The Cost of the Union: Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

District of Corruption

In a 5-4 decision, Obamacare has been upheld. The individual mandate stands under the tax writing clause of the Constitution. As we saw in Arizona vs. U.S., disputes over the boundaries and power of the federal government are decided in federal courts, which have a vested interest in consolidating all power in Washington and stripping the states and people of their reserved rights.

Note: OD has said all along that the federal government is a consolidated despotism. The Constitution died 147 years ago under Abraham Lincoln. No one should be surprised. Obamacare and Arizona are in the nail in the coffin of “Take America Back” Tea Party-style “mainstream” conservatism.

Deo Vindice … thanks to the Union, you have Obamacare!

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  1. Yeah White people have been waiting on the courts to rule in their favor for a hundred years or more. When are Whites going to wake up?

  2. Hunter- I know you can see good in both sides. If the Supremes uphold Obamacare, then Secession is that much closer, and, while we may not live to see the day, our children (please God) will.

    If the Supremes gut O-care, it means that White America still has a chance to avoid both Jewish Bolshevism, and (even greater) coerced funded illegitimacy in matters medical.

    Of course, if they gut O-care, it is as well as saying to the world, “OBAMA THE FAILURE.”

    Which merely means more people will think as we do.

    But I don’t care what the Supremes do anymore, myself. I am no longer a resident of this nation. “This world is not my home.” I would rather be present with the Lord, than present in this sorry country. May God exact his vengeance on the antichrists in our midst, and save His heritage. Amen.

  3. But really it’s all about nothing. Only lawyers could get excited about the argument that requiring people to buy insurance violates their constitutional rights, but taxing them and giving them insurance does not. A difference without a distinction.

    A simple reading of the Constitution would leave one with the correct opinion that creating, running and requiring citizen participation in various insurance schemes, including Medicare and Medicaid, is far outside the powers delegated to the US Federal Government by the States.

    But this is not even an issue. The existence and continuation of these programs is taken for granted by everyone, including so-called conservatives. Only the libertarian/patriot right-types can still read for comprehension, apparently.

    You want to talk about BRA, talk about Medicaid. “Health Care Insurance for the Poor”. But not just any poor. Not someone like a 45 year old white guy who’s down on his luck and between jobs and needs some medical care. Nope, it’s for “families with dependent children”. So, it’s really the poster child of the welfare state. It’s the one that allows baby-mamas to continue being baby-mamas, because the American taxpayer will give them an insurance card that they can use to get their kids taken care of.

    Meanwhile Jack Whiteguy, the unemployed mill worker, who paid taxes for 30 years, and paid for his own insurance and his kids insurance but finds himself unemployed at 45 after the DWLs close his mill with environmental red tape, he doesn’t qualify. He should have worked harder, doncha know, and saved for a rainy day.

    So fuck the Supreme Court no matter what they decide. They have (almost) all bought into FDR’s abrogation of the Republic.

  4. Denise,

    I hope they do. What a misreading of politics. It makes them look like the racially obsessed droids we know they are. There is a counter meme that is working: that the whole contempt motion is a partisan witch hunt. The MSM is invested in this bigtime. Fortune magazine ran a 10 page article attempting to debunk the central claims of Fast and Furious critics. They ran it just yesterday, timed to support holder and prop up the counter-meme.

    Nobody thinks this is because a bunch of White people are out to get the black AG, because he’s black. So the protesters are saying that ethnic solidarity trumps facts, they will support black people as black people above all other considerations, and they won’t even discuss or debate the merits of the case, they will act out.

    “Black Caucus flash-mob’s Congressional vote.” Maybe they will turn over the candy machine in the cloak room and steal other members iPhones on the way out of the room?

    Non racially aware Whites are getting tired of this, it’s a totally counter-productive tactic for them! Go for it!!

  5. Upheld. Every decision from the court in recent memory has been about taking power from the states. Even the decision on the Second Amendment was eventually about this. More power concentrated in DC, less anywhere else. America has got to go.

  6. What to hell did you expect? This is the same crew that’s been shoving niggers down our throats since before the War Of Northern Aggression. Did anyone actually expect that they would strike down a law that was designed primarily for the benefit of useless niggers?

  7. I can imagine that kosher republic is on suicide watch and Daily Kos just had a heart attack from over excitement.

  8. So congress says it’s not a tax, SCOTUS say it is, does this now mean SCOTUS has the power to tax?


  9. I doubt there is much money to give gigantic fat blacks a $6000 dollar cat scan at white taxpayer and white granny’s expense (that is what we were charged for a cat scan recently). I would bet outside of Kook Central there are people on the Left hoping for that proverbial one step backward at this moment to defuse the situation and quickly.

