Official: Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary

Why isn't Ron Paul running on his heritage record in South Carolina?

South Carolina

Why isn’t Ron Paul campaigning on his support for Southern Rights and the Confederate flag in South Carolina? He should be taking advantage of the flag issue to appeal to social conservatives in the Deep South.

I will take a shot at answering my own question.

It is probably because the social conservatives are supporting the warmongering, big government, pro-amnesty neocon Zionist fraud Newt Gingrich in South Carolina. The 2012 election has completely discredited the Tea Party which has been exposed as the Jerry Falwell wing of the Republican Party.

We’ve been through “The Cain Train,” Rickroller Perry, Nuke Santorum, and Newt Gingrich who wanted an “open marriage” with his second wife. The idea that these people are motivated by “family values” and “defense of marriage” after sticking with Cain through his fourth mistress should provoke howls of laughter should Newt win in South Carolina tomorrow.

Barack Hussein Obama could run against Newt as the “family values” candidate. The only causes that these people seem to be truly passionate about are (1) starting a new war with Iran, (2) performing fellatio on Bibi Netanyahu and Israel, and (3) obsessing over the “personhood” of embryos the majority of which are “aborted” through natural processes.

Can’t they just go ahead and get raptured already?

Note: Newt Gingrich received a big endorsement the other day from Ted LaHaye of the “Left Behind” series. This is the “Rapture Ready” crowd who habitually call us “kooks” and “Paultards.”

In 2008, these people voted for Fred Thompson, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee in South Carolina. I’m betting this is why Ron Paul has backed away from heritage and immigration issues.

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  1. “The Christian Zionist problem will be solved by generational turnover. Those people will never support us. They are a shrinking sector of the electorate. We’re going to see that again in the exit polls tonight.”

    Aye. The Christian Zionists born before the “establishment of Israel” in 1948 think they are the “this generation” that Hal Lindsay, Tim LeHaye et al, in their nutty bible interpretation, say Christ was talking about when he said “this generation will not pass away,” that Christ will return to Rapture out, and they won’t have to, you know, actually die.

    When the last person who was alive on May 14, 1948 actually, uh, dies, then it will be inarguable that Hal, et al., were cracked. Christian Zionism, with its accompanying Jew-worship will die instantly.

    This is 2012. The baby born on May 14, 1948 is 63. We are no more than 2-3 decades before the Hal Lindsay’s prophecies are inarguably proven wrong. As it is, Jesus is already 3 decades overdue from Hal’s original estimated date of arrival of 1988. He really oughta show up, already! A whole lot of the “this generation” is already dead. Darn! Missed their ticket out!

    The Christian Zionists among the Millenials generation, seeing’s as Hal’s orig date being wrong has dented his credibility, are beginning to get a mite nervous about, should Jesus actually tarry that long, what the world will be like around AD 2050. Cuz while Mom and Dad Christian Zionists will be pleasantly in the grave, THEY will still be around to be kicked in the head by all these non-Whites that they were supposed to not be around to have to worry about.

  2. Romney might be the best candidate. But he won’t win. BRA still has a pulse….

    Idk. His family is just from Mexico. He’s Militarist-Corporatist-Medicalist neo-con. What does anyone find to like?

  3. The only way to preserve anything at this point is through getting out of the Union. The League of the South, whatever its flaws, has the right solution.

    The problem is, how do we get out of the Union, when we have Southerners backing the likes of Juan McCain, Mike Huckabee, Ricardo Perry, “The Cain Train,” Nuke Santorum, and now Newt Gingrich.

    … and let’s not forget here that W. was president a mere four years ago and the Christian Zionists supported him right down until the end when he had a 22 percent approval rating.

    Where are those people today? They are on Free Republic cheerleading for Newt Gingrich so that they can start a war with Iran to impress Israel sufficiently enough to bring on the Rapture.

  4. Romney has said he would veto the Dream Act, build the border fence, support E-Verify, and block any push for comprehensive immigration reform. So he at least has that going for him.

    Newt is for war with Iran and amnesty for illegal aliens. This is like exchanging Obama for W.

