Official: Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary

Why isn't Ron Paul running on his heritage record in South Carolina?

South Carolina

Why isn’t Ron Paul campaigning on his support for Southern Rights and the Confederate flag in South Carolina? He should be taking advantage of the flag issue to appeal to social conservatives in the Deep South.

I will take a shot at answering my own question.

It is probably because the social conservatives are supporting the warmongering, big government, pro-amnesty neocon Zionist fraud Newt Gingrich in South Carolina. The 2012 election has completely discredited the Tea Party which has been exposed as the Jerry Falwell wing of the Republican Party.

We’ve been through “The Cain Train,” Rickroller Perry, Nuke Santorum, and Newt Gingrich who wanted an “open marriage” with his second wife. The idea that these people are motivated by “family values” and “defense of marriage” after sticking with Cain through his fourth mistress should provoke howls of laughter should Newt win in South Carolina tomorrow.

Barack Hussein Obama could run against Newt as the “family values” candidate. The only causes that these people seem to be truly passionate about are (1) starting a new war with Iran, (2) performing fellatio on Bibi Netanyahu and Israel, and (3) obsessing over the “personhood” of embryos the majority of which are “aborted” through natural processes.

Can’t they just go ahead and get raptured already?

Note: Newt Gingrich received a big endorsement the other day from Ted LaHaye of the “Left Behind” series. This is the “Rapture Ready” crowd who habitually call us “kooks” and “Paultards.”

In 2008, these people voted for Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee in South Carolina. I’m betting this is why Ron Paul has backed away from heritage and immigration issues.

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  1. Side issue

    See Youtube Michael Portillo’s “Great British Train Journeys”

    They are a classic bit of TV. Very informative, idyllic. Hereford, Canterbury, Shrewsbury… All based on Bradshaw’s Trainguide from the Victorian era.

  2. This is easy: Because it won’t play in the North. It will barely play in Dixie.

    The man is running for office. Don’t forget that. He hasn’t.

  3. That flag, the “confederate” flag belongs to the navy slot of the confederate army.

    It has nothing to do with racism. It’s funny how it has become a “symbol” of it though.

    My roots are from Alabama. *shrug* It’s a flag. I think it’s sad and I can almost sympathize with people who cry and whine about the colors and stripes. They make me feel like a big baby over all their irrational ridiculousness. heh.

  4. The Jews won’t let Paul win…just listen to the rabid ravings of Mark Levin..Paul won’t sacrifice American lives and treasure for that little “racist” settler state over in the Middle East.

  5. Imagine the profits to be made if SA had been protected properly?

    The main thing is to make sure every candidate is prepared to cut off welfare.

  6. Nathaniel,

    The “Confederate flag” isn’t a symbol of “racism” because the term was unknown in America until the 1930s. Its creators never saw it as a symbol of “racism” because they would have been unfamiliar with that type of Marxist discourse. White Americans didn’t start believing that “racism” was immoral until the 1940s and 1950s.

    As for whether the “Confederate flag” represents a nation-state that was explicitly based on racial theory, states’ rights, slavery, and white supremacy, this is unquestionably true. In fact, the Confederate commissioners that were sent to the Upper South explicitly made the case that staying within the Union would mean the triumph of racial equality and racial mongrelization.

    Not even the scalawags during Reconstruction believed in racial equality or saw racial equality as a desirable thing. Confederate citizenship was based on whiteness. The South celebrated the Dred Scott decision which explicitly denied that negroes could ever become American citizens.

    Abraham Lincoln denied being in favor of racial equality. In 1860, there were only five states that granted citizenship and voting rights to negroes: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

    Negroes had been stripped of their voting rights in Pennsylvania in 1838. Black suffrage had been repeatedly voted down everywhere outside of New England. Free blacks were banned from settling in Indiana, Illinois, and Oregon. The Wilmot Proviso was designed to ban blacks from the Western territories.

    It wasn’t until 1867 or 1868 that Iowa and Minnesota become the first two states to approve negro suffrage outside of New England. The idea was unpopular in the North and the backlash against racial equality in the North was one of the primary factors in the downfall of Reconstruction.

    Ulysses S. Grant sacrificed the Reconstruction government of Mississippi because he was afraid of losing Ohio which had rescinded its ratification of the 14th Amendment. South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana resorted to the “Mississippi Plan” to topple Reconstruction.

  7. The problem with Christianity and conservatism is that those traditions are presented to the public by people who are in no real discernible way Christians or conservatives. It is like having vestigial organs.

    Today, the conservatives say that MLK was a great conservative, the Southern Baptist Convention decries “racism” which was discovered to be a sin in the 1990s, and the Pope talks about “human rights” after the Papacy labeled Americanism a heresy a century ago.

  8. Hunter: Check out and read about how Jeb Bush will be Repùblican Candidate. This happened for real with Lincoln. Do you think this article is bull crap—that Kissinger says Jeb Bush will be next President,,,,,,

  9. Is it really going to make a piss hole in the snow worth of difference which ever one of these hopefuls is elected in November? Not ONE of them in either party will specifically advocate for the dwindling White, dispossessed majority.

