Romney: Russia Our #1 Enemy

I have generally given Mitt Romney the benefit of all doubts in this campaign, recognizing him as the best GOP candidate to defeat Obama and strongly curtail BRA. So far, Romney hasn’t pandered to Blacks, Latinos, Illegal Immigrants or cried on national TV over America’s White RACIST history etc.

But this week, Mitt Romney said something really stupid: in an interview with (ex AIPAC lobbyist) CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Romney said that Russia was the United States #1 geopolitical foe:

“This is to Russia this is without question our number one geopolitical foe, they fight every cause for the world’s worst actors, the idea that he has some more flexibility in mind for Russia is very, very troubling indeed.”

Does anybody reading OD think THE RUSSIANS like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova are a greater threat to them than say Mexican and Central American cartels, M13 gang members? Does Romney think THE RUSSIANS are big threat to try to take over US states in the South West? I never pegged Romney as a dumb *#% like Dan Quayle and George Dubya Bush. Did someone forget to tell Romney that Communism and the Berlin Wall fell over 20 years ago and the current country of Russia isn’t the same country/threat to America as Stalin’s USSR in 1947?

So Romney is trying to position himself as strong on National Defense – willing to confront THE RUSSIANS,, playing on Cold War nostalgia. Romney is currently hanging out with Pat Robertson’s Liberty University crowd who are certainly nostalgic for the 1980s, the Reagan Administration. They remembered the good old days when American conservatives were “standing tall” opposing the Russians….. well, not all of us. I was supporting my White kinsmen – the Russians in the 1980s as they were invading Afghanistan, fighting the same dark, hairy Muslim mountain scum the US is fighting this year. I also supported the all White Russian Soviet basketball teams as the fought against the mostly all Black “American” Olympic basketball team coached by the likes of Black racist, Georgetown’s John Thompson.

So we all need to communicate to the Romney campaign, to the GOP establishment – to all White Americans that:

The (White) Russians are not our enemies. Neither are decent White people in Sweden, Holland, Poland, South Africa – and we don’t hate other White people over some historical grudge from 100 years ago.

And if Mitt Romney and those like him insist on spreading hateful nonsense against other groups of White people, White nations, they will pay a heavy price: they will be forced to live (actually die) in non White places like Detroit, St. Louis, Haiti, Zimbabwe where there are no Russians, no White people of any kind.

“Kindness” means recognizing and being “kind” to your own kind.

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  1. Romney may be trying to build Nationalism and it will work for some of the older voters I believe. It’s an easy choice, and one I don’t think few would doubt, Russia is a threat but America’s number one enemy. China is more dangerous from an economic standpoint, and Venezuela is far more dangerous based on it’s leader and location

    But America’s number oval enemy is in the White House right now, contemplating his time spent in the shower with Reggie Love.

  2. Romney supports greatly increasing legal immigration, his rhetoric about support for securing the borders is just that. His plan to “staple” a greencard to foreign graduates would be a defacto dream act, and turn diploma mills into outright immigration fraud machines.

  3. He could modify this and say that Russia is a Midsize geostrategic rival. Which is a bit more accurate. Enemy? Certainly not since 1990.

    Again one must perhaps name the Jew here. Jews tend to hate ethnic Ruski. Collectivization of farms was not fundamentally all that different from Robert Shapiro’s contemporary reign of terror over at Monsanto: Jewish resentment over Yeoman farmers and Orthodox landlords terroriszed by commissars. Today patent lawyers suing over genetic infringement in seed stock.

  4. Romney and the audience for OD mean entirely different things by ‘we’. For Romney ‘we’ means the big corporations, banks and political interests; i.e. the Establishment. White nationalists and race realists consider ‘we’ to mean whites in general though there is some disagreement about including Jews, homosexuals and etc. Russia can prevent the NWO that the Establishment longs to put and place and sit upon the top of. Russia as a large source of oil/natural gas can prevent that through exerting economic pressures on Europe. Russia also has a large nuclear arsenal and therefore can’t be attacked overtly. Neither Mexico nor Mexicans (even narco-traffickers) in any way threaten the Establishment’s plans. Hell they’re integral to is in playing a big part in US political and economic destabilization. So Romney spoke truly when he said Russia is his enemy.

  5. Nigeria or Congo are bigger threats given their population and resources.

    Although here’s the tricky bit. What threatens America? What aspect of America?
    When was the last time a Russian killed an American directly or indirectly?

    In these ways Obama is less demented about old rivals. Russia is a state more or less in equilibrium in the world. It exports gas, oil, timber, paper, copper, aluminum and does so at a fair price most of the time.

