Buffalo Man Stands His Ground

New York

With so many White “leaders” pandering, backing down at the mere hint of being called a “RACIST”, it is nice to see at least one White man standing his ground and speaking the truth as he sees it to be.

One such man is this working class White guy from Buffalo who has the courage to defend his neighbors and his White working class neighborhood. I encourage other OD readers to spread this type of argument – nothing hateful, nothing conspiracy theory, nothing exotic and foreign, just a regular White guy expressing his views that different racial groups should stay with their own kind and not try to horn in and destroy White neighborhoods.

VIDEO: Extreme race views spur controversy: wivb.com


  1. We need to send him talking points:

    The average black is more likely to be a criminal than the average white.

    The average black is less intelligent and more compulsive than the average white.

    We could have demolishedd those silly radio guys. The working class who are going to speak up like this need some rhetoric training.

  2. On the S&R show—

    The interviewer shifts the narrative by trying to show that the Buffalo guy has “never lived anywhere else.”

    THEN when he has, he backs down— but says he, himself, has lived where white people “trash things.”

    He should have been called on it—- asked to describe EXACTLY WHICH ALL neighborhoods the radio personalities witnessed the trashing whites in.

    THEN, it’s disgusting in that he turns it into a Marxist dialogue about classicism (Actually claiming that “renters” screw up property where “owners” do not, which is often a LIE.) But this exposes his own sweeping leftist (class-based) generalizations.

  3. I thought this guy did great – kept it simple, something working class Whites can relate to:

    People should stick to their own kind not try to horn in on White neighborhoods.

    NW come in and run things down.

    It’s simple – works for me. I would work to get this guy elected mayor of South Buffalo, or if that can’t be done, make him the head of a neighborhood association.

  4. One thing that happens in these interviews, is people such as the guy from Buffalo becomes defensive and does not answer the questions with questions.

    He had a right to ask: why is the radio guy so combative? why is he not concerned about death threats? why does he make sweeping generalizations about “class” based things, which is so wrong—like that renters don’t take care of things? the radio person should be accountable for his own labeling of people (obviously all he’s doing is labeling people— and not even caring about death threats against a human being)

  5. The working class guys (like myself) must be in the front lines in this fight, for we are the ones who will be hurt the most. Unlike the higher income folks, most of us don’t have the extra cash to move to a safer neighborhood. And if we do move out, we take a financial loss in selling or homes. From now on, it’s got to be white fight instead of white flight!

  6. Most leftists tend to be activists, at least to a degree; and most journalists are leftists.

    Going to journalism is a way for them to do their activism: by shaping the message and molding people’s minds. The same applies to professors and school teachers: many, if not most, are leftists and want to shape people’s minds.

    Its the same when one is in university, and you say something that isn’t politically correct at a party, or whatever, and guaranteed, there’s always some PC police “person” to scold you for stepping out of PC line – usually a woman, but sometimes a enoch. They are meeting their leftist activism obligation.

  7. I wholly agree, this man needs TALKING POINTS! He should have blown those radio jackasses out of the water! Science and stats and all of recorded history were on his side, but went unused.
    Trashy whites? Why no shootouts in Appalachia?

  8. He did a excellent job. I agree with Dixiegirl it’s imperative we learn how to turn the tables in these situations. It’s easier said than done. Having a microphone and TV camera shoved in your face can be intimidating. He kept his cool with that smarmy, condescending prick.

    I think seizing the moral high ground and putting the media hack or other anti-White interlocutor on the defensive should take a back seat to any other message or talking points. They will be virulently hostile and unfair; there is no point in engaging them until you have them on their back heels. Getting them on the defensive needs to be the first step. Once you have them on the defensive, then you can start in with the points.

    This would have been a good situation to describe the reporter as anti-White and use other portions of the mantra. The most important talking point in my opinion, even if you can’t get in any other point, is to label enemy views anti-White.

  9. Taking the moral high ground is always imperative even when you want to debate crime and IQ stats.

    Taking the moral high ground is how we are going to get women on our side. We break the left’s monopoly on controlling the moral high ground we will run the table.

    “Look at what those awful anti-whites are doing to white children, those anti-whites are not nice people.”

    That is why I posted Southern Nationalist’s Mantra technique, because for so long the Southerners in the heritage and seccession movement were stymied by the “racist” word and it scared off women or turned them into damn near anti-whites. Those horrible days are ending, even Michael Hill seems to have outgrown his Mommy Prof. training and he is starting to sound sensible and not defensive when the “racist” ephitet is thrown his way.

