Chick-fil-A and Southern Identity

NY Times food critic Kim Severson compares Chick-fil-A supporters to Confederate flag defenders


BRA’s lesbian Kim Severson is right: the Chick-fil-A protests are reminiscent of massive resistance during the Civil Rights Movement.

Homophobia is the new “racism.” Heterocentricity is the new “xenophobia.” The taboo against gay marriage is the new interracial marriage. Christians are the new intolerant White racists standing in the way of progress and social equality.

Isn’t all this being done in the name of “civil rights”? Southern segregationists always said that the Civil Rights Movement was virulently anti-Christian and was organized and led by communists.

Christians have clutched that viper to their chests for fifty years now in order to be part of the “mainstream” and now it has bitten them. You can’t surrender your White identity and expect to keep your Christian identity.

Update: Homosexual activists staged their promised Chick-fil-A “kiss in” this afternoon.

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  1. Chris313,

    the implicit message of this site is a regional seccession. Did you miss the flag? Why post here at all if you are so violently opposed to the idea?

    I sat down a bout six months ago to figure out why the US is in such lousy shape after I became familiarized with Afrocentric claims on Egypt, inventions etc etc and it gradually dawned on me that the end of segregation doomed the country to a cycle of black vandalism. I then went further back after finding this site to see that the result of the civil war was probably a disaster for whites and civilization in general.

    I looked at the hell of street crime today, the foreclosure mess, afirmative action, the pathologies of black dysfunction and wallace’s website made perfect sense to me. The concept of BRA an epiphany. America was hijacked by blacks in the 1860s. What you call America is just you your family and your wider ethnic group. You live in a parallel universe to the good folk who actually dictate politics to you. Sorry it’s so painful to hear.

  2. Denise: It is a non-issue. The Yankee constitution is a joke. Standing up for rights given by such a document is just a mindless exercise in stupidity. The Jews stole our entire country fair and square according to the constitution. Every law that shoved niggers into our neighborhoods and schools were deemed constitutional.

    Fuck the constitution and fuck all of the mindless idiots who believe that this outpouring of support for a bunch of chicken joints is anything more than an army of idiots chasing a red herring.

    There are real issues and they won’t be resolved by following a bunch social conservatives into the chicken war.

    Click on the link below and read chapter 13 again and see if it makes more sense this time than it did the last time you read it:

  3. The more I’ve become familiar with the nuts and bolts of black people’s culture and the fantastical crap they really believe, I’ve simply become an ardent racist. I wouldn’t recognize myself politically from last summer. My god, you live near ground zero of black nationalism in Detroit. Can’t you see your law codes are all lies? Use your bloody eyes.

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  5. Mind you I don’t think this process need to be any more painful than the seccession of Scotland from the UK. It can all be done via plebscite.

  6. We had it for a while though I’m pretty certain. Roger’s Rangers captured it from them when Wolfe sacked Montreal.

  7. There’s truth in saying the Jews “stole” this country, but it’s not the whole truth by any means. The real truth is : Our White so-called “Christian” leaders handed the Jews all the power to print All the money, ipso facto giving The Jews complete power in Washington.

    Our so-called Christian leaders were not in any way duped, or in any way “hoodwinked”. It was a willfull handing- over -of- power. Our big-shot White Christian leaders benefited [ and still do] from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    Only a handful of White Christian leaders are on the historical record as being opposed to the so-called “Jew” agenda. Just a few, relatively speaking.

    Henry Ford and Lindbergh Sr. come to mind.

    That the Jews have all the power in this country is because of ALL the so-called Christian leaders who have enabled the Jews to Ascendancy.

    Freemasonry, which so many of our White so-called Christian leaders love [ed], that has enabled the Jews to Ascendancy.

    And our so-called Christian leaders love the whole agenda.

    White Christian America is just as culpaple for the decline and the destruction of the US as are the Jews.

  8. Oh, that’s where cadillac comes from!

    I’m hazy on lower Canada history my apologies. Anyway, it was Brits who destroyed Detroit. It was the sons and grandsons of Union freed nigs.

