The 2012 Election: A Verdict on White Nationalism



For over a year now, Occidental Dissent has been investigating the ethnic and cultural divisions between “White Americans.”

Just yesterday, I posed a meaningful question to OD readers: Can White Northerners Say “No” To Black Run America (BRA)?

It didn’t take long for us to find out that the answer to that question was a definitive “NO.” Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, DC and Hawaii.

In New England, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan only won five counties. They lost every county in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. They only won one county in Maine, one in Connecticut, and three in New Hampshire. Yes, Romney and Ryan even managed to lose Belmont and Janesville to Barack Obama.

This evening told us a lot about “White America.” It also told White Southerners a lot about the potential (or lack thereof) of “White Nationalism.”

Although Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were unable to win Belmont, Massachusetts or Janesville, Wisconsin, they had no trouble winning far away from home in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. They were also able to drag North Carolina back into the Republican fold.

In Virginia, Romney and Ryan lost a narrow race in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William County in the DC suburbs in Northern Virginia. In Florida, the race still hasn’t been called at this late hour, but Romney and Ryan are down by 0.05% with 100% of precincts reporting.

Isn’t it strange how it broke down that way – again? Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost every county in Massachusetts, even though their campaign was based in Boston, but won every county in West Virginia. They lost Massachusetts by 61% to Barack Obama, but won West Virginia by 62%.

If this election had only been held in the South, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would have won 148 electoral votes to Barack Obama’s 42. Without the huge Yankee enclaves in Northern Virginia, the I-5 corridor, and South Florida, Romney and Ryan would have easily swept Florida and Virginia too.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans picked up 1 seat in Kentucky, 1 in Oklahoma, 1 in Arkansas, 1 in South Carolina, 1 in Georgia, 3 in North Carolina, held their own in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and lost 1 in Texas and 2 in Florida.

Among other notable accomplishments, Republicans won the North Carolina governorship, finally succeeded in knocking off Rep. Ben Chandler in Kentucky, and won control of the Arkansas General Assembly. They won a supermajority in the Tennessee state legislature and expanded their control of the North Carolina state legislature.

White Nationalists claim that the problem is the “System.” They claim that “Jews control the media.” For some reason, White people in Massachusetts voted for Barack Obama twice while White people in Tennessee voted against Barack Obama twice. Roughly 60% of people in Massachusetts and Tennessee participated in the “System” and voted for exactly the opposite candidates for president.

Are the Jews who control the media emitting some kind of secret signal via MSNBC to vote for Barack Obama that can only be intercepted and deciphered by White Yankees? If the “System” itself is the problem, why does the very same “System” produce such strikingly different and predictable results along the same regional and cultural lines?

I’m ready to propose an alternative theory: the real problem is neither the “System” or “Jews control the media.” White Southerners ignored the Mainstream Media and were convinced that Romney would win in a landslide right up until his defeat. They also ignored the Mainstream Media, which most of them dislike anyway, and overwhelmingly voted a second time to remove Barack Obama from office.

The real problem is that there is … NO SUCH THING AS “WHITE PEOPLE!” White Southerners are culturally ready to say NO to BRA, but we were shot down yet again in another Pickett’s Charge.

The majority of White Northerners do not identify with their race. They don’t think in terms of “white interests” or “white identity.” They don’t see “the Jews” or changing racial demographics as a threat to their identity. On the contrary, these demographic changes in the South and West are exciting to them because the growth in the non-White population works to their immediate short term political advantage.

For 180 years, Yankees have thrown White Southerners under the bus for the sake of their negro allies, mostly out of lust to dominate the central government: they armed almost 200,000 negroes and marched into the South at the head of negro armies to destroy the Confederacy, they crippled our economy for nearly a century when they abolished slavery, they overthrew the Constitution at gunpoint, made blacks into U.S. citizens, and imposed negro rule on much of the South for nearly a decade, they alone passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act which destroyed the Jim Crow South, and now they have elected Barack Obama as president twice over our opposition and even in preference to one of their own kind.

