Chick-fil-A and Southern Identity

NY Times food critic Kim Severson compares Chick-fil-A supporters to Confederate flag defenders


BRA’s lesbian Kim Severson is right: the Chick-fil-A protests are reminiscent of massive resistance during the Civil Rights Movement.

Homophobia is the new “racism.” Heterocentricity is the new “xenophobia.” The taboo against gay marriage is the new interracial marriage. Christians are the new intolerant White racists standing in the way of progress and social equality.

Isn’t all this being done in the name of “civil rights”? Southern segregationists always said that the Civil Rights Movement was virulently anti-Christian and was organized and led by communists.

Christians have clutched that viper to their chests for fifty years now in order to be part of the “mainstream” and now it has bitten them. You can’t surrender your White identity and expect to keep your Christian identity.

Update: Homosexual activists staged their promised Chick-fil-A “kiss in” this afternoon.

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  1. after checking with a gay friend to make sure he was not offending him, Mr. Morrison decided to continue to eat at Chick-fil-A

    Please excuse me if this post contains typos. I’m afraid I vomited up an entire Chinese dinner all over my screen after I read that line.

  2. “That’s why, after checking with a gay friend to make sure he was not offending him, Mr. Morrison decided to continue to eat at Chick-fil-A.”

    I wonder if Mr. Morrison’s gay friend ever asked Mr. Morrison if his gay lifestyle offended him.

  3. You fellas beat me to the punch.

    “But at some point, it has to be about the food, he said.
    That’s why, after checking with a gay friend to make sure he was not offending him, Mr. Morrison decided to continue to eat at Chick-fil-A.”

    Yeah, it has to be about the food AFTER he makes sure his gay porn friend approves. What does he do call him before making decisions about lunch? Weird.

  4. I didn’t check with my gay cousin, all of us in my family knew how he thought. He knows we love him as a human and that it isn’t our place to judge him, only God’s. Is it not hilarious that the New York media finds a way to include an interview with a man that has us think that it is just to get permission from the gay people you know before you do something? The media really are disgusting animals for they are always shoving a lifestyle down your throat. F*ck the New York Times.

  5. queers are the smallest minority in the usa. How did they find so many people who know queers for their story?

    I’m calling bullshit on that part of the story

  6. I am an outsider, but potential ally. I am a white nationalist Irish Catholic New Englander.I am heavily involved in promoting Irish, Scottish, general Celtic , and American Scots-Irish culture. It may surprise you to learn that there is a pub in Massachusetts where very good bluegrass music is played monthly, without a cover charge, and these perfomances are well-attended, and other Celtic is performed regularly. Only a few of us involved are explicitly white, yet the others, some very liberal, are committed, unknowingly in some cases, to promoting white culture.
    And so, I am puzzled by this Chick-fil-a controversy.
    If there IS one of their restaurants nearby ( and I haven’t checked yet), I will certainly make a point of dining there. Yet, if this is an important manifestation of Southern CULTURE, then you are lost, and your blog is a waste of your time. If some major fast-food corporation is an exemplar of Southern culture, then the South has no culture anymore.
    What is culture? It is certainly music. It is traditional dance. It is the plastic arts ( I have given rudimentary lessons about how to draw Celtic knotwork). It is our traditional Celtic languages.
    Culture is not a restaurant chain.
    And if, today, Southern culture IS exmplified by a restaurant chain, then the Southern “culture” of today fits somewhere between the pathetic and the bizarre.

  7. “For Mr. Breen, a young motion graphic designer with many tattoos, a baseball cap and a best friend in the gay pornography business..”

    How the New York Times wishes they could start every article.

  8. “queers are the smallest minority in the usa. How did they find so many people who know queers for their story?”

    Your talking the NYT, they just had to take a stroll down to the break room. Queers are like termites, you never notice when they aren’t around.

  9. Food is also part of a culture. It’s was started in the South, by Southron Whites with food enjoyed by… Southron Whites. It’s closed on Sunday’s which is a part of our not to old ways, and the family who created the company supports our traditional belief system in very tangible ways

    Now all of that does not occur in the South only, nor is among our most uniquely Southron ways but it is Southron

  10. And notice Southron White men, how this “potential ally” from yankeeland starts his introduction by backhanding our ways

    very, very few yankees are potential allies

  11. NASCAR is the big cultural Southern ‘thing’ it seems. Possibly the US Special Forces as well. Faulkner and Flannery Oconnor. Twain arguably belongs.