  9. Wow, the moderator must be on vacation.

    PRB, I think the thing that’s so pleasing to most of us here (the serious ones anyway) is the likely reason behind the huge amount of support CFA is getting. It’s the sign that there are many, many people out there who are fed up with the regime shoving shit in their faces on every issue that comes up, and finally having a tangible way to demonstrate their defiance, however meekly. The amount of support being shown isn’t entirely over the fag issue, I don’t think. The bigger the crowds the more it’s a sign that it’s the regime’s entire program that is resented, and how much it is resented.

    I expect ole Huckster’ll be in the woodshed for a spell.

  10. Joe,

    I’ve been trying to refrain from usihng bad language, but…….I lived in NJ for 4 years. And in Philadelphia for approx 17, total.

    You learn to dish it out, accordingly. since you are from NY – you ought to know that. Each according to their just desserts.

    Please don’t insult the affable Mr Weismuller.

    I like Lynda! (You do, too ; } !).

  11. @John

    PM me on my Twitter and I’ll happily give you my address if you have any doubts about where I live.

    I know damn well what the niggers did to my city. I lived through it. And for the record, Detroit was originally French trading post, the British only captured it during the War of 1812.

    “There’s nothing wrong with partition if you see a distinct people going extinct and a civilization being annihilated by blacks and hispanics.”

    – Native-born American citizens can decide the fate of our country, not transient foreigners with no attachment to it’s soil or loyalty to it’s history. And if you’re so concerned about distinct people & their civilization going extinct, why don’t you concentrate you energies into saving Britain? Why are you so intent on seeing my country ripped apart? Does America not have the same right to exist?

    “Chris313, if you are a WN you have to realize that this country is going to crack up because it is being overrun by racially (not just linguistically different) different people.

    – I’m not a WN. White nationalism is a failed pipe-dream that ignores the inconvenient truth that white people are too inherently individualistic to ever collectively unite in the long-term, even for own survival. I am a race-realist, and I’m fiercely pro-white, but I’m not a fool. And I will be loyal to my only homeland as long as I live.

    “There’s no chance that the US will survive the tidal wave of Hispanics, Africans and Asians.”

    – If that’s the way you feel, then why do you live here? Why do you choose to be on what you believe is a sinking ship?

    I don’t cower to demographic threats, and I will NEVER give up. Americans always believed that we make our own destiny and decide our own fate, and I’m not about to just resign to oblivion, because a few shitskins made a threatening face — that’s the way Europeans behave. I will not do that, and I will not have that bullshit kind of thinking go unchallenged. America is my home, and if that doesn’t mean anything to you, then fine. But it’s all I have, and don’t think I’m not going to fight to keep it.

  12. PRB,


    That original link is a hoot!

    Secondly – I know that this whole CFA thing is strange – but think about it; life in the USA is not that bad yet.

    Really. It’s not.

    Life IS that bad in some places – but in most,, this upcoming weekend, all kinds of people, including White people, will be having a wonderful time doing whatever they want to do.

    Most people, anywhere, anytime, don’t ACT until disaster breaks upon their own doorstep. The fact that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of folks made an effort to suport Freedom of Speech, and Christianity (no matter how badly screwed up LOGOS has become, in Amurka) – well that’s a good thing.

    FYI – my cohort Haughty Blonde, and a REAL soldier went to a CFA in Knoxville. She told me that all sorts of folks were there – Blacks and Muslims, as well as White Christians.

    This issue is striking a HUGE chord. Why dismiss this fact?

  13. Tamer of Savages says:
    August 3, 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Ban Joe. —-> old dumb guido
    Ban Denise. —-> faghag / barnyard anti-Semite
    Ban Chris313. —-> some anti-Southern manchild in suburban detroit

    Damn if you aren’t right.

    New York – average troll.
    Philly – not so offensive, just overboard sometimes; sometimes quite good.
    Detoilet – either a child or a negro.

    Not to offend good northerners out there, I know there are plenty. But there must be a reason for this.