  6. Romney is a great chum of Netanyahu’s btw. It’s not neccessarily anything sinister but
    Romney does seem to have that slightly irrational American nationalism that Seeks to castigates Europe at any given moment. Even though Europe is getting snuffed out by Asia and Africa. the GOP live in anterior world where Hitler is a leftist, king George was all bad, Lincoln was a saint, bolsheviks are whites, black people are to be “not noticed”, Jewish people are to be honoured in awaiting the rapture, It’s a party with problems. They are a slightly cockeyed variations of the DWL without admitting it.

  7. I too, have given Romney the benefit of every doubt. Much more than the plastic idiot deserves. I’m voting for Romney only because I’m between a rock and hard place. Voting for Obama isn’t going to catalyze any revolution. It’ll just dig white people into an even deeper hole, if that’s even possible, and seeing him re-elected will leave us even more dejected than we already are.

    As far as the Russia thing goes, no, Russia is not our enemy, but realistically, neither are they white Americans friend either. Russians are extremely clannish, and they’ve made it pretty clear over the course of the last 70 years or so, that they have no concern for the welfare of white people besides themselves. I don’t go looking for conflict with them, but I don’t trust them either, and I would caution all these WN types who think that Russia is great white hope of the world stage, that the Jew is still very powerful and influential in that country.

    Russia does often align itself with nations who aren’t friendly to Washington DC’s (and thus, Israel’s) geopolitical agenda, and in so doing, they sometimes assume the role of a counter-weight of sorts, to the advantage of white interests world-wide, but I don’t believe for a second that it’s intentional.

  8. White hope? Eh? They just export commodities these days.
    They did damage as the USSR in Africa for example. They had a fetish for kaffirs there. but I’m not entirely sure that Russians were really writing that policy. They quickly jetisoned a reflexively anti posture once the edifice of the Soviet crumbled. On another note.

  9. Looks triple-layer pandering by Romney.

    1) To his fellow oligarchs
    2) To older mainstream cons who still remember the “commies”
    3) To Jews who still harbor a deep hatred for the Russian goy. A quick perusal of mainstream media sources shows that Jews aren’t happy about Putin coming to power again. Many anti-Putin stories still harp on Putin maneuvering Mikhail Khodorkovsky (Jewish oligarch) into a jail cell.

    This is why I’m voting Obama.

  10. What would the world look like today if the Czar had come out on top in Russia?

    There would probably be at least another 300 million whites strolling around today. Poles, Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, Finns…

    …probably illing up boats colonizing Africa too.

  11. Romney probably wishes he could bring back the good old “Cold War” days when life was simpler. Back then all that a politician had to do to get a military appropriations bill through both houses was to bring up the increased “Soviet Threat” and the money tap got turned all the way open.

    It was a happy time. The Pentagon got to place big orders. The Big Brass got big kickbacks. The politicians got another reach-around from Daddy Warbucks. The guys at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, TN got to work overtime. The car dealers got to sell new cars to the bomb-makers, so the folks in Detroit that were laid off from the BIG FOUR got called back to work. The boys who made lunch boxes and lunch meat could go ahead and start looking for that bass boat they had been daydreaming about on the job.

    The announcement that the Soviets were an even bigger threat this month than they were last month, which came in fuzzy because the antennae wasn’t turned right, would inspire teachers who had become lackadaisical about our expected doom to once again enthusiastically teach her flock the proper method of hiding under a desk when the atomic bombs started landing all over the proud land that flew the Stars and Stripes.

    We’ll never have it that good again, Mr. Mitt. I wish it was going to be that easy for you.

  12. This isn’t pandering, for chissakes. What country do you guys live in? Are you completely unaware that the USG has been extremely hostile to Russia and that this is merely another attempt by the useless android to signal his foreign policy “maturity” and “realism.”? He isn’t trying to win old folks votes by appealing to the cold war; he’s merely repeating foreign policy consensus to signal that he is ready to lead USG. NATO expansion, the incredible boost in Afghan opium production under U.S. rule, flooding Russia with cheap heroin, backing Georgia to the point where it engaged in a war it thought it would win, carving up little brother Serbia’s land and handing it over to Muslim terrorists, using USG-funded NGOs to forment revolution in Ukraine, on and on and on.

    And given all that, you are shocked that the mainstream guy views Russia as an enemy?

    Sometimes, I read these sites and think, my God. 95% of Americans are in a leftist dream and the few that have woken up won’t see what is in front of their eyes. Who in their right mind EVER thought that Romney was conservative or some kind of hope for our people?

    This is nothing more than a routine statement of the mainstream view of USG foreign policy. The fact that you guys think this is exceptional means that you don’t understand your government nor how it works. And if you don’t understand the enemy, your tactics and strategy are going to be flawed.