    Too many Whites have bought into the “civil rights” mentality even as they engage in “white flight” to escape ruined neighborhoods, cities and schools. They are aware of the Black Undertow but seem to think that things will get “better” at some unspecified time in the future. Meanwhile, these Whites want to keep a safe distance from Negroes and other minorities too.

    Even if by some crazy chance Ron Paul wins, what can he do to cut the Feds down to some less dangerous size? He will be resisted from every corner and end up being powerless, impeached or worse.

    Until our fellow Whites realize that the end game of “civil rights”, globalism and 3rd world immigration (“legal” or illegal) is their Genocide don’t expect much to change.

  10. End Game would be a good book title for speculating on Potential scenarios.

    Suburban whites have a chronic inability to connect the ultimate demands of polite PC society, and the way they actually choose to live away from the beast.

    It’s like the soldier who is encouraged to kill in uniform and punishedfor doing the same as a civilian. The government is almost schzophrenic in it’s demands that we live together in happy accord, yet it concedes that people will not and do not.

  11. The Lew Rockwell crowd was a lot more interesting about 7 or 8 years ago. Since that time, I have watched them drift away from the paleos, especially since the 2008 election.

  12. I wish the TeaParty Fallwell’s would get raptured, ASAP, too. And how.

    Thrasymachus – the Philosophicals won’t be able to elude Darwinian Nature -red in tooth and claw – much longer, either. Nature is coming for them….

  13. Strip the white guilt pathology from whites, and all the foibles we rail against are gone faster than the Berlin Wall after the guards lost their nerves. Repeat after me, “It is not hopeless.” We at BUGs are positively flailing the idiots and pyschopaths who have taken white guilt to its anti-White extremes.

  14. One more reason why restaurants did not want black custom. Apart from the TNB they don’t tip. Even then, I think the proprietors knew the niggers would stiff the waitresses.

    Someone cheekily suggested to me that a button be added to the cash register at restaurants. N-Button. An automatic Surcharge of 15% for black customers.

  15. The Tea Party originally attracted a lot of Independent support. There were a lot of people who could unite around opposition to the bailouts, the exploding national debt, and fear about the growth of government.

  16. Those people are mostly gone now and the Tea Party is nothing but the remnant of the Jerry Falwell “Moral Majority” movement from the 1980s. These people are fighting over whether to support Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum for president.

  17. Hunter,

    Can you expand a bit on this article and tell us more about “what’s the matter with South Carolina”? It appears by demographics (very high % of Blacks) and history (the most vocal proponent of secession, fired the 1st shots at Fort Sumter) that S.C. would be the strongest pro White, WN state in the South or even the union, but in national politics, even state politics S.C. voters do weird things. S.C. has an Indian woman governor and it seems like a big chunk of the state was bragging to New York Times Libs that “See we’re not racists anymore, we have a pro business Indian woman Conservative governor”. Then there is the issue of queer Sen. Lindsey Graham “telling the bigots to SHUT UP” championing mass amnesty for millions of Mestizo illegals (he’s had to back off from that). Then there is the huge problem of Christian Zionists trying to distract White S.C. voters from local racial conserns, immigration concerns by getting everybody excited about Jew wars in the Middle East and the coming “Rapture” which will take out all the good Christian people so folks shouldn’t worry too much about life here in America anyway, since it’s all going to end real soon.
    But, why are these anti White forces so strong in South Carolina instead of say Alabama or Tennessee where it’s perfectly OK to be White, sane and not a complete *$&*(@ idiot?

  18. Strip the white guilt pathology from whites, and all the foibles we rail against are gone faster than the Berlin Wall after the guards lost their nerves. Repeat after me, “It is not hopeless.” We at BUGs are positively flailing the idiots and pyschopaths who have taken white guilt to its anti-White extremes.”

    One good way to do that is to poke around liberal sites, post comments that are in aggreement with broader civil rights ideology and let the DWL or black radical say what he really thinks about white people.

    supporting Mugabe or Mandela will do it. They let their guard down when discussing the genocide over there. A foray into SPLC brought out the true hostility they have to white people when the discussion moved toward the fate of the Boers.

    DWL really really hate white people as a category. They salivate over the idea of victimized, raped and murdered white farmers there.

    They would be Mugabe’s pet.

  19. Jack,

    Look at the end if Apartheid in South Africa. 1987-90.
    Lots of white liberals supporting Mandela hoping forthebest. Lots of pro-Isaeli whites. It’s little different from the Zionist GOP. The fuxxation is more or less complete in South Carolina just like SA. Plus, it is extremely diffict to organize around exclusively and explcit racist policy.

  20. Well John if you could get more whites to realize that “anti-racism” is nothing more than anti-White then we will be making real headway. But then there are people on our side who use “anti” exactly as the anti-Whites want and so we flail away with crime and IQ stats and the mother hens cluck at us for disturbing the peace.

    IMO the only people who really take to the White Guilt Syndrome are idiots and psychopaths. We mock and degrade the WGS and the people who propogate it we lift the dark veil of BRA off whites’ heads. At BUGs we are destroying the anti-Whites and their cherished notion that WGS is morally superior.