  10. the moral high ground is where ever you put your artillery but in this guys case, being calm and reasonable seems to be the best. state your piece and leave them to do the fuming etc

  11. Sorry for the threadjack but I have to answer stonelifter’s military analogy with my own. We are driving the anti-whites’ artillery off the high ground, the days of us whites occupying Dien ben Phu are over.

  12. That’s why anyone complaining about his performance really needs to think twice. Buffalo ain’t O.D..

  13. He might be sbuffalonative on Amren. There seems to be a solid race realist community in Buffalo. Good for them. Buffalo may be the New South, since all the Yankees moved to N. Carolina.

  14. The guy gave out his full name on the radio show and the general area where he lives, they’ll crucify him. I laughed out loud at the radio shock jock whinging about white trash and the “you can’t stereotype a whole race!”. You can stereotype whites but not anyone else in his mind.

    I’ve lived next to white trash and had problems with them, in most cases I’d still rather live next to them. Has that shock jock ever tried to deal with certain racial groups over minor things like noise complaints or maintenance? Odds are the first thing out of their mouths are “you’re racist!” for daring to bring up a grievance.

  15. @Landshark

    “There seems to be a solid race realist community in Buffalo”

    – No. This guy is expressing exactly how ALL white people in northern, rust-belt cities feel. There’s no secret “race-realist” communities up here for people to migrate to, or exploit somehow.

    “Buffalo may be the New South..”

    – No. If anything, Buffalo is Detroit’s sister city. If you noticed in that video, Buffalonians and Detroiters even have the same accent. Many cities in Michigan were first settled by people from western New York. And I lived in Buffalo in ’98-’99. Buffalo is northern, ethnic, Catholic, urban, and leans pro-choice — everything you Southerners consider so “alien”. Don’t try and ascribe some “Southern” credit to northern common sense about race. We never kept niggers as slaves. We fought to end that abomination.

    “..since all the Yankees moved to N. Carolina.”

    Or, maybe the current generations of Southrons are just plain liberal dumbasses after all? You blame northern migrants for Dixie’s modern political woes, but when a plain-as-day NORTHERNER blows your preconcieved notions about “yankees” out of the water, you rationalize it buy suggesting that there’s some secret racialist community up here, or that Buffalo of all places, is now “southern”. You realize how ridiculous you sound?

  16. It’s good to see signs of intelligent life in the North on matters racial, although the North is not in my blood and never will be. Too many cultural differences. I wish they’d move the Met from NY to Alabama or Mississippi so I would not have a reason to go north of Tennessee again.

  17. BAM… in the bag chris, they had to use martial law to secure milwalkee and detroit for “diversity” , just like little rock except shoots were fired, both times in detroit and in most of the other manufacturing bases. whites in the vicinity of these former-wonders of the world, remember veeery well “how it works”, they just play ball to keep their jobs, i forgot the term for these folks.

  18. Not as ridiculous as you, 313Chris, you belligerent kike. I happen to like Buffalo. I have relatives there and I think it’s interesting how the race issue is playing out in such a seemingly unlikely place.

    Can’t you find somewhere else to go pick fights you dumb shit chipped shoulder marrano buffoon?

  19. The average black is more likely to be a criminal than the average white.

    Blacks on average are more likely to be criminal than Whites on average.

  20. I never called you an asiatic wop. That was Rudel.

    Clearly even the man himself admits that his views may not be widely accepted. The man himself accepts that his native town does not wholly share his views, in spite of your claim of massive race realism in the rust belt. Lot of fire-eating rhetoric coming out of the Detroit Free Press we’re not hearing about is there? Please, let’s see the link.

    Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Tesla, honeymoon capitol. Plus it’s cold as crap in the winter, which blacks don’t like. My relatives are not race realists, although they may be moreso now than they used to be. I don’t see that side of Buffalo.

    From my limited perspective it seems like a stand of sorts is happening in Buffalo. I sure don’t see a stand happening in Detroit, that’s for sure. It’s lights out there. Or in the South. The South has the history but not necessarily the current momentum. They have a lot to overcome. Detroit is over. Yet there is a spark in Buffalo. A good spark. It’s the spark of grassroots resistance. A new South.

  21. No, I’m from the North. When I referenced Yankees moving to North Carolina I was alluding to earlier recent threads wherein Stonelifter and DixieGirl were complaining about all the dumb Yankees flooding the South. And I don’t begrudge them that complaint. But if all the SWPLs are moving South, that means the next South just might be in the North. Like Buffalo.

