, all the stuff of civilization — municipal buildings, education, religion, transportation, recreation — seems under assault in the last year by the contemporary forces of barbarism. After several thefts of mail, I ordered a fortified, armored mailbox. I was ecstatic when I saw the fabricator’s Internet ad: On the video, someone with an AK-47 emptied a clip into it; the mail inside was untouched. I gleefully said to myself: “That’s the one for me.” And it has been so far.”

The copper thieves actually sounds like Wayne Karp and the salvage economy is James Howard Kunstler’s novel World Made By Hand. For those who missed that 2008 book about the “not so distant future,” I am referring to this passage:

“In a world that had become a salvage operation, the general supply evolved into Union Grove’s leading industry. When every last useful thing in town had been stripped from the Kmart and the United Auto, the CVS drugstore, and other trading establishments of the bygone national chain store economy, daily life became a perpetual flea market centered on the old town dump which had been capped over in the 1990s. The general was at first a public cooperative, under the illusion that the ongoing catastrophes would ebb and normality would return. But the flu and the bombing of Washington put an end to that illusion, and the generally eventually came under the management of Wayne Karp and his gang of former motorheads.”

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  1. As bad as the Black Undertow is the Hispanic Undertow will totally eclipse it in a few more decades. As described above it’s already taking place in CA.

    When Hispanics become the majority, rest assured, they will take care of BRA. As We continue to disappear there will be fewer and fewer “free” goodies for them to compete for. Add to that that these two groups have no love for each other now.

    BRA will become HRA but will become be a moot point for Us.

  2. Nothing like Roman Catholics looting their own churches—just like in Latin America.

    Don’t forget after the Latinos go to Roman Catholic “Confession” all is forgiven by the priest.

  3. Hanson still can’t bring himself to make a full throated denunciation of the Brown Undertow. To do so would undoubtedly result in his dismissal and exile from Rich Lowry’s National Review.

  4. This sounds identical to Congo in the 1960s and South Africa in the 2000s. The emergence of a salvage economy seems to always follow egalitarian inspired economic collapse. See also Detroit where the Black Undertow is cannibalizing the public infrastructure for copper.

  5. Hanson has spent a lot of time playing the Jew’s flute in the National Review and elsewhere. Will the Jews do anything to help save California from the Mexican etc. invasion. I seriously doubt it. Plus, legal immigration is almost as problematic, and in some ways more so.

  6. “. . .Hanson still can’t bring himself to make a full throated denunciation of the Brown Undertow. . .”

    He does say this much- would NR allow more?

    There is, of course, a vague code of silence about who is doing the stealing, although occasionally the most flagrant offenders are caught either by sheriffs or on tape; or, in my typical case, run off only to return successfully at night. In the vast majority of cases, rural central California is being vandalized by gangs of young Mexican nationals or Mexican-Americans — in the latter case, a criminal subset of an otherwise largely successful and increasingly integrated and assimilated near majority of the state’s population. Everyone knows it; everyone keeps quiet about it — even though increasingly the victims are the established local Mexican-American middle class that now runs the city councils of most rural towns and must deal with the costs.

  7. Barbarism lol. That’s exactly what it is.

    I feel like a Roman in the third century, as he watches the effete Roman ruling class, slowly but surely, giving the empire away to one barbarian after another, giving them citizenship, appointing barbarians to positions of power, creating “barbarian caesars” out of thin air, etc.

    Hundreds of years from now history books will remember Barack Obama as the first “barbarian Caesar” of the Yankee Empire.

  8. Davis Hanson absolutely hates the South. His ‘Carnage and Culture’ had the nerve to lukewarmly admit that the South might actually be just a little teensy weensy bit of Western civilization. He and his ilk have always believed in equality and ‘liberty and justice for all’ and now that ‘liberty’ is turning his home into a third world nightmare I can’t honestly say I care. California is not my country.

  9. Oh these are glorious times my friends, yep the times do suck but once we shed the notion that our enemies have any moral superiority we can create our own lives.

    Ironically a black man directed the movie that most inspires me at the moment Antoine Fuqua’s “King Arthur.”

    BRA lasts fifteen minutes once it loses its protective “shield” and that shield is pierced by not the endless recital of “facts” it is by challenging it at its philosophical roots.

    Aaah screw it, give me some crime stats, jewnamen, run away to the hills entertainment along with a sixer of BUD. I let Kuntlser know that a viscous rightist name dropped his book.