That’s the latest addition to their sparkling record on race.

White Nationalists have created an mythology of whiteness and extended it to all “White people.” They seek to create a “White Republic.” Presumably, this “White Republic” (an abstract fantasy that exists only in their own minds, which has no physical correspondence to any specific geographic area or ethny in the real world) would be a homeland for the “White people” who are supposedly a “nation.”

Do these “White people” act like a nation though? That’s not what we saw in the 2008 or 2012 elections. Instead, we saw almost the whole predominantly “White” Northeast and West Coast called as a Greek phalanx within minutes of each other for Barack Obama. The “White people” who live in those areas share a mindset and a culture that is utterly alien and irreconcilably opposed to our own.

It is easier to make excuses like “the Jews are controlling our minds” or “the System is hopelessly broken” than to admit that the cold hard truth: the majority of White people in the North support Barack Obama because they approve of his policies, and they consider blacks, Jews, and Hispanics to be their political allies, and White Southerners to be their biggest political enemies.

That’s the way it always breaks down. Always.

The South is almost monolithically Republican now because Dixie is a nation that is increasingly alienated from the rest of the United States. White Southerners are a distinct ethnic group. We share a common ancestry, a common culture, a common history, and a common destiny. There are various other alien racial and ethnic groups living within our national territory. The exact borders of our ethnic group do not neatly correspond to the borders of our states.

We saw that again tonight.

Just as most of the Northeastern states were called within moments of each other, the same was true of most of the Southern states. White Southerners voted against Barack Obama virtually everywhere we are numerically predominant. There is no need to invent a fictitious “metapolitical” bond of “whiteness” because there is a natural sympathy among our co-ethnics in different states.

Moving forward we need to nurture those organic bonds of blood, culture, and interest and eschew abstract ideological bonds which are no substitute for kinship. We need to quit thinking of ourselves as “White Americans.” We need to quit believing that our ethnic group is co-extensive with “America.” We need to quit pretending that this Union is anything but a a curse and a prison for our nation.

Hopefully, the rejection of the South tonight by the rest of “White America” shattered some of these illusions, and reminded millions of people that we are the permanently degraded minority in this country. I also hope this latest display of affection and solidarity between African-Americans and Yankees comes to be seen as a verdict on the distraction that is White Nationalism.

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  1. Always interesting to read you, Hunter. You seem to be fighting it, but you are relinquishing your Jew-hatred.

    I do wish that you would explain why you thought that all those D+10 polls were wrong. They turned out to be pretty accurate. Be a man and talk to us about that.

  2. “We should not lose sight of that fact and keep it firmly in mind. The North will vote against their own race. Period. ”

    True. Absolutely true. Anyone have any thoughts on what drives that?

  3. “We should not lose sight of that fact and keep it firmly in mind. The North will vote against their own race. Period. ”

    There are some seriously goony, goony birds in the North. But at the same time can agree a valid argument can be made that neocons are less white than Obama?

    “Always interesting to read you, Hunter. You seem to be fighting it, but you are relinquishing your Jew-hatred.”

    Uh oh. The thought police. I never recognized any “Jew-hatred” coming from Hunter. Or anyone else here. Nice Zionist Newspeak though.

  4. “True. Absolutely true. Anyone have any thoughts on what drives that?”

    From a southern nationalist pov it shouldn’t matter imo. They should treat it as fixed (even if it isn’t) and act accordingly.

    It’s only important from the pov of people outside the south so they can figure out how to change it. Some of the factors
    – no experience of racial reality
    – yankee idealism
    – hypenated whites who see themselves as minorities
    – gop being anti-labor
    – gop being pro-war

    The last two are outweighed in the south by racial cohesion so that reduces back to
    – no experience of racial reality
    – yankee idealism
    – hypenated whites who see themselves as minorities
    which boils down to lack of racial cohesion through being lots of separate white ethnic groups which haven’t been welded into a single unit through racial adversity.

    As lots of racial adversity is heading their way this will happen eventually but not yet.

