Newt Gingrich: I Will Help Israel Attack Iran


Newt Gingrich openly tells CNN that he wants to go to war with Iran for the benefit of Israel. This is not a fringe conspiracy theory. It is the foreign policy position of the winner of the South Carolina Republican Primary.

Note: Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas billionaire who donated $5 million dollars to Newt Gingrich’s failing presidential campaign, is the Jewish string puller behind his sudden resurgence. He is also involved in all kinds of radical Zionist causes. This guy pulled his money out of AIPAC for being too soft on the Palestinians.

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  1. On CBS Face the Nation on their Jan 22 2012 show, Gingrich said that our defense interests outside the US were to defend Israel and then after a slight pause, he added the US, but without the same conviction as for Israel.

  2. Wow I just watched the clip and I cannot disagree with any of Newt’s positions; gasp, provide intelligence to the Israelis in defeating Iran’s nuclear program? Pakistan KNEW Bin Laden was living within their boarders? Newt is nuts (or you are an idiot who does not understand sarcasm)

  3. we should have stomped iran flat years ago before it built up a credible military force. Better yet, we should have backed the shaw and kept a friendly dictator in place

    the USA will never have a rational foreign policy. #1) the folks who get elected are not rational,/realistic about clashes of civilizations ( ie race) #2) leadership changes every 4-8 years and that leadership has different yet equally irrational world views

    imo, newt isn’t any more or less rational than the others, he just has a bigger mouth he likes to run

  4. In my opinion these foreign wars are nothing more than distractions to keep the sheeple’s focus away from the real war going on within our own borders, and within the West in general. Hell, any Islamic country would be stupid to attack the West, seeing as they are more effectively conquering it through legal and illegal immigration! Why fight when London and Paris are well on the way to becoming a califate in the next 20 years or so??
    It’s as if we NEED an outside enemy to keep us united. I can find no other logical explanation for wanting to attack a 3rd rate country who is bordered by a nuclear armed competitor on one side (Pakistan) and rich enemies on the other (Saudi Arabai).
    BTW, weren’t most of the 9/11 hijackers from Saudi Arabia? Why have we not punished them???

  5. This Israel Uber Alles policy seems to appeal to large numbers of White Evangelical Christians in the South and Midwest and I think we should give up on trying to get this crowd to “change” and embrace an America First foreign policy – Lord knows we’ve/I’ve tried to do this so many times.

    My advice is to instead shift the topic to immigration – the Neo Con Jews are most vulnerable on mass immigration of hostile 3rd worlders (Muslim extremists being the poster boys for bad immigration). White Evangelical Christians now going for Gingrich, and looking to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, will lose a lot of their enthusiasm for Gingrich if he is outed as another McCain on immigration.

  6. “In my opinion these foreign wars are nothing more than distractions to keep the sheeple’s focus away from the real war going on within our own borders”


  7. I noticed the video was uploaded by “The Barracuda Brigade.” It is some kind of Sarah Palin group of neocons that flies Israeli flags on their website. These are the types who have hysterical reactions to “racists” but who want to precipitate Armageddon by stirring up wars in the Middle East.

  8. The distraction here is the nutty theology that was spread across America in the 1970s and 1980s. These people seem to believe that there is a religious quid pro quo to being more Zionist than most Jews in America.

  9. The Left didn’t win by changing the minds of segregationists. They won by winning the minds of the young. Now the people who were young when the divine MLK was redeeming America through the grace of His blackness are old people.

    We are not going to win them over. They have made up their minds. People very rarely change their fundamental values after their 20s and 30s. If we defeat them culturally, we will eventually triumph politically.

  10. According to Tim Rifat and Jeff Rense – Iran has Colbalt 60 in powder form for dispencing, the poor mans A Bomb. Israel could get Colbalt 60 all over and maybe here is USA, kind of scarry…….

  11. I’m still not sure why I am supposed to care if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. North Korea went nuclear a few years ago. “Iranian nukes” are the only way to stop BRA and Israel from attacking Iran in the same manner that Iraq, Libya, and Serbia were attacked.

  12. Eisenhower warned us almost 50 years ago that the greatest threat to world peace is the American Military/Industrial Complex.

    Blowing shit up in the name of God and Freedom is big business in this land that Lincoln handed down to us. We are going to war with Iran to please our Sheeny herders no matter who wins the White House in November. It’s a fact.