    Just havin’ a little fun with ya’, yanks. Don’t go off the deep end.

  14. @Denise
    I’m from the Bronx. I can deal with lousy language fine, even with aplomb. I can even dish it out, even with style and aplomb if I so wish. [ that always throws ’em off- balance. It’s fun]

    You missed my point: Keep the “bad” langusge coming and coming. Don’t stop.

    I’m hoping the “bad” language will inspire Lynda to run off and go join a convent.

    I only pray that convents aren’t equipped with computers. Let us pray.


  15. I don’t think Scotland should remain a part of the UK. It’s got it’s own destiny.


    you can’t think through a proposition to a logical conclusion. Citizenship is progressively more valuless in the US every year. It’s just becoming a unit of administration in a global trading system. It’s actually upsetting to witness it.
    And I totally believe you mate. You sound embittered about seeing vandals destroy something good. How long does America remain good though? Gay marriage? Minority occupation government and civil service? Electing a new prople through hispanicization? Selling out to China? What’s left of Washington, Jefferson, Paine and Franklin after that?

  16. Excuse my terrible typo ; That’s :”Keep the ‘bad’ language coming and coming”. I’m hoping…….

  17. The only way to prevent demographic oblivion is partition. There’s no way around it. We are already witnessing what happens when spics, nigs, Jews and chinks run America. We are in it now. You’ve failed to mentally resist and think through what must be done. You have epically failed to do the basic ideological groundwork.

  18. Puhlease. Language. Language, children.

    I hope the TroubleMakers on this thread do find time to get themselves down to Chick-fil-A and speak to White America. Chick-fil-A Appreciation should be an ongoing operation among Whites, especially in the South.

    If we had Chick-fil-A a bit further south – like in Australia, I would commit to 2 meals a week with the family as a matter of solidarity with core White. In Australia it would kind of go like: “is it me and you? is it Mum and Dad? is it a cockatoo? is it standing by your mates when they’re in a fight? or just vegemite?”….no it’s Chick-fil-A.

    I want one of those fried chikin burgers in the disposable kosher whiney value box that I can toss in the dumpster on the way out.

  19. Denise:

    I think you hit upon the heart of the whole matter when you pointed out that things are not that bad in America. As long as American Whites have full bellies, a TV and access to the internet they will go on thumbing their butts and thinking about what they are going to throw on the grill this weekend.

    A lot of the dissatisfaction that prompted the Chicken Warriors to champion this cause stems from economic stress and fear that their safety is threatened by niggers, illegal Mexicoons and imported trash from around the globe. Do you think that any of them would have come out if Cathy had made a stand against off-shoring our jobs, forced integration, illegal immigration or multiculturalism? I doubt it.

    The trouble with supporting non-issues such as this is that it dissipates the fire and energy that are the result of real problems.

    Everybody got to eat some damn good chicken, now they are at home and they think they really did something. What they did was toss out the cat because the dog pissed on the floor. Psychologists call that “displaced anger”. I call it passive/aggressive pussy-assed bullshit.

    If you think we gained useful allies through the Chicken War, you are deluding yourself, Denise. Those somnambulists are already dozing again.

  20. Gosh. I always thought Lynda lived in the Vatican.

    Our “Christian” leaders ; The ones who join secret societies [ most of ’em]; The White so-called Christian leaders of America : This is their True Religion :

    Each and Every One of “our” White so-called Christian leaders in Freemasonry worships the ” The Protocols of Zion ” . All the bullshit in the world can’t cover that up.

    I’m not the least bit suprised the Jews are in complete control.

  21. You do know that whites will be a minority in the US in 30 years right? It’s unavoidable. It’s not theoretical projection.

    The UK might, just might, take 70 years to get there. I personally doubt it ever will for a number of reasons. Not least the fact that the English are a deeply Xenophobic conservative nation. Once Scotland piss off on their own Labour will never get back in office and the conservatives will be removing darkies. Scotland and Wales are not attractive destinations for nigs so the hinterland isn’t under much threat. Apart from London there’s nothing to worry about. Spools don’t move into farmland, and we don’t have mexicans.

