Buffalo Man Stands His Ground

New York

With so many White “leaders” pandering, backing down at the mere hint of being called a “RACIST”, it is nice to see at least one White man standing his ground and speaking the truth as he sees it to be.

One such man is this working class White guy from Buffalo who has the courage to defend his neighbors and his White working class neighborhood. I encourage other OD readers to spread this type of argument – nothing hateful, nothing conspiracy theory, nothing exotic and foreign, just a regular White guy expressing his views that different racial groups should stay with their own kind and not try to horn in and destroy White neighborhoods.

VIDEO: Extreme race views spur controversy: wivb.com


  1. Stonelifter: “Why do anti Southron Whites read this blog?” What about anti- anti-Northern Southron Northern whites?

    LOL. MY hillbilly head hurt reading that….

  2. LOL

    No Landshark there was nothing anti-Southron in your statement. …. “I think people who don’t like the South should leave the South alone and if they move South should be respectful and humble towards Southern ways. I respect the South very much.” … That much is very clear and Southrons would be more welcoming if you were the normal transplant

  3. Denise says:

    We will win. The tide is turning. We will win.

    Some recent positive developments:

    “Foreign criminals will no longer be able to argue ‘right to family life’ to stay in Britain”
    June 1o, 2012


    “Bill C-304: Hate Speech Clause’s Repeal Gives White Supremacists Rare Moment Of Glee ” June 8. 2012


    But, keep the pressure up.

  4. In the link below the video, there is a link to a follow-up radio interview with the guy. Unfortunately, the radio hosts sort of succeed in working him over and getting him to apologize and back down somewhat…he’s a regular joe without enough intellectual ammunition to rebut them thoroughly, but still it’s great to see a guy like him speaking out.

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