    Chick-fil-A is a good craic. That’s all, chill out you’re humourless.

  12. @Stonedwhiner

    “very, very few Yankees are potential allies”

    Maybe that’s because you Southron like yourself take every word as personal slight, wage feuds over imagined offenses, endlessly cry about a past you weren’t alive to be affected by, and refuse to accept any responsibility for the consequences of your own people’s actions.

  13. you’re the one blaming the negro problem on us when they weren’t a problem until your kind set them free. All you do is bitch about the yankees reaping what they sowed on the negro question and blame it on the South

    We were affected for generations from the economic destruction caused by the north; affected everyday regarding having our ways ridiculed by yankees and their media; affected everyday by yankee transplants ruining our tows and cities. We are affected everyday by yankees setting negros free; making negros citizens; the civil rights acts; the 1965 immigration act, voting act….

    Yes the South use to support the DNC when democrats appointed Southron White supremacist to key positions, but we bailed on the party and BRA as soon as it was created in 1965 via voting for Nixon

    you and your kind blame these on the South and jews and everyone else but who is really at fault, the damnyankee

  14. I didn’t mean to give MAJOR offense by my comments. I apologize if I did so.
    In New England, we have a different definition of “yankee” than you do in the South (leaving aside, of course, the NY Yankees, whom every decent human being SHOULD hate). In NE, a Yankee is the descendant of the old stock Puritans, who launched the war against the South, dreamed up the horrors of Reconstuction, and put up “Irish Need Not Apply” on their businesses.
    Yes, you do have natural allies here.

  15. @JWB

    White people all over the world are going to rally to Chick-fil-A. In a corporate culture dominated by the Jew Bank and its corporate infrastructure, its largesse to Zionist causes and anti-White causes, Chick-fil-A management is on the record as supporting the basic morals and values of the majority White demographic: marriage, family, community and Sunday. Fried chicken fits in with this.

    Doesn’t matter where you are from in America – the picnic lunch at the Sunday baseball game was fried chicken. By this, I do not mean on tv, I mean when the whole family went to the park and you watched the local teams play and people ate fried chicken and potato salad and drank soda.

    And White people even in countries that do not have a Chick-fil-A in the whole country are going to support Chick-fil-A because it said: “We support Mom and Dad and the kids and Sunday and fried chicken”. In America – as in Europe – statements and actions along these lines are a hate crime that will bring out every whiney Hymie and Femocrat and Agenda 21er and Animals Firster and Faggots united for the A-hole and every demon spawn in Hell against any White who dares make the kind of statement that Chick-fil-A made in the corporate domain.

    This makes them a White Cause Celebre.

    So, I would see the Chick-fil-A stance in the culture of corporate America as a cause that supports the kind of things that American Whites generally would identify with.

    Whereas traditional culture: language, craft, music, dancing that is ethnic heritage. It could fit right into to the cause Chick-fil-A espouses. The Celtic pipes and drums should get themselves down to Chick-fil-A after practice night.

  16. I think JWB (and maybe others) missed the point. The NYT is the one saying that Southern culture is no more than food.

    They’re saying that to make the point that all those White people eating chicken on Tuesday weren’t there to support marriage, or Christianity, or even freedom of speech. They were there to eat Southern fried chicken. Because they have to eat chicken, they have no other Southern values, it’s traditional, and they have permission from their homosexual pornographer friends.

    So there.

  17. So you meant to give minor offense JWB?

    It’s been documented how the South wanted to go peacefully but the yankees wouldn’t allow it. You elect to ignore history because you don’t have the balls to own up to reality. Clinton won the South because of the negro vote, given to them by yankees in congress. He also ran as a new kind of democrat and NC did not go for him in either election. The South left the DNC over johnson’s policies, which passed the congress by yankee support. White Southrons left the dnc when the dnc ended it’s affiliation with Southron White supremacist. Yankees ramped up their support for the dnc when it turned its back on White Supremacy

    The north and yankees gave us obama.

