Chick-fil-A and Southern Identity

NY Times food critic Kim Severson compares Chick-fil-A supporters to Confederate flag defenders


BRA’s lesbian Kim Severson is right: the Chick-fil-A protests are reminiscent of massive resistance during the Civil Rights Movement.

Homophobia is the new “racism.” Heterocentricity is the new “xenophobia.” The taboo against gay marriage is the new interracial marriage. Christians are the new intolerant White racists standing in the way of progress and social equality.

Isn’t all this being done in the name of “civil rights”? Southern segregationists always said that the Civil Rights Movement was virulently anti-Christian and was organized and led by communists.

Christians have clutched that viper to their chests for fifty years now in order to be part of the “mainstream” and now it has bitten them. You can’t surrender your White identity and expect to keep your Christian identity.

Update: Homosexual activists staged their promised Chick-fil-A “kiss in” this afternoon.

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  1. The only question regarding this Chic Fillet dust up we should be asking ourselves is “does it help or harm our agenda”. The motivations for Cathy’s comments, his past actions or inaction, should be beside the point. Who cares? Does this hurt or help our cause? It’s that simple. Anyone going further than that to pick apart the scenario is either a spoiler or a perfectionist.

    IMO, whatever the true cause of this dust-up, it helps the true conservative cause. How? By showing to the general public that there is push back against the cultural Marxist regime. Had this happened in the 80’s, the piss stream media would have shown footage of the handful of protesters, edited out the swarms of supporters, and framed it as an overwhelming outpouring of public opinion against hate, or some such drivel. With the internet and social media, they just can’t get away with that any more.
    And the pushback is not so much against homosexuals themselves as it is against the cultural Marxist agenda for which they are useful idiots.

  2. Fundamentally this is about the relentless Social degredation of ordinary people going around doing day to day things. The left is batshit insane.

  3. JWD, welcome to this board.

    Most of the people on this board are friendly and try to engage with visitors not from the South.

    I don’t agree with Hunter that the long-term fallout of creating and breeding an alien workforce was worth the short-term benefits to plantocracy. However, we all know that the historical record is written by the victors of any conflict which makes it highly suspect. Lurking at this board and reading the Southron POV about various things has done a lot to present a more accurate picture of how things were in that region.

    ALL of the Southrons here are highly intelligent and informative. That especially includes the always-a-headache-but-never-a-bore, Stonelifter. The majority of times he will tick you off, but if you can wade through any anti (whoever-is-on-his-hitlist-at-the-moment) invective, you will find a goldmine of interesting stuff.

    Stonelifter, I have only seen contributions by a couple of other people now and then on this board, but I would love it if you would submit a couple of articles. I don’t agree with a lot of what you write, but you have a great, thought-provoking style that would make for fascinating reading.

  4. Wayne says:
    “The only question regarding this Chic Fillet dust up we should be asking ourselves is “does it help or harm our agenda”… Does this hurt or help our cause?

    IMO, whatever the true cause of this dust-up, it helps the true conservative cause. How? By showing to the general public that there is push back against the cultural Marxist regime.
    And the pushback is not so much against homosexuals themselves as it is against the cultural Marxist agenda for which they are useful idiots.”

    You nailed it.

  5. Okay, is it just me … am I alone when I think that this latest flapdoodle about gay people is designed as yet another distraction about the sorry state of this country in general?

    A couple of years ago, I spoke to a Negress my age and asked her if she had noticed this intense a focus on racism in her community back in the seventies and eighties when good-paying jobs were pretty plentiful and before that idiot Reagan amnestied the illegals. She confirmed what I thought; no one was that obsessed with racism.

    I think TIIC are belatedly realizing that they are perilously close to maxing out the race card and need to reserve it closer to the November elections. Obama’s DREAM act nonsense didn’t make that much of a splash with the Mestizos, because they know that the Repugnants will try to outdo the Dems in Hispandering. However, then people would start to pay too much attention to this sorry economy. What to do? Abolish DADT and then support gay marriage.

    Of course, you can count on some idiotic Christian conservatard to take the bait. Don’t get me wrong; I participated in the Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day buycott, but I did it strictly to thumb my nose at the libtards trying to suppress conservatard dissent.

    But to be honest, I don’t GAD what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom. I am also against the idea of GOVERNMENT defining marriage … at all … period. If you empower the government to define marriage as solely a union between a man and a woman, you empower the government to define marriage as solely a union between two men or two women. All it takes to flip the script is a coup d’etat.