  22. Buffaloman stands his ground and brings it home. Brevity is not only the soul of wit it is the pith of common sense and sensibility. This is exactly how Whites who know the arguments have to talk to fellow Whites who are still heavily programmed.

    Notice, he does not argue with the interviewer. He does not ‘bite’ on the gambits: prejudice, ‘they will be offended’, biased etc. He states the self-evident truth for where we live. He does not try to get through the anti-White programe; he gets around it. He does not yield (now what does that make me think of?) any point that the interviewer will then use to take us back to the programme. He takes the ground of ‘the issue’ and plants it in South Buffalo.

    Thanks for posting. I loved it. And I made everyone in my house watch it until they learned it and could do a passably good imitation of Buffaloman’s clear and candid: ‘and why is that an issue’.

  23. @Tabula Raza

    “The average black is more likely….”

    We all know what he meant. He isn’t writing a piece for TOO.

    I can’t recall ever hearing a “man on the street” interview where the interviewee was as direct, forthright and honest. He sat back and serenely smiled while the interviewer fumfered like a retard once the guy started speaking his actual mind. Imagine that. Some white (they’re ALL racist) has the temerity to express his racist sentiment that he wants his neigborhood to be a WHITE NEIGHBORHOOD. Furthermore, he flatly states that minorities, specifically blacks ruined their own and he doesn’t want that eventuality in his own neighborhood.

    This is an outrage! Why I’ll bet that non-white reporter has never been so put upon as to have a white speak to him with this utterly unPC kind of talk.

    In truth, doesn’t this tell you how incredibly docile we are? This guy couldn’t be more soft-spoken, respectful to the creep with the mic and patient. And we are all so impressed .

    We have got a long way to go to “harden our hearts” (Anderson Hatfield – Hatfields and McCoys .

  24. @Landshark

    “Clearly even the man himself admits that his views may not be widely accepted.”

    – He also said that everyone else felt the same way as he does, but are afraid to say it out loud.

    “The man himself accepts that his native town does not wholly share his views..”

    – Again, he said that everyone feels the way he does, but won’t say it out loud. Clear some of the fecal matter out of your skull and listen to the whole interview.

    “..in spite of your claim of massive race realism in the rust belt.”

    – The Metro Detroit area is the most racially segregated place in the entire country. It’s that way for a reason.

    “Lot of fire-eating rhetoric coming out of the Detroit Free Press we’re not hearing about is there?”

    – I wouldn’t know, since I don’t read it. You see, I actually work for a living, out in public, where I interact with a wide variety of white people around here every day. I know the feelings of my fellow whites in my city better than you ever could — reading the Detroit Free Press online in… wherever it is you live.

    “Plus it’s cold as crap in the winter, which blacks don’t like.”

    – Well thanks for tactical observation, genius. Detroit is pretty cold in the winter, too. So is Sweden. Hell, so is Moscow, and even that place is crawling with niggers these days. Niggers go where there are white people, dummy. What is your point?

    “From my limited perspective it seems like a stand of sorts is happening in Buffalo.”

    – If you think one guy giving an interview on local TV constitutes “a stand”, then yeah, your perspective is limited.

    “Detroit is over.”

    – And if there was a white riot here tomorrow, you’d probably be getting misty-eyed about “sparks” and “stands” and “resistance” in the very place you just got done trashing.

    “Yet there is a spark in Buffalo. A good spark. It’s the spark of grassroots resistance. A new South.”

    – Aside from how delusional-sounding that is, the North will never be “the South”. And if I’m reading you correctly, you seem to be suggesting that (based off an obscure story on the internet) Buffalo is now the epicenter of white-resistance in America? (Huh, I thought HAC said it was the Pacific Northwest?)

    You call me a “kike” and a “marrano”, but YOU seem to be more the wandering Jew than anyone. You and all those other idiot vanguardists who are always looking for somewhere to “migrate” to, to finally “resist”, when in reality it’s just an excuse for you lacking the balls to contest even the dirt beneath your feet. Where do you live anyway?

  25. Please try to keep comments civil and not fall down in to flaming others here.

    This was a positive story – a simple White American working class guy standing up for his neighborhood, standing up for the legitimate rights of our people in our country.

    We wish others like him to do the same in the North, South, Midwest, Pacific Northwest – all over our country.

    This is our country – White Americans are “native Americans” – that’s why the PC folks call us “Nativists”.