    You will lose the argument about the north supporting BRA vs the South supporting BRA every time. All you have to do is look at the White voting record of each location. Expect you aren’t honest enough to own up to the truth. You are every bit the troll slow joe is and as vile as any nigger lover. Hell loving niggers is probably how you survive living in Detroit

  18. “My kind abolished slavery in our society because it’s repulsive and dangerous.”
    Since you are identifying with the abolitionist crew Chris I believe it would follow it was your kind also who made them citizens of the United States of America and gave them voting rights. It’s your kind that made blacks soldiers.

    Slavery was once legal in all 13 Colonies and the reason it was easy to abolish it in the North is because large scale plantation agriculture wasn’t possible in the North because of climate and soil conditions so huge amounts of blacks were never imported. Their decision to abolish slavery was a much easier economic and social decision to make. If there was no such thing as the arctic I can promise you they would have had blacks jammed pack to the North Pole working plantations.

    Nat Turner killed around 60 whites. I don’t think 100 whites died in slave rebellions in the 200 some years slavery was practiced in the Southern American colonies. How many whites have died since your great decision to abolish slavery?

    Do you know why Booth himself said he shot Lincoln? Booth was in the crowd listening to a speech by Lincoln where Lincoln advocated citizenship for intelligent blacks and black soldiers. Booth then told his friend,

    “That means nigger citizenship. No, by God! I’ll put him through. That is the last speech he will ever make.”

    It should also be pointed out that even if Lincoln was in any way still in favor of colonization when he died he was never in favor of deporting the blacks against their will from American territory. So how many blacks do you think would have ever voluntarily decided to go back to Africa?

    Who was responsible for putting scalawags Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton in the White House? The only states to vote against Johnson in 1964 were those of the Deep South and Arizona which was Barry Goldwater’s home state. The only state in the North that wasn’t a rural Midwestern State and didn’t vote for Clinton was Indiana.

    The South lost in 1865 all right and the constitution of the Founding Fathers died that year too when the voluntary Union of affection was replaced with a Union of compulsory force.

  19. @JWB: You totally missed the point. The chain is the creation of white gentiles, and reflects white gentile wealth and values. As such, there are those who want either to get their grimy mitts on that wealth, or destroy it outright. The fact that it became a target of rabid bolsheviks for these reasons means that it should be defended for those reason alone. If we don’t defend businesses owned by allies we will all end up having to patronize businesses that hate us after we go to “our traditional Irish ceili”. That would be “great”, wouldn’t it? Its within my lifetime that businesses in the north weren’t open on Sunday either.

    Looked at from the bolsheviks’ perspective – they want all our wealth to be channeled through businesses they control. Isn’t it about time we started freezing them out and patronizing only businesses and professionals that are friendly to out interests?

  20. So, are the DWL’s going to show up for a ” kissing protest” to support their gay friends?

    This is where the rubber hits the road.

  21. “Yes, you do have natural allies here.”

    Natural allies for what? To sit around and throw rocks at a dead man’s tomb? Because that is basically what the Yankee WASP is now in terms of being a functional group with any kind of power.

    The old stock descendants of the Puritan’s are a tiny minority in New England now.
    Massachusetts is as opposite culturally from the South now as ever if not more so but who makes up the largest ethnic group in the state? Why lo and behold it’s the Irish?
    Italians, Irish and French descended people each outnumber people claiming English descent. In fact people claiming those three backgrounds make up 50% of the population by themselves. So the days of blaming Massachusetts voting patterns on the old Yankees are long over.

    Also you need to question why would you want people for allies who constantly denigrate the people who let them immigrate to their states in the first place? People who are still talking about fictional “No Irish Need Apply” signs 150 years later? There were a whole hell of a lot of Yankees hiring the Irish to do work if they weren’t hiring them the Irish would have never have gone there. If the persecution was so bad though they always could have gone back or moved to Brazil or Mexico. I mean the famine did end in 1852.

    People need to realize that the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend and it sure as hell doesn’t make that person my countryman. The only “help” these people want to give you is to completely redefine the historical self-conception of the South just like they have already done in the North. There is nothing traditionally Southern about despising English history.

    Read about “No Irish Need Apply” signs below

  22. Pray that the example of well-adjusted whites patronizing CFA may persuade some of those whites among the protesters that maybe they’ve been had and are being used to advance an evil agenda.