    That’s why I don’t want abortion outlawed. Any government who can force a woman to bear her child can also force her to abort it. I want those power-hungry jackals

    What do I suggest?! Civil unions for everyone. Let the private associations, organizations, synagogues, churches, temples, and mosques determine their own criteria for marriage for their members. And if that means there are churches who don’t want to marry mixed race couples or gays, then so be it. That’s their right as a private organization. It’s not like such couples can’t go elsewhere.

  6. “Playing Roots Backwards says:
    August 3, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    I think you hit upon the heart of the whole matter when you pointed out that things are not that bad in America. As long as American Whites have full bellies, a TV and access to the internet they will go on thumbing their butts and thinking about what they are going to throw on the grill this weekend.”

    Yup. But the rats are scratching in the walls, and the scratching’s getting louder, and gosh that meat is expensive. We can get some…less expensive cuts, for the cookout, and doctor it up with the sauce…

    “A lot of the dissatisfaction that prompted the Chicken Warriors to champion this cause stems from economic stress and fear that their safety is threatened by niggers, illegal Mexicoons and imported trash from around the globe. Do you think that any of them would have come out if Cathy had made a stand against off-shoring our jobs, forced integration, illegal immigration or multiculturalism? I doubt it.”

    That’s because Racial Tolerance (By White for Non-Whites) is THE PRIMARY Social Mandate. Race trumps EVERYTHING else. Humans are insanely social creatures; A Racist is The Worst Thing. Whites get punished for violating the Prime Taboo. Most people don’t want to fight what apears to be bedrock social memes. Racial Tolerance appeals to the basic decency and fairness of Whites – who have no experience with actual real live non-Whites, excepting in carefully modulated settings. Baby steps (while the city burns)…baby steps. Food fights are safe. Those others issues are scary….people get loud and mean and yell….nice people do or yell, or carry on in public. Going to a fast food place is very nice, and very normal, and hey – these sandwiches are pretty good! Much better than MacDonald’s.

    “The trouble with supporting non-issues such as this is that it dissipates the fire and energy that are the result of real problems”

    Well that is where WE are supposed to come in. The folks I rode with (and we went through a massive, hydro-planing guaranteed, Heavens pouring down their wrath thunderstorm, to eat mor chiken, wonder, at the start of the ride, “…how things go the way they are.”.

    I told ’em how. I did NOT cite Race. They spent their entire lives in Whitopias, and they have not spent real world time around the Other. I told them about Cultural Marxism. I did not Name Die Jude. I did not mention Race at all…….but I did not drop the ball. I answered the question. I’ve sent links on, so they can to their own research. Which they will do. They were paying attention.

    One thing leads to another.

    We had a great time. It was a HUGE party (read Alinskey’s Rules. Fun is important. fun provides incentive. Racialism and WN are generally NOT fun). People came from all over – and every-one knew some-one else. Or made jokes, with like-minded strangers, in line. This event was a Nation-wide success. And it was FUN. This can encourage people to get involved.And things like this do get more people involved. Success encourages more success. When things get a little rougher, and weirder , experience, behind the belt, is very very reassuring, and helpful.

    One thing leads to another.

  7. @Dixiegirl:

    “The catholics used the brown proxies, and the jewish allied with the blacks.

    Try looking at it that way, and a whole new (obvious and reasonable) interpretation will unfold. ”

    That is an interesting POV and something I, as a Roman Catholic, had never considered. The only branch of my family that fought in the War Between The States (the Union side) was Swiss German Catholic. Yeoman farmer conscript from Ohio.

    There is an interesting story to this, however. During the confusion of battle, he ended up deep in enemy lines and managed to avoid becoming a POW, because he spoke fluent French. It was assumed that he was part of a Louisiana contingent, so he ended up fighting alongside them on the Confederate side for a while before working his way back.

    My maternal Polish line did not arrive until after the turn of the century. Even though a Polish anarchist had killed McKinley, there were never any help wanted signs saying that the Polish need not apply. Just a lot of Polish jokes, LOL.

    In any case, where do you think the Catholics and the Jews are going with the Mestizos and Negros as proxies, since the Mestizos and Negros are engaged in a brown-black race war?! The Asians and the Whites aren’t crazy about each other, but you rarely to never see any yellow-white rumbling.

    IMO, even though the creepy-looking Pope Benedict is pandering to the Jews, I don’t think he is a Philosemite at all. The Hispanics dislike Jews and try to vote them out of office anywhere they achieve demographic superiority. Do you think that’s why the Catholic hierarchy is backing Mestizos? To drive the Jews out of power in this country and take it for themselves?

