Chick-fil-A and Southern Identity

NY Times food critic Kim Severson compares Chick-fil-A supporters to Confederate flag defenders


BRA’s lesbian Kim Severson is right: the Chick-fil-A protests are reminiscent of massive resistance during the Civil Rights Movement.

Homophobia is the new “racism.” Heterocentricity is the new “xenophobia.” The taboo against gay marriage is the new interracial marriage. Christians are the new intolerant White racists standing in the way of progress and social equality.

Isn’t all this being done in the name of “civil rights”? Southern segregationists always said that the Civil Rights Movement was virulently anti-Christian and was organized and led by communists.

Christians have clutched that viper to their chests for fifty years now in order to be part of the “mainstream” and now it has bitten them. You can’t surrender your White identity and expect to keep your Christian identity.

Update: Homosexual activists staged their promised Chick-fil-A “kiss in” this afternoon.

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  1. The Chick-Fil-A corporate executives attack a group of people– in this case homosexuals– make a giant big deal of it. Many homosexuals, like I said, turned to homosexuality out of the confusion and lonliness from The Broken home. The Chick-Fil-A corporate execs couldn’t care less. Play on their pain and their lonliness and play on their confusion. Turn it all into a money-making venture. They’re making money off alot of pain and alot of confusion. It’s disgusting.

    After making a giant big-deal about it, there are now homosexuals who want to fight back against Chick-Fil-A. But none of this would be happening if the Chick-Fil-A corporate execs hadn’t had a burning desire to play on the pain so many are feeling now after 50-60 years of a do- your -own- thing culture.

    A do- your -own -thing culture which White heterosexual “Christian” Americans very much agitated for. And yes, I know Jewish radicals were on the forefront of it. But there wasn’t very much opposition to it. Not really. Overwhelmingly, White heterosexul “Christian ” Americans loved the agenda, and took the agenda to their collective bosom.

    Now that do-your-own-thing has brought us to destruction and ruin, the Chick-Fil-A people very conveniently find for themselves a very easy target– homosexuals, always outcasts in every society — and make money goading others on to use the homosexuals as scapegoats while the big-shots over at Chick-Fil-A corporate make a bundle.

    It’s putrid. There nothing about it which has The Spirit of Christ. Nothing. It’s not Christianity. Not really. It’s good marketing, but it’s not Christianity.

  2. The only thing I find odd about Chick Fil A is the “pray away the gay” stuff.

    Homosexuality is a biological dead end. Their genes should be discouraged from multiplying. I’d prefer it if gays were out rather than hiding in a marriage they hate having kids they probably don’t want.

    One “good” thing about homosexuality is that it is a rejection of middle class life. no marriage, no kids, no cares. Once entered into though homosexuals can’t really expect acceptance. They have dropped out of every convention willingly.

    What’s going on today is homosexuals terrorizing conventional ordinary people and Overturning their mores and doing it inside heterodox institutions.

    Homosexuality, in a sense, was or ought to be an outsider identity if it is to be anything at all. Their desire to have everyone accept them lovingly is perverse.

  3. The critical thing about a homosexual union is that it cannot produce issue. Not that this should be a requisite for marriage, but homo couple cannot in any context actually produce an offspring.

    It’s a Potemkin marriage. Marriage is primarily there to confer social legitimacy on biological offspring. Everyone knows it. These queers are in rovolt against biological reality. (Let alone God or religion.)

  4. One more thing. Now that there is very little discrimination against homosexuals ( if any) these freaks are simply attention whoring and deliberately attempting to get under the skin of ordinary people. Give this they will keep pushing.

    One of the first human clones will probably be some homosexual demanding to reproduce his loathsome self. Get in his way and every queer will go gunning for you.

  5. Snowhitey says: “That’s why, after checking with a gay friend to make sure he was not offending him, Mr. Morrison decided to continue to eat at Chick-fil-A.”

    I wonder if Mr. Morrison’s gay friend ever asked Mr. Morrison if his gay lifestyle offended him.

    Straight white males don’t have friends who do gay porn whose feelings they care about ….. Mr. Morrison is just another Adam Smith. Does Mr. Morrison’s gay “friend” ever ask if he likes the taste of one of his co-star’s sh*t on his d*ck? No, of course not, because they are both mentally ill sodomites. The sicker, the better.

  6. Joe is somewhat right when he says that the spiritual degeneracy and moral decay in America goes further than the gay movement and won’t be solved by buying chicken sandwiches.

    Standing up to smarmy progressive bullying here is a start.