  23. @ “….It may surprise you to learn that there is a pub in Massachusetts where very good bluegrass music is played monthly, without a cover charge, and these perfomances are well-attended, and other Celtic is performed regularly. Only a few of us involved are explicitly white, yet the others, some very liberal, are committed, unknowingly in some cases, to promoting white culture….”

    Why would it surprise us to know people in Massachusetts occasionally play good bluegrass music?

    Oh… because we’re racist redneck hicks who have never been anywhere? yeah…

    Potential Ally, lumping together Irish Catholics and Scots-Irish American heritage (and trying to subsume it under music or food, like it’s one Bloomingsteinenburg’s nyc “pride parades” (which boil all cultures down to a couple food dishes) is a concern for me.

    Just that paragraph would have pissed me off in conversation. I’m just saying.

    In fact, there may be room for a Southern blog of just Northeast stories, especially about transplant— Like, “Old South in the New South” or something. “hanging onto our heritage by a thread.

    The line in the NY Times about segregated churches and then just saying “because that’s how communities define themselves” (or some such) was a sort of shift, simply acknowledging that many people like it that way (including blacks)

    We knew a Northeast Transplant couple who always bragged about taking their kids to an all black Southern church. Frankly, I’m sure some of the older black people, who looked forward to an ethnic Sunday weren’t exactly thrilled, but no one ever told the white couple

  24. “For Mr. Breen, a young motion graphic designer with many tattoos, a baseball cap and a best friend in the gay pornography business, the chain’s chicken sandwiches and waffle fries transcend all the protests and political symbolism that have played out this week.”

    something that ‘transcends’? Severson’s need to mention this piece of crap humanity, clearly trumps any ‘feeling for the South’ or an ‘understanding of the religious nature’ of the land he/she/it says it/he/she lives in.

    What utter bogusness, masquerading as reportage. I’m sick of it.

  25. @ “… Yet, if this is an important manifestation of Southern CULTURE, then you are lost, and your blog is a waste of your time. If some major fast-food corporation is an exemplar of Southern culture, then the South has no culture anymore.
    What is culture? It is certainly music….

    THE NEW YORK TIMES SAID it was a manifestation of Southern life.

    NORTHEAST people see “culture” as some corporation, or food, or music, etc.

    In reality, it is the natural expression of a group (a real ethnic group) WHEN THEY ARE ALLOWED to actually congregate and the uncontrolled group expression happens. This can express itself in arts, but it is also —and most important to the south– an expression of manners, habits, customs, THE LEGACY OF THE SHARED EXPRIENCE of the war, and reconstruction, AND the continued legacy of being demonized by the “Union” media in all forms.

    It is not a pride parade. Or anything some Northeast paper says.

  26. All the Americans who think Chick-Fil-A is somehow going to turn our culture around and somehow save America have their heads up their assess : Big Time.

  27. Look how long the Irish in America bear the imagined greivances of 150 years ago.

    “No Irish Need Apply”

    Someone was housing and employing Irish you thick sob. The wish is me crap must stop.

  28. Anglo-Protestant… Nyc is only 4% wasp, but they are still blamed.

    Anymore —and with so many posts s/a the one above— people who have no irish blood are saying they do to fit with the dashing pro irish hollywood movies, touting of kennedys, their saying they own the supreme court, etc, or just to get JOBS if they’re still left in the cities (you’d better be jewish, italian, or irish, or you better not apply— What about the ‘wasps need not apply’ signs?

    —in the 60s some of the wasps seemed like jewish proxies, like how they had to be the “name” on things, like Margaret Sanger, or Margaret Meade (when the jews really were underwriting the new “social sciences” and public control ideas, like sociology/psychiatry for social control) or in the media, Edie Sedgewick starlets, publicly committing suicide, etc.

  29. Southerners are rallying against gays– never saw the Southerners rally against divorce. Southern Baptists have the highest divorce rates in the USA. One would think if they were so gung-ho about traditional Christian morality, they’d have the lowest divorce rates. But they don’t. They have the highest divorce rates. This whole Chick-Fil -A thing is bullshit. Homosexuals are being used as scapegoats for all the failings of White America. It’s so obvious.

