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  1. That Matthews person can’t even enunciate and he sounds as if he’s spitting while he talks in that bossy, self-important tone. What kind of people could watch him, even for the length of the clip? And the nasally tone of shorn-headed Neera. With her salary, she could afford a better hair-care provider, maybe.

    On immigration, “left v right” candidates will just tongue kiss each other on camera and hug and gush or something.

    “Flipper–pro or con!!!!!!” —what idiocy.

  2. Oh— and not one person will mention on camera that Immigration is Genocide.

    Or note that the audience was raised on the idea that “immigration is genoicide” (the whites colonials, both spanish and english, had no business coming to the americas, according to all schools) and what they did was genocide, which was wrong (which is why they have to fork over their entire paychecks for reparations payments to the entire world).

    So—- having been juiced in these ideas in school, the candidates will just appear to be saying they are pro-colonization and pro-white genocide (to the home audience).

  3. Planned zingers don’t work. They just make the person look foolish. Off the cuff zingers can be game changers (ex: Reagan “I won’t hold my opponent’s youth against him).

  4. Every time I see a news clip that shows Mitt walking and smiling a line from the 1995 movie called “Things To Do In Denver When Your Dead” comes to mind.

    In the scene in which the nigger gang rolls up in low-rider cars blaring gangsta rap to take the nigger from Andy Garcia’s crew under their protection, the soon-to-be-dead nigger tells Andy, “You know you’re in some deep shit when the people who come to save you look like that.”

    Watching Mitt’s stumbling, sissy gait makes me feel just like that nigger felt.

  5. Lew says:
    ‘Planned zingers don’t work. They just make the person look foolish. Off the cuff zingers can be game changers (ex: Reagan “I won’t hold my opponent’s youth against him).’

    I agree with you Lew for the most part. But certainly Reagan’s remarks were scripted in advance. He waited for the right opportunity and pounced on it.

    Internet News source:

    When Reagan won the White House in 1980, he was 69 and the oldest man elected to the office. During his successful 1984 re-election campaign, he faced questions about his age in a contest against 56-year-old Walter Mondale, the former vice president.

    One of the debate’s moderators, Baltimore Sun diplomatic correspondent Henry Trewhitt, cast Reagan’s age as “an issue that I think has been lurking out there for two or three weeks” and a matter of national security.

    “You already are the oldest president in history and some of your staff say you were tired after your most recent encounter with Mr. Mondale,” Trewhitt said. “I recall yet that President Kennedy had to go for days on end with very little sleep during the Cuban missile crisis. Is there any doubt in your mind that you would be able to function in such circumstances?”

    Reagan was ready with his retort.

    “I want you to know that, also, I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience,” he said to laughter. “If I still have time, I might add, Mr. Trewhitt, I might add that it was Seneca or it was Cicero – I don’t know which – that said, `If it was not for the elders correcting the mistakes of the young, there would be no state.'”

  6. The Establishment will assure the leftist scum has the upper hand, as always. The Repubs will play along, as always. The “establishment” will allow a few sparks to fly on a woman’s right to choose and gay marriage, just to make the comatose public think they have a choice between two parties. But we all know, because the kosher media always tells us, that Amurricans want compromise…as long as it’s conservative values being compromised.

  7. I’m watching. IDK, anything good that Romney does will just feed my unrealistic fantasy that Romney will win.

    Yeah, I know, he sucks, blah blah blah. Lesser of two evils, etc.

  8. @Lily,
    Mitt looks and sounds presidential, like a president of America; but i just wish he really would implement policies that a real president of America would

  9. oh here i bet od readers obama is going to defend small business by blacks selling crack out the back of the crack wagon who needs federal funds

  10. He’s doing great BUT there are too many niggers and Hispanics in the US to have a competition.

    No matter how well he does he hits a demographic wall. He also hits the MSM spin.

    Hrs a decent enough fellow but there is a hostile electorate that controls the balance of the vote.

  11. @John
    exactly. it’s like the Amy Chua model. angry latinos no gonna vote for dees gringo ese

  12. “knowing those debts are going to be passed on to the WHITES of the next generation”

  13. “Porter says:
    October 4, 2012 at 1:21 am

    Obama: Under my plan, 97% of white small businessmen would be humanely euthanized.”

    LOL. Or at least the ones who didn’t contribute to Democratic campaigns. Remember all those GM dealerships that were closed. Over 90% of them did not contribute to Democrats. And one dealership owned by parents of a Fox News anchor was closed, and a lesser performing one in that area was allowed to remain open. They sent money to Democrats.

  14. Netanyomney looks like hell. He’s fidgety, shifty, and already sweating through his pancake makeup. This is what the average ‘Murrican female voter is going to fixate on…

    Not hatin’, just sayin’….

  15. Is Obama wearing Whiteface? He looks lighter…..

    Also a early zinger went past…Mittens said that the debare was the most “romantic place he (Obummer) could be, tonight”…there. With him. Considering Obummer’s proclivity for old White men…..zing! That hit Moochelle, too. Barry called the She Beast “Sweetie” – nothing he’s ever said in his entire CAREER sounded so fake.

    It’s 20 + minutes in, and am I’m bored. I hate them both. I wish they’d start punching each other out. Romney would deck the little Darky Homo.

  16. “Hunter Wallace says:
    October 4, 2012 at 1:21 am
    Mitt is an excellent liar. Obama is at a disadvantage without the teleprompter”

    Why do ya think the Hebes put Mitt up there? Mitt’s smoooooth. The Hubster’s very first commnet was that Obummer looks nervous….

  17. Obama: Children are using textbooks that are TEN YEARS OLD. Recent advances in Queer Studies are nowhere to be found.

  18. Hunter Wallace says:
    October 4, 2012 at 1:42 am
    Is anyone else reflexively tuning out Obama?

    When he’s not in his laughable channeling MLK Preacher mode his voice just drones on like the teacher in the old “Peanuts” cartoons.

    Wahwah. Wahwahwahwahwah. Wah wah. Uh.

  19. This is the first debate I’ve ever watched. The funny stories about all the down home people they have met while stumping are cracking me up. But Mittens is way better than expected. Wish he hadn’t said he’d save u.s. jobs by “opening up latin america,” however. If Mitt would lose the groveling over Latin America, he’d probably do very well.

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