  5. “The Lew Rockwell crowd was a lot more interesting about 7 or 8 years ago. Since that time, I have watched them drift away from the paleos, especially since the 2008 election.”


    how do you view the Lew Rockwell crowd today ? I like to check out the Ron Paul message boards and it seems like those people are completely ignorant about race and ethnic groups. They blame everything on the state and “statists”. Don’t ever try and generalize about groups or you’ll be called their version of the R word, a “collectivist”.

  6. barb,

    It is disturbing to think that a significant segment of the electorate is operating on the assumption that they can leave behind a Third World America to posterity because they are banking on the assumption that they are going to get raptured and leave the rest of us behind.

  7. I used to read Lew every day several years ago. I remember it being a pretty good website. There were even nights in the Auburn library when I read Mises and Rothbard.

    I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but they made a sharp turn to the Left after the 2008 campaign. Back in 2008, there were a lot of WNs and paleocon types supporting Ron Paul.

    I added links to Ron Paul Forums and Lew Rockwell today just out of curiosity. The only reason I ever go over there is to read the occassional DiLorenzo column. The libertoon nonsense about the state being the source of all evil is silly.

    It is probably less harmful though than Jim Robinson’s shit at Free Republic.

  8. Newt began to surge in the polls when he didnt back down when black reporter Juan Williams tried to chastise him for comments he made about food stamps and young blacks working as janitors. In fact he received a standing ovation from the audience for that.

    Paul has had plenty of time to speak out against the “liberal” double standard on race, black racist violence against whites, Eric Holders public statements that white Americans are not protected by hate crime laws, the rampaging Holder Youth and their racist flash mobs, etc, etc, but to my knowledge HE HAS NOT!

    Instead, he let Newt seize the moment. The “liberal” dam of hypocrisy on race is about to break. If Newt forcibly addresses the above issues with the facts and doesnt back down, he will ride the wave into the White House in November.

    I dont trust Newt either. But anyone who stands up to the black racists and their toadies in the Corrupt Liberal Media will get my vote.

    You often end up not voting for someone you like but against someone you despise.

  9. The evil of “collectivism” is a classic example of yet another “-ism” that has been conjured into existence as the source of all that is evil. By my count, there are at least a dozen “-isms” that the world had to been saved from.

  10. HW wrote, “The only way to preserve anything at this point is through getting out of the Union.” Within 30 years, with present immigration and fecundity trends, the U.S.A. might contain about 20% blacks and mulattos, 40% Hispanics and mestizos, 30% whites and 10% other. Should the Confederate states attempt to cut local welfare to a minimum and encourage blacks, mulattos and mestizos to move to the blue states?
    Ron Paul said:

    If you subsidize something, you get more of it. So we subsidize illegal immigration. We reward it by easy citizenship – either birthright or amnesty.

    In practical terms, is small government good for white people, while big government is bad for white people?

    Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.
    In realistic terms, are federal taxes and federal deficits the greatest promoters of political corruption and eventual collapse? If the federal ship of state actually sinks are we going to be like the Germans in 1945 A.D.?

  11. Newt is just blowing the dog whistle with his comments about the EBT card. No one is fooled.

    Ron Paul is ideologically opposed to the welfare state. We know that Paul really would cut them off by gutting government spending. Newt would just “reform the system” to stabilize it like he did with welfare.

    Newt saved welfare by creating the TANF program. The welfare queens are still around, but because the perception exists that the problem has been solved, it has dropped off the radar screen like violent crime.

  12. “The libertoon nonsense about the state being the source of all evil is silly”

    I swear that’s all they ever talk about there. And they’re so dogmatic about it.

  13. It’s funny that they believe that. I would like to see them follow that idea to its logical conclusion. They seriously believe that ” The Day The EBT Card Stops Working” would go down without “aggression.”

    Of course African-Americans would initiate “aggression” against their property rights. They can praise MLK and preach colorblindness while blacks turn America into an inferno.

    Let’s make it happen.

  14. “Of course African-Americans would initiate “aggression” against their property rights.”


    I have to say though unlike more than a few people on the alt-right I do fully support Ron Paul. And I pray that he wins. In a way I do view him as our “savior”. BRA would collapse overnight under his administration and even the Jew media couldn’t cover up the chaos that ensues.

  15. Freedom of Association is our ticket. Once we get that, everything else is on the table. If we need to use the libertarians to get there, I’m ok with that.