    I read somewhere 20 or 30 years ago that Congress voted overwhelmingly against getting mixed up in the European war in the 1940’s. Shortly thereafter, the Jews held a big meeting that had the original Madison Square Garden bursting at the seems. Shortly after that, Congress reconvened and voted overwhelmingly to kick Hitler’s ass.

    I cannot find the source of that info anywhere online. Big surprise.

    The good news is that a whole bunch of Middle Eastern assholes are going to die, and, who knows, Iran might get in a lucky shot that will improve the entire world.

    I’m going to be in the bleachers with an Israeli flag in one hand and an Iranian flag in the other. Rah, rah, rah! Go teams! Blood makes the grass grow!

  13. you should care about iran having nukes because moslems are not rational, and their death cult of a religion mandates they wage war on non believers until we concert, die or agree to live as slaves. for a long time the moslem world has not had the ability to go on large scale jihad, but that doesn’t mean they will always lack the capacity to do so

  14. Gingrich is a cowardly sociopath who knows how to stroke the right people he thinks will give him access to power. He cares nothing for the amount of suffering, death and destruction his war mongering, if realized, will bring.

    What is more disturbing is the large number of “conservatives” and “Christians” who will follow him down the road to hell, decrying or disparaging any objectors as “isolationist” or “disloyal Americans.” Indeed, what is American conservatism today but supporting endless wars (mostly for Israel), applauding anti-White policies (BRA and 3rd world immigration) and defending the global “economy” (destroying a decent life style for Whites)?

    Perhaps there is something to be said for a universal draft. It might serve to curb a good deal of the chicken hawk zeal for war.

  15. I would say Pakistan is more irrational than Iran. I’m far more worried about Israel having nukes than Iran, anyway. You want to talk about irrational. That’s a disaster. Now there is no way for western nations to expel Jewish influence, a natural purging process that recurred for nearly 2000 years. Now the world is owned by Israel. Period. That’s the worst disaster of the modern age. Iran having nukes? I honestly don’t give a flying fuck.

  16. I’ve never heard of Muslims killing anyone around here. I looked at all the stats that were available for the Southern states and it is clear that the Black Undertow is our terrorist problem.

  17. Those lunatics are on Kosher Republic beating their chests about their anticipated victory in Florida. If Newt Gingrich wins the nomination, we are going to wage total war against him.

  18. I will add here that I am not one of the Jewish conspiracy people. Newt said on CNN that he wants to start a war with Iran for the sake of Israel. It doesn’t get more cut and dry than that. He is a puppet of this billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson.

  19. Here’s a little chart I found on a peacenik site a while back. It should give us an inkling of how a war between Israel and Iran will play out.

    I think we could expect an on-the-side skirmish between India and Pakistan when the Iran/Israel main feature kicks off. The U.S. and the UK Yankees created Pakistan about the same time they were creating Israel. They did it to slow down the ongoing civil war between Hindus and Muslims in India. That is another fire that will never go out.

    Nuclear bombs do have pleasant side effects that nobody ever points out.

    Before Big Boy and Little Boy made their impression on Japan, the Japanese were best known for Ninjas, The Bataan Death March and The Nan Jing Massacre. Now they wait patiently and peacefully in orderly lines after deadly tsunamis. So nice.

  20. Stonelifter, with all due respect, it sounds like you have taken the neocon war propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    There is not a shred of credible evidence that Iran is even working on a nuke, let alone has one (remember the WMD stuff used as an excuse to start a war with Iraq? That all turned out rather well, didn’t it?). Moreover, even if Iran had a nuke it would be suicide for them to launch it. Between Israel and USA Iran would be turned into a glass desert. Really, are they that “not rational” to realize that?

    Anyway, if you think we should take on, preemptively no less, the “moslem world” consider: they out number Whites in the world about 2 to 1 and the ratio becomes more favorable for them every year. It’s a bit more than just bombing them; we have to occupy them to win. Good luck with that one!

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to work for peace with them instead of saber rattling at them? I don’t see how this warmongering in any way benefits Whites. Quite the contrary.

    The main reason I like Ron Paul is because he’s a non interventionist. The GOP war mongers are sociopaths, especially Gingrich.

  21. “Hunter Wallace says:
    January 23, 2012 at 7:25 pm
    I’m much more worried about the rationality of the Republican electorate.”