    Just curious.

  8. Fr John, there have been many anti-papacies in the history of the Church. The mind of the Roman Catholic which contemplates this historical fact is not going to be un-nerved by an anti-papacy seated in Rome since 1958 or an inter regnum which is the sede vacantes.

    Nor will those who are of the Truth be swayed in mind as it occurs to them that we are living through the time of the Great Apostasy foretold by the Apostle Paul. 2 Thess 2:3

    The Church always got the Petrine Office and Chair back. We will get it back again – after our Lord has thoroughly cleaned House. It is Christ who must reign until all His enemies are under His feet. And it looks to me like He is putting all the rats into one trap.

    For now the See is either vacant or it is obscured – that is, the true pope is underground and has fled out of Rome with bishops loyal to him. If this latter is the case, may God protect him and the few (very few) bishops and altars that remain to the Church.

    The Petrine Succession will continue. It does not have to be visible Urbi et Orbi to be in continuation. Nor does it have to be in Rome. As you know the Chair of Peter has been in Jerusalem and in Antioch.

    Our Lady of La Salette stated that “the Church will be in eclipse. Rome will become the seat of anti-Christ”. This was in 1840 something. And this appearance of our Lady was recognized by the Church. Her testament bears the imprimatur of the bishops as neither contrary to the faith or to morals.

    Popes Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pope St Pius X all have either alluded to or spoken of our Lady’s message to the Church and the world at La Salette.

    The fact that an anti-papacy has been seated in Rome is a cross for us and sign for you. The fact of the anti-papacy since 1958 is clear to anyone who knows what the Roman Catholic Church actually teaches and professes. Especially is it clear to anyone who understands what Pope St Pius X called Modernism – the sum of all heresies.

    All the Council Fathers at Vatican II would have had to swear the Oath Against Modernism insituted by Pope St Pius X at their ordinations: Sacrorum Antistitum. Absolution for breaking of that Oath is reserved to the Holy See – which is now usurped. So the bishops and cardinals who imposed the Revolution on the Church for the autodemolition of the faith, morals and the rites knew exactly what they were doing.

    John XXIII was a Freemason – even taking the name of an anti-pope. Therefore he is ipso facto foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum the oath that he took at his priestly ordination. He is invalid. Paul VI was publicly, manifestly and on the record foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum denying our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and King before the Communist UN – claiming that Satanic body “was the last great hope for humankind”. John Paul I may have been valid as he didn’t last a month. John Paul II was a complete heretic: manifestly, publicly and on the record foresworn of Sacrorum Antistitum. Benedict XVI is all of the above and more – a complete heretic and anti Christ collaborating with the Sanhedrin for the Talmudization of the post conciliar church.

    Archbishop Lefebvre charitably and truthfully called Cardinal Ratzinger “not a Catholic”.

    The Church is gathering to the bishops that Archbishop Lefebvre, a modern Athansius, ordained for the time of the Great Apostasy. I would seriously advise you to join us.

  9. Polish Catholics can just go on being plucky little Poland. Don’t trust anyone. Paranoid ethnochauvenism is the name of the game. It’ll all work out in the end for the Poles. Always does. Even if it takes 100 years.

  10. @Stonelifter:

    “And notice Southron White men, how this “potential ally” from yankeeland starts his introduction by backhanding our ways

    very, very few yankees are potential allies.”

    No yankee can be a potential ally if they come here, asking for questions and then are treated to a barrage of hostility and suspicion.

    Most people take take their cues from the only source they have; the media. Why do you think those who hate the South practically stroke out over the old Andy Griffith Show and have a stinking hissy-fit about a pleasant, bucolic little Southern town like Mayberry?

    Because it is a town full of pleasant people with Southern accents. A clean, friendly, piece of White Americana that was replicated all over most of the country at one time.

    People from the North see people from the South as either rich planters living in mansions (excellent way to fire up the class envy) OR the inbred degenerates who were featured in films like Deliverance. Then there were the stupid and/or evil Southrons featured in that stupid series, In The Heat of the Night.

    Back in the seventies, a cousin of mine moved to Texas and two French foreign exchange students assumed he was moving there to become a cowboy and herd cattle on a ranch and travel everywhere on horseback. That’s how powerful the media is.

    The fact that people come to this blog means they have certain reservations about the official record concerning the South and even if they ask stupid, ignorant questions about the South, they are genuinely interested in finding out about the other side of the equation.