  5. Fr John I was asking, since I am theologically ignorant on purpose and since I realize that is a shortcoming often enough I thought I would ask an expert.

    “I want justice, justice be mine” to me that sounds good, but I might be in my own echo chamber so I might as well find out sooner rather than later.

  6. There are two medias owned by the same people. One for the North and one for the South. The Southern media is Rush Limbaugh, Fox news, talk radio etc. These operate to keep the Southern and rural White males to keep supporting Amurica, keep supporting fiscal policies which harm their interests, keep supporting a military which does not represent their interests, keep supporting a state of Israel even over their own interests and keep supporting the biggest losers in politics called the Republican party.

    One really difficult hurdle for people like Hunter will be getting Southerners to turn off this media and begin listening to people like him.

  7. Messed up Yankeedom is manufactured by the Ivy Leagues. The greatest schools in the world (or so they say) are all over Yankeedom, and they churn out goony birds over and over and over. These goony birds then become the Apex of Yankee society.

    All the high achievers are wholly indoctrinated. I means seriously, how does a working class racially aware white make an argument against a Princeton, Yale or Harvard graduate? Especially when they hold the money? Yankeedom is frankly locked up. Doesn’t help that they’re happy the way things are. But it will probably never change. Never.

  8. Looked at realistically, the argument is still there. It is not irrational to see the neocons as less white than Obama.

  9. “I want justice, justice be mine”- Rob Roy

    First off, I don’t speak my mind, at least not consciously. I try to iterate what God’s mind is on a subject. That’s what clerics are supposed to do. Speak God’s thoughts after Him.

    And ‘justice’ in the modern PCspeak, is not true Justice (justicia-Latin) but salvation by fiat, as Gary North calls it; i.e., a waffling, changing series of ‘what sounds good’ but often is merely what buys votes/is expedient.

    The latter is what the Damn Yankees did last night, in Renigging.

    Righteousness is tied to the meaning of “justice” to the Biblically-submissive mind.
    Justice can only be such, when it is suffused/imparted with the Righteousness that comes from YHWH God. Via his Commandments. Through his People, in their Lands.

    Which is on very short supply in the USA.
    Does that help?

  10. Secession has now begun to appeal to me. I no longer have any more love for this wretched system. After reading both this site and SNN for some time, I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of Southern nationalism.

  11. Very much so Fr. I had my suspicions that it sounded like situational ethics so making a blanket statement like I did is frivolous at best.

    But I think the cry for justice over an issue or situation is appropriate, but then again I am a product of modernity.

    “The issue is white genocide and I want justice for that crime”

  12. yankees say the South is over ran with negros and the like, yet the South went for the White guy……

    yankees say the north goes for the negro because of the minority vote up north……

    these two things cannot be true at the same time. How did the South, over run with beaners and negros, with our share of native born liberals, stuff full of damnyankee transplants and White women go for the “conservative” candidate when the lily White north did not? Face it, yankees love BRA and what it stands for/ wants to achieve. Clearly not the regular yankee posters here, but still your people love BRA

    I Forgot, I think test has the right of it in large part but I think yankees vote for the negro because they hate the South and what We stand for. They were never much on small government and individual rights and all about money, big business, big govt, immigration to cut the value of native born White labor and building a perfect society through govt. Even when the South was the richest part of the union it was individual Southrons being fabulous wealthy and not big corporations, shipping companies and the like. Plus the South has always been wiling to accept the fact the world and people are not perfect and cannot be perfected this side of Heaven

  13. In terms of the north/south thing who the GOP candidates are and what their policies are doesn’t matter as much where there’s a 66%+ racial voting bloc because once a party has become the vehicle for that it’s main purpose locally becomes being that vehicle.

    The candidates and policies only matter elsewhere where that ethnic voting bloc doesn’t exist yet and only in terms of how likely or otherwise those candidates and polices are to create a 66%+ voting bloc.