  10. The North drank from the poisoned chalice of abolition and racial equality when it waged war against the Confederacy. It made the same mistake in the Second World War against Germany. Now it is dying at the hands of its own radical doctrines.

    The South also participated in the Second World War. I will say unequivocally that war was a mistake. We also lost that war. With the benefit of hindsight, the turning points are obvious.

  11. Hunter, I have always said that American intervention in the First World War sealed our doom. Without it, the Germans reach some kind of negotiated peace and Bolshevist Russian perhaps never comes to be or is at least contained by a triumphant Germany. Hitler remains a failed artist and the entire calamity of the Second World War never happens. Counterfactuals are ridiculous and can never be proven one way or the other but here is an idea for you: what would an independent Richmond government look like in 1898? 1914? 1939?

    This could be great fun for you to write and explore upon.

  12. “Don’t forget after the Latinos go to Roman Catholic “Confession” all is forgiven by the priest.”

    Earlmundo, your ‘Romeaphobia’ is as vulgar, as your sentiments are helpful. While not a Romanist, I can tell you that an insincere confession (in which one is not sincerely sorry, and willing to repent) is no confession at all in Roman Theology, and grace is withheld from such spurious ‘confessions.’

    Unlike the claims of the Baptist hinterland and their innumerable ‘altar calls.’
    Tit for tat, Earl. Tit for tat.

  13. Hunter – does no one else see the escalating NEED for Shari’a in this country, and how it is going to be argued for, rather than against, come the time when it is necessary?

    If the Anglo-Saxon Law Tradition doesn’t argue for immediate dismemberment of a hand for crimes such as this (as they used to do in medieval Europe) i.e., ‘an eye for an eye’ and restitution above all, will we not almost precipitously descend into the sort of state where we can say, “Well, yes, AMerican legal structures couldn’t deal with this, so we either adopt a) Shari’a, or b) Martial Law?

    Isn’t this all a game to destroy all Ten Amendments, as well as all Ten Commandments? And why is no one mentioning this in mags like National Review, Oxford Review, etc.? I want to scream….. it appears so clearly obvious.

  14. Have been watching CNN. What Jack Ryan says about CNN is true. They are attacking Ron Paul because he is Number One in Iowa! They are supposely attacking him for his 80s and 90s Ron Paul Newsletters for making Racist statements. What the hell! The statements are true! Ron Paul should not deny it. Whats wrong with being a White Man! These Liberal Terds are ass holes! Look at the Kennedys, these elite bastards never lived in a Black Neighborhood. Their Kids went to private schools—they are a bunch of hypocrite lying bastards! The Elite Basdtards have there own exclusive places. They STINK! I like the Black Muslims, they dont want to mix, dont curse and take drugs. The Blacks that want their own country I say good for them! If you talk to older Blacks they will tell you how they had their own stores, dentist, businesses—when intergration came they lost them! The NWO Khazar Elite with their ball licking lacket traitor whites can go to hell! As far as Vandalized Valley, heck , the the entire USA is Vandalized!

  15. Earlmundo I say screw you! My catholic forebears were fighting in the Condederate Army when yours were doing what? Agitating as Protestant abolitionists? Yeah we go to confession..not like what does that prove? All whites need to stick together. At least the Catholic church, much as I despise the bishops, doesn’t yet ordain queer bishops like your Anglicans

  16. Great insights into the HRA in my home state. It’s way worse than Hanson depicts.

    Meanwhile, amid commenting on the fall of the “republic”, how about some of you passing around this link to family, friends and sites where you want to stir up the Kwans and cause some of that “Change” thing:

  17. @ Hunter

    Even more so than WWII, was the American entry into WWI—no reason for it at all.

    Georgia’s US Senator Tom Watson was probably the most outspoken opponent of American entry into WWI. Even though his publications were denied use of the US Mail, Watson persisted in his opposition to WWI. Wilson knew that if he prosecuted Watson he would have major political opposition not only in the South, but, across the nation too.

    @Hadenuf, Look sonny there were so few Catholics in the Confederate army, they could have held a meeting in an outhouse. The Union Army had entire corps of Roman Catholics. I’m not calling you a liar or a whore, but, that’s what I’m thinking boy.

    Why is it all of your Roman Catholic politicians vote for gay rights? Because of your perverted priesthood?