    You don’t strike me as a very patient man, which is a shame, because you could be an excellent alternate source of information and a great educator to people who have been brainwashed by the MSN. Oh, well.

  11. Stone is a very blunt NCO or officer type. That’s actually something that resonates with quite a lot of people internationally. It’s a known quantity cross culturally, almost a stock character.

    I’m a typical sort of Harry Flashman and all the flaws that come with. Be warned. Vain cowardly, ruthless, traitorous, cunning, imperious, duplicitous, heart of gold. It’s not nice.

    It’s all good.

  12. @John:

    “The virus is already in the machine with American blacks and Hispanics. So Cal us essentially a Hispano-Asian. We won’t get it back intact. It’s not a white man’s land anymore. Florida edges closer and closer. ”

    The virus will be eradicated when the machine inevitably reboots.

    The great re-set is coming sooner rather than later. TIIC cannot keep all their balls up in the air indefinitely. The Day the EBT Card Stops Working and the welfare checks stop arriving in the mail is at hand.

    The Blacks will riot (but they do that at every given opportunity anyway). That is why non-Black Americans cannot be talked out of their guns, no matter how many wingnut eruptions we have to go through, like the Aussies and you Brits were.

    The rest of the rainbow parasites will flee the host. Like rats, they will paddle away from this sinking ship and head back to their homelands. We’ll simply have to put the laws in place to lock the door behind them.

    I don’t know if we will see de jure secession like the old-timey Confederates envisioned, but I do believe we will see de facto state autonomy, because the federal government will be too weak and ineffective to enforce its ridiculous racial mandates.

    I am not worried.

  13. Stonelifter is the Edmund Ruffin-type, Clytemnestra.
    He isn’t about scribbling on a dry erase board and lecturing Yanquis.
    Rather he is the embodiment of the old and hopefully future Southland.

    People that don’t “get” Stone don’t “get” the South and probably never will.

  14. I am looking at all the pix and vids of Chick-fil-A kiss day.

    Studying the GLBT tactics for the queering of America agenda is very instructive. Looks like they have cloaked their agenda with an innocuous action that in much of the world is totally acceptable, good manners and sexually neutral.

    It is nothing to see female relatives and friends kiss on special occasions or men kiss each other on the football field. Some cultures are more effusive than others – like the French and the Italians. So what.

    By choosing this tactic, the Queering of America activists and change agents are trying to make it look like the hateful management of Chick-fil-A is against a neutral, if exuberant, expression of family and friendship.

    Whereas the real agenda of GLBT is against nature and God. As part of the Rebellion against God and the Divine command to procreate, the Faggot Rebellion wants to elevate the A-hole and socially engineer the family unit. They want to replace marriage between a man and woman with same sex living teams. Their idea of family is a group of men who root each other up the ass, groom the 2.5 surrogate children from a third world baby farm for their friends and sport a pet satyr from the bio-engineering lab. Or its a group of Fuglies with a cat farm who fight over the dildoe and the 2.5 children from the sperm lab.

    These screechy, preachy faggots wouldn’t dare put that on display except at the Pride Parade – which would clear a city area quicker than DHS drill.

    Thus, we have ‘kiss day’ as a see how happy and fun and loving we are – as opposed to those hateful Chick-fil-Aers who want to limit love and happiness to just a man and woman.

    When are people going to wake up to the Faggot Agenda?

  15. @John:

    “I’m a typical sort of Harry Flashman and all the flaws that come with. Be warned. Vain cowardly, ruthless, traitorous, cunning, imperious, duplicitous, heart of gold. It’s not nice. ”

    Harry Flashman of the George MacDonald Fraser series?! I know he was originally the villain in the novel, Tom Brown’s School Days by Thomas Hughes. My brother turned me onto Fraser’s hysterically funny historical fiction.

    Flashy was a coward who always ended up as the sole survivor of his unit composed of braver fighting men who were all routinely wiped out by various colored hordes. Of course, he came home and got the medals and the accolades.

    I love Fraser. If anyone hates history, they should read these books, because he covers the stuff that actually happened in great detail but gives the personal, quirky, cowardly spin of one Harry Flashman Esquire to make it more entertaining. I am in great awe (not to mention extremely jealous) of his talent.

  16. @Tamer of Savages:

    “Stonelifter is the Edmund Ruffin-type, Clytemnestra.
    He isn’t about scribbling on a dry erase board and lecturing Yanquis.
    Rather he is the embodiment of the old and hopefully future Southland.

    People that don’t “get” Stone don’t “get” the South and probably never will.”