    WHAt “rationality”? “We don’t need no STEENKEEN; rationality!” I thnk the GOP are more deranged than the Lefties, at this point.At least they’ll snap out of it when the BRA hits their turf. The Rapture Bunnies – they will get us all Raptured…

    “Hunter Wallace says:
    January 23, 2012 at 7:28 pm
    I will add here that I am not one of the Jewish conspiracy people. Newt said on CNN that he wants to start a war with Iran for the sake of Israel. It doesn’t get more cut and dry than that. He is a puppet of this billionaire Zionist Sheldon Adelson.”

    Hunter – there is no conspiracy. It’s all right out in the open, at this point. So – who is worse, in terms of destructive power? The Halloween Costume Neo KNAAAZEES? Or Die Juden?

  22. I have this sinking feeling that regardless of the outcome in November, its still going to be more of the same.

  23. Did you hear the carrier we sent through the Straits (yesterday?) is the oldest one of the fleet, due to be retired next year? Can you say USS Liberty part 2?

  24. It’s all right out in the open, at this point

    Partly in the open. If all was in view, they would say holocaust is bs, we did 911, we started WW1 and WW2, and we want Whites removed from earth, and Jesus is boiling in a mix of semen and excrement.

  25. Stonelifter: The only Muslim war that is going on is their continued occupation of the West vis a vis multiculturalism, diversity, mass immigration and white guilt. Hell, in just a few years France will probably have an Islamic president, then for all practical purposes French nukes will be in the hands of Muslims. Again, the issue is NOT in the Middle East, I couldn’t give a rats ass about the place (I wish them well, but that’s it), the war is secretly being waged in the West.

  26. “I’m far more worried about Israel having nukes than Iran, anyway. You want to talk about irrational. That’s a disaster.”
    Yes, especially since Israel has vowed to use its “Sampson option” (nuclear attack) on Iran should Iran manage to acquire a nuclear weapon. But Israel still wants “preemptive attack” (by US, of course) on Iran because Iran already has plenty of conventional strategic missiles capable of targeting Israel’s large stash of nukes. You can read about it here (although this info is a bit dated, it still applies):

  27. Romney should have explicitly said something about black people in South Carolina. I don’t know who is advising him. Now Newt is buttering up Jews pre Florida.

    You have to admit Newt’s a skillful oportunistic. Too Zionist though. The Iranians are too much to handle. 60 million cannot be pushed around that easily. They might have a Persian Spring but no chance of a direct invasion.

  28. Gingrich’s murderous Zionism goes way, way back…Adelson’s $$$ just reinforced what was already imprinted, much like the Jews’ 1937 bail-out of a bankrupt Winston Churchill. In fact, if you look at the Lizard’s wish-fulfillment novels on WW V, VI, and VII, he evidently believes he’s WC reincarnated, here to lead the West to Victory against the “Islamofascist Horde”. On the other hand, Ron Paul excepted, all of our national pols are galley slaves on the USS Israel, so which one winds up Prez hardly matters. Incidentally, HW, I’ve noticed quite a bit of Hasbara trolling going on in your threads lately…congrats, you’re now on the ZOG radar screen.

  29. South Carolina Evangelicals…These people are dangerous…they have obviously given up traditional Christian beliefs, such as prohibitions against adultery ( with Gingrich times 2) and bought into the insane “left behind” theology, whatever crime Israel commits is ok because we are gonna be raptured up theology. In the meantime let’s go kill a bunch of ragheads because it will keep us safe from terror. We use helicopter gunships, advanced tanks, predator drones…to kill a bunch of fighters at Fallujah in 2004 and call it a great victory. Kill a bunch of Taliban and its a great victory…Should we celebrate it? Those “terrorists” were fighting to keep invaders from 10,000 miles away out of their land. Any red blooded American would do the same..if the Jews hadn’t succeeded in taking their guns away.

  30. “Did you hear the carrier we sent through the Straits (yesterday?) is the oldest one of the fleet, due to be retired next year? Can you say USS Liberty part 2?”

    Interesting. I always expected it to kick off with the sinking of a US ship by an Isra…Iranian sub but a carrier? Too big for a sub? Not my area of expertise.

  31. Note to good old Jewmundo Pitts III
    Hey…did you notice that the Vatican..your hated Roman Church…doesn’t go along with all these wars like in Iraq? The Pope was opposed to Bush’s idiotic invasion. Your wonderful Protestant Evangelicals on the other hand..are all for laying waste to the planet so this little anti-white, anti-christian state can rule the world..a world they will have turned into a 3rd world cesspool

  32. moslems are my professional enemy. It use to be the drug cartels, but now…. Any rate, I’ve spent a lot of time working in the moslem world. I have read world history, the koran and parts of the hadith. I’ve seen how they live, how they think, what they consider to be righteous etc in ways most men have not.