  13. This is Mormon mythology, plain and simple. One of the program’s biggest current supporters is Mormon Joel Skousen, who is decent person and intelligent strategist. But it’s definitely Mormon mythology. Skousen believes the breakup of the Soviet Union was a ruse to trick Western governments into a more relaxed stance.

    I want Romney to say what he believes as a Mormon, to discuss it and bring it out into the fresh air. His entire political career he has been able to avoid doing this. Not a single non-Mormon advisor or friend really knows what the fuck he believes. He doesn’t talk about it.

    Until this Russian enemy thing. That set off the bells in my head. This guy is operating on full-on Mormon goji juice. Good? Bad? Who knows. Only mormons. Pull the lever to find out what you’ve won.

  14. Kevin – I dig it. Mitt’s the same old same old.

    I’ll got for him to give Whites breathing room. Not because h’es our Great Whiter Hope. We may be past the point of no return anyways – but 4 more years of Soteoro and Holder – we become SA. Period The collapse will come anyways.

  15. Denise, what negatives long term do you see arising from our situation if we become SA over the next ten years, given that, unlike SA, there are hundreds of millions of us in North America and not a small minority? Isn’t that perferable to a situation where the degeneration is so slow that no action is ever taken, as happened in the UK?

  16. Man, I hate the Romney. Good Lord, even his routine campaign signs send me over the edge. Not “Repeal Obamacare,” no. But “Repeal AND REPLACE Obamacare.”

    No doubt some focus group told him that people don’t like Obamacare but they do like the idea of health coverage, etc.

  17. Kevin,

    I interpret Romney’s comments as a standing audition for the people behind that agenda, i.e. a form of pandering to them, among others.

  18. Exactly, Lew. Point taken; in that sense, it is pandering. It’s a demonstration: I am mainstream, I believe in the current USG foreign policy, there will be no changes under my leadership. We will continue to have military forces deployed in over 50 nations; we will remain in Iraq. We will remain in Afghanistan. We will continue to deploy militarily in Uganda, Libya and, perhaps, Syria. We will continue to spend 100s of millions to support the latest USG-ward, South Sudan. Similarly, we will continue to support “Kosovo,” even though many European Union nations refuse to recognize it. We will continue to pretend that NATO has a mission besides the American occupation of Europe.

  19. Kevin,

    Grow up. This website is about as “anti-USA-American” as it gets. There are no illusions about the GOP. The nuance here is that Obama is better on Russia than Romney. Obama is probably slightly better on Israel too.

    Trouble is O is a black.

  20. So only the politically clueless were surprised to hear Romney say that Russia was the biggest threat Kevin? That’s a whole lot of clueless people. That do not include Mormons.

  21. I don’t agree, really. I think there are still quite a lot of illusions about the GOP and USG, both here and elsewhere in the Alt Right. I understand it and have a lot of sympathy; it’s very hard to realize just how much of an enemy USG is. But analyzing what Romney could mean by what is by any measure merely a mainstream statement of support for standard issue USG policy means that we don’t have a proper, revolutionary understanding of the situation. But perhaps I will understand better when I grow up.

  22. “That’s a whole lot of clueless people.”

    Yes, this is exactly what I said, and why it worries me deeply.

  23. The USG is a far greater threat than Russia. I think I understand what you are saying now. You’re saying the US is the threat to Russia, and Romney is stepping in line with that by justifying it by saying that Russia is a threat to the US. Like Iran is a threat to the US, like Iraq was a threat to the US, like Afghanistan is a threat to the US, etc. In other words, they are at the top of the list to be destroyed.

  24. Revolutionary?

    Are you a Trotskyite?

    The English will drive the vermin out btw. The Pakistani pimp issue is going to change minds.

  25. No, not a Trot; just calling it like I see it: when a government acts in a way that it has lost legitimacy, the situation is revolutionary.

    I hope you’re right about England. Nothing saddens me more than to visit the UK these days. To see London or Manchester or even poor old Bath these days is to literally watch the barbarians triumphant on the streets of an ancient race.

  26. You want to see the Hope for the survival of our Race and once-and-future Nation? Stand in front of a mirror. Romney? Obama? Bloodsuckers for the Zionist/Right and Socialist/Left tentacles of the same Jew-Globalist Squid. Forget these scum. Soon they will be chaff in the wind. Invest in lead.

  27. Kevin,

    That’s exactly how I see the geo-political situation, too. You are right that too many people on the alt right think the GOP represents some kind of real alternative to Obama and the Democrats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  28. It’ll be like Edward Longshanks or Alfred when it all flips.
    The Manchester City crowd was extraordinarily unruly.
    Owned by a sheik but the crowd was quite Ginger and Pastey.