  16. I’m dream of a day when a poor landlady in St. Louis can prevent blacks from using her pool because their hair products destroy the water quality.

  17. Truly a mean-spirited post, at least in the part about Santorum. He is not “obsessing” over questions of when human life begins; unlike DiLorenzo (who, as you note, like the rest of the crowd blames all problems, including the complications of race, on the state), he is earnestly trying to grapple with when life begins and should merit legal protection. As to the point of embryos naturally dying, that does not affect their ontological nature as integral human beings. I am sure Paul, with his pro-life platform, would support personhood or an equivalent protection for the preborn, but only on the state level.

  18. In practical terms, is small government good for white people, while big government is bad for white people?

    Small government is good for big people- big government is good for small people.

  19. By my count, there are at least a dozen “-isms” that the world had to been saved from.

    Solipsism, the last to go.

  20. Libertoons explaining the non-aggression principle to the Black Undertow. Boys, you are going to have to give up your welfare check, your EBT card, your Medicaid, your Section 8 apartment, your Obamacare, your affirmative action contract, your energy assistance, stop whining about your collectivist grievances and get a fucking job.

    Man, that would be priceless. It would be like a declaration of war.

  21. W.Evans wrote: “Newt began to surge in the polls when he didnt back down when black reporter Juan Williams tried to chastise him for comments he made about food stamps and young blacks working as janitors

    The problem with your theory that NG’s boat has been lifted by Racialist Wave is: Everyone knows Gingrich favors amnesty. He openly confesses to such in every debate, then proceeds to attack the media and gets cheers from idiots.

    Are South-Carolinians so easily-deceived that they cheer and throw their hat in with someone who says a few things mildly critical of Blacks, even if that person has an open plan for immediate amnesty for 20 million Browns?

  22. If you have a pack of blacks, big spending government is a waste. They end up voting for bananas instead of climbing trees.

    If you have a relatively homogenous White population like Norway socialism is actually workable. Especially if you have rich natural resources.

    I’d actually be happy to live in rural Scandinavia. Heard Oslo is going to the dogs, but the rest is okay.

  23. Santorum is “pro-life” … just not when it comes to starting a war with Iran which will surely cost tens of thousands of lives. He has no problem blowing people up for Israel.

  24. Hunter, do you agree with me that the Rapture Bunnies, because of their Israel-worshipping, are a huuuuuge part of the cause of the loss of our former White nation, the Unites States, a cause at LEAST as big as the liberals, and maybe even as big as AIPAC?

  25. “Libertoons explaining the non-aggression principle to the Black Undertow. Boys, you are going to have to give up your welfare check, your EBT card, your Medicaid, your Section 8 apartment, your Obamacare, your affirmative action contract, your energy assistance, stop whining about your collectivist grievances and get a fucking job.”

    I’d pay to hear a candidate like Grinch,Romney,Paul etc actually say it.

    Because it is the only real critique of the status quo.

  26. crusader,

    People like Jim Robinson at Free Republic have gone out of their way to smear Ron Paul. They are going to find out that imperiously smearing others has consequences.

  27. From Collapse: The Blog

    But there will not be a race war. Nor will there ever be substantial levels of white-on-black vigilante violence. Ever. Get it through your heads. You can bet that even if such rage and retaliation began to emerge, it would be immediately squelched with disproportionate police (even military) violence. The great sickening madness of it is that you would be choked to death by the bare hands of a white redneck Marine from South Carolina before modern society would ever permit you to enact denied justice against even a single “protected minority.” These guys have shut up and gone along with every other leftist-mandated abomination, most recently the forced homosexualization of their own ranks against their own convictions. There is no floor here, no limit to how low the left will drag them.

    White people have surrendered. Completely. In fact, a sizable portion of them are now actively your enemies and would cut your beating heart from your chest if they could do so without consequence. The rest don’t care. Their main concern is not being seen as discriminatory. And if their children (preferably yours) have to be raped and tortured to death to achieve that, well, such is the price one pays for Progress, the blood-drinking god of our degenerate age.

    This is the reason this is not a white nationalist blog. Many whites are actively in the service of evil: the rest are detestably weak, virtueless cretins who went along with evil because they thought it would buy them popularity. So much for that. You don’t get to sell yourself into servitude for a nickel and then complain when your new master takes back the nickel.