    My Confederate ancestors were all Protestants, I have never met a Roman Catholic with Confederate ancestors—not even from Maryland, and I’m fairly familiar with Maryland.

    You just don’t find Catholics with that kind of ancestry in America unless someone converted to Roman Catholicism.

  18. @ AlmostMusicPHD

    You can tell all the lies you want to your Roman Catholic priest. For me Jesus Christ paid for my sins on the Cross, for which I am eternally grateful, or try to be, to the best of my ability as a human being.

  19. Brown Undertow = The Mexcrement at least that’s what we call it here in the barrio that is N San Diego county.

  20. A lot of whites – especially lib prog whites living in majority white cities and neighborhoods – view the hispanicization of the country through rose colored glasses. You hear a lot of weepy “multiculturalism makes us stronger” and a lot of touting of hispanic music and food.

    Unfortunately, not enough of these white fools ever travel south of the border to see what day to day life in a hispanic society is like. And those that do, are somehow incapable of making the connection that as the US fills up with hispanics, the US will look more and more like a hispanic country.

    Thus, thanks to the pro-business libertarians and their lib prog multicult enablers, we’re about to conduct a new phase in the American Experiment called “importing hispanics turned the US into a hispanic shithole, and for some strange reason, many were surprised.”

  21. All the Ball Sports suck! They glorify the Black Sport Players! To be Glorified you have to be Black or mud—no Whites allowed for Glorification unless they are Homo are a White Race hater. Football is like a religion. Most Sickos, all they care about is a monkey running the ball or making a touchdown and drinking beer and pepsi , eating potatoe chips watching TV JEWDEO SPORTS! This is the same with Soccer. Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance on his Joom Articles had a good write up about Beaner Soccer and its traits. Notice how on CNN they put all the crap about Soccer Players saying racist statements and being fined. Jimmy The Greek was right about the Black Sports figures. They were breed that way on the Plantations—the Strongest Bucks were given the strongest Nannys to produce bigger stronger slave workers. No matter what they did to Jimmy the Greek, The Sports Commentator—-he was Right! Who cares about Nigger ball anyway like Russ says of North Carolina. It does nothing to help us money wise or our families. Sports today is all a NWO SHAM! Of course CNN wont talk about the Black Heavyweight Boxers who have held the titles in Russia for 11 or 12 years. Not a word they say—but let one the White Boxer get beat by a Mud and they Glorify it! Kenny Roberts the Motor Cycle Racer was great, but they never mentioned him. This BRA, NOW Agenda crap sucks! TO HELL WITH NIGGER BALL! Oh they got TALENT, yeah like TIE NIGGER WOODS!, Right, bull crap, let a White Be Great and the NEWS MEDIA says nothing about them. Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and the rest of the ball Sports Suck——Does nothing to help our Race….Judeo Sports Sucks! So all you idiots keep going the the Baseball Games and Superbowls while our Race is being Genocided off the earth! Oh the Black Monkey Jungle Bunnies are so great! Bull Crap May the day of Reckoning Come Soon!

  22. The thing that I can NOT understand, about the Greedy Kosher Overlords, and their psychotic Race Traitor Shabbos Goy Whites factotums, is that it ought to be ovious by now that Brown and Black will not EVER replace White. If they want a plush, functioning sopcieity – they need White.

    I guess the Talmudic hatred for White over-rules everything.

  23. Mr. Pitts, you should not make your limited personal experience a touchstone for historical reality. Someone reading your comments would never guess that the unofficial poet laureate of the South in the war was a Father Abram Ryan, a Confederate Catholic chaplain from Knoxville, whose brother died fighting in the Southern army. His most famous poem is the “The Conquered Banner” on the Confederate flag. This poem and others were so popular in the South that he was invited to read his poem “The Sword of Robert Lee” at the unveiling of Lee’s memorial statue at Washington and Lee College. A stained glass window honors Ryan in the Confederate Memorial Hall in New Orleans.

  24. Denise, the “Greedy Kosher Overlords” are driven by NOTHING but hatred and resentment of White People and ANYTHING White People have produced. They have not a shred of love or compassion for the non White hoards unleashed on us. Blacks and Browns are simply a means to an end, OUR end. The Jewish resentment and hatred for Us blinds them to the obvious point you make. Perhaps they would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven?