    As seen in the free water and freely abusive video, the cultural marxists believe in their eschatology of social progress that the only wrong they can do is to not fully dedicate themselves to social progress.

    There was a time when people believed in the eschatology of the Bible, in which everyone is judged individually based on their own actions.

    It’s not to say that divorce law wasn’t maybe a bit strict before. Historically, there have been societies with very tight divorce, and very loose divorce, and we must recognize that not every divorce is a moral failure. We don’t want to be like the Muslims with their four wives to dispose by merely yelling “I divorce you”; nor do we want people trapped in abusive marriages, being separated and technically committing adultery. We have also had societies with more or less acceptance of gays, like ancient Greece, or the 1860s when a gay man was President.

    Really, the only real problem we have is cultural marxism, and it’s only a problem because in our spiritual degeneracy we have become afraid and seek to appease them when we should be laughing at them. Sometimes they do have a point, and in a free society, they could make their points and we could have an open debate.

    If we stop being afraid, we can solve all our other problems very quickly.

    And standing up to the sanctimonious bullies who wanted to force Chick-Fil-A to come out with some politicanspeak about gay rights by threatening to slander their business partners and customers is the start of not being afraid.

  7. The entire point of this website points back to Lincoln and Abolition. Two foundationmyths. It even probes the Yankee, Puritan roots of it and questions the constitution. The decay is fully examined here.

    Joe’s just as bad as Adam “I’m not a gay” Smith in his intent and execution. His concern trolling is pretty transparent.

  8. Stonelifter is right on, we must have the complete rejection of their stupid notion of moral superiority and morality in general.

    Fact; the only ones who pay any attention to harpy feminists are whites, if we reject them completely but without the old school they better think like us nonsense (that wasted so many years) then they are toast.

  9. This thread descended into all sorts of weird. We can’t even agree on how and why to not like Africans in America, that is discouraging to me.

  10. @John

    “They followed on of the most passive strategies I’ve ever witnessed in warfare.”

    – Then you obviously haven’t seen much, because I would hardly call bombarding Ft Sumter with artillery, without having received a single shot in provocation, to be a “passive strategy”.

    “I’d have scorched the earth day one”

    – I have no doubt. You British took so much pleasure doing it to Boer women and children in South Africa.

  11. My family manufactured the red bricks for Harvard Square and JWB’s prognathic ancestors laid them. I’d take 10 Negroes – that know their place – over an uppity mick with a chip on their shoulder any day.

    This weird Celto-WN support of the South is fine enough but intolerable when an expression of (severely misplaced) anti-Angloism. They have more in common with the Africans of the Caribbean they toiled alongside as fellow slaves than the Anglo-Norman Southrons :

  12. The lunatic just spammed my blog ……

    What’s the name of your blog ?

    Also, may be link it to your user name under “Website” under “Leave a Reply”.

  13. This thread needs to be fumigated. And joe is only a problem if you read his ramblings. I just skim right past his walls of text.

  14. SomeGuy – I’m sorry. The onlight fight between StonedParasiteRavingClostCase and I is an old one. Ask him aobut his brilliant, original plan to create White babies, by buying White eggs, and implant the eggs into impoverished Indian wombs, in order to DISPENSE WITH WHITE WOMEN ALTOGETHER.

    I gave him HELL for that one. FYI – I told a bunch of guys at the last CoCC metting about that. They visibly shuddered. Thier revulsion was NO act.

    Most folks, that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person, are sane, lucid, and focused, and genuinely want the best for our Race. I know folks in the real world, who do REAL things. Positive things for our Race.

    Alas, any scene will accrue lunatics. Please ignore the loonie tunes.

  15. Chris,

    I don’t understand how you take so much pleasure talking about the union killing 200,000 white southerns on behalf of niggers and then hate on the Brits for spanking the boers. My god man you delight in saying the Union smashed the crap out of fellow countrymen.

    At the end of that fighting In SA Britain enshrined white supremacy in South Africa
    and gave Jan Smuts et al (a boer Commando) the keys to South Africa. White dominion in South Africa was secured once the boers were in Administrative driving seat under British control.

  16. Denise,

    It may be to your dismay (and Stonelifter’s) but I like both of you. We are all a little crazy in our own ways but I see what is good about you both, and take note of anything I might find amiss. I’m willing to wager that most crazy ideas are the pinnacles of frustrations mulled over by a very active but restrained minds. You both have much to offer. I enjoy reading from the both of you and have learned from the both of you. I hope the feud won’t detract from readers who have come here to read an alternative point of view. Of course, online arguments are more the norm than the exception. I wish you both well.