    14 Words

  26. “We never kept niggers as slaves. We fought to end that abomination.”

    Just say no to niggers as pets.

  27. I think this man did a wonderful job. He doesn’t need talking points at all.

    Calmly speaking the truth from one’s heart is more powerful than reciting talking points in some kind of contrived debate.

    The possibility of there being millions and millions like this man must send chills down the spines of the anti-white establishment.

  28. Robert O – This is a simple working class guy. He spoke from the heart. He’s a VERY good looking guy (I have a keen eye for that sort of thing). His medium (his looks, and sincerity) delivered his message beautifully.

    The snarky kikenvermin radio snake sounds like a whiney little Joobeeyich. This young man’s “persona” wiped him off the map. The Marxist rhetoric is getting shriller and shriller every second.

    Jack Ryan – agreed. The Simple Man imagery is very compelling. He’s clean, neat, and confident. His inflection was just perfect. PERFECT. A RADA trained ator could not have done a better job. The guy’s tone (inflection, vocal modulation) came across as “I’m sorry – but fact are facts. Blacks destroy everything. I don’t want my place, my neighborhood destroyed. This is my HOME. I’ve worked hard for what I have. I am sick of seeing neigborhood after neighborhood ruined. I’m making my stand”. That’s what he SAID. That is what EVERY White listener, save the most feckless SWPL, “heard”. Never mind his actual verbiage.

    I don’t care what Negroes think of this guy. They don’t matter. This guy’s simple message will reverberate with ANY sincere, honest hard-working person. White or not. Asians and Hispanics will heartily agree.

  29. Chris, this is the absolute dumbest argument I’ve ever been invited to engage in, so I shall give you the last word.

  30. But if all the SWPLs are moving South, that means the next South just might be in the North.

    That’s have become a running joke in my AO

    Why do anti Southron Whites read this blog?

  31. That comment wasn’t intended to be anti-Southron. I think people who don’t like the South should leave the South alone and if they move South should be respectful and humble towards Southern ways. I respect the South very much.

  32. RRS – tracking this guy down, and slipping a little rhetoric wouldn’t hurt at all. Should he ever be called a “racist”, and flipped back, (hopefully in a bored but amused tone – the perfect delivery) “Anti Racist is code for Anti White” – that Antis would bleed out their eyes….hee hee hee….

    FYI – I used that today, on a Super Bright young redheaded teenager, in my neighborhood, today. He’s a kid that the rest of the hood thought of as “kinda weird”
    cause he’s shy, and quiet, and very, very thoughtful. I think he’s actually genius IQ. The hubster was talking to anothet neighbor, and the kid wandered over. We began chatting; every-one knows I’m into politics, and I’m “radical”. He asked me about who I’m voting for. He loves Ron Paul too. EVERY Young Person I’m meeting loves Ron Paul. We got into a big discussion. We were laughing over the stunt the Romney delegates may pull at the GOP Convention i.e. flip over for Paul. Well, during our conversation, one thing led to another, and apparently he is trying to get into an elite university – but he KNOWS he’s being discriminated against because he’s a White male. He’s not rich. He’s not socially “connected”. he’s just a super intelligent, talented young man. He knew about Race and IQ. He’s very quietly, very politely angry. (Just like the guy inthe video)

    Well – I went to town. He got a big dose of the Mantra – woven into my solilquy. I don’t give it all in one dose – I break it up, as the situation warrants. I told him Anti Racist is code for Anti White. I then told him that he, in a SANE world, should be the FIRST candidate chosen, due to his talents, and background. That caused him to glow. Affirmation and recognition means a lot. I re-iterated. I use the Mantra as a punctuation. You have to say things at least 3 times, for it to “sink in”. FYI – I sent him to a few “lite” sites – including SBPDL. (Guys around here seme to love the name, of that saite, for some reason). I told him about Rushton’s work. Mantra inserted.

    The reaction was interesting, when we all headed off in our various directions, I said that I hoped I didnt’ say anything that freaked him out. He said, “No! This was GREAT!…”

    I told him to stop over any time he wanted to talk.

    We will win. The tide is turning. We will win.

  33. Harry O,

    You watched the “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s? ”

    We have got a long way to go to “harden our hearts” (Anderson Hatfield – Hatfields and McCoys .)”

    It was terrific!

  34. Stonelifter: “Why do anti Southron Whites read this blog?” What about anti- anti-Northern Southron Northern whites?

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