    This nightmare will end with the parousia, and not a second sooner.

  28. “But there will not be a race war.”

    Yeah there will. Whether white people fight back or not when they’re attacked is a separate issue but a race war – i actually think it’ll be a lot more multi-sided than that – is guaranteed.

  29. @Steve

    I’ve read that blog entry before, and I think it’s horseshit. If that guy is right, then what is the point of doing anything at all? Why not just walk down an expressway embankment and lay down in the center lane and wait for an 18-wheeler?

    I have no time for that fatalist crap. I understand why people resign to despair — I have to shoulder the burden of two previous generations’ naivite and self-indulgence, I have to watch my only homeland corrode and crumble, I have watch my race slit it’s collective wrists while doped-up on a cocktail of racial marxist propagandas. But I was born into this nightmare age; no choice in the matter, and I accept my fate. I’ll fight back whatever way I can, however futile it may ultimately prove to be, but I will never, ever give up.

    Fuck that guy and his glass-jawed defeatist bullshit. He doesn’t speak for white people. He doesn’t speak for me.

  30. Yeah, Chris.

    There’s every reason to NOT be defeatist — in fact, to be an OPTIMIST. I’ve said before, if BRA were a stock, I’d be shorting that sucker bigtime.

    Being a contrarian (which is the only way to make money in the stock market) I am “buying” shares of WECH (Whites of EuroChristian Heritage) with both hands..

    I think the fundamentals for us are stupendous:

    I think Peak Oil will be a deux ex-machina to save the White Race. Every aspect of our decline as a people has been enabled, fostered or driven totally, by cheap oil. When gas ain’t cheap, the meek aquiescence to White guilt will end.

    I think the Millenials are pretty impressive. That they vote for Ron Paul is evidence they are beginning to “get” it.


    I think we only have to hold on a few decades longer till the Rapture Bunnies die off, and the whole silly “Judeo-Christian” edifice will collapse into its own footprint, which means the Jews lose their power, their influence, and most importantly, their money.

    No money, no Jews. They’ll leave, or at least STFU, like rats on a sinking ship.
    At most, a few more decades. We can hold on that long. Then the World — and the Solar System, too, will be ours.

  31. The fact that the MSM still has so much pull over the American people in this day and age is evidence of one thing: willful ignorance.

    What happens to a willfully ignorant people?

    Nothing is too harsh.

  32. Among SC non-college-graduates (52% of voters): Gingrich beats Romney 3-to-2.
    Among SC college-graduates (48% of voters): Romney and Gingrich tied.

  33. Voters under 30 (9% of voters):
    33% Ron Paul
    27% Gingrich
    22% Santorum
    16% Romney

    Voters 65+ (27% of voters):
    47% Gingrich
    36% Romney
    10% Santorum
    7% Paul

  34. Playing Roots Backwards – thanks for your post at January 21, 2012 at 7:27 pm. You are really a wonderful writer, and your posts always make me laugh!

    Barb – the Rapture Bunnies are going to crap out sooner than they think – Obamacare is going to kill them a lot faster than they can imagine. They will not be getting the care that even current Medicare recipients get – and Medicare costs will double in 2014. Their care wil be rationed. If there is an Civilizational collapse – the diabetics will be gone in a week. Care is already being rationed. Not in the favor of the Old Whitey crowd, either.

    They got what they wanted – and they are going to their deaths, earlier, because of their prediliction for voting themselves goodies.

    FYI – to any and all. Take good care of yourselves. Eat well – you don’t have to go nuts with rabbit food. You can eat ‘junk” – but just try to balance [it] with fresh local produce, and local meat, if you can get it. Stay away from sodas as much as possible. Everything else is fine. Exercise. Don’t get too fat – if you must get fat. A little regular exercise will go a looooooooong way. You really want to avoid diabetes. You can avoid diabetes, for the most part. You avoid diabetes, and you’ll do pretty well. The Platinum Standard medical care will not be there for us, either.

  35. Anon – yes – Rapture Bunnies are obscenely selfish. They will be called into account, and will be in for a supremely unpleasant shock, when they do meet their Maker.

  36. Steve – there’s nothing like pessimism to guarantee failure. I like that blog for the info – but he needs to take some mood elevators.

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