    The rate of abortion amongst Baptists, and other so-called Christians in America ain’t anything to write home about either. I wonder how many of those flocking to Chick-Fil-A now to join in this campaign have been divorced ? How many of the righteous women have had abortions ? How many indulged in pre-marital [and post-marital] promiscuosity?

    This whole Chick-Fil-A thing is so inane. And they say blacks have low IQ’s.

    Laughing online.

  30. PS yankees have no idea what lincoln planed on doing with free negros. Not one fact can be presented on the topic, no plan was in place, but they like to think america’s 1st tyrant was a good guy and would do the right thing…. what a sick and delusional people. The yankees still controlled all federal and state govts forces at that time. They could have done what ever they want with negros. They set them free and made them citizens. Proud to set negros free, proud to make them citizens. That’s the yankee legacy. Killing White men and setting negros lose. And they are proud of that! The negro problem would be a 100% Southron problem if the yankees weren’t consumed with greed for tariff money from Southron cotton exports

    Later in 1965, a scallywag POTUS and yankees in congress made negros legally better then Whites, let them vote and opened us up to immigration in a way never seen before. And yet not one damn one of them can take responsibility for their actions. They never condemn these things, they condemn the South with their false understanding of history

    For the money spent, the yankees in their war on the South, they could have bought the slaves freedom and sent them back to where ever, or left them in the South. But the yankees instead elected to wage war on White people. Really that is kind of false statement because yankees didn’t start the war to free slaves. They started the war to enslave White Southron people with the Morrill Tariff. They did it to keep tax money flowing and to ensure they had a market for their manufactured goods. Then they brought other Whites over to work in their factories… and they paid the price of it by being replaced by Whites hostile to them like they are hostile to Southrons.

    And then a yankee says its a potential ally, but starts off with…. minor offense? No attempt to make common ground, or attempt to explain why it thinks it would be a good ally…. Any yankee who thinks he will be an ally needs to start by demonstrating a correct understanding of events, lincoln, the war, Reconstruction etc and condemn those things.

    Hell just the fact yankees are here at a pro Southron secession blog insulting Southron history and people says they aren’t our friends and can’t stand to let the South be. Even online they won’t let Southron people be. Their meddling ways are an illness. The sooner more Southrons learn the truth of these vile “people” the sooner Southron people will strive to reclaim our land and heritage

    Apparently Denny’s made a pretty good pro gun add not to long ago

    While created in CA, Denny’s Corpatre HQ id now in SC’s

    I think Denny’s CEO is from Dallas. Seems like two Southron companies are doing right

  31. @ “…..In NE, a Yankee is the descendant of the old stock Puritans, who launched the war against the South, dreamed up the horrors of Reconstuction, and put up “Irish Need Not Apply” on their businesses.
    Yes, you do have natural allies here….”

    Despite the hopes of some wn—- “yankee” has slowly been redefined as the Northeasterners.

    The Civil War wiped out the Puritan (in reality)—- and the catholic-jewish alliance (which neither will admit to) took over the Northeast, being even more yankee than a yankee.

    The catholics used the brown proxies, and the jewish allied with the blacks.

    Try looking at it that way, and a whole new (obvious and reasonable) interpretation will unfold.

    The Northeasterner is LIKE the Yankee in their Do-gooderism (the Jews have the only covenant with God Himelf, and the Northeast catholic —represented by the Kennedys, the open border policies to romanize the country, the takeover of the Supreme Court, the giving the Vatican an Embassy in washington as a base of operations, and so on) has the ONLY TRUE PATH to God himself.)

    Nothing personal— it’s just a fact of the religious ideologies.

    (This doesn’t mean real jews or catholics—- i.e., Pat Buchanan’s last book shows that MOST WHITE (not non-white) catholics do not believe in the points where they split with protestants anyway (papal infallibility, transubstantiation —many don’t even know they’re supposed to believe in that or what it is— and confession to only an ordained priest)

    Frankly—- the Puritans were kinder to us.

  32. I know White Christian Americans are really true-blue Christians because they don’t even have the balls to throw their teevees in the dumpster and go build their own culture. They sit on their fat butts and complain about Jews in Hollywood while they sit there like zombies and watch the garbage Hollywood feeds them. Everday they run to turn-on their teevees to eat the shit the Jews feed them. Doesn’t occur to them they can just throw their teevees in the garbage and go find something useful and beneficial to do.