  17. I agree we should be out, in force, on the Federal Reserve, immigration, dispossession, Marxism, and shipping jobs overseas. The trouble is we don’t have a leader and Mike Huckasuck is not my leader. If this is the guy that gets white people protesting, it’s pathetic.

  18. Returning to the topic of the thread, I’d say that article in the JEW York Times is an attempt to muddle the issues and mislead people. The effort to pick on CFA has backfired, people unexpectedly rallied for CFA, so now the Jews/DWLs in positions of influence need to explain it away.

    The NYT writer suggests people are rallying behind CFA because of Southern identity and food. This isn’t true. First, many people outside the South have rallied for CFA. More importantly, for most people it is about opposing the ongoing perversion of the marriage concept. The core issues here have nothing to do with food or the South.

  19. Outlier – it’s Nordic Sage. I have not permitted his posts to be published; I wish to confer with my Co Blogger, Aryan Goddess. She prefers to dump trash posts. She doesn’t want to clog up our lovely blog with ugly slime.

    I may decide to “play with my food”, first, before I toss it in the garbage where it belongs.

  20. I’m clinging to the old-fashioned Catholicism of Tuscany, the land of my birth, my Faith and my heritage ; The Catholicism of Tuscany : A spirit of empathy and charitableness towards human weakness; Forebearant and courteous to all , even the Jews*, and even the homosexuals ; An awareness and recognition of the human condition, not so quick to point fingers and place blame on others for one’s own faults.

    The gentle Light that emits from the Heavens upon her hill towns, an enlightening and quickening of the human heart unto Grace and Manners, Culture and Refinement.

    The Chick-Fil-A people would be laughed to scorn and disdain in Tuscany, as they would be in the rest of Italy, even in the cruder regions of the peninsula. For all the faults of the besotted land of my birth, and for all the faults of my Italian people, the Chick-Fil-A campaign of scapegoating would never be accepted, nor in any way admissable.

    Southerners are not the only people in the world proud of their heritage. It’s in the blood. I stand opposed to Chick-Fil-A. I’ll go to a simple mom-and-pop restaurant when I want to go out to dine. I will dine in a civilized and refined manner, without the meal symbolizing scapegoating, nor in any way symbolizing inflicting pain deep in anyone’s heart — even the heart of a homosexual. It’s uncivilized, to say the least. That’s my heritage. I’m clinging to it : With Gratitude in my heart I was born in a land of Grace and Manners.

    We’re hill people. Cerchi. From hills that are blessed by a Gentle and Courteous Light ; A Gift of Blessing of Empathy and Grace from the Holy Creator unto Tuscany.

    * Unless they’re trying to start up a slave trade, as they sometimes have a habit of doing, or trying to do. Then, they’re very politely, yet firmly, told to go take a hike to their “golden circle land”. Or at least, Inghilterra**.

    ** Anglo-Land : England.
    “Anglo” from the Latin, “Angel “***

    *** Angel-Land. Precious Angels.

    Yes sirre bob.

  21. If this is the guy that gets white people protesting, it’s pathetic.

    I’m not a Christian or a Huck supporter, but I wouldn’t go that far. Huck played a big part in rallying people to stick a thumb in liberalism’s eye. Nothing wrong with that. It shows that under the right circumstances, people will rally.

  22. Marxism isn’t the issue. Friedman summed it up well in the 80’s when he said the demonstrated failures of socializing the means of production has led to socializing the results of private production instead. The problem is wealth redistribution in all its forms.

  23. Snowhitey is right. We don’t have any actual media leaders.

    Because to be a respectable conservative, you can’t be a real conservative. You need to be a libertarian, a neocon, a theocrat, anything so long as you suck up to the legacy of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Pat Buchanan started saying explicitly pro-white things instead of just saying that if the whole world was Catholic then everything would be better. As a result, he got kicked off the air.

    He almost won the 1996 election, too. The media was at the height of its dominance then, consolidated, staffed by cultural marxist journalism majors. They succeeded at telling people that Buchanan was unelectable.

    And for some reason, Dole took the Republican primary.

  24. Lew,

    I have to agree there. Rahm and Bloomberg just got punked. The press are going to try to Pigeonhole this. Yeah “in principle yaddadada marriage whatevah…gotta show those dumb hicks!”