    America is losing the back country to mexicans and cities to blacks.

  22. When is Chick-Fil-A going to start a campaign against the Freemasons and The Protocols of Zion? If the big-shots over at Chick-Fil-A love America so much, how come they never started a campaign against The Protocols of Zion + Freemasons + the Federal Reserve Act? All three go together like two horses pulling the same carriage.

    The Freemasons have done alot more harm to the USA — ALOT MORE HARM TO THE USA — than any group of homosexuals ever have.

  23. PS, PRB – the US Consitution, and Bil of Rights, was and IS brilliant. Stellar. One of THE BEST things ever created.

    That’s why so many folks still want to come here, and why the Power Seekers have sought to gain control – and demolish the thing.

    Humans are imperfect. Americans allowed this country to become royally screwed up.

  24. No Denise,

    the constitution is flawed. It didn’t define a race. Even the terminology is curious: “People of the United States…” not the “American People.” like you belng to the entity rather than Exist as a people a priori. Instead possessed by. it’s a small thing but the tone eschews a nation. As soon as hebe lawyers saw it in draft form they were writing letters to cousin Moise and Ari chuckling at the easy marks and swapping notes on the eventual takeover. No wonder Edmund Burke laughed at the idea.

  25. John, he’s in the 1940s. His solution is to salute the flag and brag on his country and spit at everybody who isn’t as dim witted as that. The nigs could burn his house down and he still wouldn’t think it through. His hand wouldn’t lower from his heart for a second. He’s from the only region in the western world that hasn’t had to fight his beloved regime at one time or another and it doesn’t even occur to him why that is.

  26. Whatever happened to Apuleius? Is he going through a metamorphosis ? Will Apuleius ever find his Isis, the great enchantress, goddess of magic ?

  27. Joe is right about one thing: the faggots didn’t destroy the institution of marriage.

    who did? Take this easy quiz and find out:

    1. Have you ever been divorced and remarried?

    2. Have you ever used artificial birth control while married?

    3. Have you ever lived with a person in a sexua relationship outside of marriage?

    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, YOU (and the others who have done these things) are responsible for making a mockery of the sacrament of marriage, and are thus responsible for the faggot kiss-in a Chick-fil-A today.

    Don’t duck the issue. Stuff your excuses. You want the Negro to face up to his failed culture? Face up to your own.


    I must say I’m enjoying the lively tone of the comments in this thread. My favorite: the Internet Tough Guy threatening to kick people’s asses. Thanks, big fella — I needed a good laugh today.

  28. @Yancey
    What do you think about the Confederate Secret Service going around the US for 10-15 years before the Civil War * and fomenting The- War-Between-The-States?
    Do you think that’s cool?

    * Yes. I know it wasn’t technically a civil war. Wanna use the term anyhow.

  29. I’m also slightly suspicious of a country founded on a bit of paper. We can talk about fiat currency but here in some ways the constitution is a fiat nation. It’s got a good bill of rights though.

  30. John,

    We must not EVER EVER EVER forget that the entire culture, and worldview, of Founding People of the USA was completely different than that of today.

    The US Constitution and Bill of Rights did not specifically define a Race; alas, the White Race was considered to BE The People, at the time. It was a “given”. It would be terrific if we could Time Travel, and show every-one, at the Conventions, exactly how the USA would decline – but we cannot. I’m certain everything would have been written very differently, if the Framers knew what the future held.

  31. Andrew Jackson and Mammy were the most intelligent Southerners ever. Jackson, because he stood up to those trouble-making international bankers ; Mammy, because she stood up to that trouble-making Scarlett.

    Rhett Butler — a gun-runner for the Confederacy, always got through the Yankee blockades — and always gave Mammy his highest compliments.

  32. John got banned from each and every British, English, Albion website/blog in existence. Now John has nothing else to do but give us Americans really lousy advice. John’s take on history is all off the mark, to boot. John’s take on history is as lousy as his advice.