  14. test says:
    November 7, 2012 at 4:33 pm
    “Is television / Hollywood a factor? If yes then Jews are a factor. Obsessing about them may be counter-productive but pretending they’re not a factor is nonsensical.”

    Did you read Hunter’s comments, that point out Southerners are subject to exactly the same brainwashing as Northerners? His comments are in this very thread. So their brainwashing only works on people, that want it to work.

    As I said, Jews are not White. Obviously it is not in White interests to have non-Whites, anywhere near Our media or institutions. That’s all that needs to be said about them.

    Not White. Not in White interests.

  15. You act like Pat Buchanan was running. Can we get a decent conservative candidate before we start throwing the Yankees out with the bathwater? You didn’t have buildings collapsing in your cities and Giuilianni and the absolute freak show in your back yard during the Bush years.

    I think the South is more immune to the craziness that is DC than Yankeedom because you have a sounder culture, so DC is more noise than signal to the South. Yankeedom has to eat, sleep and drink DC garbage nonstop. Yankeedom is tiny, and DC is their backyard. Compared to Bush, Obama has been a sea of tranquility for Yankeedom.

    Not saying Yankeedom doesn’t love their BRA, I’m just saying there are bigger things that are transparently obvious that are being overlooked here.

  16. Admirer says:
    ‘If only males voted Romney would have cleaned the floor with the usurper. . The average northern white woman votes for anyone who promises her the most while placing the fewest reciprocal obligations and expectations on her – particularly in the area of giving birth to white children. ..The average northern white woman is a parasite who empowers the federal and local government to dispossess white northern men of their natural leadership position.’

    This is true. I’m NOT speaking of women like the ones who post here.

    Many hate White men whom they consider to be the font of all evil. They march arm in arm and bed feral negroes because they are partners in the fight to overthrow the White man.

    They are fanatical about abortion rights. If any candidate makes so much as a slip of the tongue about the subject –all hell will be unleashed in the voting booth. They believe they have the right of contraceptives provided free of charge and also want the right to kill their unborn for any reason right up to birth. We must pay for that procedure too.

    If they get pregnant they can kill it if they wish or they can allow it to be birthed if they want it for any reason. If they decide to dump the daddy he is on the hook for support while she is free to cat around for another 18 years.

    If they want to live off the government (sugar daddy) all their lives they will sleep with ( euphamism) anything of any race to pop out a child which entitles them to many priviliges. The more she produces the more cash she acquires.

    ‘Gibs me dat’ is not for negress welfare queens only.

    Two years ago I checked out the Minneapolis teacher’s union site. They were promoting Saul Alinsky’s book titled ‘Rules fro Radicals.’ They think it’s great stuff.

    What is the quote about the hand that rocks the cradle rules the worls or something like that? In my state the vast majority of teachers are women. Most are anti- White male.

    They love big government because it is the largest employer of women and negroes. They vote in unison to enrich themselves of the treasury.

    In Wisconsin they elected the most liberal man hating quack to represent them in the Senate. The unions and teachers in particular love her. She always votes to raise taxes, is a militant lesbian commie radical and environmental nut job.

    So what if gas prices skyrocket, bussinesses go belly up and everything goes through the roof. They will always have a great job and ever increasing wages and benefits.

  17. Found this quote at FR.
    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, followed always by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”
    ~ Alexander Fraser Tytler, Scottish-born British lawyer and writer, 1747 – 1813.

  18. “You act like Pat Buchanan was running. Can we get a decent conservative candidate before we start throwing the Yankees out with the bathwater?”

    Looking at it as an outsider i think the southern secessionist angle makes sense – not because i believe the yankees are evil or anything or even that yankees are a solid group (i think it’s the opposite that white people outside the south are too fragmented) – but because there is such a clear dividing line in terms of racial bloc voting it makes sense to have different tactics on either side of that line: those regions with 66%+ white voting blocs pushing secession while the other regions focus on how to get to a 66%+ white voting bloc.

    I just think it makes sense as a tactic.

    (Apart from the endless arguments over *why* the dividing line exists.)