    What’s far more troubling is all the non Jewish help they get, “Shabbos Goy” Whites gleefully participating in their OWN GENOCIDE. The Jewish wet dream of Our Genocide would not be possible without White anti-White complicity. These White race traitors deserve our ire and contempt more than anyone else.

    It is no accident Dante put traitors into the lowest depths of hell.

  25. Roman Catholics are in denial that those millions of Mexicans etc. invading our country are their co-religionists, and being aided & comforted by their Roman Catholic politicians & their Roman Catholic church.

    There have been numerous conversions to Roman Catholicism since 1865, one or two of you may have a Confederate ancestor. But, your Confederate ancestor was a Protestant! Not a Roman Catholic.

    This Roman Catholic Confederate thing, is like the Rainbow or Black Confederate thing, highly exaggerated.

  26. now that ‘liberty’ is turning his home into a third world nightmare I can’t honestly say I care. California is not my country….”

    White Immigrants from California and New York should probably not be allowed to vote again for at least 4 generations. On thought reform and re-education, maybe Trotsky did have a few points.

  27. Hunter: You need to check out Rosewood, Florida is who is behind this and pushing it. There was a Representive Mud in Miami who was pushing for compensation for this. Any comments opf ROSEWOOD, FLORIDA???????

  28. @ Williams “….Mr. Pitts, you should not make your limited personal experience a touchstone for historical reality. Someone reading your comments would never guess that the unofficial poet laureate of the South in the war was a Father Abram Ryan…”

    Why do catholics, categorically, call someone stupid as a part of all their responses? I tried to say something on another blog, quite reasonable, and got the same thing, “limited experience,” blah blah.

    This is NOT a communist air space— (where xenophobia is the biggest cut down in the universe).

    The seeming Marxist indoctrination aside— you have to admit you’re probably only “Southern” b/c it’s become really cool for catholics to claim that, lately.

    This is right in line with Buchanan “coming out” as having ‘confederate ancestry’ (no idea which army), movies —following up on the whole Era of pro-Roman movies, showing how the Jesuits always SAVED poor indigenous people in S. America, fighting so grandly for them, (Robert DeNiro was in a lot of those), or the endless pro-IRA movies, with Daniel Day Lewis, Liam Nissen, (sp), Aiden Quinn, etc, etc.

    There is nobody “jewish” HOllywood has LOVED more than the IRA and the Jesuits in South America (endlessly saving brown people that they were actually enslaving).

    NOW— is the “New South” (where all the people from Detroit, Chicago, NYC, New Jersey, etc, etc,) are making colonies (from land devalued by use of the Legal System, such as the Tobacco Acts)— and LMAO!!– have suddenly realized that their little kids are now “southerners” and subject to the same treatment that their own movies gave the other “southerns.”

    NOW— is the whole Revisionist machine. To listen to RCC, you’d think no protestant EVER LIVED in the American South.

    Didn’t you see the Conspirator!

    Vatican II oversaw the entire 60s. “The Puritans made us do it!” is the most contemptible piece of propaganda out there, and it is not going to wash.

    This erasure of reality —this selective self-serving claiming of some narratives— in order to Romanize the country (like California, NY, Florida, etc, etc.) makes clear the catholic-jewish coalition (just like all the movies from Hollywood)—

    Eventually, you will have to answer for it, imo.

    Nobody really cares about some RCC “poet” who is now being trundled out.

    Robert Whitaker seems a true son of South CArolina, and he always says, just ask: Why is this information BEING PRODUCED??? Why is this Information being produced NOW???

    And it is b/c the other areas —California, S. Florida, Central NC, NYC— have gotten so the white Romans don’t want to move there any longer.

    Where you go —IN THE SOUTH— (as white as you are—the Irish seem sent first), THEN come Spanish white folk, (b/c they are better as socializing indigenous peoples, since they speak Spanish and they get along with the Irish), and THEN COME (or simultaneously) all the indigenous people. Often they are criminals and rapists, and they “clear the area.”

    THE Romanization of an area in the South—- is marked from the time the first Irish moves in, to when the last of the native Southerners moves out, and it has become Indian, and even the Irish leave.

    Surely, you can at least admit that much?

  29. Earlmundo—

    I’m working on a more balanced tone toward these issues, and even attended Adult Catechism in order to try to better understand. Imo, it’s a fairly brutal socialization, everything is “black and white,” and thinking is bad (you might wind up a heretic, and those are worthy of death), and much more.