  29. John says:

    “the GOP live in anterior world where Hitler is a leftist, king George was all bad, Lincoln was a saint, bolsheviks are whites, black people are to be “not noticed”, Jewish people are to be honored in awaiting the rapture, It’s a party with problems. They are a slightly cockeyed variations of the DWL without admitting it.”

    Jack Ryan replies:

    Well said. Don’t let any White Republicans, White American “Conservatives” get away with doing any of these deceptions – no the Bolsheviks in Russia were not
    White, White British colonialism wasn’t the worst thing in the world and we Whites in former British colonies have nothing in common with NW like Mugabe who are still fighting the British Empire. Lincoln…. well, Lincoln and MLK weren’t saints and we don’t want to be forced to worship either, mostly worship MLK. Yeah, we notice Black things, like massive Black on White crime, much, MUCH WORSE than anything any White Russians have ever done to White Americans. And the whole White American relationship with Jews and Israel is not natural – the RAPTURE….. WT*? We supposed to just ignore all the terrible problems caused by NWs in America and just pray to get RAPTURED out of this? Or maybe we’ll get to bomb, bomb, bomb Russia like we did to our White kinsmen in Serbia. And all of this nonsense is supposed to go in to the “Conservative” category, not to be confused with those GOSH DARN LIBERAL DEMOCRATS who are supposedly still soft on….


    No, don’t think so – please work hard with all Whites in your lives that we don’t go for this stuff. The Whites in Russia are not our #1 enemy. Romney should receive lots and lots of abuse, ridicule for speaking this nonsense.

  30. Putin’s Russia is hated especially because it hinders having their way with Iran, and Romney parrots the line.

  31. Romney is in thrall to the Jews.

    Whatever we hope for the US, Russians have done for Russia over the last 22 years;

    starting with excising the Jews.

  32. I’m no big fan of Romney, but I think it’s possible he deserves a pass here. Judging from statements he’s made in the past, he seems to believe (rightly) that there are certain matters about which presidents shouldn’t tip their hand in public. I think there’s a very good chance that he understands exactly who are the real enemies of the American people, but it’s prudent not to call them out in public (as the imbecile Bush did with his “axis of evil” routine that wasn’t even accurate); and yet in foreign policy discussions one has to admit that there is SOME enemy out there, so why not name in public a former enemy, which is now largely irrelevant to our security, and which in the near future should really be cultivated as an ally? I doubt Putin and Medvedev will have hurt feelings over all this, they know how the game is played.

    Of course I could be wrong, but one thing you’d have to admit about Romney is that the man isn’t an idiot. What I like about him is that he knows what money does, where it comes from and where it goes, which is something that Obama approaches with essentially magical thinking.

    How great would it be to see Germany pull out of the EU and form a sphere of cooperative influence with Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Think of what could be done under those circumstances.

    In my dream version of diplomacy, we would have a properly pro-white Germany-Poland-Russia-Ukraine sphere, and a properly-led, Anglosphere-centric, anti-immigrant UK would re-constitute the core Commonwealth, once again turning Britain, Canada and Australia/NZ into a trans-global superstate, and the US would regain its sanity. In such a context, the rest of Western Europe would quickly come to their senses as well, being so good at being led by the Anglo-Germanic elements of the whiteosphere. With the white homelands properly secured, the West could then treat with the other civilizations in justice and peace, from a position of strength and serenity. Such a scenario would actually do far more to further the good of the rest of humanity at large than the current depraved scenario.

    But of course then I woke up, with a giant headache and a gopher in my bathroom for some unexplained reason, and my pillow was gone.

  33. “Romney said that Russia was the United States #1 geopolitical foe:”

    Putin is pretty much the only current White national leader who isn’t completely owned by the banking cartels.

  34. Putin is a supremely ruthless guy. there are downsides to this but he is entirely predictable. Given their shrunken borders the Russians are kinda harmless, the nuclear arsenal they possess is simply their insurance policy. They’d never actually launch one.

  35. Basically over the last 50 years these Republican con men have sold their overwhelmingly white voters to the abattoir for a profit. That’s their gig in the system. You’ve actually got to admire them in a way, they’ve delivered their constituents to their death yet still managed to keep their murder victims support. They’re reaching the end of the line now, though, the millions the Democrats have imported will soon make Republicans irrelevant. This endless wars/conflicts for endless votes must come a cropper, and soon. As Dr. Johnson said “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”, and once the war-mongering fails the Repubs will be out of tricks, and even the most ignorant and cowardly “conservatives” will have to face the reality of their dispossession.