  25. Hunter Wallace,

    I’ve read your stuff off and on since the 2004 – 2005 Phora era, more closely the last couple of years. Speaking as longtime reader, I think Joe is harming this blog. He clogs up every thread with BS, throws the discussion off track, and makes trollish statements that are so far off the mark people have to respond to them. He is totally abusing the OD free speech policy IMO.

  26. Buchanan’s flaw is that deliberately sided with the Irish/German part of his Political mythology. Irish victimhood and German ethnonationalism Had he owned up to the English part of himself he’d probably have defeated Bush and or Dole.

    He played it up too much. I remember him quite well. He’s a charming fellow but he didn’t quite understand the political consequences of being anglophobic. His antijewishness might have been backed up if he’d been less reflexively insulting to the English. We do notice these things.

  27. When Buchanan did his confederate flag schtick it looked phoney as hell. This guy reacted like a vampire in front of cross when he talked about Anglos in other forums.

  28. @ John
    Considering how you live in England, and considering how you’re on “OD” 24/7 always working so hard, why don’t you take a break and go an Olympic sporting event ? The break will do you good ; As well as us readers who are inundated with your comments — all comments purposely designed to deflect from the truth of the matter being discussed — every 3 seconds.

    For all the posting you do, you never post any important, or pertinent, or timely information, let alone facts.

    Go to a sporting event and/or go take a walk around London, take part in the festive activities. Do yourself and all of us readers a favor : Take a break, bloke.

  29. This is getting ridiculous. Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to ban Hunter Wallace, at the rate this is going.

    Laughing online Big Time.

  30. I’m standing on thurdy- thurd and thurd, and I’m looking up at the sky, and I can see Tamer’s Learjet flying back and forth from Montreal to Haiti and back again to Montreal. Oh look! The plane’s headed for the Dominician Republic now.

    That’s one New York kid who did alright for himself. Good for him. More power to ya’ kiddo.

  31. 113 comments about queers and chicken. Very revealing. I wonder what else was going on while the whole fucking country was mesmerized by this non-issue bullshit.

  32. Playing Roots Backward has it right. I add to his observation that the infighting takes away our collective effort and energy.

  33. “Playing Roots Backwards says:
    August 3, 2012 at 6:35 pm
    113 comments about queers and chicken. Very revealing. I wonder what else was going on while the whole fucking country was mesmerized by this non-issue bullshit.”

    PRB – it’s not a “non-issue”, if hundreds of thousands of normal folk come out to support Free Speech. It’s weird – but it’s definitely an issue.

  34. Dude. I live in tbe states. Ten years in LA a few in Arizona. Now I live in the South. I gpo back and forth to blighty for business. R’Okay.

  35. I watching the dressage and some volleyball. Frankly only about 30 of the posts here are about gay marriage. The rest are Joe babbling, and Stonelifter and Denise fighting.

  36. “That’s why, after checking with a gay friend to make sure he was not offending him, Mr. Morrison decided to continue to eat at Chick-fil-A. ”

    Where’s my .44?

  37. HAC said is best:

    There is no such thing as a “gay person”. There is nothing gay about filthy and unsanitary sexual acts that spread loathsome diseases. The word homosexual is just a descriptive term used to describe unnatural sex acts, it does NOT describe the people who commit those acts. Those people are fags, queers, ect …

  38. @John

    The Civil War was between AMERICANS. As in, not you. I realize you’re going to hide in my country for the rest of your life, enjoying freedom of speech, comparitively low taxes, and gun-ownership rights — which my fathers died to leave me, and your fathers tried to destroy. But at least show a little appreciation for the country which, against it’s better judgement, has granted your ungrateful ass sanctuary. You move here and the undermine the place by talking about secession, and how America is too big, and how it’s history is illegitimate… If America’s past offends you so much, then kindly fuck off back to Britainistan.

  39. The language around here is getting to be atrocious. Maybe, hopefully, it will inspire Lynda to join a convent and take a vow of silence ; Escape the sinful world and all that.

    Mother Superior can give Lynda encyclopedias of papal bulls to read for the rest of her life : Lynda would be in Heaven [ as per Lynda].

    Keep it up : The atrocious language. Hopefully, it will push Lynda to finally go join a convent.

  40. There’s nothing wrong with partition if you see a distinct people going extinct and a civilization being annihilated by blacks and Hispanics. Chris313, if you are a WN you have to realize that this country is going crack up because it is being overrun by racially (not just linguistically different) different People. There’s no chance that the US will survive the tidal wave of Hispanics, Africans and Asians.

    Also, how do you know I don’t a have American ancestors? You make certain assumptions that you can’t verify.

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