  19. I agree test. Southern secession makes sense. Just sick of hearing Yankees get ragged. But I guess that’s part and parcel of Southern secession. I also wish the Southern secession didn’t currently center around embracing the neocon choice. Just because we didn’t fight the neocons when it started doesn’t mean we have to embrace them now just to get in front of the crowd. But that’s not for me to decide.

    Dixie Ascent is the name of the site. Dixie Ascent.

  20. “I also wish the Southern secession didn’t currently center around embracing the neocon choice.”

    Yes, ideally the southern GOP could be taken over and turned into a Southern Republican party that was more isolationist but easier said than done.

  21. “She always votes to raise taxes, is a militant lesbian commie radical and environmental nut job.”

    And she should be stoned.

    MN did NOT pass the ‘marriage amendment’ yesterday. All sodomites deserve to die, just for ideological reasons alone.

    If this is a war, and they are looking to ‘kill’ your sons and daughters by ‘converting them’ then their orgasmic choice is a ‘crime against humanity.’

    Time to start thinking Biblically folks. Like, Old Testament. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. And WE are his hands and arms on earth. As it has always been.

  22. women suck in and embrace anti White man stuff with every breath they take. From the tv shows they like where the White guy is always weak and stupid to the books they read like eat prey love, the lame ass reasons they divorce at epic rates…. they are awash in the propaganda and live it everyday. The biggest problem isn’t the most vocal active anti White man feminist, its all the “non feminist” women who never condemned the others and their bullshit

  23. This problem is bigger than race.

    Everything the liberal does is designed to tear down the superior and raise up the inferior.

    If you beat them on race, they’ll just join you, and then start working on destroying you through class and/or gender.

    Liberalism is the problem.

    When you give white people liberalism, they feel it makes them look important and altruistic, so they cling to it like heroin addicts to their stupid drug.

    They are going to use liberalism to hide their own failings, and make them powerful in ways they never could be since they have zero practical knowledge of reality, and they’re going to use it to destroy you.

    They are just a degree of Soviet, waiting for the right moment to go to the full thing.

    Smash liberalism in all that you do. It is the only way.

    White Nationalism is not a conservative movement.

    We don’t need White Nationalism to adopt conservatism.

    We need conservatism to adopt nationalism.

  24. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord, while He trained my hand to war and commanded me to be strong and fear only Him

  25. You ask, “Are the Jews who control the media emitting some secret signal?”

    The short answer is: yes, in fact they are.

    You run a fascinating blog here, but you’re touchingly naïve about a lot of things.

    One of these days I’m going to sit you on my knee, and explain to you how the world actually operates.

    But in the meantime, let’s go back to talking about DE SLABERY, which in fact was abolished a full fifty years before the demise of the Habsburg Empire.

    Doesn’t that sound weird? But it’s true! When was the last time somebody said with a straight face that all our troubles are caused by de legacy ub de Habsburg Empire? It’s a ridiculous thought. And yet de lebacy ub de slabery, which ended fifty years earlier, is still de turrible burden ub de nation.

    “Do you suppose they realize we are bringing them the plague?”
    — Sigmund Freud on the eve of his arrival in North America


    Hunter is sounding more like Tim Wise every day.

    Anti-White Susan Sontag doesn’t believe you Hunter: “The White Race is the Cancer of Human History” doesn’t have any “legs” unless “White People” exist.

    Anti-Whites who talk about “White Privilege”, “White Supremacy” and “Racism” don’t believe you Hunter. Without “White People”, these anti-White caricatures don’t have “legs”.

    White People, just like any other people, live in different places and are thereby “different” (ie, diverse) due to their local culture-environment. But that doesn’t tell us “There is no such thing as White People”.

    The anti-Whites continually PROVE the existence of White People.

    If there weren’t White People before, the anti-Whites CREATE us.

    Your subtle tactic of “divide et impera” is not going to help anyone.