    Even a bigger joke : They complain how degraded the movies are. Yet, they get in their cars and drive over to the movie house and fork over hard-eraned dollars to watch the shit they complain about. Jackassess.

    And they say blacks have low IQ’s

    Laughing online.

  33. No Joe,

    Emmanuel decided to block licences for Chicago. Bloomberg did the same for NYC. Their reasons were to punish anyone for heresy on gay marriage. Once they got invovled the orcs of GLAAD decided to mount a war. I find it cooincidentally interesting that you attack conservatives 24/7, yet pose as one concerned about how wrong they are about everything.
    That’s the very definition of a “concern troll”. Thank you for your concerns Joseph they are duly noted noted but you ought to be banned. Nothing you suggest is in good faith.

  34. Stonelifter,

    I work on it, and it’s difficult—- but they are really trying to be nice, or at least make connections, when they see that their reality is not the only reality out there (something some of them eventually pick up on).

    MANY OF them came to the U.S. after the Civil War (that’s how far removed from the founders they are, and how far removed from the real deal and oral traditions of LIVED experience with the war, which have even yet not been properly documented).

    They really are raised on what many Southerners would call totally Non-American (even) ideas, historical stories, and so on.

    For one-to-three generations (usually about that)— they have been trying to be “American,” ONLY TO FIND OUT that many in the country who date further back really see them as a very different kind of “American” (who were foreigners brought in, told a completely different Trotskyite manufactured history than the other Americans had).

    They really do want to “fit in” with the “other” Americans (the real southerners, and the people who have connections to the American Revolution)—

    But it involves a whole other counter-education— as well as an internal admission that may feel to them, like a betrayal, like they’ve been lied to.

    The bright side is that they’re here because they’re losing.

  35. Excuse the typo: “Earned”. As in forking over hard-earned money for shit. As in knowing it’s shit, yet forking the money over anyway. Then complaining it’s shit : Even though “they” — White Christian Americans — knew it was shit before they even forked over their “hard-earned” money.

    Laughing online.

    How many tripping -over- themselves to join the Chick-Fil-A campaign are gamblers ?drinkers ? How many have screwed a relative/friend out of money, an inheritance for example? How many do volunteer work to help their fellow White Americans ?

    This whole Chick-Fil-A thing is a such a farce. I wish Mark Twain were here to see it.

    It’s classic American Gothic.

    Laughing online.

  36. Denise,

    there’s no need to go there. Joe is simply a DWL. He gets off on the stomach churning spectacle of queers stamping all over the dignity of ordinary people.

    just like this writer, he thinks the spectacle of limp wristed, bull dykie, shaved headed pierced chicks is cool. It’s pretty obvious.
    If you think about that scene in Sodom with the crowd of men demanding that the
    angels be brought out for a gangbang the GLAAD warriors are doing something related. It wasn’t so much the desire to bang anyone it was the desire to trample on a “holier than thou” or holy household. The violation and inyourface dominating attitude
    is all. We all saw Adam Smith. He’s typical queer. Not an aberation in that community.

  37. I also think that Sodom was a metaphor. However the GLAAD types are turning it into a reality. When they do that kiss in shit, I guarentee you that a few of them will start humping or simulate it.

    Everyone should get their camera’s ready. These people will expose themselves as deranged and animalistic.

  38. @Stonelifter
    You’re tough. You’re a Military Man. You’re going to lead the South to liberty and freedom: To Very Secession Itself even, that’s how tough you are [ as per you].

    One would think you’d be able to take a few posts now-and- then that are less than complimentary.

    You’ll be facing alot more negativity when the time for secession comes: Like the whole US military. If you’re tough enough to go up against Uncle Sam’s military [ as per you] one would think you’d wouldn’t fall apart just because someone points out another way at looking at things : Another viewpoint.

    If you can’t handle another viewpoint — and yes, sometimes another viewpoint that is critical and questioning— how are you going to handle the whole US military when it’s time for secession?

    Laughing online.