    But that’s enough for John, he simply has to dish out lousy advice while giving us really lousy ; Read : abridged —> Read : Extremely Abridged history lessons 24/7.

  33. @Yancey
    I’m still waiting for an answer tough guy. You know, an answer to my question about the Confederate Secret Service, and what you think about the Confederate Secret Service [ in service to the Southern elite, and lead by Judah Benjamin] going around the US and fomenting war for about 10-15 years before the actual start of the War of 1861: Just in case you forgot the question.

    Or, did you run out to get yourself a Chick-A-Fulla sandwich?

  34. Joe,

    I haven’t frequented any British sites. My calculations about the UK don’t suggest anything terribly alarming is likely to happen as it is in the US.

    I wish the BNP all the luck in the world. Emma West is a bit of hero etc. The best thing for the UK is to bid the Scots a fond farewell and then round on the migrants from the third world.

    The two areas that really worry me are South Africa and The US. One has an embattled white minority, the other a suicidal white soon to be minority. Europe will correct itself as it is the racial homeland. The US is the frontier of that race.

  35. Joe,

    Tell me more about the doins of the Confederate Secret Service before there was a Confederacy. I was asleep in class that day.

  36. Once the Scots are dumped their ceaseless carping about Envlish racism toward them is done and the English voting patterns of xenophobic Nationalism, racialism will emerge without the stagnant threat of Labour peeing in the punch bowl with their immigration policies.

    It’s pretty simple for the UK (England) to solve. Not so the US. It’s over in many ways. You just elected a nigger who mocks you day in and day out.

    Chris, I think Yancy has your number. You are stuck in goddamn Frank Capra film.

  37. Very accurate assessment, John.

    The founding of a “nation” on a “bit of paper” is a prime piece of Enlightenment absurdity. It is truly a fiat nation. After the government was hijacked in 1860 by Yankee moneyed interests, the inevitable downward trajectory began in earnest.

    The cities of Amurrica are already lost to the black parasites just as the southwest is lost to the Mexican Aztlan trash. Both are the logical outcome of Yankee love of money and the subsequent guilt induced worship of the “noble savage” negroes.

    The Yankee malcontents who haunt this site are fully aware of this which is why you attract their venomous attacks. If they had any gumption they would freely admit to the true state of affairs. Unfortunately, they can’t because deep down they are still very much attached to the pathetic joke of a “proposition nation” they inherited by accident. All they can do is whine and run down Southerners. Britons, or anyone else who disturbs their precious illusions.

    Like the reprobate Esau, the Yankees have sold their birthright for a mess of pottage. Their sick multiculti PC worldview is responsible for much of white civilizations woes since the end of the second world war. They like to muddy the water, but most intelligent people can see the source of the rot.

    Anyhoo, thanks for your insightful remarks.

    Deo Vindice

  38. Robert Oculus III says:
    August 3, 2012 at 9:40 pm


    Those things have happened throughout history but no regime ever put homosexual marriage on a legal par with heterosexual marriage. Until now.

  39. @ Yancey
    Read this. Then get back to me. It’s extremely long, at the same time Extremely Fact-Filled and Informative. Read it. Let it soak in.

    If link doesn’t work, no problem : Go to current “OD” article:

    ” Breaking The Golden Circle”

    I shot the same link over there yesterday. You’re being somewhat negligent in your history studies. Sloth is Not one of the virtues. Well, maybe it is if one lives in a Golden Circle Slave Empire, and one -is -one of the Big Bossess.

    I hope the link works, because I know it would just break your heart @ Yancey to read about the “Breaking of the Golden Circle” Slave Empire. I imagine for a dyed-in-the-wool Southerner, reading about the breaking of the golden circle is like reading about having one’s own very heart broken and left mangled and bleeding. Life’s tough that way sometimes.

    Also : ” confederate secret service + judah benjamin + golden circle +”
    ” alexander hamilton + the golden circle empire + ”

    Very good google search terms. I got others, just ask. Happy to oblige.

    Let me know when you’ve finished your homework. I got alot more websites about how the Southern elite fomented the War of 1861, for you to study.

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