  27. What Hunter wrote today is absolutely brilliant,visionary and lasting.White Nationalism just have been re-born.I don’t see it as a “party”,because all parties are becoming larger and more successful by way of compromising,building absurd alliances and soon they become grotesque caricatures of their original ideologies.Instead, it should be build outside of political arenas .Let them play with each other,while we doggedly,fanatically build Our Nation,as if their occupational presence was just a ghost-movie in the irrelevant background.
    Southern Nation should have,I believe an essential inward turn,inward tendency. a kind of “centripetal quality”-toward each other within and it might be the very strength we need. Atomized as we are ,we about to be ground down into our red clay.

  28. ‘“Do you suppose they realize we are bringing them the plague?”
    – Sigmund Freud on the eve of his arrival in North America”

    Do you have a source for that quote, Oscar? That’s interesting.

  29. Romney made no racial appeal, overt or coded. His proposals differed from Obama’s in no significant particular. Thus, his defeat simply isn’t a measure of racial attitudes, no matter how perfervidly you try to make it so.

  30. White Southerners ignored the Mainstream Media and were convinced that Romney would win in a landslide right up until his defeat.

    Except the jew Dick Morris was on that mass media out that Southerners pay rapt attention to, Fox News, saying just that: that it would be Romney in a landslide. As if voting for the Republican candidate is some kind of racial, iconoclastic or radical statement! Unbelievable, even for you, “Hunter.”

    If Southerners ignored the mass media, they would have voted for Ron Paul, who offers, alone of the candidates (with possible exception of Virgil Goode) the means to liberate their region. But Southerners are dyed in the wool for ZOG, serving its military, embracing its fake patriotism with a zeal truly ludicrous, and well beyond what you find in the north, at least in most places. The South yesterday voted in massive numbers for an 100% jew-approved, Wailing Wall-certified ZOG candidate. That’s a fact you can’t gainsay, for all your wails and wallows. The South that could once raise a million men in its defence now musters but a couple hundred grayhairs in a forlorn barn. Southern nationalism is deader than at any point in the history of the South, but the movement to dismantle (Z)OG is just getting underway. How to coopt and / or piggyback on it ought to be our concern, not resuscitating a corpse.

    Ron Paul, a System-hated figure, attracts tens of thousands of ANGRY YOUNG WHITE MEN, and he offers the technical means of liberating anyone, Southern or outcast, from the hated coils and toils of ZOG. But ol’ “Hunter” allowed his neocon troll to abuse Paul most viciously. Very interesting, that.

    Your essay is delusional fantasy, “Hunter.” I propose you drop your fantasy moniker, use your real name, and reenter the real world.

  31. It is true that most “women suck in and embrace anti White man stuff with every breath they take” and I know so many conservative local men whose right votes were cancelled by their wives’ wrong ones for Obama.

  32. Ravenswald has the correct view: “Your subtle tactic of ‘divide et impera’ is not going to help anyone.” Well, it could help a FEW, or one in particular, at the expense of many.

  33. “That’s a fact you can’t gainsay, for all your wails and wallows.”

    The fact that can’t be gainsaid is that the South rejected a nigger, twice while all of the North did not, twice in a row.

    This “Romney wasn’t a hardcore enough racist” excuse is just that, an excuse. And I answered you, too, in my first post on this thread. Rebut it if you think you can, and not with disingenuous BS.

  34. “I do wish that you would explain why you thought that all those D+10 polls were wrong. They turned out to be pretty accurate. Be a man and talk to us about that.” – I would guess that the numbers of people who apparently just voted for obama were what through it. How can the popular vote differ in the house and the president? If they had a 2008 voting wave again why don’t the democrats have total control like they did in 2008.

    Romney was a terrible candidate from our perspective, but credit for Obama’s victory lies with those who went out to vote for Obama.

  35. Hunter wrote: “White Southerners ignored the Mainstream Media and were convinced that Romney would win in a landslide right up until his defeat.”