  39. Work on what dearest Dixiegirl?

    Some yankees here are allright, and I will strive to remember that more often. Other yankees…. are the worst of what that breed has to offer and are here to run their betters down and cause problems. Or try. They do get their asses kicked in the debates

    Does it matter if they came here after the war of northern aggression when the continue the same anti Southron attitudes and policies of those who were here for it?

    and…. dear woman, never use their term civil war. it was not a civil war. Civil wars be definition are when one group tries to take over the govt. We wanted to seceded, not take over the union.

  40. Should I order the #1 on the menu ? Cause jesus is #1 ; Or should I order the #3 on the menu, for the father, the son, and the holy ghost ? Or maybe I should order the #12 on the menu? : that’s how many apostles jesus had you know.

    Oh dear. Which one would Aunt Bee pick?

    Well, barbeque my ham hocks. I just can’t decide. Which one would Foghorn Leghorn pick? Gosh.

    Is it proper ?, I’d hate to be pushy and rude, to ask for more barbeque sauce for my chicken sandwich ? What would John Wayne do?

    I’m going to have dessert, that’s for sure. Apple pie, please. Yes please, with a scoop of vanilla please. That’ll show those pinko homos who’s The Boss around here.

    Yes sirre bob.

    Laughing online.

  41. Does Bob Evans have a similar plan for planting their stores? I’ve never heard of one in a majority black area.

  42. As per Lynda, Chick-Fil-A is going to Re-Unite the whole White, Caucasian Christian Race, and there’s going to be a “Great Awakening” from this Chick-Fil-A campaign.

    Someday the historians will be calling this time we live in :

    ” The Chick-Fil-Awakening: The Unification of The Titans”

  43. Joe,

    Conversly it appears that Queers are winning their right to annoy, act out, turn stomachs and get married in Chick-fil-A’s. I can see that you are applauding this spectacle of strangeness and PDQA (public displays of queer affection).

    Do you have you vuvuzela and your free water Joe?

  44. Joe appears to think that 15,000 queers descending on a fast food joint isn’t homosexuals engaging in an act of taunting. The GLAAD groups have been planning such actions and sit ins for months. Yet he mocks a few people showing up who want to show dome solidarity with a company.

    Even the gays have realized that the planned protest
    is going to backfire.,0,3873417.story

    could you trust a neurotic homosexual to keep calm in the circumstances? Adam Smith suggests it will turn into a riot.

    Joe really is trashy. Gutter filth.

  45. If the Chick-Fil-A people love America so much, and want to save their “precious” America, how come they never had any campaigns against Freemasons ? Or against the Federal Reserve Banking System? Or open-borders? Or campaigns against dismantling our industry and sending it to China?

    Or campaigns against abortion? Or against “easy divorce” laws? Or against the flooding of the country with heroin and cocaine? Or campaigns against pre-marital promiscuousity — which is absolutely Rampant — Or campaigns against Hollywood immorality and filth?

    It’s very scapegoat-ish. Find a scapegoat. Attack the scapegoat. Walk away feeling Righteous.

    Never mind that everything else is for shit, we found a scapegoat. No need to examine ourselves, and certainly no need whatsoever to examine ourselves for faults with the goal of amendment and betterment. We simply don’t have faults ; Others do : But not “US”; We believe on jesus, so we’re perfect as we are.

    Only others should make amends. Never us. We’re “God’s people”. Everyone else can go rot in hell. “We” — White heterosexual Christian American — are not at all responsible for the Fact that the country has turned to shit, and is now on the verge of destruction.

    White heterosexual Christian Americans didn’t destroy the Institution of Holy Matrimony through Massive Divorce. Oh no. That has nothing to with the destruction of marriage.

    That so many children come from broken homes, and in the confusion and lonliness of the Broken Home many turn to homosexuality, is all besides the point. We have nothing to do with that. We’re Heterosexual. We’re White. We’re Christian. We’re perfect.

    There’s always been homosexuality. Today, however, there’s more homosexuals per capita than ever. That’s because of all the divorce and all the confusion that stems from The Broken Home.

    And all the goddamned chicken sandwiches in the world can’t cover that up.

    I’m not arguing for gay marriage. I’m opposed to it. Still, what I say is true. The Chick-Fil-A campaign is about finding a scapegoat and walking way feeling Righteous. Walk away Righteous while refusing to look at your own faults.

    The Chick-Fil-A campaign reeks of bullshit.

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