    From my base perception of this, the basic funding from this comes from taking this out of medicare’s hide to go to the Dems’ retarded dependent base with a few crumbs thrown to low ranking DWL worker drones.

  10. Roger – good. This means that there will be no “new jobs created”. Empoyers won’t be able to afford employees.


  11. ps this is why I stopped voting in fed elections. the last reason I held on to voting for president because I though supreme court appointments were important, more important then who’s ass was polishing the chair in the oval office, but the conservative justices are never conservative making it a moot point

  12. Now all we have to do is hope that Obama’s nigger vote counters manage to steal the election for him again in Pennsylvania and Ohio again and we will soon get to see the great U.S.S. Yankee go belly up with their mongrel alpha dog clinging to the mast below their goddamned striped banner.

  13. Roberts goes along with the charade. What did you expect? The highest judge in the land swore in an invalid person as president and has thwarted efforts to hear cases on his eligibility. None of this should have happened. All of Obama’s acts are invalid as performed by a usurper and Roberts is aiding and abetting this travesty. Roberts and Mueller are contemptible and have no honor.

    At every juncture the elite seem to be able to pull the strings to get the outcome they want. When Arizonans pass a bill to vet presidential candidates, “tough” Jan Brewer vetoed it! Anything she does after that should be suspect!

  14. To be perfectly honest, I had expected the Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare and support Arizona, but I expected that we would lose the Supreme Court at some point down the road.

    This decision just makes the long term into the short term. Which is better.

  15. Which reactionary here can hold his/her breath the longest? Stop being a joke folks and put your fine white minds to something constructive, start by trying to be healthy and not a fat white tube zombie begging Uncle Sugar to send money to “I deserve it I pay lots of taxes” azz.

  16. Playing Roots Backwards,

    My sentiments exactly. What did you expect? Just a few years ago, the Supreme Court upheld affirmative action for a generation. Back then it was Sandra Day O’Connor. Now it is John Roberts who wants to impress the media.

  17. Earl Warren, John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, John Roberts.

    We have to elect Mitt to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court!

  18. SCOTUS asked whether the Federal Gov should have more power, SCOTUS says yes.

    It was a debate over the micro-management of medical care on the Titanic, anyway….

  19. Electing Mitt won’t make a difference. The outcome is identical.

    Same train, different seats. Destination tyranny..

  20. I just saw 7,000 rounds of 62 grain .223 ammo for sale on Nextech classifieds for a fair price, just in case anyone needs to stock up. Private sale. No tax. I expect to see a lot of ads like that between now and Pretend My Ballot Counts Day.

  21. This has been a GREAT week for nationalists.

    Mainstream conservatism is again shown to be a sure fire loser.

  22. On the other hand, the most charitable interpretation of Roberts dual decisions is that he may be throwing down the gauntlet to the states, especially since Scalia in an unusual move read his dissent out loud in the Arizona case. His specific statement on the tax aspect and advisability of the program seemed like an incitement: “it is not our role to forbid it, or pass on its wisdom or fairness”. Not being a legislative branch that is true – anything that is constitutional the Congress can pass.

    Respecting the narrow issue that Obamacare swung on, the government does have the ability to raise taxes for a universal health care system, since the enumerated powers doctrine and tenth amendment have proven no bulwark against overreaching by the federal government under the general welfare clause. We can thank our WASP forbears who gave us the vague general welfare clause, Sixteenth amendment and the income tax for the present situation. HW probably would like to forget that it was two sons of the south – Oscar Underwood and FM Simmons – that sponsored the first law re-imposing the federal income tax after the ratification of the sixteenth amendment. Without this, the whole basis of Roberts’ decision (that the individual mandate can be characterized as a tax) would be impossible.

    If twenty six states don’t like the Obamacare and Arizona decisions it seems high time that they clipped the Federal government’s wings a tad.

  23. Watch and wait. When secession begins and the daily death toll dominates the evening news, all of the pussies who pushed us into a corner will be asking in sniveling unison, “Why are you so angry?”

    That’s what pussies who flip you off in traffic ask after you follow them to where they are going and snatch them up. In our Eloi society there is a vast majority of dipshits who have no concept of consequences for actions.

    Don’t worry, dipshits, a crash course is on its way.

  24. It was a very different time.

    Rhett, for example, was a crusader for the income tax. Back then, the government was funded primarily through tariffs. Lots of people who opposed protective tariffs (typically agricultural interests who correctly saw it as a form of regional wealth redistribution) supported the income tax as a means of doing away with protectionism.

  25. “SCOTUS asked whether the Federal Gov should have more power, SCOTUS says yes.”

    Haha, yeah. Hey Federal Government, should the Federal Government have more power?