    I invite others to do the same before saying shit about islam

    The problem isn’t with crushing the moslem world. We have the military might for that. It’s the nation building stuff that requires massive amounts of man power and which is most likely not possible unless you kill 30% or more of the other side.

    Beating them down wouldn’t take more than the occasional 30 day excursion every time they cross the West. Destroy their crops, roads, buildings, military etc etc and leave. It’s not about caring what goes on in the moslem world, its about keeping the moslem world from repeating its military expansion. And doing it every time the moslems step out of line sets up a rational chain of events. As it stands now, sometimes we hit back, sometimes we don’t and moslems think we are weak because of it. Hell I’ve spoken with moslems who didn’t understand that we were angry over 9/11 because our response was subdued until the bombs dropped. The idea we could be pissed and not take to the streets and tear shit up was an alien concept to them.

    France should be taken down before moslems gain control of their nukes. That to me is the biggest long term threat

  33. Stonelifter – terrific post, directly above. I’m on board with you, with one caveat – can we take out our very BFF, in the MidEast, when we are doing the Raggies?

    If you say “no” – it’s a deal-breaker.

  34. stonelifter, you moron, the reason why muslims are in France is because of the jews in the media and in the leftist political parties pushed for a multiracial, multicultural France. When the native Celtic and Germanic French opposed this invasion pushed by the jews, the jewish owned media and jewish politicians attacked the native french people. Muslims and blacks are in France because of the jewish created and jewish promoted idea that France should not be a Celtic/Germanic country, but rather a multiracial, muticultural country full of blacks and muslims and everyone else.

    Muslims are a problem in Europe only because the governments let in large numbers of muslims based on the multiracial/multicultural idea that jews have been promoting in Europe.

  35. i don’t much care what we do in the middle east as long as the non-Western world learns it’s place and understands its secondary role.

    yep that’s me the moron with a degree in electrical engineering, military history and a minor in political science. I am also well aware that moslems are in Europe because Europeans fell so hard for the jewish cultural marxism stuff, but you know, I’m a moron. My willingness to crush france now isn’t based on a lack of knowledge or understanding. its based on knowledge of frech demographics and successful military precedent

  36. stonelifter- “Destroy their crops, roads, buildings, military, etc and leave.”

    This is straight out of the jewish neo-conservative handbook. There is NO reason why European people should go to muslim countries and kill them or destroy their countries. The problem with muslims only happens when muslims are allowed to invade European societies.

    Who changed the immigration laws in the USA which allowed north african, middle eastern, pakistani, and somali muslims into the USA? Jewish groups did that. Jewish groups changed the immigration laws of the USA in 1965. Jews in other countries, including European countries, have done the same thing. Jews promoted the idea of multiracial/multicultural countries in the media, academia, and in the leftist political parties. And the only way for European societies to become multiracial is by immigration. Which is what the jews have been pushing for.

    See here (

  37. Newt: “If I ran gets nukes it will be a 2nd holocaust”

    YT: So….what’s the downside again?

    On the topic of Jews and war: Drawing the west into a protracted war with Iran would be super for them….but it would be almost as good as doing it with anyone else. The great thing about wars, if you’re a banker, is that the sovereigns involved borrow soooo much money to wage them! You can bet every federal reserve note you have that the same banking families (that are like totally not old world jewish) will be making loans to both sides and their allies supplying them.

    WRT conspiracy: Well, those are always hard to prove as motivation only mentioned openly in smoke filled back rooms. However, if an act is done and motivation can be shown that usually gets a conviction for murder. So, why are there so many old European jew run banks? Because, until 100 years ago, the rulers of empires didn’t need anyone’s permission but they did need money. The best route of control was through banking.

    In the US and Europe now with our pesky goyish representative democracies, loaning money to the sovereign proved no guarantee of control as the history of the 1st and 2nd national bank show us. But if you can shape the opinions of the voters? Well, its a lot easier to keep the goyim in the dark. I personally don’t believe it is just a coincidence that Edward Bernays methods of propaganda have been in use since around the same time as the current version of a national bank, which thankfully for the Jews who run it, has had the longest running history of any of their attempts so far.

    We have the act, we have the motivation, does it matter if premeditated intention can be shown?

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