  21. Jack,

    We can say right off the bat that South Carolina is one of the most heavily invested states in the military-industrial complex. As to the religious nuttiness, I have always believed that football and religion became more important after the demise of segregation. Identity abhors a vacuum.

  22. Listen to you silly boy…you darn sure can’t trust this politically correct ‘everything black is right’ garbage, LOL. These ‘red tails’ were Eleanor Roosevelt’s stepin fetchit boys elevated for their skin color, and nothing else.

  23. John says:
    January 21, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Look at the end if Apartheid in South Africa. 1987-90.
    Lots of white liberals supporting Mandela hoping forthebest. Lots of pro-Isaeli whites. It’s little different from the Zionist GOP. The fuxxation is more or less complete in South Carolina just like SA. Plus, it is extremely diffict to organize around exclusively and explcit racist policy.

    Jack Responds:

    You make good points. But I don’t see the South Carolina situation as the same as South Africa during the surrender, where South African Whites gave in and hoped for the best, expecting the worst. South Carolina is actually in pretty good shape economically with lots of Japanese and European industry. The racial demographics are scary, but not by any means lost – if anything South Carolina should be more pro White than say Tennessee because it’s much easier to see the dangers in South Carolina than in Central and Eastern Tennessee where there are few underclass Blacks.

    Hunter – I think you are certainly correct that South Carolina is more heavily tied in to the military industrial complex than other Southern States – that’s why they went for McCain last time and that’s why so many military Whites in South Carolina will not come fully out of the closet and admit that all the Neo Con Jew wars were a complete waste.

    The Christian Zionist problem is huge and I am open to any suggestions for how to deal with it. I think it’s OK for racially conscious Whites to take the approach that these folks just aren’t real Christians anymore, they reverted to the corruptions of the Pharisees, “White Washed Tombs” etc. – tax exempt whores now pulling for Newt Gingerich.

  24. The Christian Zionist problem will be solved by generational turnover. Those people will never support us. They are a shrinking sector of the electorate. We’re going to see that again in the exit polls tonight.

  25. Mike Church was on the phone yesterday morning with a lady, making fun of the anti-white premise of “Red Tails”. He also mentioned that it was Robert E. Lee day, and he continually gives Levin hell for being a “decepticon”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Best program on the radio.

  26. The votting is RIGGED, the final 2 running for office (Zero and R.Money) are both ‘their’ chosen ones. They are the same and will continue the failed policy except Mexican Mitt might get softer on illegals.

  27. If Gingrich wins the nomination because of the stupidity of South Carolina voters, Obama will win reelection. So it won’t be a total loss. Just four more years of Obama presiding over the economic collapse.

  28. I voted for Paul today. As did everyone else in my family who voted. All the local people I know voted for him. In the Yankee colonies around here I see tons of Gingrich signs though. It has stormed all day. I think the bad weather will help us – Paul supporters are more dedicated than the supporters of the other candidates.

  29. Ron Paul is a better Southerner than anyone else in the race. Then again, Mitt Romney is better than Gingrich or Santorum. We have already been through Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

    It is a sorry day in Dixie when people are jumping off the “Cain Train” to support a Freddie Mac lobbyist like Newt Gingrich or a warmongering psycho like Rick Santorum.

  30. It would be an easy day for any presidential candidate if the only Jew they had to blow was Netanyahu. To reach the White House nowadays a politician has to chug more Sheeny pipe than Marilyn Monroe had to chug to make it in Hollywood.

    On top of that, they have to kiss 40 million coon butts and and walk two steps behind women.

    Republican hopefuls have it even worse than Democrats because the fruitcakes that support Democrats are united in their dislike of America and its historical majority. As long as Dem’s speeches include praise for queers, niggers, illegal aliens and women who hate men, they receive widespread support.

    Here’s what those poor Republican bastards have to support:

    Wall Street, which gives far more money to the other team.

    Women’s Rights, except for that sticky part about abortion.

    Corporate Rights, including the right to a tax break for off-shoring the jobs that
    created and supported our middle class.

    American Workers.

    Groups that oppose illegal immigration and demand secure borders.

    The Cheap Labor Treason Lobby, which is comprised of companies ran by people
    who believe that a secured southern border would be a catastrophe.

    Equal Rights.

    Equal Outcomes.

    A return to a merit-based society.



    Science, except for that sticky part about embryos.

    Africa, Haiti and any other place populated by useless niggers.

    Cutting Foreign Aid.

    Increasing Foreign Aid.

    Hating China.

    Kissing Chinese ass.

    The Constitution of the United States of America.

    All of the Constitutional Amendments that are diametrically opposed to the intent of
    the original Articles of the Constitution of the United States of America.

    The Union and its flag.

    The Confederacy and its flag.

    On and on the list goes. So many asses to kiss, so little time.

    No wonder that nobody who’s actually worth their weight in horse shit wants to be a Republican candidate.

    We will never be able to change anything by voting until we quit bitching about stupid shit and start demanding a return to States Rights and Freedom Of Association. We can sort out the petty shit later.

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