    Pity. The few snippets of his family history he was inclined to give out (when he was in a more mellow mood, I guess) were very interesting and whetted my appetite for more.

    Edmund Ruffin. Thanks for the analogy; I’ll look him up.

  17. NY Times food critic Kim Severson compares Chick-fil-A supporters to Confederate flag defenders


    That will only turn more anti-gay types towards the Confederate movement – not only nationally, but whites world-wide.

  18. Long over due – its dragging OD down. What kind of impression do you think it makes on new time readers?

  19. Clytemnestra,
    That’s a valid point and I think I’ve done a good job answering valid/ honest questions from yankees. As with Sam’s.

    However, JWB didn’t ask questions he attacked us and claims to not have wanted to give MAJOR offense…… meaning he did intend minor offense?

    How would you go about seeking an all/ alliance? Would you start off running your “ally” down?

    No I am not a patient man, but I do strive to be patient when someone asks a good question. What JWB did was start off with a swing, and I don’t cotton to such things.

    It’s not the mellow mood, or lack thereof, it’s the respect or lack of it. As in, your points about me are valid and delivered with respect. My reply has been different in tone. I’ve had heated exchanges with Mosin, that are totally different in tone then with others because of his approach and tone. Southrons will understand that as well. We don’t meekly accept disrespect, which is why dueling lasted longer here then up north. Or we didn’t until yankee “culture” caught on.

    That’s about the most interesting parts of the family history on the war of northern aggression. The rest is who fought were, and all the battles are pretty well covered by better schooled folks. However, feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can.

    John and Tamer, thanks for the kind words. I think in part, many don’t understand because the traditional version of masculinity has been watered down to the point the effete and mild have been elevated to a degree that’s its ruined men. Those men get praise today for being gentlemen when in times past gentlemen would have scorned them

  20. Marxism isn’t the issue. Friedman summed it up well in the 80?s when he said the demonstrated failures of socializing the means of production has led to socializing the results of private production instead. The problem is wealth redistribution in all its forms.

    Allow me to expand.  The current economic situation is a return to Bismarckian and Tory principles of the 19th century.  In the West we can’t really blame Marxism proper. Society is in chaos because there is no Noblesse Oblige outside family and friends in a multi-ethnic society.  

    Now I’m sometimes guilty of blaming Marxism, especially when I speak Spanish.  It’s just easy and it’s still relevant in Latin America.  A matriarch in DR vetted me on race after getting to know me through more polite conversation for a few days.  She was disgusted that Europeans and Canadians come to DR in droves to marry local African-descended women or meet the braided “sanky pankies” and curious as to why this was happening. I told her it was indeed unnatural and a result of cultural Marxism.  When I went on to say that Negroes are for work not marriage  she was very pleased. We swam back to the white sand and resumed pleasant discussion as the Negro servants rubbed our feet.  

    The DR is a welfare state but the best kind: the kind kept so lean by a healthy tax code it is barely there.  The beaches, mamajuana drink, marijuana and dance music are the ultimate bread and circuses that keep the masses happy enough.  What if they start to feel righteous?  The Catholic Church is there for them.  Done & Done.

    The great thing about OD is the economic and racial situations are addressed as what they are, a nasty celtic knot.  I take that further and believe fixing one problem goes a long way in resolving the other. IMO, Hunter needs to revisit the nullification crisis and correct his anti-free trade stance. 

  21. The Obama administration last year said it considers the Defense of Marriage law unconstitutional and would no longer defend it in court.

    Lisa Madigan has done the same.

    Often, my wife and I take a drive less than 30 miles away to visit relatives, do a little fishing on a small lake. The farmer’s market is a hoot. ….. They had live entertainment. A bluegrass group comprised of family members who were selling produce put on quite a show.

    What is with Liberals and farmer’s markets? And what is with the love of bluegrass by northern liberals?

    And Sodom and Gomorrah’s judgment for sodomites living freely and ‘openly’ was God’s ONLY response to those, whose consciences have been seared, ‘as with a red-hot iron.’

    When the EBT card doesn’t refill, they lose all the sanction the government has given to them at our expense. Let’s pray for the day.

    Name calling is what those who have no defense resort to, and this thread is an embarrassing liberal in nature. I get pissed at times, but the one thing I never try to resort to (other than calling a nigger a nigger) is elementary battles of unknown words. It is one thing to reiterate things one has said but to resort to harpy and hag and steroid junkie, and using words for the sole purpose of trying to hurt another without proof, is childish, its “Liberal” – yep, I am a racist, any government sponsored special interest group can call me that all they want, never going to change my feelings: niggers belong in Africa living like Africans in Africa, not in America, trending down towards living like Africans in America, as if it was Africa.