    Linder replied well: “Except the jew Dick Morris was on that mass media out that Southerners pay rapt attention to, Fox News, saying just that: that it would be Romney in a landslide. As if voting for the Republican candidate is some kind of racial, iconoclastic or radical statement! (…) If Southerners ignored the mass media, they would have voted for Ron Paul, who offers, alone of the candidates…the means to liberate their region.”

  36. A. Linder says:

    “Ron Paul, a System-hated figure, attracts tens of thousands of ANGRY YOUNG WHITE MEN, and he offers the technical means of liberating anyone, Southern or outcast, from the hated coils and toils of ZOG. But ol’ “Hunter” allowed his neocon troll to abuse Paul most viciously. ”

    Jack replies:

    Ron Paul was not competitive to win this Presidential contest this year. He was/is a ~ 78 yr old “man” (doesn’t seem to have a set of balls, so is he really a man?), has an old whiney voice, he pushed Libertarianism, economic conservatism that has been soundly rejected YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR for close to 100 years in American politics. It is the American White poor, White working class that rejects Libertarianism/Economic conservatism – YEAR, AFTER YEAR, AFTER YEAR

    Ron Paul had as much chance winning the NBA slam dunk competition or the Miss Teen America beauty contest as he had of winning the US Presidential election running as a 78 year old Libertarian, economic conservative.

    White Americans like some, a lot of government.

    Old White people like social security and medicare.

    Whites in San Diego CA like Federal $ for the US Navy.
    Whites in Colorado Springs CO like Federal # for the US Airforce

    ~ 90% of White Americans reject anything goes Capitalism, they want laws against child labor, laws protecting the environment.

    Working class White Americans (correctly) believe that if big business is allowed to hire and fire whoever they want, set wages at whatever the “market will have” big business will prefer to hire Mexicans and Central American Ameri Indians and sub minimum wage than to hire White Americans at union wages, living wages.

    OK – so why the *#($# do some American White Nationalists stick with this losing Libertarian cult that overwhelming majorities of White American voters reject?

    Is it because they, themselves are loners/losers who cannot live in any White social group?

    Plus, we had to suffer the terrible horrors of watching and listening to Ron Paul pander to Blacks, Mestizos, Muslim terrorist immigrants.

    The worst was Ron Paul’s attempt to insist that he was on the side of Martin Luther King Jr because MLK used Libertarian tactics to advance his just civil rights cause.

    Hey Linder, get a life.

    Better yet, get a date with a real White women in the real world – ie not the “virtual reality” of the internet or Libertarian fantasy worlds.

  37. How was Ron Paul going to “liberate” any region when he welcomes non-white immigrants with open arms and chastises those who want to stop it? Oh, yeah, he was also going to single handedly implement all sorts of libertarian policies somehow. States would be free to do whatever they want. Individuals would be able to do whatever they want so long as they do not use a gun to or violence to force their way on others. Businessmen would be able to hire all the non-white labor they wanted.

    Yes, Paul offered the means to liberate regions. He also offered the very same means for regions to be overrun with Mexicans.

    And at any rate he would have went down in even more ignominious defeat than did Romney for the reasons I have outlined numerous times here.

  38. Hunter’s analysis on this is as flawed as his earlier analysis showing a Romney win. The best exit poll data shows that whites, on average in ALL STATES, voted at just a shade under 60% as a block. Blacks voted 93%, Asians 73% and Latinos 71% in a block. Whites in all parts of this county voted as a block, against the combined strenght of everyone else.

    As Virginia and Florida clearly demonstrate, the only significant difference between, say, California and Alabama in final outcome is that Alabama hasn’t been targeted yet for massive Latino immigration.

    When it does, Alabama will go blue, just as Texas will shortly, just as Virginia is in the process of doing.

    There is no doubt that Whites in the South have more race consciousness than elsewhere, but Hunter’s assertion that all other Whites in the U.S. are hopeless is clearly simply not true.

  39. I rebutted Jeppo in my first post, before he even posted. Most of these same whites who did not vote for Obama would have voted for a black Republican. There is no reason to seriously doubt that. And most Northern whites will vote for a nigger over a white man if the nigger is campaigning on the money issues that are paramount to Northerners.</i.