    If you argue— it just causes more “Defensive Blocking”— more shouting down, etc.

    Everything that goes for “arguing with leftists” applies here, also. You can talk yourself blue in the face. A lot of “catechism” was really “talking points” for objections you might make. And again, male posturing (just arguing) puts you in a circular debate that is calculated to go nowhere.

    RCC is a “closed system.” The principle of it works just like the PC Religion.

    Both have “heresy” at their root. Mark my word.

    But the Larger Picture (such as what I just suggested in the connection between RCC and Hollywood— is slowly surfacing all over the place.)

    THE INTERESTING QUESTION— is why ALL this new spin now?

    My only theory is the “New South” (since so much of the Romanized “new south” has already become uninhabitable, like CA/NY— towns s/a Port Chester, Sleepy Hollow, Mamaroneck, many westchester county places, idk…Tarrytown, pick a name). Towns that went 60% very quickly in a matter of years.

    NYC’s majority whites is actually Roman not jewish (30% white, mostly RCC), and this has driven the “change” in the towns from Westchester County mentioned. (In nyc, it’s more like the Jews have the most relationship with blacks, and the RC’s the “mexicans.”) That’s more how it parses out there.

    The RCC see any hispanics (and Irish) as “theirs.” So, in “new south” you have some Euro Spaniard or (and increasingly less so on this) an Irish guy— as the front man contractor, signing up business (whatever business), then once they’re hired— they bring a crew of non-english speakers. They consider those folks “their people.”

    The Irish seem to be dropping out of this more and more. The Italians are the least guilty of it, in my observation—- they are sticking more, even if RCC, with the old Anglo-Saxons, (protestant though they may be).

    Less than any of them, the Italians don’t seem to like the “changes” to a non Anglo country. They seem less bothered by giving WASPs their due, and they don’t like what the areas become (like, they see how this playbook works and don’t want it).

    You can see that in some of the spokespersons against it— quite a few Italian names.

  30. A lot of the Irish Catholics— have a strong oral tradition of their early days in the country, and how crappily they were treated, and this is a “wasp” problem. (They have very little knowledge of the various wasps in regions of the country, who differ in subtle ways, and also all the RCC talking points on them all being “heretics,” etc. They also think erroneously that they have already become a majority in the country, (but their church arrives at this by breaking down all the sects that down tithe (tax) to the pope, one by one, (and by splitting hairs this way “PROVE” they are majority.)

    But more deeply—– what this whole thing EXPOSES is that they are very ambitious for being “majority.”

    In other words, they are seeing the other Americans as enemies to be overtaken (in “competition”), not as in a community with them, and this is what this shows. This is Catholic Nationalism (LIKE THE PC Religion, a Idea-Based “nationalism”— that has nothing to do with blood.

    This disconnection of Society with BLOOD, is at the root of these 2 systems. (Versus the Queen who doesn’t do jack shit for her people, but whose position does still REFERENCE the idea that blood is at the root of the society.)

    Anyway, there seem to be 3 people—– the queen, the pope and the bank.

    Both PC Religion and RCC— are Idea Based Systems. If you do not agree with their One Idea, and this One Idea that should be applied universally FOR THE WHOLE WORLD (both are also Internationalist Systems), then you are a “Heretic,” (racist, or whatever, pick your “bad person word.).

    but why in the south now?

  31. To the anti-Catholic bigot: You apparently believe what your “ministers” tell you with their “truth texts” that the Catholic sacrament of confession is an innovation and nowhere found in the new testament. Please read John 20 : 23. It is right there – Jesus gives permission to the disciples to exercise His power to forgive sins on His behalf. Catholic priests are merely following the commission given to the disciples by Jesus, and are acting in persona Christi when they forgive sins. If you argue that Catholic priests have no right to exercise this commission, please point out to me in the new testament exactly where Jesus revokes this commission, or limits it solely to the disciples upon which he rested the commission.

    Regarding catholic contributions to the south, you might want to learn a little about exactly who originated some of your finer brands of bourbon. I don’t want to put you off of Basil Hayden’s or Old Grand Dad, but darn it, catholics had a hand in it!

  32. Oh—

    Not all catholics are Catholic Natioanalists.

    Slowly, Irish in america seem to be awakening more to the idea that A) hating the English and allying with the Pope, did not really make them anymore Irish. (the enemy of my enemy is not really my friend). B) The Americans actually fought the English, so hating the average American for being English MAKES NO SENSE to Aemricans.