  22. Thanks a lot for the picture of queers swapping spit, Hunter. I almost shot my laptop.

  23. Thanks, Stone.

    I went back to school recently and got involved in a project where they are trying to archive military veterans’ recollections. I thought it would be very interesting if a similar project could be done with Southerners who still felt strongly about the Southern POV during the Civil War to get a greater sense of how people really thought back then.

    As a military brat, my family was stationed in South Carolina and Virginia, so we toured all the monuments and museums we could find, but I realize a lot of stuff was watered down to appeal to Yankee tourists; nothing as intense as what I have found on this board.

    We all know that history is written by the victors and THE truth lies somewhere between your truth and my truth when we fight. The thing is, when people start questioning the “truths” in which they have been indoctrinated, like federalism, the cognitive dissonance gets so uncomfortable, they have to wake up.

    Washington has become so power-hungry right now that a lot of states that would have never considered it during the War Between The States are actively thinking about secession. I think a de jure breakup of the United States may not be inevitable, but it looks more attractive by the day.

    So, I am not surprised that a board like this is attracting attention from unusual quarters. A lot of people with secession on their minds are here hoping the Southrons will set the record straight about the lead-up to secession, to be honest.

    P.S. To Hunter. Hunter, I am hoping you will consider doing a regular segment on the Anti-Federalist papers, if you haven’t already done so. I can guarantee that anyone who did not major in history was only exposed to the Federalist papers. I think if you did that, it would be a helpful educational aide to the Southron POV. JMO.

  24. Thanks for the education in a post prior to where you said Thus, we have ‘kiss day’ as a see how happy and fun and loving we are – as opposed to those hateful Chick-fil-Aers who want to limit love and happiness to just a man and woman.

    I bring up that line because I stopped on the way home yesterday to redeem a coupon on my receipt from August 1 for sustenance for the weekend, 2 chicken salad sandwiches. And you are right, they were just sitting in there looking obviously homosexual, and doing nothing. There might have been a half dozen in the store in Chicago that started it all, I didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to them, just noticed they were done eating. And there was an elderly preacher outside, negro of course, who gets a pass at protesting them …. because he is a negro. And it probably doesn’t hurt that one of the nastiest negro infested McDonalds in a white area of Chicago is less than a block away, at the corner of State and Chicago.

  25. Tamer of Savages: Marxism is exactly the issue. Marxism, at it’s core, seeks to unite all the world’s peoples into one amalgam that is totally erased of ethnic and racial heritage, national honor or patriotism. This isn’t just for the sake of doing so, but because they really truly believe they can bring paradise on Earth if only the “chosen” people have the power to compel others to do their bidding. Philosopher Kings, I believe, was what Plato used. Of course in doing so, nature and/or nature’s God has to be overcome.

    So-called “Free Trade” is not “free”, it’s government controlled. Free Trade agreements are nothing less than battering rams in use to bring down national boarders. It all plays right into the New World Order, where we’re all Global Citizens, and commerce AND LABOR move freely between nations. Hell, just listen to MAINSTREAM talk and you can hear it over and over. This isn’t conspiracy, it’s right out there.
    The Chic Fillet dust up is not really about gays or chicken, it’s about the Marxist agenda of destroying the family. “Abolition of the family,” “The Communists are further reproached with desiring to abolish countries and nationality.” “But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality…”, Communist Manifesto, Pt II.

  26. rjp says:
    “Often, my wife and I take a drive less than 30 miles away to visit relatives, do a little fishing on a small lake. The farmer’s market is a hoot. ….. They had live entertainment. A bluegrass group comprised of family members who were selling produce put on quite a show.”

    “What is with Liberals and farmer’s markets? And what is with the love of bluegrass by northern liberals?”

    My wife is a country girl brought up on a farm. She likes farmers markets. Her family still owns a farm along with stables and horses in that area. She used to train horses when I met her. Her dad’s side has roots in Kentucky, going way back. Her dad was a guitar picker. Used to sing Doc Watson’s “Tennessee Stud.” Couldn’t carry a tune in a basket, but could play real well. I play some too. Not nearly as good as him.

    So yeah, we like Bluegrass, Country, Gospel quartets, close harmonies, stuff like that. Besides, black folks do not listen to Bluegrass. Always a White crowd.
    And we are not liberals.

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