    Yes? What do you mean “YES”??? Didn’t see that coming….

  26. The core issue is the same as it has always been: under the Federalist plan for the Constitution, which was opposed by the Anti-Federalists, the federal government polices the limits of federal power through the federal courts.

    In Federalist propaganda, various arguments were made that the federal government would not usurp all the powers that had been reserved to the states and the people:

    “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”
    – James Madison, Federalist #45

    Few and defined?

  27. “I doubt there is much money to give gigantic fat blacks a $6000 dollar cat scan at white taxpayer and white granny’s expense (that is what we were charged for a cat scan recently)…”

    I was visiting someone in an old folks’ home when I realized they had make it so medicare could pay for electric shock treatments and there was a spike in simply rolling out people and zapping them, which killed many birds with one stone, making oldsters pliable, in ways that no one would notice, and more bucks in the bank.

    There’s really no tyranny on earth like Medical.

  28. Social democracy worked very nicely if the ethnic group is homogenous.

    Virtually all English or Swedish or Swiss or Norwegian. Indeed it is a good thing in the right context.

    It will only serve to breed blood enemies in this context while soaking the guy who actually digs ditches, fits pipe, wires buildings, installs fixtures, roofs and pours concrete.
    Being forced to buy a private product is also totally offensive to any self respecting socialist as well.

  29. To be perfectly honest, I had expected the Supreme Court to strike down Obamacare and support Arizona, but I expected that we would lose the Supreme Court at some point down the road….”

    Idk— none of these people have ever even been to what a hundred million people call America. They have no ties there, no long-term family ties, have not traveled there, have no loyalties there.

    Almost categorically, the people in government are first-generation.

    You’d think Trotskyites would understand what that means about themselves —in practical terms— i.e., that they are tools and put where they are, not because, they’re smart, but because they have no loyalties, and are the proverbial “blank slates.”

    They tell them it’s a “nation of immigrants,” and well, their mommy and daddies were “immigrants” so they are fighting for immigrants…

    I used to think they were more intelligent than that. But it really is the infantile psychological setup that propels most officials.

    At root, they are very simple people. Money, sex, being liked, saying the “right’ thing. And there is little more to it.

    that’s what makes it such a tragedy.

  30. The critical thing about healthcare in Europe (of which this law is a typical cargo cult copy) is that it patches together the working age man for “free”.

    The way the Germans did it after ww2 was to tell all the guys swimming in chemical vats and getting singed in the steel mill, Or losing limbs in the factory was that they
    were not to worry about costs associated with industrial accidents.

    This plan simply appears to breed nigs and soak middle aged skilled workers.

  31. It will only serve to breed blood enemies in this context while soaking the guy who actually digs ditches, fits pipe, wires buildings, installs fixtures, roofs and pours concrete—-

    Anybody Creative, really. The worst thing anyone can do in such a climate is use God-given brains, skills, talent, creativity. Everybody gets from somebody else (the heart of a debtor Welfare State means OWING— and everyone enters into predatory relations with everyone else, coveting their things, getting from others the way the state gets it; the state that tosses the public’s money back at them in small increments, making them bed for their own belongings).

    It gets really bad when the state figures out that the best and brightest are coming up with strategies to check out, realizing that if they use what’s best within themselves, they’ll be eaten alive).

    The creative person, the closest to “making” things, is the only one with anything, really

  32. Another thing,

    This surely means that affirmative action must end. The worker drone can’t carry everything indefinitely.

  33. Being forced to buy a private product is also totally offensive to any self respecting socialist as well.

    But being forced to buy to product from a government monopoly is paradisiacal?

  34. We can thank our WASP forbears who gave us the vague general welfare clause….

    oh please. once upon a time, wasps were all there were (really), and contrary to popular opinion, we don’t all think exactly alike, like robots.

  35. —- The whole debating-owing Welfare Thing just produces such an ugly INTERNAL way of going about life. It truly —and logically– obviously produces just about the ugliest, angriest, and fake-iest people going.

  36. It gets really bad when the state figures out that the best and brightest are coming up with strategies to check out

    Somebody could write an 1100 page book on that subject. . .

  37. @Dixiegirl: No offense intended. And its not that the founding fathers really couldn’t think of everything, rather some of the founding fathers really wanted a strong central government and would be pleased at the arc of the nation’s history. I’m reminded of this every time Bill Kristol shows up on TV to push his neocon bs – Kristol could be the bastard son of Alexander Hamilton, he looks like him so much! AH was likely an agent of European banking interests and I’m sure would consider Kristol his spiritual heir. As Franklin said, our “government is a republic if we can keep it”. Obama is clearly a demagogue of the type that arises in a democracy in its latter stages and is likely a bad sign that the US is in terminal decline.

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