    Many Americans have suffered great confusions, not even knowing anything about “the troubles,” or their connections with them, etc.

    Heard a guy –Michael Tsarion, one of those conspiracy guys, who is Irish— say he could not understand the Americans—- “they fought the english! have they forgotten!”

    But they were english-fighting-english (not fighting them from within the framework of being Irish), just as in WWI and II, so many of the same, with German blood also, in u.s., fought the germans.

    But we were not fighting the German and English (our own blood) for ETHNIC reasons (as if we had been Irish).

    Nobody seems to think about all this.

    But it plays out ceaselessly in the poor American South.

  33. Earlmundo—

    this is a talking point above: “….To the anti-Catholic bigot: You apparently believe what your “ministers” tell you with their “truth texts”….”

    In reality, RCC was NEVER ONCE mentioned in all my growing up in church, except by those who had to go to something for VAT II, and they were asked to talk about what parts of RC they had difficulty with. (Papal Infallibility was the most common answer, and second, transubstantiation, actually believing you were drinking blood).

    No minister ever said one single word —not one— about RCC.

    It’s not Europe. It was a majority Protestant country (really)— and we just lived OUR OWN lives.

    I was stunned in Catechism that so much of it was taken up with other people’s beliefs, and talking points against them—- when we never spent 2 seconds on that.

    Many in my town were half grown before they ever MET anyone outside their faith, and their Bible studies were a study of the Bible, not what other sects believed.

  34. Forgive me, HW, for perculating on your otherwise great blog, while I try to figure things out. I will stop doing it now, I swear.

    What was trying to get at, (so wordily), was that —seems like— many Europeans who came around the turn of the last century (if you look, tons of ppl in gov are first or second generation)— really have trouble ‘getting’ that protestants are a little different IN THAT they can “be in communion” WHILE disagreeing on doctrinal points.

    RC’s are right to say this is sort of “jewish.” In the “Covenental Model,” the emphasis is on “relationship with God,” this can be both personal and community-oriented. This is the sensibility in Orthodox judaism and also much of protestantism.

    It’s not an Idea-Based (doctrine based) deal. The PC Religion and RCC seem “doctrinal” (you agree with an Idea or you are out), versus Covenental— you have an ongoing, ever changing Relationship with God.

    This is why RCC or PC folk often want to “Argue a point,” (prove themselves “right”).

    Anyway, nobody ever says these things, and maybe if they were somehow understood, people would quit arguing in circles.

    Sorry HW, no more of my personal ramblings here!

  35. Landshark—

    why would you ask me that? I really want to know. Why is this the main thing of significance to you?

  36. Hadenuf—

    Is that really true? And are you really active in SCV?

    If so, just name your regiments (you said forebears, so it must be more than one person who qualifies you for SCV)— and you will be the first catholic confederate Earlmundo has met.

    No need to get pissy about it.

  37. Check out ROSEWOOD MASSACRE on Wikipedia on google. This is all a bunch of crap. This is nothing compared to White Genocide that takes place everyday against the White Race. The Powers That Be, these Elite Ruling Mutant Bastards will have their day of Reckoning Coming! NNN News has excellent stats and info on Black crime against Whites. V.S. Herrells WHITE GENOCIDE is good article.

  38. The Jewish resentment and hatred for Us

    With that mentality, is mental health, contact with reality, or reason even possible?

    “Mad” had two meanings- anger (rage), and craziness.

    Fits jews to a T. Mad-ness. Angry insanity.

  39. Dixie- “The PC Religion and RCC seem “doctrinal” (you agree with an Idea or you are out), versus Covenental— you have an ongoing, ever changing Relationship with God.”

    You cannot effectively have the one without the other. Roman doctrine prior to 1100 is that of the whole Undivided Church. Past that, you enter the realm of Papal politics, all of it contrary to prior ages.

    But there is no such thing as a ‘creedless Christianity’ – all religions (including cults, and non-Christian ones) have ‘doctrines and dogmas’. As Gary North (himself a Calvinist Baptist of sorts, from what I’ve read) has said, “It’s not creed vs. no creed- rather, it’s “Which creed is correct”? (to borrow a bit)

    If Earlmundo is a Kike, then, Hunter, ban him. Nothing makes for less helpful learning than Jewish pilpul masqerading as White Thought.

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