    A pre-rebuttal no less. There are only two black Republican congressmen in the House, both from the South. There are only two non-white Republican governors in the US, both of them are from the South as well. So it's pretty clear that Southern white conservatives will vote for blacks and other non-whites.

    Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that Yankees, defined here as white people living in the Northeast and Midwest, can’t be blamed for Obama’s victory. My preliminary estimate, based on CNN’s (incomplete) exit polls, is that Yankees voted for Romney over Obama by roughly a 53.5% to 45.5% margin. A majority of Yankees voted for Romney in 15 of the 21 Northern states. The reason that Obama ended up winning 15 Northern states is because non-whites put him over the top in 9 states where a majority of Yankees supported Romney.

    I made it very clear in my first comment that Southrons were much more pro-Romney/anti-Obama than Yankees were. No one’s questioning that. But if we compare the composition of the white population in the North and South, most if not all of those political differences between Yankees and Southrons can be explained away and understood.

    For example, the number of Jews is an order of magnitude higher in the North than in the South. In states like New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Jews probably make up close to 10% of the white electorate, and probably north of 5% in Massachusetts and Illinois. Apart from Florida, there is no Southern state that even comes close to these levels. And because Jews vote for Republicans in the 20%-30% range compared to white Protestants in the 60%-70% range, of course this is going to have a major effect on overall white voting patterns in each region.

    And Catholics also make up a far larger percentage of the white population in the North than in the South. White Catholics are thick on the ground throughout the North, especially in New England, New York and New Jersey. In the South, outside of Louisiana and Maryland, Catholics make up a much smaller segment of the white population. White Catholics tend to vote Republican in the 50%-60% range, at least ten points lower than white Protestants, and because they’re so much more numerous in the North, they will inevitably bring down the white Republican percentages there.

    Which brings us to the true Yankees and Southrons, the old-stock WASPs that built the country in the first place. Are there any significant statistical differences in the voting patterns of white Protestants between the North and South? I don’t know, but based on the available evidence I’m going to guess that there isn’t. It probably varies state to state, so that while the white Baptists of Alabama are more conservative than the white Lutherans of Minnesota, the Yankee WASPs of New Hampshire lean more Republican than the Southron/Mountaineer WASPs of West Virginia.

    So I’m not buying this Yankees-are-a-bunch-of-Obama-worshipping-pantywaists meme that Hunter is peddling. Because the evidence clearly shows that Northern whites voted for Romney over Obama by about 8 points, and that it was the 80% of the non-white vote that won the election for Obama. Sure, Southern whites voted for Romney by much higher percentages than Northern whites, I’m not disputing this. But if we leave aside Jews and Catholics, then I think you’d be hard pressed to find any major differences between the voting patterns of Protestant Yankees and Southrons. Both groups are hardcore Republicans.

  40. What the Ron Paul Revolution did was initiate first time activists into the inner workings of the swamp known as the Republican Party. It’s too bad Romney and I respect Romney as a decent human being. But overall this loss couldn’t have happened to a filthier group of human beings.

  41. Yeah, yeah, they are hardcore Republicans. That is why Mitt Romney defeated Obama last night. Yankees voted as a block for Romney just like the people in Georgia and Alabama. The entire North is Red.

  42. Hell, it’s been nearly 24 hours since the election results were in, we might as well get back to political and ideological fantasies now.

    I’m going to start canvasing Vermont to whip up and exploit all the pro-white sentiment there.

  43. Does anyone want to join me in setting up a pro-white movement and political party in Massachusetts? I think that will be an optimum location considering all the support we can count on receiving there.

  44. “But overall this loss couldn’t have happened to a filthier group of human beings.”

    Referring, of course, to the Republican Party establishment. The entire edifice needs to be fumigated. People need to be lambasted, thrown out on their butts, bankrupted, humiliated, spat on and run out of town on rails.

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