    It should be said that Putin is exactly the same sort of scumbag as these Republicans, whipping up hatred of America among the Free Republicsky retards there while selling Russia down the river. He’s big on immigration too. These f*ckers don’t care who they rule as long as they rule. Wanting to restore the influence/power that the former USSR had = working for the benefit of the elite instead of the Russian people. Let’s not forget that the USSR not only armed non-whites against whites but that the cold war was the excuse for the ’65 immigration reform act and innumerable laws embracing one-worldism and multiculturalism. Scumbag Putin was a Chekist and part of that system that did so much damage to Western Civilization, and he hasn’t really changed.

  36. A world dived in thirds; 1/3 for Anglo’s; 1/3 for Russia and 1/3 for China with the understanding we don’t stir the others kool-aide would be much more stable. Never going to happen though

    I’ve liked almost every Russian I’ve meet, but they are Eastern and a little odd to me. They are not a threat but are a competitor. Same for the ChiComs. They both want a great deal of influence in areas they thing are theirs but neither are looking to take down a america. China does plan on being at war with the usa in the next 20 years, but they say that about areas they want to influence vs “invade the capitalist pigs” kind of talk.

    My guess is, Romney will not push the Russians much, but they are good “foes” in the since that they are rational; our interest conflict; pols can do the tough talk and realize things will work out in the end with little cost; pulls on the “good old days” heart strings etc etc

  37. I can understand some of the arguments for supporting Romney. Mainly, that he may give us some “breathing” space. If so I suggest you all take a very big breath.

    He is in reality just another white anti-White. In all fairness to him he doesn’t even try to hide it.

  38. “A world divided in thirds; 1/3 for Anglo’s; 1/3 for Russia and 1/3 for China ”

    Sounds interesting. But hey, wait a minute… where have I heard that before?

    Oh yeah: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia… 🙂

  39. Someone’s got to tell teh Romney that a planet over run by non-whites won’t be one worth living on.

    What idiotic 1980’s nostalgia, as Hunter said.

    Obama has been teh bestest thing to happen to the WN movement ever.

  40. Stonelifter writes:

    “I’ve liked almost every Russian I’ve meet, but they are Eastern and a little odd to me. They are not a threat but are a competitor.”

    Jack Ryan responds:

    I am glad you liked almost every Russian you’ve ever met. Doesn’t that say something very important – ie – that these (White) Russians are (White) people like you/us, you like them and they like you, so we shouldn’t be tolerating White political leaders talking about expensive, destructive wars against these nice White Russian people who are very much like us – only they might have some “Eastern” culture that’s a little bit different.

    Consider going with the truth that White America wasted most of the 1960s, 70s and 80s spending $ trillions on National Defense to fight….


    How stupid was that? You don’t see Jewish Americans calling for wars against Jews in Israel or against Jews anywhere else in the world. You don’t see Black African Americans calling for wars against Black African nations. That’s because American Jews and Black African Americans have very strong racial/tribal loyalties to “their people”. Unfortunately White Americans don’t have similar racial/tribal loyalties to our White people.

    We at OD must take a very strict, zero tolerance position that we will not allow any White person of importance to push White vs White civil wars.

  41. Good point, John the Second.

    We need to clarify to ordinary White people — the real conflict is racial conflict for territory, resources, and even our very own women, children and our own lives.

  42. the soviet union would have taken over Western Europe without american military might. It would have been the easy way to prop themselves up

  43. We at OD must take a very strict, zero tolerance position that we will not allow any White person of importance to push White vs White civil wars.

    We’ve gone down that road too many times. If they’d never happened, there wouldn’t be a multiculturalism problem.

    I saw a news story on Russia last year where these Africans were seeking refugee status in Russia, and the bureaucrat responsible told the BBC interviewer point-black that he wasn’t interested in seeing Russia look like western Europe.

    “Russia protects itself from refugees and African immigration!!! What are YOU doing?”

    WTF are blacks doing in Russia ?

    Russia is on the same page as OD.

  44. “WTF are blacks doing in Russia ?”
    Desperately doing everything to escape each other. Thanks for that link. “Everything is so horrible here you RACISTS! give us more!”

  45. Desperately doing everything to escape each other.

    Excellent point. Blacks move to the west (or Russia) get enough critical mass going to wreck havoc and start the process again. Throw in a few responsible ones to confuse the liberals, and in time, there will be no where for them to escape. “And the beat goes on.”

    Despite the years of communism, they don’t care about PC. I can’t image a western bureaucrat saying what that Russian guy said.

    BTW, there are some other interesting youtube clips linked to that one.

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